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  1. Gideon

    Calbridge Castle

    Nice little castle, lots of details on that small footprint I like the attention to the interior of the wall also, reminds me a bit of Minas Tirith with the row of houses crammed in between layers of walls.
  2. @deraven, @adde51, @Garmadon, @W Navarre, @TheLordOfBricks, @Gabe, @Kai NRG, @dalle, @en_zoo, @Muakhah, @Henjin_Quilones, @Basiliscus, @Grover, @soccerkid6, @LegoModularFan Thanks! Finally I got to use all those LUGBULK 2012 bottles The elements are Scala flower pot ( and vase ( in salmon color. Same as I've used e.g. in this build . The idea of the lit furnace is something I've been having in my mind for about as long as I've been building for GoH, but I ditched the purist light brick solution in favor for a third-party solution. (LifeLites are a third party brand of lighting made for use in Lego builds, I picked these up at Brickworld Chicago). The exterior cool lighting was an LED panel for photo/video which I intentionally kept much bluer to emulate daylight. Definitely inspired by yours and others (e.g. Luigi Priori's) builds to do a close-up with lighting Nice catch regarding the lights through the cracks, I tried to cover up the gaps with double layers of bricks and also leaned some plates against the wall when that wasn't enough, but around the windows it was a bit harder to avoid the light and when I took the final pictures I had accidentally moved the plates covering the sides of the windows... Probably should have SNOTed plates onto the back side of the wall instead, but didn't want to reshoot since the posting deadline had come already.
  3. Gideon

    Prelude: The Long Discussion

    Lovely tree trunk and arch-itecture (pun totally intended) The semi-interior shot really looks good, especially the lighting Two minor photography nitpicks on that photo however is that I would recommend straightening the picture so that vertical lines in the middle of the frame is vertical. (For interior/architecture shots it is generally a good idea to keep the camera level so that all vertical lines are vertical and don't converge/diverge to the sides either...just check any decent real-estate photos!) The other is that I'm not fond of when something just barely peeks into the frame. The droid heads are a great detail when shown in full, but when only the tray and the "bowls" are visible between the pillars I think the shot should have been taken without them in the build. The same goes for the hand on the other side, it is much better when the figure was more visible in the last photo imho.
  4. Gideon

    Prelude: The Queen's Council

    Nice interior detailing and great way to illustrate the dialogue with the closeups of the minifigs Looking forward to the challenge!
  5. Interesting parts usage for the wall and floor! I also like the hint of forced perspective with the microscale builds outside the window as well as the faries Will look for a bunch of those too as soon as the Christmas break at BaP is over
  6. Gideon

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 8: Peddler

    New item for the wanted list!
  7. Great busy feel you've created here, the small market stand in the back adds a lot to that impression The presentation with closeups of various figs works very well here, and the tattooed torso of the blacksmith is a fantastic choice Since the buildings are supposed to look new I'm okay with the limited texture, but otherwise I would have liked at least a tad of texture in the walls. (For example some scattered masonry bricks or similar). Similar as in another Mophet build, I would also have liked some more detailing on the "bare plates" of the ground, maybe some scattered small plates in the same color or some tiles in another color.
  8. Gideon

    Kaliphlin at Work Collab

    I've only now taken the time to start going through all of the builds, but great work everyone involved and I'm definitely looking forward to more Kaliphlin collabs in Book III Not least is it a great way to actually get around to build something, and not just get stuck between great ideas for what to do about the growing stash of bricks and an ever diminishing amount of time to build due to the real-life obligations piling up more and more... Anyway, collabs where builds of < 32x32 are ok is a great way to be able to put something together and shoot within a limited time frame.
  9. Great story and very suitable lore! I love how we are exploring the religious aspects of Kaliphlin much more so far in this book, I hope we can keep that up There must surely be a lot more to flesh out when it comes to the gift as well as water magic and superstition in Kaliphlin in general. Can there also be these kind of priestesses active in other parts of Kaliphlin? When it comes to the build I really like the overall shape of the dome, good choice to use those blades to create a good curve. Nice use overall of the golden ornaments I agree however that the shape and detailing of the exterior is not really matching the details of the interior, just some more "wear" like mixing in some log bricks or masonry bricks had come a long way to make it look like an older building.
  10. Gideon

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 8: Peddler

    Excellent minimalistic, yet detailed, landscape The detailing on the cart is also lovely. Such a one-wheeled cart looks a bit hard to navigate on the rough paths of Kaliphlin (Maybe I'm just behind the times, but which piece did you use for the wheel...?)
  11. Gideon

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 14: Wahah Oasis

    Great overall landscaping, I love the use of the tan quarter-tiles on the ground As previously mentioned however, I'm not too fond of the standalone nature of the waterfall.
  12. Great to see that the Oil Road is well defended As others have said already, the color combinations both for the tower and ground are very well done I also like the ornate but yet not overdone top of the tower.
  13. Gideon

    Cyclops Hut

    Excellent color scheme, shape of the roof and overall feeling! I agree that the non-human races in Historica needs to be fleshed out more
  14. Gideon

    Trade Hub in Mesozoic

    I really like the setting you have created with your dinosaurs My favorite part of this build is the house to the right with the mix of tan and mdf/dark orange. I second that!
  15. Gideon

    GoH Book III

    Looking at the team which joined Varlyrio at the start of Book III I'd say that there is great potential there. One challenge and only a couple of months of freebuilds is way to little data to really make predictions how Book III will turn out imho. Classic "green and bley" Lego castle building is probably what got many of us into this sub-culture of the AFOL subculture to start with? But I'm glad that I resisted that pull (and had most of my LBG targeted for a large castle build) and chose to try out a tan palette instead