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    <p> I am a Technic builder, from the United States, and I love building Technic creations, although I think the theme itself is headed the wrong direction, with models having high part counts but being low on functionality and feeling empty. </p>

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  1. Saberwing40k

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    Seeing the blueprints overlayed, now I understand why this set bugs me so much. The dump bed is just way too big, both in height and width, and the angle at the back is not replicated. The cab is also totally out of proportion, and both those things being out of proportion makes this set look really off. And for a licensed set, proportions that are off this bad are a major detriment to it. I'm not that much of a stickler, I'm okay with a licensed set not having the exact proportions of the real vehicle, but the fact that the scale is off this much, and in a way that does not even look good, is inexcusable. To make this even worse, there is no actual reason for this compromise. Some things may be off due to there being no way to build something that would still be durable or functional, but there is no reason for the cab to be too tall, as there are no mechanisms in it, same thing with the dump bed.
  2. My entry: This competition was a lot of fun, and there are so many good entries.
  3. This model was the result of a choice I had to make. I could either come up with an entry for the Eurobricks small car contest, or I could enter the TLCB Lockdown Competition. I really didn't feel inspired to make a small car, so I went with making a C model. I chose 42098, largely because of the fact that it was the only set I hadn't started to mix into my large collection. Initially, I was going to build some kind of wheeled vehicle, but then I hit a real builder's block. At that point, I was looking at the small wheel arches, and thought that it looked kind of like the bottom parts of an attack helicopter cockpit. After I realized that, I made the cockpit section, and got going from there. This helicopter is ultimately a nonesuch, and combines design elements from a number of real and fictional helicopters, including the Hellhound helicopter from Patlabor 2, and a design I found on Deviantart called the Fujin, which was designed by MeganeRid, The rotors spin, obviously, but they also have collective pitch control, which was very hard to implement given the parts available in the set. 42098 includes a shockingly small selection of gears and other technical bits, so I had to get very creative. The rotors are at their lowest position in this picture. The collective does not use a turntable, but instead uses a brick built solution that hearkens back to the very first Technic helicopter, set 852. The actual control for this function is a lever with a red bushing, on the right of the photo. This is the blades at maximum pitch, which better shows the collar that is used to simulate a swash plate. The second most major function is the complex landing gear. A 12z gear at the end of both wings controls this function, which uses worm gears to prevent the gear from collapsing. The first pic shows the gear retracted for flight, the second and third show the gear down for landing. The last set of functions relate to the gun pod, mounted under the fuselage. The pod can be traversed 90 degrees to either side, and will clear the landing gear towers. This is controlled by a 12z gear located behind the air intakes. The gun will also elevate from horizontal to almost vertical, using a knob on the back of the pod. An underbelly view, showing the gun pod, as well as part of the rotor drivetrain. The rotor is spun by the 2 12z gears on the tail. The gun pod, up close. The rubber connectors on the forward fuselage are actually a travel lock, and can hold the gun in place when not in use. Maximum elevation. Or is this depression? I can't decide how you'd define this. On the tarmac. The landing gear do work, but I also built a stand so that this heli can be posed as if in flight, with the gear retracted. Some up close pictures: This detail is actually important. As most of you have probably noticed, this helicopter has no tail rotor, and is not coaxial, so what gives? My vision is that a real version of this helicopter would use a NOTAR system, which uses a ducted fan to effectively replace a tail rotor. That's what the large vents on the tail are supposed to be for. Now, in terms of scale, this model is quite large. CamelHog the hedgehog and Spam for scale. One last beauty shot: The color scheme may not be very military, but I'd chalk that up to this being an airshow/display team livery. All in all, I am quite happy with this model, it was a real challenge to make in the limits of the parts I had, so much so was actually running out of 3L pins, but it came together nicely, and the color scheme actually worked out a lot better than I expected it to. Now, on to the contest. Stay safe out there, folks. P.S. I'll give a shout out to the first person who is able to guess where the manufacturer's name of this heli came from.
  4. Saberwing40k

    Bugatti Wheels & Dish Pieces. Please help me.

    Just buy from Bricklink. You could also try ebay, but for specific parts, Bricklink is best.
  5. Saberwing40k

    Bugatti Wheels & Dish Pieces. Please help me.

    Okay, firstly, Bugatti wheels are NOT the same as Porsche ones. They have pin connections instead of pinholes, like the Porsche rims, and would not be compatible with this model. Also, as for being too expensive, the Porsche rims are less expensive on Bricklink than the Bugatti ones, so I don't know what you're seeing there.
  6. Saberwing40k

    Powering a motor with remote AND switch?

    I don't think that works. If I recall, the PF receivers will actually bypass the switches. Sariel actually showed that you can daisy chain receivers by attaching the connector wire to the output of another receiver, and it will work no matter what. It's the first tip in this vid. It's cool, but can also be inconvenient.
  7. Saberwing40k

    Powering a motor with remote AND switch?

    So, you want a model where you can control the model remotely, or use a switch? I don't think that's actually possible with PF connectors. I may be wrong, though.
  8. Saberwing40k

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Wow, I'm amazed it's mostly dark gray. Modding it to be fully dark gray would be easy. I kind of have to wonder if somebody would do custom stickers to replicate USAF markings, I think that could be popular.
  9. I would not do that. I'd use the hide tool instead.
  10. Saberwing40k

    linear Clutch in place of Differential

    That's... That's not really how this works. Sirslayer's design works well, for a small, manual model, but such principles would not work for a motorized model, particularly a high speed one. As a matter of fact, this setup would be terrible for a motorized model as an axle differential, because both clutches could slip, eating power. Your solution would be especially bad because of the fact that one wheel is always connected to the motor, whereas the other wheel is clutched, meaning that one wheel can slip, while the other one can't. Good luck driving that thing straight. Now, what a differential is supposed to do is average the speed of the two outputs, based on friction. Because of this, when one wheel slows down, the other speeds up. As long as both wheels have traction, you can not lose power, unlike with a clutch. There is a very good reason nobody uses this setup. Now, if you want to avoid gear slip, there are many ways to do this, including the new 28z or old 24z diffs, and using spur instead of bevel gears. That would make any connection much easier, especially if you use an RC motor.
  11. Saberwing40k

    MOC Tank power train question(s).

    1. Old 28z differentials are not meant to be used with 16z gears, so slipping is to be expected. I'd eliminate this entirely. 2. Yes, you are. My solution would be to use either separate receivers and battery boxes, or servo controlled switches. Buwizz or Sbrick would be helpful, but are not requirements. 2b. Since the tank is so large, I'd use a separate battery box for the turret. When I built a large tank, I need a battery box to counter balance the main gun. Now, for a large model like this, I would not use differentials in an adder configuration at all. This does not really solve any sort of real problems, and indeed introduces many new ones. I'd also do some gearing down to the XL motors. I think one problem you might be having is the fact that you don't have enough torque, and that is one reason your model was slow, the motors were overworked. Also, I'd be wary of doing anything with clutches and brakes. That, again just introduces complexity for no real gain. I'd just steer by stopping one or the other motors, like 8275 does. Now, if you were feeling fancy, you could go for a subtractor, but I have found that sometimes in a subtractor setup, you lose a lot of power because the differentials backdrive the steering motor instead of driving the vehicle forwards. Also, these notes can be helpful:
  12. Saberwing40k

    What's with all the Technic hate?

    Why did you need to bump a 10 year old thread just to add some negativity? I mean, you may not like Technic, but going out of your way to voice your dislike in this manner is not a good look. Also, more often than not, the Chinese branded Technic stuff are stolen from MOC creators, like some users of this site, so that's why it's so much better. I think your point is a lot more legitimate. Lately, I feel like Lego is dumbing down Techinc, to broaden the appeal, but I don't see the point in that, given how they have other lines to appeal to younger builders, and lots of advanced stuff, too. I don't think that Technic should be like Racers, which it sometimes seems like Lego is trying to turn it into. I do agree, since 2016, Lego has dropped the ball with Technic, a little bit. I mean, even last year, 42097 was a much better set than 42108, which is kind of bad.
  13. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Man, my expectations for this Charger are not high. I mean, it looks decent, at least from this angle, but the black car and dark photo make it difficult to tell. As for functions, I wouldn't be surprised if it only had steering, making it like one of the old Racers sets. Suspension is unlikely, at this scale, but a fake engine could be. So, it might end up being a $140 set with only two functions. I sure hope I'm wrong, though.
  14. Saberwing40k

    Torsen Differential

    Wouldn't this configuration not work? I don't think it would. I'm pretty sure you need the differentials to properly transfer torque, but I could be wrong.
  15. Saberwing40k

    Torsen Differential

    Now this is something worth reviving an old thread for. I thought about something like moving the locking mechanism out of the diff, and this does exactly that. However, your real enemy is torque, and figuring out how to manage that.