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  1. Prince Kevin the Navigator and The "Compass"

    All you have to do is copy the url from the browser and then paste it in a comment in the guild thread, and it should attach. Alternately, you can insert a hyperlink by using the chain-link icon from the editing bar at the top of a reply and pasting the url there. As far as what Gideon said, when posting a picture, instead of: Prince Kevin the Navigator by KevinyWu, on Flickr you can have: by deleting the whole Prince Kevin the Navigator by KevinyWu, on Flickr part of what appears when you paste the link in a post.
  2. I see your point, but have no regrets about using the same hair piece for all of the male elves. I like the way it looks, personally. Thanks, SK! Glad you like the dragon. Mkuu, Winda, and Ganga are probably my favorites, too. They are rare, for sure (which is why I have been trying to collect more of them over the years)! I'm glad you like them!
  3. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I'm still alive and well, and still Avalonian, too! I always tend to take some time off from LEGO around the holidays, due to time with family and travel, but I have some builds sitting around that need photography (once the weather gets above freezing again, hopefully) and then I can take them apart and build something new, too.
  4. Thanks! Glad to give you a bit of a shout-out in there as one of the more active Avalonians! That you like the story, too, is good!
  5. AoM Farm Phase 2: Setting the First Row

    Good to see that the field is a bit bigger here! The birch trees are the best you've made yet, I think. I like the plow, and the churned up soil is a nice touch, but Makny still looks upset to be working. Poor kid!
  6. AoM Farm Phase 1: Clearing Fields

    The border on this one, like on the fighting one on the cliff, should be wrapped around the whole thing, too, but I love the wall and the tree is very nice, too. A few more patches of foliage at the top would fill it out better, I think, but it looks nice now. The kid looks unhappy, though...
  7. Zotharith: The outskirts

    Awesome setup, and great angles! This is a great look at the everyday life of Zotharith. Most of us (myself included) build scenes full of nobility and warriors, or else small vignettes of one or two commoners at work, rather than a full (or large chunk of one) village. It is the distinctively Zotharian details that delight me the most, from the mana collectors and guardian curses to the horned roofs and Ninjago outfits. Great work on this, Exetrius!
  8. Eryosmith Band

    A clever idea, and well-executed! We do not see many bands here in the guilds, but this one is quite nice. The scene, with the guards at the table, adds to the appeal.
  9. Journey to Eyros

    Nice bamboo! Depending on the part of Avalonia it is, as Titus mentioned, a bit out of place (someone travelling from Mitgardia would be unlikely to see any, at least, though southern Avalonia near Kaliphlin could believably have some). I am not a huge fan of the yellow at the corners of the base or in the bamboo, though, and the snake, though a nice idea, adds a splash of color that distracts from (in my opinion) rather than adds to the scene.
  10. AoM Barracks Phase 1: Sparring by the Sea

    Great rockwork! The border should be altered, as others have said, but that is minor. The tree's foliage looks good, but for such slender trunks the bases seem too thick. The water effect is well done, though.
  11. A Risky Endeavor

    The dark green in this build makes me happy. It looks so organic, due to the different angles and textures, that one would scarcely think that it is LEGO. I have never seen grass or moss on LEGO rocks done so well. The cliffs, too, are great. I do find myself agreeing somewhat with Exetrius here about the dragon, though. Considering the size restrictions, you did a good job of it, but less black would have been better, I think. As far as the wings go, I think my issue is that the support structure does not mimic what I would expect the bone structure to be, so it ends up looking too artificial and straight.
  12. Eryos Castle

    Great build here! It is very large, yet still well-detailed. For your first build in the guilds, though, it is problematic; now we will expect large, detailed, carefully-constructed builds from you every time, since you set your opening bar so high... I agree with TM about the wall ending so shortly like it does, but of course piece considerations are always a factor. The landscape is nice, particularly that pine tree (it would be nice to see some close-ups of that one to see how you did it). My one critique is the roof and wooden supports right next to and over a large bonfire on top of the tower; it seems like a gust of wind would cause the whole thing to go up in a massive conflagration (and where does the person stand who adds more wood?). Beyond that, it looks very nice, and the finished interiors are a plus.
  13. Prince Kevin the Navigator and The "Compass"

    Great intro for your sigfig! (though don't forget to introduce yourself on the guild's page, too; it is always a good idea to link any builds you do there, too, just to make sure we fellow Avalonians can swell with the appropriate amount of pride when seeing your excellent work). The ship is great, especially the shaping of the hull, and I love me some nice rigging.
  14. Death in the Rafters

    Great job showing so much depth in such a small footprint; one gets a sense of size from the roof, rafters, and wall, even with such small sections of them. And good job getting three Kaliphlinites to creep out of their desert hermit caves to give UoP credits...
  15. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Well, @TitusV, since you asked... @The Stad, I did something similar, in fact. I joined while most of my bricks were in storage during a move, so I only had access to a few sets that I had recently purchased. The figure I planned to use for my sigfig was packed away, so I started some builds using other figs in the meantime leading up to his eventual introduction. So yes, if you intend to introduce your figure through a series of builds, that would work well, I think. You could also just post a picture of your sigfig to the guild page with minimal information (without any build at all, just the fig on a blank background and his/her/its name) and then tell the story of your sigfig, however you want to organize it, in actual build threads. That would be my suggestion, since technically speaking you are not an official member of any guild until you post a picture of your sigfig to your chosen guild's thread.