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  1. Thanks, @Trunkbass 🙏 My first step in the design process was defining a scale/metric for the brickheadz. In my MOC, I wanted from the start to have a human, a hobbit, a pony and a fellbeast dragon; therefore it's 4 different scales. I use the harry potter set 40495 as a scale reference for the Hobbits as they do scale like children. I think the issue around the official product line has to do with this scale parameter. The Gandalf and Balrog scale well as the one with Aragorn, but Frodo head should have not been the same size as a regular Brickheadz. There will be always things we forgot or could refine in the product that at the time wasn't clear or skipped us. Maybe it happened at LEGO too. The same happened to me actually 😅 I misspell Pippin's name on the packaging instead I put Peppin 😬
  2. Not bad those look very good. You should try to swap Angmar's cape for Part 10904 or Part 86038 either way cool Minifigures. :)
  3. Thanks for the mention @Mandalorianknight ;) It was me indeed The Fellowship and The Witch-King of Angmar I was hoping LEGO would use dark brown color for Frodo's hair, especially using Tile, Round 1 x 1 Quarter :( If they did that it would be possible to bring my version to life. Balrog is my favorite from the reveals. I hope these sell well so the IP returns in full glory to the shelves :) There's a gold mine in Lord Of The Rings franchise; ideas to be mined and crafted in LEGO products. Let's see what the future holds.
  4. Thanks :) We will miss Kevin but his voice will be eternal. I thought of putting a print of a closed-mouth smile on him but I was afraid it would look too spread across the tile. But there's always room for future improvement ;) Thank you for stopping by, I'm happy you like them. I shared the instructions in case you want to build them. Cheers
  5. Small Update* - I updated the link with a folder with all the files; adding as well the PNGs files of the printed parts I draw. If you have a local place where you can print decals/stickers you can do them.
  6. Batman™ The Animated Series BrickHeadz (Product Concept) By Rui Miguel “Does the hurt ever go away?” - Dick Grayson “I wish I could say yes. But it will get better in time for you. That I promise” - Bruce Wayne This LEGO Brickheadz concept is a homage to the amazing Kevin Conroy. A way to bring Batman: The Animated Series to our hearts in LEGO and remembering the eternal voice of Kevin. Every time I look at this project I will hear his Batman voice. Thank you Kevin Conroy for all the moments and lessons you shared with the world. You will be deeply missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace Dark Knight. In here you’ll find the PDF files of the building instructions. Its four separable books fit for multi-person building experience. I have also added the Bricklink studio file of the model so you can upload to Bricklink and generate a wanted list of the LEGO parts needed to order. Download Link (Google Drive): Building Instructions | Printed Parts PNGs | Studio File - Here Book 1 Catwoman (5.4 MB) Book 2 Batman (6.1 MB) Book 3 The Joker (6.1 MB) Book 4 Harley Quinn (5.5 MB) Bricklink Studio file (249 KB) Features: - 496 pcs/pzs (4 figures and 4 stands) - Removable and playable If you have the opportunity to build for yourself, hope you have a fun time building, playing and displaying. If you are a Kevin Conroy’s Batman fan like me I hope this brings you consolidation and remembrance of him.
  7. Tomorrow marks Kevin's birthday 😢. The news of his passing hit me hard like a punch in the stomach. Since then I pause a project I was working on and created a small set to homage to Kevin. I will publish it tomorrow. And as before I will say it again! Love these figure designs you made 😀
  8. Rui Miguel

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    Amazing creation @Barthezz Brick, love the details and the world-building around it. I can almost hear the Ezio family theme song while admiring your MOC. Really well done 😉 "Nothing is true everything is permitted"
  9. My pleasure and it's so good to hear from more fans like you, where the BrickHeadz is not their first or third option to have in the collection, but are getting interested in my concepts. I'm very happy about the welcoming reception this MOC is getting. Thank you for your view and comment @brimbolet 😉👍 You are most welcome 👍 My pleasure, I hope you have a great time while building and displaying. Let me know your thoughts on the building instructions experience 🧐
  10. Thanks, @Feuer Zug That's very good to hear 😀 If you have the parts available you can build a copy and add it to your collection, I shared the building instructions. The Witch-King face/helmet was... challenging, very challenging! To reach this final version I show here, was quite a process. This one has the best details of my two previous prototypes. Thank you for the feedback 😉
  11. The Witch-King of Angmar™ & Fellbeast™ BrickHeadz (LOTR Product Concept) By Rui Miguel “Do not come between the Nazgul and his prey” Shortly after I finish my Fellowship collection it bother me I couldn’t produce them in physical form or bring you another of my creations. So I decided to make one more character but with 4 parameters: 1 – No new printed elements 2 – Only available colors 3 – No rare parts 4 – Under 400 pieces At first, it crossed my mind to make a Balrog but then again LEGO is already making one… So I skipped. Treebeard was on the table of ideas too but I ended up doing the Witch-King of Angmar. It’s a villain with a badass design and a very iconic look. But what close the deal for me was the piece 65473 that had the perfect shape for a neck of a Fellbeast dragon and I think I haven’t seen a MOC of these characters in BrickHeadz form. The final result, I present here 😉 Hope you like it. My goal again was to deliver a LEGO experience that could resemble the product standards of LEGO official products, from packaging, LEGO model and building experience. Beneath I share the PDF files of the building instructions for this set I made. I also added the Bricklink studio file of the model so you can upload to Bricklink and generate a wanted list of the LEGO parts needed to order. If you have the opportunity to build for yourself hope you have a fun time building, playing and displaying into your collection. A SMALL NOTE: If you consider building the Fellbeast be aware to build the stand as well, because de stand counter weighs the weight of the Fellbeast’s head, preventing it from falling forward. 😊 Download Links (Google Drive): PDF Building Instructions: Book 1 - Stand (4.2 MB) here Book 2 - Witch-king Of Angmar (5.8MB) here Book 3 - Fellbeast (7 MB) - here Bricklink Studio file (338 KB) - here Features: - 348 pcs (2 figures and 1 stand) - Removable and playable - Rotating Stand display One Brick To Rule Them All! If you haven't, check out my other projects posted LOTR The Fellowship Of The Ring Brickheadz Collection Star Wars TIE Interceptor™ ROTJ 40th Anniversary Star Wars Utapau™ Defense MARVEL Ghost Rider Midnight Race
  12. Awesome thank you so much, that means a lot to me. Are you the Youtuber, the real Brick Clicker? If you are I love your content it gives me a head start to start saving money for future sets. 😅 If you are not, I appreciate you regardless :) Cheers Thank you for your kind feedback 😉👍 Wow, the feedback is so welcoming. It's almost Monday and I feel the urge to publish the other Brickheadz I have in store. So I will post now here on Eurobricks on a different topic before anywhere else 😉
  13. Yes, I use as reference the original torso design, redraw and adjust to match the scale for bricks 1x3 and tiles 2x4. But pieces for example: - Part 78886 - Wedge 2 x 2 x 2 (Slope 65 Corner) In bluish-light grey used in Gandalf’s hat. - Part 25269 Tile, Round 1 x 1 Quarter In dark brown Frodo’s hair and Gimli. These parts have not been released yet. I hope LEGO releases the wedge piece in this color on their Gandalf version 🤞 Thanks 😉