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Found 25 results

  1. Hello AFOLs, I am glad to announce that the instructions for the Lego Racers Car Collection is now complete! Included is the 87-page instructions to build all 24 Racers, Decals for Rocket Racer/Veronica Voltage, and a Minifigure Guide (Used to better display each minifig since all necessary parts were not in .LDR). This is all being offered for free. To receive your own manual, simply PM me or contact me via email at and you will receive a manual. Here are some screenshots from the manual:
  2. When there is a race to be won, the ribbiting roadster leaps into action! Driven by Froggy Froggerson, a frog in a robot suit, this frog themed jumping jalopy is the wackiest, most unique car on the race track and it's leaps and bounds above the competition! Its wheels are offset from their axle so that the car hops as it drives along and feature decorative legs to make it look even more like a frog! (I incorporated a pullback motor, but sadly it's too weak to make it go on its own) Here is a close up of its amphibian driver. This was my entry for the Customize Your Ride contest on LEGO Ideas. Sadly, it did not get selected for voting, but I hope you enjoyed this wacky MOC as much as I did building it.
  3. Hi everyone, So I’ve been thinking and have decided to create a new topic for everyone’s 8 wide Speed Champion Mocs! This is because I find it a bit annoying to create a new topic for every Moc, so hopefully people here will be happy to contribute in terms of submitting your own Mocs or to just share your thoughts everyone’s builds. I am currently working on a Bugatti Chiron in 8 wide so I’ll post that here soon. If anyone wants to start this thread off by posting some pictures, please go ahead and hopefully this can become a permanent topic!
  4. Hello everyone! Maybe it's too early, but let it happen. What do you think of the Speed Champions series in 2022? Do you think it will disappear or continue, or will it be under a different name? Anyway, personally, I think they will stay with us for a long time (after all, they have made specially new wheels for 2021). It seems to me that there is a good chance to see in 2022 in the SC series such cars: - BMW M8 (maybe GTE) - Pagani Zonda or Huayra - Ferrari - some F1 car - due to Toyota license can Toyota gr010 (hypercar) - maybe some cars from the DTM or VASC series Post comments about what you think.
  5. The following creations were built to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1999 Lego Racers computer game. Pieces new and old have come together to form these newly revised versions of the 8 boss cars. Please enjoy! 1) Captain Redbeard As you can see, Captain Redbeard's new ride uses the microbuild of his ship from set #40290 as a base for this off-road beast of a racer. But it still retains the large exhausts and rear mounted pirate flag from his original car. The sails make this the tallest vehicle in the collection so far. .
  6. Would you want to see a reboot of the multifaceted, everything automobile centric Racers theme? If so, what lines or subthemes would you like to see introduced or return for such a revival? Introduced in 2002 and ended in 2012, with Speed Champions informally replacing it three years later, I've always been fascinated by the theme in concept, as its many subthemes were so varied and distinct from one another in a way unlike many other lines' handling of their own subthemes. Though many Racers subthemes from then were too odd or goofy for my likening, I think Lego could do better with such a conceptually restraint-less line nowadays, with much room for a great number of possibilities.
  7. RacerRabbit

    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    NOTE: This is a wish list. Not confirmed at all. Hi there, i've been doing some thinking about what sets would be released in the Speed Champions range for the next two years if I were in charge of it. I wanted to include a few new manufacturers and have some cars from manufacturers that are already asscociated with the theme. I won't be able to include photos of the cars due to the memory limit so, you'll have to look them up if you want to know what they look like. Please let me know what you think. Thank you. 2020 Newcomers: BMW & Lamborghini Stand-Alone Cars Lamborghini Aventador SVJ The range has almost all of the major supercar manufacturers. But not Lamborghini. Why? They're owned by VW like Audi and Bugatti are, so Lambo should be within easy reach. So, in this wave, Lambo is represented in the stand-alone £12.99 car collection by the latest variation of the company's flagship: The Aventador SVJ. My choice of colour scheme would be a yellow one with black wheels. The accessory would be an overhanging set of traffic lights. BMW iFE. 18 Another easy manufacturer to drag into the SC range would be Mini's current owners: BMW. Not only that but their entry in the current season of Formula E. It would really be interesting to see how Lego would tackle the complex design of current Formula E cars such as the wings and the halo around the cockpit. The trackside accessory would be a piece of wall with a jail door piece attached to the top as a fence. Ferrari 330 P4 Yes, I know, Ferrari have shown up to the party a lot already but when it comes to classics, the Stable Of The Prancing Horse still has some unplumbed depths. Plus, the 330 P4 would be a way to get the new mudguard pieces in red cheaper and easier. It wouldn't have a trackside accessory but instead, similar to the F40, this set would include pieces to turn it from the hard top Berlinetta version to the open top spider version. BMW M4 GTS We round up the 2020 stand alone car range with another Beemer. This time, the hardcore M4 GTS. It would be coloured dark grey and include orange wheels with silver wheel covers. The McLaren Senna was dark grey with orange wheels so the M4 GTS should already be easier to make. The trackside accessory would be a tool cart. Playsets 2019 BMW M8 GTE & 1979 BMW M1 Procar This would be the small £34.99 price range playset for 2020 and features two BMW race cars both old and new. Both would share similar paint schemes (white, red and blue) and would also include a pit wall with a control centre. Minifigures included would of course be two drivers and two BMW pit crew members. One male, one female. Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO & Diablo GT2 Challenge Finally, we top off the 2020 range with a set that fits into the £69.99 range. It would include the latest iteration of Lambo's Huracan GT3 race car in lime green and the 1998 GT2 spec Diablo in orange. And the buildings included would be a start/finish line light setup, a podium building similar to that from the 2015 Porsche 911 GT set, a tool cart, a fuel cart and a jumbotron with interchangeable decorated tiles, each with an image of one of the two cars racing around the track with some TV graphics. Minifigs would include 2 drivers, 3 pit crew members, a cameraman and a reporter with a microphone. 2021 Newcomers: Toyota and Aston Martin Stand-Alone Cars Mercedes Benz AMG ONE Mercedes are readying their new F1 engined hypercar, the AMG ONE. Now, come on. How could this not be in the Speed Champions range? Mercedes have been a partner of the theme already and I feel if they were to return, it should be with this. It would be light bluish grey with silver wheels. The trackside accessory would be a set of cones like you got with the McLaren P1 and Bugatti Chiron sets. Aston Martin Valkyrie The AMG ONE's main rival should also make an appearance here too. In a similar way the 2015 range kicked off with the "Hybrid Hypercar Holy Trinity". It'd be interesting to see how TLG would pull off it's simple yet complex shape. The colour would either be dark grey, dark blue or black with black wheels. The trackside accessory would be a digital readout similar to the accessory we got with the 1968 Mustang set but with a speed readout. Mini John Cooper Works GP Last year, at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed, I first laid eyes on the latest Mini JCW GP in concept form and thought it was one of the best looking hot hatches I had ever seen, especially amongst the vintage racing paraphernalia that was displayed with it. It would also be a way that Lego could release the SC wheels in red. The accessory included would be a pair of 1x6 rumble strips. Toyota Supra Many fans have begged for a Japanese manufacturer to appear in the SC range and after some consideration, the one most likely to show up would be Toyota which is being represented in the £12.99 range by none other than the new Supra. Possible colours would either be red, yellow or white. Or if the Supra were to take part in GTE racing, than that version would be the one getting picked. The accessory would depend on which one is chosen. If it's the road one, then a traffic light. If it's the race version, a small podium with a gold cup. Playsets 2020 Toyota GR Super Sport "LM Hypercar" & 1999 Toyota GT-ONE This is where things get good. In case you don't know, in 2020, the WEC is to replace LMP1 with a new class of "Hypercars" which will be more cost efficient and more based around road cars. Plus, Toyota recently announced that they would be making a new supercar after their 2018 Le Mans victory. I have no doubt in my mind that the GR Super Sport will be Toyota's representitive in this new class and as a result, this set will include the racing version of that. As for the other car, anyone who is familiar with the Gran Turismo games will know this car. A fine example of the old GT1 class that used to rule Le Mans in the 90's. It would be cool to include it in this set. The accessory would be a medium sized trophy podium. Minifigures would include 2 drivers and a photographer. Aston Martin Vantage GTE Fuel Stop The mid-size playset in this range would include a lime green GTE spec Vantage but without a second car, it leaves more room for a larger structure. In this case a pit stop similar to the one from set 75883 but a bit shorter in length and include a fuel tank on the outside of the pit entrance, a tool cart, and a small control centre on the inside of the garage. Minifigures included would be a driver and 4 pit crew members. 1954 Mercedes Race Transporter, 1954 W196 and 2020 Mercedes Petronas F1 Car And we top it all off with a very interesting addition. The very unique blue "Renntransporter" would be an 8 wide build with the SC wheels coming out in blue for the first time. The set would also include the number #12 W196 F1 car driven by Jaun Manuel Fangio and of course, a modern Mercedes F1 from 2020. Accessories would include a finish line with some rumble strips and a small marshal's post. Because this set would include 2 cars and a medium sized truck, the rest of the set would be quite minimalistic. Minifigures would include drivers for the 2 F1 cars and the truck, a marshal with flags and a spectating enthusiast. So, that's it. That's what I would have lined up for the Speed Champions range if I were put in charge of it. Please let me know what you think of my ideas below. Thanks for reading!
  8. As you may know, 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the Lego Racers computer game. I doubt that Lego themselves will do anything to celebrate it (I mean, there's still no word on the progress of The Billion Brick Race) Which is why I want to. And here's a little preview of how I choose to start the celebration.... Yup, as you can see, I have created a modernised version of Rocket Racer's car. I've also done the other 7 boss cars too which will be revealed on January 2019. Also, I can finally reveal that over the past couple of years, I have commissioned MINIFIGS.ME to create custom minifigures of both Rocket Racer and Veronica Voltage. (As you can tell by the helmet.) I hope you will enjoy the other racers as they come. And don't worry, the final photos will be in much better quality. I just wanted to make a flashy teaser image with my blue lighting, that's all! I also want to host a contest themed around this wonderfully unique kart racer! Would anyone be interested in entering if I started one?
  9. With several recent sets, like 42070 and 42077, there has been a lot of controversy over looks versus functions. On the one side, are the people who think that Technic sets should have more emphasis on functions, and deride sets like 42077 for looking good, and doing little else. On the other side, there are the people who think that simple sets that look good are just fine, and "what the kids want". With that in mind, I think Lego should actually split off simple Technic sets into a reborn Racers theme. This would provide both groups of fans with what they want, and provide more options for consumers. However, can you even make a business case for a new Racers theme? I don't actually think so. But first, I'll make a case for a new theme, and then provide all of the reasons I don't think it will work. Lego has had, for the longest time, a Juniors theme by some name or other. Now, some people, myself included, might think that it would be unneeded to have a theme between Duplo and regular System, but Lego did their research, and Juniors exists, and sells enough to justify keeping around. Now, you could make the argument that the same could apply between System and Technic, but I say otherwise. I say that Technic should not focus on simpler models at all, and there is no need for a new Racers theme. Why? I don't know if I have the answer, but I have something. What is the point of Technic? What niche does the Technic line fill? I say the point of Technic is for authentic, technical models. That's not opinion. Lego themselves say that's what Technic is about. Not only do simpler models undermine the entire reason for being of Technic, they do no provide any meaningful step up from System sets, if they don't have any sort of draw. If you want a set that is playable, you get a City or Star Wars or other of those themes, and if you want a good looking model, you go with Expert Creator, or UCS Star Wars, or Architecture. So, where does that leave Technic? That leaves Technic as the line of models for machinery fans. Making Technic appeal to younger kids, in my opinion, is a mistake from a business standpoint. Lego already has plenty of themes to appeal to children, so I don't understand this mentality of "Every them has to appeal to everybody." So, that's what I think. But, you might say, wouldn't Lego do research on this? I say focus groups only go so far, and they can be done wrong. But, I say that there is no need for simpler Technic sets, as a large number of System sets are quite complex on their own, and moving Technic down would only cannibalize sales, as then they'd be competing directly with other System sets. I think that Lego needs to keep Technic more complex, and do more to keep people interested, rather than try to capture a market that is already well handled by their other themes. So then, why did i propose this question if I already think it's a bad idea? Because I am but one data point. I want to see what you guys think.
  10. Who else here played the older LEGO games? For example LEGO Island, Racers, Soccer Mania, etc. Well I recently just got Island 2 on the ps1 in the mail and Ive been replaying them and Ive had a blast of nostalgia. I wish LEGO would remake some of these or at least bring back some of the ideas presented in them.
  11. Here's my entry for Rebrick's "Racers of Tomorrow" contest. This is my vision of Mercedes AMG's 2030 F1 contender. This futuristic design features advanced aerodynamics, side mounted air intakes, the "Shield" windscreen and even a previously controversial fan on the back which sucks the car to the track, increasing downforce. It used to be banned from racing but by 2030 F1 cars had become so fast, that fans have become the only means of keeping the car stable. The windscreen also has AR technology that acts as a heads-up display for the driver. More photos can be found here:{4FA9C458-4653-4CF1-8622-FE8A6FA4CE22}&a_id=ce5e75ba-e84b-4f16-a924-3547e3609277 Please let me know what you think of the car. Thank you!
  12. Hello, For years I have been sitting on a few store displays. I decided to google their worth and was suprised that not all are on Bricklink, ebay or even google. So I was wondering, have any of you seen these display cases before? What would they be worth? Edit: pictures added Edit: Thank you for the tip on how to add pictures, Peppermint_M! Also, I've been referred to This is a fan site that keeps track of how often star wars store displays are sold on ebay. My star wars display was apparently only sold twice and has a rareness rating of 4 out of 5. Of course, this is only for the star wars set. And it's only the rareness. Does anyone know how much they would be worth?
  13. RacerRabbit

    MOC Speed Champions Ford GT LM '16

    I'm a huge fan of the Lego Speed Champions range but when I saw that they had Ford sets, I was dissapointed to find that the new GT was not among them so i've had to build it myself. Stickers and all.
  14. Good Day ! Finally got to dissasemble my 8649 and wanted to use all the beautiful lime parts for something. While searching for inspiration, I found this video about how canopies could save lives in F1 racing. After that the decision was done , I must make an open-wheel racer with canopy. Horrible driving because for not overloading the receiver I connected an m-motor with worm drive to a 9v switch , which controls the Buggy Motor (what else can be used in a race car) . The system works well apart from the fact that braking is very difficult due to slow feedback. I definetly will get a 3rd party bluetooth receiver soon, because I love using the buggy motor in my mocs. In the exterior design part , a book about F1 came very handy. I fell in love with the old panels while building this car, they are so cool For the power source, I used a 2000mah 9v battery with my custom adapter. As for the functions , I got : Working steering wheel Openable canopy Working front lights Sorry for bad quality photos , my "studio" is too small for this car and the ones that I took outside were really bad. Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Formula Future racer by Alaxaf, on Flickr Any feedback is appreciated; again, sorry for the crappy photos.
  15. Good day! When I finally got this set, I knew that I had to put a RC buggy motor in it For more than six month it only was a dust collector, but now I present to you the modded Nitro Menace . The exterior is exactly the same, and I tried to conserve as much original interior as I could. Now it has an independent front suspension , return-to-center steering with m-motor and RC Buggy Motor for drive. Unfortunately my poor receiver gets hot extremely fast and the play time is limited ( can be solved using 3rd party receiver or possibly the v2 official receiver). Powered by a 9v battery. NOTE: This was a quick Saturday project, so it isn't as I would like it to be ( No positive caster angle , no rear suspension , no working steering wheel...)
  16. Good day everyone! I grown on Racers , so I decided to make a series of tribute models to commemorate this wonderful line. The models will have different scales , but most of them will use the 43.2 x 22 ZR wheels. Each model will be identified with a prefix "RT" (Racers Tribute) and a number after it. The cars will represent a model from Racers line, some will be only inspired. Here are the first two : RT1 Represents the yellow car from the 8495 Crosstown Craze Features mini fake engine , steering and openable engine cover. RT2 Inspired model Features RC buggy motor for drive , steering concept from 8669 Fire Spinner 360 Also for the first time I made a removable body. NOTE: None of the models above has instructions , but there are more photos here I wasn't able to make a video of the RT2 because my v1 receiver wasn't able to cotrol it with a 2000mah battery for some reason, but it works fine with a lover mah battery.
  17. Roberto7g

    [MOC] Renault R26 & Ferrari 248 F1

    Inspired by the good old Ferrari Racers theme, I rearranged the design, created some stickers, and this was the result: Renault R26 Ferrari 248 F1 More cars here: http://bricksetforum...990-2006#latest
  18. dman122866

    [MOC] Ready, Set, Go-Karts

    I posted this project on Lego ideas... any support, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'll add more pictures soon.
  19. Good day everyone ! I am going to build a Technic MOC - based on the car from the 8495 set.Exactly - the yellow one.I decided to start it from some material collecting. Is there any web from where can I get HD scan of the sticker sheet , because the one from bricklink is a foto, also I'm only interested in this part:
  20. The 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours came and Audi Sport-Team Joest was still the team to beat in Circuit de la Sarthe. They've only been defeated twice, and one of those defeats came from a car that used to power an R8C, and after Peugeot got one off Audi's streak in 2009, the four-ringed brand and their R15 TDI went at it again, and even a big rules change in 2011 did not stop Audi-Joest from taking wins left and right when they made the R18. Naturally, the opponents had to match the clout of Ingolstadt. Peugeot's 908 and Toyota's TS030 Hybrid (along with a Swiss team, Rebellion Racing, which was the lone non-KERS coal burner in the LMP1 world for this decade), stalked Audi from the back, occasionally leading and very much giving Audi a fight. The 908 had a far better chance of taking 2011's spoils from the R18 ultra, while Toyota boxed well with Audi when the Pugs left from 2013 onwards. All the while Porsche said they wanted to join the party her sister was holding at la Sarthe, and when the 919 Hybrid came, Porsche fans rejoiced in the return of the original king of Le Mans. 2014 was a blockbuster hit, but Audi still won. Alright, so there's the backstory behind my builds, which are Tiny-Turbo-scale models of the LMP1's that competed from 2011-2014. I built these cars in the style I saw from //prototyp, using LEGO Digital Designer, and rendered thanks to Tom.Netherton. Here they are together: (Top line, L-R: Toyota TS030 Hybrid and Porsche 919 Hybrid. Bottom line, L-R: Audi R18 e-tron quattro (2014-spec), Rebellion-Oreca R-One, and Peugeot 908 Hybrid4 in 2011-spec 908 livery) Sorry, but singles pictures will come tomorrow morning. I have to sleep. I have stirred awake! Here comes the pictures, with links to the bigger one on the names. Porsche 919 Hybrid Toyota TS040 Hybrid Rebellion-Oreca R-One Peugeot 908 Audi R18 e-tron quattro
  21. Hello everyone! I had so much fun making my Toy Story Racers that I simply had to make some for one of my other favorite themes, Super Heroes! I decided to do the DC ones first and as always I designed each racer to reflect the theme/personality of its driver. You may notice that I had to substitute some of the minifigs with customs since I don't have them or that I replaced some with the old versions simply because I prefer those. Backstory: The evil Mongul is forcing Batman and some of his greatest friends and foes to compete with each other in a race to the death! The only rule is that they can't use their superpowers. Who will win? DC Superheroes Racers by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr First up, we have the Bat Family with their racers. Batman is driving a small version of the Batmobile while Robin drives a racer in the colors of his acrobat costume and Nightwing drives a dark racer with the features of a bird. I'm particularly proud of how the latter turned out. Bat Racers by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Of course there are flames coming out of the back of the Batracer while Robin's racer has some circus lights and Nightwing has a version of his truncheons as a bumper. Bat Racers back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Here are the racers of some of Batman's best friends from the Justice League of America: Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. GL's racer is mostly green aside from the big Lantern logo on the front. Aquaman's racer is hydro-dynamically designed, complete with golden fins as the spoiler. Wonder Woman's racer is about as patriot as her outfit. JLA Racers by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr As you can see in this rear view, even the rear bumper on Wonder Woman's cart is star spangled. JLA Racers back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Look, down on the road, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's the Super Racer! Ideally it would have the "S" shield instead of the stars on the front, but I'm purist, so this had to do. Next to him are his two recent movie villains, Lex Luthor and General Zod. Luthor's racer features his signature green and purple color scheme while Zod's has the same dark colors as his space ships. Kneel before Zod's racer!! Super Racers by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Zod's racer, much like his ships, has green exhausts. Luthor's cart is powered by Kryptonite and has a tube that also connects this power source to his ray gun. The two Kryptonians better steer clear of this racer! Super Racers back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Here we have Joker and his crew. What kind of vehicle does the Clown Prince of Crime drive? A clown car of course! One with lots of colors and his face painted onto the front. Riding next to her Mr. J is Harley Quin in her red and black checkered cart. And on Joker's left is their accomplice from the funhouse, the Riddler. His racer is kind of shaped like a puzzle box and is mostly green. But what are those purple markings supposed to represent? Can you solve this riddle? Answer: Joker Racers by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Harley's racer is even more checkered in the back and her spoiler has a similar shape as her jester hat. Joker Racers back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr These are the racers of three of Batman's villains who have a freaky look to them. Two-Face's racer is perfectly split into an orange and a purple side, Poison Ivy's racer is completely made out of plants, and Scarecrow's racer is shaped like a square coffin and is covered in various creepy things. Freak Racers by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Scarecrow's and Ivy's racers leave a trail of fear and poison gas, so I wouldn't drive behind them if I were one of the other racers! Freak Racers back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Here we have all the animal themed Bat villains. The Penguin is driving a classy cart that looks just like a big penguin who is sliding on its belly. Killer Croc's racer is basically a crocodile on wheels. And Catwoman's racer - you guessed it - looks like a black cat on the prowl. Listen to that engine purr! Animal Racers by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Catwoman's racer even has a tail. Penguin's vehicle is amphibian and has a propeller which allows him to drive on water as well! Animal Racers back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Mr. Freeze's racer is basically a fridge on wheels. It's a modified zamboni ice resurfacer that Victor Fries built himself. Powered by a special diamond, it can travel very fast and leave a trail of ice. Bane's vehicle is basically a mini version of the drill that he used to break into the Batcave. And yes, the drill on this one spins too. Freeze & Bane Racers by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Bane's drill has the same kind of details as the regular sized version and the diamond on Mr. Freeze's racer also powers his freeze ray gun. Freeze & Bane Racers back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr I hope you liked them. Please cast your vote for who you think is the best racer in the poll above! And please support this project on Cuusoo! I am already working on a Marvel edition, but it will take some time until it is complete. Let the race begin!
  22. What happened to Racers? There was no announcement of it ending, and no one even seemed to notice. Was it the lack of sales, or ideas?
  23. skcheung

    Huge MOC Lightning McQueen

    Hello. This is huge MOC Lightning McQueen and its little brother the metal McQueen. Yes, like Tow Mater, it rolls. This weird idea comes to my mind one day when my son's birthday is coming: I wish to build him a giant McQueen and let him sit on it and ride it. By that time my son is 7 and you perhaps won't believe that LEGO bricks (without technic bricks or liftarms) can support a boy. The secret lies underneath the vehicle. I install more than 110 wheels there! Please enjoy the photos...
  24. Oky

    MOC: Marvel Racers

    Since it is Comic Con weekend, here's my follow-up to my DC Superheroes Racers: Marvel Racers! In order to be able to compete with DC, all the Marvel heroes and villains built racers for themselves too! First up, we have the racers of three of the Avengers. Since the Hulk is a larger than life hero, his racer is equally as big and strong. It's a military jeep that has been turned into a monster truck! Hulk gives a whole new meaning to the term road rage, so other racers would do best to stay out of his way unless they want to make him angry, and you do NOT want to make Hulk angry. Thor's racer in the colors of his costume while Captain America's racer is an American flag on wheels. Cap's racer has a clip on the back that allows him to attach his shield there, giving him ultimate protection from the back! Meanwhile, the Hulk has a spare tire. Here we have the fourth Avenger Iron Man together with a friend and a foe. Much like their armors, Iron Man's and War Machine's racer are very similar aside from their colors. The Mandarin's racer is a smaller version of his flame-throwing bumper cart from the Ultimate Showdown set. Even from the back, Iron Man and War Machine's Racers look very similar. And just like in the Ultimate Showdown, Mandarin has a flame thrower on top of his cart. Rounding out the Avengers team are Nick Fury and his shield agents. Hawkeye's racer is inspired by his truck from Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape. Fury's racer is a smaller version of his hovercar in the Spider-Cycle Chase. And Black Widows kart is, well, black. While Black Widows racer is sleek and fast, Hawkeye's is powerful and heavily armored. Fury's car can't transform, but it's still made up of state of the art SHIELD technology. Look out, here comes the Spider-Racer! Along with his friends, Iron Fist and Nova, they make an unbeatable racing team! Spidey's racer has the same patriotic colors as his costume as well as a big spider logo on the front. Iron Fist's racer is partly shaped like Shou-Lao, the dragon he slayed to get his powers. And Nova's is in the same colors as his costume. Iron Fist's spoiler even has the shape of dragon wings! Hot on Spider-Man's trail are three of his worst enemies! Venom's racer, much like his appearance, is a black and white version of Spidey's. Doc Ock's kart is a smaller version of the vehicle he had in his Lab set. Green Goblin's racer is made of the same Oscorp technology as his glider. As you can see here, Green Goblin's racer has a similar exhaust as his glider and Venom's spoiler is a bit more spiky than Spidey's. Here we have a few more, somewhat obscure villains. First, there is Thor's brother Loki whose racer is made out of Chitauri technology. Doctor Doom's racer has the same colors as his plane and bears the Latverian symbol. Riding alongside him is his henchman, the Beetle. His racer's headlights resemble big bug eyes. The Beetle's spoiler is made out of the same material as his wings and Loki's racer has the same exhausts as the Chitauri ships. Wolverine is the best at what he does, and what he does is make his rivals eat his dust! His racer is made out of adamantium and has the typical X-Men colors. That makes it indestructible, but also susceptible to his main villain, Magneto, whose racer has magnets mounted onto it of course! Meanwhile, Deadpool is just in it for the prize money. His racer has his signature colors and a big "D" on the hood. Magneto's racer even has a magnet in the back. Wolverine's spoiler resembles a certain haircut. And Deadpool's racer has his logo on the back. Let the race begin! Vote for your favorite Marvel racer above and let us know who you think should win, Marvel or DC? As before, if you like these, please support them on Cuusoo: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/42554
  25. I have had set 8183 for a while now. When I first got it it worked great and was a blast to drive. These days, however, the car does not drive straight or steer very well. The front wheels have trouble rotating and so they end up getting pushed over the floor by the back wheels. When they front wheels do rotate they squeak. It seems like over time, the front axels that rotate the wheels have internally broken down and become harder to turn. I have tried washing the tires to improve traction but that doesn't really help. Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve the performance of the front wheels again? I was thinking that maybe there was a way to lubricate them.