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  1. I meant to add, there is no claim that Doctor or Roleblocker costumes exist, but those two are almost certainly floating around out there.
  2. Yes, StickFig did claim bulletproof before his lynch. And as a Townie, he had no reason to lie about it. We are going to have to lose costumes somewhere along the lines. Besides, if Freeze's Coolant is Bulletproof, it just means there's one player the Scum/SK will not target at night. What's the likelyhood the Scum would want to target that player as opposed to, say, the one with the Doctor, Roleblocker or Cop costume? Bulletproof seems like a lower priority than some of the higher power PRs we know (or suspect) is in play. Unless Lind is Dragonfire's scumbuddy and he's trying to save him.
  3. You want me to commit myself? Fine, I'm man enough to do it. Unvote: The Joker (Tamamono) Vote: Gandolf (Lind Whisperer) I was going to wait to see if anyone else found this theory plausible enough to talk it out. I think it sounds very plausible. Lind, you said nothing substantive on Day 1, and your posts today have been equally vacuous. I'm much happier with my vote now. Thank you. It's quite possible that if the scum had it on Day 1, they'd make damn sure to keep it on Day 2. Especially knowing that a firestorm would surround Tammo because of it. One last note coming out of Bloodbrick 2. By the beginning of Day 4, The Scum knew what all but one of the pills that were still in play did. If the Scum team here has been experimenting like they did in BB2, they probably know most of the roles already. Food for Thought.
  4. I've been doing a little research into what happened during Bloodbrick 2, and a new possibility that we haven't discussed has come to mind. In Bloodbrick 2, there was a Bus Driver pill. Tammo was almost certain to be Investigated last night. It's conceivable that Tammo was bussed with a scum, giving the investigator the "false" scum result. It's simple, elegant, and explains just about everything. Thoughts? Also, in looking through Bloodbrick 2's conclusion, I see no Insane Cop on def's spreadsheet. I saw a Town/ Not Town Cop, a Scum/ Not Scum Cop, a Gunsmith and a Flavor Cop. Are we certain one of the Cop actions is Insane/Paranoid/Random? I'm certainly not. Not anymore. For the record, I agree with Tammo. Lind Whisperer smells of scum to me. If we like this new theory, I would switch my vote to him.
  5. I've done a lot of thinking overnight, and I've come to a few conclusions. There is a plausible explanation for Draggy's death that doesn't necessitate Shadows being scum. So first I must do this. Unvote: Starlord (Shadows) If Draggy was the target of the SK, and not the Scum, then a Townie Shadows is much more plausible. Now, Tammo's entire argument is that Brick's Cop action is Random/Paranoid/Insane. How do we know that Draggy's Cop action wasn't the tainted one? We don't, and we can't without more results. For now, I consider a Scum result from an investigation to be just that: we found a scum. Until proven otherwise, I will continue to believe the results from Blackbeard's Shag. Vote: The Joker (Tamamono)
  6. While I am not opposed to lynching Tammo, I think there is enough doubt today to delay his lynch. In my mind, Shadows is a better candidate. I can see no scenario where Draggy claims Cop to Shadows, and then gets killed that night. Shadows even said it himself: Draggy made a poor Scum target, unless the scum were removing a powerful item from the Town's hands. Vote: Starlord (Shadows)
  7. Walter Kovacs

    Favorite G1 Bionicle Set?

    Icarax and the '08 Takanuva are two of the sets I want most in my collection. But as I don't own them, they can't be my favorites...yet. Looking through all of the sets, two really stood out to me. I really like Krika, both story-wise and the overall look of him. He struck a cord with me. On the other side of things, Cahdok & Gahdok were fantastic, detailed builds from Bionicle's infancy, and their function works really well. There are far too many runners-up to mention.
  8. Seems there is a lot of mis-remembering and mis-reading going on. My curse doesn't take effect until tomorrow. Oh, well, it gave some good rhyming practice. Just thinking out loud here. I'm still trying to work out how we could have gotten the results we did without anyone lying. Shadows re-directing the Vig kill explains TPRU's death, and why Tammo's action didn't work. Wait, how did Shadows know Draggy was the Cop? And Draggy wouldn't have gotten an answer, as he was killed during the night, and even if he did couldn't pass the information on (I seriously doubt Draggy of all people would break the 'Once your dead, your dead' rule.) Did Draggy claim to Shadows on Day 1? (Honestly, that of all things wouldn't surprise me.) Draggy makes sense as a scum kill only if the scum knew he was a Cop. And if the scum knew he had the Cop costume, Draggy becomes a very tempting target. That would suggest Shadows is Scum (He would have told his scum-buddies where the Cop costume is; Cop doesn't help the Scum [unless it becomes rolecop in their hands]). That would make the third figure a SK (or something similar, targeting either Draggy or TPRU). In this scenario, Tammo is almost certainly Town. But are there any other possibilities. Could there be a Framer costume? Seems very unlikely, as the Town would have absolutely no use for it. Lightning Rod? Then no kills would have happened, as there is bound to be at least one Protective costume out there negating the kills. So Shadows, when and how did you find out that Draggy was the Cop?
  9. To bed I must away. No more will I post today.
  10. It's also possible Brick's Cop is fake And a false claim he did make. None the wiser we might be, As Insane Cop he could claim you see.
  11. Why waste your breath accusing me? What is it that you don't see? Your plight I cannot explain, But my choice I've made quite plain. Dark Dragon's item was what I did steal, So what would you like as your last meal?
  12. Sorry to disappoint you, scummo. I'm not the one lying.
  13. I most certainly did not steal Tammo's item. I stole Dark Dragon's. And I let him know it as well. He can verify it when he shows up.
  14. 1. Iron Patriot's Helmet mostlytechnic 2. Flash's Lightning Cowl Brickelodeon 3. The Lone Ranger's White Hat 4. Captain Jack's CrowWalter Kovacs 5. Egon's Proton Pack Tamamono 6. Mr. Freeze's Coolant 7. Magneto's Super Awesome Helmet 8. Joker's Silly Green Hair 9. Indy Jone's Fedora
  15. 2543 - Alien Space Plane (UFO, 1998) Space Plane.mpd Errors: None 6829 - Radon Rover (UFO, 1997) Radon.mpd Errors: None 6836 - V-Wing Fighter (UFO, 1997) V-Wing.mpd Errors: None 6915 - Warp Wing Fighter (UFO, 1997) Warp.mpd Errors: Stickers missing