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Found 29 results

  1. Entry to Book III, Challenge V: Category A - The Varlyrian Troops. Howling in the mountain. The chilling cold pierced through my leather jerkin as if there was nothing but my bare hands to cover me. Rigid with the frost, my cloak flapped nervously behind my back and pulled me south, alerting me – no, begging me to turn back and run. But after a handful of days travel, I reached too far into the mountains to return, and was too committed to find the truth, even if it meant never to reveal it. It had been months, since these strange events have been occurring outside our once calm and monotonous village. It did not happen once or twice, but numerous, countless times, every so often – and I remember the day it started. It was late in the night when I woke to the sound of Bartosz, our grey-skinned hound, barking frantically at the kitchen window – it was unusual for him, as for the past 7 winters, he’d slept curled and tucked in his own fur under the wooden structure of my bed until sunrise. That night, tough, he’d made a fuss. Wheat grains covered the timbered floor, the oak-chair my pa built was split around the cottage and he’d scratched the whole wooden door from waist height to bottom so vigorously that the fur around his paws was tainted burgundy with his raw blood. For the first time in years, he glanced at me, ears pointed to the ceiling, his white teeth as large as my fingers glowing in the moonlight and liquid dribbling from his mouth to the floor, the muscles in his shoulders swollen, spasming at me, and he growled. A sound born from the core of a threatened, fearful beast. It made me tremble, for I was not staring into my dog’s eyes, but into the soul of a monster dragged only by its primal senses. I realized it was not only Bartosz who was acting strange, but in the distance, I heard the howl of another dog, and then another. It was rather a chant, as possibly all the dogs on the village were now howling to the moon, as if calling their animal companions to a feast, or worse: issuing an alarm – a pack behavior to become alert of what’s to come. It happened again and again, and it drove us insane. Not only the howling, but the growing cold that rushed through the village every time harder and harder. You see, we live in a village – the last human village before reaching the mountains - that’s not that far from the sea, filled with arable land, soft ground, perfect for planting fruits and vegetables – it rains when the sun is hotter, and the climate is rather friendly apart from occasional winter winds that come from the mountains. But it got so cold, so unexpectedly... Nothing grows from under thick layers of frost, week after week. So, it drove us... insane. Particularly Frignevr, the blacksmith – that poor bastard. He was as short-tempered as he was big, and you would mistake him for a giant if he wouldn’t assure us his mother and father were as human as they could be. That one night, I felt the chill stretching through the holes between the planks that held my house together, Bartosz woke and ran, and the howling started. Amidst the whistling chants, a desperate roar, not from any dog or beast, but from what could only be a giant man, echoed on the stoned streets of our frost covered village. That horrific gutted scream smashed our doors, hammered our ears, and settled within our dreams, and just as it started, the unnerving, desperate cry ceased, giving way to a perpetual dead silence that endured ‘til morning. From between the ice-covered mountains, the first light of the day painted over the white mantel a red trail to a land uncharted, for this was marked only by the spilled droplets of blood of one of our own. That day, attending for the realms request, an expedition of ten men was sent to investigate. That night, not only the hounds and wolves howled a constant, tenuous melody, but a raw smell, a stale, moldy whiff, a stench of putrid decay took the streets, and uninvitedly entered our homes. The smell was eventually dissipated into the mountains, from where the expedition never returned, and the trail faded over the layers of unwanted and unexpected snow. Under pressure, the realm gathered another fifty men – swordsmen, archers, bannermen, carrying the white and gold markings on their shields – for a second expedition, along with hounds and eagles trained to detect hidden trails and follow camouflaged scents. Sixty men short, the army supposed to protect our sons and wives started to look faint and incomplete, specially when four days past their departure, the group that left to the sound of our prayers, vanished and buried our hopes under the falling snow. At night I did not sleep, but jumped aside when the dogs started barking, the nauseating odor invaded my house, and a deafening roar that combined a thousand lions sounded across the cobblestone paths, and made my chest tremble with a shiver running through my spine. I wanted to move but couldn’t – and I prayed for the souls of those poor men that would never return to our lives. I woke to the unnerving sound of a fist pounding at my front door, and as sudden as the cold took our village, and our blacksmith and our army, I knew my time had come. “Ready your shield and sword. Beg your family farewells. We part on the morrow”, signed the High-King, the Rego, over his waxed seal. Carpenters, fishermen, merchants, old and young, experienced or – most likely – not, with sword in hand. The few remaining that populated our village reunited where the first light of day shone: between the mountains where a trail of blood leaded the way to our uncertain destiny. We camped by night if we were lucky enough to find a rathole or a cave, or under the starts and the moon, and the rocks and the cold, and marched by day, following whatever was left of the expedition before us – pikes, helmets, messages left on walls and trees, pieces of cloth, footprints... Until there was nothing left to follow, but a dim and distant rotten and burnt smell that refused to cease. Every morning, our group turned smaller and weaker, as the members of our crew perished to the fierce conditions and reckless paths we were thrown into. By night, we heard the scuttling screams and roars coming from above us and echoing through the scars carved over centuries on the rocks. Looking ahead to the unknown, the vagueness to put reason to the sounds, the smell, the unhuman thirst to kill and its psychological defiance, drove one by one to an abyss of despair. That night, we took shelter on a cave, and shared its roof with a family of skeletons that made this gap on the mountain their home for centuries. Despite the blowing wind and the drenching humidity, we were able to light a fire and roast the last of our game. While sucking the lean meat from the fragile bones of an overcooked squirrel, I glanced towards the bottom of the cave where the carcasses of our hosts lay, and looking into their empty sockets, I saw my destiny. On the wall, black markings made of coal caught my attention. The drawings depicted a group of men being followed by a larger silhouette with pointy ears. It could be a wolf if it were not for its height. A demon, perhaps, or a vision from people long forgotten. On the first light, I left the cave and my companions behind, for during the night, they have all joined our hosts in an eternal sleep. As I approached the summit, that putrid smell turned sour, stronger than ever, as if a thousand bodies were left in the open to disintegrate over time. The snow turned thicker, and the paths became steeper as I pushed myself against the blowing wind, depriving me from seeing ahead. My hand lifted and covered my eyes, and from between my purple fingers, I saw a narrow path that pushed the snow aside and left its markings on the ground – a fresh trail, I realized. I followed the trail as it took me to the summit of the mountain. Two pillars emerged from the ground like snow-white banners, showing the world the peak was claimed – not by men – but by nature itself. Molded into the rock, was the inner part of a dome protecting its center from the what looked like a shire devoted to – if not built by – the gods themselves. In its center lay huddle made of what appeared to be a tangled amount of... what is that? I approached it and identified the maze being made from bones stripped from flesh, broken, smashed, and crushed into a bed that smelled of mold and rotten flesh. Big and small, long, and thin. I saw the fabric scratched along the way, and the splinters of weapons left throughout the mountain. These were the remains of the expeditions, the leftovers of our friends, the pieces of our royal guard. I lifted my cloak to retain the nauseating smell, while struggling not to vomit as I moved closer to the basket. Inside were the remains of animals and men, piled at each other through time. Cornering a rock, I followed the trail of bones, and then I heard. The visceral sound of a meal being eaten, meat being pulled from the bone, blood dripping, and a constant snort of desperation. Over a large pile of bones, a dark creature full of fur leaned and feasted. Its dangled black hair dripped with blood, and the stench was more than I could bare. It looks like... a wolf. And I remembered the drawings on the interior of the cave. Three, maybe four times my size, thick and muscular, its arms stretched wide could reach me in a heartbeat. I tried to sneak away, but the mere sound of my pounding heart must have alerted the beast. It turned and stared with fearsome yellow eyes, and as I pointed my spear to its chest, one swing of its long and hairy arm was enough to blind my sight and numb my senses. Laying on the snow, my sight turned darker and I heard the bark of my best friend Bartosz. …The councilor knocked at the Rego’s chamber door. “Your Highness, we are being called to position in the war of the continent. They ask for men and weapons. Our presence is demanded at once”. The Rego took the parchment and tossed it in the hearth. “How can I take part, when all my men were sent to the mountains and failed to return?” ________ Louis of Nutwood. Hope you like it. Would love to hear thoughts and comments.
  2. The 7th Platoon (West Company) of the 1st Battalion Derr's Expeditionary Light Infantry has landed on the beaches of île d'Or and is marching towards Fatu Hiva. Near the town they come across a canoe maker. The Captain and Lieutenant start up a conversation with an Oleon Shipwright, while some of the soldiers with a native background strike up a conversation with the native craftsmen. EII-CHII-CatA - Canoe makers at Fatu Hiva 2 by Bart, on Flickr Captain Adolar Brickdottir: Why are you working on canoes if I may ask? shipmaster: Because I want to hone my skills, they have ways to treat and work wood I do not know, I like to add those skills so I can make better ships in the future. Captain: Not to be to direct, but what is going on in the woods? Shipmaster: Unfortunately I do not know, I arrived here just a week before you did, all I got where evasive answers of everybody involved. Lieutenant: And what where those answers? Shipmaster: All that enter there, *vaguely gestering into the woods* die. Captain: Thank you for your help. EII-CHII-CatA - Canoe makers at Fatu Hiva by Bart, on Flickr (OC: I tried my hand at a forced perspective by base plate shape. I hope it works in the above two renders, the one below isfrom another angle so it doesnt work there) EII-CHII-CatA - Canoe makers at Fatu Hiva 4 by Bart, on Flickr Soldier: Greetings great master Native craftsman: Hello to you to mighty warrior Soldier: How is buisness going? Craftsman: Good, there is high demand on my canoe's for the pearl diving. But unfortunatly this will be the last one I make. Nobody wants to go into the Jungle anymore to fell the big trees I use the trunks off. Soldier: That is unfortunate, why is it that they are unlikely to get them trees? Craftsman's his eyes shoot left and right, weighing what he should tell: uilebheist uabhasach has been awaken. Soldier: Any idea how to put that back to sleep? The craftsman made a vague gesture with his axe, those blue fanatics have angered the gods. EII-CHII-CatA - Canoe makers at Fatu Hiva 5 by Bart, on Flickr Enjoy!
  3. [COR - CH II - Cat A] The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Bamboo Kayak Craftsman Precursor: After word reached Quinnsville of the terrifying attacks deep in the jungles of Île d'Or, recently promoted Major Nathaniel Brickford felt obligated to do something for the helpless residences of Fatu Hiva. With Quinnsville now stable enough to function under the leadership of the mayor, Major Brickford started to assemble a plan. He was granted use of the mighty First-rate HMS Resilience - a floating fortress built in Quinnsville - that would allow them to bring enough supplies for an indefinite stay as well as distribute resources to the overtaxed settlement. After a week long and uneventful voyage, Major Brickford and a Battalion of troops reached the overcrowded harbor of Fatu Hiva. The events of what the Corrish soldiers saw and experienced was faithfully recorded by the Aide-de-Camp of Major Brickford, Sergeant Anthony Andrews. -------------------------------------- Journal entry of Sergeant Anthony Andrews, Aide-De-Camp to Major Nathaniel Brickford Day 8, We are on the eighth day of our expedition to discover what lurks deep in the jungles of Île d'Or. At the recommendation of some natives in the settlement, five of us set off down the beach to find a certain bamboo boat craftsman that claims to know what and where this supposed evil is coming from. When compared to the derelict dwellings that some of these poor people have to live in because of the overcrowding in town, he lives in a rather lavish hut. At first he seemed a little uneasy at seeing five uniformed men in red walking down the beach, but after some greetings in his native tongue, he realized why we were there. Beachside canoe craftsman 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr To our delight, the native - whose name is Tuk Tuk - spoke in very clear English, namely because his mother was a corrish school teacher before marrying his father, who was a native chieftain. After the jungles started to erupt with violence, his family fled and no one knows what became of the rest of his tribe. He was very helpful and somewhat detached from the whole incident. He also showed no fear when he answered our questions, which was the exact opposite of literally every native we tried to question. He told us that there were many tribes that lived deep in the jungle and for years they have lived in perfect harmony. However, it appears that one tribe chieftain was slowing starting to get disgruntled about supposedly getting second pick of the good foraging and hunting grounds. He started to rise in prominence and soon gathered together several of the smaller tribes and started to terrorize the other clans. In the midst of all the violence, no one knows how many people have died and people have lost track of where the offending tribe has their main encampment. Beachside canoe craftsman 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr We questioned him further and he told us that the other tribes that joined the uprising didn't realize that their new leader was a madman, but now they must obey or die. He believes that if we were to eliminate the offending tribe that the other clans would be willing to surrender and help bring peace back to the jungle. He seemed like he wanted to be the one to rid Île d'Or of this evil, so we offered him a price to guide our expedition through the jungle. He was apprehensive at first and seeing this, we of course asked why. He said that the jungle was filled with all sorts of relics that would cause chaos if disturbed. Well, Major Brickford bought into none of this mumbo jumbo stuff. Tuk Tuk first thought the Major's response was blasphemous, but after the Major pointed out that the relics were undisturbed now and there was so much chaos... Needless to say, it didn't take too long to rid Tuk Tuk of his fears. He agreed to lead us through the jungle and help us help all the residences of Fatu Hiva as well Île d'Or. We headed back to the Resilience to prepare our supplies and start ferrying our equipment to shore. We don't know what we will be up against, but we will certainly be prepared. Beachside canoe craftsman 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ------------------------------------------------------- Here is my entry to Challenge II Category A. I've got some great ideas for categories B and C, so with A out of the way, stay tuned for the rest of the expedition! I will license this as a large artisan in Fatu Hiva. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!
  4. This was the last of my Colossal Castle Contest entries (number 6). The Fantasy Fortress category really intrigued me, and I hoped to have more time to make an entry for it, but still had fun with this small citadel. The colorscheme was definitely inspired by John’s Gondolin build. You will also want to see John's CMF series, and Forest creation, which both give more detail about the Isle of Alnya. Not all Dwelfs (a smaller than average people with pointed ears who are skilled in craftsmanship and animal husbandry; they are also fun-loving to the point of being mischievous) live in the forest, and the nobility of the race often have beautiful palaces built. Such is the case for the Norya family, who have long dwelt in a fine citadel built on Posel Lake. Today Oryn and Ailas had visited The Green Goblet in Allanar Forest. Tanelia was scheduled to perform, and it had been a few months since they had last heard the minstrel's lovely melodies. And while they were there they also enjoyed some of Nyna's delicous dishes - even bringing some home for their father Arun. "You should have come along, Ryfon," called Ailas as they approached the dock. "Another day I would have been only too happy to visit The Green Goblet, but you know I am on duty now," replied Ryfon. He had served the Norya family for years, and was now the head of their men-at-arms. Oryn quickly winked at the soldier and stated, "Well, we brought some fresh treats back from Nyna, and gave her your regards. Rydel said to let you know you can hunt with him tomorrow if your old legs can still keep up." The three continued chattering about the trip as they docked the boat, and headed up the steps into the palace. More pictures on brickbuilt. I was hoping to get more built for the Safe Haven challenge, but unfortunately wasn't able to complete anything else. Still, it was a lot of fun creating Alyna with John, and I'm having just as much fun admiring all of the other new lands!
  5. King's Port Advertiser, Special Edition New Terra’s most reliable source for news, shipping and otherwise. March 617. VOL 2, Special Edition Breaking news! Terraversa officially throws off the Mardierian yoke, and declares total independence! The whole island convulsed with joy! The Viceroy of Terraversa, Oldis Miro, has finally quit his vacillation between the two possible courses before him! The van guard of King Alphonso XIII's Death Guard had landed on the island and begun their deadly work, instilling fear, horror, or anger in the hearts of all true Terraversans. But now the Viceroy and his officers have officially signed a declaration of independence from the King and kingdom of Mardier, and Oldis Miro himself, at the head of the Terraversan troops, is said to have run the Death Guard into the sea! The bells of King's Port ring for joy, and the citizens are in its streets, cheering and applauding as their governor returns from his excursion. Peace has also been signed with the Eslandolan and Garveyan forces, and the Viceroy has promised men to support in the war effort against the common foe. ...But some in Terraversa still shake their heads, predicting a terrible revenge to come from Mardier at the end of the war. Only time will tell! Or, put otherwise, Category A results: Winning Side: 1st Place: Eslandola 2nd Place: Mardier Faction Winners: 1st Place: Corrington 2nd Place: Sea Rats 3rd Place: Oleon Individual Winners: 1st Place: Ayrlego (ESL) - Prize, 1 battalion of Terraversan mercenaries, free of charge and upkeep (may be raised now or at any future period), and 41149 Moana's Island Adventure (to be shipped at the end of the challenge - unless you win another category, of course... - and thanks to Silent Wolf for pointing that out!) Runner-up: Gideon (MAR) - Prize, 1 company of Terraversan troops, free of charge and upkeep, raise-able at any time from right now on. And you can see what every entrant wins in the spoiler below: Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all who entered! Keep up the great entries with Category B and C!
  6. The Eagle at the Great Wall of Hesperia A build for the Alliance in Book II, Challenge V, Category A "We have to make all speed, Aeriglaaac, to get this message to King Fingolë the Golden," said Celdrian the Eagle Rider. "The eastern elves were very particular about making haste. The heir to Cedrica returning will be news welcome to his ears, I think, even if the humans of Avalonia and all of Historica are hardly his concern. Lord Ravaage certainly is his concern, though." "EEAAAAAK!" "You're right, Aeriglaaac, as usual. It would be fun to buzz the tower over at the peak of Oronech, wouldn't it? I love keeping those guards on their toes." "EEAAAAAAAAAAAK RAAAAK!" "You see Prince Fingalad at the tower with your eagle eyes? Excellent, a chance to show off our flying skills!" "EAAAK EEEAAAAAAK EEEEEEK!" "Ok, alright, your flying skills, then." "EEAAAAK!" "Let's go!" "What the..." said Prince Fingalad. "Eagle Riders. Cocky bunch. How I despise them, however useful they may be." More pictures: _____________________________________________________________________ .......................................................................................................................................... Thanks for looking! C&C welcome. Hopefully the overhang is not unreasonable. The base of the build is 248 studs, slightly smaller than the 256 of a 16x16 base, though the decorative border adds to that (but doesn't count, thankfully).
  7. My main goal for this little build was to experiment with some less common colors in the buildings, and a few new techniques. I’m pretty pleased with how the SNOT design of the dark red tudor building worked out. Credit for the cobblestone technique goes to Mike. A Mitgardian courier brings the long awaited news of the Heir of Cedrica, and Daydelon rejoices. More pictures. Thanks for looking
  8. Challenge V Cat A by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Many thoughts were on Farlen's mind as he rode through the Avalonian countryside. A few days ago, he had been ordered by man named Kevan at his Green Rider's headquarters in Albion to carry a message into the Mystic Isles. He was not given much information, besides his destination, Doriath, and a few other news relating to the heir of Historica and the Nocturnian Civil War. While he knew where it was, he only faintly knew about this Doriath place. It was an ancient elven kingdom under the rule of an elf named Brandon. While the Green Riders were not supposed to question the contents of the message they were delivering, Farlen could not help but wonder why Doriath was so important to the war. The Kingdom itself only had a force of a few hundred warriors, which could do little in a war where each forced numbered in the thousands. But maybe the elves had something that could help the war effort? Farlen, knowing he should not question the message for too long, closed his thoughts and tried to think about the view. Gods, the view was nice, he thought. Just then, his thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of two riders behind him. They were galloping, clearly in a rush. He looked behind for a few moments, to see they were wearing foreign looking armor, and were holding the curved swords. Drow, he thought in his mind. He couldn't outrun them, so he quickly stopped his horse, pulled out his sword and shield from his saddle, and shouted, "You will pass no further!" As expected, the Drow paid little attention to his words, and charged at him. However, through his training, he made quick work of both riders with a few swings of his sword. For a few moments, he stopped to catch his breath and ponder his thoughts. This is dangerous, he thought, and the signs of something bigger. He remembered the last time the Drow dared go on the main roads of Avalonia like that was the Avalonian Civil War. Feeling his mission just got more urgent, he then continued riding towards the nearest Green Rider's post for the night. Note: If anyone has a problem with the use of "Green Riders", I will remove that as soon as possible.
  9. Hassan M'badwe, High Judge of Khadira and bearer of the Mace of Watombe, current master of Khadira while Muakhah is off conducting delicate negotiations, personally hands a letter written by Muakhah to the Khadiran courier who will ride to Kaligem and the Desert King. The colors of the Desert King and Kaliphlim flutter in the breeze. The courier has a second steed with saddle bags and supplies for the long journey. Once the saddle bags are less weighty he will alternate mounts to avoid tiring one steed more. A groom feeds to horses a special oatcake prepared for horses with long distance journeys ahead of them. A selection of Khadiran soldiers are also present as Khadira girds itself for the coming struggle. The Khadiran Couriers are swift and skilled riders, trained to destroy their messages rather than let them fall into enemy hands. However, should this letter be captured you might read the following. To his Majesty, Ark,Mora Raa, Lord of the Desert and Master of Kaliphlim, Blessed of Mazadar and Great Hope of the Light. No doubt you know of the news sweeping the land, the Heir of Cedrica is found. This could mean that Historica has one King again. Perhaps this heir will prove worthy and we shall be honored to bend the knee, and perhaps not. Know now that as long as his Majesty Ark,Mora Raa holds true to his principles of Benevolence and Humility tempering Power and Strength and acts as a force for good in the eternal struggle with evil. Then Khadira shall hold its allegiance first and foremost to the true Lord of Kaliphlim, and perhaps in time, Historica. May you be a source of good deeds. May you tip the scales against evil. Your Humble Servant Muakhah of Khadira This was my first snotwork piece and I am pleased with how it came out. I will certainly try more in the future and have a few ideas. I will try and use Hassan M'badwe as a stand in sigfig until I get Muakhah back. Muakhah's character is a bit of a philosopher/prophet/ruler inspired by Zoroaster. Let me know what you think and any comments or criticisms. I think it is a bit flat thought the flags and weapons help slightly.
  10. A Poor Choice Of Mount, Book II Challenge V Category A, Alliance Even with great haste, one can still choose his mount poorly, especially the insectoid-class monstrosities known most commonly as the Nocturian Antlion. These creatures while extremely fast and deadly are also extremely unsuited for riding. Welp, I put a lot of effort into this, so I REALLY hope that the judges will allow this entry given my peculiar and still unresolved situation. C&C is welcome.
  11. Challenge V, Category A, Alliance Side : A Courier in the air In the Enchanted Forest of Avalonia, the activity of the Drow Army increased those past months and Falahuas suffered more than ever the multiple raids they launched through all the Principality. Ther where no safe roads now and that was difficult to send a horse courier by those difficult times. The little group of The Spire minions this ambush team was composed knew perfectly those facts. They where scattered along the northern road of Falahuas waiting to intercept the courier their spies had announced. The road was recently re-claimed by This stupid Elf Princess called Walaehria but she never knew the Drow were still there and would claim soon the entire Principality for them ! How stupid she was ! Thought Arsthalas, the leader of the Drow troups. Even with the re-building of outposts and with the help of other Avalonian Counties like Drondil did, the Principality would never find peace and safety as long as him and his guys could pillage at will ! He had prepared every part of the ambush. He was ready ! His Drow troups had to be a bit scatered along the road from the both sides and be dissimulated within the lush forest that covers all this part of the hilly north of Falahuas. Then, when a rider would show, they would jumped out of their hidings in order to prevent him to turn back. The front group would slay down the horse and capture the rider in order to keep him alive and then torture him to obtain the crucial informations he had to deliver. Yes ! Arsthalas plan was perfect ! Well... It was... Until he discovered with fear the rider wasn't by horse ! He was a Griffon rider ! He hadn't the time to raise his weapon that the sharp spear point of the elf rider cut him in half while the fearsome half eagle/half lion beast used its dreadful claws to tear apart his best men ! In no time there were no Drow left alive along the road. Ethaihlin, the elf rider the Princess chose for that mission, was not a stupid courier, and he had guessed well ! The Drow knew his mission was to deliver a crucial information from the Capital ! They clearly had spies everywhere now. The Spire was stronger than ever ! But hopefully he trusted his mount and his bravery to discourage any attempt to stop him ! His message was cristal clear : "The Heir of Cedrica's Throne is back and all the people of the Alliance side should rise the arms and side with him to stop Ravaage ! The Black Spire can be defeated !" Falahuas will answer to the King's Heir call ! Hope you'll like my entry for this Challenge. Any comment or criticism is welcome. And I hope the tail of the Griffon is considered as a reasonable overhanging. If, not, tell me and I will rework my composition to make it fit in the 16*16 base. And here is a bonus picture of the Griffon rider alone :
  12. Built for category A of Challenge V, for the Alliance side. The path design was inspired by Thorsten Bonsch’s Orsinium. It was fun experimenting with the path here, albeit time consuming. A messenger gallops through the lands of Kaliphlin, spreading the word of the return of the true king of Historica! Perhaps 'gallops' is a poor choice of words though, as the camel seems content with a slow walk, much to the messenger's distress. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  13. Somewhere among the shores of Avalonia... A rider sent from General Aeldric of Vanhorn races the soldiers of The Spire to send word to Albion and the surrounding reaches word of the True King's return, the True Heir to Cedrica! The Orcs of the coastal regions have always bore crude weapons and armor. Not nearly on level of that of Soldiers directly from The Spire. The rider must be diligent, swift, and unrelenting on his horse, for the forces of Ravaage do not falter. (Welp, this is my Category A (Riders of Historica) Entry! It's Alliance side. CC Welcome!)
  14. Dannylonglegs

    [Challenge 5][Cat A] Lil' Longlegs

    On Farmolis's Famous Octan Olympic Arena, where all the best and brightest athletes have come to train! Including none other than Dr. Danielle Long, who was surprised to wake up to a holo-mail from CEO Pombe, requesting her presence at the games... on penalty of forfeiture of shares... Octan Olympics! by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Engineer: "Well, madam, as you can see, the core and engine are fully functional. She's operating at 95% Target output." Dr. Long: "Hmm... That's unacceptable. Tighten that nozzle, adjust the location of that fuel pump, and reconfigure the wiring. Bring it up to 100% Target Output, or I will find someone who can." Engineer: "If only... Triple H were here..." Dr. Long: "He is not here. Do what must be done." Octan Olympics! by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Long: "Why are these not assembled? Engineer: "Well, you see, there's a real funny story about that..." Dr. Long: "I did not come here to listen to funny stories. I came here to assess your craftsmanship, and right now, I'd say it's certainly lacking." Engineer: "I'm waiting on Pneumatics to supply me with the gas repressurizer! I can't do final assembly until they get me that pressurizer!" Dr. Long: "Stop looking for excuses. I'll deal with Pneumatics... And as for you... pack your things. I'll add finding a suitable replacement to my agenda. That shouldn't be too hard, I don't think." Engineer: "No, please! I've got a wife and three kids!" Dr. Long: "No you don't. In your file it says you're "Single and ready to mingle." Engineer: "Well, I want a wife and three kids eventually..." Dr. Long: "Get out." Octan Olympics! by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Long: "And what seems to be the holdup here!" Software Specialist: "I'm giving her all she's got, Doctor, but I can't access tha damn file to download!" Dr. Long: "Honestly, the incompetence I have to put up with on a daily basis. Clappy, access file Zoology_AI_Bullfrog.exe. This is Doctor Long, code blue entry, pass 98765. "You got it, boss!" Dr. Long: "Finally, someone who follows my orders." Later...... Octan Olympics! by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Finally, I have my competition entry assembled. When I designed these schematics, I modeled her after the robots I use to collect samples underwater... and then I gave her legs because that was an entry requirement. Honestly I just want to get this over with so that I can continue doing science, but perhaps I can bring glory to the great Octan Corporation by performing above average in this contest. After all, I am a perfectionist. No one will stand my way when I set my mind to something. Now, Let's get this baby started. Lil' Longlegs, please initiate Start Sequence." Octan Olympics! by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Perfect." About the Mech: In professional Mech Wrestling contests, Mechs of this nature (long legs, hunched torso) are frowned upon, but not outruled. Typically they are seen used by "Heel" Performers, as their use is considered... underhanded. The long legs are seen as an unfair advantage, since they add to the balance and leverage of the robot when wrestling... but as they say, the higher they stand, the harder they fall... Dr. Long knows none of this, though, as she only read the exact rules, and has never actually watched or participated in a mech contest. She didn't think to overview any of the ... unspoken rules... after all. Rules are made to be spoken. That said, Dr. Long wouldn't particularly care if she found out. If it's in the rules, it's legal, and if it gives her an advantage, well... too bad. Octan Olympics! by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Octan Olympics! by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Octan Olympics! by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Octan Olympics! by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dat bumper tho'... ____________________________ Notes: Credit for story idea to Bob... ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  15. Kai NRG

    Blue Beads

    Jan. 22, 616 First encounter with natives today. Seemed friendly, quite willing to trade. Met three - young father and mother, with son - I guessed. Main livelihood apparently fishing, but obviously engaged in trading with others. The young man in complete war costume - willing to barter peacefully, possibly only a dandy. Not at all shy, and very fond of ornament. Blue beads popular in particular. Fishing seemed good, land fertile. Area recommendable as a trading post. - Capt. Granders The back: This was a lot of fun to build! Constructive criticism always welcome!
  16. Dardanel

    [Challenge 2][Cat A] The Koi

    By now it should be common knowledge - we're all in grave danger. An unknown menace awaits us. I was given a task by our great and honorable board. A task I accepted with a heavy heart. Science should be used for the betterment of mankind. Never for destruction (unless not on purpose, of course). I was to build a ship, one of many, that would defend us against this unseen foe. After countless, sleepless hours, I was finally able to finish it. My vision of an (almost) perfect science-ish war(ish)ship. I call it the Koi. For those of a more inquiring mind, I leave the full technical design: What makes this ship special you ask? Well, I made it, is that not enough? All joking aside, we do not know where the alien armada will attack. We need to be ready for anything. I've tried making an artificial GATE, based on my previous research, but alas - I was not in time. To offset this personal failure I have altered the design of the ship so it could brave faster through the GATEs. It hurt its offensive capabilities too much. I installed mechanisms that would allow it to switch between these modes. The specs describe the battle mode only, so I commit instructions for GATE mode switch mechanism as well. But, what is a science vessel without a sample collector, that also doubles as a hatch for escape pod? And, what ship, any ship, is complete without an actual escape pod? As you can see - perfection. P.S. Yes I do wear skin-color gloves. Get over it.
  17. Introducing the brand new Kawashita Aerospace Heavy Space Fighter: The SF-47 Tsurugi-G We at the Kawashita Group are proud to present the glorious fruit of a decade's R&D which has resulted in the most superfluous of "Heavy" class space fighters. Our pilots will have the honor of piloting a multi-role, highly versatile, and long-range combat platform within the next few weeks as the product is rolled out to factories throughout Kawashita space. We've done our best to mitigate the design doc leak, so if you've seen it please refrain from telling me as I am too low-level a functionary to not report it to my superiors. Observe the pleased expression of test pilot Hiroto Kasama-san who has spoken highly of the Tsurugi-G's defensive measures, manoeuvrability, and high-impact firepower. Very soon you will be able to see Kasama-san demoing the Tsurugi-G in aerospace combat trade shows throughout Sol and Andromeda. Watch especially for demonstrations of those "Bushi" dual Kinetic-cannons! Marvel at the Tsurugi-G's next-level armored underbody. Here at Kawashita, we take the safety of our pilots most seriously. Shame at the failure of a product of Kawashita Aerospace is shame shared by all, and therefore we have included advanced shielding coils prominently in the underbody of the ship wherein the pilot is most vulnerable. Note also the gracefully folding undercarriage! It cuts quite the imposing figure! And oh my! Those "Kirin" engines! With limited FTL capability, the Kirin ensures that the Tsurugi-G is the most mobile and long-range Heavy fighter ever developed by Kawashita. All this and bucket seats designed for maximum comfort by the couch potatoes ergonomics masters over at Octan! We are so pleased to have shared the SF-47 Tsurugi-G Heavy Fighter with you today! So pleased that we have included the above alternate profile photo for you to admire with us the sleek lines and ridiculously armored hull of this exemplary craft. Honor and Glory! Builder's Notes: -I totally stole the seat design from Bob's Crimson Pilgrim. Which remains my favorite Lego space ship. Period. -The Tsurugi-G is probably one of my top 3 favorite things I've made with Lego and one of the ones of which I am most proud. I've never attempted a MOC fighter of this calibre, using SNOT and other advanced (for me) techniques to get the shape and feel I wanted. I really enjoyed tinkering with it and it was a build wherein I tried a lot of stuff before settling. I'm pretty happy with it but the photos probably reveal a few details or mistakes that could have used more work. Oh well, can't do this forever or I'll miss my weekly and never mind the other categories of the Challenge! -Lots more pictures on my Flickr, of course. -Thanks for looking, bring on the C&C since I still have a few days to fix anything huge. That said, I went the full deal on these photos so I'd be loathe to take a bunch more. Oh well, if you see anything point it out and I'll get to it. Probably!
  18. Voice Log of Mister S: "Kara and I finally made it to the closest hangar bay on the Kameko. Due to the location of my garage in the Research and Development section of the ship, the closest hangar was also research and development. Fortunately there was a small two person fighter in the bay and Kara and I quickly hopped in it. I asked her if she knew how to fly it. She said that she didn't and that she thought that driving was my department. I started to explain the difference between driving and piloting but realized we didn't have the time. I experimented with the controls until the voice activated interface spoke up welcoming us to "The Ambassador". It only took a few sentences to have the fighter powered up and exiting the Kameko."
  19. :: Kawashita HaR :: :: Hit and Run :: Together with the masters of warfare, I (Narbilu) developed a small manoeuvrable vessel, which carries a single Peacemaker rocket. The Peacemaker can, on impact, destroy a whole command centre or large warship. The Hit and Run (HaR) is just that. Hit your target and get out of the fight as soon as possible. The small rattling gun on the side can keep your adversaries at distance, but won’t save you in massive battle. The Gate Drive can get you out of harms way as quick as you entered the scene. All for Honor & Glory.
  20. Countless citizens of Kaliphlin lost their homes, belongings, and even loved ones during the drawn out war between the High Council, Desert King, and Ulandus. Many chose to take what little they had left and travel with makeshift caravans, to try and find a haven from the constant strife, whether within Kaliphlin or another guild: C&C welcome
  21. Off to War! - there is no other experience which so rocks the course of life and leaves such vacancy behind it with those wondering if they who leave so full of life and health will ever return with the same. Thus it is always - war can never wipe through a land without leaving its bloody and tearful trail behind it. Another Ulandian entry to Category A and another very melancholy story... Sorry about that! A picture of the full build: Figless: I would like to receive UoP credit for: Architecture - roofing (2) Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  22. Book II - Challenge III - Category A - Ancestors and Heroes For the Dwarves! "The young dwarf kneeled in front of the memorial of his father, honoring and paying respect to him. He prayed for guidance, courage, and protection in the coming war." My entry into the Guilds of Historica Book II Challenge III - Category A. - Ancestors and Heroes. I had tons of fun making this entry, I experimented with the wall technique that Grant Davis made up in his "Free Fish" creation. I loved the wall design, and recreated it with a few differences/added things to make it unique. The floor in front of the statue also lights up, unfortunately I wasn't able to capture it to well in the picture. But hopefully you get the gist of it. :) Edit: Here is a better picture of the lighting so I can claim the UoP credits I have another entry in the works, hopefully I can finish it in time for the contest (ends on the 11th, 2 days!)! BTW, it also uses another one of Grant Davis's techniques, they are so good! :D Enjoy! P.S. Today (or yesterday, depending on your time zones) also marks my 2 year Anniversary on EB :) Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  23. Blessing of the Ancestors Among the dwarves of Historica, veneration of the ancestors is widespread and many statues of fallen heroes are placed in the great dwarven halls. It is common to seek the blessings of these heroes of old, usually through a ritual performed by a priest, before going into battle. The ancestors are given offerings of the best food imported from the surface. Since the food disappears shortly after the ritual is performed, it is a widespread belief that the spirits of the ancestors are returning to feast in their halls of old. Some dwarves weak of faith are however whispering that the priests are maybe looking a bit too well nourished during times of war…? Please give me feedback on the photography and editing, I've been playing with my new camera and trying to learn Lightroom and might very well have overstretched a slider or three when developing the pictures
  24. From the record of Stian Vitr's report to Erland Blar: In my earlier travels, I discovered an abandoned watchtower. This tower became a hideout for myself and my friend, your son, Tait. This morning, we rode out to the tower to enjoy our break before poleaxe training. We wanted to practice together before we were tested at the barracks by Master Einar. When we reached the tower, we noticed that someone had placed several barrels of arms inside, and it made us curious. I climbed to the top of the tower to inspect further, when we suddenly heard some one approaching. Seeing I had no time to get back down, I signaled to Tait to return with the horses. I quickly clamored on top of the thatched roof of the tower and burrowed into the straw to avoid being seen. I soon discovered who was approaching: a group of dwarves with more arms to add to their store. Hoping they would leave soon, I settled down to wait. Instead of leaving after depositing the arms, someone climbed to the top of the tower. I pushed my face through a hole in the thatching to be able to see what was going on. Four dwarves had come to the top of the tower. All four stood in a circle around the trapdoor, not speaking a word. Then, one in a green hat unrolled a scroll and began to read. "Due to the threat of an alliance between Drow and Elves, all dwarves from the Madren militia will commence attacking the Drow to prevent this alliance. In order to maintain secrecy, we will tunnel into Avalonia underground. We shall take the Drow by surprise and wipe them from Avalonia, thus preventing an attack on our homeland of Mitgardia." The three others cheered and began murmuring amongst each other. Though I was close, I could hear very little of what was said. With this news, I was anxious to report back so that something might be done to prevent this rash act of the dwarves. As soon as the dwarves left, I hurried down from the tower and ran back to Falkidalr. End of Report. Responsive action to commence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C&CC quite welcome. I would appreciate it if a Moderator would let me know if the slight overhang is acceptable. Thanks for looking!
  25. Here's my Category A entry for the Men's side. Glorfindel needed definite proof that the dwarves were planning to march into Avalonia, and he needed details about their plans. Already he had been brought messages confirming that the dwarves were readying for war, but he still needed specific information about when, where, and which of the dwarven clans would move out. To gain this information he turned to Jonathan, a trustworthy boy who served as a page under Glorfindel's command. Jonathan disguised himself as a dwarve and then infiltrated some of their meetings: Then he reported back to Glorfindel: C&C welcome