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  1. By the way, the first two Legacy shorts are out, and they're both gorgeous pieces of animation. Golden Legend was very atmospheric and had a nice twist that still felt in keeping with Ninjago. Gold Rush had incredibly nice action and showed a very different but nonetheless core part of Ninjago: the city of Ninjago in all its neon glory! Both had great voice acting too! The casting choice for Golden Legend was spot-on, and it was always great to see the voice actors return for shorts like Gold Rush.
  2. Just finished season 15. I really loved that they finally gave Nya a spotlight. She hasn't been a focal character since Season 5! I was quite surprised by the quick appearance of the next season right after (before? idk) the set images emerged. In fact, I accidentally discovered it by reading this very thread again and accidentally opening a spoiler section, thinking it was of The Island. Silly me. So now I already knew the ending... Wow, that was one heck of an ending! A thing about the ending... On a different note, I enjoyed the many references to past seasons. It really felt like there was more continuity with past seasons than usual this season, which is fitting for the 10th anniversary (although it was probably coincidental). Finally, there's the setting, villains and token 'local' character... So yeah... a very long rant. Overall I enjoyed most of the season, although the middle was weaker than the rest. But that ending leaves me either wanting more, or a bittersweet aftertaste. Overall a much stronger contender than season 14 anyway, although that's not saying much. Either way, it's going to be strange to look at the sets again after that ending. And they're not even out yet! I kind of hope they are planning to pull a 2015 and release a third season in the fall (in that year Skybound already started appearing before the year had ended, if memory serves). Especially after we only had a short season 14, and because season 15 has this cliff-hanger. I mean, it's just May!
  3. Lego as a company changed over time, and only recently did they allign with that business model. Up to the late 90s they would mostly keep things 'classic bricks' beside the occasional experiment like Fabuland. Beside Fabuland it was hard to even find named characters at all, let alone a coherent story, let alone a tv-series! The first named characters came from Pirates (from the tie-in comic, of which only Redbeard seems to have survived). Then there was Majisto from castle in the early nineties. Product descriptions started to become a bit more consistent in featuring one or two 'mascot' characters for subthemes, although these weren't consistent across countries. That problem would persist for up tot the 2000s, as even Adventurers had the infamous Baron Von Baron / Dr Hates / Sam Sinister problem. It wasn't until the late nineties that Lego was even comfortable having themes revolve around named characters again (since Fabuland). In these cases (such as with Adventurers and arguably Western) they released audio dramas. During the late 90s Lego took a turn for the... weird, and amongst the many, many experiments Lego became increasingly focussed on creating multimedia tie-ins. The multimedia tie-ins were some of the least bizarre offerings. Video games, web series, web animations, web flash games, feature films (Bionicle), comics... Beside the advent of multimedia, in these turbulent times Lego also started making all sorts of story-driven themes, many of which had multimedia tied to them. Some worked (e.g: Bionicle, Alpha Team, Knights Kingdom II), while others failed (e.g: Galidor). With the failure of the Galidor tv-series, Lego would focus on other forms of media for awhile. The second major shift of the company was when it turned its policy around on innovation, starting around 2004. For awhile the focus lay on rebuilding its core focus on the brick. But it never did stop trying new things. Bionicle (2001-2010) in particular was influential in that it arguably became the first 'big bang theme', a theme backed with a strong multimedia-spanning presence that featured a coherent story that ties in with sets. Over the years this involved almost every media type under the sun, but not a show (most likely due to the heavy focus on the other media outlets). Later examples would follow Ninjago. This narrative theme approach with named characters was also tried to a lesser extent with other themes such as Knights Kingdom II (2004-2006), Exo-force (2006-2008), Power Miners (2009-2010) and Atlantis (2010-2011). Of these, none were given a show, as the scope of their multimedia presence was usually tied to one or two outlets at most. After around 2010 the company was secure enough to try things like its own MMORPG (Lego Universe) or feature films again (Clutch Powers). And at this point Ninjago was made. For the first time in a while they created a tie-in show. But even then, the first year was only the pilot episodes. Lego played it safe and only made a show after the toyline had proven succesful. Ninjago was actually planned to be a (then-standard) three year theme to be replaced with Chima. Apparently Lego had at this point taken note of the importance of a show to a big-bang theme's success. But it wasn't until Chima underperformed whilst Ninjago performed beyond expectations that Lego finally changed course again and started to truly focus on tv-shows in a structured sense. It un-cancelled Ninjago and made it an 'evergreen theme' like City. And they tried several times to launch another tv-show and tie-in line. At one point they directly licensed Cartoon Network to make Mixels. They seem to have learnt the hard way that both the toyline AND show have to be at least semi-decent if they want to have the the toyline be boosted with a tv-show. After that it was just trying again and again to provide said quality. And now we have scant few non-licensed themes that are NOT tied to tv-shows or apps. The irony. So TL;DR: Lego first was afraid to do anything that wasn't the basic brick experience. Then it tried to do everything BUT the basic brick experience, of which their show bombed. And only after sorting its identity issues out did Lego discover the effect a tv-show can have on a toyline. And even then they almost took the wrong message to heart and almost cancelled their one succes to replace it with Chima. Only after fixing THAT did lego learn how to use tv-shows properly. Is it any wonder that it took so long for them to make tv-series?
  4. After watching the second half of The Island I must say I think it ranks amongst the lowest IMHO, simply for being the equivalent of only 2 episodes (4 half episodes) long!
  5. Vaiman

    [MOC] Amsterdam-esque narrow houses

    Nicely Done! I especially love the use of garage door rail bricks on the white building, and the general level of detail on the grey one. And the white colours pop nicely on the dark tan one, which is perhaps the closest to an actual 'grachtpand' in old Dutch cities like Amsterdam.
  6. It was really interesting to finally see how the Tom from the flashbacks becomes the Tom we see in the present. The framing of the shots is also done exceptionally well! The perspective and sense of motions is palpable! And as always, that level of detail in the backgrounds never ceases to amaze! It's worth the wait every time!
  7. Hi everyone. After lurking in this tread since the actual first season, I finally remembered to use my relatively new-ish account and post something XD The first two episodes were nicely action packed and adventurous. But It should have been spaced out longer. And it was bittersweet to hear what will be the last time Cole is voiced by Kirby Morrow. I will miss him so much. Rest in Peace.
  8. Vaiman

    Insectoids: the Next Generation

    It looks really well-done! From a distance I thought it was the original, but as soon as you take a closer look it just looks so much more refined than the original version. I do wonder though, do you have any more pictures? I wonder what the interior is like and what some of the details are up close. Such as the windows at the top, or how the cranes retract.
  9. Vaiman

    [MOC] Ninjago Borg Tower

    Incredible build! It looks suitably imposing, but without sacrificing fun details! Well done!
  10. Vaiman

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    After years of reading the comic (I started in 2012), It's still a blast every time a new page debuts! I just want to thank you for all the joy the comic has brought throughout the years. It was quite satisfying to finally see the Jenny storyline converge with the main plot!
  11. The Monday Deathmatch is always a pleasure to read. The amount of effort that goes into the background visuals alone is always worth the wait! Also, it's incredibly fun to see a massive crossover of all these themes. It makes it feel like the lego movie, or the first Kingdom Hearts game (that also features 'worlds' being stars that are blinking out because of a dark eldritch menace that feeds upon them, and a scientist character that has vowed to travel to as many worlds as possible before settling on their goal. Oh, and the chaos of all that).
  12. Vaiman

    [MOC] Morspoort (city gate)

    I had to do a double take. I recognized it immediately as I visited Leiden daily pre-covid. But I couldn't believe that you MOC'd the exact building I cycled through so often! What a great MOC! I love the authentic shaping and colour layering with the white highlights. And the surroundings of the building are so lively and colourful! Also, I love the amount of bicycles featured. Very authentic XD
  13. Hello, For years I have been sitting on a few store displays. I decided to google their worth and was suprised that not all are on Bricklink, ebay or even google. So I was wondering, have any of you seen these display cases before? What would they be worth? Edit: pictures added Edit: Thank you for the tip on how to add pictures, Peppermint_M! Also, I've been referred to This is a fan site that keeps track of how often star wars store displays are sold on ebay. My star wars display was apparently only sold twice and has a rareness rating of 4 out of 5. Of course, this is only for the star wars set. And it's only the rareness. Does anyone know how much they would be worth?