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Found 6 results

  1. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Piqabrick instantly identifies Lego bricks’ code, simplifying the long-lasting operations of searching and sorting. Among the main needs of AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) community, identifying single bricks (maybe rare or unique printed bricks or minifigs) is certainly on the top of the list. But also identify two similar bricks, or discover their related codes could be complicated, since they’re hidden or difficult to read. Not to mention the stressful research on online catalogues or marketplaces! In a split second, and with just one photo, Piqabrick identifies any brick. Sort less and play more. Piqabrick easily and quickly identifies any Lego brick providing you the ID code and color code. How? Thanks to our proprietary computer vision technology. Piqabrick “looks at” a brick to identify it, just like we already do.. but better! PIQABRICK relies on DART (Direct Acquisition and ReTrieval), Getcoo’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence, already adopted in industry and tourism. PIQABRICK is made of two parts: the PIQABRICK BOX and the web dashboard. The first one consists of a USB camera and LED (to provide the correct illumination) mounted on top of a box made by LEGO® bricks. The box has precise dimensions (16x16 brick units wide and 12 brick units tall), but it is fully customizable by the user with his/hers own bricks (as long the internal dimension are kept, the color of the bricks does not matter). The PIQABRICK BOX is connected to a PC via USB and does not require any installation. To identify a brick, down to its ID and color code, just put it into the box! The web dashboard controls the camera in the PIQABRICK BOX for the brick identification. Once the brick is identified the dashboard provides the links to the LEGO marketplaces to easily buy/sell the brick and to manage the personal inventory. With PIQABRICK, Lego lovers can save time in the brick identification and the personal inventory management. The computer vision speeds up the buying/selling activity on the specialized marketplaces. With less time needed for searching, sorting and inventorying, more time to play, build, and have fun! Functionalities: identifies any brick down to the ID and color code speeds up the identification with computer vision identifies minifigs as well suggests similar bricks (by code or color) provides “appear in” functionality (list of sets in which a brick appears) provides “rebrick” functionality (list of sets one can build with the bricks in his/her inventory) More info:
  2. Hello all, I'm new to the forum, the reason I signed up is because I was going through my lego's from my childhood. I found these space themed guys and was looking online what set they belong to, but couldn't find anything that looked like it. IT could also be possible that the spacesuits dont belong to the same set as the minifigs. I remember also having a space shuttle without trap doors, but with like a plastic sheet that closed it off. Does anyone know which set these pieces belong to? thanks!
  3. Hello, For years I have been sitting on a few store displays. I decided to google their worth and was suprised that not all are on Bricklink, ebay or even google. So I was wondering, have any of you seen these display cases before? What would they be worth? Edit: pictures added Edit: Thank you for the tip on how to add pictures, Peppermint_M! Also, I've been referred to This is a fan site that keeps track of how often star wars store displays are sold on ebay. My star wars display was apparently only sold twice and has a rareness rating of 4 out of 5. Of course, this is only for the star wars set. And it's only the rareness. Does anyone know how much they would be worth?
  4. I like to buy large, unsorted lots of pieces online. Once I receive them, I wash them, sort them, look for complete sets or rare pieces that can be re-sold online, and put the rest in my collection. I just bought this lot yesterday and it is now being shipped. This is the time when I'm like a kid at Christmas, excited to see what will be inside the box. I can hardly wait, so I spend the shipping time poring over the pictures trying to identify unusual or rare pieces and looking for hints about any sets that might be mixed in. I've already made a couple guesses - anybody else want to play I Spy? Tell me what sets you think make up this 17-pound lot. Click on the photo for a full-size image
  5. I wondered if it is possible to reliably identify collectable minifigures by their weight alone. So we measured all the 60 minifigures of a series 7 box. Here are the results. Yes, almost all Minfigures have distinct weights. You find the average and standard deviation in the table. I hope this helps.
  6. Hulldude

    Hello and Help!

    Hi guys n gals I'm just about to move house and in the process of emptying my loft have discovered a rather large tub full of my old lego! Well one week later and I'm currently addicted to putting all my old sets together with the help of my lil girl. I'm struggling with the three pieces in the attached picture thought and wondered if I could pick your collective lego brains on which sets they are from? Thanks in anticipation Lee