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    <p> I am a Technic builder, from the United States, and I love building Technic creations, although I think the theme itself is headed the wrong direction, with models having high part counts but being low on functionality and feeling empty. </p>

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  1. Saberwing40k

    42108 mods and improvements

    I think 42108 got it mostly right. This Liebherr actually has a mostly gray/black chassis.
  2. Saberwing40k

    [HELP] About Bracing Front of Axles

    It's not strictly a necessity to block both sides of an axle, but for a heavy motorized creations, it can be a good idea. I'd do it if you have the space.
  3. There are a good many aircraft that use this principle, like the F-4 Phantom. Even with the extra voltage and control system, I'd call this an achievement. It is a very brute force method of making Lego fly, though. I have to wonder, if you used a Buwizz, could you make a fully Lego glider?
  4. The utter madman. He actually did it. I never thought that Lego motors and rotors could be used to make something fly.
  5. Saberwing40k

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    1. I'd use Eneloops, myself. 2/A I'd build the set first and see what you like/dislike. 2/B The part in question is the sticker sheet. 2/C ?????? This question is really poorly worded. Hope this helps.
  6. Saberwing40k

    Help needed for an assembly

    I have to agree. But, my solution would be to have a dedicated Builder's Block thread, that could be stickied, and then you have only one question thread which would keep the forum cleaner, and make it easier to find solutions.
  7. Saberwing40k

    [MOC] AURELION 2040

    When I first saw this, I thought it was an aircraft pushback tug, but then you showed off the real truck, and I got it. I like how in the video, you show perfectly the advantages of this configuration. But, let's hope you don't have to drive over a leaf, this thing could get hung up really easily.
  8. Do It!
  9. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: LEGO NEEDS TO BRING BACK RACERS. This is not a Technic set. It embodies basically nothing that makes Technic Technic. A set like this would be a much better as a Racers model.
  10. Gah, why does this always happen when I'm about to head on a trip away from my collection? Oh well, I'll have plenty of time when I come back. This might just be the most open ended contest we have had ever.
  11. I can not for the life of me understand how this travesty has more parts than the Spider Crane, yet can have so few functions and technical aspects. This is just terrible. Where are all these parts going?
  12. Saberwing40k

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Gad, I thought Lego was above this kind of corporate megablocks. I guess not. "We won't change anything", they said. It was a lie. It was all a lie. I kind of hate the conflict of interests, and sadly, there seems to be little we can do about it, besides jump ship. What's next, Lego buying fan forums? Price regulations on how much you can charge? I also hate the previous owners of Bricklink for throwing their fans under the bus. They could have said no. But, they don't care, they made their money. I'm really sad, because Brickowl tends to be more expensive.
  13. Saberwing40k

    Technic Axles Transformed to Red?!

    I've seen part photodegrade/fade, but I've never seen them do this.
  14. No, but in years past, the response to new sets has been far more positive, with a few neutral, and very few negatives. And even then, the negatives are usually something like "I need to mod this", or "This type of set doesn't appeal to me, it's an X and I prefer Y". Now, the response to sets is overall a lot more negative, and I was thinking, is this just my nostalgia, or my standards changing as I mature? But, I look at this forum, and almost everyone is like this. Almost everyone does not like the direction Technic is going. And, the negatives are more due to design than taste. Like, this set we are discussing, there is basically nothing worth modding, because there are so few redeeming features. It's only good as a parts pack.