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  1. mccoyed

    Knight's Quest [Ch II Cat B]

    Yeah, this rules. Such a clever approach to the challenge and MOCing in general. Great work.
  2. mccoyed

    CHALLENGE II: Category C: At The Races

    This is awesome. Love the all-Lego photography. Your choices in fig heads and posing are top notch. Lots of intriguing characters and everything is really clear and vibrant.
  3. Awesome to see this up and in full presentation mode. That SHIP is seriously impressive and definitely gives the ragtag spacefaring town vibe. EDIT: Checked out your store thinking it had an online store, but it's physical and all the way down in Texas! Great site though.
  4. mccoyed

    A day at the Town hall in Mophet

    Excellent details and palette. I love a good ostrich caravan too.
  5. Agreed about the speeder's size against the base, but all the elements are really well done here. Love the design of Z-5 as well.
  6. mccoyed

    [K18 - Bespin - MG] Tibanna Mining Platform

    Great elements here. A lot to look at it. For me, the winner is those redesigned TIE fighters. Great idea and color scheme.
  7. mccoyed

    [I13 - Jakku - TCR] Transition Period

    Nice. Some great perspective shots and having a BF2 reference helps this feel rooted in SW goodness.
  8. mccoyed

    [S12 - Nar Shaddaa - BS] Sewer Rat

    Oh man, I'm glad to see you here Pombe. Great first build. Love the "red light" panels. That's inspired. Also plenty of great greebling on the lower part. And very cool figs. This one has it all. My favorite detail is the junk you put in those trans-lt. blue bricks. Gives that sewer effect but is one of those thankless tiny details that is hard to pick out, yet very rewarding if you notice it.
  9. mccoyed

    Wolfs in the Sand (Part I.)

    Great build, iffy base, but it's "wolves"! That camel is super impressive.
  10. mccoyed

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Wait. Maybe one of us can be Ramirez and the other can be McLeod. No need to fight!
  11. mccoyed

    Kashgar Theater [Ch II Cat B]

    This is very cool and another nice addition to the stuff you've been doing. Bringing a whole city or town to life with all these builds that show off different buildings and institutions is a great idea and it's awesome to see you throwing yourself into this, since it'll set the pace for Varlyrio builders who come after.
  12. mccoyed

    Oceans apart [Ch II Cat A]

    This is a good looking build, especially because the angles imply movement and action quite nicely. I wish Kabel was still here to tell me if I am right to think of this as a "sloop" or if it's a "skiff" or what. :P
  13. mccoyed

    The Order of the Iron Circle

    I actually tend to really like straightforward architecture like this, including the masonry bricks. Uniformity and blocky, squarish aesthetics fit both Lego and real-world fortifications pretty well and it's really easy to go from "highly textured, nicely detailed" to making peoples' eyes bleed. I think this is well done and the interiors are just a bonus.
  14. mccoyed

    [WIP][AoM House Phase 2] Homecoming

    I think the issue I see when I look at the color palette is the same one that a lot of fairly detailed, high quality builds have: they include a lot of green, but no other colors. With this many shades of brown, a balance of colorful foliage seems like it would be nice. The build itself is top notch. Maybe you're too hard on yourself. :P