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  1. Excellent entry! Great layout of the building and very good detailing overall I really like the various parts of scaffolding and wooden support, making it a very believable construction site. The roof under construction is also top notch! It's also nice to see how far you've progressed since 2015, both in your building style and photography. That's what we usually market GoH as a place to do also, but I suppose LoR and BoBS are also great places to polish your style in
  2. Gideon

    Challenge I: The Gate of Schwarzburg

    Great to see that your build was finished in time! I really like all the nice texture and details that you put in the stonework, the shape of the roofs, the curved tile arches (and lbg gothic arches, finally!) and the fig posing generally On the photography side my main suggestions for improvement would be to mind the direction of the light, right now the shadows are in the same direction as the building which looks a bit weird, they would have been better at an angle in my opinion. I also think it would have been nice to cover up the visible colorful parts of the Moduverse base So #SwedishLegoMafia is now officially a thing...?
  3. Gideon

    Challenge I - Brick by Brick

    Nice detailed build with some really great details! My favorite is probably the floor tile laying, where having tiles instead of plates where the tiles are missing gave the scene a much better look I like the presentation style focusing on individual figures in the build, but I'm missing at least one overview shot showing the whole build. I would also recommend making sure that the pictures are sharp. In the case of the floor tile worker, using a tripod or other support for the camera (easiest) or having much more light would have helped as 1/30 s handheld seems to have been too long to hold the camera steady. ISO 3200 is also unnecessarily high, so a tripod and 1/2-1 s shutter would have given the cleanest image.
  4. Gideon

    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    @dalle & @adde51: Thanks to both of you, and especially for all the feedback along the way which definitely has had an impact on the result The build will definitely appear in Borlänge and Örebro next year, and maybe Skaerbaek too I think I have all the parts for your sigfig now, so in some upcoming build he is welcome to visit Barqa if you (likely?) outbuild me and MOC the visit yourself. Thanks! The "half-stud" crumbling plaster and the skeleton of the dome were a couple of the reasons this build happened in the first place Thank you! I tried to come up with something which fit in the setting but also aimed for the "original concepts or stories" part of the challenge evaluation Fun story about the name! Gideon is not my real name, but the nickname has stuck with me since my youth when I more or less randomly picked some cool Bible hero as my gamer nick when playing Starcraft with some friends. It then followed into the AFOL world when I registred on the Swebrick LUG forum back in 2009. Happy to do what I can to pull you back into the guilds! @Faladrin, @Drawd, @MontyPython, @Windusky, @Angeli, @zoth33, @Basiliscus, @kahir88, @W Navarre, @Garmadon, @Kai NRG , @Ayrlego, @TheLordOfBricks, @Grover, @soccerkid6, @Muakhah, @The Last of Nergoue Thanks a million for the nice feedback all of you!! Thank you very much for the support! Even though I'm probably taking Barqa quite far in the direction of my own thoughts of the place since a quite long time already (What?! Has it been 4 years since I built "Streets of Barqa"?!?), I still try to at least not contradict the lore originally written back in Book I Good call to explain any differences in the depiction and description of the Order with theological and observance differences Here are all pictures (both public and private) of the build:
  5. Gideon

    Challenge I: Mitgardian Framing Party

    Great concept and masterfully captured! A quite clean build but yet rich in action Top notch photo presentation.
  6. Gideon

    [AoM]: Patman's Cellar

    Great overall shape of the house, nice detailing on the walls and very nice terrace/balcony The cart is just lovely!
  7. That's what I definitely call a high-detailed MOC I especially like the wand-window, the ingot stone pile and the bush in the tree stump.
  8. Gideon

    Challenge I: Lothog Watchtower

    Good entry with a number of really nice details I also like the contrast between the very clean looking stonework, the scaffolding and the detailed terrain. Nice to have you building for GoH for real now, and to see some proper photos of the build
  9. Gideon

    [AoM]: Patman's Stable

    Nice details inside the horse pen and lovely cobblestone path! I agree however that the brown path looks a bit unfinished. The photography is good as usual, I like the view from straight above
  10. CHALLENGE I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa The Order of Aslan has a strong presence in Barqa, with both it’s clerical and military wings having numerous members in the city. The Aslanic faith is therefore one of the most widespread among the inhabitants of Barqa. Particularly in the growing community of migrants from Nocturnus, the faith in the Lion God seems to be spreading quickly. Towering over the New Aden district, located within the outer wall of Barqa, the bell tower of the Aslanic Temple is one of the most recognizeable landmarks of the Barqa skyline and the tones of its bells are a familiar sound calling to prayer daily and sometimes to alert of fire or foes. Aslanic temple in Barqa, next to a busy street in the New Aden district Altar with the idol of Aslan In the parched deserts of Kaliphlin and the fetid swamps of Nocturnus clean and fresh water is a well-known symbol of life, both literally and in a spiritual meaning. Barqa is fed by several aqueducts providing the city with fresh mountain water from the Zumrut Bluffs. The Aslanic Order has made sure to connect the temple the water supply and have built a fountain where the depiction of Aslan is literally providing the inhabitants of Barqa with abundant life flowing from the mouth of the Lion God. Especially the majority of the city’s inhabitants who cannot afford to live in a house connected by its own pipes greatly appreciate this service, regardless of if they chose to put any religious interpretation in the water or not. Contrary to widespread prejudice against “filthy orcs”, most are actually quite cleanly if given the chance. One might wonder if this is one of the explanations for the revival in the orcish population of the city. An orcish child and his mother are fetching water from the temple’s fountain. Bishop Sheyer, the highest spiritual leader of the Order in Barqa is briefing Lord Gideon about the progress of the repair works Aslanic priest explaining to some of the cityfolk how the quite theoretical sermon preached by the bishop should be interpreted A knight and a sergeant of the military wing of the Order Lord Kfir, leader of the military wing of the Aslanic Order in Barqa During the numerous recent conflicts in recent years the Order has not prioritized to maintain the temple. During the time when much of the Barqan City Guard along with almost all of the Order’s forces were in the field against Raavage, the temple has even been subject to theft of the copper roof which now has to be repaired. One by one the domes are now being repaired and one by one the walls are getting new plaster. Workers are repairing the roofs and walls of the temple Metalworker starting to repair the last of the damaged domes Plasterer repairing the temple walls The streets of the newer parts of Barqa are in most places depressed a bit to be able to collect the everyday filth and handle torrents of water from the infrequent but heavy rains, before being passed on to the extensive sewer system of the city ultimately washing everything out into the Arkbri river and the sea. To avoid having pedestrians setting foot in the streets they are equipped at regular intervals with stepping stones, with standardized spacing so that carriage wheels can pass unhindered. Oxcart. Is the driver getting drunk on his own supply? A veteran from some war long ago, somewhere in Historica, now calls Barqa his home. The city also teems with other smaller creatures. Barqa is particularly well known for its numerous black cats, well liked by most people in the city since the cats are at least to some extent limiting the rodent problem. Black cats of Barqa The arborists of the city have been busy aiding the siege workshops for a few years... The Temple Square is centrally located in the district and is always a busy place More inhabitants of the city: More pictures: The ambition with this build was to continue building in the style of my old Streets of Barqa build, while still carefully updating the style with some of the new pieces which has been added to my collection. I also adapted the base to a Moduverse compatible standard to facilitate possible future collabs with my local LUG friends who are joining Kaliphlin too. The road is made up of two 16x32 modules which could serve as a standard for future Barqan road networks on some exhibition in Scandinavia. I also wanted to give proper homage to @Mike S original lore about Barqa and the Order of Aslan, from what I could find on the GoH wiki and in some old threads. If there are any contradictions in what I’ve written I would of course be more than happy to update it! Many thanks to @adde51, @Wineyard, @Zilmrud, @Peter S and @dalle for all the great feedback during the build process! It's been one of the most fun builds ever thanks to the collaborative process we've had
  11. Gideon

    Challenge I: Grahark [Guild Ch 2D]

    Great to see the tribal side of Varlyrio being fleshed out like this! There are several really nice details here which I like a lot, particularly the bone structure. I agree that the ground seems a bit too flat however, maybe some slight changes in elevation and/or details like some more vegetation spread around would have matched the excellent details of the structures. Another suggestion for improvement is to move the camera further away from the build and zoom in instead, with these perspectives the closer parts of the build to the camera get "magnified" quite a lot compared to the parts further away from the camera.
  12. I really like your storytelling style! I like the angled part of the facade and fact that the plant is not growing on the wall (as in most of the builds and in probably 100% of mine). The rightmost part of the building however looks a bit strange without any windows and the bottom floor wall would have benefited from a tad of texture imho. The photography is great! My only nitpick is that I like to have the photos uprighted so that vertical lines in the build are vertical in the middle of the frame.
  13. Gideon

    Of Dragons and Druids: Ch. 1

    Very interesting to hear how the photography was done That the difference between “shade” and “cloudy” was so little it’s probably a sign that those settings are very similar in color temperature. I usually don’t bother about those settings as I shoot in raw, which means I can correct fine-tune the white balance in the computer afterwards But in a case like this where the color temperature of the light source matters it’s good to hear that you turned the rest of the lights off. One possible improvement would however be to increase the shutter speed significantly, as your setup seems to already allow for a long shutter speed there is no need to go into such high ISO numbers (ideally you should get down to 100-200). You can probably also relax the f-stop a bit too, as long as both the front and back of the build still remains in focus. But trading shutter speed for lower ISO is “free”
  14. Gideon

    Freebuild : Harvest season in Avalonia

    Some nice details, I like the closeup scenes of various parts of everyday life As I've probably said many times already, I like when different parts of the build is emphasized by shooting a minifig or a few of them with a short depth of field where the point of interest of the particular picture is what's in focus. Unfortunately, in a couple of the pics the focus is a bit off so I'd encourage you to really make sure you are locking on to the right spot next time. For the overall shots, increasing the depth of field (higher f-number) and locking the focus about 1/3 into the build will help to get the whole build in focus.