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Found 7 results

  1. After a year's break from Star Wars, I decided to improve one thing in my collection. I already had one MOC/MOD for X-Wing, strongly based on the 75218 set, but for some time there were a few things that bothered me about it. It turned out that the rubber bands had lost their properties and the mechanism was malfunctioning. Plus I wanted something much better and here it is my new Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter The build took about 3 weeks, I had most of the parts so I only needed one order on Bricklink. There are 985 pieces here, quite a lot. The mechanism works on the same principle as in the 75301 set My X-Wing has retractable landing gears and a new type of display stand. Instructions is available on Rebrickable! more about this MOC on my YouTube channel - Edge of Bricks
  2. Hi! I've finished building my second Minecraft project, this time The Coral Reef. The project has about 4k parts, I've been building it for 3 weeks. This is the second part of one project, together with my previous The Lava Cave Moc I built one fragment of the Minecraft world. How do you like it? More about this project and how I built it you will find here:
  3. Hi! The last month has been intense construction and here it is: Mandalorian's N-1 Starfighter You've probably already seen a lot of projects of this vehicle, I delayed building mine for a long time. But as we know in February there will be a premiere of the 3rd season of The Mandalorian series, so it's high time for N-1 in my collection The construction was much more difficult than I thought. I wanted to get the best shape of this vehicle, while also making it durable. The number of parts in my project is 832, including the display stand I use some parts from set 75325 but decided not to buy it. I just bought stickers and a new LBG windscreen (mounted from below). The instructions for this project are almost ready. Soon I will upload the video to my Youtube where you will be able to see all the details List of parts, XML code rady to upload on bricklink more details coming soon!
  4. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] The Tricky Ambush

    Hi! Today I'm starting my new Castle project it's called... THE TRICKY AMBUSH the project will present a diorama with the ruins of the castle. Brave Black Falcons warriors will want to destroy the new machine of their greatest enemy - Raven Knights This is where my new siege machine comes in - the catapult Contains 187 parts, and the instruction is now on rebrickable! OF BRICKS/siege-catapult/#details Range - it depends on how I shoot, with the blockade it is only 40 cm, without it even 150 cm! Much more about this project here: I'm starting the construction site soon! See you soon!
  5. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    Hi everyone! today I want to show you my new, little MOC :) TIE Interceptor 853 parts with display stand This is another TIE in my collection, I built it in a few days. I was based on my previous Outland TIE Fighter. I really like the Interceptor, I really like its aggressive and dynamic appearance PDF Instructions is ready if you are intrested ask me on Project is also available on Rebrickable: OF BRICKS/tie-interceptor/#details More on my youtube here:
  6. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] AT-AT Walker

    Hi everyone! I haven't been here for a long time ... Over 4 months ago I started building a new MOC The idea came up a long time ago, but each time I started a different project. In October 2021 I ordered the 75288 set and I knew it was high time for my AT-AT :) AT-AT Dimensions: 4882 parts (list of parts here: 46,1 cm height, 52,1 cm lenght, 18,4 width. It is much larger than the playset 75288 but smaller than the UCS 75313. I think that for many of us this size is the perfect solution. Personally, I don't have a place for UCS at home, it's too big for me. In addition, he did not make such an impression on me live - he has too many studs :) It is possible that my design is similar in size to Raskolnikov, that is, such PlusSize. The project has a huge number of functions, I will mention some of them: - movable feet and legs - rubber bands under the feet, improve stability, - bottom with details, the possibility of attaching a rope from Luke Skywalker, - a lot of tiles on the side panels, - all side panels open to get inside, - a speeder bike stand mounted on the back, - fuel tank, - black interior trim, - a lot of control panels inside, - 2 racks for weapons, - special seats for Snowtroopers, - 2 lightbricks and a switch on the roof - movable neck - moving head - the head can be detached very easily - head interior for 3 minifigures - 20+ minifigures can be given in the entire vehicle PDF Instructions Contains 3 files, 2 are ready now - if you are intrested ask me on Project will be available on Rebrickable soon! Today will be movie on my youtube where you will see all the details
  7. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Outland TIE Fighter

    Hi! A long time ago I watched episode 7 of The Mandalorian series, where appeared ... OUTLAND TIE FIGHTER I immediately added it to my "to do list" After a long time and many other MOCs, the time has come for TIE - for the Empire! I was building the project for a few weeks - it was not easy because I decided to use a new 3x3 round corner in it. I wanted to do something different, there are so many TIE projects already, it's hard to come up with something new. Project contains 914 parts. This is the Outland version - it has foldable wings. There are a few good mechanisms, I improved it, TJ Lego Room showed it some time ago. I added technic liftarms, changed a few other things. Landing gears is an additional stand - I didn't want to install it permanently in the cabin. This would worsen its appearance and weaken the structure. More on my youtube, link below. Project is also available on Rebrickable here: OF BRICKS/outland-tie/#details