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    <p> I am a Technic builder, from the United States, and I love building Technic creations, although I think the theme itself is headed the wrong direction, with models having high part counts but being low on functionality and feeling empty. </p>

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  1. Saberwing40k

    Flat subtractor [INSTRUCTIONS]

    One thing I have never seen discussed with subtractors is power loss due to the driving motors backdriving the steering motor. I had this problem a while back with a MOC that lost a lot of power driving straight because of this. How do you prevent this?
  2. I vote no, because I have no balls (Phrasing), which is a part that is not common among builders on this forum. Plus,some of the cooler, more impressive mechanisms are not the domain of most users, and are much harder to make, which raises the bar for entry. I feel that it would be a lot harder for a user to submit a simple model with GBC. Plus, while a lot of users like GBC, and like seeing the models, I don't think that interest in building is a common thing. But, the poll will prove me wrong or right. I have no personal interest in GBC building, which is another reason I voted no.
  3. Saberwing40k

    General Part Discussion

    Whaat? Does this make them like the first friction pins, which were really stiff?
  4. Saberwing40k

    Steering on a 6x6 design

    I think it might be human factors engineering. A 6x6 vehicle with front/middle axle steering behaves a lot more like a normal truck than a vehicle with front and rear steering. I think it has to do more with simplicity, though. A Stalwart needs only 2 extra links to get the axles to steer, whereas having the front and rear axle steer would require a second steering box, and a long steering shaft. You can see the steering link between the 2 front axles. Your design does look cool, though.
  5. It sounds like you actually want a clutch mechanism controlling section B, and not a differential. This is a system used in GBC modules fairly often. In this video, you can see what I'm talking about. I think having a clutch over a differential would work a lot better for your purposes. If you're wondering what's the clutch, watch the little wheel that is used to grab the axles, and how it moves. This video shows an even better clutch.
  6. I always get stuck with driven and steered axles, especially at smaller scale. Lego lacks certain parts that would make this easier, but I digress. Another hard part is wire and/or cable management. If you are building a large MOC with lots of electrical or pneumatic components, you know the struggle is real. This may be particular to me, but sometimes I run into the problem of I have a good solution, but I don't have enough of a specific part, and I don't want to buy parts. There is an easy fix, of course. I also sometimes have issues where I have to figure out what everything does after leaving a WIP, and coming back weeks or months later. Again, this may be a just me thing. Lastly, space management. Sometimes it's hard to fit in/around parts of your MOC you already built, like you thought you gave enough space for another component, but didn't.
  7. Saberwing40k

    42122 Jeep Wrangler [VIDEO REVIEW]

    I really like the review, but as for the set... Two thumbs down. This is not a Technic set. This is a Racers set sold under the Technic brand name. I really dislike how Lego has chosen to make Technic more like Racers. If this set has no drivetrain, why couldn't it have had proper live axles, versus this basic pendular stuff? Why no drivetrain? It should be perfectly possible to do that, with pendular axles. Also, the front minus the grille is kind of ugly. The lights just look plain wrong, and a lot of bits of the real Jeep are missing, for no reason. This just feels like it's a Technic set designed by and for someone who doesn't care about about Technic. If it were Model Team, like the Mustang, this level of functions would be fine. This set tries to split the difference, and manages to have all the cons of both approaches, but none of the pros. Model Team or Creator Expert sacrifices function for looks, whereas Technic usually does the opposite. This set awkwardly has neither the good looks of a Creator set, and offers none of the functionality of a Technic set.
  8. Saberwing40k

    General Part Discussion

    Yes, do it. Chaining these Throwbot gearboxes is very cool, and done in some of the combo models. I don't have any pictures, but I have done this, and it's real neat. Not the most useful thing for Technic, but you could use this chain as the spine of a large mecha model.
  9. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Well, that's.... I'm not really sure what to make of this. This looks like some kind of weird NASA testbed, to be honest. It's kind of ugly, but if those white panels were adding some shaping to the nosecone instead of being canards, I think it would look way better. Looks kind of like this, I think.
  10. Saberwing40k

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Maybe the need the 3L axle somewhere in the B model. I'd actually prefer the 3L axle, those are still on the uncommon side.
  11. Saberwing40k

    [WIP] Telescoping boom excavator

    In order to make it narrower, I'd actually invert it, so that the turntables that currently control the axial rotation become the bearings for raising and lowering, and the other turntables become the axial rotation. I'd then have a single shaft driving both axial turntables, you can get that by meshing the 12z gear and the turntable with an offset. I think that if you had a shaft right beside the black beams, you could do it.
  12. Saberwing40k

    Shooting Mechanism with 70 Round Magazine

    Speaking as a Nerf fan, there are several reasons as to why this is. These projectiles are rigid, smooth, and dense, basically the opposite of a Nerf dart. The real issue with Nerf darts and hoppers stems from the fact that the darts are a little bit sticky, due to the foam and rubber heads, and compressible, so they don't hold their shape. The feeding mechanism used here would utterly destroy darts. It's a very cool model. Might you build a tank around this?
  13. Saberwing40k

    meer dan 4 RC / more than 4 RC

    With 12 independent motors, I'd go with 3 Sbricks. Unless you are short on money, this is probably the simplest solution. Switching functions adds extra bulk and complexity. But, if you have enough PF IR receivers, you could have one used to switch between two battery boxes, hooked up in such a way that when one is on, the other is off. Doing this would leave you with 6 functions available at any given time. Although, I am curious, what do you need 12 motors for? I only see you needing at most 8 channels. If you think you need more than one motor for a function, you can just stack motors.
  14. Saberwing40k

    meer dan 4 RC / more than 4 RC

    You don't even need the wave selectors, they just make things easier.
  15. Saberwing40k

    meer dan 4 RC / more than 4 RC

    I don't know how many functions you need, but there are many ways to accomplish what you want for more than 8 functions. For instance, you can use splitter gearboxes, so 1 motor is used to control multiple functions. Set 8043 uses this principle to get 6 functions from 3 motors, plus one for switching. If you used 2 way splitters, you could get 14 functions. If you used 4 way splitters, you could get 28 functions. You could also use 3rd party Bluetooth bricks, like SBrick or Buwizz. Each of those has 4 channels, and you can use many with the same control profile. You could also use Lego Control+, but that might be more expensive, especially if you already have a large number of PF motors. Another option is to switch control of motors electrically, but this is trickier than doing things mechanically. But, how many functions do you actually need? For this crane, you'd need only 6 functions. Drive Steer Outriggers Slew Boom up/down Hook up/down You could also add 2 more functions, like ladders, or a mode to switch steering.