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  1. LM71Blackbird

    [COR - CHIV - CAT C] Westface Market

    Thank you! Unfortunately I didn't take any overall shots before my nephew got ahold of it... The ensuing "war" destroyed most of it! Lol! Thanks for handling the licensing!
  2. LM71Blackbird

    [COR - CHIV - CAT C] Westface Market

    Thanks! The more the merrier!
  3. LM71Blackbird

    [COR - CHIV - CAT C] Westface Market

    Thank you! Mission accomplished on scale! Thanks! Thank you! It took a while to get all the minifigs positioned like I wanted. Yes, those are some custom stickered torso. It's easier than trying to hunt down one on bricklink sometimes!
  4. COR | Cat C | Westface market | Pro-Traders
  5. It was a busy day at the Westface Market. Lots of minifigs shopping and walking about. Market 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With the every industrious Corrington in town, business was booming for lots of the local shop keepers and merchants. Market 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Although some chaos is bound to take place in such a crowded area! Market 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Normally its a challelenge enough to not get your toes stepped on, its another to escape stampeding pigs! Overlooking the market is an inn that is being rented out by the ETTC, and the watchful ETTC Sepoys and Royal Marines keep the peace when its busy. Market 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Inside, new ETTC member Major Sir Nathaniel Brickford goes over some plans with a local architect for new infrastructure in Westface on behalf of the ETTC. Market 8 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Market 7 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ------------------------------------------- My entry for Category C in support of the Merchants. To be licensed by the ETTC as a commerce. C&C are welcome and apprecieated and thanks for looking!
  6. LM71Blackbird

    The East Terran Trading Company

    Major Sir Nathaniel Brickford was busily rounding up the Quinnsville Marine Companies when he received a rather official looking letter. At first glace, Colonel Allcock's seal was followed by an uneasy feeling. Upon actually reading the letter, Major Brickford was most pleasantly surprised. An Invitation to join one of Corrington's premier Trading Companies! He quickly delegated command to pen a quick response. I am most honored by your invitation, Colonel Allcock, to the ETTC. The terms are most agreeable and I look forward to serving the Crown and Corrington. OOC: Looking forward to getting started!
  7. LM71Blackbird

    [OL -KPA REACTION] Raise the Flag!

    Forced perspective lego creations are honestly one of my favorites. You have executed it perfectly!
  8. LM71Blackbird

    [COR TER] A Fortuitous Discovery

    Beautiful landscape as usual and that decaying building is really well designed!
  9. LM71Blackbird

    [COR - TER] On the Outskirts of Westface

    Thank you! The flameholders are from Brickwarriors. This piece in particular. Overall, they've got some great stuff. The plant is just some brown grass pieces that I have collected.
  10. LM71Blackbird

    [COR-FB] Divvying Up Assignments, Westface

    Snow is usually fun in the beginning of winter, but after a few month of cold and snow it gets old!
  11. LM71Blackbird

    [COR - TER] On the Outskirts of Westface

    Thank you both! I found the torso design online and printed it out on sticker paper. Quick and easy way to change up any torso and completely reversible!
  12. LM71Blackbird

    [COR - TER] On the Outskirts of Westface

    Thanks NOD! I've got about the same amount of troops in blue, so if this whole things blows up even more, there's gonna be about 50-60 minifigs on a battle field shooting it up!
  13. LM71Blackbird

    [COR-FB] Improving Roads, Terraversa

    Good to see the Major hasn't been board while I've been away! Great little vignette.