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  1. Aha, then I think the problem of course was that Discord is blocked from my work computer... I'll download them and upload to Flickr just in case then.
  2. As I expected, the links to these concept art pictures from Midjourney are broken now... I'll check if I have some of them saved somewhere to be able to upload some to Flickr. ...or I'll pay for a subscription for it again in January, after the challenge deadline, and generate some new concept art with one more year of AI development behind it
  3. Gideon

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    It was great to meet you again there This type of challenge is exactly in line with the discussions I participated in there (Now I just need to decide if I’m going to build something small and hope to finish it in time, or give the harbor of Barqa a chance…?)
  4. Gideon

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    Great news! I’m happy to see a Challenge of the classic GoH kind, where one can focus on the unique character of a guild 🥰
  5. Lovely little build, great details in such a small footprint Photo presentation is also good, although a small suggestion for improvement (in the GoH spirit of continous improvement as a builder ) in the future would be to have the camera further back and zoom in a little bit more instead, in order to not "magnify" the front of the build so much at the expense of the great details further back.
  6. Gideon

    Dandelume [Avalonia]

    I'm even more late to read about this... Great job so far, I really like the style you have established here and the story fits very well into the overall GoH setting! The photos look stunning too What kind of backgrounds have you been using and what post-processing have you done to get the nice vignetting...?
  7. Gideon

    [freebuild] Avalonian Wizard's Tower

    Excellent overall design, and superb roof on the round tower!
  8. Gideon

    [Freebuild] The Black Goblet

    Great build overall, especially the various brickbuilt detailing
  9. Very nice keep, especially the angeled section! But it is the rock below it and the vegetation on it that really stands out for me Great to have you back in GoH too!
  10. Lovely build! I especially like the vibrant houses inside Once again in this category a great example of how GoH participation has honed your skills!
  11. Gideon

    GoH 10C: Aslanic Chapel

    Great job putting so much details into that tiny footprint I also love the idea to flesh out the Aslanic faith with different traditions, already gives me some ideas for future builds
  12. Gideon

    GoH 10 C VOTING topic

    W Navarre 1 p Zilmrud 1 p Adde51 1 p
  13. Gideon

    GoH 10 B VOTING topic

    Louis of Nutwood 1 p Captain Flint 1 p Soccerkid6 1 p
  14. Gideon

    GoH 10 C: The Port of Zamorah

    Fingers crossed!
  15. Gideon

    GoH 10 C : Port of Mophet

    Many nice details here, as usual Some particular favorites are the dome (which I got inspired by to build a smaller version of for my lighthouse), palm trees (simple but super effective trunk technique), hull shape of the ship (need to look a bit closer at that in Örebro ) and the overall shaping of the quay. The architectural details of the bazaar/storehouse building at the back are also great