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    <p> I am a Technic builder, from the United States, and I love building Technic creations, although I think the theme itself is headed the wrong direction, with models having high part counts but being low on functionality and feeling empty. </p>

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  1. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Or a big freaking crawler crane. Or a larger scale bulldozer. Or any of a number of things. I just hope that whatever it is, is really cool. 42095 is utter garbage, overpriced and ugly, but it is better that the other one by virtue of having two L motors instead of the M ones, and the new large sprockets. It's still not really a Technic set, though. 42096 is horrendous. The body shaping is clunky, the front end looks terrible, the headlights look all wrong, the front splitter is super thick, and looks more like a bullbar, and it is completely hollow, with only 3 functions. Suspension, fake engine, and steering. That's it. For a set with a $150 price tag. That is not acceptable. Also, it has no B model. I have not been happy with the direction that Lego Technic has been taking since 2016. More and more sets are becoming either like Racers sets, cars and other racing vehicles with minimal functionality, or hollow City sets with a lot of simple functions. I feel as if Lego has forgotten what Technic is about, in a futile and stupid move to broaden the appeal. Then why even bother having different brands? Lego should stop trying to make Technic like City sets, and focus on Tehnic's core tenets of Authenticity, and Functionality, which is what people who are in to Technic want. Anybody in the market for Technic does not want a City set made out of Technic parts. If Lego really feels as if that is the case, they should reintroduce Racers, to give Technic fans what they want, and have a separate theme for pullbacks and RC models that are for driving. I seriously hope this trend line does not continue, and the second half is better. I don't have high hopes, though.
  2. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    It looks like 42031, but in orange.
  3. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Man, the lineup this time around is weak AF. The tracked loader looks hollow, the Corvette is not attractive, and neither is the tracked racer thing. Here are my thoughts on the individual sets: 42088: 42088 for all intents and purposes looks like a recolored version of 42031. Kind of surprising. 42089: A good basic set, also good parts pack. 42090: It's okay, I guess. 42091: 42092: Mediocre. Not bad, but just does not stand out. 42093: Man, this thing is tiny. Shaping is very jagged. Looks to have smaller versions of the existing wheel arch pieces. 42094:Looks very hollow and primitive. Loading arm only has one mini linear actuator. At least the tracks seem to have spring loaded sprockets to maintain tension, but all in all this is a bad set. 42095: C'mon Lego, how hard could it be to give us an actual car vs this abomination? At least there seem to be new large track sprockets. 42096: I dunno, hoping for something good, but that seems unlikely. BTW, I do have some screengrabs from the video, showing all these sets, on my Brickshelf. Should be public soon.
  4. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Hey @Jimand @Milan, would it be okay if I mentioned I have some screengrabs from the video on my Brickshelf without linking?
  5. Saberwing40k

    Where to buy?

    If you live in the US, try looking up Bricks and Minifigs. It's an independent shop that sells all kinds of discontinued sets and bulk bricks. My local store has a whole table for Technic, and it is fairly cheap. Your store might not have a lot of Technic, but it's something that isn't ebay.
  6. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    For me, 42089 and 42090 are actually pretty decent small sets. Sets this size are not really my forte, but credit where credit is due, 42089 is very well shaped, and has the 3x7 panels in black, a useful part. 42090 is nice as well, and for some reason reminds me of a mini 41999, it kind of has the look of a muscle car on an offroad chassis. 42091, however, is terrible. That front end is awful, and the whole thing is proportioned terribly. I just hope it uses dark azure, Lego really needs to pick a shade and stick with it. Or, flesh out the part palettes for all the light blue shades. The helicopter is meh, not bad, but not really good either. But then, small sets don't really get anybody's blood pumping. Let's hope we see some of the bigger ones.
  7. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I really hope this set is actually $30 instead of $40. It's.... it's aight, I guess. Not the best medium size model, but not bad either.Sadly, yet again this seems like a City set made in Technic, with the stretcher and stuff. The winch piece looks rather janky, I'm surprised that made it through QC. At the very least, this set is a decent panel pack. I can't decide if I should be disappointed that we have gotten sets on shelves with no prior leaks, or not.
  8. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Where is this picture everyone is seeing? I can not locate it via google, and if it is a set on store shelves, it should be posted here, right?
  9. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    If it's an image of the set on store shelves, it should be okay to post, right? Can you please do that?
  10. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    This is not a valid argument. Especially when it comes to Lego. Only the best is good enough. While they do have misses, that is the goal they strive for. Also, it is totally possible to have a set that can appeal to both child and adult fans. I'd agree, but futuristic does not give a bad design a free pass either. 8244 for instance is futuristic set that does not hit the mark. Both sets we have seen just look terrible, with clunky, unfinished designs. But, I'm fairly certain that they will be redesigned, the pictures are super early.
  11. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    That's the problem. The sets we had shown did NOT look like any real vehicles.
  12. Saberwing40k

    [MOC] Mechanical Tower of Hanoi solver

    That's amazing. I knew when I saw who posted the topic that it would be an amazing example of mechanical automation. This is an amazing mechanical robot.
  13. It's more what they reject. Pretty much everything Lego has released via Ideas are things that they would release anyway, and so they do not release more niche products. Also, the licensing restrictions are asinine. I feel like Lego Ideas is less a platform for fan creations, and more for getting Lego some easy ideas for licensed themes, which is why they bar an IP from being submitted if it passes review, so that if Lego wants to do more sets in that theme, they can do it without having to pay fans that might have submitted that idea themselves. Also, they do not allow submissions for existing licensed themes, for probably the same reasons.
  14. It's a nice little set, and has my support. I'm hopeful that this set could be the first Technic set to be approved for Lego Ideas. Although, I am slightly disappointed with Lego Ideas as a whole, but this is a great model, no matter what.
  15. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The specific channel the video is on for now is Michael Bricks, if you want to find it easier. Don't get your hopes up, the only Technic thing in the video is 42094. Speaking of, I am not impressed. The tracks don't look right at all, and the body work is mediocre. I'm hoping the final model is a bit less primitive. As for the box design, this is really preliminary, like even more so than most images we get. I'm actually surprised this is a December release.