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  1. Great write up! And I must praise commander Jousha ( @Spud The Viking) for his valiant work in giving the HMS Reslience a proper send off!
  2. LM71Blackbird

    [COR - FB - Royal Property] Quinnsville Cathedral

    Thank you very much!
  3. LM71Blackbird

    Account Summary

    I know the Accountant/s are a bit overwhelmed, but when time is found could you add Brickford Landing to the Settlement list please? Thanks!
  4. LM71Blackbird

    [GoC - COR] ‘Redcoats Rule’ - Task 3

    Your builds are definitely improving! A great addition to Brickford Landing!
  5. LM71Blackbird

    Brickford's Landing's "The Boat's Bisket"

    Nice build @Sir Kingston! Good to see the Lieutenant is a man of many talents, that is a trait we will need in a growing settlement!
  6. LM71Blackbird

    [COR - CHIII - CAT C] Pineapples for Peace?

    Thankle you! I'm glad the intended atmosphere came across! Lol! If you noticed from the beach landing. He was cutting firewood there too!
  7. LM71Blackbird

    [COR - CHIII - CAT C] Pineapples for Peace?

    Thank you! With smaller builds like this it's much easier to spend more time on actually creating a nice tree canopy. Thank you!
  8. LM71Blackbird

    HELP! ! !

    Lol... Problem fixed... it was on my end... I wasn't typing in the usernames correctly...
  9. LM71Blackbird

    HELP! ! !

    Thanks! Yeah, for me, I can add multiple people to a PM in the draft state, bit as soon as I try to send it it won't let me. I get a asterisk that says: *(username) can't receive personal messages.
  10. LM71Blackbird

    HELP! ! !

    So I've got a question regarding PMs. I'm a Count with over 1600 posts, but I can't send a message to more then one person or add someone to an existing pm... I thought this was possible around the Knight rank?? Any light someone could shed on this would be most helpful!
  11. Which is why we are easily the best faction!
  12. I dont have much time for a detailed reply but here are a few remarks. I wouldn't really say I'm frustrated, just a little bummed out. I won't be losing any sleep over this by any means. I will sister ship or rebuild in the future. In the end, the KPA was a fun read and I accept the outcome. The might of the Corrish Navy was bested by superior numbers, not superior forces. I enjoying build large vessels and now I just need to build a few more!
  13. LM71Blackbird

    [COR - CHIII - CAT C] Pineapples for Peace?

    Thank you! For my brick collection, a 32x32 base plate is my preferred size and easiest to add details to. As to the pineapples, who knows what will happen!
  14. Officers Camp To be licensed as a medium residence