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  1. mccoyed

    GoH Book III

    That's a pretty good rundown. Thanks, Rogue. EDIT: I had a thought with regard to trying to get summaries made for the Guild history as well as the risk of low support translating to a cut Guild. Why don't we do a soft challenge to have Guildies promote their guilds for new people and vets who might be looking for a change? It could work almost like a recruitment drive. A chance to promote your Guild via its unique history and flavor while also serving as a way to establish whatever the status quo is going to be for each Guild going in to Book 3.
  2. mccoyed

    GoH Book III

    Wow. I was hoping this would be coming soon! I am strongly considering a change of Guild to challenge myself to build in new styles (I won't abandon AoM and the Yureishima Saga though). I am thinking Kaliphlin and a non-human sigfig. Does anyone remember what the racial makeup of Historica is? I know that almost all the major Lego possibilities are represented everywhere, but IIRC Kali has specific tribes of cat-people and so on?
  3. mccoyed

    AoM Mill Phase 1: Labor Intensive Flour

    I really like the thought you put into the backstory of this build. Enriches what would otherwise be a low-key vignette. I really dig the Conan the Barbarian reference with the grindstone, too, though that may not be intentional. :P
  4. mccoyed

    Market Day in Sionnach

    Great build. Love how busy and full of life it is. I also appreciate seeing your crediting as a model for how to do that. I see the Snyderis and Mark of Falworth in this build for sure, just like all of those guys (and you) are in the DNA of everything I make. Favorite parts are the fountain and the dudes in the sewer.
  5. mccoyed

    AoM House Phase 2: The Long Way Home

    Thanks DG. Pleasure to see you around, my man! Thanks LJ. I actually built a much smoother and more "new" looking version of those walls without the worn stone transition. I rebuilt the whole thing because I wanted more detail. Yeah, I'll have to try a flex tube next time. I think gray and black looks weird (it's all I have) but I've seen other builds that use those colors of flex-tubing well. That said, some trees do have a lower wood to leaf proportion. However, rowans aren't really one of them and the tree definitely needed more leafy greens. I didn't want to upset the proportion of berry pods to leaves. I think I need more cherries! Oof. Good point about the chimney. Higher up would mean a lot less snow.
  6. mccoyed

    AoM Store Phase 1: Trading

    The rockwork is interesting. It looks like rounded boulders, like this, which isn't the usual Lego rockwork. I think the technique could be perfected (gaps and such) but it's a great base.
  7. Previously... Mars - 3187 A busy street in Brazos Valles... Koro and Blue have traveled back to Sol System after the events in Andromeda. The trail of Raven's bomber has long gone cold, leaving them to stew in a holding pattern while the suits figure out the next step for the company. Brazos Valles is a busy mercantile city. The foot traffic is such that Koro can pass unnoticed. On a whim, he checks a public media terminal that used to be a KG dead-drop back when he had skin. Blue isn't far away. She's been watching Koro's back for months now and likes to be on hand even if he doesn't necessarily know it. Confirming something on her scanner, she makes a call. "Yes, I understand that I'm not due to check in for another three days. This is urgent. For some reason, he's checking an old drop. No, I don't know if there's anything actually there. Of course I will. Yes. Haven't I been doing that all this time? Yes, I did. I thought you might know and want me to intervene. All right, I'll check in as soon as I know." Koro, meanwhile, can't believe his eyes. Not only is there a message waiting in the dead drop, it's about Raven's bombing! He reads the message slowly. Then again. The dots start forming patterns in his head. Motherbricker! The trail's not cold anymore. Bonuses and Builder's Notes:
  8. mccoyed

    How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    Thanks for the clarifications on modular vs. non-modular. Makes a lot of sense! So my process for The Long Way Home was something like this: 1. Age of Mitgardia challenge on Guilds of Historica. I had left off with the "House Phase 1" and hadn't yet completed the three phases and so decided this was a good way to get back into GoH. So, this is an extension of sorts of a previous build. That one had a small hut and limited landscaping as well as no interior. It featured the same fig, Reifnir Wave-Breaker, who was leaving on a journey. 2. I looked for concept art and reference material for a more elaborate house. Nothing too big or mansion-like, but a clear step up from a basic hut with no interior. The concept art I used is in the build post. I started with the base, which was originally your basic square shape, but wanted to do something different and so tried a rounded base, which wound up looking nice with the build. 3. I experimented with different elements from the art: the 2nd floor jutting window, etc. I worked on how to angle the roof for a long time and that was the first element I locked down. Then I built the walls, scrapped the version I had done (which was a lot less textured and interesting) and redid it. I realized that if I didn't "complete" the roof, I could do a modest interior. I like Soccerkid and Jsnyderi's approach of always including an interior if possible. I included some things in the interior that aren't easily visible (a bed under the attic, a fireplace connected to the chimney, etc) but were satisfying for me to include anyway. 4. The story for the build became slightly bigger just because I had done an interior. I next worked on the landscaping and interior. I started with the rowan tree, because I had researched what trees commonly grow in Scandinavia and believed I could get "close" to a rowan, which is a beautiful tree, but I think the version in the build could be improved on a lot. I had looked at a lot of landscaping and foliage techniques from other builders at varying points and used some of the influence for the flowers and other plants, though I've seen foliage ideas using Lego elements that are much more dramatic and interesting and varied, and I simply didn't have the room for it. 5. So in a way, the process is about having some intentions or ideas and then triaging them as you realize an element isn't working, you don't have room, etc. The most fun part is after all this, when you can tinker with a build and fine room to add interesting small elements, such as an axe in a stump, or what-have-you. I've also found myself more willing to scrap a "first draft" of a build and redo it, which I did a little here and completely for this one: Large elements of that build, such as the walls and arches, weren't part of the first version. After I had the scene I wanted, which is basic, I was able to enhance the build and the subsequent story by adding elements like the robot butler, wall displays, etc. This is a playful part of MOCing for me and often winds up paying off when I sit down to write a little build story.
  9. Earth - 3187 A Kawashita Conference Room... Two executives meet after hours for a little clandestine chat: "Beep-Beep!" "No thanks, unit. I have my coffee." "Ivanovna, you were saying..." "Yes, Shin. Sorry. I was saying that the delays have made it very difficult to correspond with Operations for the info you asked for." "As you've said before. But we both know that all these operators in the wind will almost certainly come back to bite us when we finally do return to Andromeda." "But we also both know that it's one operator in particular who keeps you up at night." "It's been months since there have been any updates. Rumor is that he and his partner are in deep cover, looking everywhere for anyone who knows anything about what happened to Raven. "You're worried he will find out we knew." "As you should be also! He's relentless. If he discovers our involvement, Raven will put us on the Kill List if he doesn't just decide to kill us himself. He's been known to do things like that, Ivanovna. I've seen the reports." "But we weren't really involved, Shin. There's no remaining tether connecting us to the bombing and you have to admit that it went exactly as we were told it would." "How sure are you about that? I have come too far to bet the whole farm on the competence of people I don't control." "That's why we have the failsafe. Don't worry, we will be able to move against Koro long before he can move against us." "In the meantime, there's only really one cure for the itch between my shoulderblades. I honestly don't know how you manage, Ivanovna. Unit!" "Beeeeeep!" "Sake. The good stuff." "You worry too much, Shinzanami." "And you don't worry enough." Bonuses and Builder's Notes:
  10. mccoyed

    AoM House Phase 2: The Long Way Home

    Thanks! Thanks! I don't know if I agree about the tree but even if I did, I don't have any brown flex tubing. Would you have tried gray or black, as some do? Maybe that would have worked! I haven't used flex tubing for trees yet actually. Thanks!
  11. mccoyed

    [Freebuild] Previous occupants

    Great build and storytelling. Lots of atmosphere and cool action shots.
  12. mccoyed

    How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    I actually don't do modular building. I did get one of the Theater (city) modular sets, but all my stuff are MOCs based on the work of GoH, LoR and other RBG (role-building game) moccers out there. Soccerkid and JSnyder are constant inspirations, but there are a ton of great builders whose techniques are worth emulating in the RBG scene. I also draw inspiration from concept art more than real buildings. My process is usually to start with the purpose of the build (so my most recent was a Norse-inspired house) and try to find some inspiration via google-images, flickr albums, and whatever else is out there. I like to work fast so often I cut corners trying to get a look without having to prebuild (with LDD) or meticulously plan elements. This is one of the reasons my landscaping is basic and my rockwork is terrible: lack of patience! I can offer more specific commentary on any specific builds you personally like @LegoModularFan
  13. mccoyed


    This is gorgeous. Vibrant and colorful and well-balanced between nature and buildings. Really love that windmill too.
  14. mccoyed

    AoM House Phase 2: The Long Way Home

    I myself stole the flower technique probably. I have a very, very expansive list of "favorites" on Flickr and pore through it every now and then. I'm sure I picked that idea up somewhere else, but in general I want to work on foliage and landscaping more. You're right about the path but my thinking at the time was about how roads, whether constructed of dirt or stone, tend to rise up above the ground a bit. A "trail" or human-made path wouldn't, though, and I think this kind of looks more like that. Thanks. I definitely agree about the roof window but am VERY bad about that kind of stuff. There seems to be some uniform techniques for that kind of Lego architecture that just escape me and my attempts usually look terrible with big gaps and then nothing holds together well. Something to work on! I'm a big fan of incorporating non-Lego elements with a light touch. Thanks SK! As always, your praise makes me blush!
  15. I think you should, dude. The activity is low and it seems like a good time for people on hiatus to make a comeback. I'm slowly getting there myself.