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  1. Bloody hell, this is almost impossible. There seems to be no way to open the .pkg for Stud.io on Catalina.
  2. Still the same dialog box.
  3. Meanwhile, I can barely even use Stud.io at all "Studio+2.0.pkg can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software." That's what it says whenever I try to install it.
  4. Any info on installing for Mac Catalina? It doesn't work as the download PKG file is blocked by the firewall.
  5. This...is not finished yet. I have yet to make the lobby floor, and create the antenna tower. For now I'm fairly stuck at the lowermost and uppermost areas of both the Studio Center (smaller building) and Broadcast Center (larger building). I also think it looks far too slab-sided to work in a realistic setting. I have ideas (like grafting chunks of the building), but what else can you give me?
  6. This would be a good contest to have in the UK if it took the British Bake-Off model, not the crappy reality-show model. Fingers crossed it's the former for this edition.
  7. XAxles

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    San Francisco will be something to behold. Paris...Eiffel, Arc, Louvre, what else?
  8. XAxles

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    The play value on the Great Wall is quite nice, opens up lots of options. Statue looks swell, so brilliant, if a bit more vertical than I last thought of it.
  9. The halo is little more than a band-aid solution. They'll be looking into Indycar's windscreen solution as the season goes on.
  10. XAxles


    No wonder I can't find it. Where's the photos?
  11. XAxles

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Is it just me or does it feel like we're running out of things to talk about with regards to the set? This does feel like we're gonna be expecting more of the same, but at the same time there's intrigue as to how LEGO can pull this off. It HAS to supersede the GT3RS in more than size, but we've since accepted that this probably will be little more than a display piece.
  12. XAxles

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Is it bad that I'm expecting so much from this Chiron set? Like, you look at the Porsche now and see just a display piece with little in the way of motorization or standout features, and now there's this, a car of greater magnitude than the Porsche GT3RS in real life, so the feature list has got to have something that can make this set worth the asking price.
  13. XAxles

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    More curious about the Great Wall. I don't think they can replicate the entire length, but how will they do a section? Can't be too small, but Architecture isn't really that big to start with.
  14. They do, but I'd wager they approach the teams and factories themselves first, probably get to be the first to see the models before the real cars get released to the press (in the case of the 720S). Like Mattel, their next year assortment is probably all but set in stone and in for prototyping, and they're working on coming up with their 2020 models roster.
  15. Good thing they didn't go for it. I hate dealerships with a burning passion. Actually no, I don't hate dealerships by that much, but there are just as many bad eggs as there are good ones. Though, because this is a LEGO dealership, I'd say they're all gonna be okay.