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  1. Heh yeah exactly, sometimes I wish I could be building MOCs as my fulltime job. With a LEGO room with all the parts I could dream of in drawers up as high as the ceiling as some AFOL's occasionally show off. If I had the time I'd be partaking in the majority of Eurobricks RBG's, it's not that I don't want to, I want to really badly. It's just impossible atm due to priorities.
  2. Bah, between work, school and mainly focussing on the LUG I joined now I haven't found time to do anything for GoH anymore so sorry (to be completely honest I'm prioritizing a large generic Castle themed setup over GoH at the moment, well I could still say it's for GoH but I never really intended it to be related to my sigfig at least.)
  3. I ussually don't like using Star Wars things for fantasy, because they are so instantly recognizable as Star Wars that they look out of place to me... having said this, the Taun-Taun works suprisingly well and I actually really like it here (and the build), great!
  4. Just going to mention that I'm sort of on a break for 2 weeks as I'm swamped with school and work, but I have 2 major projects planned for an upcoming vacation week, a full Nocturian building instead of my usual vigs for GoH that also continues Lupin's story, but I also am working on a (by my standards) big Sci-Fi display.
  5. I still absolutely love Damascian of My'athar his flying magical device, perhaps in the future Zotharit could be persuaded to craft one for Lupin The outpost is neat too, it kind of looks a bit like a tree, intended camouflage perhaps.
  6. As I was about to comment and read this, basically I just wanted to say this but I'll still say, great work.
  7. Isundir

    Westwood Inn

    I love it, has a very nice 'Dark Fantasy' feel to it that really belongs in Nocturnus
  8. Isundir

    AoM: Mill Phase II: Holt Windmill

    As somebody whom is Dutch so automatically an expert on everything windmill related I have to say this is one fantastic windmill and build.
  9. Isundir


    I'm very curious, how long does it take to make this kind of big detailed build?
  10. Isundir


    It's gorgeous, I love how different and very appropriately Elven it looks.
  11. I know I'm just a newbie to GoH but I have to second this regardless.
  12. Isundir

    [WIP] Avalonian Hamlet: Sylvania

    Looks insanely good so far. I must admit to be a bit jelous of both your parts and your skills
  13. Previously on The Adventures of Lupin 'the Mad Dog' Vandimion : Part 1:The Mad Dog Part 2:Tally-ho! Part 3: No-Man's Keep Looking back I've led a pretty content life, married my childhood sweetheart from the village. Had to join the Avalonian militia for a while, but survived the few battles I'd seen and when I returned home bought a small plot of land, start a family. So I managed to build a hovel from the wood and stone around us, we didn't have much in the way of possesions, but we had eachother and that was enough for us. Until that accursed day, my mind was so foggy, like a darkness surrounded me and when I came to... She was dead, my dagger, her blood, something sickening, something twisted, did I kill her? I killed her?! Each night, the same dream, the same terror. Can only death redeem me now, do I still have a purpose in this mad world.
  14. I really like the minifig combo's of the rider he's cool , not sure about the rock on the right though, the top plates and round tile look a bit odd.