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  1. Lego usually reserves the 16+ rating for the collectible sets rather than the playsets, but since this is Technic, there has to be an action element or else it would be a really boring set. But, we have to wait to find out. It's impossible to tell based on the crappy picture and scant details we have.
  2. Bob C

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I hope they do a better job on the 2016 wave than this years. I was kind of disappointed by the absence of "gimmicks" a la Bionicle G1. It would be brilliant if they gave us a disc launcher or a projectile gun...but doesn't seem like it
  3. Set numbers and Set names in German: Thanks to CM4Sci for link in other thread
  4. It may be intentionally boring because the target audience for this set is very wide, including A non-FOLs that might ignore the box if it had a bunch of "noise" on it (some things are more noticeable when they're simpler). Regardless, this set is awesome and I'm definitely getting it
  5. REALLY COOL!! And kind of cheap for a "premium" model. But yeah, that box art looks like it should go with a hyundai elantra, not a ****** ferrari... But I kind of like it, it reminds me of the 2003 Creator models. On another note, I wish LEGO would make more car models, they didn't make a 2nd wave of Speed Champions and I'm worried that we won't get anything for another 7 years (wasn't '08 the last time they released large scale car series?)
  6. When do the pictures usually come out? Is it the 1st of that month or in the previous month? LEGO seems to be randomly dropping pics rather than following a regular schedule
  7. Does anyone here know anything about 10248 (Ferrari F40)? Is it a Speed Champions set? Regardless of the theme, it's awesome to see that Lego is bringing back large sports car models - for the past almost 10 years, we've seen very few 500+ piece cars.
  8. Does anyone know about the release time of this theme? Is it a summer theme?
  9. I truly hope that these sets are released in the states. It would be horrible if the entire theme was obscured by the giant Bionicle-cloud. Also, Americans don't get really excited by cars unless they cough up dark smoke and smell like gas, but IMO there will still be a market for these here in the US.
  10. Why? There's no difference. Top Gear would just be a logo on the box, nothing else. Actually, I would prefer not to have a Top Gear line as it would be more expensive than the simply automaker-licensed theme.
  11. Bob C

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    It seems like LEGO adds the age recommendations as a last thought. IIRC there were 8-99 and 6-106 age sets when I was a little kid, maybe '03 or so. More recently, even complicated sets are recommended for younger ages. Also, they often change from prelim to production (like last year's HF sets). So I don't think they're meant to be taken seriously...
  12.'s strange that there are no pictures anywhere of these sets, even on the shopping websites.