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  1. Lyrviora Bridge

    Great news! Looking forward to seeing you build for GoH again (I'm also looking forward to getting a new purposely furnished building studio in our new house in a couple of months, unpacking my long-term stored collection and getting back to GoH and BoBS) Time to flesh out Varlyrio some more soon?
  2. Lyrviora Bridge

    This is an excellent display indeed! Can't help but wonder how you managed to transport it to the convention...? Great also to see Varlyrio revived, not least for the new participants who might have missed the great atmosphere in the builds from the early days of the fifth guild
  3. Great to see you here again NM! As you can read above there is a fairly urgent need for the maps to be updated with the canon post Book II (I'm fairly inactive these days due to a general lack of time in general and particularly my collection being packed in boxes in preparation for moving soon...)
  4. Book II Challenge V Voting

    Some really strong entries and great story-writing too! Hard to pick a winner but I tried to go on an overall gut feeling on how well-written the story was and how well it was illustrated and then my votes will be like this: 1. Henjin_Quilones 2. MKJoshA 3. TitusV
  5. Katoren Monastery

    Wow! You are really developing your Kaliphlin style, I love how much details you've managed to get into a build of that size The subtle mosaic patterns are very fitting for the style, I especially like how well the simple square plate patterns work. I'm getting tempted to try more white Kaliphlin builds when I unpack my bricks in a few months...
  6. HA(ppy) (mo)UNT(ain) Abandoned Theme Park

    Suck an amazing collaboration you managed to put together there! Once again I wish I had been there, but I'm working hard on getting back there next year!
  7. Brickworld 2017!

    When the facebook posts and pictures on flickr are starting to come in I'm starting to make plans for revisiting Brickworld...see you in Chicago in June 2018?
  8. I'm in a very similar situation with both work and responsibility for the logistics around the kids (4 and 2,5 years old in our case), so I definitely recognize the situation... The only way out I'd say is delegate so you can conserve more of those precious few Lego hours to producing world-class MOCs
  9. Chef Délicieux's Kitchen

    Fantastic scene, you've really captured the busy atmosphere of a castle kitchen! My favorite detail is the grill slope used as a knife holder
  10. Fanweekend Presentation

    My first GoH build: Latest GoH build: I joined GoH because I wanted to have a context to place my castle/fantasy builds in and to challenge me to try new builds and styles. The possibility to tell a story of a number of characters also had a great appeal on me, but over time I've not pursued that very much but rather simply allowed my sigfig to make appearances in many of my builds. The greatest appeal to come back to GoH time and time again is of course the community! The challenges (especially having a deadline!) are also a great way to actually make me get down to building.
  11. Somehow both my wife and the real estate agent agree that an oversized Lego collection is not something that increases the value of the house when we take photos of the rooms Brickworld 2018 would be great to go to, the idea is already brewing in my head! Need to justify the flight with something more than Lego for a few days however On topic I had almost forgotten about this challenge but can't wait to see the expanded environments we will see in Historica! (I just hope most builders stay fairly close to the spirit and general time period of GoH )
  12. Too bad I need to start packing my Lego now for the move to a new house and won't have it back until we move in at the start of October. (I think however that right after the move is also not very appreciated by my wife if I dive straight into challenge crunch-time building :wink:)
  13. [OL-CH5E] The Pyramid Tale

    Thanks! (The jars are old Scala flower pots in salmon color and the palm leaves are sand green dinosaur flippers)
  14. Thank you for the kind words! My jungle temple is included as the 32x32 build in Phred's entry which is the collab this was built for. The entry even got it's name from my build
  15. Freebuild - Nocturnus/Kaliphlin

    That easily fits into Kaliphlin! But the flags make me confused I love the contrast between the barren rocks and desert sand and the intense growth along the edge of the water. The flesh plates at the boundary between the rocks and the sand worked surprisingly well too! (Seriously Huge Investment Plate 8x8 trans-medium blue btw...? Or lucky enough to get them in a LUGbulk when they were in production?)