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  1. Dannylonglegs

    [REVIEW] 40516 - Everyone is Awesome

    I know I’m a little late to the party, since I don’t come by as often as I wish i could these days, but this was an awesome review @Bob De Quatre and a great set imho. yes this could be seen as just more “rainbow capitalism” but it’s still nice to see the company i grew up loving making a positive pro-gender/sexuality equality message like this. Obviously being a bisexual transwoman this speaks to me more than others, but it’s cool that it exists and i intend to get it! Mostly for the monofigures tho also I think I would have liked it more if the back of the flag transitioned more smoothly into the base. Some extra curved slope pieces would have been a welcome addition to the build. Ditto! @Aanchir Is wonderfully articulate on the issue Hahah i love this! ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  2. Hey anyone reading this! I've been on hiatus for... a while. But I've been busy! I'm currently kickstarting my own Tabletop Roleplaying game, self illustrated, named "ChangedStars" and if you're interested in unique scifi concepts or TTRPGs, check it out! I'd be lying if I said there was no Lego inspiration in the game! 


  3. Dannylonglegs

    Science-Fantasy Figbarf (Heroica 2.0)

    Love the Sylph reference! <3 ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  4. Hells' bells this ship is decked to the nines! Golly gee she sure is a beaut! What a craft! George!? George! Of there you are! Look at these state of the art accommodations oh this is exquisite! Oh George, I love your hair let down like that it lends you a certain suaveness. Shall we abscond to the dining hall? I'm absolutely famished!!
  5. Loved Red Moon even tho i didn't realize what was going on at the end there. I don't know If I'll have the time commitment to be as engaged as I'd like, but if one post a day is fine then feel free to include me. Otherwise don't I don't want to overcommit. My life is busy and draining atm but I love interacting w/ y'all and I love this community, and I'm huge into RP as you can probably tell from the fact that I run a TTRPG twitch channel.
  6. I will say, Benicia that your defensiveness at one point really put me on your scent but I was so unsure if it was actual defensiveness or you just RPing so I got way more wishy washy thereafter and then analyzed myself into a hole. I really regret not sticking to it more adamantly when I saw that on like day 1 or 2 or whenever it was.
  7. Am I the only one who knew 100% what the Defuser role meant then? I really didn't think it was that hard... You convinced me you were a... *ahem* noob (I didn't want to say so for fear of offending and BOY was I wrong anyways)
  8. Honestly? NGL I'm in awe of the fact that these games have legit Lore
  9. Why Shadows can't play non-anon games I assumed as such from the first game. I'm pretty sure the Trickster Spirit is LITERALLY from that Forest
  10. Fr fr she hit up my DMs like "Sowwy mistew buwdog, I don't know how to do actions. Can u help me pwetty pwease" and I was eating that shit right out of her hooves. ugh I feel like I need a shower. Vote: Shadow, The best femme fatale
  11. I actually referenced this mid-game
  12. Here, allow me to slide into a more suitable glove.... Ahh, this one fits. Lovely game. Had a blast and a half even spectating was a riot. I enjoyed myself so much I did fanart... or... well... maybe this counts as a fursona? beats me. Your approval fills me with shame. The good kind!
  13. Dannylonglegs

    [MOC] Ares

    Amazing work Bob! You continue to blow me away with your ability to shape Lego ships and your imaginative designs. Fantastic work. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  14. Dannylonglegs

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    I haven't had much time to build lately as I'm trying to start an art/TTRPG-Content Creation career, but lately I incorporated a bit of my Andromeda's Gates character arcs and concepts into my custom ChangedStars setting, which meant I finally got a chance to draw Dr. Danielle Long & Her would-have-been-partner-had-the-story-continued Emily Dupont if anyone wants to see. AG was a huge story-telling inspiration for me and continues to be something I look back on and cherish. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  15. Dannylonglegs

    FABUpunk! Mafia II Sign-ups

    Sweet, I was worried I logged off and missed the first day already ~Insectoid Aristocrat