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  1. Roberto7g

    Ferrari SF90

    Thank you very much both Lego Train and Johnny. Actually the funny thing about proportions is that a real F1 car is even longer. You can see by yourself if you look at the picture below. I reduced it on purpose cause when you work on minifig scale you have always to find the right compromise between realism and appeal. The "windscreen" piece obviously is the HALO. Still thank you for your appreciation.
  2. Roberto7g

    Ferrari SF90

    My special rendition of Ferrari SF90 Mission Winnow. More to come..
  3. Roberto7g

    [MOC] Renault R26 & Ferrari 248 F1

    ^^^ Thank you for the information @BrickCurve. 100 posts ? Still a a long way to go..
  4. Roberto7g

    [MOC] Renault R26 & Ferrari 248 F1

    I think it is against the policy of this site. But thank you for the appreciation.
  5. Roberto7g

    [MOC] Renault R26 & Ferrari 248 F1

    Inspired by the good old Ferrari Racers theme, I rearranged the design, created some stickers, and this was the result: Renault R26 Ferrari 248 F1 More cars here: http://bricksetforum...990-2006#latest
  6. More cars here: http://bricksetforum...custom-stickers McLAREN HONDA MP4/5 (1990) McLAREN HONDA MP4/31 (2016) Cheers by Jenson and "Magic"
  7. Roberto7g

    [MOC] F1 Red Bull RB12 with custom stickers

    Thank you. Your Ferrari are very nice too.Curiously, we developed the same design of rear wing. I used a very similar type for a 2006 F1 Ferrari and Renault.
  8. Roberto7g

    [MOC] F1 Red Bull RB12 with custom stickers

    Hi Armstrong,It' the first time I post something on Eurobricks, why isn't this the right place?
  9. Red Bull F1 RB12 from 2016 season. Speed Champions style. This is a beta version, stickers were created by me. More cars here http://bricksetforum...custom-stickers