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  1. The oldest ones I have on file are from 2012, so about 5 or so years old. I know I started on LDD in about 2010 though... so some of the models may be older.
  2. Lego Ideas Theme

    Yeah, that makes sense. Originality is what LEGO wants from ideas anyway I believe.
  3. Speed Champions Alternates

    The Speed Champions line is my all time favorite theme LEGO has created to date! I sadly own none of them right now, but soon and very soon I will be purchasing the Speed Champions McLaren 720s! Which also just so happens to be my favorite car of all time! Great job cataloging all the models through the years by the way!
  4. Koenigsegg - Speed Champions (Lego Ideas)

    I believe that this Swedish megacar brand has not gotten the attention that it deserves in the terms of a proper LEGO set. Koenigsegg is one of the leading hyper car manufacturers in the world and it has also produced some of the most environmentally friendly supercars in the world. Koenigsegg cars hold the record of fastest top speed in a production car as well as the fastest 0-200, 0-300, and 0-200-0 times (in kilometers) in a production car. So I hope to put some of the spotlight on them and hopefully we will see them in stores soon! My model includes three Koenigsegg. The orange and blue one's are the Koenigsegg CCXR, which is the most environmentally friendly model that they have produced to date. It was designed to be imported into the United States and follow all of our strict emission standards. The next model that I have replicated is the Koenigsegg one:1. It is called that because for every kilogram of weight it has 1 horsepower, which equals a whopping 1360 horsepower! If you want to see some additional photos and read some more info on this set idea then please head over to my LEGO Ideas project page, which you can find here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/7a0ad979-b2fb-4fdf-be9c-2f822c37892c Make sure to support it if you like it and leave a comment if you have any suggestions! Thanks for stopping by!
  5. Well, thankfully I have them all backed up on a second hard drive and if the world ends no one will be around to enjoy them anyway!
  6. Cool, I didn't know that! It would be great if they did something like that for Lego fans!
  7. Lego Ideas Theme

    You can't go wrong with a well designed modular building! There are quite places a few that haven't been made yet!
  8. The longest I keep a MOC together is about 1 month. I have a very small room so after a month I need the space a I have to tear it apart. That is mainly why I decided to build on the Lego Digital Designer, no clean-up time and they last forever!
  9. I would really like to see Lego make another one of their massive life-size builds. Or a Lego model of the original workshop! That would be a great piece of history! I would also like to see one of the classic Lego toys before the brick was invented. Something that would be a great conversation and display piece.
  10. Building Nasa Apollo Saturn V 21309 Timelapse

    Wow, I always enjoy well made time-lapse videos! That model is huge!
  11. introducing myself

    Welcome to EB Bob! It's great to have you!
  12. [MOD] Brick Bank as non-corner building

    Great looking re-design, they look like they were supposed to be like that! It would be cool if this could be included as an alternate build in the official instruction booklets!
  13. The Glacier Falls Lodge!

    Your very welcome! It's important to help each other out over on ideas!
  14. [MOC] Modular: Town Hardware

    This is probably one of the best hardware MOCs I have ever seen! The details are fantastic, and everything is proportioned just right. It is packed with details and play features that anyone could have hours of fun building and playing with this! I would really like to buy something like this so I could have all of those pieces in order to build something like that! Great work!
  15. The Glacier Falls Lodge!

    That building is massively huge and spectacularly detailed! I'm supporting both of your models over on Ideas already. I hope you can make it to 10k!