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  1. mccoyed

    Brewery at PrenmĂ´r

    This build kinda has it all, doesn't it? Great micro to set the scene, great exterior facade, great interior, great details (love the brewery details) great lighting and camera work, and a great in-depth story to go along with it. Awesome work.
  2. mccoyed

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    This might be a dumb or premature question, but I am wondering if Book 4 will be launching sooner rather than later, given the anniversary and action it's generated.
  3. mccoyed

    CDC1 Tale: The Hiding of the Druid Shrine

    This is super cinematic. Great work, HJ.
  4. mccoyed

    CDC1 Tower: Harburg's Southern Watchtower

    Lots of techniques I haven't seen here. I missed a lot the last few years, but it's always nice to do a close look at one of your builds. They always seem to have new techniques and new parts use, but the finished results have a consistent style and level of quality.
  5. mccoyed

    CDC1 Tale: The King Ascension

    Very nice lighting.
  6. mccoyed

    CDC1 Tower: Rook

    One of the best sand techniques I've seen. I really like the subtle lean on the tower, too, even if it's not intentional!
  7. mccoyed

    CDC1 Tower: Burj Thl'ath

    Really pulls off the idea of urban planning in a medieval city. Those trees are excellent and it's a bold choice to put them in the foreground.
  8. mccoyed

    CDC1 Tower: A Very Light-House

    Floating islands! We should see more of that in GoH for sure. I remember there was a series some years back that a few people made. Maybe some other GoHers will remember what I mean. I'm really impressed by what looks like a tripod of clear bar pieces holding the whole thing up. How sturdy is it? Are there other techniques you used for this that are harder to see?
  9. mccoyed

    CDC1 Tale: Daemon's Throne

    Great bone throne. Wow. And the demon fig is great use of different parts to enhance the original faun fig.
  10. I really like that beacon structure.
  11. mccoyed

    CDC1 Tale: The end of Kaligem...

    Best micro build I've seen in ages. They usually aren't this ambitious.
  12. mccoyed

    CDC1 Tower: Oil Road Waystation

    Gorgeous as always.
  13. mccoyed

    CDC1 Tower: Mitgardian Watchtower

    Love that tower. It makes me think of dwarves, because of its stout and geometrically basic shape mixed with ornate details. I like the idea that dwarves built the foundational architectural style of Mitgardia, with humans adding on to it.
  14. This piece slaps. I love the color, it's a bold choice, and the other details like the vegetation and characters (and that bird) all represent the more fantastical side of Historica. Reminds me why it's such a shame Nocturnus doesn't get the attention it deserves!
  15. mccoyed

    CDC1 Tale: Bob's Arrival in Nocturnus

    The same tree and cart stand out even more here, where they're a bit less hidden by the terrain. Also love the use of the Star Wars dog monsters here.