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  1. The Western Wall of Lleidr

    That chain holding the leaning tower is just an inspired idea.
  2. The South Gate of Lleidr Castle

    My favorite part of this one is the irregular base. Got a lot of mileage out of that.
  3. The Small Council Chamber of Khadira

    I like the Kadiran flavour. Especially your character names. Others have said all the things I would have said about the build, so let me compliment you on the story!
  4. Foyodran Tower, The Void Valley

    Great Lord of the Rings (movies) feel to this. Would be right at home in Mordor.
  5. Moruth Swamp Outpost Redux

    I love your swamp builds and I remember the original quite well. You should throw some figs into this though, Patrick!
  6. Thanks Henjin. I really hope to see more from Yureishima in freebuilds and perhaps other entries to the challenge. Thanks Muakhah. I had a rule on my last CMF where I did 4 members of each guild, all from different walks of life: noble, artisan, commoner, and warrior. For this one, I tried to stay pretty close to that but with the extra two minifigures I was able to follow a similar pattern and still have room for extras. The Daimyo and the Foreign Retainer were my last two figs and I was glad to be able to do six Yureishimese humans since their realm is so human-dominated. I could do a whole other series with my ideas for the oni and Yokai, though.
  7. Old Bridge Inn

    Thanks Blu. Yeah, the inn from Witcher 3 that this build was inspired by is likely based on French medieval architecture since Touissant, the duchy where Blood and Wine takes place, is basically a France/Belgium type of place. I will definitely try for something better next time I do tudor stuff. I have done better in the past, actually, but I may have rushed a little with that part of this build. RE: Ylspeth... I actually really liked that series and story and I hunted for the right Lego Batman minifig for almost an hour to get her hair. Expect to see her cameo or feature in future builds. Alva is headed to Cedrica as an envoy! She'll get there eventually. Thanks Muakhah. I think minifigs are definitely my strong suit. I think I need to concentrate on smaller builds with more detail and effort in parts use and style. Getting better at the building blocks (hehe) will be good for larger builds if I ever have the pieces! Thanks SK. I am excited for Book 3 and a chance to maybe jump to another guild. Book 2 has lasted the entire time I've been on GoH!
  8. Old Bridge Inn

    I see it. Thanks! Will definitely try that next time!
  9. Old Bridge Inn

    Yeah! My next build is finally going to be some kind of basic keep with an SK style reverse-side open interior. I have to take apart this build first and that is going to take FOREVER.
  10. Thanks! That's quite a compliment.
  11. Old Bridge Inn

    Ah yes. I thought you might have meant this and I kind of agree. The way it went down is I built up the bridge pillars first and those do include some dark bley which I hoped would convey kind of older stone in poorer condition due to the proximity to water. However, looking at it now and with the high contrast in my photography it doesn't really have the effect I wanted anyway. It also doesn't help that I didn't repeat it in the upper buildings at all. I definitely need to experiment with greens and browns in stonework because it looks incredible when people do it right (TitusV for example). Should also focus on smaller, more detailed stuff since I can't photograph builds this size effectively.
  12. Tíre Gatehouse

    Really nice looking in general and I echo all the compliments others have offered, but I feel the water needs some blue to break up all the grays.
  13. Old Bridge Inn

    Thanks GG. Thanks Tidus. Can you elaborate on what you mean about the tudor section? Not sure if you're saying I can improve that but am interested if so. Thanks. I agree about the baseplates but totally limited. I have one really big blue plate but it's got the smooth bottom that isn't as thick as a full plate, and it was too small to hold this build. The previous version of it had an irregular plate pattern and it looked too messy. Yeah I agree about the wooden railing but by then I was out of tiles. Too limited by parts, I think. I may have had enough to break it up a little so I'll consider that next time. Not sure what you mean about the stonework... do you mean the stone buildings or the back side of the build (where the stairs down to the dock is). I think I used different colors of stone, though I think dark bley and light bley should maybe have switched positions. I also tried to incorporate irregular lines and vegetation so I'd like to hear more about what you mean so I know which part you're referring to.
  14. Tíre Village

    This is great. Tons of impressive details. I think my favorite is the sign with the glass? A pub I imagine. Great piece use there. Such great lighting and photography too. After posting my first big build in about a year, I'm really noticing how light and photography (and my inability to figure out Photoshop) have held back the presentation of my builds. Also super impressed with the rockwork. I feel like I've barely learned anything about creating those kinds of terrain features without having it all fall apart.