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Found 19 results

  1. [-Accessing Alliance to Restore the Republic Files……RYN-01……Complete-] Lieutenant Ryn Shenuri was born on the planet Saleucami around the beginning of the Clone Wars. His parents were an important Commerce Guild member, Yuno Shenuri, and an heiress to a ship building empire, Aisha Su. He didn’t lack for material possessions as a child, and was isolated from most other children. His father’s prominent position in the Commerce Guild and his highly anti-Republic stance made him many enemies in the Galactic Senate. He also managed to sway many a greedy senator to the Separatist cause with his promises of riches and fortune. A young Ryn was sheltered into believing in the Separatist cause and held a deep seated hatred for the Republic. His father and the majority of his material possessions were rapidly taken away from him at the end of the Clone Wars with the disbanding of the Commerce Guild with the development of a new Galactic Empire by Emperor Sheev Palpatine. The whereabouts of his father are currently unknown – he may still held in an Imperial detention facility, or more likely, was executed for treason against the Empire for his role in the Separatist movement. The Empire seized control of his mother’s ship building assets for their own gain, leaving Ryn penniless and mostly alone. A young adult Ryn began organizing anti-Imperial operations on Saleucami as revenge, ranging from simple graffiti and propaganda to sabotage and assassination. His actions caught the attention of the local Alliance to Restore the Republic cell, who got him to reluctantly join with a promise of additional resources and training. Although hesitant about the Alliance’s goals to restore the Republic, he seems to be committed to the cause and willing to fight the Empire at any cost. Current Mission: Ryn Shenuri was sent to Sullust along with a small squad of Rebellion ground forces to extract intel on Imperial shipyards on Corellia, where fuel mined on Sullust was being sent. Instructions were to get in and strike fast to leave the Empire with little reaction time. [-Closing Alliance to Restore the Republic Files…..RYN-01……Complete]
  2. After Narbilu received the letter, he was surprised it came from his old war-buddy Osric Isentooth. The Alliance is growing stronger and he would like us to participate in the battle against the Spire. Before the arrival of Osric, he summoned his commanders and other wise men to come up with a plan to overwhelm the enemy. It was a hard task to think of something evil enough to beat pure evil. Greed and ego is the solution. A gift to the Spire, in honour of their evilness. Narbilu and the alliance with the fallen Avalonian warriors forged a plan to beat the Spire. Craftsmen, sorcerers and the fallen started constructing a statue. Just finishing up when Osric arrived. Narbilu explained the idea to his old friend. A gift with a surprise. (sorry for the picture quality, just finished my new Lego room, and the lights aren't in place yet)
  3. The Eagle at the Great Wall of Hesperia A build for the Alliance in Book II, Challenge V, Category A "We have to make all speed, Aeriglaaac, to get this message to King Fingolë the Golden," said Celdrian the Eagle Rider. "The eastern elves were very particular about making haste. The heir to Cedrica returning will be news welcome to his ears, I think, even if the humans of Avalonia and all of Historica are hardly his concern. Lord Ravaage certainly is his concern, though." "EEAAAAAK!" "You're right, Aeriglaaac, as usual. It would be fun to buzz the tower over at the peak of Oronech, wouldn't it? I love keeping those guards on their toes." "EEAAAAAAAAAAAK RAAAAK!" "You see Prince Fingalad at the tower with your eagle eyes? Excellent, a chance to show off our flying skills!" "EAAAK EEEAAAAAAK EEEEEEK!" "Ok, alright, your flying skills, then." "EEAAAAK!" "Let's go!" "What the..." said Prince Fingalad. "Eagle Riders. Cocky bunch. How I despise them, however useful they may be." More pictures: _____________________________________________________________________ .......................................................................................................................................... Thanks for looking! C&C welcome. Hopefully the overhang is not unreasonable. The base of the build is 248 studs, slightly smaller than the 256 of a 16x16 base, though the decorative border adds to that (but doesn't count, thankfully).
  4. ( Part 1 (Spire) ) When the ice begins to melt, and the springs start to flow again, it's not uncommon to use these fresh sources as water supply. However packages floating down river are a bit more peculiar... A young boy sent out to collect water, nothing strange, until a leather satchel floats through the metal bars, getting stuck for a few seconds before washing up by his feet. At first curious, he then notices blood stains on the bag, and quickly runs off to alert a guard of his discovery, who spread the word to the town leader... (Guard) -Sir! A young boy found this satchel floating own the stream, we opened it to take a look and inside is a message, and an important one too... (Finn) -Well then, what does it say? -The message got a bit wet during its voyage, but we've managed to decipher it, it's concerning the heir sir! -The heir? The king has returned? Rightful ruler of all Historica, the only one who can unite the guilds! -Yes, well... debatable, but there's a meeting, in Cedrica, it calls to all leaders in all the guilds, to discuss the oncoming threat of Raavage and The Spire... Also something about another helm, but the ink smudged down there with the water... -Very well, prepare a small travelling party, I shall head to Cedrica. As for the message it must be spread across the land, send out multiple messengers, with guards, don't want the same to happen to them... We must also attempt to find the original messenger, send a group of men up stream, they might find something... -Very well sir. So this is part 2, for the resistance, I wanted to enter a build for each side and have them linked, not just two completely separate builds -Thanks for stopping by!
  5. “The heir of Cedrica has been found! …true King of Historica …calls for aid! …message must get through!” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “Shortest route… over waterfall skybridge… is it safe in the dark?” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “…must trust DarkWind, he knows the way… this closing darkness!” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “…maybe a blessing, these shadows… keep hidden from the enemies…” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “For the true King, I must cross!” -Whreeheeheennee! …taka-tak taka-tak taka-tak taka-tak… Original image: More photos: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The base of this build is 6 X 42 = 252, which comes up just less than 16 X 16 = 256. Hopefully this is acceptable for this challenge. The most difficult part of this was trying to get a clear picture of a scene at night. I tried different lighting (or lack thereof), and finally achieved an acceptable result. The image is meant to be dark, so for more images and a lighted image, check out the spoiler or my Flickr account. -Slegengr
  6. As the Black Spire gathers power, a new hope for Historica is discovered--the High King's heir! Riders were dispatched quickly and quietly from the Beggar's Inn to the four Guilds and then to all corners of free Historica to spread the word. Thorir carries this news through the snow-covered forests in the foothills of Mt. Mitgard towards the Bay of Storms. Woohoo! I built! This was a bit of a panic MOC thrown together this week. I had a wyvern going for this, but the darned thing was getting way to big to fit on 256 studs, so that'll get put in a freebuild or something at some point... Also, new camera! C&C always appreciated!
  7. I think, I don't need any story for the following pictures. The Title says it all. Maybe, the courier's decoy worked too well. He needs find some clothes, or atleast, some leaves, befor he arrives his destination. And.. a "18brickplus" picture:
  8. Challenge V, Category A, Alliance Side : A Courier in the air In the Enchanted Forest of Avalonia, the activity of the Drow Army increased those past months and Falahuas suffered more than ever the multiple raids they launched through all the Principality. Ther where no safe roads now and that was difficult to send a horse courier by those difficult times. The little group of The Spire minions this ambush team was composed knew perfectly those facts. They where scattered along the northern road of Falahuas waiting to intercept the courier their spies had announced. The road was recently re-claimed by This stupid Elf Princess called Walaehria but she never knew the Drow were still there and would claim soon the entire Principality for them ! How stupid she was ! Thought Arsthalas, the leader of the Drow troups. Even with the re-building of outposts and with the help of other Avalonian Counties like Drondil did, the Principality would never find peace and safety as long as him and his guys could pillage at will ! He had prepared every part of the ambush. He was ready ! His Drow troups had to be a bit scatered along the road from the both sides and be dissimulated within the lush forest that covers all this part of the hilly north of Falahuas. Then, when a rider would show, they would jumped out of their hidings in order to prevent him to turn back. The front group would slay down the horse and capture the rider in order to keep him alive and then torture him to obtain the crucial informations he had to deliver. Yes ! Arsthalas plan was perfect ! Well... It was... Until he discovered with fear the rider wasn't by horse ! He was a Griffon rider ! He hadn't the time to raise his weapon that the sharp spear point of the elf rider cut him in half while the fearsome half eagle/half lion beast used its dreadful claws to tear apart his best men ! In no time there were no Drow left alive along the road. Ethaihlin, the elf rider the Princess chose for that mission, was not a stupid courier, and he had guessed well ! The Drow knew his mission was to deliver a crucial information from the Capital ! They clearly had spies everywhere now. The Spire was stronger than ever ! But hopefully he trusted his mount and his bravery to discourage any attempt to stop him ! His message was cristal clear : "The Heir of Cedrica's Throne is back and all the people of the Alliance side should rise the arms and side with him to stop Ravaage ! The Black Spire can be defeated !" Falahuas will answer to the King's Heir call ! Hope you'll like my entry for this Challenge. Any comment or criticism is welcome. And I hope the tail of the Griffon is considered as a reasonable overhanging. If, not, tell me and I will rework my composition to make it fit in the 16*16 base. And here is a bonus picture of the Griffon rider alone :
  9. MontyPython

    [Freebuild] Recruitment

    ----- Freebuild; M = Monty Python; S = Sid Bass; W = Wedar Sitherius; T = Trevor Devington ----- You won't believe it. I was promoted. They said I'm an army commander now. That means I got my own office and my work is less dangerous. If you don't count bounty-hunting, ofcourse. I called Sid to share a pint or two with me ... M: Well, that's it. That's my new office. What do you think about it? S: Well, it looks nice. But don't become soft and weak, I'll still need you for a couple of missions. M: Yeah, yeah, don't worry. Tell me, what would you like to drink? I have lots of great stuff in those fridges. S: Okay, do you have any Rodian Ale, you know, that purple stuff we used to drink in the old days? M: Ahh! Something nostalgic? Ofcourse, wait ... S: What's that light? M: Ugh, alarm! Something's going on. Wait a moment ... M: What's wrong, Trevor? T: Apparently the tried to get rid off Luke Skywalker. Now we're searching for the person who did it. You have to call all soldiers under your command and send them out. M: Alright, alright ... M: Did you hear it? New mission. I'll send message to the nearby troops. But I think we need more soldiers. Do you know anyone who could help us? S: Do you know Wedar? M: Wedar the four-handed death? Isn't he a bit, well, mad? S: Hah, no, he's completly normal, just a bit eccentric. And you know, he hates Empire even more than trandoshans. And you know what he did to those slavers. M: Okay, okay ... Let's call him. S: Hello Wedar, mate! What are you doing? W: I'm cleaning my guns. What else should I do on a monday morning? S: Well, me and Monty have a special job for you. Something interesting and dangerous. Maybe with lots of fighting. W: Well, tell me more. M: You see, there's a traitor somwhere out there and we need someone to find him. He's cooperating with the Empire. W: Okay, okay. Wait, I'll come to your base. M: How does he know where's our base? It's supposed to be secret. S: See, I told you he's the perfect guy. W: Well boys, where's that traitor? M: Well, it's up to you to find this. Ask in the underground. Oh and we probably need him alive so ... M: Alright, now I need to send message to other troops. We'll do this another time Sid. See ya! To all units in the nearby sectors! There's been an attempt to kill Luke Skywalker. Suspect is a female human, a technician working for the Alliance. We believe she's just a smaller part of a big action, behind which is probably the empire. Ask everyone you know about anything they know about this situation. Act quickly. May the force be with you. ----- Please, score this freebuild.
  10. View my cast of original characters here: Nar Eurbrikka Cast See the introduction of Cody Startale into the story here: Episode 0 – The Introduction The full story in images (it is recommended to read this first) Clear images of the build (for judgement) Thank you for your attention. I've had it in my head for weeks, and bringing it to life brick for brick has been a blast!
  11. After the battle in the space I finally arrived on solid ground. But I was quickly forced to leave Kuat and head to the rims around it. One of the small hangars is a base of a small group of rebel soldiers. There I got a friendly reception by their leader. Our mission is to find a skillful technician, who will crack the super-computer. Please consider, that it was raining for a couple of days and that making better photos is impossible.
  12. "Vedauwoo joins the Alliance" (early days) 1 -> "Some New Equipment..." 2 -> "Koga che pankpa - Panksta Hunto" 3 -> "HV-37 test flight" 4 -> "Destination: Suprosa" ===================================================== [begin Transmission] [Type - Alliance Mission Log] [security - High] [Report from: Vedauwoo (Pilot) {VK-23}] [Location: Hangar Besh-4, Doaba Guerfel, Corellia] {{{{........e on Corellia, at Doaba Guerfel Starport, to pick up the VK-23 Freighthopper for the upcoming mission....command has been very "hush-hush" on the a matter of fact, we don't even have "official" orders to commandeer the craft. With no official orders, we have no authorization to open the hangar doors, so we have to make our way to the central egress control to slice in the codes.... Only one problem....this being Corellia, we are side to side with several Hangars in use by the Imperials. There is heavy security, so we are making our way along a catwalk, out of sight of the surveillance instruments... Norven kept watch over the hanger while we slipped past.... While I waited for the squad to pass, I couldn't help but notice what was going on in the hangar below.... They were fueling some sort of generator or probe...... Whatever it was, it must've been important. There was a whole squad of Stormtroopers on duty... ....and I overheard one of the Captains disarming his superior for safety.... There was another trooper that brought in some sort of data module.... I got the last of the pilots through as they finished up the fueling.... Considering the firepower in there, I was glad we were on our way.... ================================== Thanks for visiting!
  13. As usually I was given the hardest job. I was floating above Suprosa with a bomb in my hand. I had to put it on, go away and when it explodes enter the ship with others. But the explosion will probably bring consequenses ... It was meant as a 1st freebuild for this episode, but since this is the last day I'm posting it as a build and I'll post other stuff in next few weeks. Thanks for watching!
  14. [begin Transmission] [Type - Alliance Report] [security - Low] [Report from: Vedauwoo (Pilot) {HV-37}] [Location: Unknown swamp, Nar Eubrikka] While the crew is negotiating the deal for the hangar, I decided to give the HV-37 an In-flight systems check.....needless to say, things did not go well....clearly we have more work to do integrating the various's hell trying to get various computers and control circuits to agree.... On the bright side, It gives me a chance to check out the Escape Systems... Like other ships of her class, the HV-37 has a fully maneuverable cockpit sub-pod. Sadly, though the Fusal Trust Engine had ample Fuel, we had failed to power up the Ion Ring Engines, so, tumbling into some backwater swamp I went... As a result of impact, or the murky water, the comm systems were out....and even the personal comm was useless, as it was normally charged by the Ion power cells....I really need to have a talk with the fuel crew..... There is some hope, however, as there is some sort of mineral extraction station nearby... Now if I can just remember how to slice this type of interface....never a droid around when you need one.... "What do you mean 'Please clear area before unlocking interface.'?? How can I unlock the interface if I clear the area??" "Something is not right........I have a bad feeling about this......." Thanks for visiting!
  15. [begin Transmission] [Type - Alliance Report] [security - Low] [Report from: Vedauwoo (Pilot) {HV-37}] [Location: Nar Eubrikka] Having arrived too late to assist in the Black Sun Operation, we found an abandoned hangar...somewhat a secluded swamp on Nar Eubrikka and we have begun the final upgrades on the HV-37.....after organizing supplies in the Hangar, of course... Luckily, There was an old CLL-8h Binary Loadlifter and an EG-5v Power droid hidden in the debris... The CLL-8h is really a fantastic piece of equipment....just look at it! There is a bad weld on one leg that needs attention.....but other than that...she's a brute! We will transmit some images of the HV-37 once she's up and running.... [End Transmission]
  16. If you can't beat them, join them! We've been doing some jobs for Black Sun lately and my latest job is to deliver some goods to the Hutts. We're searching for the Hutt's secret warehouse on Nar Eurbrikka, all we have to do is to drop the goods and go away. What an easy job! ------ I know, pictures couldn't be worse. I know they'll effect on overall scoring of this build, altought I hope I'll get more than 3. But I'm taking a trip this weekend and I was rather busy, so I had to take them this evening and I had to use my phone. Though I think the ship looks quite nice and I'm happy I managed to build it. Anyway, I hope you like it.
  17. Sleeper

    CF9 Crossfire starfighter

    Hello, ladies and gentleman out there. Here is my newest creation. It's the "CF9 Crossfire starfighter" from the legacy era of the expanded universe. It is produced by Incom Corporation and used by the Galactic Alliance and the Galactic Alliance Remnant around 130 ABY. So, it's the same time-period as on my "X-83 Twintail starfighter". As Wookieepedia says: "A relatively short-but-bulky fighter, the Crossfire had a shorter length than previous Incom designed fighters (...). The back S-foil could rotate, folding away for landing and dropping down for combat to form a cross-shaped configuration (...). the cockpit module was big enough for two beings, with a second seat facing the modules rearward for an optional gunner, who would control the rear-mounted laser cannons, in a configuration similar to the Snowspeeders the Rebel Alliance used on Hoth. (...)." This creation has rotable s-foils, which can be locked in the right positions, a rear mounted duallaser cannon, landinggear and enough space for 2 minifigs. A pilot, and a gunner. If you like this creation, you mybe like the one or the other of my Cuusoo-projects... So, take a look and support, if you want.. This one will be online soon.. ^^ Best regards $leeper
  18. Bring In Your Dead (Challenge IV Prelude, Chapter 8) Previous Prelude chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Bring In Your Dead (Special thanks to Jorrith here, who put this build together within 24 hours of me asking him to. All pictures in this chapter are his.) 364586b by 1, on Flickr Wuulin felt fear for the first time in a long time. Sure, he had been in the presence of undead before, but none as intimidating as Lord Vladivus, Lord Anfauglir, and Lord Mortis. Perhaps this was the reason his master, the Desert King Ark'Mora Raa, had decided to seek an alliance with them. He also knew his master hated the Black Spire. When he last roamed the earth, Nocturnus was part of Kaliphlin, and the source of the curse that allowed Raa to rise again in this present era. 364591 by 3, on Flickr He had brought two domesticated Sand Scorpions for Lord Vladivus, he had heard the lord had a taste for unique and interesting things, and he thought the rarest pet in Kaliphlin might catch the lord’s interest. He continued on with his speech “as you can see, my master wishes only friendship with you and your cause.” He directed his words to Vladivus as instructed, but knew that what he had to say was meant for all three of the rebellion’s leaders. “After Kaliphlin is firmly under the old dynasty again, her troops will be at your call for your final assault on the Black Spire. My master is very interested in a close alliance with a region he feels so akin to.” Although many Leander had joined the Desert King, Wuulin was one of the few that was still “whole.” Most had been afflicted with the mountain mummy curse, and indeed the mountain mummies made up the majority of Raa’s forces. It was only natural to make an alliance with the capital of the undead. Wuulin glanced up at Lord Mortis and Anfauglir, they seemed to be judging him, or maybe judging his cause. 364590 by 2, on Flickr Vladivus spoke in a calculated, cool tone. “Your offer is… intriguing. However, as far as we have heard, Kaliphlin already has a ruler, what makes you think that he will give up his place for the old Pharaoh?” “My master assures you that Flagg will be no obstacle.” Wuulin said. “Nobody has seen him in years. He has been a recluse since his sister was taken. The High Council runs Kaliphlin, and they are divided and weak. My master is confident he will be able to secure their loyalty within the month. They look and desire for leadership in this troubled time.” “And what of the Ulandians?” Vladivus said. “We hear there is another army within Kaliphlin.” “My master remembers when Ulandus was part of Kaliphlin, he remembers sinking their island after they tried to defy his rule!” he replied. “ It is a shame some of them survived, and their descendants found another island to call home, but the Desert King does not fear the Sea Peoples.” He quickly added, “perhaps they will see the error of their ancestors and pledge loyalty quickly, or maybe we will just sink their new island.” He thought he heard a chuckle from somewhere in the chamber, maybe the guard? “You have given us much to think about Ambassador Wuulin. No go, be a guest in Shadowmere, you will have your answer in a fortnight.” And with the Vladivus turned and left, leaving Wuulin staring at a guard. =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Lord Vladivus, Anfauglir, and Mortis discussed the new proposition. 364587 by 4, on Flickr “He could be a powerful ally against the Spire” Angauglir said. “But can we really divide our forces?” Mortis asked. “Who says we have to send him our best forces?” Vladivus replied. “All of us have followers that may be better off away from the action here, those we least trust, or those that may challenge our leadership.” “I am still not convinced that a full commitment should be made.” Mortis said. Angauglir concluded “So we speak more on this tonight, for now there are matters to attend to.”
  19. After seeing kabel's Snot Rock Tutorial I decided to use this technique in my newest SoNE freebuild: Tolerance on Toola After long and exhausting mission to find Boba Fett, there was still no rest for brave soldiers. Alliance was looking for new allies in the Outer Rim. Manx and some other rebels went on a small icy planet, Toola. There were some rumors about surviving Jedi warrior hiding there. But altought Order 66 happened long time ago, there were still some snowtrooper garrisons there ... I would also like this freebuild to be judged (without rush ofcourse).