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  1. Safe Haven Cat A "Mesozoic"

    Love it! Excellent idea for the challenge and wonderfully executed!
  2. The only reason why I miss the Castle, Pirate, and Space themes is because of the lack of new minifig prints for these themes. Collectible Minifigs helped supplement the void but with all the upcoming Licensed Collectible Minifigs, it looks like that source is about to dry up as well. Ninjago has had some acceptable "castle" minifigs but so far I am unimpressed with its offerings for 2018. Surprisingly, the only sets I'm looking forward to in 2018 are city sets for the new animal molds. I guess it is a good thing for my wallet. So the question for LEGO is, do they really wish to lose the interest of the parents? I don't know if it is the norm, but I've noticed my thoughts about something have an impact on my kids thoughts about it. If I think something is cool, well so do they. If I dislike something, they dislike it as well. And another thought. Why should the parents spend money on more sets that they have no interest in when the kids themselves are just as content to build their own creations in Lego Worlds with practically unlimited bricks? Personally, I think that it is a long term marketing error to neglect keeping the parents engaged with the products and instead relying solely on the changing whims of children.
  3. Cruisers of Terra Nova

    I’m kind of out of ideas for figure heads. I have two WIP ships that were done like that; the Silver Monkey and the Black Mare. This one being LDD I figured I would do in reverse; name it and then create the figurehead. EDIT: I’m going to trademark the Silver Monkey, Black Mare, and the Masquerade for real brick ships and just name this one the HMS Unnameable.
  4. Cruisers of Terra Nova

    Not at all. So maybe the HMS Masquerade?
  5. Cruisers of Terra Nova

    Haha I suppose I will have to think of another name then. How about HMS Paladin?
  6. Cruisers of Terra Nova

    Governor Coyle has a flagship being built in the Dee Shipyards... HMS Pendragon. Perhaps this could be for the Black squadron?
  7. Nice! Corrington has finally an LDD champion to challenge Oleon’s Kolonialbeamter.
  8. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    That will never happen. Each faction will continue to create new projects as soon as old ones are complete so if Oleon waited until there were no ongoing projects, they would be waiting for a very long time. It is also a very good thing to have many projects going on at once as Spud said to keep interest in BoBS.
  9. Well that is the headboard shelf of my bed. Now that you mentioned the atmosphere, perhaps I should continue using it as the stage for my interior scenes... just need to build some interior backdrops and floors out of Lego.
  10. Thanks but it isn't a rendering! I do believe the pirates declared war on all player nations.
  11. Governor Coyle gathered his trusted officers around the large stone table in the newly constructed dungeons of Fort Coyle. “Gentlemen, we are at war.” He shifted his gaze around the room stopping only briefly on each face in the room. “When I first heard reports of pirates operating in the waters around Stormhaven, I had suspicions that they were in the employ of Oleon seeking to weaken Corrington’s position in the colonies. As it turns out, I was wrong.” Governor Coyle paused for a moment, giving time for his officers to process his words. “We worked with Oleon to purge the seas of these vermin but to no avail. The question I now keep asking myself is where do all these pirate ships come from? They cannot all be deserters and mutineers. There is something nefarious about this that I cannot place my finger on but I will continue to investigate. In the meantime, these pirate scum made me look weak as the Governor of the Northern Reaches this last month. I must have it be made known that disrupting Corrington trade in the Northern Reaches will not be without repercussions. However I am presented with a slight problem. The cost of building and maintaining a fleet to patrol the seas of the Northern Reaches outweighs the revenue from trade in the Northern Reaches. But I may have a solution.
  12. Ok now where can I find the stats of my ships again? I have them saved in a file on a computer I do not have access to right now.
  13. So here it is! Nicely done! I must say though that I am sad to see all these characters from Meloche's crew killed off as personally, I thought they were some of the most memorable. Looking forward to seeing the introduction of the next crew....
  14. Eagle

    Caught my eye! Very original design well executed!
  15. Interesting technique for the agave.