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  1. Mike S

    [AMRCA Drunknok]

    Finally got caught up on this. I'm enjoying watching this play out.
  2. Yes, I stated Varlyrio as a whole because it seemed to be Varlyrio sanctioned military instead of some random mercenaries who happened to be from Varlyrio. But you are right, I seem to remember something like a falling out between them and Raavage as well, hence probably why they have disappeared from the scene for the last while.
  3. That is pretty much how I see the situation although didn’t Varlyrio support The Hand at one point? So highly unlikely Varlyrio is in support of the Queen... unless of course she managed to gain support there before coming back to Cedrica.
  4. It would be totally out of character for the Desert King to be subservient to Cedrica. He has always claimed he is the rightful ruler of the Guilds and it was mostly Nocturnus support that put him in power in Kaliphlin. His claim to the throne dates centuries ago so depending on perspective could legally supersede the Queen.
  5. Mike S

    Computer Generated Castles

    Awesome stuff!
  6. I would say Kaliphlin is just as fractured as Nocturnus with the Desert King still around. I’m waiting to see how Kaliphlin’s civil war is resolved in book 3.
  7. Its all yours! Do with it whatever you want. It is just a slightly edited version of the official island map of Sabre Island that I got from Ska.
  8. Mike S

    [COR-FB] Having a ball!

    Nicely done! Great to see so many sigfigs in one place!
  9. Mike S

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Thanks again @CopMike! The figures arrived yesterday and were so much more attractive in hand than I had anticipated!
  10. A fun build! I like the roof design and the round windows of the upper floor fit surprisingly well!
  11. Mike S

    [Safe Haven Cat. A] Island of Aok

    Great story and some really nice builds! My favorite is Wukong's (not King Kong? ) palace entrance but the mushroom house and beach hut are also quite nice.
  12. Mike S

    [Era II - Ch I - Cat. A] a pied-à-terre

    Nice entry! Neat headquarters and cool characters (except Doctor Thaum of course , that banana head just looks so out of place). Nice work with the cross beams as well!
  13. Awesome entry! I really like the architecture here of your roofs. Awesome design! Also like the shaping of the main gate and npu of the "dragonmill". Also, also, clever use of the tracks for the cage!
  14. Mike S

    [Safe Haven Cat. A] Allanar Forest

    Awesome entry! Love the colors!