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Found 278 results

  1. Wanted to make the mech a bit more unique build-wise while also bringing in multiple elements from the Climber Mech. Also, I feel like the Elemental mechs released this year would have been way better if they had each come with an extra limb to further the mix and match gimmick.
  2. AmperZand

    [Mod] War Machine Mech

    I slightly modded the War Machine Mech (76277). I'm not a big fan of the oversized shoulder-mounted blaster, so I got rid of it and mirrored the mech's left shoulder instead. I did add a couple of blasters using the existing angled parts that are supposed to keep the cockpit shut (but aren't needed for that - the cockpit remains closed without them). I slimmed down the upper arms so that they can be brought closer to the body, allowing the forearm blasters to point more-or-less forward. Some greebling added to the knees, elbows, forearms and coccyx, not all of which is visible in the picture.
  3. BarfolomewMog

    R2-D2 Smasher class Battle Mech

    So I thought this series was finished, but apparently not haha! This is a re-colour and Mod of{"iconly":0} I bought this set for my kids when it came out and I've always admired the way it captures the stance and feel of the Hulkbuster in such a simple and efficient manner. When the - Mini polybag&category=[Star Wars][Mini][Star Wars Episode 4/5/6]#T=S&O={"iconly":0} came out I couldn't help but feel that this was a mash-up that needed to happen! He stands a touch over half the height of my other mechs but I think he fits right in with this motley crew haha! I tried to get this ready by the end of Mech-tober but ran out of time. "R2-D2, be reasonable about this!!!" by Greg Dalink, on Flickr R2-D2 Smasher Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr R2-D2 Smasher Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr I had a lot of fun building this guy and I hope you like it!
  4. All, This is a redesign of an entry I made for the recent Classic Space Era Spaceship contest. My goal was to build a spaceship that split into two smaller spaceships, both of which transformed into mechs. I was able to do it but I really rushed it at the end to meet the deadline! I didn't really love how it turned out. So I spent a couple months tweaking it and think I have something much better now. Here it is: The Star Splitter. The prototype was called the Ursa Craft, which split into Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Basically Mama Bear and Baby Bear. The redesign features a tighter integration of both units, a totally redesigned airframe and new wing cannons for the larger Bomber unit, and a complete reworking of the smaller Fighter unit. Here is the larger rear ship, the Bomber Unit, in space ship and gerwalk modes: Here it is in mech/robot mode: Here is the smaller front ship, the Fighter Unit, in both modes: I tried to make this thing rock solid. Both bots are sturdy and hold a pose easily, and in space ship mode things generally snap into place pretty well. There are a few fiddly bits at the edges but nothing structurally unsound. Anyway, thanks for looking!
  5. admiral_typhoon

    [MOC] GS-O "Arcangelo"

    10 years on, the fight of the Galaxy Squad Corps against the Buggoid swarm rages on. Over the years the Corps have upgraded their machinery to repel the increasing enemy forces, and in 2023 the Tech-NIK Corporation produced a brand-new upgraded line-up of vehicles to assist in their fight. Mechtober 2023: GS-O "Arcangelo" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr With a heavy focus on offensive capabilities, the GS-O “Arcangelo” Armored Suit unit was uniquely developed for the Orange Squad to improve the mobility of their defensive/offensive capabilities, pushing to the limit the range of Tech-NIK Corp’s R-T Heavy Load joint system in conjunction with tube armor framing, a practical design choice from a previous model. Mechtober 2023: GS-O "Arcangelo" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Their PI-O Modular Connection system is also in use here to equip the suit with Railgun and Electro-blade attachments, on top of the shoulder mounted rocket pods, with more modules in development to provide support for a wider range of missions. Mechtober 2023: GS-O "Arcangelo" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Where it lacks in aerial mobility the AI Assistant makes up for it, with the brain module inserted into a Flying Wing drone, able to integrate onto the Arcangelo’s shoulders to provide additional armor and visual feedback from the head unit, as well as improved transport capabilities thanks to its VTOL thruster units. Continuing my Galaxy Squad series with Orange Squad and Mechtober, now with the Red Squad left (Novvember), and ending the year with an insectoid...
  6. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) Zuckuss Battle Mech

    Hiya! Here is the final mech in this series. This time around, I started with the helmet and worked my way out. Part availability in Dark Brown definitely played a role in the direction that the model took. Hope you like it! "We're putting the band back together, we need you man!' by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Zuckuss Utility-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Zuckuss Utility-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr
  7. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Trooper Mechsuit

    Designed in Empire era, this mechsuit was built in few models and destinated to annihilate enemies on the battlefield. despite there are a few prototypes, this mechsuit gives to the trooper inside a great stength without losing agility, Mechsuit_Trooper by Rusty B., su Flickr The "Empire Trooper" mechsuit has a high powerful laser cannon mounted on one arm and the freedom to hold another weapon, or a tower shield, with the other hand. Mechsuit_Empire_Trooper by Rusty B., su Flickr the "Death Trooper" mechsuit has a high powerful laser cannon mounted on one arm and the freedom to hold another weapon, like a big trooper lightsaber, with the other hand. Also, this infiltration model is equipped with a Jetpack. Mechsuit_Death_Trooper by Rusty B., su Flickr The "Elite Trooper" mechsuit has a high powerful laser cannon mounted on one arm and the freedom to hold another weapon, like a electrostaff, with the other hand. Mechsuit_Elite_Trooper by Rusty B., su Flickr instructions of all models are avaiable here: Empire Trooper Death Trooper Elite Trooper All pictures can be found on my Flickr. i hope you like this design, i really appreciate comments and criticism
  8. Well, after the B7+S24 got RUD (Rapid Unplanned Disassembly) I am finally ready to make an article about my own copy of Starship/SuperHeavy Lifting system made out of Lego. And, especially, the most important part of it - stage Zero aka The Mechazilla. It took me almost a year to make this model work properly and be durable enough. You may have seen the progress of me building it in another post here. And now lets examine the result of all this. Legendary view from under the booster. You may see all 33 Raptor-2 engines and the locks which hold the booster on the launch table. Quick info about the rocket itself - it is made almost entirely out of Saturn V, so it is not in canonical metallic-silver. But all important features are present: folding flaps whicj can hold the weight of starship, 3+3 Raptors on the starship, 33 engines in correct layout on booster, gridfins also durable enough to bear the mass of the booster. Also it is not to scale with saturn V, cause 1:110 starship proved to be too heavy for lifting. The tower still measures up to more than a meter. As you could have guessed already - the main fuction of the model is to lift and stack the starship, which it does almost perfectly and without any considerable struggle. Starship rises to the sky being held by the mighty chopsticks Even the super heavy Superheavy gets a liftoff. So, its time to explain how it works. The model uses all 8 ports of 2 C+ smarthubs. One is located at the base of the tower (it operates extra function) and the second one is placed in the carriage inside the tower (it operates all main fuctions of it): 1 SmartHub: -2 L motors - open and close chopsticks. (If one closes and other opens - chopsticks swing to the left or to the right) -Xl motor - drives the winch which lifts the carriage (the caariage actually consists of two almost independent ones - one is inside the tower (it holds all motors and hub) and the second is outside the tower (it holds chopsticks) -M motor - operates the "Elons's treads" carriages on the surface of the chopsticks which move starship closer or further from the tower. Due to the enourmous height of the tower it was impossible to have all the motors in the base. Some had to be moved with the carriage. Also I wanted the tower to look as close to the original as possible. So, the only option I had is to make the second carriage for the motor and left a vertical opening from top to the bottom of the tower to connect chopsticks to the motors. Second Hub operates all other functions: - L motor - swings the QDA (Quick disconnect arm) - L motor - operates the pump which ww will discuss later - L motor - locks and unlocks the booster on the launch table - L motor - moves the transporter to imitate the process of getting the starship or the booster to the launch site Now, about the pump. while the motor is running it drives the pump and turns the pneumatic switch. Depending on the direction you drive it. The pump opens or closes QDA's claw (which holds fullstack in place) with starship's fuelling arm. And opens or closes booster's fuelling arm alongside with its thermo protection. Launch table's locks are simple levers that can angle to hold a booster. But they are also springloaded, so when you lift booster from the table, all locks automatically fold back making way for hypothetical hot flumes. QDA itself is just a simple structure driven by a single actuator which swings it from or to the starship. Finally - the transporter is just a stand with a bunch of small wheels. It can only drive back and forth as it is attached to the tracks under the "road". Now, enough of static fires photos, lets light this candle see it in action! I hope you liked it. Good luck to Elon on the next launch and good luck to all of you! Fly safe!
  9. admiral_typhoon

    [MOC} Boxor (GWP Style)

    For the "vehicles and mounts" category of TTV's GWP style Build contest I remade the Boxor, one of my most favourite vehicles in the whole of Bionicle. I originally made it in studio, and then I've been gathering the parts to make it IRL for the past week or so. Boxor (GWP Style) by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr I liked the mechanics of the original, but I wanted to try and give it a wider range of articulation, so I kept the same linkage designs but with balljoints instead, so the arms and feet can pivot, and the legs can splay outwards! Boxor (GWP Style) by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr The back, just like the original, has a tohunga arm for its spine, and can hinge back for the cockpit top to hinge up and fit in Nuparu (or any other GWP style tohunga), which actually stays in place with a single stud on the seat, so you can actually have it look around without the top pressing on his head. Boxor (GWP Style) by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr I've also made instructions available on Rebrickable, so you can build it yourself!
  10. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) Dengar AT-AX Battle Mech

    Hiya! Here is the fifth mech in this series, Dengar's AT-AX (All Terrain Armoured eXperimental) I struggled initially as I didn't want it to resemble Rothgar Deng so I took it in a different direction. Obviously I wanted to keep Dengar's main features, that is, his heavy dark brown armour, his giant white gauntlets and his fully loaded backpack but decided to build some sort of Dieselpunk walker instead. Some of the challenges were ensuring that the model remained balanced, that the joints were stiff enough to support its weight, and that it was curvy. I hope you like it! Dengar AT-AX (All Terrain Armoured eXperimental) Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr "A Message for Dengar" by Greg Dalink, on Flickr
  11. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) 4-LOM Battle Mech

    Hi, Here is the fourth mech in this series. It's been 98% done for a long time now but sometimes life forces you to put Lego on hold for a bit. There are a lot more Constraction type pieces and techniques in this one but it still relies heavily on the System method. As with the others, it was designed to have the minifig's head exposed underneath the helmet. I hope you like it! 4-LOM Hopper-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr 4-LOM Hopper-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr 4-LOM Hopper-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr
  12. Operacion Saturno

    Blacktron Droid Factory Lego Ideas

    Back in the 90s I used to think the Message Intercept Base was a Futuron Base diguised as a Blacktron one. Many times I thought how it would look a true Blacktron1 Base. So I designed this project and make something more "mean" more "rebelious" a base with modules which could be used both as rooms in the base and also as parts of vehicles or ships. I wanted to take the interlocking modular concept used by Lego on the Blacktron 1 sets to a new level and giving a fresh look to the retro space subtheme. Also give them droids which actual look like automata units for different purposes like spy units or guards. Enjoy it and if you like it, give it support.
  13. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) Bossk Battle Mech

    Hello! Here is the third mech in this series. I had a lot of fun building this guy as I went into it with a clear sense of scale from the start. I initially got a whole lot of those chest cavities with cover plates from the Nexo Knights battle suits as I thought that this was the scale I would be building in, but Bossk is the only mech where I ended up using this piece as intended. I think one of the biggest challenges for me was the limited part selection available in olive green but it actually helped focus the direction that I took this build. I re-used IG-88's base because I don't have the space to keep building landscapes but I did add a little island using a technique that I saw Thomas Jenkins use in his wonderful "Not So Super Six" Hope you like it! Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr
  14. Operacion Saturno

    Robot Command Center beaks

    The Robot Command Center is a controversial Classic Space set and in some senses was a pioneer set. It was the first classic Space set which wasn´t neither a Vehicle, nor a Spaceship and even a proper Base. The design pushed the limits of 1984 Lego pieces and yet the structure was solid. Making aside the fact this set had many cool features, as many 80s space sets, it had some problems. The awkward "feet", the too low grabbing arms, the unreachable boxes, but many CS fans consider its worst flaw the two large canopies on each side of the robot. I´ve seen for years several updated versions of this set as Neo Classic Mocs and either remove the "beaks" or leave them as a mere adorn. In either case the problem wasn’t confronted. Following this logic, the solution would be leaving the canopies, but making them useful. Give them a purpose, to make them more than just a decorative feature. Some examples would be making them tool boxes, containers for equipment like jetpacks or drones, covers for hi tech sensors, an extra pair of arms inside the covers or defensive mechanisms. I focused on the last option and designed modern weapons which fit inside the canopies and leaving intact the rest of the original design as much as possible. Giving the RCC a worthy upgrade for this retro set. Link
  15. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) IG-88 Battle Mech

    Hiya Here is the second MOC in this series which follows on from Boba Fett's Battle Mech. I was reluctant to start this one as IG-88 has been done many times before and I wasn't sure how to tackle it and it stayed unfinished for a long time whilst I worked on the other mechs in this series. The upper torso with it's space for the minifig and the shoulder joint gave me no end of grief but seeing IG-11 in action in Episode 1 of the Mandalorian helped me realise how he would move in battle (instead of the stiffly awkward way he was portrayed in Empire) and that the important thing was to try to capture this sense of motion. Anyway, here he is and I'm glad to get this one out of the way haha. I hope you like it! IG-88 Bender-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr IG-88 Bender-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr IG-88 Bender-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr
  16. the Inventor

    [MOC] Fuchikoma and Section 9 members

    For Marchikoma I build this Fuchikoma which even fits a fig quite nicely, see also for more information about the original. Fuchikoma - フチコマ by Ids, on Flickr When I had build this Fuchikoma based on the Ghost in the Shell manga, I also had to come up with some figs based on section 9, These are my (purist) take on the members of section 9, from left to right: Saito - Tactical Sniper Motoko Kusanagi - Major/Field Commander Togusa - Investigator/2nd Field Commander Daisuke Aramaki - Lieutenant Colonel/Section Chief Batou - Lead Investigator Boma - Spotter, Investigator, and bomb specialist Pazu - Investigator Ishikawa - Covert Intelligence and Technology Executive Officer and a Fuchikoma who does not want to miss the photo session. Public Security Section 9 - 公安9課 by Ids, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  17. Fiat Multipla will seek revenge on everyone who calls him ugly!! I made this as a joke, after building the regular version of Fiat Multipla I was thinking, this car looks like a frog... so I build the limbs, The most difficult part was stability, but I figure out the joy of balance, just to not slip I put rubbers on the feet. The Amphibious Fiat Multipla by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr The Amphibious Fiat Multipla by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  18. Hey all, I just wanted to share my latest Lego Battletech build, the Uziel Battlemech! Many more images and 360 video can be found on my website: Thanks!
  19. Hey all! I just wanted to share a new Lego creation of mine. This one is based on the King Crab mech from the Battletech/Mechwarrior game series! Anyone wanting to see more (including 360 video and free instructions) can check out my website or instagram profile. Thanks!
  20. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) Boba Fett Battle Mech

    Hi This MOC is the first in a series, the idea of which was spawned by the release of set 75167 - Bounty Hunter Speeder-Bike Battle Pack. I never had a clear idea of the scale I was building in, and only a basic idea of what he would look like, so he evolved over time. As he got bigger he needed constant redesigning to prevent him collapsing under his own weight. It's been nearly 5 years in the making, with a lot of learning along the way. I hope you like it! Boba Fett Achilles Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Boba Fett Achilles Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Boba Fett Achilles Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr
  21. FILE: Project Thunderbird (2071 – 2085) Developed by Ætheon (a high-profile private military company/"PMC"), Project Thunderbird was the first successful of instance of “jet trooper” (colloquially known as “Jetters”) being deployed into combat. Using cybernetically enhanced pilots (most of which were former US Air Force and Marines), the company was able to find work in conflict zones all over the world. All jet suits contained an exoskeleton, joy stick controls, and numerous intakes and jets that could be adjusted in real-time for maximum maneuverability. Jet suits varied wildly according the pilot’s rank and personal preferences. Though the suit’s weaponry varied between pilots, the most popular weapons were twin rapid-fire plasma cannons and two pairs of missile launchers. The most famous Jetter was Ariel Vazquez. Joining the program in 2072 at the age of 25, she displayed immense prowess with the suit and made headlines for her heroics in the Long Beach Excursion (2073), in which [REDACTED] surfaced off the coast of Long Beach, California and attacked the water front. Were it not for the timely intervention of the “Jetters”, the [REDACTED] would’ve wreaked untold destruction on the city proper. Vazquez would also participate in the Battle of Bend (2079), in which the nation states of Cascadia and Greater Idaho fought for control of a newly-discovered (and incredibly valuable) lithium deposit on the outskirts of Bend, Oregon. Being a PMC, Ætheon sided with the highest bidder (in this case, Greater Idaho) and wreaked massive casualties on the Cascadian military with their superior airpower. Though effective, Project Thunderbird’s heavy and unwieldly jet suits would ultimately be phased out as the technology improved and became more compact. However, it would leave a lasting impact on military combat (even going into the intergalactic age centuries later), with similar technology being deployed by the Royal Cobalt Space Navy (RCSN) in their “Gunzerker” program. Ariel Vazquez Birthdate: 04/26/2047 Hometown: Santa Ana, California, United States Height 5’11”/1.80 m (without suit) 6’5”/1.96 m (with suit) Weight 155 lbs/70.30 kg (without suit) 82 lbs/37.19 kg (suit) 242 lbs/114.31 kg (with suit) Education Mater Dei High School (2062 – 2066) West Point (2066 – 2070) Primary Military Specialty: Aerial Secondary Military Specialty: Ordinance
  22. 2800 piece Space Base The base is composed of four modules: Vehicle Hangar, Habitation quarters, Command center, Lab module. Click the link for more images. I tried to upload an image, but won't let me.
  23. MAVERICK26

    Deep Sea Suit

    Instructions available NOW for US $7.99: Instructions Explore the depths of the deep sea with the HERMES EX101 Deep Sea ExoSuit. Seat yourself in the double-walled cockpit and use the levers to control the arms and legs. Be careful, though, the oxygen may run out! Attach the hook to rocks so you don't drift away (and watch out for the sharks)! This mech is designed with LEGO bricks that are currently available. However, lights are not included in the package but are only shown in the render. They can be purchased at several third-party retailers including LYGOD, LightMyBricks, Brickloot, and Lightailing. BUILD [url=][/url]Deep Sea Suit Lit Drop 1 by [url=]Peter Bryant[/url], on Flickr This build is remarkably simple: It's divided into 14 submodels, most of which are repetitive. I incorporated what I believe to be my best SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques yet. DESIGN PROCESS As with all of my MOCs, I started by doing a rough sketch of how I wanted it to look. I took heavy inspiration from 76105-1 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition. This means that many design elements are taken from that mech. For example, the design of the legs is very similar to, but not a direct copy of, that robot. [url=][/url]Deep Sea Suit Lit and Released Back by [url=]Peter Bryant[/url], on Flickr FINAL PRODUCT Instructions are available now at the link above. Please, consider purchasing as I am trying to gather all of the parts to build in real life. FEATURES Minifigure cockpit (as in, a Minifigure fits inside) Fully posable Instructions bundle includes .xml file for easy upload to BrickLink and full - color instructions (White Background) Sticker Sheet and display stand coming soon!
  24. *Your entry has earned 11 XP* More Photos Notes Thanks for looking!