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Found 12 results

  1. admiral_typhoon

    [MOC] Renault Racoon 1993 concept car

    [MOC] Renault Racoon by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr The Racoon was a concept car made by Renault, which was revealed virtually in 1992 as a CG model, then a physical model was revealed in the Geneva International Auto Show in 1993. [MOC] Renault Racoon - Interior by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr It featured 3 seats, 2 at the front and a mid-mounted rear seat, as well as cameras instead of side mirrors, and a sat nav system projected onto a heads-up display, all pretty high tech back in the 90’s! [MOC] Renault Racoon by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr It was designed to push the limits of 4x4 tech, with manageable independent suspension, amphibious capabilities, and futuristic aesthetics that made it look like a rover. [MOC] Renault Racoon by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr It's is one of my favourite 90's concept cars because of its bulbous shaping and the way the axles/suspension are designed, and I wanted to try and build it in a 8-wide Speed Champions scale. Instructions are available on Rebrickable:
  2. My new MOC consists of a couple of items to form a big earthmoving plant package. 1. 42078 c model, Renault AE Magnum tipper and dual axle plant trailer. Truck -HOG steering -tilt cab -opening doors -working E9 V8 Mack Diesel engine -tipper with lockable tailgate -hitch at the back to couple to a wide range of different trailers. Trailer -floating pin hitch -folding legs -droppable rear ramps via small actuators -bed toolbox to store wheel chocks, chains etc. 2. 42053 c model, backhoe -4 wheel steering -quick hitch on the loader -tilting hitch on the loader -outriggers -sliding back actor with pin locks to hold actor in place. -quick hitch bucket on back actor -swinging actor with locks to hold in place for transport purposes -lift and extend functions for back actor -pneumatic functions for back actor and front loader tilt hitch -manual functions for back actor bucket angle and front loader lifting and lowering. 3. Mini excavator made from my spare parts box. -lifting and lowering as well as extension of excavator boom -front blade -swinging of main frame -tilting bucket Altogether this creates an ideal construction and earthmoving plant package. Hope you all like it.
  3. After buying the plans from Sariel, I started on making this very nice moc to go alongside my MKV. The plans & design are property of Sariel, you can buy the plans here I changed the color due to budget reasons and then I could make a german captured version, the stickers still need to go on and maybe I'll change some parts later on. The model is full radio controlled For more photos check my Flickr Page
  4. 2g_bricks

    [MOC] 2005 Renault R25

    Hi everyone! Looks like I'm (finally) back to do something here. Last months have been quite messy, and a new quarantine here didn't help for sure. BTW, here I want to show you my 2nd Lego F1 creation with custom stickers: the 2005 Renault R25 First of two title-winning cars (in 2005 & 2006), the Renault R25 won the first race of the season in Australia with Giancarlo Fisichella and, several races after, gave Fernando Alonso his first F1 title. This car also marks the end of a Ferrari rule in F1 lasted 5 years, from 1999 to 2004. R25 With Decals - Bricksafe Thoughts? Let me know
  5. This is my first official commissionary project where the request was to build a replica of the Renault Sport F1 2027 visionary concept. It was designed and built in a little over a week in my spare time due to a very tight deadline. There was a good chance that this model would be produced in small numbers so I couldn't use extremely rare parts that were hard to get and expensive. Because it has been exclusively designed for this commissionary project I'm not allowed to share any type of instructions. RS2027 by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr More info and pictures are available on my website
  6. Hi all, As a big formula one and LEGO fan my dream is to build the formula one grid out of lego. The 2016 grid was the easiest because I had only to modify the speed champions f1 sets. This year I restarted the project, and I built 4 cars in 4 days. I am positively surprised about I didn't need to buy any piece for the Racing Point. I have only 1 pic at the moment but when possible I am posting others. Pls tell me what you think.
  7. This is my first try at making a tread and posting pictures, so I hope I do it right. It all started with me making a very oldschool 2015 Sauber car out of ancient lego I found in a tray in the basement. 20190310_161317 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Later lego started making real versions of F1 cars and I remade my 2015 Sauber. 20190310_161340 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161434 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Then during the 2018 season I started making all of the teams cars and I finally finished the project, right in time for the 2019 season to begin next week The cars were made with parts available to me and might not be the perfect match, but they are good enough for me. All 10 cars 20190310_161801 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Mecedes. I made some changes mainly removing some green, which I feel are not "of the right shade" url=][/url]20190310_161821 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161842 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Ferrari. Is the official one, I think. 20190310_161900 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161913 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Red bull 20190310_161944 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161957 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Renault 20190310_162054 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162104 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Haas 20190310_162117 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162126 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Mclaren 20190310_162525 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162536 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Force India 20190310_162756 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162810 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Sauber 20190310_162819 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162831 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Toro rosso 20190310_162851 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162910 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Williams 20190310_162920 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162928 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr On the grid. 20190310_162039 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162617 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_163022 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr All of them 20190310_163203 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Some cars are a bit dusty, it was a long season and some was done way before others. I hope you will enjoy them.
  8. Building up some rally car, its street (homologation) version Should be looking like this at the end Now it is like this Still don't know what to do with rear wheels. Maybe there will be those from 42039-1: 24 Hours Race Car with some custom wheel covers, so that tyres look fatter. Some tumbler tyres would be nice, but then there's no match for the front. Some kind of version 1.0 in the post (beginning of page 3)
  9. Welcome to Gallardo's Garage, here I will be posting up each of my newest city Car MOCs including past cars I've already shared here. the newest car will be added to the end of this first post. Featured New Car: The Dodge Viper ACR (2009) The American Club Racing (ACR) model's upgrades included street-legal racing tires (Michelin Pilot Sport Cups which Michelin describes as "Ultra-High Performance Sport tires"),two-piece brake rotors, adjustable suspension, and significant aerodynamic revision. No engine modifications were made, so power and torque remain at 600 hp (450 kW) and 560 lb·ft (760 N·m) as in the standard SRT-10. The ACR is street-legal! Weight was also decreased by 40 lb (18 kg) by using the "Hardcore Package", without AC, radio, speakers, amplifier, trunk carpet, hood pad or tire-inflator. Its aerodynamic upgrades produce up to 1000 pounds of downforce at 150 mph (240 km/h), or roughly 10 times the downforce the standard Viper SRT-10 can produce at the same speed. The interior was upgraded only by the addition of a beacon-tripped lap timer (Hardcore Edition Only). The Lego version is quite similar, with its aggressive stance, large brakes, and complete aerodynamic package. this Viper is ready to Terrorize the streets of a quite Lego city near you! (well maybe only near me for now). so here it is, The 2009 Dodge Viper ACR, 6w+, 18 studs long! Side view here it is easy to see the large disc brakes. Big thank you to ER0L for showing the tire trick this was adapted from! the signature A-symetrical racing stripes are very easy to see from this angle, running across the entire car length! this last one is for the MOCpages contest, just to prove that yes a Figure can fit in the car completely! (if i remove the stripe on the roof i can give him a helm too) Current cars: KTM X-BOW: (Original thread: X-BOW) Ford GT40 MKI: (Original Thread:GT40) Renault Alpine A442: (Original Post:A442) Pagani Huayra: (Original Post:Huayra) Maserati MC12: (Original Post:MC12) Renault Espace F1: (Original Post:Espace F1) Dodge Viper ACR: (Original Post:Viper ACR) Comments and Critiques are welcomed for all cars!
  10. Roberto7g

    [MOC] Renault R26 & Ferrari 248 F1

    Inspired by the good old Ferrari Racers theme, I rearranged the design, created some stickers, and this was the result: Renault R26 Ferrari 248 F1 More cars here: http://bricksetforum...990-2006#latest
  11. Hello! Two years after I posted my third tiny RC, the Mercedes Citaro ( ) I made my fourth one! It’s the replica of one of the most specific trucks. I’m sure you have already realised it on the small picture, before you opened its mocpage! The type of it is Renault Magnum. The idea of building this truck at this scale and with this brand method is quite old, but other projects and university stole the time. So I’m very happy, that it’s ready! Hope you like it, too! The length of the whole vehicle is 45 studs. The width of the tractor is 6,4 studs (16 plates), the width of the trailer is 6,6 studs (16,5 plates) without mirrors and other design elements. The scale is minifig scale. It has the two compulsory functions of a tiny RC, propulsion and steering. It contains approximately 820 pieces. The video: Because of two developments, the motions of the truck are absolutely lifelike. It’s possible to solve almost all extreme situations, which happen with trucks in real life! You may realised that the trailer is not exactly horizontal. If both axles are fixed, the front wheels don’t touch the ground. The weight of the trailer is on the front axle, the other axle and the wheels on it are only decorations. It was a real challenge to figure out the front! I used almost every direction. I'm very proud of the result Technical detailes: You may remember my yellow Daf truck, the grille of it is my body icon everywhere ( ). The Renault is similar to that, everything is in the semi-trailer, but it has two very important differences (the two developments). Propulsion The motor drove the wheels of the trailer at the Daf. It meant that the truck couldn’t move, the trailer couldn’t push the tractor if the angle of the trailer and the tractor was too close to 90 degrees. In this truck the rear wheels of the tractor are the driven wheels. You can see the method on the pictures, how I brought the spinning from the trailer to the tractor. The right angle is not a problem any more! Steering I used two cardan joints in this truck and in the older one, too. The difference is the aim of the joints. Two joints rotate the axles into vertical position in the Daf. One of them compensated the angle, which exists in bends. It means that the motor can’t rotate the axle, if the angle of the trailer and the tractor is smaller than 135 degrees. The cardan joint can’t spin above this angle. In the Renault two joints have the task of compensation. So right angle is not a problem any more! By the way we still have the with the steering. I tried to use servo motor, but it was a fail. The motion goes through a wormscrew, many gears and the two cardan joints from the motor to the steered wheels, so the backlash is big. The servo motor can’t bring back the wheels into middle position after steering. Servo motor is useful, if it is as close to the steered wheels as possible. For example in a bus. In a Mercedes Citaro… If you are technic fans, you may remember that we can find cardan joints between the wheels and motor in 9398. But that set is very big, so the same difference is smaller problem there, as at minifig scale.We are transporting something very dangerous! My previous tiny RCs: Daf, Routemaster, Mercedes Citaro The LDD file is avaiblable on Mocpages. It doesn't contain some elements of the steering mechanism between the two front wheels, it's the meaning of the lime plates. You can see these elements on the pictures or in the video. Thanks for visiting and I hope, it’s not too late to wish you a happy new year!
  12. Hi, just got the last of these 3 cars finished so thought I'd post them up here: All 3 of them are modular, so all body pannels, spoilers, nosecones are removable, engine, gearbox, etc stripping down to the drivers tub. 1979 Ferrari 314T4 Link to full album with interior parts (and also a small sclae version): 1979 Renault RE20Turbo Link to full album: 1975 Brabham BT44B Link to full album: Hope you enjoy :)