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  1. Henjin_Quilones

    VOTING topic CDC2 CMF

    1 point for 18.Aurore 1 point for 13.Ayrlego 1 point for 6.mrcdp6d (gosh that was hard!)
  2. Henjin_Quilones

    VOTING topic Ancient Wonders

    2 points: 6.Servertijd 1 point: 15.W. Navarre
  3. Henjin_Quilones

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Awesome armies, @Sympatik Brick! Glad to see some fierce warriors protecting our realm. My only question is, why are the elves so angry?
  4. Henjin_Quilones

    CDC2 CMF: LittleJohn

    Frodo, maybe?
  5. @Aurore, don’t listen to Garm! We frown in creativity here in the guilds and are really, really, really strict about the finer points of interpretation of rules. Just kidding, of course. As long as you have the required bits, you are fine. And if you used a dash instead of a colon, or brackets instead of parentheses, or forgot to capitalize or properly punctuate something, your whole entry gets thrown out. I mean, doesn’t get thrown out. Ahem. Except maybe your CMF entry, since it’s a little too good, and we’re going to need a blood and urine sample to test for performance enhancing bricks.
  6. Henjin_Quilones

    CDC2 CMF: LittleJohn

    I definitely laughed out loud at those goats…that’s at least $140 of goats right there! Also the wizard is perfect. Love the baby fig used there. But all of them look good.
  7. Henjin_Quilones

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome to Avalonia! It’s great to have you in our great guild. I do think your link is broken, however, since it does not lead to anything. For linking pictures, it is much better to use the BBCode function of Flickr, rather than just posting the URL. A helpful tutorial can be found here. Again, welcome, and I look forward to seeing what you build!
  8. Henjin_Quilones

    CDC2 CMF: Henjin Quilones

    Thanks, Aurore! Yes, Logh’s kilt is from CMF Ginny. I was throwing some combos together and thought it could work for a kilt, if paired well. And I figured someone needed to make a bearded female dwarf at some point! I’m not sure what the torso is on Dworthi, though, but the arms at least are from the Batman CMF March Harriet. I wish you had a made a tree-person! I love tree persons of all sorts, myself. Though perhaps it would not have fit into the torture theme you had. Thanks for the detailed feedback, Exetrius! First, I don’t like the color of the Laeon’s pig, either, but I don’t have one of the tan/brown ones, just the pink one. Sigh. Second, I can understand the wish for better guild coordination in their colors, but as you yourself have noted below, it’s just not practical to have everyone from Avalonia wearing dark and sand green, everyone from Nocty wearing black and red, etc. I mean, I’m American (‘Murica!) but I seldom wear red, white, and blue. On the 4th of July, maybe, but beyond that I prefer to wear greens and browns. So too, I imagine, most civilians of most lands across time. Soldiers would be different, perhaps, if they were a regulated army, but a civilian militia won’t even have color coordinated uniforms (or anything uniform at all, probably). But perhaps a main point I’d like to make with this CMF line is that there isn’t a clear distinction between the common folk of the different guilds; every race is found in every guild, in some quantity, and thus the guilds are more homogenous than perhaps we like to imagine. Thanks, Geneva! I liked the beard with braided hair, too! It seemed too good to pass up. Thanks! TLG would release one fig per series of this sort, except they’d all be yellow skinned. Thanks! I like him too. Thank you! Those are some of my favorites, too! Thank ye, Cap’n! Thanks for the apologies, Exetrius. It was unnecessary, since no feelings were hurt and no wrongs done, but a noble gesture nonetheless! I am pleased that you have come to see it from my point of view after trying to make your own series, because the colors really are an unrealistic constraint. Now if only you could be brought to see it my way for skin tones… Haha, thanks!
  9. Got my CMF entry typed up finally. Shooting for second place here...
  10. Henjin_Quilones

    CDC2 CMF: Henjin Quilones

    The Guilds of Historica 10th Anniversary Collectible Minifigures By Henjin_Quilones Avalonia: Benjamin Stenlund Chronicler, poet, and philosopher from the Royal Guild of Letters in Albion "No, I don't do autobiography." Quickroot Butterfly-loving Grent of the Enchanted Forest "I am Grent?" Ayriel Greenbough Centaur princess, who sings to the birds while she frolics in the meadows "You want turtledoves? I've got twenty! But who cares, no big deal, I want more!" Thom Mayne Weather-beaten North Coast lobster fisherman and sea captain "Catching lahbsters is a pinch, Ah mean, a cinch!" Kaliphlin: Kyrival Ithi Humble innkeeper from Mophet, serving traders along the Oil Road some of the best distilled spirits "You want another round, Sweetcheeks?" Jairus Hippokles Cosmopolitan centaur hairstylist and barber from Petraea "You'll be the mane attraction after I'm done with you!" Kan Tork Nomadic desert shaman from the Siccus Badlands "The smoke from my green fire's the thickest, I'm the best shaman in the whole dry Siccus..." Mitgardia: Logh MacThror Champion caber tosser and ax thrower "Ach, just a wee dram more o' this aqua vitae, thank you very much!" Dworthi Forkbeard Stunning dwarven beauty, once named Miss Mitgardia while representing Omurtag, and now a skilled miner "What are you looking at, Babyface?" Jelsa Ice witch from the Frozen Beyond who just wants her father to let her make her own decisions "The cold never bothered me anyway." Nocturnus: Pickface Purple hobgoblin from the magical crystal mines deep beneath the Rakath Mountains "You know what would be a really kick-megablocks name? Pickface!" Bautor de Sange Noble vampire warrior from the city of Shadowmere and fifth cousin, twice removed, of Lord Vladivus "I promise not to bite..." Laeon of Katton-on-the-Marsh Lionell who makes a living collecting mushrooms with his pet pig, Baekkyn, in the Moruth Swamplands "I'm pretty sure the red one is edible, and the tan one poisonous. Baekkyn, what do you think?" Varlyrio: Hai Sairuk Centaur archer and warrior from the western Wastelands "Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!" Moussi di Tacci Bravo and thrill seeker from Illaryian, known to do most of his thinking with the tip of his sword "Stick her with the pointy end, er, I mean, stick them, ahem, haha..." Noim Venqi Gnome inventor and chemist, famous for having both of his eyebrows despite his advanced age "Eurekaaaaouch!" ___________________________________________ I love collectible minifigures. I love minifigures in general. So of course this challenge is always one of my favorites. I went a bit centaur-heavy on this one, probably should have swapped one of them out for an elf, but oh well. Yes, I know there is still time. But my kids separated some of the figs and now the heads are lost somewhere in the massive pile of unsorted ABS on my building tables, so it's just too daunting to consider. Better luck to me next time, I guess.
  11. So colorful, so delightful to behold…sigh, I guess trying for second place isn’t bad…
  12. Henjin_Quilones

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    @Eyrezer, welcome to the great guild of Avalonia! I’ll get you added to the first post soon. I love the creative minifigure, and it’s always great to see new species in the guilds!
  13. The answer to the first question is yes, CDC1 and CDC2 entries count towards the 3 Guild MOCs. So do any other builds you have ever done in the Guilds of Historica, at any point in the almost 10 years. The answer to the second question is yes, that is allowed. The rules state that you must have at least 1 fig from each guild, so as long as that’s covered, you can do what you like with the rest. Good questions and happy building!
  14. My entry, also set in Kaliphlin: Umm, no, no, you had better delete your first entry and try again with something else, maybe something smaller and less cool.
  15. The Nest of the Fying Tiger God An entry for the Ancient Wonders category of the second countdown challenges. High up in the Rakath Mountains, close to the roof of the world, lies the Nest of the Flying Tiger God, a monastery and temple complex devoted to the worship of the deity who is said to have once dwelt in Tiger's Nest Cave. The structure is built above, around, and even in the cave, which is very ancient and filled with the marks of the claws of some giant beast. Numerous experts from the University of Petraea over the centuries have come and explored the scored furrows in the rock, and all agree that they appear to be the marks of very large tiger claws, claws larger than any tiger ever heard of. The experts could not agree about whether such a mighty tiger could have existed, or whether a flying tiger had ever existed (for of course, the only way out of the cave is by flying, since the drop from the cave mouth is a thousand feet or more to the valley floor below). Some suppose that it could have been an extremely large and striped gryphon, but no further evidence supported such a claim. But the inconclusive opinions of the experts have done nothing to quell the fervor of the followers of the Flying Tiger God who tend the shrines, nor quench the ardor of the pilgrims who brave the arduous and often deadly trek up into the highest peaks of Kaliphlin through bandit (and dark beings come south from Nocturnus) infested passes. Some say they have seen the Flying Tiger God far over head as they hike the mountains and heard his voice roaring in their dreams. Fresh claw marks occasionally appear in the cave, and shakes caused by his roars have caused parts of the temples to be rebuilt over the years. It is no wonder that this deity is one of the most popular in eastern Kaliphlin and even beyond. ____________________ ......................................... Based, of course, on Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan, a real-life place. But it seemed too good to not include in the Guilds somewhere.