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  1. Unintentional Exploring

    Very nice landscaping and especially rockwork, I particularly like the cave with the well-placed olive green grass and the larger tree.
  2. Still waiting for the results of the Sultan’s Gate challenge from 2014
  3. Wow! Lovely build with so many details to enjoy One detail I particularly love is the wooden walkway along the cliff!
  4. Very nice overall mountain landscape, with good balance between green and dbg. I like that the vegetation is gathered in that way, seems much more realistic than if it would have been spread out more evenly
  5. Hot spring, Celestia This is my entry for Era II, Challenge 1, Category B. Jameston, Celestia, 30th day of the 1st month, 618 AE Distinguished fellows of the Royal Society, In the name of science and our Queen, may her reign be long and prosperous, I have a new geological find of great interest to report to you. In my exploration of the wonderful island of Celestia, I have discovered a spring where the water is hot and with a visibly different chemical composition to the surrounding streams and small lakes. While I have not yet been able to analyze the chemical composition of the spring in my laboratory, by it’s odour I conclude that it most certainly contains traces of sulphur. After a good long bath in the spring’s waters my skin is clearly rejuvenated, so my assumption is that it has some medical properties worthy of further research. Yours faithfully, Dr. Alistaire Garrett
  6. One of the favorite places for wealthy gentlemen scientists and adventurers exploring the wonders of Celestia is the luxurios, at least by colonial standards, tavern called The Gilded Cup. Licensed as large artisan.
  7. Sure, many thanks if you would fix that!
  8. Those heavy tops of the palm trees makes me wonder if the trunks would be that stable with physics also in play? Where is that white tiger from...?
  9. Innovative trunk design! So much vegetation must be a challenge in LDD??
  10. Thanks! Yes, I did my first attempt as part of this collab for Era I, challenge V. So a lot of the techniques I used here are reused from that build (I suppose I can blame cultural consistency? :wink:) or attempts to improve these. Can I call it a remix of my own build...?
  11. Thank you sir! The Jaguar tower was actually my inspiration to revisit this architecture and to have a tower in my build When I looked around for some inspirational pictures I then saw some photos of Palenque and did some kind of interpretation of a couple of the structures at that site. I still think the composition of my old build was better, but I hope I've improved some of the techniques here especially the sloped roofs with plates and tiles was something I'm much happier with than using all slopes. And bigger is also a quality isn't it?
  12. I bought them after seeing Mark of Falworth use them here: But it was not until last year I tried my hand at dinosaur palm trees myself.
  13. Great use of all those various pieces for the vegetation, I particularly like the dinosaur tails and the long seaweed pieces in the stairs
  14. Thanks! Yes, the palm trees are built with .
  15. Thanks I should look into the licensing forms some day then.