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  1. Not at the moment, but working on clearing my build table to be ready for the next challenge. Just hoping that the deadline will be far enough out so that there will be enough time to get a build done after Skaerbaek
  2. Gideon

    Prelude: What Lies Beneath

    Lovely build overall and great details The colors really stand out too. Can’t wait to see what this challenge will be (This reminds me of the indie game series Avernum, which also takes place in subterranean caverns where magically altered plants makes it possible for a realm of exiles from the surface to thrive)
  3. Gideon

    Morty's Traveling Puppetry

    Nice concept and well done, I think you've nailed the shape of the wagon and I'm impressed to see such a "single use" headpiece being used in a MOC with good results
  4. Gideon

    Wyvernstone Village

    Great build overall, I really like how much details you've squeezed in there! Kudos for all the good uses of Elves stickers and other printed parts
  5. Great to see more cyclops in Historica! I like the lore a lot, with the description of the matriarchal society and the scavenging nature of the cyclops, reusing old structures and weapons.
  6. Gideon

    Temple of Afe'aa

    Very nice ornate build overall, my favorite detail is the wallpaper stripe over the gate
  7. The ruin seems like something taken straight out of Middle-earth! And that is a good thing Great job with the rockwork too
  8. Gideon

    Mesozoic Tax Collector

    Lovely building! Looks like there are a lot of cultural exchange between Kaliphlin and Mesozoic I particularly like the stained glass windows and the elevated entrance with the stairway.
  9. Gideon

    Challenge III - Category A: Rumors

    NPU I suppose
  10. Nice color choices and top notch photography
  11. Lovely build, with so much to see everywhere! Excellent minifigs you've composed too And great to see you back in GoH again!
  12. Gideon

    Challenge III: Cat. A: King Or Puppet?

    Great concept and very well done! So Revolword is still hiding in the shadows...?? I really like the details, particularly the mosaic and the decorations using the quarter-circle tiles.
  13. With such great categories I had to build something despite all the too short nights of having three kids and the pressure of a new and more demanding job. Happy to finally have gotten around to using all of my hieroglyph pieces, which so far hadn't found a place in any of my "modern" Kaliphlin MOCs.
  14. My entry for Category A:
  15. Throughout Kaliphlin a rumor is quickly spreading that an Anubian lich is raising an army of undead, from ancient necropoles hidden in the vast deserts of the Siccus Badlands. An ancient necropolis, silent for millennia, has suddenly been disturbed... An Anubian lich, with necromantic powers... The heavy stone slabs covering the sarcofagi are no match for the power unleashed within... A new threat to Kaliphlin and Historica? Hieroglyph panels on the left side of the back wall are sloping panels, which was a bit tricky to angle into vertical walls. But that made some room for a battery box at least! Lighting made with LifeLites; green ModuLites in the sarcofagi and a prototype UV LED pointed upwards behind the central sarcofagus to make the staff glow. Long exposure for the LifeLites + flash to illuminate the rest.