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  1. mccoyed

    [MOC] Ayra

    Great centaur. Have seen a lot of takes on this over the years and this is an especially good one that captures the size very well. I like the weapon a lot, too.
  2. This is excellent work. Color palette and details especially. My favorite part is the guy fixing the wall.
  3. mccoyed

    Challenge III Mirandor Castle

    Nice castle. Lots of stuff going on, too, which I love.
  4. It's really strange to see David Icke referenced here in a generally non-insane, non-political environment. He's an infamous crank and possible (probable) anti-Semite. But nice build, kahir.
  5. mccoyed

    [Factions Ep. I] A balcony look at the Galaxy

    I really like the inclusion of the exterior here. There's also a feel for this that isn't quite as beat up and industrial, evoking a higher-tech and generally cleaner urban area. Cool to see that.
  6. mccoyed

    [Factions Ep. 1] the Captain's Quarters on Felucia

    Awesome build. I really like the commitment to such a weird planet in terms of its wildlife and aesthetic.
  7. mccoyed

    [S15 - Molavar - TCR] IDS Incarcerator

    This rules. One of my favorite builds and presentations that I've seen on Factions thus far. Everything here is on point.
  8. mccoyed

    [S6 - Cadinth - MG] TIE Tunneler

    Awesome design. Really dig the colors for this.
  9. Lots of cool stuff happening here. I do agree about the lighting, though, since it kind of gives the scene a dramatic, almost sinister tone. Not in every shot, but a few feel like something ominous is happening in those kitchens. Your writing is, as always, a standout on GoH.
  10. Great brickbuilt dragon. A little scrappier looking than some that I've seen. This looks a bit more like a TLG set and how they approach dragons for Ninjago.
  11. No one can say you're not prolific. Another big build with lots of great details. This may be my favorite of the bunch.
  12. I really like the interior here. Just the right amount of detail.
  13. Yeah, it's a bit chaotic. Lots of nice posing, details, and photography angles though. I think if you develop some of the fancier techniques MOCers use for stuff like this, your other sensibilities will shine through a lot.
  14. mccoyed

    Calcio in Illyrian [Challenge 2B]

    Yeah, I still can't believe I didn't think to put windows in. I'll also take your comment about the different goals even though that was totally an oversight on my part. I was probably looking at it way too much. Sometimes when you look at something for too long, it becomes distorted. The field was the first thing finished, weeks before I did the rest. Thanks for the info on N'ri. I probably should have taken a closer look before including the character. I based it mostly on the scene you did with the meeting of all the guild leaders where N'ri was present.
  15. Thanks! Sometimes you just gotta push something out even if it isn't super impressive. Have definitely learned that even though I wish everything I made looked like how I imagined it initially. There's all kinds of things I should have done. This is not my finest work haha. But thanks for the compliments. Yeah, good point. I got back into Lego thanks to a little-known war game called Mobile Frame Zero that uses Lego for "Frames", which are mecha. The basic design of a Frame corresponds really well to roughly 'fig sized brickbuilt humanoids like this fungal dude. I do think this build is weak. I have some ideas for the next part, the Mushroom Folk village, but I find rockwork so discouraging that the idea of doing another subterranean scene is a little intimidating. I think I may try the same approach here where the background is something viewers will have to imagine. I think I'll go for a more traditionally shaped base and a kind of basic "village layout" and build it out from there. Something like the village I made for Yureishima way back when.