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  1. Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Too bad we are back in the Historical Themes forum again, then... Maybe the temporary change was a way of teasing an upcoming "build your sigfig as a constraction figure" challenge to open Book III...
  2. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    We'll see if it works out... I started at half of that, and kept on adding more area as I realized I wanted to add more stuff to it, but now I have to actually build the stuff to fill the area convincingly, along with a decent-looking landscape! And then photography will be a nightmare, I am sure...
  3. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Well, my wife gave birth to our second child early in the summer, which has reduced my building time dramatically. However, I have slowly and steadily building some larger MOCs (one approx. 100x100 studs, a record for me) for the 5th Anniversary Challenge, so if all goes according to plan I should have some things posted in the relatively near future. A few smaller installments of The Chronicles of Hesperia are also in the works.
  4. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    I chose the Enchanted Forest region of Avalonia for a reason... no tudor buildings, or at least comparatively fewer, out there! (It's a human building style, not Elvish, after all.) And ZC builds tudor-style even in the darklands, so I'd be out of luck, I'm afraid...
  5. Watchtower at Fahrin Falls

    Your rockwork is great, TM! I love the non-standard angles and curves that you have going on there. The wet rocks in dark bley is a nice touch, too. Your waterfall, better than most, captures the look and feel of falling water; the jumble at the bottom is the best part. The trans-clear as opposed to any blue hue is much more believable as highly-aerated water, though some white 1x1 round plates would have looked good as some foam in there as well. I like this texture better than most of the ones you have used in the past, actually; and unlike Titus, I like texture...This one has the appearance of being aged, in need of more mortar or chinking in the cracks, but still solid and firm, unlike so many of your towers that look ready to topple with a slight breeze. The roof looks good, but you are correct, there is something a bit off about the top. I think that perhaps the woodwork seems incomplete, or even a bit sloppy compared to the very intricate stone and rock you have going on here. Maybe it is the pre-fab window, or the general darkness of the wood compared to the lighter hues of the rest of the build. That being said, I think that this is one of your better works in terms of the texturing and scenery. Well done!
  6. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    @Tyndale Are you still joining our guild? Or did I read correctly on the Mitgardian thread that you have decided to join them instead? If you are with us, welcome! And if you are with them, welcome, as well, but make sure you bring longjohns and an extra pair of thick wool socks!
  7. The South Gate of Lleidr Castle

    Thanks, SK! I could not agree more about the texture--a few less would have helped, especially with matching the teammates. I admit I looked at what they had done and then went and built something based off of my impression of them, and only afterwards realized that I did not match very well. Oh well! The path, too, does need some work, and I will keep your advice in mind for the future.
  8. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    Looks great, Titus! Though I admit I am not a huge fan of tudor-style buildings, you do them exceptionally well. This has the looks of a well-kept house, with clean lines and even smooth stones and intact plaster. The landscape integrates it very well into the surroundings, also, which is great. I love the spiky vine piece under the leaves at the water's edge, as it makes it look more natural that way. The dark green water is also great. The tree looks fine to me, though I do see Garmadon's point about the top leaf. Keep up the good work!
  9. The Battle of Maerwynn Creek

    I can't believe this was you, TM, as that windmill was clearly built for 360-degree viewing... But great posing, excellent use of landscape and form. My one real complaint is the lack of close-up detail pics, but perhaps the grass is also a bit too uniformly green for my taste. Other than that, I love this.
  10. In the Halls of Power

    Nicely done! I like the concept of four interconnected builds like this. If you could have photographed it without the baseplate, I would have done so for aesthetic reasons, but sometimes stability is more important. The way you used the inner courtyard as two separate rooms was brilliant, by the way.
  11. Sea Haven

    This looks great, Blu! I think your work with Titus on the scale of the buildings has paid off. They are sizable enough without looming over everything. I love the rockwork, and am currently building a sea-cliff face very similar to this, in fact. The dark bley as wet rocks and light bley as dry is a good move, one that I have used as well, though I think it would be more convincing with two small tweaks: first, the smallest islets, in front of the main one, would be taking the brunt of any oncoming waves, and thus would not have any dry spots on top, certainly not lower than the height on the main island, and should be all dark bley; and second, the light bley stairs would have benefited from also being wet on the bottom to match the rock. As others have said, if the climate is snowy, steeper roofs would have been better, but if it is more often than not just raining due to the effects of the surrounding water, it is not so big of a deal. Aesthetically it is very pleasing, and I love the detail of the underground entrance to the buildings! Great work!
  12. General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    @kurigan @Anders T Thanks for the advice! I was figuring that most people probably used a different type of thread, as official LEGO thread is relatively rare. My ship is inspired by the caravel, with lateen sails, but not intended to be historically accurate in either scale or detail, as it is set in a fantasy realm with elves. I've mostly finished everything except the rigging, and am relatively happy with how things look so far, but if you have some advice I'd be glad to hear it. Here are two WIP pics: I notice that the golden wings in the back have drooped a bit in the pictures, so don't mind those...
  13. Challenge: "A safe haven"- Celebrating five years of GoH!

    Probably no centaurs in any CMF lines, but not for lack of wishful thinking! I did not opt for a trireme, rather something more like a caravel, with fantasy elements included in an elvish lateen-rigged craft.
  14. General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I'm currently working on my first ocean-going ship MOC, as I usually stick to castles and space ships, but I have encountered an issue that undoubtedly has been asked and answered in the past: what kind of string do people use for rigging? Do most people buy official LEGO string on BrickLink, or do they find their own substitute? If a substitute, what diameter and material of string is used? Suggestions for brands and the like is greatly appreciated.
  15. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    It depends... some of them are real, on-the-map towns and cities, in which people are wont to build (though some are a bit more proprietary than others and you might want to try to consult the original builders before building something there, just as a basic courtesy). Others are beginning to become real settlements, as a particular builder gradually adds a mill, and a blacksmith, and a watchtower, etc. to move his or her claim into official status. Others are made up just to provide a sense of color and realism to a story. If you are wondering about one particular town that you saw in a recent MOC, ask that builder about it. If you want your own town, though, name it and start building it!