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  1. Henjin_Quilones

    AoM Gatehouse Phase 1: Appraising Defenses

    I love this build, as it has such a clean look to it. The colors are plain (which is good, as it avoids being distractingly busy) and the shapes are clearly blocked out. My one complaint is that there is a random headlight brick on the front of the stone section that looks like it is missing its 1x1 dark bley tile. I look forward to seeing this hooked up the wall segment that you have also posted!
  2. Henjin_Quilones

    AoM Wall Phase 1: The Sorgheim Palisade

    I love the sloped wall, and the simple lines and clear colors really make this build look solid and nice. I really have nothing to critique, but I look forward to seeing all of the various pieces that you are assembling put together.
  3. Henjin_Quilones


    Great work all around, ZG! (And since you built with 360-degree viewability, I mean that literally, too.) There is not much to critique here, only praise. I love the different shapes of trees, the rustic and very practical looking buildings, the lushness of the environment, and even the hill for the windmill. However, I think the backside of the hill is the weakest point, just because it is unclear whether it is just a large rock sticking out of the surrounding terrain or whether you have chosen to show just a segment of a larger hill. That being said, everything else is wonderful! Great textures. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff!
  4. Henjin_Quilones

    AoM House Phase 2: The Long Way Home

    I like the results here, as others have said. The cottage as a whole looks very believable as a slightly run-down house in the middle of the woods, as shown by the vines and trees. I love that you have included an interior, too. I agree with TM about the tree looking better with flex tube, since with that level of foliage a tree would not have such a proportionally thick trunk. Put some more leaves on there, and perhaps expand the canopy a bit, and your stacked 1x1s would be great. I think my favorite detail is the way you got the chimney vertical off of the angled roof. Good work!
  5. Henjin_Quilones

    AoM Store Phase 1: Trading

    I like the rockwork, as it ventures very far from the standard studs up slopes that get seen often. If you could find a way to get a plate or two more in there, or something to fill a few of the gaps, I think it would look even better. I am assuming that since the tree and the rocks were your focus in the build, you did not take much time to worry about the path; it could use some more texturing, probably of the round sort (since most rocks that I have seen on paths like that are not rectangular; nor are they quite circles, but given the limitations of LEGO I think round looks better). I like the tree and the cart is also well done. Good job on the quick build!
  6. Henjin_Quilones

    Challenge: "A safe haven"- Celebrating five years of GoH!

    Mine made it safely to the States, as well! Thanks for a great contest again, Ecc!
  7. Henjin_Quilones

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Great to see you back, and look forward to seeing some builds!
  8. Henjin_Quilones

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Southern Avalonia could have those palm trees, if you wanted it to, as I imagine it being rather like Spain down there, but quite frankly (as @LittleJohn and @Kai NRG have indicated), Kaliphlin does need some more active builders right now; I won't try to talk you out of it any further. Whatever you choose, I am glad to have you here!
  9. Henjin_Quilones

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Any of those three could conceivably be Mediterranean in climate, especially southern Avalonia and either the west or east coasts of Kaliphlin. Nocty could, perhaps, though that is certainly not the type of vibe they project to the outside world. At this point I think it matters more what kind of story you want to tell, the kind of character you want to be, and the larger world in which you want your stuff to happen.
  10. Henjin_Quilones

    Old Mage's Tower

    Definitely getting some strong @The Maestro vibes off of this, with an eccentric old guy living in a ramshackle tower. That's a good thing, though it would also be great to see something new. I love the roof on the tower, especially the wooden beams coming off at the angles. I also like the angles of the multi-faceted tudor section. It might be slightly top-heavy, but I like that aspect (and besides, plaster and wood should be much lighter than the stone beneath it, and should be able to be much larger than the supporting tower). The wheelbarrow by the door is the best part, I think, though, especially the close-up picture that you have. Good to see another build from you!
  11. Henjin_Quilones

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Well, technically @TitusV's land claim is actually on the border with Kaliphlin, about as far away from the Mystic Isles (while still in Avalonia) as possible... Thus you would expect him to know something about his southern neighbors, even if they are somewhat below his notice as a "stuck-up snobby Avalonian". I am surprised you didn't add something about hugging trees or wearing tights, as those also seem to be common insults hurled at those of us who like rather moderate amounts of sand, snow, and strange creatures, and prefer fertile fields and only slightly (ok, sometimes extremely) magical deep forests. It is fair to point out, however, that all of the guilds encompass a great variety of landscapes, climates, and peoples, and are not reducible to one single stereotype of person or geographic feature. In theory, at least, any race could live anywhere, and there can be snow in Kali, sand in Mitgardia, monsters in Avalonia, and farms in Nocty. And everywhere has mountains, trees (of some kind or other), lakes, and rivers.
  12. Henjin_Quilones

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    The official intro does not need to be a build, by the way. It can be simply a picture of your sigfig against a plain background, with some accompanying text (even just a sentence or two, like: "This is Bob the Avalonian, and he is a simple farmer who aspires to great deeds one day. He lives on a small pig farm near the edge of the Mystic Isles and is fascinated by the legends surrounding them.").
  13. Henjin_Quilones

    Summoning gone wrong

    The highlight for me is the use of the lighting, but the whole vignette is lovely. The repetition of the simple pattern of the SNOT bricks and 1x1 round bricks is very effective. The green color of the windows and the summoning pit is delightfully Nocturnian. I also love the toilet paper in the troll's hand... A great first MOC in the Guilds.
  14. Henjin_Quilones

    [MOC] Kaliphlin flying Tradesman

    It does have a vibe coming strongly from the early nineties castle themes, like a cross between the Black Knight colors and Fright Knights style with all of the dragon wings. I am not sure how well it fits into the aesthetic of the Guilds, though, as flying things besides creatures are generally seen as toeing the line (or crossing it, sometimes). I think that some lore behind it to justify its inclusion would be good (like: "The dwarves of Kaliphlin have harnessed the soul of the blackstone and compelled it to drive them through the sky through strictly controlled magics and carefully guarded secrets). The color scheme could be simplified and refined, I think, as it is a bit all over the place right now. That being said, it is a nice looking fantasy airship.
  15. Henjin_Quilones

    Oasis Retreat

    Very nice, TM! Though it is a bit too sparse for you! Where are the extreme textures and wonky angles? The base is my favorite part of it, though the rest of it looks good, too. I do think that different leaves on the palm tree would be better, but that is small.