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    <p> I am a Technic builder, from the United States, and I love building Technic creations, although I think the theme itself is headed the wrong direction, with models having high part counts but being low on functionality and feeling empty. </p>

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  1. Saberwing40k

    Infuriating Details

    You could argue this back and forth. I'd say that the Ponsse Scorpion is probably closest, but even then, the cabin is still ahead of the chassis pivot, not above it. I think the real problem with 42080 is that the wheels and chassis are way too small in comparison to the cab and boom. Also, in 42080, the cab sits way too far forward, it should be farther back.
  2. Saberwing40k

    Infuriating Details

    Yup. If Lego wants to make cars with low amounts of functions, then they should bring back Racers, and put cars in that. Some actual infuriating details include: 42037. Just, all of it. Formula Off Roaders are very specific vehicles, which have V8 engines, live axles, and four wheel drive. Not four bangers, 2 wheel drive, and the same tired double wishbone suspension. They could have called it literally anything else, but no, marketing had to go with something the set is clearly not. Car sets that do not have the drivetrain of the vehicle they are replicating. 42122, 42126, and 42056 are some egregious examples, being RWD models of vehicles that are 4WD. 42122 is double egregious because it lacks an entire drivetrain, and 42056 is triple egregious because of the flagship level price. On that tangent, some sets have just stupid suspension choices. 42122 arguably fits here, but one could also argue that sprung suspension does not work as well with such a small model. 42099 is a much worse example, with the stupid pendular front axle, which is unrealistic and unattractive. Sets that should use 9.5L shock absorbers, but don't. Why Lego? 42099 would have worked a lot better if you had used these long shocks. Did they lose the molds, or something? Why has Lego not used the very useful long shocks since 2012? These are sought after parts, but also obnoxiously expensive because they came out in only 2 sets more than 9 years ago. Lego, please bring these back. I may be a bit salty about the prices of 9.5L shocks on Bricklink. 42066's wings. Sets with ridiculously bulky axles. I'm looking at you, 42129. 42129's grille. It looks bad, and nothing like either version of the real Zetros. Hyperactive clutch gears Lack of clutch gears where they are really needed. 42055's conveyor belt has some small gaps that sometimes have parts fall in, causing jams and the machine to stop. These could have been easily designed out. Manually controlled linear actuators. Not fun. Tires are too wide/wrong tread. Wheel design is badly compromised. Others have talked about this better. The standard wheel hub design is also a needless compromise, and has flaws that should be addressed, like wobble and poor steering angle. Plus almost every thing else already mentioned in this thread. Oh, and Control+ is infuriating, but I don't think that's on topic.
  3. 43. 858 Blue Boxer Original Set: 858/8858 Auto Engines Description: Functions: Rotating crank with reciprocating pistons, belt driven fan, belt driven distributor with rotating contact piece Part Count: 627 (Original 240) Differences from original: Pistons and crankshaft are now in correct boxer configuration, with pistons on opposing sides reaching top dead at the same time. Sets of pistons are clocked 120 degrees apart, distributor is functional as opposed to cosmetic. Pictures: Original Set Picture: (Image courtesy of Blakbird's Technicopedia) Discussion Topic:
  4. I've added some more pictures to the first post.
  5. So, I had a lot of ambition, and good ideas for my studless remake. Originally, I was going to do a studless version of set 6957 Solar Snooper, a set from my childhood. Unfortunately, my mental illness kicked in, and I was left at a week before the original deadline with no model to enter. But, I wanted to build something, so I looked at Technicopedia for inspiration, and landed on set 858 Auto Engines. This set is unique, because as many Technic sets feature an engine, only this one is dedicated to engines. The model I chose was the 'Boxer" engine, as that is one that I could improve on, without adding any functions. Now, the original engine is not actually a boxer, as the pistons do not reach top dead center at the same time. In addition, a 6 cylinder boxer should have the pistons clocked 120 degrees apart, which would have been impossible to do with the parts at the time. With all of the advanced parts introduced since 1980, I was able to correct both of these issues. Now, the engine is a proper boxer, with the pistons clocked 120 degrees apart. Aside from that, there is one other major functional difference. On the original model, the distributor is just a rotating shaft that does not actually do anything. On my model, I was able to add a rotating contact piece that connects to each of the spark plug wires in sequence. The engine also has a belt driven fan, just like the original. My model also features the detailed exhaust pipes and spark plug wires. As for scale, I think my model is about 50% larger, given that I used 3 stud diameter pistons, versus the 2 stud pistons of the original. But, the scale increase allowed me to make the crankshaft and pistons much more realistic and functional. Believe it or not, the fan was actually one of the biggest sticking points for me in terms of what to use. No brick built fan felt right, so I used the fan tail from 8068, which is actually a repurposed wheel cover. Unlike the original, the belts are configured in such a way that they can be added easily, without any bent paper clips. Size comparison with 42123. My engine is roughly the same width, and about 2/3rds the length. LDD cutaway to show the crankshaft. Video:(No Sound) So, that's my entry, a new version of the 858 Boxer engine.
  6. Saberwing40k

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    It really depends. I went to tow truck parade some time ago, and all of the trucks have vertical slats over a grill mesh. But, I think you could also get a grille with horizontal slats. Like this:
  7. Saberwing40k

    General Part Discussion

    I don't know if this belongs here, but CADA also makes the battery box with remote, and that's fine, so this should be as well. Recently, I was watching a video by Brickmeet, a Youtuber who reviews military models made by Cobi and other manufacturers. He was featuring a remote control model of a Tiger tank made by CADA, and the model included a part I could not identify at first, but turned out to be a motor. Now, this is very interesting, as it is 2 studs wide, by 4 studs long, making it very attractive for builders of compact models. And, unlike Circuit Cubes, the motor uses a standard PF connector, meaning that you can use it with any PF power source. Now, I haven't been able to find where to buy this, but this could be a great find for our community.
  8. Saberwing40k

    Multiple Technic Sets (New) for Sale

    I may be interested in some sets as well, but I'd need to know price before committing to anything.
  9. Saberwing40k

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    I have never, and I mean never, seen a truck like this with a steering rear axle. Keep in mind that this is designed for towing potentially other trucks, which is why the rear axles are so far back. This is so that the axles can take the weight of the vehicle on the towing fork. The road trains I have seen that are like that have 3 rear drive axles, and then 2 steering front axles. I have not seen very many vehicles with 3 rear axles that have a steering axle, but they do exist. Most of the ones I have seen have been trucks with cranes or else some other kind of equipment on the back, and not tow trucks. I see this configuration on some euro style trucks with mounted knuckle boom cranes, often times the truck needs the steering angle because they are operated in the mountains or other areas with twisting roads.
  10. Saberwing40k

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Yuck. That's all I can say. Yet again, we have a set that was better in the preliminary photos, that somehow got worse for production. The white 6x6 wasn't the best, but it was loads better than this. This looks like the B model for something much cooler. Heck, there was a C model Zetros made from 42043 that looks better than this. This looks to be 42070 all over again, where Lego has an off road truck that can't actually go off road, but has a lot of compromises that serve nothing.
  11. Saberwing40k

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    I think the candies I received were contaminated, what is that? I thought the first version was bad, this is somehow even worse. Like straight up barf inducing bad. What is going on with this set?
  12. I in particular don't like Monster Jam, and I don't think such a limited contest is that good an idea. I mean, I thought that even the motorcycle contest was too limited. I'd like to have some freedom. I think the best contests strike a balance between being super restrictive, and being too broad.
  13. I also like the idea of a remake contest, but I propose a category that has a studless set remade in studded style. I think it would be interesting to see 8258 remade like 8868. Another thing that I think would be cool would be to remake City or other non Technic sets in Technic style, which Thirdwigg also did, with a Technic remake of 6352. I have suggested this before, but I think it would be cool to have a Shrink Ray/Expand-O-Ray contest. There would be two categories, one where a big set is made small, and one is where a small set is made big. I also really dug the Lego ideas contest to design the Volvo construction equipment of the future, so I'd like to see some wacky concept machines. Unlike some, I do support a military contest. But, it should not be Lego sponsored. I don't think they'd like that.
  14. Shame you didn't attach any images, this is a really nice model. Especially for something that is almost pure Technic.
  15. Saberwing40k

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Yeah, the new picture is only somewhat better than the old one, and is still clear as mud. The wheel size is uncertain, but the tires are definitely not Xerion ones, based on counting the number of channels in the tread. I don't think the wheels are the 56mm ones, just going by the apparent size of the model. I still can't decide if I like this model or not. I don't see it as being more than a 42099 with an extra axle, and probably similar piddly performance. Any complexity seems to be nonexistent. But, like I said, the picture is clear as mud, so who know. A very real possibility is that Lego is using decoy models to fool the bootleg makers in China, and the actual set only shares the vehicle type and color scheme.