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  1. I’m pretty sure it is his intention to have the size of the world discovered by in game mechanics.
  2. I like it! Nice and clean!
  3. [COR-FB2] Crashing a Wedding

    Definitely an innovative use for those sails! I see a scientific mind at work! I do however think that Drunknot’s suggestion of covering the numbers with arches would have perfected the idea.
  4. [AMRCA Drunknok]

    I was going to comment on this earlier but you still had the “do not reply” status. Nice job on the micro builds and I’m looking forward to watching how this turns out!
  5. This is an eye catching build! Love all the props and decorations...
  6. Yes BoBS is for everyone. And in order for conflict to be avoided, separation of certain players will keep the peace. It is evident that the Sea Rats have an incompatible play style with Corrington so perhaps it is best for the two factions to mutually avoid each other for the time being. I don’t think Kwatchi is being extreme. He evidently doesn’t like our role play system and so just wishes to avoid further conflict.
  7. I’m only sorry you do not speak for the Sea Rats in entirety. It would save us Corrington’s a lot of grief.
  8. This is awesome! Beautiful ship and great landscape!
  9. Bregir explains 2 posts up. Honestly MKJosh’s story wouldn’t probably have bothered me if I hadn’t already been frustrated by being hampered by game mechanic. But as it was it seemed he was taunting us and then hiding behind the rest of you Sea Rats for protection. You say that you are not unanimous, so how can we deal with a faction that half declares war and the other half maintains they want peace? This whole situation feels like trying to win a boxing match with both hands tied behind our backs. I also don’t get MKJosh reason about piracy. Personally I think we have enough NPC pirates so player pirates are not needed. If he wants to play as a pirate, there are plenty of NPC nations to plunder without having to target player nations. And at this point, BoBS mechanics are not setup for a meaningful player vs player encounter. The only reason I even do the MRCA is it usually is the quickest way to finance my land based ambitions. However if MKJosh feels he has to attack player nations, I’m not going try and stop him. I just don’t get it. But let it be known that I’m not holding any illwill towards anyone. In fact, by tomorrow I’ll probably have forgotten all about this little in game conflict. Peace
  10. My entry: The Dance of the Terran Cycle
  11. The log of Governor Aiden Coyle. 1st January 618: I have had an interesting discussion with Kaan about our westerner's celebration of New Years Day on January 1st. When he saw our late night celebrations and firing of muskets and cannons at the first stroke of midnight on January 1, he approached me inquisitively wondering what it was we were celebrating. When I told him it was the new year, he looked puzzled. He then told me that the Nayamon have a similar tradition but instead celebrate the new year on what Corrington scientists call the vernal equinox which is mid-march on our western calendars. He then asked me to explain why we believed the new year began today instead of the day the Nayamon believed it started. Try as I might, I had no answer for him. In fact, the thought had never occurred to me what determined the beginning of the new year other than it being the first of January. I admitted my ignorance to him and asked him more about the Nayamon tradition. Kaan then proceeded to tell me that they would heap large piles of sticks in a conical fashion and as the sun began to set, they would light the them and then dance in a circle around them once for every year old they were. He said this was to commemorate the journey of Terran, which was their term for earth, as it completed its cycle around Solaris which was their term for the sun. As they danced around the bonfires, they would sing the songs of the history of their people. I queried about the difficulty it must be for the very aged having to dance around the fire so many times. Again Kaan looked at me with a puzzled expression. "Not at all," he replied. "They have had all those years of practice it is but, as you westerners put it I think, a walk in the park."
  12. We didn’t want to ruin other Sea Rats game because of your actions. We have become frustrated because we have been trying to accommodate those of you who did not attack us. If your whining is just a ploy to get us not to attack you, then I consider it rude behavior.
  13. Herein lies the problem. Game wise we have to attack you all in order to attack MKJosh. There is no option to attack MKJosh. If there was we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. You can only role play as the game rules allow. The vibe I’ve been getting from Sea Rats is that you can attack us since you are pirates but we can’t attack you back because you have no part with what one of your members did and if we attack we will most likely attack innocents.
  14. There is no comparison here. Mesabi misunderstood one of my posts and thought we were at war with the Sea Rats when he attacked. MKJosh deliberately attacked. He also claims Sea Rats are pirates and expects all the other nations to treat all Sea Rats as pirates If that’s how you Sea Rats view yourselves then I’m going to drastically change how I interact with you. After this incident I’m really hesitant to have any association with you guys as it is now clear that we will have further clashes down the road as Corrington’s rules of conduct are incompatible with the Sea Rats. I am not personally attacking MKJosh just expressing my extreme annoyance at the way he handled his story. If he had been acquitted by the Sea Rat council it would have been a different story.
  15. Mesabi is Corrington. MKJosh is not. But it seems like MKJosh thinks since he is a pirate he can do whatever he wants without repercussion. Mesabi apologised to you and even gave Charlatan Bay a build. MKJosh has done nothing but insult Corrington.