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  1. dream-in-bricks

    Starting SW collection

    As your little one age their interest will change. Young children need a good pile of bricks to free-build and accessories like rope, ladders, levers. I think if you get an Ewok Village set or two (doesn't need to be mint condition, as kids don't care), or even mix in parts from city/ideas sets. They would be entertained for hours. Honestly children find Star Wars color scheme rather dull: most sets are gray, black, and white. The Naboo Starfighter is probably the one set from the prequels that is the most memorable and recognizable. You can brick-build a squadron of droid-ships from any old brick pile and have lots of fun. +1 on the X-Wing and TIE Fighter recommendations. There is a Vader's TIE that comes with a Rebel's A-Wing (75150) You'll want that to recreate the "trench run" sequence. Older children will appreciate the story of Luke and Vader. For that you'll want the 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City (or if not, make a MOC of the sensor array section). The 75093 Death Star Final Duel helps you recreate the end of the 6-movie saga. You might want to add 75208 Yoda's Hut just so Luke can train to be a Jedi. When I was an adolescent, I wanted to build my own Millennium Falcon. Frankly the MOC you'll find on Eurobricks are amazing, and I think it would be a cool project to help your child build their favorite vehicle or scene "from scratch" (Do support them if they rather build a swiming pool instead of a spaceship!)
  2. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] Y-wing (Original Trilogy) Midi Scale

    Nice! The white cylinder pieces are great here. I like how sleek it looks now.
  3. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE cockpit ball

    @dvogon, I tried swapping in the 4-stud diameter inverted dish with TIE hatch pattern (in dark bluish gray,) Posting before-vs-after (B vs A) for comparison, TIE hatch A, on Flickr TIE hatch B, on Flickr Getting rid of the doughnut piece allows for some interesting shaping, but the circular look is gone. (Again, with the printed hatch and with the brick-built hatch.) twin ion engine A, on Flickr twin ion engine B, on Flickr Part of me really like the brick-built look.
  4. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] Y-wing (Original Trilogy) Midi Scale

    It's a beautiful rendition! Also, at 182 pieces, an ambitious rebel builder can amass a whole fleet of these. You might be able to achieve an even tighter look by bringing the bars/poles/rods closer to the cylindrical boosters. (See below for an example using part 4733 Brick, Modified 1x1 with Studs on 4 Sides and part 63965 Bar 6L with Stop Ring,) Thank you for sharing your creation and showing us a midi-scale design that is simple yet effective.
  5. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE cockpit ball

    I was thinking the same thing about the doughnut piece. The next thing I'll try is to replace that piece with another solution. If the DBGray piece works well I'll repost pictures of that, too. Thanks for the comments!
  6. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE cockpit ball

    I did have 2 years to work on one part ;) Eurobricks members inspire me. Mine has bumpy look going for it, where as yours (Jerac’s) aims for the smoothness. By departing from the 3x3x2 dome here, l go for the sliced orange look, with the slices at 45 degrees. I soon found TLG don’t make curved pieces with 45 degree ends. So I compromised.
  7. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE cockpit ball

    I took a picture of the back. It is not quite done but the Twin Ion Engine is there. https://www.flickr.com/photos/108145384@N05/49085541537/in/album-72157711840812502 Take a look and feel free to comment and make suggestions. Regarding the smaller printed slope—that’s the Light Bluish Gray one on the Solo-themed TIE? I have the Dark Bluish Gray 4-stud dish from 9492 and can try it.
  8. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE cockpit ball

    I experimented with Lego pieces introduced with the 2018 and 2019 sets. I hope you like these spacecraft models. I find the TIE cockpit a challenge to model in Lego. It is shaped like an ice-cream scooper with two handles. If done properly, the result should look spherical and be strong enough to “fly” with TIE Interceptor wings (pictured above) or the heavier TIE Fighter wings (pictured below.) TIE Fighter wings are heavier than TIE Interceptor wings. My previous attempt at connecting my MOC to the 9492 TIE Fighter wings didn’t work. I over-applied technic pins for too many of the connections, so wings were wobbly when shaken. This time I extend the plates all the way from the center to the wings. Having 2 studs of overlap between plates ensures minimal bending. I saw two 35299 pieces used in Yoda’s Hut set. Luckily, with Defense of Crait, this piece now comes in Light Bluish Gray. I put two of them behind a 6 x 6 Dish Inverted with SW 8 Spokes Radial Cockpit Pattern. Result: a spherical shape although elongated width-wise. The chin-mounted muzzles are a pair of 35480. The cockpit ball is 9 studs in diameter. There is enough room to fit a 4-stud diameter dish but not a 6-stud one. I originally intended to build a 5-stud wide canopy, but there is not enough space. (update 2019-11-20) Some of you asked: "Where's the Twin Ion Engine?" Well here it is -- the obligatory hexagonal cavity! This is supposedly a window or an ion discharge port. The doughnut-shaped plate on my MOC obscures the hexagon from the camera. I need to find a way to move or lengthen the cavity a tad towards the rear of the spaceship.
  9. dream-in-bricks

    Minifig scale Star Wars sets

    I think TLG's TIE fighters have been a tad on the larger side, but it's a good thing. Some sources [1] say a TIE should be 6m long and 8m tall. If minifig scale means 3 studs per meter, a TIE wing would be 18x24. TLG's model is 25x35, but the cockpit at that scale is very sturdy, compare to what can be done at smaller scales. (I've been tinkering with a smaller-scaled TIE MOC and it is fragile!) I am amused at some of the artwork [2] because in ep.7 this fighter would grow to fit 2 occupants. [1] http://www.theforce.net/swtc/tie.html [2]
  10. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] Revenge of the TIE Fighter

    Beautiful MOC. I especially like the plyon's 2-sided SNOT effect. They're accurate without being too bulky -- just the right amount of LEGO blockiness. I'll have to check out your LDD to see how you did that.
  11. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor proportions study... 11 months later

    I'm glad you like it. You can find the LDD file for the latest version under "Building instructions" on this MOCpage http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/434188
  12. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor proportions study... 11 months later

    Good point! Likely you mean the TIE Advance Prototype or the First Order TIE Fighter where the front and the top dishes are shaped the same, but with different prints. I haven't gotten my hands on either of those sets yet, but when I do I'll surely experiment with it. The challenge will be to avoid the hinge interrupting the bottom of the cockpit. I managed to avoid that by using the older TIE windscreen (in exchange for a pair of misplaced chin-mounted canons). When I get a newer TIE sets we'll have to compare! I do have this piece but I'm saving it for a smaller TIE MOC I'm working on. For this model I'll need something like part 44375apb03 on bricklink. At $30 per one of those, I think I will grab a black marker and try my best.
  13. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor proportions study... 11 months later

    Thanks, atlas, for the encouragement. My kid and I used Crayola washable paint kit for this task. After 4 layers of dark bluish gray and 1 layer of white with a tinge of pink, the result is not bad: https://www.flickr.com/photos/108145384@N05/30813170626/in/album-72157675914045466/ Before vs After Though not as glossy as Jerac's version, the cockpit ball is so much better with windscreen painted. I like it so much, I've updated the whole post above. More photos in Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/108145384@N05/albums/72157675914045466
  14. dream-in-bricks

    [MOC] TIE Collection

    Ooo, Twilight Squadron... is that new? I assume it's part of expanded universe? Where can I see more reference artwork? I am intrigued by the connections between the pylon and the wing (wings' inside center). It looks like you are trying a few different ways. The one on the TIE/IN look quite compact but it may not be wide enough to hold the weight of the wings (if so, try shedding bricks off the wings first). I hope you get to build them with real bricks and swoosh them around to see which connection works best.
  15. dream-in-bricks

    Forum Upgrade - One Month Later

    I would like to retain dream-in-bricks , the old one. Thanks for the help, that account works again.