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    75952: Newt's Case of Magical Creatures

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  1. Please make a new entry for the next scoring period for freebuilds, even if you made one already for the first period. It makes it easier when it comes time to score the builds, if all of the new builds are in new entries. Of course, keep all of your new builds in a single entry, but do not keep updating the entry from the first freebuild period. We will be releasing the Guild Standings based upon the first freebuild scoring period shortly! Keep building for the glory of your guild!
  2. Henjin_Quilones

    Historican Settlements - HSS

    You need to have a craftsmen/merchant build, but fulfilling any of the four categories of craftsmen/merchant will do. Just like either of the two agriculture categories will work, or either of the hospitality categories. It looks to me like you qualify for hamlet status! Congrats!
  3. Henjin_Quilones

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Want you back? Want you back?! Heck yes we want you back! Your crazy half-elf character is great fun (if you decide to continue his story, that is, since you are free to choose a new beginning if you prefer) and I miss seeing his adventures. Hope to see more from you soon, though we all understand about life getting in the way of things. Get your sigfig posted and I'll add you to the first page, too.
  4. Henjin_Quilones

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome, @chewbacher! Glad to have you in the best Guild! Your character is the spitting image of a young @de Gothia of Sionnach in his prime; perhaps there is some unexplored family connection between the two of you... And @Wineyard, you definitely chose the right build!
  5. Henjin_Quilones

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Avalonia, obviously! We have mountains and dwarves, too.
  6. Henjin_Quilones

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    That's an epic fig there, @Drawd! Welcome to the Guilds, though as I have mentioned to some of the other new members here, you have chosen the wrong guild...
  7. Henjin_Quilones

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome, @A_Goodman! Glad to have you in the Guilds, even if you did choose the wrong guild...
  8. Henjin_Quilones

    Of Dragons and Druids: Ch. 1

    Thanks, Kai! I know I am re-using a build, but I wanted to use it for my own story and not just a prelude! I am thinking about decorating it for a festival or feast and shooting some more pictures, too, because it seems a shame that we so often build something, take it apart, and then build something entirely new in a different part of a settlement, even though so much of a fig's life would be taking place in the same locations day in and day out. I want my settlement to feel lived in and used, though! And I totally agree about the light shining through. I meant to do something about it, and then forgot until I was editing the pictures that I had meant to do something. Maybe if I take more pictures I will cover it up this time. Thanks, T'LOB! I hope to keep the story going here... Thanks, Zoth! It is necessary to build something much bigger than you anticipate to make sure that you don't have odd bits of the outside world spoiling the illusion. The first time I was photographing this build, I had to add more tiles to the foreground to keep it from being a mess. The dragon's shield won't stay vertical, no matter how hard I try! It shifts when I look away or something. The table is bare because the room is not being used for anything at the moment; all dishes from a meal would be already cleared away, and no one uses it as an office for there to be maps, so it is bare. If I make a feast scene, there will be food and plates on the table, though! The Hogwarts set was underwhelming as a build, but a great parts pack! I love these windows. This lighting definitely works better than the previous attempt. High praise, mccoyed! It is about the mood (and story) here, more than the build, which has already been seen. Thanks, Gideon! There is a single light source with a 5000K LED bulb placed outside the windows shining directly in, with all other lights in the basement turned off. The fireplace is lit with two light bricks shining through a bunch of trans-orange and yellow pieces and up into flames. The camera was remotely triggered with no flash, with an F-number of 14, a 3.2 second exposure, and ISO on auto, which ended up at 1250. The key for this one was the white balance, which I kept at "outdoors in the shade" level (there was not a significant difference between the shade and cloudy WB settings, as I tried both to see). With a similar setup before, I had the WB on tungsten bulb, which gave it a cold, color-drained appearance that I did not like as much. I might be forgetting something as far as settings, but that is about what I had going on. Thanks, Windusky! This one was about the story and lighting more than the build itself.
  9. Henjin_Quilones

    Moto the Fire Dragon

    Thanks, Gideon!
  10. Henjin_Quilones

    [AoM]: Patman's Cellar

    I love the texture on your walls, Gunman! They always just look so good. The wooden trim around the doors and windows is also quite nice. The roof is typical Gunman-style, but I question its efficacy with those deep valleys; how would that work out for shedding rainwater? Hopefully they don't get snow there! The lower level is the drinking area, I assume, and I like all the different tables and cups spread about there. The top-most floor has beds and must be the living quarters (or is it like an inn with lodging, too?), but what about the middle level? Is that also a public drinking area? I like what I see and I just want to make sense of it all. The various balconies and porches are nice, and the storage area and garden in the back are very good too. All of the flower pots are nice, too, and add a welcome splash of color. The odd orientation of the cart works surprisingly well, with the stairs serving as a suitable rack for barrels and the sideways chair looking good for a carter's seat. All in all, a nice build! Hope to see it connected to the rest soon.
  11. Henjin_Quilones

    [AoM]: Patman's Stable

    Looks a bit plain, to be honest, but I realize that that is because it is designed to fit into an enormous display and it needs to match that. It looks like you have done a good job of matching the style of the main build pretty well in the terrain, but as mccoyed says, it is a bit more conventional in part use than we are used to seeing from you! It is good to see Thessaloniki growing!
  12. Henjin_Quilones

    Challenge I: Grahark [Guild Ch 2D]

    This feels very orcish, and I am glad that you are creating more orc cultures out in Varlyrio. It seems such a travesty that that particular race gets so much neglect despite featuring so prominently in the events and lore of Historica, outside of @Blufiji, that is. So this is lovely. It conveys the sense of being built very nicely, especially those tents made of ragged Ewok glider-wings and the wall of sandstone going up. Is the idea that the orcs are going to encircle their whole town with the wall of stone, or are they going to have the more crude wooden palisade wall around part of it, too? I imagine the sandy wastes of western Varlyrio to be a rather dangerous land where one must keep out threats. My only real critique is that everything seems quite flat, which is visually not very interesting compared to some varied terrain. Of course, many towns and settlements choose flat land, so it makes sense, but visually I think more height variation throughout the build, both in terrain and in buildings, too, would liven it up a bit. It is a great build nonetheless. I look forward to seeing some more!
  13. Henjin_Quilones

    [MOC] - Temple Arch

    A very nice study in texture, and I second Gabe about the fig combo. The surfaces are almost hyper-textured, but not overdone. I wonder what it would look like on a larger scale? Would it still look unified or would everything just get lost in a blur? Either way, nicely done.
  14. Henjin_Quilones

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Ha! Snuck in there before you even saw me...
  15. Henjin_Quilones

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    New story build from me: