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Found 25 results

  1. The model has gone through a long design process and has finally ended up looking like what can be seen in the above rendered image. The most current version of the model is available on Rebrickable: Original post:
  2. "Commander Cody, prepare the gunships for ground assault!" Let's give the Midi-Scale treatment to another timeless ship: the LAAT Gunship or Republic Gunship from The Clone Wars. Being a fan of the sleek and flush Clone Wars era design, I thought this variant deserved more attention, especially in Midi-Scale. This Midi LAAT/i consists of 1,015 pieces, measures only 22cm (without guns), and is accurately Microfig-scaled. It features a fully SNOT look, openable front doors, and a removable stand that can be tilted to taste. Design-wise, this ship was full of challenges, with lots of subtle angles and curved surfaces everywhere. Shaping the front section wasn't an easy task at this scale, as well as adding that crucial touch of lime green without any stickers. All of this resulted in a pretty intricate structure, especially for the front section. The angled rear section of the body features other details such as missile belts, exhaust slats and tail cannon. The underside of the ship is also fully SNOT-built. Initially, all four doors could be opened, but I chose to remove the less useful rear door mechanism for a smoother, easier building process. ► Instructions for the LAAT are available at BrickVault! More pictures on my Flickr page.
  3. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] Harrower Class Dreadnought

    I don't have any experience with the games, but I saw a picture of the Harrower and was inspired. Aesthetically, I love the aggressive shape of the ship. The engine design is quite different from typical ISD style designs and I really like how the ship is absolutely covered with quad laser and quad turbo emplacements. Strategically speaking, this ship makes a lot more sense than "newer" Republic or Imperial style destroyer designs. A few retro improvements (in my opinion at least): - Command bridge is less exposed compared to Acclamator, Venator, Imperator - Engines are recessed and less exposed compared to Acclamator and Venator -Quad laser turrets are placed on the top and bottom sides of the hull which provides better coverage than if placed in the trenches. -The front and side hangar entrances are recessed which would give ingress and egress of fighters more protection Time will tell if I make this IRL. Either way, it was a fun little build. More views in the spoiler. Reference Image:
  4. The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy just joined my Midi-Scale ship collection! Here comes the Millennium Falcon from Episode IV – A New Hope. Made of 2,178 pieces, measuring only 34cm and weighting almost 1kg, this compact yet dense Falcon was another unique challenge at this scale. After seeing some great-looking Figscale MOCs of this tricky ship, I couldn't resist making a Midi version. With this design, I took a different approach than most other Falcons out there, and wanted it to look as sleek and gapless as possible. This resulted in a pretty elaborate and unique mix of paneling techniques that involved a lot of SNOT building. One of my priorities was to faithfully reproduce the curved saucer shape on both sides of the ship, and not only on top. As a result, the build features all the details and shapes of the original 1977 studio model, from top to bottom. The overall thickness of the ship was another concern. I wanted it to be as thin as the original, while being able to sandwich some tasty greebles and even the hyperdrive engine bay inside the saucer. The Falcon has two display modes, "in-flight" with its canted stand, and "landed" with easy-to-install landing gear. It also includes a working ramp. ► Instructions for the Millennium Falcon are available at BrickVault. More pictures on my Flickr page.
  5. Hi all. I started this little project as soon as I saw pictures of the Dagobah Jedi Training set, already into the swing of sub 30cm builds I thought the little piece of wing protruding from the swamp would be an ideal starting point for an X-Wing. This modification is a combination of a small stand (in the boardered diorama style) with my Midi X-Wing, plus some swampy decoration. The swamp-stand can connect to the Dagobah set by removing one of the silver grill tiles and using the protruding studs for the connection, or the stand can also sit seperately. The Dagobah set's bit of wing can be hidden behind Yoda's hut and the hinge area conveniently disguised with a single piece of foliage. I've put together instructions and parts list for the mod and X-Wing (which can be built as a mod of 75301), they're all in a zip file here. Thanks for looking!
  6. "Wrecker, easy with my ship. "Your ship?" My Midi-Scale collection expands again with this nanofig-scaled Havoc Marauder from the Bad Batch series. Despite the small size, I once again went for a full SNOT look and paid close attention to proportions of the original shuttle. The build comes with a discrete, transparent stand to be displayed in flight mode. ► Instructions for the Havoc Marauder are available at Rebrickable or via email at More pictures on my Flickr page.
  7. It feels strange... but it seems to be done :) I don't know if anyone is still waiting for this, but if so, hear me out: The instructions are completed and available! Model Specifications: 1580 pcs./pzs. (1491 without stand) Weight: approx. 1 kg (2 lbs) Length: 44 cm (17 2/8") Width: 22 cm (8 5/8") Height: 13 cm (5 2/8"), + extra 10 cm (4") with stand I tried my best to design a detailed and accurate, yet relatively sturdy and swooshable model. Important (for me anyway) aspect is the exclusive use of currently produced and available parts (as of 2018). The average part cost I obtained during several attempts using BrickLink 'Easy Buy' option applied on the part list was ~ $180 + S&H from 2-5 stores. That's based in central Europe, buying only NEW parts and not optimizing for arbitrary colors of some parts. The lowest cost I have been able to reach was $140 + S&H, when buying all internal parts as 'non applicable' color. Safe to say I was pleasantly surprised by both price and the low number of required orders. Sure I might have been lucky, but over several tries in the span of last month or so, the number of different stores required to get the complete part list stayed consistently low. Building Instructions: 235 page high quality .pdf file Carefully crafted based quality (if I say so :D) step by step instructions Preface containing (perhaps interesting) information about the model development, and helpful build notes and tips for increased building comfort Two part lists in .XML format are included, one for the ship, the other one for the stand I took way more time with this than I should have and a lot of that time was spent on inefficient fiddling with some unimportant detail :) Sorry about that, that's simply how I am. I hope that at least some of the effort was worth it ant someone will appreciate it. I decided to price it at $20 If you are interested in getting the instructions, please email me at Cheers! Kristof
  8. I was looking for LEGO Concorde designs but not very much came up in such a small scale so I thought I might as well give it a try. It comes complete with bendable nose cone, retractable landing gears (front and back), moveable back wing flaps (thanks again, mini fig pants...!) and the optional flame FX for... historical accuracy... . . .!? And as always you can find more pics here and if interested in a cutesy little Concorde to swoosh around the full set & instructions are available here. I hope you like my small sized interpretation of one of aviation history's most iconic aircraft. Thanks & have fun! (And many thanks to ukbajadave for explaining to a noob how to implement more pics here!)
  9. I was never a huge fan of this ship... but once I started modeling, I couldn't stop. It's a unique ship in terms of shape, and, at only 39 studs, it's at a very manageable scale. Same scale as @Kristof's Venator.This is one that I plan to build, and I'm confident in its rigidity, despite the skeletal structure. Admittedly, the gray 3x3x2 dome top (pn 88293) is too tall for the rear armor plating, but I didn't like the blocky aesthetic of the alternatives. A 3x3x1 dome top would be ideal, or even a wedge 3x3 variant of pn 43708, but, alas, we can't have everything in life. Renders UPDATE: Here's a shot of the build next to Kristof's Venator. More images of the Munificent build can be found in the replies.
  10. Trekkie99

    [MOC] Midi Scale Trains

    I built this for my "Midiopolis" topic over in the Town forum, but I decided to mention it here as well. The wheels are part number 38799 which at the moment is only made in white and is decorated for use as a tea cup saucer for a Harry Potter minifig. Midiscale BR Class 08 Shunter Midiscale BNSF 2099 Locomotive Midiscale Small Oil Tanker Midiscale Chicago Metra Cheers.
  11. Hi everyone ! You know, I've always loved the Nebulon-B Frigate, and it's absence from TLG sets always saddened me. I know there are some very good MOCs of it out there, like mortesv's, but those are way too big and expansive for me, so I had to turn myself to the size that I love the most, the Midi. Problem is, I wasn't too happy with the already existing ones at that size, so I decided to make one myself, and this is the result. Be aware that I am a very inexperienced builder, so even if I personally think that I did a decent job (which is the case) it might not be the case... Nebulon-B Frigate by Adraen Clirio, sur Flickr Nebulon-B Side by Adraen Clirio, sur Flickr (Please ignore the disgusting rendering on that last one, Pov-ray apparently didn't want to cooperate...) You can find more pictures on my Flickr, I'll also gladly listen to any of your critics and would be happy to answer any question :)
  12. SteampunkDoc

    Midi-Scale USS Enterprise (TOS)

    Lego USS Enterprise (TOS) by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr Designed and rendered in Bricklink's Studio 2.0 10.5" Long, 4.5" wide, 3.1" tall 176 pieces Built to (very roughly) 1:1000 scale The USS Enterprise was commissioned around 2245, being one of around a dozen Constitution-Class starships. She was one of the most famous vessels of her time, much of that earned under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. She was destroyed in 2285 to avoid capture by the Klingons. Here's the fleet so far, with this ship along the NX-01 MOC I designed earlier this year. TOS and NX Enterprise Comparison Shot by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr
  13. Hello lego Star Wars fans! I'd like to present to you my new MOC's on Star Wars theme. I have also submited these on Lego IDEAS and I'd be very grateful for each support. If you like it and want to support it, please follow the links bellow the images. There are also more images and informations on MOCpages. MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand MOCpages: SUPPORT on Ideas: MIDI-Scale Venator Star Destroyer MOCpages: SUPPORT on Ideas: Feel free to let me know your oppinions in comments, either here or both on MOCpages or LEGO Ideas I hope you like it and big thanks to everyone who supported! Krištof
  14. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] Midi Venator - In Progress

    Post #1 - October 6, 2018 I was originally inspired by @krisandkris12's Venator. While waiting for his instructions, I decided to give the venerable ship a try, albeit at a slightly smaller scale. The ship is currently 37 studs in length, which makes me even more excited for @onecase's ISD instructions as they'll scale very well together. This is a rough pass at it, and a lot still needs to be improved. A couple of future changes include... -Turrets needs to be spread out more -Backside taper of the bridge is too shallow -Trenches are currently hollow -Needs more engine detail -Nose turbo lasers need a hull recess -A myriad of other subtle inaccurate details Update - October 10, 2018 Summary of changes - Fixed tail - Changed bridge from brick build to plate build - Added detail around turbo lasers - Added trans blue 1x2 to side hangar bays and closing doors - Changed engine detail and layout Update - October 14, 2018 Summary of changes - Lowered the top two hull pieces by one plate to make the spine protrude and to make a shallower profile front and back. -Switched to since LDD didn't have the 2x2 corner tiles. Update - October 17, 2018 Summary of changes - Made the tail taller -Changed length of small and large engine - Moved the command tower forward and added tiling on the side - Filled in the trench a little better -Widened the ventral hangar bay
  15. darththeling

    [MOC] Sandcrawler

    Ah 75059. My wallet shrieked, tore off screaming and hasn't been seen since. So I gathered up all the brown, tan and greys I could find and put together a sandcrawler, of the Tatooine + Jawa variety. Here's a MOC in the possible Midi-scale range; however it is also large enough for figs and features 4 custom Jawas... and a number of captured droids stuffed in the hold. I wanted something a bit more like the previous sandcrawler - but smaller. The result is something that fits well among the other Tatooine playsets and vehicles. In other words, I want a sandcrawler at a scale that won't compete with The Death Star 10188 for shelf display superiority. I didn't have a substantial number of brown and light brown plates around to make the exterior so this sandcrawler actually has more in common with 10114's than 75059. And of course, much smaller. The windows aren't exactly screen-accurate in their placement, however they provide an excellent view from inside the cockpit. I was able to score some simple treads for the bottom and although, they are also not the most screen-accurate representation, I feel they capture the spirit and also allow the crawler to move fairly smoothly. Here's the crew. Custom Jawas include torsos and feet from old Ewoks and black head pieces from Stormies. The brown hoodies are from surplus Obi Wans collected over the years. The yellow eyes are single blobs of nail polish. I didn't feel they needed decal torso prints but hey... maybe someday. The back area was the most fun to detail. I looked at some official schematics as well as some incredible builds from around the 'net for inspiration. The two cylinder things at the rear are distinctive and needed to be included. A couple of simple, strategically placed round studs provide a stopping point for the angled front walls of the crawler. The result is a snug fit when the door is raised - however the pieces are fairly worn and it won't hold in place. :/ On the top I had to take some liberties with the overall shape of the front since I wasn't using bricks that would allow such dramatic slopes. Here's the interior view from the forward bay. Junk and droids lay scattered along the entire first floor. You can see a maintenance bay above that - this piece is part of a large hunk that is removed for access to the interior. Here it is removed: The detachable part by itself: Overhead view of the cockpit and the hold below: The cockpit is just high enough for a Jawa to stand and the lid opens and closes easily. Over on the other end is a small platform where an engineer Jawa can access the main reactor. Well, that's that. I think the scale is good for my display, so I'm not looking to enlarge it but I do feel the shape of the upper front (cockpit area) might find improvement somehow. Also I'm looking to do a bit more color swapping in favor of the color pattern from 10114. I'm certainly open to comments and criticism. Thanks for checking it out and best of luck sweeping the deserts for salvage!
  16. Hi Everyone, This is my first post in a very long time. I've had a prolonged hiatus from building MOCs (since having children) and until recently I hadn't really built anything on my own since about 2013. I discovered Tim Johnson's excellent New Elementary blog in December and have been an avid reader ever since. During January, Tim put out a call for new contributors for one of his 'parts festivals', this one revolving around the usage of the newly introduced Nexo Knights power shield (part no.27255). I was one of the lucky few to be selected to contribute and have made a couple of builds now. Most recently, for the May 4th celebrations I built a midi? scale Millennium Falcon, using "nexogons" as an inner structure to build off of. I thought I would share it here for your comments and also hopefully to introduce some of you to New Elementary. There are more pics and a bit of description here. I also designed some stickers for the cockpit and rear thrusters. I hope you like my attempt at the falcon and look forward to seeing any comments. Thanks!
  17. kappaknight

    [MOC] Micro AT-ST

    Wanted to share this lil guy that I built last night. I took some inspirations from the official set, but added details all the way around instead of just the front.
  18. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I made post about my MIDI-Scale starships featuring on LEGO Ideas. Lately, I finished this new image showing them in this epic combat from the very beginning of the Episode III. Considering my poor skills in image editing I'm quite satisfied with the result. You can find more info on MOCpages ( More images and informations about both ships can be found here: MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand MIDI-Scale Venator Star Destroyer Thank you for stopping by and special thanks to everyone who bothers with giving a support! Happy building!
  19. Nikolas

    [MOC] [LDD] Midi Slave 1

    Hello Eurobricks community, Since I bought the LEGO Star Wars Slave 1 Set 75060 UCS I started looking around for midi scale MOC's of this ship and I found the now 6 years (!) old topic of 'Eichhorn', who build this very same midi scale model. Unfortunalety the LDD link run out, so I had to copy it from the pictures and finally I build my own, new version of it with new bricks that weren't available at that time. It still looks quite similar, but I gave it some curvy shapes and made it look more dynamic. So here it is, the Slave 1 version 2.0: For any questions or details don't hesitate to ask me! Eichhorn's original Slave 1: http://www.eurobrick...opic=45581&st=0
  20. This ship is one of my favourite ships from Star Wars, it's the first ship you'll ever see while watching the saga! It's 292 pieces and comes with 4 stickers on the front area. The escape pod below the cockpit will detach, and the landing gear can be tilted up or down. Overall it's quite a beautiful ship! LEGO Ideas Page Please feel free to comment, and give me some feedback, and if you really like it, support it on LEGO Ideas!
  21. Hi All! New member here, looking to start sharing some of the stuff I've been working on since I got back into LEGO moc'ing after my dark ages. I don't have a lot of display space or a large collection, so I've been enjoying focusing on small desk-top display models, which fits great with Microfig sized stuff. My latest project is the T-70 X-wing in microfig scale, at least approximately. It's inspired by Brickdoctor's midi x-wing from one of his advent calendar series, and by the Psiaki x-wing's nose. I'm planning to buy the pieces to build it in real bricks, but for now I've just got renders. I apologize for the funky lighting - I'm still learning the render software. I'm still trying to work out some design issues. The cockpit piece is the best solution I've found, but it's obviously not nearly long enough. I don't really like it, but haven't been able to build or find anything I like better. I'm also still trying to figure out how to move the front landing strut further forward without messing up the profile. Having landing gear, even if they're just hinge plates, is important to me for some reason. I'm also uncertain I've got the wing and engine proportions right, so I may play around with that a bit more. So what do you think? Any ideas on how I can improve it? Link to the album:
  22. goatman461

    [MOC] Mini-Y-Wing & Mini-ISD

    I'm putting a Planet Series mobile back together for a Spring LUG event and decided to update my previous Y-Wing and add an ISB to the mix. There's a lot of inspiration from other builders in the Y-wing especially (from Miro Dudas in particular X-wing Y-Wing Redux by Miro78, on Flickr)I hope y'all like them. Please leave suggestions for improvements. Mini-Y-Wing by goatman461, on Flickr Mini-ISD by goatman461, on Flickr
  23. Hello! I just joined the forum, and now i want to introduce myself and the latest MOC i built ;) It's a programmable sequencer playing a little song on a KORG monotron Duo (an analogue synthesizer) and a MakeyMakey what sends midi-signals to an audio-software (in my case logic) to trigger drum sounds. But I'm not very good at explaining, so take a look and tell me what do you think! Cheers, Fissl
  24. azuremoon

    MOC: Midi Scale Gunships

    Hi All, I'm just posting this little topic here to show the eurobricks community one of my latest mocs, which is also my entry to the community build; Pic 1 on flickr Pic 2 on flickr That's all for now, Azu
  25. I borrowed the wing connection mechanic's idea from a different rendition, one I came across a while ago. I wish I could find it again so I could give credit where it's due but for the life of me I've not been able to come across it again. Should anyone recognize the pivot point approach I've used please drop me a note as I want to give credit where its due. I went through three or four incarnations of what I thought the cockpit canopy should look like and sadly this was the best I could come up with at this scale. I'm still not 100% happy with it but anything else I could come up with was even worse. I could find very little in reference to the underside of the T-47 but what little I could find appeared to show an intake scoop towards the aft so I've tried my best to model this as well. More pics and file download on my MocPages account.