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Found 10 results

  1. The ghost ship spotted by the Eagle south of the Prio Sea
  2. The Eagle at the Great Wall of Hesperia A build for the Alliance in Book II, Challenge V, Category A "We have to make all speed, Aeriglaaac, to get this message to King Fingolë the Golden," said Celdrian the Eagle Rider. "The eastern elves were very particular about making haste. The heir to Cedrica returning will be news welcome to his ears, I think, even if the humans of Avalonia and all of Historica are hardly his concern. Lord Ravaage certainly is his concern, though." "EEAAAAAK!" "You're right, Aeriglaaac, as usual. It would be fun to buzz the tower over at the peak of Oronech, wouldn't it? I love keeping those guards on their toes." "EEAAAAAAAAAAAK RAAAAK!" "You see Prince Fingalad at the tower with your eagle eyes? Excellent, a chance to show off our flying skills!" "EAAAK EEEAAAAAAK EEEEEEK!" "Ok, alright, your flying skills, then." "EEAAAAK!" "Let's go!" "What the..." said Prince Fingalad. "Eagle Riders. Cocky bunch. How I despise them, however useful they may be." More pictures: _____________________________________________________________________ .......................................................................................................................................... Thanks for looking! C&C welcome. Hopefully the overhang is not unreasonable. The base of the build is 248 studs, slightly smaller than the 256 of a 16x16 base, though the decorative border adds to that (but doesn't count, thankfully).
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Eagle - Space 1999

    Hello, as a kid I was a huge fan of Space 1999 (Mondbasis Alpha 1 in German). This led me to trying to build an Eagle out of bricks: The colours are not correct, as the enthusiasts will know, but my kids needed white & others so only red and blue were left for me at that time. Basically this was an exercise in stability & design, as I can lift the whole thing in the middle - and it does not fall apart. Also, it does not bend. These two modules are also not 100% like the original (there is only one module underneath an eagle) - I tried two for playability reasons. However, as you can see on the in- and outside they were never finished. Reason: My kids showed no interest in this model at all. So it went to sleep .... Still: I like those Eagles. Looking at the pictures right now I'd say the "legs" need some more improvement (too small). ... and the two modules look too bulky (but they can relatively easily be attached and taken off). The different parts of the Eagle are linked by sliding doors. Unfortunately for me, I have seen some other "Eagle-creations" here on the forum and I liked them much better than mine (both design & choice of colour). In any case: Your comments are welcome!
  4. Just to give you guys some information, Plastic Bricks Direct is selling New LOTR eagles for 3.62$. They are in the animal body part section, and are on the third page. Just wanted to share, because I can't post in the Buy, Sell, Trade, and Finds Forum yet. 0 left
  5. Hey guys, I recently bought all 5 Legend Beasts and discovered cards to unlock each beast in Legends of Chima Online (iOS). Does anyone know what button I need to press to scan them? Please post a screenshot... Thanks! legozebra
  6. Enter the Eagle at Singapore Airshow 2014! This brick F-15SG comprises more than 150 parts and took more than half a year to design. It was quite a challenge to get it true to scale at this size. I’ve added in details like the airbrake and missiles, and built the wings sideways to make them as smooth as possible. The new 1x2 slope (part 11477) worked really well here. Hope you like it. Cheers! http://www.facebook....cksbencreations
  7. Hello While watching 'the Hobbit' in the cinema i had it in mind to build this iconic scene. Check out all details on MOCpages Hope you like the scene. Feel free to comment. Jonas
  8. After reaching Round 4 of mocpages MELO (may you remember my "last march of treebeard") my new category was "Mount Doom". You probably saw the fantastic entry of my opponent matthew oh. The judges already made their decision and gave me the privilege of marching in round 5, the semi finals. It was a very tough round against matthew and I want to pay tribute to his great entries. But now enjoy the pics: Thank you for looking!
  9. This is a LDD model rendered using LDD2PovRay and PovRay. This is the last of my CUUSOO project animals for a long time. Maybe it is time for a change. Hope you like it. You can support it here: