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  1. LM71Blackbird

    [COR-FB] Cooke's country residence

    Very nice and quaint dwelling! Great texturing and I like that you put the house at an angle.
  2. LM71Blackbird

    Account Summary

    Thank you! I was appointed in this post by bregir:
  3. LM71Blackbird

    Account Summary

    @Captain Genaro: My account says I only have 375 DBs, but it said 505 a few days ago... Also my MRCA profits totaling 882 DBs still have not been added. Oh, and the active settlement spreadsheet is still not showing me as mayor of Quinnsville... If you could look into those for me I would be most grateful! Thanks a bunch!
  4. @Mesabi: Lol! You'll thank me when your finished!
  5. I get what your saying about the bow. Here is an example of what I'm talking about though: troop transport 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr troop transport 6 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The second version looks more realistic with the bow raised up. Either way though, I'm curious on how you finisher her up!
  6. LM71Blackbird

    Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or - Era II, Challenge II

    As this is my first challenge, I'm looking forward to this very much!
  7. @Mesabi: Overall not a bad looking ship so far. A few comments that I have... 1. Bow - As I have been told in the past, the bowsprit should be more level with the top deck. Right now the ship would look a little off if you left it the way it is. I'd build the bow up to the height of the second deck at least before attaching the bowsprit. Raising it up might also help with the large figurehead and make it look more natural. 2. Masts - I don't see a issue with the mast placement, however I personally think she might look a little strange without a third mast of some sort. There should definitely be something in the empty space whether it be a complete 3rd mast or a Xebec style sail. Other than that I think she's looking pretty good so far. Keep up the great work! I'm sure @Bregir will have something to say about it as well, but that's all from me.
  8. I'm sure the cannon batteries of Quinnsville will welcome them with a few volleys of grape shot!
  9. Nice looking group of rag tag soldiers! I like that you included all the different officers and such. Looking forward to the rest of the platoons!
  10. LM71Blackbird

    Casterly Rock's Gate

    Beautiful model! There are so many cool details to look at! The rockwork is fantastic, and I like the minifigure placement. Keep up the great work!
  11. LM71Blackbird

    Ranghaal from germany

    For a proper intro, here is a proper Welcome to Eurobricks! I've seen some of your MOCs around, you are a very talented builder. Keep up the great work!
  12. LM71Blackbird

    [COR-UoT] Namerens in the Library

    Lol! You're welcome! I'll definitely be contributing to the university project! I was thinking about starting with building one of the gardens and possibly the stadium. Just trying to finish my first rate before starting on them.
  13. LM71Blackbird

    Greetings, all!

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  14. LM71Blackbird

    La Comete

    You are truly a master shipwright Legostone! Beautiful work once again! Hopefully she'll stay afloat for a little while in the MRCA!
  15. LM71Blackbird

    [SR - Poppy Port] Mill

    Your welcome @Bart! I agree, trans pieces don't always work out, but I find they are ok in small places like your stream.