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Found 48 results

  1. Rogue Angel

    Historican Settlements - HSS

    HISTORICAN SETTLEMENTS Historica is home to many towns, villages, hamlets, and even a few Cities. The Royal Cartographer's Guild of Albion and the Avalonia's foreign affairs minister wish to officially recognize the many settlements of Historica. As a prerequisite to official recognition and inclusion in the "Royal Registry of Historica's Locations of Note" and "Avalonian Sites and Monuments: a comprehensive guide" each settlement must prove that they contain the minimum facilities to provide for their residents. To establish your settlement, you must post MOCs from the following categories. These MOCs CAN be already completed, but they MUST not already be referenced to a different location. (if you try to alter a description of an existing MOC to fit this challenge, you will not be allowed to enter ANY settlements, so do not edit topics you already posted. you can add a post later on in your topic, but if I see that the topic was already posted before Feb 14th, but edited after Feb 13th, it will not be allowed as part of this challenge.) There are a couple of building types that can be counted for multiple types (a Fishery for example can be counted as a nautical AND agricultural). Here are the categories: REQ - Agriculture - Grains & Produce: Farm*, Mill, Granary, Orchard Agriculture - Livestock: Farm*, Cattle/Horse Ranch, Swineherd, Sheepfold, Fishery Nautical: Harbor, Shipwright, Quay, Fishery*, Ferryman REQ - Military: Keep, Barracks, Gatehouse, Tower, Castle, Fort Religious: Chapel, Monastery, Temple, Shrine Medical: Apothecary, Herbalist, Infirmary, Physician Hospitality: Food & Beverage: Bakery, Butcher, Winery, Brewery, Tavern REQ - Hospitality - Lodging: Inn, Stables, Coach House REQ - Laborers: Lumber Mill, Mine, Stone Cutter, Mason REQ - Craftsmen - General Goods: Cooper, Wainwright, Tannery, Dyer, Glass Blower Craftsmen/Merchant - Arms & Armor: Blacksmith, Bowyer, Fletcher, Armorer Craftsmen/Merchant - Clothing: Cobbler, Seamstress, Furrier, Woolen Mill Craftsmen/Merchant - Specialty: Candle Maker, Wood Carver, Bookbinder, Jeweler, Potter Services: Herald, Cartographer, Money Lender, Scribe, Courier, Shipping House Scholars: Observatory, Alchemist, Philosopher, Astrologer Entertainers: Minstrel, Fortune Teller, Performing Troupe, Theatre Administrative (Town or City only): Town Hall, Chancery, Forum, Courthouse Now, the examples provided are not the only things you can build in a category, they are just options. Also, the build must be substantial - showing an interior of one room, or throwing a bunch of bricks up on a plate will not be acceptable entries. Hamlet - There are 5 categories that are required for a Hamlet (the minimum recognized settlement) - Agricultural (either one), Military, Hospitality (either one), Laborer, and Craftsmen. Village - For a Village, you must meet the Hamlet requirements plus meet a total of 8 of the 16 categories. Town - For a Town, you must meet the Hamlet requirement, plus a minimum of 2 Craftsmen buildings, both Agricultural categories, and both Hospitality categories, plus meet a total of 10 of the 16 categories. City - For a City, you must meet the requirements for a Town, plus one administrative building, plus meet a total of 14 of the 16 categories. Port - For a Port, you must meet the Village requirements, including one Nautical building. For this task, there is no time limit, and again, is open to all Historicans. I will be starting a separate thread for this once I get home tonight where you can post a link to your topics. Each person should have only one reply in this topic, where they will post all of their entries. You can have more than one settlement recognized if you wish. You should only have one post per Settlement Feel free to ask questions, but I will delete them once they have been answered, and compile the answers in the thread below. Do not post for a settlement unless you have a build to post. I will delete any topics that do not contain a link to an existing MOC (no MOCs in progress allowed either) Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Illaryian, Varlyrio Even in times of peace, it is sometimes necessary to maintain the practices of war. Supano Amancio and his advisors considered ways to fulfill the Queen's decree and eventually had the idea of reviving the old sport of Calcio as a way to not only promote cohesion between the Guilds, especially newly welcomed Varlyrio, but also as a way to keep the warriors of the Guilds doing something where their skills are useful off the battlefield. An exhibition game between teams made up of Kaliphlini and Mitgardian warriors was hastily planned. The warriors, of course, very much enjoyed a chance to meet on any field of honor. It's important to remember that Calcio is a rough game, however, The ball is heavy and must be maneuvered with the full strength of the body. Between the ball and the martial prowess of the players, Calcio often leads to injuries. The Mitgardian and Kaliphlin onlookers react with horror or elation as a Mitgardian player goes down in a spray of blood across the sand. The Varlyrians in the crowd are mostly bemused at the peoples of other Guilds playing their ancient sport. Queen Ylspeth herself has turned up for the exhibition. Though a part of her would rather be walking among the people, taking in their reactions and the general pulse of her subjects, she can't argue with the superior view of the game from the rooftop. She is flanked by Cedrican guards and N'ri, her friend from Mwamba, as well as a young woman from Mitgardia. Alva Tyrnsdottir has walked a long road from Arnarvhall, but she is proud to be in the Queen's service. As trade and travel open between the Guilds, plenty of people from Kaliphlin are able to show up for their team's big game. On the other side of the sand, the Mitgardians have also turned up in numbers. Unused to the heat of Varlyrio, many have shed their furs and leathers in favor of the lighter clothing of their southern territories. Varlyrians move about the plaza where the game has been set. A Knight of Sana Argenta offers water to a thirsty minotaur sailor. Warriors, sailors, and people from all around Varlyrio move about on their business or stop to watch. Crown Knights of Cedrica mix with Varlyrian orders, prominently patrolling in parade armor to show that they are there to keep the peace and promote the mix of cultures. The game also provides a good cover for meetings of import between important Guild Leaders... Supano Amancio and Elon Chorian make no effort to hide who they are, nor what they discuss. For now, this is a chance meeting (or meant to seem like one) which, for anyone who doesn't know Chorian, might explain why he has no guards. Amancio is flanked by two members of other Varlyrian Houses, periodically drafted as ceremonial guards to promote cooperation among the Houses and giving a Rego a chance to get to know rising stars. It seems obvious that these two may meet again. Perhaps with the High Queen. Perhaps not. What might come out of that meeting, however, is anyone's guess... -- Thanks for looking! Builder's Notes:
  3. Basiliscus

    The Road West

    Previously The regular squeak of the cart's axle had plagued them the entire way, and yet the driver seemed entirely oblivious. Meiyo thought it would be wise to stop off and get some fat to lubricate it before they got to the harder part of their journey, but she knew that'd be unlikely. Even though they were in friendly territory on the east side of the high ridge mountains the further west they went the less populated the land became. Her mind wandered back over the events of the past few days. After his father's orders to head west a few days ago, Mychel had wanted to take a strong force of 20 men with him to ensure their safety but Staffen would have none of it. Meiyo listened as Staffen told Mychel that he needed the men of the Conzaga private militia with him in case his enemies struck again, and he offhandedly remarked that "the bird" would keep him safe. Meiyo would miss the safety and comfort of the eastern lands, but getting some respite from Staffen's sharp tongue would be welcome. In the end Meiyo had gone to the barracks and asked for volunteers. There had been few hands raised, but when an old veteran came forward and declared he would accompany them some of the younger soldiers wanted to come along too. "What is your name soldier?" "It's Gineto. I served with Nestur in the wars against Ravaage." Meiyo examined him closely - he had a neatly trimmed goatee in the Varlyrian style and a well kept but well used chain mail shirt. But his eyes were dark and hard, just the kind of man they would need in the wastelands. "Very well Gineto, you are coming of your own free will mind." Meiyo didn't want anyone to abandon them when the going got tough. Gineto nodded. Meiyo continued, "Pick two of those who have volunteered and meet us at dusk." Travelling with a smaller escort had a number of advantages. For one, the cart and driver that Staffen had supplied his son was not large, and food would be hard to come by once they'd crossed the mountains. Carts would slow them down and become a liability if they were attacked. Additionally, the fewer men in their group meant easier access through the dwarven lands who, being wary of the humans inhabiting the eastern side of Varlyrio, might refuse them passage if they felt threatened. Once the soldiers were gathered and the cart loaded with ale, bread and a few of Mychel's essentials (he expected to travel in a certain manner) the group set off west. They travelled through the rolling green fields and since bandits were rare here the mood was light and conversation flowed. Gineto had an attentive audience for his war stories. The cart's squeak began to slow meaning the convoy was coming to a stop, and Meiyo's thoughts drifted back to the present. A small group of peasants were out picking grapes near the road side. They were using a small storage barn to store their produce before it was transported for sale. Mychel began to veer off the road to engage them in conversation and Meiyo stuck close by, just in case. After a brief chat, the group returned to the road and continued on their way. Meiyo realised she had forgotten to ask for fat for the cart axle, and it's renewed squeak reminded her of how far they still had to go.
  4. Previously Even for Varlyrio it was an unseasonably warm winter's day, and it seemed as if half of Illaryian was in the stands to watch the races. With the queen's call for entertainment, the Supano Amancio had asked all of the finest horse breeders in Varlyrio to prepare their steeds to compete in the largest horse racing event in a generation. Outside the capital in an area of flat land the nobles had put up stands from which to watch the entertainment, which had turned into a competition to show of their wealth and status. Staffen had paid for a grand timber frame to be made in a style celebrating Varlyrian's ancient past, and once the labourers had made the structure safe he arranged for plasterers to come and cover it in stucco and paint it white. Finally, a few artists had come and added some detail to it to help make it stand out. It hadn't been cheap, but there was no mistaking that the Conzaga's had arrived. Staffen knew that he had to. After the recent attempt to poison his son Bernaldo he had to show his enemies that the Conzaga's would not be bowed by the threats. Bernaldo was his son and, at least nominally, his heir. Staffen had situated him pride of place in the front row of the stand guarded by his own minotaur bodyguard. "But father, no-one would dare attack us in public like you think! Minos can take the day off and enjoy the races.", said Bernaldo when he was told of the plan. This was typical of his naivety - he had underestimated the ruthlessness of his family's enemies - a mistake Staffen would not make twice. Staffen insisted it was Minos or he stayed inside the manor and Bernaldo reluctantly agreed. After being cooped up for weeks for his own safety Staffen knew his son would leap at the opportunity to get his freedom for the day. Around the grandiose Conzaga display was simpler timber stands for the ordinary folks. The crowds chattered loudly enjoying the day away from their trades. At the opening ceremony, they cheered for the riders; when they thundered passed they whooped and groaned and money changed hands and back again. But Staffen was not even listening, he had more important matters on his mind. As part of the queen's push to impress her subjects the Conzaga's had been approached to freely give out their wine to the common folks. When Staffen had objected to this, the envoy had opened a chest and the sparkling contents made him reconsider. There was a queen's ransom in diamonds inside! It was easily enough to pay for every man, woman and child in Historica to forget their woes for the day. While the diamonds were a welcome boost to the Conzaga treasury Staffen's head spun at what to use it for. He could raise an army to muscle out his competitors, bribe spies to find Bernaldo's attacker or build an impressive architectural feat to make him remembered down the ages. Whatever he decided Staffen knew - this was a good day for the Conzagas.
  5. narbilu

    Whispers [CH2 - C]

    Note: Didn't have much time, but I just wanted to start this storyline with the build for challenge 2C Bran was summoned by his dad, Narbilu lord of Avalonia, to meet him in the alley of the far east corner of Kashgar... nothing is known what the two talked about, but it will have consequences for the loosing party.
  6. W Navarre

    The Ilesole Saga

    "Long ago, far to the southwest of all of Historica... "There lay, and there lies still, a tall and lonely city, which is called, Ilesole." "Forgive me! Please!" "It is not for me to forgive..." "But if the skies above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath... "If the sea into which he was cast is washed away with time, "If the sun dries up that sea so that the water no longer parts us, if he can walk from there to here! "Oh, then will the child be forgiven; then will he also be pardoned… "For what he hath done…" “Water… is merciful…” “Not like fire.” “My name is Ásgeir Di Cioto... I come from Ilesole.”
  7. Although the Khaor family thinks that anything cultural is a waste of precious time, they can't let the golden city of Kashgar live without the grandeur of a theater. Every seventh day of the week a small group of actors perform a comedy play. In this case a Kaliphlin soldier who has to fight an evil witch. This way, the Khaor can contol the entertainment in the city. Circus and other artists have to audience before Throll first before allowed in the city. *HSS - Entertainment The open air theater is also suited for my MOC of Kashgar
  8. It is a good thing that Bran keeps a short leach with his family on the other sde of the ocean. The abundance of food that grow in Hemresa, a large island within the borders of Avalonia, is a good trade good versus the high quality clothing that the Khaor supply. The Khaor family have a small fleet of trading vessels like the one shown below, that sail to and from Varlyrio and Kashgar almost all seasons of the year.
  9. Judge of the Wastelands

    Into the Maw (Ch.II Cat. C)

    Previously... <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Raven Fernwood was a bigger man than I had thought. I had expected a meeting with one of the heads of the Trading conglomerates, or perhaps their representative. Instead, tucked in an alley in the town of Gromm, the Governor of the Wastelands was staring past me. We were standing outside of a monastery of some kind, or at least I assumed a monastery. This was it. This was my chance. Refusing to look at me, the Governor cleared his throat. "I understand you know Raven Fernwood." "Perhaps I do." He opened his mouth, then closed it. Struggling, he managed, "So you are the survivor of the civil war inside the Marauders we have to deal with." A fire welled up inside me. All forethought left me. I slammed my helmet on the cobblestone street. "I'm no Marauder. I am Aarinstahrr of the Black Lodge, Raxus Orsen Waythe, warrior of the wastelands. You didn't get a new band of Marauders. The Marauders are dead and gone, in the ash heap of history as far as I'm concerned. And I was the one that broke them." Where disgust had once been, intrigue replaced it. "Why?" And then my speech came to me. "Perhaps you haven't realized, Governor, but a Queen sits on the throne of Historica. For many a year, we have had freedom in our affairs, with no one to rule these lands. And we have flourished. Gromm was once a hut and a well, and now it sits as the crystal in the rocks of the wasteland. But the Queen has acted, taking from one mouth to give to another." "For the good of those starving," he replied, slowly. I smiled. A wolfish smile. I could see it unnerved him. "Sure, of course. For the good of the people. And then, Governor, for the good of the people she will move our troops to borders more important to her. And then for the good of the people, she will take our wealth, which we bleed for, and give it to those who can't pull themselves out of a bottle. She will create charters, without which it will be illegal to trade as we have. And we will be powerless to stop her." "She is a good woman." "So were many, before they felt the power in their hands. I know not her heart, but I have seen the lust of Kings, and I assure you she is not immune from it. None are." "Then we are once again under a..." The Governor looked at me. "Unless we act now. I am no refined gentleman, but I am not a barbarian. Where the Marauders brought chaos, I can bring order. Order necessary to maintain a free Varlyrio. Order necessary to see our fruits continue to mature. You and I, we will check each other. As long as we stand united, Varlyrio shall bow to no grant Queen. But if I am to be an agent of order, I need a seal." "What do you need?" And here came the money part. I was gambling, gambling more than I ever had. What I was asking was not just a risk to myself, but to Varlyrio. But I needed it. "I need to appointed Judge." "The Wastelands haven't had a Judge since Revolwold," The Governor murmured. "Nonetheless it is what I require. Think, Governor. The return of the Judge would mean trade routes would be even safer than they were, more open to commerce. And more to the point, Queen's edicts would be under my purview to enforce. But as the Judge's code states, my duty is to enforce just laws, and just laws only." "I am taking an awful risk, Orsen Waythe. If I am to do this, I must have one question answered. Why did you leave your leader, at a moment your aid would have been indispensable." Unexpected, but bitter all the same. In the end, it was a small price to pay, but I still hated paying it. "I was his son, not his 'adopted son'. He wished me to marry my half-sister, and she wished the same. He told me I would do it, or die. So I left." "Oh that our secrets will remain better hidden," The governor said, with genuine weariness. "You shall have your warrant. I will bring back the position of Judge of the Wastelands."
  10. Garmadon

    De Fiori Forge

    Enter the de Fiori forge! Only the finest and strongest of Varlyrian blades come out of these furnaces, crafted by the sword-making master of the family, Cioro de Fiori. Along with his children, Bjarke and Gionna, Cioro makes almost all of the daggers and swords which originally gave birth to the rise and fame of the de Fiori's. The fire: Gionna de Fiori: And one last overview of the scene: Well, I think that wraps up my family member vigs for now! Check out the last of the new characters here. HQ and the forge pic that I was basing this off of inspired me to try some scene lighting here - getting it just right for the pictures was definitely a pain, but I'm quite happy with the results! Also another entry to CCCXVI (or whatever number we're on now ) - most just because it happened to fit the interior category. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  11. Garmadon

    De Fiori Armory

    Weapon makers both by trade and inclination, the de Fiori's armory is always sure to be well-stocked and sharp. Although swords are their field of expertise, they do not confine themselves to them entirely, and their armory is packed full with weapons of all descriptions from the de Fiori forges. A closeup: The chandelier: And a last couple of pics: Hey all! Another Varlyrian build from me, this time a full interior scene of the family's armory. Also an entry to CCC's interior category. And since it ended up a lot larger than an 8x8, I went ahead and used the opportunity to introduce quite a number of my Varlyrian characters. Check them all out here! Just have got a couple of them left and I think I'll have all the living family members covered (except one old lady who I only plan on pulling out if everybody else in the whole family dies ) The scene was inspired by this awesome picture, in case anyone was curious Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  12. Rogue Angel

    The Sunken Tavern

    The Sunken Tavern Sheltered off the coast of Tradesmeet, Halfway between Varlyrio and Avalonia, sits the Sunken Tavern. The Tavern is a favorite destination for many a sailor, captain or pirate. The Tavern provides a safe haven for all. The Tavern does not fall within the jurisdiction of Tradesmeet despite it's proximity, and this make's it especially alluring for those seeking to arrange illicit deals and contracts. While some assume the Tavern is under the control of the Scarlet Marauders, the owner is actually a Kolgari who has run the tavern for as long as anyone can remember. Despite it's illicit reputation, the Tavern is understood to be a safe location to travel to and from unmolested. Some say that the Scarlet Marauders have an arrangement with the Kolgari owner, while others say the Kolgari is a powerful magician with many wards and protections in place. It is even whispered by some that the Kolgari has a Kraken at her beck and call, if such a thing even exists. Regardless, the result is that visitors need not worry about Pirates, Maruaders or Customs agents. A Scarlet Maruader vessel is docked. This is a common sight at the Tavern, and many who wish to make contact with the Marauders will attempt to do so here. The Sunken Tavern has many visitors, and those from foreign ports are not uncommon. Currently an Avalonian ship is docked and the guards appear to be on alert, whether out of caution of fear of recognition, it is hard to tell. A Varlyrian Fisherman is bringing in a fresh load to sell to the larger vessels, and to the Taverns patrons as well. The tavern is well built and has weathered many a squall. It is open in calm or storm. The tavern is on the first floor, and can get quite rowdy, depending on the crowd. The Kolgari owner is Taleth Asari, and she is always accompanied by other Kolgari, said to be her bodyguards or sisters, depending on who you ask. There are two rooms for rent on the 2nd floor of the tavern, with access to the balcony on the third floor, and from there the great room. An Avalonian merchant nobleman has been staying in the great room for a couple of weeks, and is about to depart in the vessel awaiting outside. The balcony is quite popular during dry weather for drinking, socializing and negotiations. A heated discussion is currently going on between a Varlyrian lady and Malco Amancio, the notorious nephew of Supano Amancio, a forceful "negotiator" who is also called 'kneecap' by some behind his back. Malco is always suspicious and hot-headed, and has a particular dislike for his cousin Aldacio, who he thinks is trying to seduce his current consort. Aldacio was born and raised in Avalonia, and his relatives see him as soft and weak, and are embarrassed by his soft Avalonian tendencies. As always, the docks are busy, and populated by all sorts of characters from all over Historica. High rez and more pics on Flickr. Edit: Added exploded view to hidden area
  13. And the second one... As the gnomes are the second largest represented race on Varlyrio, a lot of goods from their factories are exported from the island. The gnome called Freckle issued a permit to build a warehouse at the docks to oversee the trade to the mainland. A small and vast houses a few dozen square meters of crates and boxes leaving the island with every ship that sails. Kashgar update with my new builds:
  14. After a few months (got a new born son, and we called him Moos)... finally with x-mas some time to build. Kashgar is growing and every day new shipments and tradegoods are unloaded by the many ships that enter the harbour. Taxes need to be payed and smuggleware has to be reduced to a minimum, so the Khaor family build a small customs office at the end of the docks. The Lionelle called Shimbash leads a small unit of soldiers and officers to ensure no illegal goods enter Varlyrio from this port.
  15. Hi there! Would like to present my third (already?) moc for the Varlyrio Guild Challenge. It is for 2E: Varlyrio Scenery - Sunken City. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ah, it's you again! How do you blewe? You are becoming kind of a regular in these waters. Float a little bit closer, and i am going to share a secret with you! Can you keep a secret? Of course you cannot! However, it is imperative that i fin you in. Sooner or later, you would notice it anyway. Are you ready? Once upon a tide, long after mer folk moved into Lorelei Loch, they discovered something that completely changed our fate. They found a mersterious pond, filled with magic. In all likelihood, it is a consequence of centuries of magic used to make Horthol, the Sunken City liveable. All the preternatural powers the kolgari and others casted into the environs, somehow cumulated and made this supernatural pool. We named it "Brunnen der Veränderung" in our tongue- the "Well of Transformation" or something like that is the direct translation, but you mer friend can just simply call it the "Spring of Styx" on your common drylander language. Styx was the name of the mergygur who swam across it first. I mean a female finvolk. A nixe. A male is called a nix by the way. WoT01 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr Okay, okay, i won't swim around the kelp anymore! The place can transmute mervolk into surface strollers, and back. All hail Pontus! Now, what do you say about that?! I might add, mer folk weren't very enthusiastic to go dry, but it was too great of an opportunity to just ignore it. It was a small step for mer, one giant leap for merkind. The kolgari helped us a lot to acclimate, and we had the chance to meet a lot of other dust dwellers, who lived in- and around the Sunken City. I mean, we knew these people before, but now it was from a totally different perspective. Mer folk, the mervolk stood on two legs. It wasn't easy at first, but we learned a lot, and gained not less. We looking at the drylanders differently. I know, i know, we still don't fancy them. But it was worse in the past. Let mer hear your questions! I can see it in your eyes, you have some. No, it seems it won't work on other beings. Some kolgari, and non- elves jumped into the well before, but nothing happened, except they became wet. Don't have the slightest idea, why it is only working on us. I can tell you fish don't grow legs neither, if we carry them through. Who? Children of Ceto? They didn't try it yet, as far as i know. Wanted to persuade Octavia to give it a shot, but she wasn't so eager, so i let it go. Where is the well? Well, it can be found in an extraordinary place called Eventide Forest by the Kolgari. Huge dread ash, and midnight maple trees. Dread ashes with their dark red leafs, and orangish flowers. It has also a yellow fruit, the curvy finger. I like it very much, but the webbed winged filcher- which is a smaller flying animal- usually steals most of them. Oh, i saw some different dryland animals too! Well, partially dryland. There was the sun anuran- a very rare frog, and the mavros ophidian. Be careful with that sneaky serpent! Oh, and the drop skorp! That is especially a nasty one, when jumps from the tree into your hair! Lunacy! There were other animals too, like bugs! Big, ugly bugs! When i first saw them, i almost went back underwater immediately... WoT04 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr But we intend to stay above ground with this conversation for a bit more! Be nice now, because i would like you to meet a friend of mine. She is mer "link". Traditionally, when a marmennill, or margygur enters the surface world for the first time, the kolgari assign an aid/ guide to the new fin on the block. We call this person "link". A connection with the surface world. Her name is Coventina, and she is a kolgari circe- a sorceress, so do not offend her because you might find yourself in the shape of any aforemertioned creepy- crawly... May the water flow with you! WoTWP by Erhard Maas, on Flickr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More pictures can be found in my Flickr album.
  16. A Semi-Typical Specimen of Median Size (But Slightly Above Average Size) Gnome Dwelling Demonstrating the Current Gnome Residential Practices in Varlyrio Proper (Not Having Appropriately Surveyed Those Dwellings Beyond the Limits of Varlyrio) or Gnome Home (East Varlyrian) Provided here is a semi-typical specimen of median size (but slightly above average size) Gnome dwelling demonstrating the current residential practices in Valryio proper. NOTE: This representation does not include those dwellings currently established outside of the Varlyrian continuous landmass as a proper survey of these extra-Varlyrian structures has not been properly completed. This survey is approximately 23.63% complete at this point, with an estimated approximate completion date in 14.5 years, with a standard allowance of 14.2% in either direction. SUBNOTE: Additional information on the progress of this survey can be found in Volume 46 of "Established Standards, Practices and Societal Norms of Gnome Society, And All Associated Concepts and Appurtenances of Relevance" by the Inter-Guild Society of Gnomish Researchers, Inventors, Technologists and Academics (IGSGRITA). The prototypical Gnome presented is myself, Kerstibal Bigglemont - Gnome Artificer and Inventor Extraordinaire, Future-Archaeologic Resource, and IGSGRITA Certified Master Academic. This is a typical Gnome home, incorporating steam power, hot water heating, and other advanced technologies with varying degrees of success and efficiency. The hot air balloon is a common gnome mode off transportation, and perfectly exemplifies the path of gnomish invention and technology - it sometimes takes you where you want, if you plan ahead, but often takes you in a completely unanticipated direction.
  17. Judge of the Wastelands

    Business is What you make it (Varlyrio 1C)

    <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Business Since the death of the last Aarinstahrr, the Black Lodge Trading Company had suffered. We operated out of the wastelands of Varlyrio, and as such needed a firm grip to keep the trade routes open. But even with my return, funds were simply insufficient. When this happens, options start to shrink. I was told that I needed to sell the company. I had no intention of doing so. Instead, I started a protection business. If we could morph the company from a mere shipping enterprise into the true muscle of the region, our power would only grow. And it was this that had me on the one road through the rocky narrows, a pathway through what had become barren country, unfit for travel, or residence. I needed to make clear why protection from the Company was necessary. Three travelers, unwary of a road they should have been wary of, proved an opportune beginning. They looked shocked when my lancers surrounded them. "What is the meaning of this?" The Goblin looked furious. "You carry much, travelers. But you carry it with little protection." The human girl, from Kaliphlin by the look of it, appeared stricken. She looked back at the lone soldier, carrying nothing more than a crossbow. It would do little against the spears and shields of my troops. "Do you have any idea how much I paid to have safe passage through these parts? Any idea, human?" "Your folly. But I'm not here for your money, goblin. My name is Orsen Waythe, and I take it you intend to see your goods to a city. I need you to carry a message with them. You see deep into the trees?" "I see bodies, strung up like cattle." "Marauders. They've ruled the wastelands for as long as I can remember. And I want you to tell everyone you meet that I and my men killed them, and are willing to offer safe passage to anyone and anything through these lands....for much less than the marauders demand. For far too long, the Marauders have been a thorn in the side of the Black Lodge Trading Company and the good citizens of Varlyrio. No longer." "That's it?" The goblin looked shocked. "Tell them you just butchered the biggest bullies in the business?" "Oh, it's my business now, Goblin. Make sure they know the mark of the Dragon means death to any Marauder who interferes with my shipping routes again. And let the people know they need not fear these masked terrorists any longer." "So be it, Orsen Waythe. I will take your message."
  18. Judge of the Wastelands

    Fort Defiance (Varlyrio 1D)

    <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> The Gauntlet had been thrown down. Never in my wildest dreams had I entertained the idea that the Marauders would fall for my trap so perfectly. They were the old guard, furious at an affront to their 'honor'. All it required was an easy sale of some Black Lodge Dragon armor to the Queen's troops. Just as I foresaw, instead of making their presence felt, after a raid and nothing more than a few broken bones, the Queen's troops left in a huff, ready to tell their monarch of the barbarians in western Varlyrio. Then I struck. The information on their camp had not come cheap, but it had come so easy I feared the worse. So instead of a march, I led shock troops, my lancers into the Marauder camp. In one swoop, I broke the reigning power over these wastelands for 20 years. But the treacherous line I would have to walk was only getting harder. The Company's forces were holed up in Fort Defiance. Thanks to the last Aarinstahrr, Fort Defiance was well supplied and had the geographical advantage of covering the only water for many miles. And while the last remnants of the Marauders were destroyed, here I plotted. I summoned the only two other stake members in the company, neither of which were particularly thrilled with the turn of events. "I suppose I needn't ask which part of you did the thinking about this particular decision." Corcoran played a soldier, a politician, a businessman, but none of them as well as he played a cynic. "My thoughts exactly." Raven Fernwood was a man of means and had taken a risk investing in Black Lodge given that the Company had just been taken over by an illegitimate son who had not been seen in years. But while he was a bigger liability than Corcoran, he was also more amiable to my ideas. "Read the dispatches coming from the Queen's court. We just bought ourselves the Queen's blessing for a business we just eliminated our main rival in." I smiled. "Perhaps you don't realize the-" "I damn well know what the Queen's hand means," Fernwood interjected. "I never swore fealty to some grant monarch. It's the last thing we need." "You think I'm putting all my eggs in a sovereign hundreds of miles from here? Think bigger. This is PR. I would never have taken down the marauders this easy if not for the fact that people hate them. We cannot let that happen." "Which is why I opposed expanding into protection in the first place," Corcoran complained. "No, stop and listen," I snapped. "The Wastelands bow to no king. But some law and order is required. And if we want a free Varlyrio, we need to be the thing keeping it free. The Queen's protectionism won't stop after she gets a taste of the money, let alone the power it holds. If we become the order around here, no Queen's edict will be enforced without our say-so." Raven Fernwood started to smile. "This could work." "Not only work, but this is a solution to more than one of our problems," I said. "All that we need is something, even the tiniest shred of legitimacy. Which is why you two are here. I need to know who to approach." Corcoran looked interested for the first time. "I may have an idea on that front. There are larger Trading Companies that pay for their own private armies, but don't particularly like maintaining them. If you can put on the face of a gentleman, they may just bite. I can get you the locations of their offices, but that may be the best you get." "Give me a few days, and I will have a proposal that they will tell their wives they came up with," I said. My partners shook hands and nodded. I had won the war. It was time to win the peace.
  19. Hello again! Thanks for stopping by! Here is my second moc for the Varlyrio Guild Challenge. It is for 1B Family and known associates. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Octavia... What can i tell you about her? I've defeated her pet kraken once. Nobody anticipated that! That is how i've got mer scar on mer face. I mertioned it earlier, if you were paying attention. I think she will never forget it, nor forgive it, but that is when we crossed currents for the first time, and later we managed to form a bond. A strange friendship i would call. Merbe more? She is an octopus lady or something, a daughter of Ceto. Scary creature of the deep. Like mer sisters... Did i mertion, she has eight legs? Strong, large, long, lime limbs, with sticky stuff on them. I believe its called suckers. Well, it sucks to be grabbed with those, i can tell you that! Squeezes you like you were a sponge on the waterbed. She was not friendly at first, and that is an understatement. So under, it's underwater. Utterly hostile, but nowadays she "tolerates" us. Mer, a little bit more. Her older sister Pri'Scylla is not like that, but she is getting there i presume. I'd like to. Until then, Octavia is the connecting link between our volk. We had our battles, and differences with the Children of Ceto, but these days there is a fragile truce between our people. Officially. Back to Octavia Oceana. That is her whole name by the way. Do not tell anyone, i told you! I will deny it! She would hug me to death with her tentacles. Not a bad death, but still a death. Anyway, she has long dark green hair like a garden of beautiful seaweeds. Eyes, as dark as the depths of the waters, a killer stare, which is one level less menacing than the petrifying gaze of her younger sister Echo. Alluring lips, pretty, but assertive face, with some shiny silverish lines all over it. She likes the deepest parts of Lorelei Loch. The ice cold water is her favourite. Not a big social... How do you dryskins say it? Social butterfly? She has a soft spot for abandoned places, especially ship wrecks of yours. Knows how to defend herself, but not a fan of fighting. Do you want to know more? Mer too! OctaviaIntro3 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_2902 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr OctaviaUW2 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_2917 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr More pictures can be found in my Flickr album.
  20. Previously... The Highridge Foothills, Eastern Varlyrio The journey from Illyrian was long and Fel was in a hurry, setting a quick pace that set Fizzum to grumbling the whole way. When he finally took over, far outside of the city and away from any road that Fel knew, his pace was no less relentless. She expected the Lady Tisha to complain, but she never did. Every time Arrea offered to carry her pack or help her in any way, Tisha happily ignored her and walked a little quicker. She prattled and questioned in an endless wave, wanting to know everything about everything. It seemed that she was stopping every few feet by the time they reached the end of their path. Fizzum had led them down a what was once a busy road, now returned to the land by time and disuse. "Fah! We'll never get there if you don't pick up that child and drag her along!" "I'll do no such thing. My lady, please ignore that fool." "Fool is it? Fool? Look before you, we've finally arrived and it's pretty flowers and insects that you're concerned with." "I hate to admit it, but he's right. That's got to be some kind of door." "It doesn't look much like any door I've ever seen." "On account of it being a gnome door!" "It's got no latch or hinges, Fizzum." "Fah! Of course it has. You just can't see 'em with your baby eyes. Door operates by steamworks. You just got to know how to talks to it." "Well, let's not keep our guide waiting you two. It'll be dark soon and we don't know what awaits us inside." "You don't, but I do." "I'll bet it's not so bad." "If you're lucky, you won't have nightmares the rest of your days." "I'll ask you again not to speak to the Lady that way, Master Gnome." "I was talking to all of yous!" "Well, that's ominous." "More like exciting!" "Fah! Fah, I say! Let's us just get on with it."
  21. Greetings! Thanks for stopping by! I would like to present my first varlyrian vignette. It is for the Varlyrio Guild Challenge 1A- Family Affairs- Who's in charge. Sorry, i do not have many bricks, nor skills. I tried to use all the advice you gave me on my other mocs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mer- ry meet! I am Ein. Take a note on that, because you will hear it in the future, i guarantee! I am a blewe elf. Yes, i am not blue. I live in the blue. Hope it is not too complicated for you. Some others would know my kind as finvolk, or marmennill, or something like that. First of all, excuse my incidental grammatical errors. Your common tongue, is not my strongest skill. Usually, i prefer to pick up just elvish languages. Hope you will understand mer. Let's get started, shall we? Mer father was born in the mernificent polis of Tethys. He swam in the waters of Kalypsō, what sadly, I didn't have the opportunity to do so. Came to this world looong after that dreadful catastrophe. You know which one i am talking about, right? The one that happened in the place you probably know, or heard of as Varlyrio. Mer home is the spectacular underwater city of Thalassa. Would be a fool to tell you the exact location. Keep it a secret for now. About mer birth... What do you think? Are we from eggs or born alive? Like fish, or like humans? I will let you figure it out by yourself, if you can. Good luck with that dryskin! Haha! So, where was i before i've got tidetracked? Oh, yes! Mer father is called Ægir, Protector of the Blewe. Mer mother's name is Rán. Queen of the Blewe. I know, i know. Those titles are not very creative... Just for the record. They are not blue neither! I also have nine sisters- imagine that, but you don't want mer to list their names here. Would be long and boring believe mer, and i don't want you to know their names. You probably not even worthy to lay your beady little dust dweller eyes on mer beauteous sisters anyway. By the way, they have terrible personalities, and i am sure all of them are much older than you. Not to mertion nobody in their right mind would want to be their boyfriends. Not to mertion... husband. Enough of those margygurs! Let's talk about mer, merself, and i. Grew up in the eerie waters of Lorelei Loch. Had an adventurous childhood. The Children of Ceto always stirring up the deep waters yonder. There weren't many boring moments i can tell you that. Fortunately these days, we have less and less problems with them. Guess what? Even befriended a few. Who could have foretell that. I will speak to you about them another time, i promise. If you behave yourself well. Be nice, you hear mer! It is no secret, we are not a fan of your kind. Maybe one day, this will change, but in the mertime i will tell you about mer useless titles. Yes, i have those, like mer parents have. Let's see. I am the Lochagos of the Warriors of Vortex order. Lord of Lorelei Loch. Guardian of Thalassa. Have a few more, but those have no interest to you. Oh, i have one more, which is a "cool one"! Krakenslayer! If you were wondering about the scar around mer left eye. While my dad is somewhere in the great waters of Ōkeanós on some diplomatic mission to contact other finvolk, i am trying to build connections with your kind. That is why i revealed myself to you. Do you want to know more? EinIntro by Erhard Maas, on Flickr - Many- many tides ago, there was Erda. The dust dwellers call it Varlyrio, or was it Valrylio, or Varilyo? Well, it doesn't really matter! Erda it is named in our ancient tongue. Two lands, one with an inland sea, what was known as Kalypsō. That is where our ancestors were born, in the beautiful city of Tethys. The water was crystal clean, and warm. Full of life in it, and in its vicinity. The drylanders didn't bother us much. Our neighbours, and distant relatives the Kolgari lived close by. Sometimes dwarves came to trade goods, and news in return for the fruits and rare treasures of the deep. Other than that no two legged people dared to walk those lands, and swim or sail those waters. Life was good, because the water was good! Then out of the blue, cataclysm hit! Erda quaked, cracked, and shattered, deadly gases leaked from the deepest parts of the underworld into the waters, and up in the air. Soon, Tethys was destroyed. As the ground opened, most of Kalypsō drained. Ran down into a cavern that might wasn't even there before. Many of our volk swam for the last time that day, crashed on the rocks by deadly currents, or swallowed by hazardous maelstroms, engulfed by the abyss. But others survived and just let the flow to take care of them. The water takes, but it always brings. So, they found themselves in this huge new cave, in a subterranean lake fed by underground rivers, and hot springs regularly. Other survivors of the catastrophe arrived too! Even the Kolgari couldn't continue their lives on the surface. They moved into this great cavern, we call Horthol. Those were hard times on them, and on our volk. On everybody, who found refuge there. Magic was used on a daily basis to help establish a new life. The Kolgari built an amazing place, what is known in the legends as Sunken City. We built our new home, the magnificent city of Thalassa, on the bottom of the lake we know as Lorelei Loch. We were lucky. Very lucky to survive. Water is vital for all of the beings. With the new place, came new discoveries. Ones that changed the fate of our volk forever. Found waterways which connected our new home with the vast water Ōkeanós, so some of our brave ancestors departed. Ōkeanós... The final frontier. Those were the longest voyages of our volk. Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, and new civilizations, to boldly swim, where none one has swam before. To find new adventures, to meet never seen distant relatives. We also met new creatures, for example the Children of Ceto emerged from the depths of Lorelei Loch. Some of them were friendly, others are not so much. Water can be wild. Recent times, the surface strollers constantly grew in numbers. Not just in Erda. Don't have much respect towards the land, towards anything! They spill, and drink the waters, even fighting over it! Kill, murder for it! Sometimes they contaminate the wells, springs, rivers, and oceans! Litter the whole world! All that matters to them, is what can they take, what can they destroy! Almost always at war, those dryskins! Want power more, and more. Want everything! It is never enough! They know nothing! Nothing yet... Our volk are everywhere. We are watching. Where water is, there are we. Water is life, so we are! You cannot crush water, so you cannot crush us. We were here before you, and will be after you. We are the Elves of the Blewe! blewelves2 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr More pictures can be found in my Flickr album.
  22. Note: This is the first of what will be 1-2 more builds showing the D'Gatto family. The next one will be "Extended" and, if necessary, another will follow as "Known Associates". Abelia D'Gatto is the head of the D'Gatto family, which traditionally passes power down matrilineally (common practice among Varlyrian Catfolk). Her mother left her with the family business: artifacts and antiquities and her father left her with vexing familial connections out west, including various debts, secrets, and obligations. She married an artist, seeking to expand the family business into art collection, patronage, and sales but so far this has been an uphill battle. Abelia is refined, but ruthless and has a famous temper. She makes it a point to attend major social events in Illaryian and the more important eastern Varlyrian cities and maintains a reputation for cold poise and withering wit, though she must also pretend not to hear the japes and judgments offered behind her back, or a half a moment before she is fully out of earshot. Abelia is the kind of mother that presents a different face, a different style of mothering, to each of her three children. Who she really is remains a mystery even to those closest to her, though Fel suspects it is reserved for herself --not that she appreciates it. Fel is Abelia's heir and she saves her greatest reserves of attention and disapproval for her. Pardo D'Gatto (formerly Sivaelurus) is from a prominent military family that is based in the borderlands between the two sides of the Varlyrian coin. They staunchly disapprove of "that woman" due to her family's connections to scoundrel catfolk that "give all of us a bad name". For his part, Pardo relishes his family's disapproval and often courts it. He grew up under the shadow of older brothers and sisters who followed the family trade of soldiering for the Rego. Pardo isn't a pacifist, but he prefers the life of the mind and isn't shy about it. He insisted on his children receiving educations that included an appreciation for the arts of painting, music, sculpture and dance. Fel was the greatest of his pupils, but it's Kass who has the spark of his father's talent. Pardo leaves most of the direct parenting to Abelia and has long since taken a step back to let his grown children figure their own lives out. Something of a recluse, Pardo doesn't emerge from the D'Gatto atelier for days at a time, which has proven a poor habit for an artist disinterested in the art community of Varlyrio and who is considered a middling talent on top of it. His marriage to Abelia seems to have been out of both love (for him) and status (for her) as well as an opportunity for both to step out of the long shadows cast by their families. Stena D'Gatto is the "black cat" in the family, having chosen a life of religious observance and militant service over all other pursuits. Stern and fiercely moral, Stena has officially cut ties with her immediate family, though unofficially that is not so simple. Stena has risen to the rank of Knight-Sergeant and her commitment to the Order of Sana Argenta means she can not inherit the family affairs from Abelia when the time comes. This made Fel the heir, a thing which caused a bitter rift between the sisters. They were once close, though opposites, but that closeness has largely become a memory that neither will admit pains them dearly. Stena lives in Illaryian but prefers to be out in the field, accepting missions and commands that draw her out into battle. She is also closer to the Sivaelurus family, some of whom are also knights of Sana Argenta or other friendly orders. Though Stena seems stiff and unyielding, she hides a romantic and gentle side which recalls her father. Abelia tends to treat her with coldness and distance, while Pardo is both repelled and attracted by her similarities to him and his own family, as if she could someday repair the rift between D'Gatto and Sivaelurus. Kass D'Gatto would be most families' "black cat" in that he is an infamous carouser and scoundrel. He prefers the company of his mother's cousins, the Diamantos, a family of grifters many of whom travel about Varlyrio in caravans. The Diamantos have a poor reputation among common Varlyrians, but some are considered akin to folk heroes in the seedier parts of the island. Kass prides himself on being utterly useless to his mother and father but he adores his sisters. Though his associations and behavior cause them both a lot of grief, they also have a lot of affection for him. Kass, though he hides it, is something of an artistic prodigy and has never tried a medium of art or music that he couldn't almost immediately master. He squanders these gifts, however, and instead tries to perfect the "art" of betting on horse racing while being drunk as a Mitgardian lord. Pardo puts more effort into trying to reign Kass than he does with the other children, though Abelia counters it by indulging and doting on her "baby boy". Kass is happy to take their money and sleep off his wilder nights under their roof, keeping them both just far enough at bay that they don't quite give up on him. But that's been going on for years and, as Fel is fond of telling him, it can't go on forever. Builder's Notes:
  23. Khaor Family Joseph Khaor an Avalonian tailor travelled in his early years to the traders island of Varlyrio to expand his business. At first his business flourished, until cloth garments were replaced by armor. His firstborn son Abrahan used his hobby hunting and skinning to produce the first line of leather armors which became famous all over Historica. Family Tree Abrahan Khaor Lineage The descendants of Abrahan are the leather workers and traders of the family. Throll in his study inside Khaor Manor Throll Khaor The recent passing of Rashgrall Khaor pushed Throll to the throne. He is a ruthless craftsman and trader, trained by his father he became known for being the one who will do everything to satisfy his customers. Throll was always at his father’s side, learning everything there is to know about crafting leather and pushing customers to pay the price for the high quality the Khaor is famous for. Still working under his father, Throll was able to stretch their business to the farthest corner of Historica, which also meant that the requests for rare materials changed. His specialty of trade became creating the most enchanting and mythical leather armors. Skin of demons, scales of dragons and mammoth hide armors, with or without magical treats are within the scope of his skills and fame. LouLou in her skinning workshop Anna Louise Khaor (LouLou) The younger sibling of Throll, also known as LouLou. She is a master skinner, which in the trade of the rare skins the Khaor process can be a real challenge. Nothing is harder to transform into workable leather, without damaging the traits, than for instance hydra lizard scales. LouLou mainly works within the walls of Kashgar, leading a life of luxury when she washed off the blood stains of her hard day’s work. Before she was old enough to join the family business, LouLou was the spoiled brat, the queen kid who always got what she wanted, which makes her still a pain in the @#&% to work with if no gain is in it for her. Josephine brewing potions in the woods outside Kashgar Josephine Livenea Is the not so secret bastard child of Abrhan. Although her mother was send to the mainland Nocturnus, Rashgrall had a soft spot for this beautiful half-sister. Josephine is as mysterious as her mother. Studied in Nocturnus to become part of a witch coven and to learn the mystical arts of enchantment and brewing potions of all sorts. When the power struggle of Nocturnus started she reached out to her half-brother, who happily took the opportunity to become close to his sibling. Josephine set up shop in Kashgar, blessing the armors of the Khaor family with an aura of unknown powers and strengths. Or at least gives the wearer that assumption, it is never proven. From left to right: Marlowe, Bran and Grogk (Bran's hunting party) Abrahan Khaor II (Bran) The children of Abygail Khaor were raised in Avalonia, along their farther Lord Nar Bilu of Hemresa. Bran, the oldest of three, was expected to step in his father’s footsteps and become a military man. He endured a fast training as a tracker, marksman and strategist. After a long year facing the dangers of the Historica continent he returned to Avalonia to seal his fate and pledge loyalty to the new royals. Not long after returning he was summoned by his nephew Throll to join the Khaor family on Varlyrio. His skills in hunting were a welcome addition to contribute to the growing demand of rare materials. He himself thought it was too early still to get the responsibility to become Lord, so a different challenge was a welcome path to gain more experience. Bran was to form a team of skilled hunters to track down rare animal and mystical creatures for their scales, fur or other material their skin was made up to make the finest armor in all of Historica and beyond. Bran’s hunting party (Marlowe & Grogk) When Throll summoned for Bran, revealing part of the assignment, Bran decided to take his longtime friend Marlowe along for the quest. Marlowe is a renown Kaliphlin Lionell tracker from Barqa and an excellent diplomat, speaking most of the uncommon Historica languages from the number of journeys across the mainland. Besides that, he was a Kaliphlin army regiment commander for several years. Both men travelled from Barqa to their new home Varlyrio. Shortly after the details of their mission was explained by Throll, Bran found it necessary to add a local to his party. One that was familiar with the area as well as the basics of their mission. Throll suggested to meet up with Grogk, a supplier of hides from the Wastelands. He masters hunting and survival in these rough lands and he knows how to skin them. Secondly he knows the orcish culture, being one himself. After meeting up with him in The Drunken Imp, they team seems to hit it off, ready for their first assignment. Moss Khaor Lineage The descendants of Moss are the cloth traders of the family. Christopher in front of a slik spinning cabinet, just outside one of his farms Christopher Khaor The unwedded and childless uncle of the family is a strange one. He is a farmer and extraordinary tradesman, one that takes so much care in his product that any competitor is jealous. He owns a number of farms just outside the skirts of Kashgar and he manages a few in the Wastelands. Silk and cotton are his main trade. He knows and acts orcish traditions, which enables him to exploit and trade with this savage race. They grow his silk, process it to Kashmir alike fabric in return for access to Varlyrian products and recognition. Joseph (left) and his father Jullian standing in their clothing shop, ready to take your order Jullian & Joseph Khaor II Jullian owns a workshop and a shop in Kashgar. His specialty is tailoring. Kings, queens and other nobles travel from afar to be dressed by this artist for every occasion. Jullian is the most quiet one in the family. He keeps to his business, buying mostly from his brother Christopher and selling to everyone entering his shop the most legitimate way possible. Jullian is father of three children, all still learning the skills to take over the business in time. Joseph II is at age to fulfill his duty. Joseph now is responsible for collecting and reworking the trinkets and details on the clothing they sell. The two daughters are schooled by their mother and will be ready in time.
  24. Deep in the dry fields of the Wastelands a selection of skilled hunters started to build a settlement, not far from their native towns. The Sand Orcs decided to make a trading post, which they call Grahark, near the road connecting the mountains on the east with the Gnomish towns on the west coast. Walls of stone and wood, tents, housing, chicken farms and storage, all which is needed to successfully build a tribe. The Khaor family and Bran’s old friend Jacob Nion invested in this settlement by supplying knowledge and materials as well as a helping hand to speed up the process. Throll is dedicated to open up this post by the end of summer, so the new natives can inhabit their homes before the cold winter nights fall.
  25. Previously... D'Gatto Family Estate, Illyrian Kass decided to tag along and entertain Fel's group of unlikely companions. Not for the first or last time, it didn't occur to anyone to look up and spy the spy that watched them from the very rooftop of the D'Gatto family house in Illyrian. "So I know it's not much to look at but you try being D'Gattos in Eastern Varlyrio and we'll see where you wind up living." "Fah! No thanks." "Let's just go inside, Kass. I can practically feel mother's eyes on me." "It's... sort of roomy inside?" "Well it was originally built for gnomes..." "She's not a gnome!" "Well, I could be a gnome." "A human child? What's Fel doing carting a human child around Illyrian?" "If she didn't tell you, I'm sure you'll understand if we keep our business to ourselves." "Sure, sure. Anyway, I'll show you around. The D'Gattos deal in antiques. Well, some of us do. Here are some." "Oooh. What are they?" "I don't know what they are." "Can I pick up the statue thing?" "Sure, why not?" Meanwhile, Fel was face to face with Abelia D'Gatto, her mother. An imposing, infuriating woman. "Felissa." "Mother." "Did you really think you could slip through Illyrian without me knowing?" "You know, for a minute there, I kind of did." "Have you learned nothing? Your father and I always know where you are." "Don't bring him into this, I know he doesn't approve of you tracking your own children." "Be that as it may, he understands what this family needs and right now it needs you to stop these foolish games and return home." "Mother, we've been over this before. You have your interests and I have mine." "I swear, when I was your age my mother would have slapped my bottom and married me off for such insubordination." "Mother!" "Sigh. Very well, Felissa. If you won't listen to me, then at the very least you need to be able to protect yourself while robbing the dead or whatever it is you're doing. Follow me." Abelia led her daughter to an adjacent gallery. Armor and weapons were displayed there, equipment that Fel had not seen in years... "This is... great-grandmother's." "I had the tunic and armor resized for you, dear." "But... I can't take this." "Oh don't give me that. Your grandmother taught you how to use these weapons very much against my wishes. You may as well shake the dust off them." "Mother... this is..." "Don't lose your composure, Felissa. Stand straight now. You're a D'Gatto and I'll have you comport yourself as one." "... sniff..." ... ... ...sometime later... "I don't know, Abelia. Goldhorn is paying me a lot of money." "But Goldhorn is not Varlyrian, much as he wishes to be. If you wish to stop scuttling along the rooftops and walk out in plain sight, you know who you should really be serving." "Not that I care, but you'd really do this to your own daughter?" "She must learn her place, Garm. You wouldn't understand the duties of a mother." "Heh. You're a cold woman, Abelia." "Do as I ask you and you'll find me a lot warmer in the future." ... ... Builder's Notes: