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Found 60 results

  1. Book III Challenge 2 - Category A : Bread Looking for another cart Now with Lord Faladrin to be saved from a wreckage in the south and an expedition to prepare, Lady Walaehria had to find horses and carts to charge the needed supplies Faladrin asked her. But it is time when Our Great Queen Ylspeth ordered to redistribute bread to those in need. Lady Walaehria was looking for a cart to rent when she assited to this scene in front of the baker shop in Falahuas : "Sorry ! This cart is full !" Yelled the coachman. - Do you have place for this cask ? Please, just one cask more ? Asked the baker apprentice behind the cart ready to departure. - No ! No ! Sorry ! You'll have to look for another cart !" And the last cart Lady Walaehria could expect to recruit left the city to deliver bread and apples to the needies. "Well, I'll just need to make me build new carts, then." She thought And she headed towards the wheelwright workshop. A little build I have planned for my story and I can use in this challenge. Hope you'll find it nice.
  2. Location: Fatu Hiva Type: Small Artisan The Three walked across the beach to the local native workshop. Challenge 6 Category A by North White, on Flickr "Bah," Said the Man with a moustache, "Are we really so desperate to do this?" Challenge 6 Category A by North White, on Flickr "You know this course of action is the best we can do on such short notice." Said the Nameren General Challenge 6 Category A by North White, on Flickr "Oy! You in the Blue!" Said the Moustached man. "What do you know about the Jungle on this Island?" Challenge 6 Category A by North White, on Flickr "Only that it ain't someplace I'm going. He said in a heavy Accent. Maybe ask the natives here?" Challenge 6 Category A by North White, on Flickr Without a word, they entered. Inside were two natives sowing pants. Challenge 6 Category A by North White, on Flickr The native sighed. "If you're here about the evil in the jungle. I implore you to avoid it. You don't want to lose your soul do you?" Challenge 6 Category A by North White, on Flickr "What's that supposed to mean? Asked the Moustached Man. "You go into that jungle, you will lose your soul, and wander an empty shell. Now begone." Said the native, turning back to the pile of fabric. The Moustached Man put his hand on his sword. The Nameren General opened the door, and beckoned him to leave. Challenge 6 Category A by North White, on Flickr Wordlessly, the three began to walk into the Jungle. Challenge 6 Category A by North White, on Flickr They each recalled their last asignment. The smell of the burning abbey, and the screams of the Priests of Hades as they had been slaughtered by the trio's hands. To Be Continued.
  3. Sending Oleon soldiers back to the mother country ! When first Oleanders landed on Berelli, the Ténotclaxcans welcomed them friendly. But when the leader of the clerics tryed to change the faith of the natives, the high priestess Zumo de Kapayas declared Oleon men dangerous for the Ténotclaxcans. So the king had to lead a war against those invaders. During the fights the main act lead by the king himself was the boarding of the oleon cutter "La vaillante" ! In this action the natives showed the oleon soldiers how determined they were, and the clerics ordered a strategic retreat after that act of war. It is during the departure of the Oleon fleet of Berelli that the former king of the Ténotclaxcans was killed by an aft cannon shot fired in order to protect the retreat of Oleon ships. The boarding of "La vaillante" : Battle on the deck of the Oleon cutter : The Oleon ship and its crew : The Ténotclaxcans :
  4. Fort Severus, Fishers'Cove, Berelli After the diplomatic interviews in Berelli between Corrington, the Ténotclaxcans and Eslandola, Felipe de la Manzana agreed with Lord Erie to build a fort that could oversee all the island for both Corrington and Eslandola. So Felipe asked a brilliant eslandian officer, el Colonel Ignacio Severus, a renown fort builder and a great miltary officer, to help him. Severus decided that the center cove of the island known as fishers'cove could be the best place to build a fortification. It has a rocky point at the south of the beach where the natives are regularly harpon fishing, so it is the best position according to Ignacio Severus. Ignacio Severus lead himself the begining of the building. Of course, it is made in wood for now but when Corrington will give hand, they will help to better this structure and enhanced it. The fort position did not seem to disturb the Ténotclaxcans at all. Some are still going to the beach with their harpons.
  5. With the new found islands being invaded by Oleon, Corrington, and Eslandola en mass, a small group of a pirates settled on Isla del Diablo and starting preparing defenses to ensure no one else could lay claim to what was theirs. Built on the edge of the sand, close enough to shelter of the trees but also within view of the beaches. the pirate's fort was perfectly located.
  6. While patrolling the waters around their new island, Isla del Diablo, a band of pirates caught sight of a Corrington party looking for more land. The pirates gave chase to the Corrington boat on which was the famous Captain Stasch. He had successfully sailed through many storms, won many battles at sea, and even discovered new flora and fauna. He was known to be fearless, brave, and strong. The other two men in his boat however, had none of these qualities. And the first shot from the pirates they flung themselves overboard! Captain Stasch had no recourse but to surrender himself to the nefarious pirates.
  7. Challenge 2 Category B Octan Entry Pilot, and occasional First Executive/Acting-CEO, John Hannibal commissioned the O.T.C. "Mercy Brandy" to further his goal of colonizing Octan territory with entrepreneurial, hard-working colonists brave enough to leave the familiar atmosphere of Earth and embark on a journey of momentous potential. The "Mercy Brandy" is a unique ship. Formally a long-range bomber on Earth, her hull was sealed and engines modified for space travel. Now, instead of wasteful bombs, the ship carries colonization pods, customized and delivered to colonists throughout the galaxy to sustain their expeditions and provide them with the tools to survive new worlds. There are many aspects of the ship that mimic it's belligerent origin. Hannibal was adamant that this ship be capable of reinforcing any colony at a moments notice, regardless of enemy blockades, unfriendly climates, or incredible distances. Thus, evasion and defensive counter-measures were enhanced and a specialized crewman would have the role of monitoring all surrounding "air"space and neutralizing any incoming projectiles. The engines were also upgraded with heat and atmospheric disruption dampeners to hide any signature of the ships course. Hatches on the tail of the ship allowed ship-to-ship docking and towing of smaller starfighers or exploration craft. Hannibal's job as a pilot with Octan leads to a large variety of smaller ships docked to the Mercy Brandy. Currently, the OS-461 and a small speeder bike are available for aiding the colonists. Inside, Hannibal and his crew oversee the ship. The spacious cockpit/command-bridge is quickly filled with colonists when the mission calls for it, but the current arrangement allows for Hannibal to analyze a variety of HUD's throughout the mission. When deploying pods, Hannibal vigorously scans readouts of the surrounding landscape and identifies threats and resources previously unknown to his people on the ground. His assistant crunches the numbers on their investment and constantly pushes the crew to move on to subsequent deliveries. On either side of the bridge, crewmen can find their sleeping quarters when not on duty. Seating can be attached to the floor in most locations except on the path to and the hatch below the evasion specialist in the rear. He is the only crewman required to have a personal oxygen supply and a decompression suit at all times. From his position the specialist can override the pilot's controls (although effective flying really requires both a pilot at the main controls and a co-pilot at his side). The hatch below him leads to the cramped cargo area in the tail of the ship, which exits out to a main ramp and two more hatches for ship-to-ship connections. Engines and counter-measures array. Rear landing pad/ship-to-ship link-up Thanks for looking. C&C always appreciated. I plan to keep this together for BrickUniverse Dallas in November, so come see it if you're in the area.
  8. Lord Tyrus

    [K - B06] Helios Landing Craft

    Following the recent hostility from the other corporations, HQ had ordered several Helios Landing Craft to unload troops to occupy the garrisons in Kawashitan territory. Tyrus had been given the task of overseeing a new graduate from the flying academy. At first, he was hardly looking forward to it, but as he got in the cockpit of the craft and it exited the hanger of the Sunfire,he soon realised Ellie Kane was something special... AG Challenge 2 Cat.B: Helios Landing Craft by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr AG Challenge 2 Cat.B: Helios Landing Craft by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Sorry for the bad pictures, it was raining again... I love England... Also I basically built it all this afternoon, except the cockpit, as I just haven't had time/been motivated to build for ages, and I'm surprised how well it turned out!
  9. As Octan expands its reach into new parts of the galaxy and prepares to face an unknown menace, supply lines become more important than ever. Although large capitol-class ships are usually powered by exotic drives, technological and budgetary limits mean that most small to medium ships still run on some sort of liquid fuel. The Extender Medium Tanker is capable of refueling ships in orbit, using its ventral boom for large ships, or its port and starboard fuel pods for smaller ships. Although most of the interior is filled with fuel tanks, there's still plenty of room for the five crew members required to run the ship. Let's take a look inside! The crew ladder leads down into the engine room. The "Flow master" is tasked with keeping the ship's systems operating smoothly. Moving forward, we find the boom operator. Transferring fuel between two moving ships required a keen eye and a steady hand. The Traffic Control and Communication tech (seen below through an open hatch during training) is responsible for coordinating the refueling operations. The navigator must plot a safe path through space, taking into account the flight characteristics of both the tanker, and the ships that it will be refueling. Lu Caslaug-Hing is the navigator in the training rig you see below; Her role on the tanker will be her first mission back after she was seriously injured during an exploration mission. Last, but certainly not least, the pilot is responsible for keeping the ship level and steady as it flies just a few meters away from the ships it's refueling. In this simulator aboard the Axle, pilot, navigator and traffic control practice working together - preparing for dangerous missions ahead. We hope you've enjoyed this exclusive look inside Octan's newest tanker. Octan - energy for tomorrow, today.
  10. Blackhawk STX

    [Challenge 2] [Cat A] The Gremlin

    Looks like we have a situation… It seems that some bug-eyed aliens are heading this way with the intent of causing some trouble. Boy do I feel sorry for them! I imagine that they have no idea of what they’re up against. We Humans love a good scrap, and we can give as well as we take. This should be interesting. One of the egg-heads back at HQ (Dardanel, I think) figured out that the alien’s tech was susceptible to some kind of ionic radiation or something. His idea was that if this radiation could be focused into a beam delivery form, it could potentially knock out a good portion of their systems. So, Operative Q designed an ion disruptor cannon and slapped two of them onto a space frame designed in record time (isn’t there supposed to be a safety review or shakedown flight before they throw it in the air?). The result of all this was… the Gremlin. Actually, it doesn’t look too shabby. It has good thrust, and is reasonably maneuverable, but those disruptor guns look really cool! I’d love to try them against some MANTIS Bugs, but they told me that they don’t affect our tech, just the aliens (in theory, anyway). Oh well. Bugs or bug-eyed creeps, there’s still a connection. That’s good enough for me. So I’ve been tagged to fly this crate. Apparently, the aliens have dispatched what looks like a raiding force, and we’re gonna meet them. I’m supposed to hit the lead ship with the Gremlin, taking down their screens and making a mess of their electronics, while the rest of the gang hits it with everything they could get into the air. I was chosen because of my “insane, even suicidal, recklessness.” Commander Turtle said I was the ideal pilot for this job because I could disrupt the dead from their eternal sleep. I’m not really sure what he meant by that. I get the feeling that it wasn’t meant to be a compliment. Well, no matter. I’ll just go out there and fly, fight, and win. Like always! Looks like it’s time. Gotta go! More later, when I get back… ---End Recording--- This is the second attempt in my "new direction" build style. It's admittedly not a sleek as the Kestrel, but I'm pleased with the result. C&C's welcome and appreciated!
  11. Location: Somewhere in Kawashita space... Tags: Challenge 2 Category C, Kawashita, Spaceship Interior, Military Meanwhile, in the Masamune hanger bay 7… Blackhawk: All right, then. Looks like your Thunderbolt will be back in service soon, Shane. Once that’s done, we’ll be launching a strike on a forward base of the bug-eyed aliens. They chose the wrong biological entities to pick a fight with! Greenhawk: Good! I’ve been hearing about these guys, and I’ve been itching to get a shot at them! Grayhawk: Looks like the techs are done. They’re about to move it to the launch bay. Blackhawk: Great. We should be ready to launch in about two hours. Grayhawk: So, you’ve fought these aliens before, right? Is there anything you can tell us that might help us out there? Blackhawk: Yeah. Watch their fighters. They’re really quick, and they slide into your six before you know it. Just assume that you have one tailing you at all times. Greenhawk: Aw, they can’t be too bad! I’ll take them out with no problems, and add a few alien kills to my score. Blackhawk: Wait ‘till you see one of their Devourer ships in action! Those buggers will grab you, get through your shields and armor like they weren’t there, turn everything inside into hot plasma (including you), and suck it all out. Not a pretty sight… Grayhawk: By the way, what was up with those sudden crazy maneuvers you pulled in the last training flight? Blackhawk: Oh. Some idiot put a Lorestanian shock spider in my cockpit. The darn thing juiced me right in my side! Man, that hurt! My arm kept twitching for a good minute after that. Greenhawk: Oh, really? Somebody (heh heh) did that? (Ahem). Blackhawk: You know, Shane? I’ll have to show you Kawashita’s dental plan, up close and personal. The bargain basement plan… And here's my attempt... Not as great as some other builds in this challenge, naming no names, of course (like shmails), but I did what I could with what I have, and I'm feeling pretty good about the outcome. Hey, I managed to use my Thunderbolt again, so it can't be all bad! C & C's welcome!
  12. Location: Who knows, who cares? Tags: Kawashita, Military, Challenge 2 This is NOT what I had in mind when I said I’d take any mission thrown my way! I’m a fighter pilot, for crying out loud! Give me a fast, heavily armed ship and I’ll fly anywhere and fight anyone you want. But I’ve got a job to pilot a dropship onto some no-name rock that the bug-eyed aliens have set up a forward base on and drop off a strike team. Doesn’t that make me a glorified bus driver? The only explanation I got was the “insane, almost suicidal recklessness” line again. Crud… Okay, now that I’ve seen it up close, this Javelin isn’t half bad. I suppose I could condescend enough to fly it… At least I have Shane as my WSO (that’s Weapons System Officer, for those not up on CMJ, which is Common Military Jargon. I made that last one up myself). We’re assigned to drop off the M squad so they can hit the power generators and allow the follow-on forces to plaster the base. I don’t know what the “M” stands for. Marine? Magnificent? Mopey? Moronic? They won’t tell me. I take it all back! This puppy really moves! It doesn’t handle as well as the Thunderbolt, but all things considered, it’s not bad! I got a kill going in, and Shane pegged a bogey with the top guns. Drop point coming up. Let’s go! We’re down, and the M squad is heading out. Except for the one guy who has a really dark visor on his helmet. He thinks it looks cool, so he keeps it down all the time. The thing is, he can’t see worth diddly-squat with it down. I’m gonna go with the “M for Moronic” theory… The guys are on the scene. Go, M squad! Except for Dark Visor. That guy is totally lost… This is what you get when you cross a fighter with a transport! This baby is a bit big, which posed some problems with keeping it in the background area. Oh, well. At least I think the build came out well. But is this it? The challenge is over? Hey, it was fun! I enjoyed participating, and I'm looking forward to more like it! C&C's welcome and appreciated.
  13. The Green Shadow: (Note that the editing wasn't done until after the deadline, so it should not affect the score - though I'm not sure it would anyways! ) Front, back, and sides: Jed and Guy in the cockpit (it's a two-seater, in case that wasn't already clear!) Opened cockpit: Also known as Jedadiah's new ship. He should certainly have some fun knocking up some ducks in this thing! My build for Cat A of the challenge. I had quite some fun with this and think it is probably my best spaceship for AG yet... and I know it is missing Octan's red, but I do think it looks better without it! Anyways, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  14. :: Kawashita Group Hummer KG8 :: - troop dropship - The Hummer is a troop dropship which can carry 8 soldiers in four detachable cabins, which makes it easy to scatter scouts around a small area of interest. In the main hull the Hummer can store rations, ammo and two smaller or one large ground vehicle. If necessary the vehicles can be exchanged for an additional 20 seats suitable for troops. The cockpit seats only two pilots, but with the two hull crew and an engineer included that makes a total of five standard crew members and one squadron of troops. Four Hummers are assigned to every Collision colonization ship of which Narbilu commands one of. The Hummer is capable of GATE jumping, but docked to the Collision it moves around far more efficient. But when the Hummer is undocked it glides through space and atmosphere with such grace it can outmanoeuvre most smaller fighters. The thrust engine can drop the Hummer to ground level within seconds when the Collision enters close orbit of any planet. inside cockpit troop cabin side engine
  15. MANTIS Night Hornet by BrickRailz4884, on Flickr The Night Hornet is a staple of MANTIS's military fleet. Doubling as both a gunship and a troop transport, it can blast the ground to smithereens with its dual nose-mounted plasma cannons, and then deploy troops on the ground. Although the cramped conditions in the troop bay make it the butt of many jokes, most MANTIS marines owe their lives to one of them. MANTIS Night Hornet by BrickRailz4884, on Flickr MANTIS Night Hornet by BrickRailz4884, on Flickr
  16. Col. Brik

    [Challenge 2] [Cat-B] K-BOX-42

    When life give you lemons, cut them with your Kawashita sword. The K-BOX-42 is Col. Brik's last ditch last day effort to have a proper ship ready for the alien invasion that may occur. Using the broken parts of a ship almost finished Col. Brik threw his redshirt brigade to work in a binge build to still be ready in time. This was actually built all today, I had a issue with my previous ship, this is what I found late last night. It "feel down" according to my boys. I wasn't mad, it wasn't really working out for me. this is what it looked like a week or so ago.
  17. Commander Turtle

    [Challenge 2][Cat B] Crosswing Transport

    It has become apparent that speed is key. Kawashita strategy is to be nimble and fast, and our ships must enable this. As such, we have developed the Crosswing class to transport troops between planets in a matter of hours. This ship lands on water, although it can be modified for ground landings at the expense of extra weight. It seats 8 including their luggage, but this ship is not designed for large quantities of cargo. It is specialised in moving employees at high speed, under the assumption that they are the most valuable resource in our company. Commander Turtle sits aboard, patiently waiting to arrive at a secret destination. ~~~ Toughest LDD thing I've ever made, had a lot to learn! As far as I know every piece is available. C&C welcome.
  18. MontyPython

    [Challenge 2][Cat B] TundraClassic

    Andromeda's Gates, Challenge II, Category B: TundraClassic As I recently signed up, I was soon given a first mission: "Make a first trip with one of our new ships." It sounded easy, but when I saw the ship I was given to drive, I changed my mind. It was a old TundraClassic freighter, used by the early colonists, when they were discovering frozen worlds. It had a really old driving system, with old-school steering wheel and it was very slow. But it was my guilt that I got this ship. In my application form I wrote: "I can drive anything, try me!" and they took it for real. Our engineers were ordered to build a lot of new defense ships, so they quickly started building them. They also modified some of the older ships and that one, I was driving was one of them. It was really old but in quite good shape so it didn't need a lot of work. They turned it into a small sized freighter with small engines, light protection and enough place for me, the pilot, two soldiers, two radio-operaters and a small vehicle. At first I wasn't really excited about it, but after some time I started to liking it. It was really easy to drive and had enough space. Because it has really small protection, only a small cannon, we were followed by some starfighters, in case of pirates. After some time we safely returned into hangar. Superior officer was pleased with me and granted me more ships to drive. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm really sorry for horrible presentation and those extremly bad photos. I first saw this challenge yesterday and today I had to get an idea, find the right pieces, build the ship and I almost ran out of time for photos and posting this here. Thanks for watching and I hope you like it.
  19. This is my second SHIP ever, it measures in at 106 studs long, and just under 6 pounds. It's quite sturdy and features an interior, opening missile bay, rotating turrets, and working missile launchers. Plus a there's a docking location for a small speeder. The MANTIS corp. has been rapidly producing a heavily armed fleet of spaceships. The Stinger is only a mid sized battle cruiser, but it packs plenty of firepower with it's laser turrets, various missiles, and heavy ion cannon. Standard crew consists of just 6 men thanks to advanced technical systems. Plus it's powerful plasma engines make it one of the faster ships around See lots more pictures on my website: link Thanks for looking
  20. Jody Meyer

    [Challenge 2] [Cat B] Octan Valor

    Octan Valor - Octan Heavy Transport (OHT-001) This was a first for me, I had a lot of rework, but I am happy with this outcome. Cheers Jody C & C Welcome
  21. Dr. Munroe -- we received the following from Agent 867-5309 (Codename: Jenny); but sadly she has missed her last 3 check ins and we must consider her currently MIA and likely lost: Report: Delta-Bravo-38.Jenny -- I know we have long wondered about Octan's seeming lack of ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) vessels. The numbers have never added up that a corporation of that size would have virtually no ELINT assets, and I believe I've discovered why. We all know Octan loves robots and acquiring new companies. It seems that both of those things factor into their supposed lack of ELINT ships because they actually may have vastly more ELINT capability than we could have ever feared. I've discovered that they are hiding these ships in plain sight! After Octan bought out Universal Package Syndicate (UPS) and their entirely robotic delivery service it seems they took a portion of those vessels and refitted them. The outward appearance is mostly unchanged from the normal delivery vessels and they still are autonomous, but now the cargo area is used for 4 ELINT analysts and a Senior Analyst. This is likely the case for other companies they have absorbed as well. The modifications are significant enough that the vessel is almost factory new, but still appears to be of the same vintage as the other "regular" ships from the outside. The ships are able to blend into the background as everyone simply takes them as robotic cargo delivery ships and no one suspects they secretly contain some of the most advanced data gathering and analysis systems available. I was unable to get an upclose look due to security, but I believe I even saw an APGAR-97 "Cyclops" installed which would confirm that it exists! My work here continues to go unnoticed and I've even been promoted recently to have more responsibilities - they have told me I will have up to 4 robots working for me. I will continue to attempt to gather further info and try for more details on how widespread their ELINT fleet is. At a minimum I've seen 3 different UPS ships and now that I know what to look for I will try to determine what other ships may have been modified. Jenny Confirmation:: 993.Victor.Charlie Extra Pics: Doors that open! The interior is meant to be cramped kinda like a submarine I'm surprisingly smug to be in such a tight space Doors open... Doors closed... Overall view
  22. "Ah, some more water, soon my new breed of plants will yield secure data on..." *Static from radio* "Sir! I've found two potential spies snooping around inside the perimeter, I'll bring them to you". "Don't you move!" "What is that? What are you supposed to do, scream them to death with that megaphone?" "Sorry Sir!" *draws a gun* "Now put these prisoners in containment! We are ordered to join the fleet so they will have to await interrogations there!" "Locked up good Sir!" *Noise from a spaceship landing* "We're here to pick you up sir!" "We have to bring these prisoners as well!" "Okay We'll be back!" *1 hour later* "Bring the prisoners aboard!" "Maglocks in place, get a seat Sir we're about to go into orbit to dock!" *in orbit* And here are som more pictures of the Spotted Orchid: Note: I haven't built a MOC in this scale in 20 years but I'm happy with the result although I know that it is a plain classic design.
  23. Identification: Paul Bricktron Occupation: Explorer Report Code: PB - CH2 - CATB Report: Unknown menace detected - Need to test new transport vessels - Surpising new design Report: Corporate identity included Report: Could carry up to 4 soldiers - Needs just one pilot - Modern navigation system - Developed for orbital transport Report End
  24. EDIT: Full Pics and Write-up now included. Most Kawashita fleets are furnished with a complement of Starjackers, a specialized light corvette that masquerades as a two-seat cargo barge and acts as a skirmisher unit in sustained engagements. In the ancient days of Earth's naval engagement, this type of ship was known as a Q-ship. The Starjacker's role, as its name may imply, is to use subterfuge to close in with enemy vessels, using the element of surprise to quickly overwhelm ship defenses and deploy small, heavily armed squads of marines for boarding actions. Though seeming like your average pair of rocket jockeys to any scans or ID requests, the Starjackers are actually piloted by veteran bomber aces, used to flying close to large enemy vessels with sophisticated point-defense systems. The second seat belongs to the gunner officer, whose job it is to oversee and deploy the weapons and specialized systems on the ship. The canopy is fighter-style, allowing the flight crew to quickly emerge from the ship if necessary: Here, on the portside of the Starjacker, the mock cargo pods, in this case rigged to resemble fuel canisters, are clearly visible: And here, starboard side, the smooth flank of the ship. Though visible to the eye as standard ant-meteorite armor for a ship this size, the starboard armor is reinforced beneath the visible layer: The visible armor is openly painted in Kawashita Group colors and, typical of our illustrious corporation, hides a handy secret: The "broadside" cannons allow the Starjacker to sidle up to enemy craft on the starboard side, rapidly deploying the cannons and opening fire to disable defenses and punch a hole in targeted ships for the second phase of the strike. Beneath the cannon mounts are layers of additional armor to protect the normally vulnerable section of the ship. The expected compartments of the starboard side will show up on holoscans, but aren't actually present in the ship. It's all armor with very limited additional space, even for a corvette. The rear of this Starjacker features a faux-refueler. The large and complex engine of the Starjacker includes articulated fins that allow rotational, omnidirectional thrust to provide the quick turning necessary for the ship to complete it's strike package without being caught in a slow turn. The engine's housing is also heavily armored, a feature that has been unconvincingly disguised as oversized heatsink coils: Here we see the mounts for the "fuel canisters", which are meant to be hot-swapped between runs just as expected. This feature is modular, allowing a Starjacker to be disguised as other types of corvette or light frigate as needed: In a galaxy far, far away, these canisters resemble escape pods. This is not too far from the mark, as the interior of the canisters are cramped, filled with limited air supplies, and probably incredibly uncomfortable. Kawashita marines don't complain, however. That sour look on Sgt. Galbraith is just his war face. The full complement of Starjacker marines is usually a fireteam of four. These units are specially trained to quickly breach and clear a ship's vulnerable decks. Their hardsuits are equipped with limited EVA capability, allowing them to fight in Zero G if their ship is able to disable artificial gravity in enemy craft: Additional detail shots of the Starjacker's underbelly with retracted landing gear and the sensor-package at the ship's front: Thanks for looking! C&C Welcome!
  25. Disco86

    [Challenge 2] [Cat C] Armory

    Identification: Paul Bricktron Occupation: Explorer Report Code: PB - CH2 - CATC Location: Transport Ship B2 - Armory Report: Armor and weapons ready - cleaned and stored Report End