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  1. dream-in-bricks

    Minifig scale Star Wars sets

    I think TLG's TIE fighters have been a tad on the larger side, but it's a good thing. Some sources [1] say a TIE should be 6m long and 8m tall. If minifig scale means 3 studs per meter, a TIE wing would be 18x24. TLG's model is 25x35, but the cockpit at that scale is very sturdy, compare to what can be done at smaller scales. (I've been tinkering with a smaller-scaled TIE MOC and it is fragile!) I am amused at some of the artwork [2] because in ep.7 this fighter would grow to fit 2 occupants. [1] http://www.theforce.net/swtc/tie.html [2]
  2. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] Revenge of the TIE Fighter

    Beautiful MOC. I especially like the plyon's 2-sided SNOT effect. They're accurate without being too bulky -- just the right amount of LEGO blockiness. I'll have to check out your LDD to see how you did that.
  3. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor proportions study... 11 months later

    I'm glad you like it. You can find the LDD file for the latest version under "Building instructions" on this MOCpage http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/434188
  4. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor proportions study... 11 months later

    Good point! Likely you mean the TIE Advance Prototype or the First Order TIE Fighter where the front and the top dishes are shaped the same, but with different prints. I haven't gotten my hands on either of those sets yet, but when I do I'll surely experiment with it. The challenge will be to avoid the hinge interrupting the bottom of the cockpit. I managed to avoid that by using the older TIE windscreen (in exchange for a pair of misplaced chin-mounted canons). When I get a newer TIE sets we'll have to compare! I do have this piece but I'm saving it for a smaller TIE MOC I'm working on. For this model I'll need something like part 44375apb03 on bricklink. At $30 per one of those, I think I will grab a black marker and try my best.
  5. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor proportions study... 11 months later

    Thanks, atlas, for the encouragement. My kid and I used Crayola washable paint kit for this task. After 4 layers of dark bluish gray and 1 layer of white with a tinge of pink, the result is not bad: https://www.flickr.com/photos/108145384@N05/30813170626/in/album-72157675914045466/ Before vs After Though not as glossy as Jerac's version, the cockpit ball is so much better with windscreen painted. I like it so much, I've updated the whole post above. More photos in Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/108145384@N05/albums/72157675914045466
  6. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE Collection

    Ooo, Twilight Squadron... is that new? I assume it's part of expanded universe? Where can I see more reference artwork? I am intrigued by the connections between the pylon and the wing (wings' inside center). It looks like you are trying a few different ways. The one on the TIE/IN look quite compact but it may not be wide enough to hold the weight of the wings (if so, try shedding bricks off the wings first). I hope you get to build them with real bricks and swoosh them around to see which connection works best.
  7. dream-in-bricks

    Forum Upgrade - One Month Later

    I would like to retain dream-in-bricks , the old one. Thanks for the help, that account works again.
  8. dream-in-bricks

    Forum Upgrade - One Month Later

    My thoughts as a EB member: The new forum seems more responsive. The old forum required clicking links twice because single click supposedly brought up a preview, but that behavior didn't actually work on my mobile browser. I also have the "awaiting validation" problem (as Withacee reported earlier). My old member ID is dream-in-bricks . I want to be able to log in to the old member ID to tweak the user name. Would you put dream-in-bricks on the list to fix (low pri)? Finally, I am looking forward to seeing updated information in the help index... Flickr embedding seems to work differently in the new EB, and attachment limits could use more explanation
  9. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor proportions study... 11 months later

    That's an excellent idea! I was wondering how Jerac achieved that effect in SFS TIE/ln starfighter. So you think it's paint? It looks nice. I want to reuse this brick for TIEs of different colors without ruining the brick. Non-toxic would be nice too, because it's a toy and I have kids who would want to touch. I've painted resin models with Testor but that stuff was permanent and quite toxic. Have anyone tried children's washable paint on Lego?
  10. Earlier this year y'all gave some good feedback on my TIE interceptor MOC I finally gotten around to addressing the pylon and wing stability issues. And thanks to your feedback below I painted the windscreen piece to blend into the cockpit. TIE interceptor windscreen and port side https://www.flickr.com/photos/108145384@N05/30733259382/in/album-72157675914045466/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/108145384@N05/30813172646/in/album-72157675914045466/ More photos on Flickr (including earlier posts) https://www.flickr.com/photos/108145384@N05/albums/72157675914045466/
  11. dream-in-bricks

    Hi! I'm Berb Teh Unicern(Bob The Unicorn)

    Hi Ber The Unicern, So you like TIE Interceptors? Check out the 3rd-to-last post at http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=122703 . I've updated it to include the LXF file. Sorry, I have no permissions to PM you directly (hopefully this catches your attention)
  12. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] Imperial Tie Interceptor

    Nice "dagger" wings! Good call on the horizontal clip + handles combo -- they're more flexible for tweaking the angle at which the daggers attach to the mid-sections; you've got it perfected.If you have more plates on hand, try extending the wings towards the back by a few more studs to balance it out. I like how the tiles bordering the wings are all facing outwards. Clean and efficient, staying true to the TIE design!
  13. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor - proportions study

    Thanks all for the feedback. LXF file is here now hosted on MOCpages
  14. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor - proportions study

    Perhaps the windscreen is the problem here. I need it to look more like a gray ball with a black disc in the front, less like a cube that is 5/6 bluish gray and 1/6 smoke gray
  15. Here's another TIE Interceptor. Comments welcomed! My idea behind this build was to have it: 1) be proportional according to "Blueprints of ships and vessels from the Star Wars franchise" 2) stand without too much support 3) match the style of LEGO set #9492 without compromising (1) and (2) I hope this explains the result. Scale: 3 studs per 1 meter, or about 1:42 scale. Coincidentally, it fits well with X-Wing set #9493 and Y-Wing set #9495 but not the A-Wing set #75003. This TIE pilot is wondering why the interior is so cramped, even though the exterior is clearly bigger than the original set #6206. Two 12-stud long technic axles extend deep into the cockpit to connect it with the wings. A closer look at one of the pylons: The pylon sections are held in place by octogons but otherwise the sections are not connected. This means a hard "roll" would cause the dagger wings to wiggle. I feel this needs to be fixed before it can do any serious space flight. What would you do here? Back view: I only learned recently that the cavity is supposed to be an hexagonal window. Really? Those ion engines must be really really small. Front view: The wingtip guns' main function is to keep the long gray "hypotenuse" tiles from rotating away from the wing (quite an embarrassing sight). Side view: The middle section of the wing is the most unfinished. You can see the technic axles extend all the way to the surface. An earlier iteration used the pulley wheel as a spacer between the pylon sections, which gave room for the obligatory round decorative tile with the TIE print. Unfortunately that lengthened the pylons and unstablized the wings. What would you do here? Due to the cockpit diameter of this particular build, I chose the windscreen from set #6206 instead of the dome from #9492. dream in bricks Shoutouts: The cockpit SNOT borrows heavily from 501st Commando's TIE, The 6ΓΈ dishes and octogon-based engines borrows from CCOOK's TIE, Other elements borrow from MOCs now buried deep down in the forums. Thanks to all TIE MOCers for your inspiration.