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  1. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Welcome, Tyndale! Dwarves are a race found all through Historica, so you could settle anywhere; but Mitgardia has the most robust dwarf civilization of any of the guilds. So, if you wanted to join with a strong dwarf alliance, of sorts, Mitgardia is for you, but if you want to forge your own path, any of the others would work. It perhaps depends slightly on your brick collection: do you have more white for snow scenes or tan for desert? (Not, of course, that all Mitgardian builds have to have snow, or that all Kaliphlin builds are in the desert.) It is up to you, though I of course would advocate for Avalonia, myself...
  2. Gladensong (A Fairy Tree House)

    This is incredible! I love those giant trees, and the use of a minidoll as a fairy is perfect. The flowers made from Clickits (I think?) are especially nice, and the waterfall is also sublime. Super glad to see this added to the Mystic Isles, as it adds something beautiful and sizeable to the lore. Great work! What's in the cave on the side, though?
  3. Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Looks great! Can't wait to see the rest of it!
  4. Challenge: "A safe haven"- Celebrating five years of GoH!

    Most CMF series do still have 16, but the LEGO Batman Movie and LEGO Ninjago Movie series have had 20, the Disney series had 18; from an earlier comment it sounded like Ecc wanted to follow the latter format this time around. Two more figures to showcase a new culture somewhere!
  5. Challenge: "A safe haven"- Celebrating five years of GoH!

    The bolded part of the first bit should answer the first question, I think. I read it (though Ecc is of course the authority here) as being 5 free builds total in GoH, ever (as opposed to in the past year or two, or something more limited like that).
  6. Thanks, TM, I think you and my wife are correct. The hexagonal tower is one of my favorite things that I have built from LEGO, and I like the amount of texture that I included in this one. I look forward to seeing what you can come up with! Thanks, Kai, glad you like it! Glad you approve, Titus, and it was a pleasure building with you, too! Thank you, pdj, for noticing the small stuff! Thanks Puvel, I hoped to make the building integrate smoothly into the landscape, eschewing a simple tower on a flat surface for a more complex marriage of elements. Glad you think it worked! Thank you, Merc! This was my biggest build yet when I built it, so I am glad you approve of the scale (inspired by this, however, I decided to make something with quadruple the surface area and much more detail...). Hexagonal building takes a bit more patience and a willingness to stress your bricks somewhat. And the microfigs are mostly there to fill in the gap in the battlements between the sides, but they are nice to look at, too.
  7. Thanks, TM! High praise, indeed. I just love the lavender flowers in general; they go well with olive, dark, and sand greens. Thank you, SK! Glad you like the alcoves; I wanted something that said "fancy garden" without taking up much of a footprint. The use of crystals and gems is something that I think elves would do, so I use them fairly extensively in my elvish builds, but I am glad you think they work.
  8. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    @kahir88, great job building all of these scenes! It is great to see your civilization growing and developing.
  9. Dangers of smuggling

    I agree with Titus, this shows some great improvement over your previous indoor scene, since the colors are more limited and also better kept together. The sand green works well as slime covered sewer wall here. I really like the SNOTed floor, the round exit for the sewer pipe, including the water flowing out, and the 1x1 plate set at an angle as decoration between the arches. Those look great. The only things I am not sold on are first, the use of dark grey in the floor--it seems too forced, and light grey would have been better--, and second, the bright blue SNOTed into the floor, presumably as a puddle, since a puddle is almost never blue, but instead is just a darker color of whatever is under the thin layer of water. Using the dark grey for the puddle, or just wet stone in general, would have been preferable to using the blue. I don't mind the blue for the rest of the water (though technically, water underground would also not be blue, due to no blue sky reflecting on it, unless there is a heavy concentration of minerals dissolved in it). As I said, though, there is lots to like in this build! Well done.
  10. Poaching

    This is a very nice little vignette! I love the brick-built boar, especially. That has a nice look to it, and is well-scaled to minifigs. The tusks make it work. Good job using fewer colors in the landscape, too! I think the tree foliage (if you have the parts, of course) could be denser, and limiting the colors there too would be good. It is certainly not bad right now, and it perhaps captures a tree in the midst of changing leaf color for autumn. Well done, Kahir!
  11. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I know, I've been slacking!
  12. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    The next chapter of the Chronicles of Hesperia is up: @TitusV and @The Maestro, I finally got my part of our Summer Joust collaboration posted!
  13. The Chronicles of Hesperia Volume 1: The Sky Man Chapter 5: Stopping at Tíre Keep The Previous Chapters: Henjin Quilones stepped out of the elvish rowboat and walked up the dock towards the tower. Though it was only early evening, the flames were already roaring from the beacon post at its top, ready to ward any passing ship away from the dangerous shoals that lined the coast of the island. Tíre Keep, with its lighthouse, was one of the most important strongholds of Avalonia, and one of the farthest, if not the farthest, west, a final stopping point for food and supplies for any Avalonian ship sailing out into the Great Western Ocean. His ship, or rather, Galaria's ship, was moored deeper out to sea, past where the rocks would cause a danger to the fragile wooden planking of a ship's hull. He had been sent ashore to this abode of humans, since he, a human, would not look so out of place as one of the elvish exiles on board the Nagra Luca, or Black Wolf in the common speech of Historica. His brother, Bu'kanjin, or one of their druid warrior companions, could also have been sent, but Henjin had volunteered to come alone to broker a deal for supplies sufficient for an ocean crossing. Of gold they had enough, if pressed, to buy everything they needed and more, but then they would have nothing when they reached the shores of some distant land; Henjin's powers of persuasion had become legendary among his friends, and they all agreed that he would be the best to negotiate a favorable bargain for them. Henjin sighed as he gazed up at the tall tower, its six sides facing every direction. He did not know when they would be back in civilized lands again. Galaria had taken it into her head to travel the world after her father had sentenced her to exile, and she had no desire to stay around the continent of Historica. She had been granted a Historican Title of Nobility for her actions in the war with Raavage, same as Henjin, and would thus find a warm welcome wherever the Ruler of Historica was revered, but she wanted to leave, to see how people lived in other lands. Henjin had agreed to go with her, as he found something about the green-haired elf maiden hopelessly attractive. Bu'kanjin felt similarly towards Yavenna, Galaria's trusted lieutenant among the wolf riders, as well, and had needed little persuasion to join his brother. The wolves. Skoll, the white wolf that was now his, along with Biryuk, who was Bu'kanjin's mount, Laika, who was Galaria's, and the other wolfsteeds of Galaria's band, was in the hold of the Nagra Luca, undoubtedly very unhappy and seasick. Henjin had to get enough meat to feed them, in addition to everything else they needed. The gold in his pouch needed to go a long way. As he walked towards the small door set in the wall, he observed a man fishing from the rocks. "Greetings, sir," he said. "Where might I find the lord of this keep?" The man turned from his fishing with a sigh, saying, "The fish are not biting so far today, I am afraid; I blame the weather. It has been too hot, unseasonably so. We need some rain, that's what we need, rain." "If I could send you rain, sir, I would," said Henjin. "Now, where might I find the lord?" "Right here, my good sir," smiled the man. "I am Sir Kravek, Baron of Tíre Keep, Ruler of the Isle of Tíre, Lord Councillor of Avalonia. How may I be of service to a traveler such as yourself?" "My thanks, Sir Kravek. My name is Sir Henjin Quilones, Knight of Historica. My friends and I need sufficient food and supplies to sail across the Great Western Ocean." "I see. Welcome, Sir Henjin. Well, you have come to the right place. Now, that ship of yours anchored off in my harbor is clearly elvish, or I am an orc, so am I to assume that you stole it, or are your companions elves?" "Yes, Sir Kravek, they are elves, as well as men. And one orc, a refugee that we picked up along the way. Not more than eighteen all told, plus beasts." "Destination? Unknown, I suppose? Well, Sir Henjin, let us step into my office, where we can discuss matters more deeply. I have what you need, including charts and maps, and a suggestion for a destination, a place sure to welcome a motley collection of humans, elves, orcs, and beasts, whose existence has been reported to me by sailors coming through. You, in your turn, will give me assistance (and gold, I am sure). Come, come, this way." ____________________________________________________________ ......................................................................................................................... Thanks for looking, and C&C welcome! This has been posted at long last, my entry to the Summer Joust with @TitusV and @The Maestro. If you look closely at the last picture you might be able to see them there. The hexagonal nature of the tower was a challenge, but it worked out pretty well, I thought. My wife, typically no fan of LEGO, thought that this was my best build, and was genuinely sad when I took it apart. It should be fairly clear where my story is going, what with a 5th Anniversary Challenge deadline just over a month away...
  14. Thanks, Titus! I agree about those studs showing above the arch, but I did not want to take the time figure out a solution, since the wings attach to clips mounted flush with the tops of the studs. The pictures do not show it very well, but it is actually dark brown, not black, and it is the same color scheme I used in this build, set in the same location. It is, like it or hate it, the de facto interior color scheme of the palace in the Hesperian city of Istolia. Thanks, Merc! The garden side was my favorite, too. Thanks, Gunman! The dark green rounds have official stickers from this Elves set, where they were used as cushions. I happened to like the way they looked and thus they became the official insignia of Hesperia.
  15. Steinn Fortress

    Excellent micro, SK! You have a knack for such things. The technic gears work very well in your turrets, with the exception of the one on the farthest right in the first picture, which just seems too large (in diameter, that is) to fit on the tower beneath it. Great work, and like TM, I would love to see this in minifig scale!