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  1. Gideon

    GoH 10 A : Exploring Cedrica

    Great color use and detailing on the exteriors, and your interiors do not disappoint as usual I especially love the sewer, great detail that one doesn't see very often more than as the openings (I wasn't expecting an interior there here either when I saw the openings)
  2. Lovely build! I particularly like the shape of the boat and the great looking bow wave (Once again, great to see more Swebrick builders in GoH )
  3. Gideon

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome @MrLind! Great to see another fellow Swebrick builder here Can't wait to see more of Gyrdher's story and the environments around Faeril (and maybe one can hope to see some of those builds live a some point too?)
  4. For the Cedrica category, it would be great to have the "Cedrica modular standard" defined. I've gotten questions from LUG friends who are thinking about building for this, and we are used to clear CB interface standards (e.g. Castonia 2.0 as displayed in Skaerbaek) From photos on Flickr, I interpret the standard as: 3 studs water (baseplate + dark green + trans-clear) 3 studs walkway (2 bricks + plate at the interface) Technic brick at stud 10-11 Technic brick at stud 22-23, with a walkway on top (2 brick + plate high at the interface) 9 studs water (baseplate + dark green + trans-clear) First Floor by Marco den Besten, on Flickr
  5. Great categories fitting the celebration very well! Can’t wait to see all the world-building we’re going to get in the coming months
  6. The headline fooled me a bit I think, I suppose it means October 31st is 2021...? In any case, now when the general election here in Sweden is finally over (taking a step back from politics the coming term = hopefully a bit more time back for Lego) and after Skaerbaek Fan Weekend (the upcoming weekend) I'm really looking forward to building a bit more for Kaliphlin again! Have been in waiting mode for the upcoming challenge for a bit too long now, and what little Lego inspiration I've had has ended up at a couple of internal training & marketing projects at work instead.
  7. Gideon

    [Freebuild] Kallstark Stronghold

    Impressive to combine such a non-blocky outside with a full interior I agree with previous comments that it is like two (or more?) different MOCs that you've managed to combine into one, well done!
  8. Gideon

    VOTING topic Ancient Wonders

    Only 3 points to hand out... But I'll give 1 point each to: 5. @Kai NRG 6. @Servertijd 13. @Henjin_Quilones
  9. Gideon

    CDC2 CMF: Gideon

    Thanks! The shield is an ordinary round shield with a 2x2 printed dish on it.
  10. Gideon

    CDC2 CMF: Gideon

    Thanks! The cape is the inside of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak bb0871
  11. Gideon

    CDC2 CMF: Gideon

    My entry for CDC2 Category 1: Populating Historica Kaliphlin Kaliphlin merchant Trade is the lifeblood of Kaliphlin, and the merchants are the true masters of the southern realm. Khel'Zarim battlemage Warden of the eternal flames burning in castle Zar, high up in the Rakath mountains. What she doesn’t know about fire is probably not worth knowing. Barqan astrologer The city of Barqa is a center of glass making in Historica, and subsequently its stargazers have access to some of the best telescopes in the known world. Many celestial objects have been discovered and named by these scholars, and even more has been written about the supposed influence on the events of Historica by these heavenly denizens. Petraean swordsman A soldier loyal to the Kaliphlin High Council. As important as the trade itself are the guardians of the trade routes. Avalonia Elven ranger Only seen when they want to be noticed, the elven rangers are keeping intruders and the more sinister beings of the forests in check. Satyr axeman The satyrs are usually a jovial and peaceful folk, who prefer a good evening of dance to the tune of flutes and drums under ancient trees in the forests of Avalonia to adventure or violence. However, don’t underestimate them when they, however reluctantly, have applied war paint on their faces... Antyrian guardsman A true Avalonian warrior. Fierce in combat, loves to hug his town’s hallowed trees and probably wears tights under his chainmail. Mitgardia Husfrue This lady is the wife of a minor Mitgardian jarl, and a former shieldmaiden. While her husband might be in charge of the jarldom, she is definitely the one in charge of the household. The keys to the longhouse are hers, and whenever the men are off to war the thralls of the estate know better than to be lazy… Minotaur geologist The mountains of Mitgardia are hiding many veins of valuable minerals, but only the most hardy geologists can endure to search for them. Be sure however that whenever a rich vein is discovered, dwarven miners are swift to start digging there...if they haven’t already done so from below. Algus warrior Far north of any lands habitable to warm-blooded beings, these frigid creatures thrive. From time to time packs of Algus venture south, causing havoc to the lands of Historica. Last time however, they were thwarted by the searing flames produced by burning black oil from Kaliphlin. Nocturnus Herbalist Many exotic plants thrive in the Moruth Swamplands, and some even dare to harvest them. When harvesting the seeds of some of the more rare carnivorous plants, the herbalist does best to imitate being a plant himself to not be the one harvested for nutrition. Werewolf bounty hunter You would not want to be on this lycanthrope’s hit list... Cyclops matriarch The cyclops tribes of Nocturnus often have strong female leaders. The matriarch is skilled in making various concoctions, to heal friends or poison foes, as well as herself pick up a weapon to fight neighboring tribes or intruding Avalonian adventurers. Varlyrio Illyrian lawyer This counselor knows all the paragraphs, precedent and loopholes of Varlyrian law and can for a suitable sum of gold twist it to any outcome for his client. Adventurer The ancient caves of the island of Varlyrio hide many secrets and riches, and many young noblemen set out to discover these. Rego palace guard Guarding one of the palaces of the Rego is probably the most honorable duty a Varlyrian soldier can have. A peculiar property of Varlyrian armor is that it is usually thicker on its back side. (Thanks @Ecclesiastes for extending the deadline, although it took me until the last day to put an entry together anyway )
  12. Gideon

    CDC2 CMF: Grover [Magical Mishaps]

    Thanks for quite a few good laughs
  13. Wow! Just wow! You’ve really managed to capture the feeling of an immense arena, clever use of the perspective in the panning. This is also fitting perfectly in how I imagine Kaliphlin, with kind of Roman moral values where people are enjoying blood sports and rulers/wealthy patrons can buy the appreciation of the people by arranging these kind of games