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  1. Rui Miguel

    25 Years of Adventure In Review

    Thank you again @Peppermint_M for this amazing opportunity. I agree with your review and this was an awesome contest. I will pick as a tag Johnny Thunder's hat, it can't get more iconic than that Thank you
  2. Rui Miguel

    25 Years of Adventure Contest Winners

    That's a good idea I didn't think of. It's not "Pyramid" but the word starts with a P When the time arrives you will see the concept. Cheers
  3. Rui Miguel

    25 Years of Adventure Contest Winners

    Thank you again @CDKiii @Classic_Spaceman Wow thank you so much for your constructive critique I appreciate it a lot. I wish I could show what I have already built/drafted but the decision to have them separate besides the story has also to do with the hypothetical price range of each set and how they fit with the rest of the collection as a whole. The next chapters will be bigger, more architectural, definitely more interactive and with new vehicles. Without spoiling it goes something like this: - Desert Secrets | 8+ | ~14.99€ - The Cursed Race | 8+ | ~24.99€ - Baron ?-?-? | 8+ | ~24.99€ - ?-?-? Tomb | 10+ | ~84.99€ - Voyage of ?-?-?-? | 12+ | ~120.99€ - ?-?-?-?-?-?-? of Anut | 16+ | ~224.99€ Ps: Harry Cane is on this list I didn't forget him.
  4. Thank you @Captain Braunsfeld More Adventurers concepts are coming in the future for sure! I will see if some of them can be moved into an unique LEGO Ideas proposal. Because I use unreleased colors the only way to get this real is by the LEGO Ideas platform. The future will tell. @Bricknave I hope that hint was for me
  5. Rui Miguel

    25 Years of Adventure Contest Winners

    Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my project and those whom my project also reached and showed their support. A big warm thank you. This project means more than what meets the eye; seeing everyone rejoice with The Adventurers theme again it's inspiring. Congrats to the fellow winners @BardDandelion and @Zapalski of categories A and B with their amazing builds. A big thank you to @Peppermint_M for creating this amazing contest. To everyone who participated in each category, who the Adventurers theme is very alive after 25 years and continues to spark imagination and storytelling with Johnny Thunder and his friends. After this I'm definitely going to continue the adventure I started here and make brand new chapters, and who knows maybe someone at LEGO Group will catch up and have a homage set release someday. ;) Cheers everyone
  6. Rui Miguel

    [ENTRY] 6269 Islander Palace

    Love your project @BrynnOfCastlegate The way you build it by restricting yourself to only using LEGO parts from that time period is . The building process you did must have been super nostalgic and I bet a fun challenge; almost like going/traveling back in time. I like the play features and I can see how cool it would fit right next to set 6292 Enchanted Island increasing the play area. Your presentation encaptured fantastically the classic aesthetic of the LEGO System: lighting and composition. The model is simple and it's also what makes it so nostalgic and perfect, "less is more".
  7. Rui Miguel

    [ENTRY] 6273 Rock Island Refuge Remake

    I followed your link, and after I saw the thumbnail I had to see your project! This is fantastic and captures the fun of the original release. You and your brother captured the feel with the colors and maintain the iconic aspects of the original and at the same time added more play features. The set looks really fun to play with and I think that is also the result of your collaborative process with your brother. I think that also the best value of this project is the collaborative play.
  8. Thank you so much for commenting Yes having them all together fit in a vehicle and getting some space for their gadgets and accessories was a must. The combo of dark turquoise, yellowish green, pearl gold and transparent bright green were definitely MVPs
  9. Rui Miguel

    25 Years of Adventure! Cat. A Voting

    1 = 1 point 3 = 1 point 4 = 1 point
  10. Rui Miguel

    25 Years of Adventure! Cat. B Voting

    12 = 1 point 13 = 2 points