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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Some of your may know, that we have community in Russia. We have about 8000 subscribes and about 100 active members. Sometimes we post our events reports that can be interesting for you. Since almost no-one can read our russian-language community, we will share our experience here. Our moderators are also represnted here at EB: Desert752, Filsawgood, Limga and me. We have two types of contests: building contests 4x4 trial and trophy indoor challenge 4x4 trial outdoor challenge Thanks to LEGO Group abd Vengit (Sbrick) that support our community with prizes. We will be glad to share our experince and meet guests from all over the world at our events! EVENTS (we will update this list from time to time): Outdoor Truck Trial race in Moscow(July 2015) Indoor Trial competition and DIY Trial course obstacles (November 2015) Outdoor Rally BAJA Downhill (May 2016) Indoor Jeep Trial 2016 (November 2016) Indoor Truck Trial Challenge 2017 (september 2017) BUILDING CONTESTS (we will update this list from time to time): Summer adventure Our latest event took place in Moscow 17th september, with 2 special guests - hosts of Beyond the Brick channel that visited Moscow. That's the preview of full video that coming soon. More photos under the spoiler Full photo album
  2. Friends, over the past couple of months I have been working to improve the photography of my models. Particularly, I hope to develop a consistent and excellent setup that can be used indoors to photograph my MOC at anytime of the day (or night). I am interested in any suggestions others use for their current photography needs. I suspect my needs at this time revolve around lighting. My current setup uses: Canon Rebel XT DSLR Camera A large posterboard Two midsize photography lamps (120V, 240W, 6400 lumen bulbs) Here is a shot with the current setup: Here is the lighting (and whiteness) I hope to achieve, albeit in an indoor setting. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Mestari

    [MOC] Street Photo

    Street Photo is the kind of photography that I like to view online and in galleries, but is very hard or impossible for me to actually perform myself. I find it hard to do what that guy below is doing, especially when the subject is a man less lucky than me. I hope you'll enjoy this vignette nevertheless ;)
  4. Hello! I don't make things very often (I haven't touched LDD or bricks for at least 4 months) and my activity on the forum comes and goes, but I've been thinking about how people present their MOCs. What makes a good presentation? Some people put lots of backstory with their MOCs, and others make videos. Perhaps it's just me, but I lack the patience to read lots of text or watch a video to see content that could have been summarized in just a few photos. I know what I like: a few photos of the MOC with a reference picture if necessary. That's how I tend to post the things that I make, too. When you see a MOC, what are you interested in? A few photographs of the whole MOC, or many photos of all the details? Do you like to see videos? Do you like to read a story that tells the history of the building or scene you built? Are there things you particularly like or particularly don't like? Is there anything I should change in the way I present my MOCs on the occasion I do build? Is there anything you would change about the way you present your MOCs?
  5. So I found my new phone had a 'negative' mode on the camera, and I was playing around with it and I took photos of my sitting room to see how it looks with reversed colours and I noticed how strange the Lego boxes look in negative mode. Have you got any pictures of sets in 'negative' mode?
  6. Blazej_Holen

    Entering Lake Town

    Hi, story continues with visiting a Lake Town location... Thanks for comments Enjoy :)
  7. Just wondering if anyone has knowledge of this: the various images for LEGO sets on the official LEGO shopping site (S@H) - are they photographs of actual builds done in a studio, or renders, or some combination? How much photoshopping or modifications are done? What type of illumination is used - tungsten, halogen, or other. These are likely to be some of the best images obtainable for LEGO sets, with excellent details, good control of highlights and shadow areas. Would be nice to know some of the process that went into making these official images, as this would help the rest of us get better images also.
  8. Hi all. After some work I finally transformed a "quick and dirty" utility to a usable program. Utility is the one that RomaBrick (my group of AFOLs) uses for some big mosaic offered to visitors for building at our LEGO fan events. You can see some mosaic in action here (Flickr) and here (Flickr). Here the main window Resize and cut dialog. Color reduction and conversion to LEGO palette (color names are available in italian and english). BrickMosaic can: load your photo resize to a desired size reduce colors to a palette chosen from LEGO palette generate a mosaic made by baseplates (8x8,16x16,32x32,48x48 stud) filled by bricks (1x1 or 2x2 stud) generate instructions for building, listed by baseplate, in an OpenDocument Text file (OpenOffice writer format) generate a "wanted list mass upload" for Bricklink, to buy bricks. Program is in Java and works on any platform. Manual (english and Italian), program and instruction template are in the Sourceforge program page: https://sourceforge....ts/brickmosaic/ Happy building!