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  1. dman122866

    [MOC] Seven Towers

    Some updates: Updated the railing all around the castle. Also expanded the castle by 2 baseplates in the back, which greatly increased the size of the joust area... also gave me space to place my new Knight's tents and add more of them :)
  2. dman122866

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    Very nice job on this MOC! I was wondering what source material you used. I'm in the design process of the Red Keep and detailed images are hard to come by.
  3. dman122866

    Thrawn Contest Voting Thread

    2 votes for #6, Thebeeze111 - Stolen Kyber
  4. dman122866

    [MOC] Game of Thrones - Unsullied

    Finally updated the Unsullied with Armor, Helmet, Shield and Pike from Brick Warriors. Very pleased with how they look now :)
  5. dman122866

    [MOC] Ready, Set, Go-Karts

    Update: Brought the MOC to a local toy show. It was challenging keeping the cars going for hours at a time but it was a learning experience :) IMG_5858 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5857 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5861 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5860 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5862 by Dario, on Flickr
  6. dman122866

    [MOC] Ready, Set, Go-Karts

    The belt drive is the cause of the jitters, I'm working on it so that the car's path is smoother. Stay tuned :)
  7. dman122866

    [MOC] Ready, Set, Go-Karts

    Thanks for the feedback and kind words. Some Facebook users asked how I attached the magnets so I thought I'd port it here as well. Magnet is glued to the paddle. IMG_5775[1] by Dario, on Flickr
  8. dman122866

    [MOC] Ready, Set, Go-Karts

    2nd Official test (1st video though) Go-Kart being guided by belt drive and magnets! IMG_5762[1] by Dario, on Flickr
  9. dman122866

    [MOC] Game of Thrones - Unsullied

    Yes, but this MOC is a few years old, I haven't made that significant purchase to replace all the armor yet, I do like the pikes though
  10. Daenerys Targaryen travels from Qarth to Astapor to buy Unsullied. She is shown a group of them by Kraznys mo Nakloz, one of the Good Masters. Also featured in this video by the Brick Show
  11. dman122866

    [MOC] Ready, Set, Go-Karts

    Update - Finished the 10 base pieces and did a quick setup to show what the end results might look like. IMG_5753 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5754 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5760 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5759 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5757 by Dario, on Flickr
  12. dman122866

    [MOC] Ready, Set, Go-Karts

    Thanks guys!! There are real pics there on the Updates tab.
  13. dman122866

    [MOC] Ready, Set, Go-Karts

    So here's the larger MOC in the process of being built around the Go-Karts idea. I'm working on a belt drive that will drag the cars (using magnets) around a track made up of road plates. IMG_5738 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5739 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5740 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5741 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5742 by Dario, on Flickr Some short video clips of the belt drive in action IMG_5743 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5744 by Dario, on Flickr
  14. dman122866

    Pirate Themed Water Park, "The Play Well"

    Some expansion and additions to the park. I wanted to play up the pirate feel more (which I didn't do a great job of initially) so I added a pirate ship snack shop and made the entry/ticket booth more piratey looking. IMG_5218 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5219 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5222 by Dario, on Flickr Some humor was added in as well :) IMG_5030 by Dario, on Flickr IMG_5029 by Dario, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  15. dman122866

    [MOC] Ready, Set, Go-Karts

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. I really wanted to get that "bumper" look around the go-kart so that kind of dictated the size. The engines.... these are really fast go-karts :)