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  1. In the Halls of Power

    Nicely done with the 4 scenes in 1 challenge! The story surely inspires me to get building once again on the Aslanic Order's stronghold on Gorr which has been dormant for years now. Got so many ideas and so little time... One nitpick though on something I think I keep noticing in your stories... it should be Kaliphlin not Kaliphlim....
  2. [COR] Landing on Argentia

    Nice addition to your story!
  3. Fortunately we haven't had too much trouble with the kids putting Lego in their mouths with our first two and our third won't get the the chance as our collection has now been moved out of our house. With our 6 and 2 year old, the biggest challenge I face is in how fast they can build. Leave the room for a few minutes and I come back and my moc project has grown entirely into something other than I had envisioned.
  4. And so it begins

    I like this comic style...
  5. A beautiful ship you've made here! Very nice!
  6. Nice shipyards! The roof on the building doesn't quite look right, though but perhaps it is the photo.
  7. Stormhaven Stone Quarry

    Truly I do have some adventurous stories brewing in Stormhaven. Hopefully they will be interesting... Thanks!
  8. Brilliant build! Love every detail!
  9. Khadiran Barracks

    Nice build! Nice architecture and I like that you angled the corner wall.
  10. Nicely done! The roof turned out great as well.
  11. Welcome to the East Terran Trading Company also known as the ETTC! ETTC Charter East Terran Trading Company Ltd. Shareholders’ Charter, 1st Edition This charter details the partnership terms agreed upon by all shareholders in this company. These terms may be revised at a later date, when required, with the consent of all shareholders. I. Paid-up Capital Starting capital for the ETTC account: 100 DB x shareholders. Should the ETTC account require additional capital in times of emergency, all shareholders shall be required to contribute funds in equal portions. Any shareholder who is unable to meet the full commitment or part thereof may be covered for by another shareholder, whereby his monthly dividend shall be paid to the supporting shareholder, until a point when the commitment repaid in full. II. Executive Appointments a) Chairman of the Board As head of the company the chairman shall direct the investment strategy of the company. He shall represent the ETTC as the face of the company in all transactions and is authorised to transfer funds for any collective purchase. He is appointed by the general assembly. Currently, Don Isaac Montoya is chairman of the ETTC. b) Treasurer The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the company in the form of a monthly balance sheet and paying of dividends to the shareholders. The balance sheet shall be made available, on demand, to any shareholders. Appointed by the chairman, the current treasurer is Ibn al'Sayeed. III. Dividend Policy Dividends will be paid out after a decision to that effect has been made by the general assembly. IV. Compensation for contractors (builders) Contractors will be compensated based on customary practices negotiated on a case to case basis. For Royal properties, 1.000 DBs are distributed amongst the contractors based on the size of their contribution. V. Future shareholders This being an economic, non-political alliance, all upstanding members of Corrington with the necessary funds shall be permitted to buy a share in ETTC. The price of the share will be calculated so that the ownership shares are equally distributed after the transaction. (I.e a price equal to the book value of current shares) At any given time, the general assembly can decide to levy a premium to this value. VI. Liquidation of shares At any time, a member may choose to sell his share back to the company for its book value, pending the approval of the general assembly and the availability of liquid funds. Shares may only be sold back to the company, not to other members, so as to preserve balance. VII. Voting Rights In matters that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, a member may motion for a popular vote. All shareholders shall be entitled to 1 vote. A shareholder may choose to abstain. In the event of a tie, the chairman's vote shall count for 1.1 votes. VII. Loyalty to Crown and Company All shareholders are obliged to act in the interests of both the Crown and Company, before all personal interests. Any shareholder found guilty of treason or espionage shall be expelled without compensation. For lesser offences, a fine may be imposed. ETTC Investors: The Crown of Corrington Sir Thomas Smaugton ( @Tomsche) Micah of Wolfhaven ( @SilentWolf) Major Dirk Allcock ( @Ayrlego) Governor Aiden Coyle ( @Mike S) Viscount Chauncy Pennington ( @Scarst) Admiral Woodbrose ( @SkaForHire) Lenny Merryweather ( @CelesAurivern) Puvel ( @Puvel) John Hawksbrough ( @Fuzzy MacFuzz) Sir James Chase ( @BrickOn) Leftenant Bertram Rickard Wolf ( @Brickwolf) Don Isaac Montoya ( @Bregir) ETTC Properties: ETTC Monopolies: ETTC Ships: ETTC Finances: Financial Records Current ETTC Activities: Royal Cocoa Factory: Under construction Headquarter: Contractor wanted Warehouses and tradeposts: Contractors wanted
  12. Some troop pics and an updated Governor Coyle: Governor Aiden Coyle, owner of Coyle Shipping Company and governor of the Northern Reaches, presently resides in Stormhaven, Serentia. He has a wife, Amelia, one son and two daughters.
  13. It really depends on how you have the action choices set up. If PIP/FIP points are required for every action including sailing, then for example it could cost less points for the Sea Rats to go on a raid, Eslandola to go on a trade run, Corrington to go exploring, and Oleon by expanding their cultural influence.
  14. I was thinking some more about this and it would actually make sense to tie the faction bonuses to PIP/FIP actions instead of settlement buildings.