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  1. Great work here. I feel a lot of kinship with this MOC because it features elements I like to do as well, including the busy feel and huge diversity of custom-assembled minifigs.
  2. mccoyed

    New Flickr limits

    Changing a policy this drastically without concern for the actual users on the service is anti-consumer, even if you have a generally pro-business attitude. Clawing back service to boost revenue is a desperation move likely brought upon by Flickr's fierce competition from Instagram. Look at the records of user numbers for either service over the last five years. Flickr seems to want to stay alive by becoming a boutique service with a premium fee. That's not only a raw deal for just about everyone who uses Flickr, it's not a vote of confidence for the company's long-term sustainability. I think it's pertinent to wonder why there isn't a tiered service plan, for example, instead of a single tier and comparatively steep $50/year price tag. That so many of us are stuck and will have to essentially support this policy change with their dollars is disheartening to me because I believe Flickr knows that they'll make enough money to balance out the loss of entire swaths of their current user base and they're going to be rewarded essentially for making this change, rather than being abandoned like they deserve. Flickr has users beyond the AFOL community that rely on the free service, so it isn't going to be just us who will see a massive shift as a result of this. Moreover, AFOLs and RBGs seem to have been on a recent downward trend in general and I don't think this loss of a cornerstone platform is going to do us any favors. Some of us have economic circumstances that allow us to treat this as a cost/benefit decision but others cannot and will not be able to pay $50/year to post pictures of Lego. Others will ditch Flickr on principle. I would also caution people from migrating to Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook, a company that has been massively co-opted by their own business and political interest (or lack thereof) and has been hit by major scandals for who they've been selling data to. I got rid of Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica stuff came to light and I personally won't be using any products owned by them, which includes Instagram. I know I have little chance of convincing people to rethink Instagram or Facebook as most of us are even more entrenched on those platforms than we are on Flickr. I just think this needs to be said.
  3. mccoyed

    AoM: Mills Phase 1: Horse Drawn Mill

    Awesome build. Love the base particularly. One thing that was odd is when I looked at the photo at first, I was confused and alarmed by the horse because the angle and perspective make it look like it ended in a fleshy head (of the fig right in front) and I was briefly horrified by this pastoral scene undone by a moment of cosmic wrongness. Then I realized what was happening and relaxed. Haha. :P
  4. mccoyed

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 8: Peddler

    Love this idea. Could be improved by just going straight to having some kind of outrigger sand-boat.
  5. mccoyed

    Equos Valley [Avalonia Task 3]

    Still a pretty dang good digital build. I respect LDD builders because though there are some easier things (piece limitations being way different), it still takes patience and vision and talent.
  6. mccoyed

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 5: Daily Tasks

    My favorite bit here is the background. I know that sounds weird, but I really like the sense of scale achieved by the out of focus architecture. It really gives the impression of a tiny piece of a larger, more complex layout.
  7. mccoyed

    Harburg Kitchen

    Great interior. The best detail, which I haven't seen before, is those hanging pots and items. That's just a great idea and parts use that really makes this build stand out from similar scenes. I also disagree with Henj about this. I don't think the build is too small or the proportions obscure the photography. I think the closeness of all the details makes the "overview" shot look appropriately dense and busy. Then those detail shots really go to show both your photography skills and the way your layouts make it possible to take good photos up close with so many densely packed details. As always, your builds are an example to us all.
  8. mccoyed

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 3: Spice Merchant

    Agree with the others about the spices and parts use there. Definitely what stands out.
  9. Nice work and I especially enjoy seeing the full build as it reminds me of film sets where you often are convinced you're looking at a room in a house but it's really a very contrived cutaway. The illusion is what matters!
  10. mccoyed

    Equos Valley [Avalonia Task 3]

    Love this style of micro. A lot of micros are heavy on details and there's an art to that. I like this clean, simple look a lot more. It's so clean and well-photographed that I thought it was an LDD build!
  11. Not much to add again, since others have already pointed out all my favorite things... but it's been a pleasure looking at this run of high quality mocs from you!
  12. Another knockout moc!
  13. The ground on this one is good. The color choices are nice and you chose to break up the pattern in an interesting way. I definitely get a desert vibe here and though most people use just light tan (in creative ways), I like what you've done here as it implies a different flavor.
  14. This is great. I love shots like these because they imply a larger tableau. Also, I think the name is funny.
  15. mccoyed

    The Scarlet House of Khadira

    Yes. I wanted to create Yureishima as a haven for the aesthetics and genre stylings of Far East Asian medieval fantasy. The launch of Book 3 has put Yureishima on hold for now, though. It's not connected to any challenges or big stories so I feel like I can sort of dip in and out of it whenever. I didn't think that the Nocturnian examples had really been fully developed in a while, so it seemed like a good idea for a "New Land" that wouldn't just mimic one of the regions of Historica.