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  1. Tezclatipoca

    GoH Challenge 11 Voting Topic

    Tayaya - 1point Simon_s - 1point Capitaine Flint - 1point
  2. Tezclatipoca

    Era III and a call for New Leadership!

    Wow ! Nice to see I'm not alone to be back ! Good to see you here my friend ! I totally agree with you on the quality MOC idea ! I Would recommand to separate Brickbuilt MOCs from Digital ones though in order to avoid some unfairness... So there could be a prize for the best Brickbuilt MOC and another prize for the Digital MOC of the quarter or of the season, whatever the regularity the Court would choose...
  3. Tezclatipoca

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Yes it was a mistake IMO. I agree with you. I hope the new rules could help players to play some real bad guys by helping them in doing some acts of piracy and real ship attacks without risking to loose too much. I always found too risky to attack by myself the ships passing at my vessel range... As it is actually, I find the rules too gentle for the trading actions and too hard for the piracy actions.
  4. Tezclatipoca

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Hey great idea ! I like it ! It would be very RP to accentuate those identities to represent the fact that Factions evolved. You should suggest this in the "looking for help for new Era" or something like that... dedicated thread.
  5. Tezclatipoca

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Hello my dear fellow Sea Rats ! Is there any place open for an old player to join again the game with a new character in a new faction ? I am Faladrin, I played Felipe de la Manzana in Eslandola years ago. But, I would like to change faction to start from scratch a new character for the future new Era III.
  6. Tezclatipoca

    Era III and a call for New Leadership!

    Maybe ... yes ... I hope so ! I'll look forward to read what you've prepared for us all ! A sure thing : I will not be involved as I was by the past. It will be, as a humble player, a post of this; and a post of that... from time to time. @Jeff of Clubs : I could clarify my thoughts yes of course : The game lost me with the Terraversa war against Mardier... the lore was too complex finally and not really cohesive some times. As I said, I was an "old" player and I had been involved in Terraversa before this event. It bothered me to see what this little island had become after that. I thought I wasn't at my place anymore. so I stopped playing. That's it !
  7. Tezclatipoca

    Era III and a call for New Leadership!

    This is excellent news ! I would (re) join the game for a new character and probably within the Sea Rats. I enjoyed playing Felipe de la Manzana in Eslandola during the first shot of the game but got bored in Era II because of many complications. I would suggest less rules. Less complexity. Less virtual builds. And please ! no more NPC factions. It was too heavy to follow... Please, consider less is more for a better Era in the future. That was my 2 cents and it's been a while...
  8. Tezclatipoca

    Pirates Mafia

    Guillotine ? Guillotine ?? ... Erh ... Which Guillotine ? No ! Of Course ! (first because you love French, and I am French, and second, Because you love Mayonnaise, I could send some to you but it would probably spoils before it reaches your door... never mind... a silly idea...) A game with Pirates is always welcome ! Of course!
  9. Tezclatipoca

    [GBW] K14 - Romgaria - Seaside getaway.

    Great landing ship Prof ! Nice to see our beloved KLR going maritim... A little bird told me the KLR hasn't finished with Marine stuff...
  10. Tezclatipoca

    [GBW] - H17 - EROTEMA - Airport raid

    Waooh ! It's huge ! You took a great advantage from the 2month ! Great ! And a lovely plane ... Great job Comrade ! The KLR is proud to have you ! (the Commissionner is preparing some medals...)
  11. Tezclatipoca

    Phase 3 Discussion

    I am just in time... Attack posted ! Lots of IRL stuff got my time but I'm on holidays now and I am preparing something huge for the few next days...
  12. Attack - J15 The port of Novozibrisk It was a normal day on a normal quay at the port of Novozibrisk this morning. Though the town was falling under the iron boots of Communism, still, the port stayed away from these tumultuous events. The only thing that changed was the presence of this annoying armed guard - What is all that trash ? ... - Move this away ! ... And other "joyful" yellings were the only things we could get from him... Until the liberators came from the water... Like in the city center they were more than welcome ! They removed the annoying guard of his fonctions. It seemed some could have heard a wisper of relief from the dockers... Now all the city was liberated from the Tyranny and embrassed freely the KLR Ideology. The plan is developping well ! The Admiral will be happy to have a port to his reach !
  13. Tezclatipoca

    [MOC] Silent Mary Moc

    Nice work. For the pictures try to make links to the pictures instead of charging the picture itself. Don't hesitate to use an external image hoster like FLickR or ImgUR and just post the link in your post (you can see how to do in our tuto). For now I took the liberty to add a full view of your ship to your topic. And for photography I would suggest you to use a blank background; I was quite disturbed by your clock and window in the background.
  14. Tezclatipoca

    ARTICLE: Pirates 2009

    Yes like Mr Phes is saying, Photos don't stay eternnally on their hosted location. There is no need to bump old topics to mention that. Please avoid it in the future. Thank you.
  15. Tezclatipoca

    [WIP] USS Constitution Moc Progress

    Good start. I have just some remarks concerning posting rules : 1. This is a MOC (even in WIP; it's still a MOC) so I moved the Topic in the Pirate MOCs Subforum where it can find its audience. 2. As a WIP it needs a little mention of it in the title : Like the [WIP] I added in the title: in our Pirate MOC Forum we like to see a quick index appears in front of each topic : [MOC] if it's a finish build and [WIP] if it's still in developpemnt. 3. Be careful not to duplicate topics.