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  1. Thanks DG. The map-making software is great but it doesn't have some basic QoL features it REALLY needs. Can't duplicate maps, for example. So it's really hard to go in to a specific island and map it in more detail due to the difficulty in recreating its shape with, basically, drawing software. :P
  2. Agree with everyone about this. Great build and definitely one of your best.
  3. Really cool map and figs. I didn't see this before I posted my latest Yureishima build and they're obviously similar in some ways so that's cool. I love the idea of Historica expanding!
  4. The Vengeful Ranger Ch. 2 - Growing Threats

    That elephant is awesome. I usually think brick-built animals look pretty terrible, especially the Lego ones (like the Fenris wolf from Thor: Ragnarok), but this is one of the best I've seen especially at this scale. Hat's off.
  5. Gladensong (A Fairy Tree House)

    This is just wonderful. Love the colors here. I like anything with trees too and these are some great ones.
  6. Safe Haven Cat A "Mesozoic"

    This is grand stuff. I love the architecture. Also love Dinotopia and what you did with it here.
  7. Totally okay with that. Keep an eye out for more developed maps in the future. Okay! I may wait and enter a different build in this story. This is a pretty humble build all things considered. Thanks Garm. I'll be posting the next part of the story sometime this week. Thanks Brickwolf. Couldn't resist my KG allegiance.
  8. Above: A map of the islands of Yureishima. More detailed maps showing settlements, territorial boundaries, and geographical features are currently being secured. "To the purpose of developing further interest in the Ghost Islands of Yureishima, I submit the tale of a pirate called 'One-Eye'. We know little of his origins save for that he was Mitgardian, or claimed to be, and that he captained a ship called The Hold Fast with a motley assortment of scoundrels from across Historica. In these pages, I hope to document all we have learned of their adventures. Because of his particular status among the Yureishimese, One-Eye will remain our primary focus. Please note that a reward for more information about him has been posted. We are especially keen on discovering his whereabouts since the events to be described." -Professor Artur Rimbyld, University of Petraea Geographical Society Wolf Island, Yureishima, Date Unknown: In a secluded hut on a beach deep in the Red Lotus Clan's territory, a secret has been kept for over three years... One-Eye and his crew went missing three years ago from the waters between Historica and Varlyrio. After taking a very juicy prize indeed, the Hold Fast ran from Varlyrian pursuers into uncharted waters and was shipwrecked. One-Eye survived, washing up on a beach in lands that were strange to him. Shortly thereafter he encountered people in strange garb and speaking an even stranger tongue. They were not kind and quickly subdued him. Long ago he was poked and prodded and examined by many visitors but it's been years since he has last seen a human face. He knows the guard is always outside his door but he never speaks and never shows himself to One-Eye. He is a prisoner, a natural risk of a pirate's life, but he never expected to be a prisoner in a mysterious new land. Maybe in some Varlyrian dungeon but this? Now, a visitor has at last come. Some sort of official? You! Shujin! Get up. W-what... you speak my language!? Silence! Get up. No! You will tell me what you've done with my crew! Are any of them alive? Where are they!? You will learn respect, Shujin! The official slaps One-Eye across the face. Weakened by his years of imprisonment, One-Eye nonetheless feels all the rage of those years welling up inside him. And yet... he considers his options. If he kills this man, the guard outside will no doubt kill him. Even if not, he'll be no closer to finding out what happened to The Hold Fast and her crew. Much less getting himself out of the mess he was in. A mess he'd been in so long he had just started getting used to it when this egg dispenser showed up. One-Eye decides to play along, biting back his rage and pride. He gets up. He will do as the official asks. For now... Good. We go now to prepare you. Daimyo Kawashita Ieyasu will not want to see even a Shujin dog in this condition. Builder's Notes: Bonus shot showing the experimental surf technique I used for this build:
  9. Thanks. I'm hoping so. I'm going to continue developing Yureishima regardless. Starting today.
  10. Thanks SK. Figured the warriors would be popular. A great opportunity to use some pieces that don't often get used in GoH. Yeah! That beard use is maybe my favorite single idea in the whole set. In some ways, figuring that out was what this whole series was based on. Thanks UM. You get who Kuzuri is supposed to be, yeah?
  11. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Haha that's super nice of you to say, LucByard. I sorta miss AG and Koro. Might have to come back.
  12. The Western Wall of Lleidr

    That chain holding the leaning tower is just an inspired idea.
  13. The South Gate of Lleidr Castle

    My favorite part of this one is the irregular base. Got a lot of mileage out of that.