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  1. Mike S

    [CONTEST] Creative Critic Registrations

    I'll sign up.
  2. Mike S

    GoH 10 C VOTING topic

    Adde51 1 point Zilmrud 1 point Kai NRG 1 point Last point was a toss between Kai NRG, Aurore, and Lord Dan... such a tough decision. Edit: well just realized I came on here past deadline so my votes don't count lol. Anyway great job everyone!
  3. Mike S

    GoH 10 B VOTING topic

    Gideon - 1 point Louis of Nutwood - 1 point socalbricks - 1 point Edit: well just realized I came on here past deadline so my votes don't count lol. Anyway great job everyone!
  4. Mike S

    [MOC] A Witcher figbarf

    Very well done! I always have fond memories of The Witcher games whenever I come across The Witcher content.
  5. Mike S

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    😁 I probably should have been more clear. I have plenty of inspiration, just an absolute chaos of a collection, the very expected result of having a family. One of these days, we’ll have our new house built and hopefully eventually return to some form of organization.
  6. Mike S

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    Well, I really wanted to build for this... I finally put some time aside for building and quickly realized that the reason I haven’t built for a while was not for lack of ideas. Good to see GoH continuing though!
  7. Brilliant build! This is something like I've always dreamed of building since I was a kid...
  8. That tunnel sure does give off a vibe of mystery and adventure! Nicely built!
  9. Mike S

    Kaliphlin Gatehouse

    A lot of nice details too this! Great build!
  10. Mike S

    Allanar Mine

    Beautiful build! I especially like the rock landscaping! One critique though would be (perhaps because of the photo angle) that the upper pathway looks a bit too steep... if they get a rainstorm, all that dirt is going to be packed into the landing below .
  11. I must congratulate you on such a fantastic job! Well built!
  12. Mike S

    [MOC] Medieval Trade Cog

    Awesome! Great build!
  13. Mike S

    Best LEGO heraldry?

    I love all the old classics - crusaders, black falcons, wolfpack, forestmen, black knights, but Kingdoms Lion is the most visually attractive in my opinion so that is what I went with.
  14. Mike S

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    Perhaps a little? Challenge 3 is scheduled to start May 1st. Look for Prologue builds shortly.