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  1. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    @Umbra-Manis I was thinking of doing the same, but AG1 ended way too early. I'll still incorporate some of my previous plans for AG2, including introducing a new character, but otherwise I;ll just continue my AG1 arch, into AG2. I hardly even made it to the half-way point of Daniel's story tbh. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  2. General Discussion and Announcements

    Has there really not been a mafia game in almost a year!? shoot. This should be remedied. yikes. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  3. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Octan is her family. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  4. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Dr. Long is young, relatively speaking. She peaked early. I have plans for her yet. Even if she comes back with grey hair. Also, keep in mind, this is the future. The lifespan of a human is likely greatly extended... especially among the higher-ups at Octan... ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  5. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Dr. Long will not start AG2 in the vortex, but will she be the same after what she's seen?... That will be wrapped up before the start of AG2. Wish I could have wrapped it up before the finish of AG1, but once again, I became overwhelmed by my school workload in winter and didn't recover well enough to build in the spring... kinda why I was hoping AG1 would end in the summer. Ah well. And to answer those questions, yes, Dr. Long will be returning for AG2! I have lots of material left for her story, and, having worked so hard to set things up, I'd be loath to drop all my hard work and start another story. So the Long saga will continue in AG2. Wouldn't want to deprive y'all of your favorite villain protagonist, now would I? ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  6. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    As if anything could be as complicated as BoBS! Oh hey, Long time no see, everyone... ~Insectoid Aristocrat, having recovered from their annual mental breakdown
  7. I'm on my Annual mental-breakdown-induced Hiatus. Winter sucks. Reach me on Facebook if you need me. 

    1. Dannylonglegs
    2. Mesabi


      Hey Danny, hope you're doing alright. Would love to see you come back for AG2, we all missed you for the finale of AG1. 

      Also your link is busted. :tongue:

    3. Dannylonglegs


      Oh. Don't worry. I'll be there.


      And so will the only Villain Protagonist in the entirety of AG.




      She will return to jack up everyone's shit in AG2

  8. [O-H04] Before Too Long

    Thanks all! it's good to take a break from Dr. Long's super-seriousness. wish I could have made it more goofy, to fit better with the idea that Pombe's and Dr. Long's world's had switched in a way, but we're also nearing the end of this part of the game, so I went with surreal over silly. Thanks! You've got a keen eye. Often times I do throw little things in for those who've followed the story, and the bloody hand is indeed one such reference. the question though is how much of that is symbolic and how much is real?... we'll see. ... but not for a while. And to answer your question there, the gold tooth (in addition to being an item Dr. Long owns in-game) was rewarded to her by the Oni-Ren revolutionaries after they staged a successful coup with Octan's generous (and to-be-reimbursed) assistance. The story of the tooth is also a tad symbolic... There's a lot of forshadowing In my builds, because I have my whole story mapped out in my head. not all of it is as overt as this episode's. And as far as Dr. Long's idealism, well, I find tragic "villains" the most compelling. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  9. AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    All the money to the Bob bank! ~Odus Dillburg
  10. [O - G10] Skeletons in the Closet

    Actually, it's an old "evil" group in the Milkyway... a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  11. [O-G10] Happy Hanukkah, Odus Dillberg!

    Story is up! ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  12. [O-G10] Happy Hanukkah, Odus Dillberg!

    Tags: Civil Building, Spying In an Axle Break-room "No, sorry, that's Top Secret. Even I wasn't informed of the nature of the experiments.... ... ...Umm, yes, I'll Inform you when she returns." "Pheew. After a long year of work, I'm glad that it's finally holiday season once again! Latkes for dinner, just the way mamma used to make them! Apple sauce, check! and Sour Cream... Check! yum!" "Oh, Hey, Dr. Ben Nai! How are you doing? I haven't seen you in a while." "I've been busy being a janitor." "Yeah..." "Have enough room for another? I love Latkes!" "Sure! Are you Jewish?" "My spouse was, but they left me when Dr. Long demoted me. They said that they couldn't be married to a garbage man..." "oh." "But I'm sure Dr. Long treats you much better than her other subordinates. I'm sure that, deep down, below her cold exterior, she has a warm heart, and only treated me with such cruelty because I deserved it. and not because she's just an awful person." "Um.. hehe, yeah." "Well anyways, let's eat!" "Yes! definitely!" *One Awkward dinner later* "...And I said, girl, if she doesn't treat you with respect and basic human decency, then you've just got to get yourself out of that relationship." "Yeah!" "Ooh. is that a real dreidle? I've still got 7 minutes of break time left, want to spin it around? "Sure! let me grab it." "Shall we wager a few credits? What Dr. Long doesn't know can't hurt her!" "Why not..." "Alright, you roll first!" "Shin!" "Gimel! What luck for me!" *later, in a different breakroom* "Ok, commander, the bug has been planted in target's Coms device." "Good, good. From his device, we can attempt to gain access to her personal server and their surveillance grid." Offscreen figure: "If it works" "Thank you for your diligent work, operative Nai. Your efforts will be rewarded in due time, and you will have your revenge." _____ Happy Hanukkah ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  13. [O-H04] Before Too Long

    Tags: Civil Buildings, Science Sector: Last recorded in H04 "where.... am I?" "This is impossible... am I dreaming?... if my eyes indeed do not deceive me, it would appear that I'm Traversing through a star studded void upon an ethereal spiral of light... gravity is meaningless apart from the fact that my feet meet the hard light every step. I lack a helmet, and my surroundings are void yet I am capable of breathing... I... I think I'm breathing..." "The last thing I remember is the vacuum ducking me out of the Rod 69 after Pombe's psychic powers blasted a hole through time and space... perhaps this is the void through which our vessels travel while within the anomalies... but yet... this seems... weirder still...." "What is this? before me I see a blurry image... I feel... familiar things?... nostalgia?... why am I feeling this...." "Is this... me? my childhood?... my stars, I remember this... my holographic starmap. my robot... the one that..." <<Mama! Mama! Cecile reprogrammed my robot!?>> <<"That's nice dear. Glad you're getting along with her finally.>> <<"No! She reprogrammed it to attack me whenever I turn it on! she's always picking in me and she never shares! Why do you make me play with her?! She's not my friend!">> <<"She is your friend. her parents are very important people with Kawashita, and other than Octan they are our greatest rivals... so you'll play nice with her and be her friend. Or else.">> <<"Mama? what's an 'Octan?'">> <<"Octan is a big scary monster that eats smaller monsters. now hold your sister, Mama has to make a work call, and your lazy caretaker is late.>> <<"Come here Abi, Danny's got you...">> "Wow... that memory... it was so real... I.. felt it like I was there. the childish frustration... the... coldness...." "What is this place I've come to?... And how do I get out?... wait... is that... another past event?..." <<"Bob, did I ever tell you the first time I saw a star was when my bama took me with them on a business trip to mars? I was in the window seat of the shuttle, and I still remember the awe of that moment to this day...">> <<"hah. you did tell me that one.">> <<"Heh. They're so beautiful.">> <<"Yeah, Danielle, they're the most beautiful thing in the universe. And I want to visit them all.">> <<*Snort* "Ha! You could hardy pass your Astrophysics II Final last semester!">> <<"Hey, no one cares how well you do on the exams, as long as you can fly the escort ship in the Final Simulation... And you know as well as I, I can fly that ship!">> <<"My mother cared...">> <<"Hey, my bad. I didn't mean to remind you of that.">> <<"Yeah. It's OK. it's not your fault she withdrew her financial support from me. Well, I'll show her. I'll be the most published scientist this galaxy has ever seen.">> <<"And I'll visit every star there is.">> <<"You know... if someone truly unlocks the secret of GATE generation, that might not be such a far-out dream.">> <<"Yeah.">> <<"Maybe I'll do that. Just imagine all the amazing variations out there. the diversity of evolution, and the miracle of life repeated endlessly in every system in every galaxy... Our universe is so full of beauty...">> "... Why is this happening?... am I dying? is my life flashing before my eyes?" <<"Dad, Don't tell Ma I came by. I just needed to grab a few things.">> <<"If you like, Danny... but remember, you are our daughter. You're welcome home anytime you like. we're so proud of you, you know. Your scores are fantastic... You could certainly join Explorien as a scientist and you'd have a fine career.">> <<"Thanks Baba, but I plan on joining Octan... but... Thanks... thanks...">> <<"Danny, you would have made a wonderful architect.">> "Why must I relive this! Oh great... another vision..." *several visions later* "This is not a memory.... this vision... is this... my future?... it's cold... I feel... betrayed. Hatred... I'm unconscious. I don't know what will happen to me..." "And the lid is closed upon me...." "Another vision..." "I feel... nothing. Victory is mine and yet I am not pleased. I've... done something... something... unforgivable. Perdition." "By the stars... What will I have done?!"... "Are there no more visions to be seen?..." "I've wandered now for hours! where are the visions? where are the rest of my futures? Where is the wrinkled and grey haired danielle, skin warm from the heat of a new sun? Where is the frail but dignified white haired danielle gazing up at the stars surrounded by loved ones? Where's... where's the hospital bed? The sad eyed croud gathering over my body like vultures?... where's. .. where's my future?... "Where is anything?!" ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  14. AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    All Dr. Long's money to Bob. she hasn't reported in since she began that secret project... I hope she's doing ok... ~Odus