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Found 28 results

  1. July – October 622. Vol 7, Issue 3 Corrie and Lotii Fleets Clash to Break Blockade of Seawatch! Lotus Naval Forces Routed in Battle of Cape Barten News has reached the offices of the KPA of a large naval battle fought in the waters north of Cape Barten, just east of the besieged Carnite settlement of Seawatch on the island of El Oleonda in the New Haven Sea. The massing of large numbers of Corlander ships and troops in the settlement of Spudkirk has been noted here at the KPA for months; although there was much speculation about how (and if) the Corries would employ these forces. After a final build up in the weeks prior to the last trading season, Corrie intent has finally been revealed when two large fleets departed Spudkirk, both laden with hundreds of Redcoats. The first fleet; a powerful battle squadron flying the pennant of Rear Admiral Fletcher proceeded to aggressively sweep the waters between Spudkirk and Seawatch with the intent of engaging the Lotii fleet blockading Seawatch. At dawn of on the 29th September while approaching Cape Barten from the east; the Corrie lookouts spied masts on the horizon to the southwest and by 8am, it was clear the approaching fleet was the Lotii blockading force, including the former Corrie 1st rate ship of the line Dominance. By 9am, battle was inevitable and the Corrie fleet had hoisted their battle ensigns, cleared the gun decks, and formed line. Led by Fletcher's flagship, the heavy frigate HMS Legion, the Corlander battle line consisted of frigates HMS Alexandria and WTC Red Angel, men'o'war HMS Unicorn, HMS Theseus, HMS Publius II, and HMS Perseus II, and war brig HMS Peregrine. Opposing them were a Lotii force of unknown leader, led by the war junk Lion (class 5), supported by war junks of carying size: Lobster (class 4), Limpet (class 3), Lemming (class 3). The Lotii force also included Corrie vessels, now prizes of war crewed by Lotii and mercenary crews: the 1st rate Dominance and brig Ymir. Legion, Alexandria and Theseus swarmed around Dominance, attempting to overwhelm the behemoth with their gunnery. Theseus was caught in a massive broadside from the 1st rate and swiftly sunk with great loss of life, the first casualty of the battle. Meanwhile the WTC Red Angel had managed to clear the decks of the smaller Limpet with merciless cannonade and installed a prize crew, before turning to assist with the continuing battle against Dominance. Unicorn and Peregrine faced off against Lion and Ymir, re-capturing Ymir and driving off the Lion, although not before the Lotii flagship dealt serious damage to Unicorn, de-masting her and putting her out of the fight. The war junks Lobster and Lemming put up a terrific fight against Publius and Perseus, attempting to out manoeuvre the square-rigged Corries. Superior Corlander gunnery again won the day however, with Lemming sunk and Lobster captured. Meanwhile, in the dual with Dominance, the smaller Corrie ships circled the huge 1st rate, constantly battering her with cannonade to seemingly little effect. Disaster struck Alexandria when her rudder fouled and left her drifting at a critical moment. Fletcher on Legion was helpless to intervene as Dominance lined up to deliver the same devastating broadside that had recently finished Theseus, when suddenly, the WTC crewed Red Angel entered the fray, racking the Dominance from the stern and forcing her to turn away from Alexandria, giving that ship time to affect repairs and rejoin the fight. Now with three large Corrie vessels battering away at her, Dominance began to withdraw to the east. At this stage Lion, retreating from her fight against Peregrine and Unicorn, surprised Red Angel with a racking of her own, setting her on fire from which she would not recover. Alexandra turned to rescue Red Angel's crew and Fletcher put Legion between the stricken vessel and the retreating Lotii. With the Seawatch blockade broken and three prizes, one Lotii ship sunk for the loss of two ships and one damaged, the Corlanders had clearly carried the day - although the escape of their former first rate must have made the victory somewhat bitter-sweet for the Reds. Seawatch Relieved by the Reds and Greens! After the battle of Cape Barten, Rear Admiral Fletcher's Corlander battle squadron rendezvoused with the second Corlander troop carrying fleet of nine ships to proceed into Seawatch. As they approached the bedraggled settlement, masts were sighted again, this time from the northwest. The battle-scarred Corries cleared the gun decks for a second time and prepared for battle, only to be surprised by the unexpected appearance of a large Eslandolan fleet of eleven vessels! After exchange of salutes, the combined Corlander-Eslandolan Fleet sailed into Seawatch harbor, huge cannonades driving the forward Lotii besiegers back into the jungle and over 800 troops landing, bringing a huge store of supplies to the Carnite defenders. With strong combined Carnite/Corlander/Eslandolan forces now in Seawatch, and Oleonese forces reported to be advancing overland from Fort Arltrees, surely the Lotii threat to Seawatch is over, although reports from that place indicate that the force of unknown strength remains in the densely wooded area outside Seawatch. Carno Crushes Lotus Convoy In yet another blow to Lotii maritime power in the New Haven Sea, the Carnite Navy has won a successful engagement against a Lotii fleet. Carnite naval commander Fregattenkapitän Karl von Saalwächter led a small but powerful flotilla of Carnite warships and accompanying supply vessels in a daring attempt to slip past the Lotii blockade of Seawatch. Although not powerful enough to directly confront the blockading force, von Saalwächter planned to lure Lotii pickets into an ambush using captured class 5 war junk Locust. On approaching Seawatch, Locust happened upon a Lotii supply convoy instead of the pickets, which unknown to the Carnites had been withdrawn to confront the Corlander fleet. Taking the bait, the Lotii class 4 war junk Lemur separated from the class 3 supply ships Llama, Lory, Lorikeet, and Leaf. von Saalwächter pounced with his naval forces men-o-war Cobra and Caracal, brigs Coyote and Comorant, and war sloop Greedy Guppy. At the same time, Carnite supply ships Caribou and Civet attempted a break through to Seawatch. Separated from their escorts, the Lotii merchantmen were swiftly overcome by the Carnite forces with Lemur, Llama, and Lory all being captured and Leaf fleeing off to the east. Meanwhile, Lemur sunk the decoy Locust and turned to engage the Carnite fleet. In revenge for the ravished Lotii merchant convoy, Lemur easily caught and dispatched the supply vessel Civet before the Carnite men-o-war could intervene. Despite being outnumbered and having opportunity to flee, Lemur fearlessly charged straight at the Carnite fleet. Fighting with astonishing bravery and fury, the Lotii junk caused serious damage to von Saalwächter's flag ship Cobra before the other Carnite vessels joined the fray, pounding the junk into splinters. As the Lotii junk slipped beneath the brick sea, von Saalwächter was forced to abandon Cobra, which soon joined Lemur in Davy Jones’ Locker. The Carnite fleet continued to Seawatch, surprised to find the formally besieged garrison celebrating the arrival of the Corlander and Eslandolan fleets. von Saalwächter has received a hero's welcome in Seawatch as the Carnites cast a wary eye on their foreign “rescuers.” Monarchy Restored in Eslandola! King Fernando returns; Count Lewisham vanishes; Colonial Council dissolved From the Eslandolan capital of Terreli, the news has rung loud and clear: King Fernando has returned! Everyone could hear the drums, especially King Fernando, as he prepared his first speech in many years. After months of political turmoil, there was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, and finally Eslandola was coming to rest. What had begun with a power grab by Count Lewisham, who seemingly had bribed most of Eslandola's society, ended with the reinstatment of King Fernando as an absolute monarch. The Colonial Council was dissolved after that final duel between Fernando and Lewisham. Likewise, those strange political parties that had briefly appeared and had aimed for strange new currencies or power for women had also vanished completely. As for Count Lewisham, the King suggested that the count had been hanged, but others say that he escaped the hangman’s noose and fled to islands unknown. Asked about the recent events, the King Fernando told our intrepid reporter that, "If I had to do the same again, I would, my friend." Eslandola's noblemen and high society cheered the King and his return. The mood from the trade companies was not as joyful, but all are glad to be rid of Count Lewisham. Events at Sea Sea Rats attack WTC convoy From Mesabi Landing we hear that a WTC convoy was attacked by the Sea Rat black flag fleet led by the galleon La Gomera. The eight pirate vessels caught the WTC fleet, led by the terraman Icarus Returning, west of Cascadia and promptly overwhelmed them. The Rats’ broadsides damaged the Icarus Returning and WTC Teamwork while they boarded and made off with the brig WTC Seriously. No word as of yet on the fate of the crew. The WTC ships did manage to sink the brig Victoria II before using the rising storm to break away. Only WTC Copperhead managed to escape unscathed. The black flagged galleons are becoming a menace in the area. Jolly Rogers harass MAESTRO convoy Our man in Damaborg reports that the MAESTRO fleet led by the class 5 xebec Purple Reign was harrased on its journey through the New Haven Sea by the Jolly Rogers, apparently returning from an unsuccessful adventure at this year’s Soccer Cup. The little Sea Rascals picked up the trail of the MAESTRO fleet soon after it departed Jameston and followed them to south of Punto Sur before the Jolly Rogers broke off for points unknown. The El Rubi was damaged when soccer balls fouled their rigging, but no other damage was reported by the MAESTRO crews when they reached Damaborg. Eslandola black flag attacks native traders From Interlagos, an Eslandian town on the north coast of Maldria, we hear that Captain Jack Merker, fresh off his escape from captivity by the Lotii, sailed into port with the native longboat Sapphire Seas in tow. While Merker’s flagship flies the black, he was treated warmly in Neustadt last month when he presented Carnite authorities there with three captured Lotii war junks. No word yet on whether Eslandian authorities will do anything regarding his activities, but his crew were reportedly celebrating returning to Eslandian soil with no immediate concerns. Pirate Round-Up JVS whiffs in attack on ESL vessel From the small trading post of Puerto Alijo we hear that the Eslandian terraman Whiffo’s Riposte successfully eluded the clutches of notorious pirate Jan Van Sud. The pirate stalked the trader shortly after it departed Terreli, but Captain Whiffo was too smart for him. Using his knowledge of the waters near the Eslandolan capital, Captain Whiffo lured the pirate into dangerous shoals, where one of the pirate’s ships was damaged. Whiffo then skillfully maneuvered his ship out of dangerous waters and was on his way before the pirate could navigate out of trouble. LeColeon escapes Mardier fleet Our man in Weelond reports that he infamous pirate LeColeon had quite the surprise when he attacked a Mardierian convoy west of Terraversa. The ship-o-the-line Minerva came into the Eslandian port with the pirate brig Lusty Princess in tow. While the Mardierian convoy does feature two stout class 4 trading vessels, their heavily armed escorts include Minerva, man-o-war Meteor, and war brig Marauder. Apparently Mardier uses it as something of a decoy fleet to lure in pirates, and this time it worked like a charm. Unfortunately, LeColeon and his other ships were able to disengage and escape. However, in addition to the capture of Lusty Princess, the Mardierian traders earned a tidy profit for the run from Nola Mar to Weelond. Francois the Elder comes up empty again In Stormhaven the crew of the Dozy Dragon, a small class 2 junk trader from Molokai, reported being attacked by a pirate in the waters between Ile de Zeus and Ferro Azure. From the description they gave, it sounds like they were attacked by Francois the Elder, a pirate that has been harassing traders throughout the islands, although with little success. This time appears to be no different, as the Molokai traders were able to escape the pirate and his brig with little trouble. Captain Gore attacks COR traders Our man in Belondia, that little Corish outpost on the northeastern peninsula of the continent, sends word that the crews of the sloops Satyr and Dolfijn report being attacked by the infamous pirate Captain Gore. Both ships were damaged in the attack but managed to escape. This is not the first report of Captain Gore patrolling these waters, as he continues to make his presence known, even if he has to resort to attacking small traders. Weather Report Bad weather extending through the Sea of Storms from Weelond up through Prinport resulted in some difficulties for Namerean traders recently. From Bardo we hear that the brig Nexus was forced to make port in the town known in past years for its music festival rather than continue on to nearby Weelond, and our man in Prinport tells us that the brig Nighthawk was forced to return to report soon after setting out on its southbound journey. Squalls in the Sea of Thieves also disrupted shipping. From Quinnsville we hear that the Eslandian escort El Dorado had to leave its convoy and take shelter in the Corish port when its rigging was damaged, and from Puerto Alijo we hear that Sea rat trader The Octopus II was forced to break off from its convoy when it lost its mast in high winds. In the east, a storm system ravaged the South Prio Sea. From King’s Harbour the crew of the Amelia report that the Alexander Keith went down in the storm. -page 2- Financial Times Bankruptcy Looms for Queen Annetta? It has come to our attention that Corrington has only a little more than 300 DB in the royal treasury, and according to our sources, that is due only to the largesse of a prominent wealthy citizen. Additionally, the local coffers for the city of Arlinsport and the town of Elizabethville are in the red to a combined amount that would nearly wipe out the paltry funds in the queen’s treasury. Clearly the cost of ships and troops for the fight on Terraversa and the battle against the Lotii, have been a mighty drain on Corrish finances. Was this the reason the Corrish Navy failed to sail a few months back? Also, rumors persists that the WTC is in serious financial trouble and is only being kept afloat by Countess Agnes Mesabi’s personal funds. Oleon Coffers Overflow while Cities Go Broke Meanwhile, Oleon’s treasury is flush with coin, more so by far than any other nation in the Brick Seas, but at what cost to its citizens? The latest financial reports show four Oleon settlements in the red as all funds go to the crown. The cities of Lavalette and Astrapi, along with the town of Crecopia, all show triple-digit deficits, and the town of Acropolis is also in debt with empty coffers. What will the crown do? Or does the crown care? Is Damaborg a Money Pit? Eslandola has been a model of financial responsibility of late, as the tax structure passed by the former Colonial Council appears to have addressed their concerns quite well, while the trade companies and their company settlements do much of the heavy financial lifting. But the city of Trador has been at a deficit for awhile now, and MAESTRO reported modest losses this quarter, leading some to question whether the effort to settle The Lowers and establish the town of Damaborg is actually a money pit. Only time will tell. Mercantile Report The Terraversa national trade fleet made its first call to Westface as a foreign port. Delivering needed supplies to our eastern brethren, trade officials report that the fleet turned a tidy profit, which is good news, as the fleet is currently at a reduced size as it recovers from war losses. From Fatu Hiva we hear that officials were ecstatic when the sixth rate Scamandre arrived with Oleon’s naval payroll for the sector. Meanwhile, from other Oleonder ports we hear that Garveyian traders were having success selling goods in Eltina and Lavalette, and our reporter in Breshaun heard from a little birdie that the crews of Eslandian cutters Finch and Lark were celebrating a big score. Our sources in the MCTC report that the Eslandian trade company earned a good profit delivering exotic goods to Oleon buyers on the continent in Granoleon, and also celebrated after delivering needed goods from the continent to Nova Terreli. Our man in Arlinsport reports that an Altonian trade fleet earned several doubloons on goods delivered to the Corish port. And from Quinnsville we hear that the crews of the Corish xebec Albatross and galleon Turaco II were celebrating in the pubs after being well paid for delivering anxiously awaited supplies. Social Calendar Soccer Cup Returns after Two-Year Hiatus Our man in Nola Mar has a full report on the latest edition of the Soccer Cup. Eight teams entered this year’s tournament, the first since 619 in Mesabi Landing when the Cup was interrupted by the rebellion on Terraversa. Defending champion Team E of Eltina chose to host the new round in the Oleon city of Nola Mar as a way to show that the citizens of our island can resolve their rivalries without bloodshed (as long as they don’t encounter any of the WTC hooligans). Team E chose not to defend their title, so the early betting favorite was the two-time runner-up Weelond Regimentals. The other repeat entrant was Corrington’s Quinnsville Cannonade. Although the Red Rogues did not compete this year, the WTC sent two teams, the WTC Marines and Horatio’s Hookers. The Sea Rats’ sent team Cuba Libre, and there was a local entry, the Terraversa Rebels. Additionally, two junior teams stepped up to play with the big boys: Ocean’s Eleven (made up of crew from the Sea Rats’ Jolly Rogers; not to be confused with the Ocean Eleven team from Oleon in 619), and Young Boys Pontelli. The semifinals featured an all-Eslandola game and an all-Corrington game. Young Boys Pontelli defeated the Weelond Regimentals, and Horatio’s Hookers got the best of the WTC Marines. In the final, the niños from Pontelli defeated Horatio’s Hookers to take the prize. We look forward to seeing the action in Pontelli next year! Oktoberfest Turnout Disappointing; Future of Festivities in Question As the Soccer Cup wrapped up, the annual Eslandian Oktoberfest started in Punto Sur. Our reporter there says that attendance is down this year, perhaps scared away from last year when the Sea Rats sailed an entire black flag fleet into the harbor! Regardless, from the sporadic and drunken nature of the messages from our reporter, indications are that participants are enjoying themselves, but local officials are wondering if the annual festival has run its course. ~~~~~~~~~ Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker Cobra (Carno) Civet (Carno) Locust (Carno) Alexander Keith (Ayrlego/COR) HMS Red Angel (Mesabli/COR) HMS Theseus (COR) Lemming (Lotus) Victoria II (NOD/Sea Rats) Golden Rat (TomSkippy/Sea Rats) Ships Captured MOC’d HMS Ymir taken from Lotus by Corrington Sapphire Seas taken from Bregir by Capt Wolf WTC Seriously taken from Mesabi by NOD Un-MOC’d Lemur taken from Lotus by Carno Limpett taken from Lotus by Mesabi Llama taken from Lotus by Carno Lobster taken from Lotus by Corrington Lory taken from Lotus by Carno Lusty Princess taken from LeColeon by Mardier Known Black-Flagged Ships Still at Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Audacious Blackjack Black Sam Bonefish Dreamchaser II El Lobo Esperanza Estrella Habana Hand of Fate II Joker’s Folly Jolly Rogers Kate’s Gambit Komodo Dragon II Lachesis Lucky Strike Marlin Marvel II Maverick Nightingale Nightwing II Paraiso Puck’s Jest II Purple Rain Sailfish Stormbringer II Swordfish Tarpon The Andromeda The Drunken Money Trinidad Villain’s Boat Viper Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports and Garveyian ports, and all black flag ships are hidden when docked at Barracuda Bay or Dragon Lair or other pirate hideouts. The KPA editors would like to add a special thanks to New Haven Seas war correspondent @Ayrlego and Eslandolan political reporter @Captain Braunsfeld for their contributions to this issue. Result tables to follow shortly.
  2. February – June 622. Vol 7, Issue 2 Lotii Crush Defenders, Raid Olean Settlement! Sweet revenge for the Lotii as their forces successfully raid their own former settlement of Jiangkai, now administered by Oleon. Oleonese man-o-war HRS Ville de Granoleon II is believed to have been conducting a patrol of the waters around the Olean settlement of Jiangkai when she came across not one, but two Lotii war fleets intent on attacking the Olean settlement! In a valiant defense, HRS Ville de Granoleon II put up a furious fight against great odds, even successfully managing to sink one of the Lotii flagships, the war junk Ladybug. In the end, however, the vastly superior numbers of the Lotii fleets drove the plucky defenders off, allowing the slightly reduced combined Lotii fleets to commence a raid on Jiangkai. The majestic Oleonese fort, positioned to dominate the approaches to the settlement, stood like a rock throughout the attack and resisted all attempts by the Lotii to break in. However, after most of the fort’s guns were knocked out, the surviving garrison could not stop the Lotii swarming into the nearby settlement. The gallant resistance by the Olean troops did buy enough time for the majority of the citizens of Jiangkai – Oleonese and ethnic Lotii alike – to flee into the nearby jungle. Jiangkai was then thoroughly sacked by the victorious Lotii troops, who are reported to have plundered a significant amount before withdrawing, possibly fearing Olean re-enforcements from nearby Fort Arltrees. Both sides are understood to have taken significant losses. Lotii efforts to fire the town were not successful, probably due to the haste of the sacking caused by the robust Olean defence. The Lotii are showing a great propensity for these hit-and-run naval raids, having started the conflict with a similar raid on the Corlander settlement of Spudkirk almost two years ago. With the Carnite settlement of Seawatch poised on the brick of falling to Lotii besiegers, this reporter wonders is any Madrician settlement in the area safe? OOC Results: 61 troops lost for Oleon, 119 troops lost for Lotus; 585DB transferred from Oleon to Lotus; large fort at Jiangkai inactive until repaired (MOC required) More News from the War Zone Seawatch Defenders Despair under Relentless Lotii Siege News out of Seawatch is that despite the resolute defense put up by the Carnite defenders, Seawatch will not last out without relief for much longer. With the Lotii blockade iron tight, the defenders are said to be down to their last powder and shot and have long been reduced to minimum rations. Unless help arrives very soon, this bastion of Carno on El Oleonda will fall! Tensions between Corrie and Oleander Troops on El Oleonda It is believed that small advanced parties of Corlanders are arriving on El Oleonda after the shock news of an agreement between Oleon and Corlander authorities at the end of last year. Despite the intentions of the leadership of those two Empires, we here at the KPA are hearing reports of tensions on the ground between the troops of the two traditional rivals that suggest that cooperation may not be as easy as hoped. Incidents have been reported in both Fort Arltrees and Neustadt. Only time will tell if these two recent belligerents will be able to cooperate to defeat the Lotii threat. Escaped POWs Deal Blow to Lotus War Fleet From Neustadt we hear that a rag-tag Eslandian fleet led by former prisoners of war devastated the Lotii’s premier war fleet as it returned from the raid on Jiangkai. The Eslandian fleet, a collection of brigs and carracks the Lotii had taken as prizes in recent months, were stolen by the escaped prisoners and sailed out of Luyang after the Lotus war fleets had already set sail. Later, when the Lotii’s Lion fleet was returning to Luyang, it encountered the escapees. And the escapees let their former captors have the worst of it! They claim to have sunk the war junk Leopard and towed in the captured junks Liger and Longspur. Carnite officials have taken the captured Lotus crews into custody and hope to learn much about Lotus war efforts from the interrogations. No word yet on what the newly free sailors plan to do with their prize flotilla of seven ships! Carno Fleet Victorious in Encounter with Lotii Meanwhile, our reporter in Neuberg sends word that a Carnite naval squadron entered port with the war junk Locust in tow. Word from Carno naval officials is that the fleet, led by the man-o-war Caracal, encountered a Lotii fleet northwest of Bricksford Landing and proceeded to engage the enemy. The brig Caribou and sloop Greedy Guppy were damaged, but succeeded in capturing the Locust and damaging the war junk Leech before driving off the remaining enemy ships. Concerning to local officials is the description of the Lotii flagship Leatherneck, which was larger than any other previously encountered native Lotus ship, similar in size to a galleon! Corrish Navy Missing in Action, Shipping Suffers Our sources are still trying to determine why most elements of the Corrish navy did not set sail this month. Perhaps they are regrouping for a major effort against the Lotii. But in the interim, civilian shipping suffered at the hands of the Lotii. From Wullham we hear that the crew of the trader Bonnie, a small bermuda-rigged sloop, is telling stories of a narrow escape from a Lotus patrol squadron. The Bonnie was damaged by the fleet of four junks, but managed to escape with her cargo intact. Around the Brick Seas Sea Rat Black Flags Tangle with Eslandola, Oleon ESL Patrol Decimated, but Cartagena Sunk Our man in King’s Harbour sends word that the survivors of the Eslandolan brig Asesino II reported that their anti-piracy patrol of four ships was engaged off the coast of Poorvintia by a powerful fleet sailing under the black, led by the galleon Cartagena -- a veritable floating fortress! The Victoria II and the Peregrine II, no match for the opponent’s warships, struck their flags and surrendered to the Esperanza and the Estrella. The schooner La Salamandra fought on and was disabled by the Cartagena. Then, unluckily for the attacker, a shot to the powder magazine made La Salamandra explode when the Cartagena closed in for the kill. The explosion set fire to the Cartagena and brought her to Davy Jones locker with the La Salamandra. The explosion also damaged the rudder of the black-flagged Paraiso, which enabled Asesino II to escape the trap. MAESTRO Fleet Ambushed From Punto Sur we have received reports that an Eslandolan fleet led by the flagship Princess Margot arrived with a small and crafty ship in tow. Apparently the MAESTRO fleet, returning from their new settlement of Damaborg in The Lowers, were attacked off the east coast of Maldria when they stopped to obtain fresh water. Suddenly they were under attack by a throng of small ships swarming out of nowhere. The Margot, a third-rate ship-of-the-line, still at the anchor, couldn't do anything and was quickly overwhelmed by the raging crews of the aggressors. The powerful Princess Margot, flagship of the fleet, was able to run out and tie down in double-quick time, but the scoundrels were too small and too numerous to be correctly targeted, even if a single shot could smash a pirate. The Dark Purple Rain came to the rescue and captured one of the pirates' exotic little catamarans. When the Princess Margot struck her flag, the Dark Purple Rain escaped with only the captured Kingfish. The loss of two such powerful ships is a blow to MAESTRO efforts in the New Haven Sea. MAESTRO’s Revenge Meanwhile, from Jameston we hear that another MAESTRO fleet, this one led by the Purple Reign, got the upper hand on their Sea Rat agitators. The Cardinal II sailed into port with the Sea Rat sloop LaPetunia in tow. Purple Reign, Cardinal II, and El Rubi all showed storm damage, but the fleet -- and their cargo -- was intact. Oleon Turns Tables on Pirates! Our correspondent from Dortanix reports that a trade fleet from Oleon, led by the brig Hemera, took on the fearsome Sea Rats war fleet led by the Hand of Fate II. After riding out a storm off the coast of Terraversa, the Oleonese ships found the Sea Rats fleet heaving to, probably to repair. Two ships, the Prince Alex and the Hotspur, were moored together with the rowboats going to and fro with the other ships to bring spare parts. The Rats were surprised by the Oleonese ships, and with a smooth maneuver and three longboats, the Bluecoats succeeded in boarding the moored ships, encountering no resistance. They set sails freely and were able to make some distance before the Sea Rat rowboats could raise the alarm. The feared Hand of Fate II and Dreamchaser II gave chase, and when the Hemera missed stays, she was destroyed by the bow chasers of the two dreadnoughts. The rest of the Oleonese fleet reached port safely with their prizes. A Case of Mistaken Identity From Nova Terreli we hear that the Sea Rat squadron led by Odin’s Scorn nearly attacked friendly Sea Rat traders near Isla Del Diablo. The crew of The Firefly say that it was all a case of mistaken identity, as a crate of green silk had broken open on deck, and Odin’s Scorn apparently mistook them for Eslandian traders. The mix-up was soon resolved and both fleets went on their way. Pirate Round-Up Captain Gore Sinks Namerean Ship From Prinport we hear that a Namerean patrol was attacked by the pirate Captain Gore just south of this Garveyian port. The crew of the sloop Nova report that the pirate attacked the brig Nemesis with intent of taking her, but she took a pounding and sunk. Outnumbered, Nova used her superior maneuverability to escape the pirate fleet. Gunboats Foil Bloody Bill From Quinnsville we hear that the infamous pirate Bloody Bill has mounted yet another attack on shipping around the Corrish settlement. Quinnsville gunboats captured the sloop Rusty Claw and damaged the pirate’s flagship, Crimson Revenge, but were unable to stop him from sinking one gunboat and capturing another. Still, the Corrish gunboat initiative continues to pay dividends, as no commercial shipping was harmed. Montroy Eludes Carno Patrol Our man in Neuberg reports that a small Carnite patrol chased off the infamous pirate Montroy north of Fort Arltrees. Naval officials here claim the the man-o-war Cobra and brig Coyote damaged one of the pirate’s three ships before Montroy escaped southeast in his flagship Cardinal’s Shadow. JVS Reaps What He Sows Our man in Terreli reports that the crew of HMS Alice is telling of an attack by the pirate Jan Van Sud. However, the pirate’s attack went awry when two of his sloops, former Altonian traders, fouled their rigging in high winds. Then the crew of another captured sloop, the Aardvark, capsized in the rough seas, and HMS Alice was able to make her escape. Speculation is that the pirate failed to properly repair his prizes from an earlier attack and suffered the consequences. To that we raise our glasses and cheer! LeColeon Tucks and Runs From Pharos we have received reports that the Oleon sixth rate warship Scamandre fought off an attack from the notorious pirate LeColeon. No casualties are reported for either side, as it was apparently an exercise in maneuvering, and the pirate finally departed without a ship being fired. Oleon naval officials are deeming this a victory for driving the pirate away from their waters. Something Rotten in Elysabethtown? From Elysabethtown we hear that the misfortune of the notorious pirate Francois the Elder has continued. This time one of his ships, the Wicked Wench, was towed in by the AQAR. However, the continued operation of the AQAR in this port is causing quite a stir, as the AQAR is accused of much piracy, yet seems to have found safe haven here. The captain of the AQAR is known to be a former MAESTRO captain turned renegade, so it is unclear how he can freely sail to and from this port without Eslandian or MAESTRO officials taking action. Weather on the Brick Seas A storm system creating rough seas moved across the northern reaches of the Sea of Storms and the Terraversa Sea, disrupting shipping for many. Our Garveyian sources report that the Mardierian man-o-war Mongo sprung a leak and was forced to leave its convoy and take shelter at Prinport. Our sources on our home island tell us that the Oleon sloop The Resurrection similarly sprung a leak and took shelter in Nola Mar. And from Nova Terreli we hear that at least three ships, including our own Terraversan trader Typhoon, had to take cover in the Eslandian port to escape the storm. A stronger storm raged through the Cocovia and Prio Seas, and Lavalette appears to have been a safe haven for many. From that large Oleon city we hear that MAESTRO’s Oscuridad II sunk in the Cocovia Sea, and Eslandola’s Firefly sank in the Prio Sea. We also hear reports of several Oleon ships having trouble at sea. The ship-of-the-line HRS Royal Philip listed dangerously when its ballast shifted and was forced to take shelter at Poppy Port. The terraman Le Gaillard had to deal with both storms, and it was the only ship in its convoy to reach Lavalette, as the HRS Terrible capsized and The Argo was forced to stop at Nova Terreli. In the New Haven Sea, we hear that the Princesse Feline may have been fortunate to have been diverted to Punto Sur before the rest of her fleet was attacked by pirates! Mercantile Report Breshaun appears to have been hungry for imports this month, as we hear that crews form all factions are celebrating with the lovely ladies of that city after raking in the doubloons. In particular, the Eslandian crews of La Descoberta and Lady of Madrice II are partying hard. And our man in Nova Terreli reports that the crew of Oleon’s Le Aspiration is celebrating in that Eslandian port. Reports from the continent suggest that Terreli, Belson, and Granoleon continue to pay well for cargos from across the Brick Seas. From Jameston, where the Prio Sea meets the New Haven Sea, we hear that the crew of El Rubi, a MAESTRO trader, was celebrating successfully delivering their cargo despite being attacked by LaPetunia during their voyage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker FV No.3 (LM71Blackbird/COR) Firefly (ESL) La Salamandra (ESL) Oscuridad II (MAESTRO/ESL) Ladybug (Lotus) Leopard (Lotus) Nemesis (Namere) Aardvark (Jan Van Sud/NPC) Hemera (CapOnBOBS/OL) HRS Terrible (OL) Cartagena (NOD/Sea Rats) Ships Captured MOC’d Hotspur taken from Kwatchi by OL Prince Alex taken from Kwatchi by OL Pergrine II taken from ESL by NOD Victoria II taken from ESL by NOD LaPetunia taken from Roadmonkeytj by MAESTRO Kingfish taken from Professor Thaum by Maxim I FV No.2 taken from LM71Blackbird by Bloody Bill Margot taken from Trador by Professor Thaum Princess Margot taken from Maxim I by Professor Thaum Un-MOC’d Wicked Wench taken from Francois the Elder by Maxim I Locust taken from Lotus by Carno Liger taken from Lotus by Capt Wolf Longspur taken from Lotus by Capt Wolf Rusty Claw taken from Bloody Bill by Quinnsville Known Black-Flagged Ships Still at Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Audacious Black Sam Bonefish Dreamchaser II Esperanza Estrella Golden Rat Habana Hand of Fate II Joker’s Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II Lachesis Marlin Marvel II Maverick Nightingale Paraiso Puck’s Jest II Purple Rain Sailfish Stormbringer II Swordfish Tarpon The Andromeda The Drunken Money Trinidad Villain’s Boat Viper Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, and Barracuda Bay or Dragon Lair or other pirate hideouts. Result tables to follow shortly.
  3. In an effort to speed the printing of the news from across the Brick Seas an entrepreneur has imported a press from the old world with his inheritance money and began production of Printing in High Town. He has hired an excellent team and a highly qualified typesetter so once the reports are in hand news can be put to print immediately. OoC: Just a fun build coming from the frustrations of waiting to see the MCRA Trade results. I'm aware that this will not actually speed up the process and the KPA team does do its best to get the news printed as quick as possible.
  4. October 621 – January 622. Vol 7, Issue 1 The Lotus Empire Strikes Back! From El Oleonda we hear news of a new wave of conflict sweeping the isle! Rumors of a huge new Lotii army have been abound for months since the capture of a Lotus spy near Brickford Landing. Now our sources in Carno report the settlement of Seawatch is under siege! Little information has escaped the settlement, as the Lotii have ringed the coastal town with siege works and trenches and a Lotii fleet blockades the seaward approaches. The few small Carnite ships that have escaped tell of a vast Lotii army, equipped with modern weapons and conducting daily bombardment from both land and sea causing much carnage. The small Carnite settlement is not expected to be able to hold out for much longer without relief, and it is unknown what other forces Carno has in the New Haven area available to conduct such an operation. Our sources in Brickford Landing report that Corrish authorities reached out to Carno with an offer of an alliance against the Lotii a couple of months ago, but we do not know what came of that diplomatic foray. What will the fate of the Carnite settlers be at the hands of the Lotii barbarians? Surely only the Gods can save them now! This military campaign has been paired with increased naval patrols, two of which clashed with the Corlander navy. Our man in Brickford Landing reports that a Corlander squadron led by the HMS Badger gave chase to an armed Lotus supply convoy led by the Lemur. The Lotus war junks where outmatched, and took flight, which led to a prolonged stern chase, with chase guns dueling to cripple the enemy. The Corlander brig Cannonball, a former Eslandian and Sea Rat vessel, pulled ahead of the line and looked to be catching up with its quarry, when a lucky shot took down its foremast. The fuming Corlander captain of the HMS Badger reported that the fallen mast and crippled brig blocked his squadron and allowed the enemy to escape. Corlander bad luck did not end here, though, as the Lotus turned their weapons upon their former masters. The word from Spudkirk is that the HMS Dominance, captured by the Lotus in a former engagement and now part of a squadron led by the war junk Lion, intercepted a Corlander troop transport fleet and damaged the xebec Sternidae. The Corlander flagship, the HMS Legion, at once signaled the warships to take up positions between the transports and enemy fleet. The Corlanders were outnumbered and outgunned, and had it not been for the gallant sacrifice of the commander of the brig HMS Ymir, the whole Corlander fleet would likely have been lost. However, at a critical moment, the HMS Ymir rammed directly into the Longspur in the middle of the Lotus fleet, firing both broadsides. In the collision, both the war junk and the brig lost masts and spars, getting entangled in each other's rigging and blocking the progress of the Lotus fleet. While Corlander officials lament the loss of the fine brig, all of Corrington celebrates its valiant commander, who may just have saved Spudkirk, by ensuring the arrival of reinforcements. Troops on the Move From Silithona we hear that, after much discussion with Oleon officials at the Pine Island Monastery, Oleon has consented to redcoat troops on the New Haven island of El Oleonda to fight the growing Lotus threat. We have reliable information that Corrington has sent the 26th Foot under the command of Captain Brickleton from Terraversa, and our sources in Westface tell us that Corrington’s 95th regiment, aka the “Queen’s Rifles,” has been dispatched to El Oleonda as well. Our Oleon sources tell us that Oleon's 1st Grenadier Guards, recently departed from Terraversa, have landed in Fatu Hiva to resupply as they proceed to the New Haven Sea. Given the threat from the Lotii, and the movement of redcoat troops to El Oleonda, we can’t imagine that Oleon won’t reinforce Fort Arltrees with more troops in the near future. In addition to the Corrish and Oleonder troops headed for El Oleonda, our Eslandian sources tell us that a large contingent of MAESTRO ships set sail from Punto Sur full of troops, reportedly set to support an expedition exploring The Lowers archipelago in the southern reaches of the New Haven Sea. However, rumors abound that these troops could actually be intended to combat the Lotus as well. We have no word from MAESTRO officials at this time. Meanwhile, our man in Weelond reports that there was much jubilation at the safe return of that city’s namesake regiment after they were deployed to Terraversa, and there is no indication that they will be headed to the New Haven Sea any time soon. Around the Brick Seas Sea Rats Pose as Merchants, Ambush Eslandolan Traders We hear from New Nassau that some Eslandian traders were treated rather rudely by their Sea Rat hosts. As the Greenies tell it, a large Sea Rat fleet flying normal Sea Rat colors – rather than the black flag – attacked the small trade squadron sailing up from Ceniza Bajo in the Luther Islands. The captain of the schooner Valiant Phoenix reports that five large ships, led by the galleon Habana, sank the xebec Consort’s Duty and damaged Valiant Phoenix before he and Island Rose could escape. While the danger of piracy is recognized throughout the Brick Seas, the subterfuge of the pirates posing as a trade fleet have Eslandolan officials in a tizzy. Corlander Gunboats Attack Neutral Merchant Our man in Quinnsville sends word of a scandalous event. Whether due to incompetence or criminal intent, the Quinnsville gunboats set upon a neutral trader, the Sea Rat Vengeance of the Desert, and took her prize. While trying to board the merchant vessel, the two gunboats fell afoul of each other, resulting in No. 3 sinking, and No. 2 taking heavy damage. No doubt the commander thought the prize his atonement for the lost gunboat, and we can only imagine his consternation when realizing he had put his name to piracy! Corrish authorities offered no official comment at this time, simply muttering about the blatant breach of the Corlander Articles of War. We at the KPA emphasize with the poor lieutenant in charge of the Quinnsville Gunboats, and whoever has to inform Rear Admiral Fletcher in Kings Harbour. Pirate Round-Up Eslandian Fleet Bites Bloody Bill From Port Raleigh we hear that an Eslandian anti-piracy patrol led by the brig Asesino II pursued Bloody Bill all the way from Tortuga before the pirate was finally able to escape into a storm bank in the Cocovia Sea. The Greenies report that they damaged the brig Rusty Claw and sloop Little Scavenger, but the Bloody One got away in his flagship, the man-o-war Crimson Revenge. Carno Captures Sloop from Francois the Elder The Lotus siege of Seawatch isn’t the only problem the Carnites are having, but they lost no time swatting away an attempt at pirating one of their supply fleets. From Fatu Hiva we hear that a Carno squadron towed in the sloop Greedy Guppy and had several of pirate Francois the Elder’s crewmembers in shackles. Francois escaped at the helm of the brig Rabid Ranger, but the Carno fleet suffered no damage and was even able to get needed supplies in port intended for the relief of Seawatch. Montroy Whiffs in Attack on Eslandola Trader Our man in Nova Terreli reports that the crew of Eslandian terraman Whiffo’s Riposte are telling tales about outmaneuvering the pirate Montroy just north of Isla de Victoria and escaping the pirate’s attack. Montroy has had success against Eslandian shipping in the past, as he uses the former Greenie frigate Cardinal’s Shadow as his flagship. But, despite being outnumbered 3-to-1, Captain Whiffo was able to use his knowledge of the local shallows to plot a course the pirates could not follow without exposing themselves to a raking counterattack. And not only did Whiffo escape, but his cargo was undamaged, and he was rewarded with a good profit in Nova Terreli. Rogue MAESTRO Captain Attacks Eslandian Ship Our man in Pontelli reports that the Eslandian sloop Fog Breaker was attacked by the black-flagged ship-o-the-line AQAR in the waters around Berelli. Captain Myles, formerly First Mate of the aforementioned Captain Whiffo, says he was able to duck into a fog bank to escape. Meanwhile, the 50-gun AQAR and the cutter Alexander, both under the command of rogue MAESTRO Captain Hernando Grey, has apparently sailed into the Eslandian port and MAESTRO company stronghold of Elysabethtown. We have received no word yet on whether Eslandian or MAESTRO officials have taken the renegade captain or his ships into custody. Gentleman Privateer Strikes Again From Port Raleigh we hear that the crew of the Eslandian snow Jon El Flurry rowed into port in a lifeboat rather than their ship. The captain reports that the ship was sunk by the Gentleman Privateer. However, living up to his moniker, rather than leave his victims to Davy Jones' Locker, the Gentleman Privateer set out a boat for the waterlogged crew before departing empty-handed. Weather on the Brick Seas The Sea of Storms lived up to its name this season. From Eltina we hear that the Garveyian trader Golden Shekel sprung a leak in a storm and was forced to make landfall at the LeBellan port rather than continue to Prinport with its squadron mates. And from Belson we receive word that the Namerean brig Nexus also took on water in the rough seas and diverted to the Corrish capital rather than continue to Arlinsport. Locally, a pop-up squall in the Terraversa Sea caused problems for the Corrish trader Filly Winds, which sprung a leak and was forced to make port in Westface In the Cocovia Sea, high winds were a problem these past months. The Eslandian schooner Piece of Eight II was separated from its convoy and forced to divert to Salida Este. The Sea Rat trader FTA Dusk was also separated from its convoy by high winds and forced to make landfall in Alexport. And the Eslandian escort Clearance took on water in the rough seas east of Ferro Azure and cut its journey short by heading into Poorvintia. Finally, a fast-moving storm system made its way through the New Haven Sea, causing much mayhem. Our man in Spudkirk reports that the Carnite sloop Civit was separated from its convoy and diverted to Neustadt. We also hear from Spudkirk that a WTC convoy lost one of its ships, the WTC Dog Days, when it was separated in a storm near the unsettled Isla de Plata (aka Island #3). (OOC: The WTC Dog Days is beached on island #3; a MRCA-result MOC is required before the ship can sail again. See spoiler below for island info.) From Punto Sur we hear that Captain Matt Lenoir was forced to return to port with the xebec Purple Reign rather than continue with the other MAESTRO ships heading south. And word from our Sea Rat sources is that the Arkham Chaser is long overdue at Hellion, and she is feared lost at sea. (OOC: The Arkham Chaser is beached on one of the islands of “The Lowers” archipelago; a MRCA-result MOC is required before the ship can sail again. See spoiler below for info.) Mercantile Report National Trade Fleets National trade fleets experienced the highs and lows of plying the sea lanes these last few months. From Londa we hear that Mardierian officials are pleased with the profits from their returning convoy, and from Belson we hear there was great demand for Namerean goods. But we hear that Garveyian trade officials were unhappy with the latest haul of their eastern trade squadron after paltry profits on its return to Freeport. Here in Terraversa, our trade ministers are attempting to normalize relations with Oleon after the recent hostilities. However, after our trade fleet set sail for Astrapi, they quickly found themselves hunted by the Sea Rats’ infamous Hand of Fate fleet. The terraman Tamarin and brig Tiger were both sunk by the Rats northwest of Nova Terreli. Apparently the Sea Rats do not care that the war is over! Our captain reports that all other ships in the trade fleet reached Astrapi safely, but profits earned there will not even out the loss in ships and lives. Meanwhile, an entire Altonian trade convoy has gone missing! The schooner Archer and sloops Aardvark and Abalone were expected in Terreli last month but have not been heard from since they left Ulric. As weather was fair around the horn these past months, piracy is suspected. There are unsubstantiated reports that pirate Jan Van Sud was sailing in the area, but we cannot confirm that at this time. Private and Company Traders Several traders turned a tidy profit these past few months. From Jamestown we hear that the Alexander Keith had a golden voyage, earning more than 700 DBs for their run, and Octan Tanker 1 scored with a timely delivery of whale oil. From Mesabi Landing we hear that the trade fleet led by HMS Indomitable scored big, raising concerns that the WTC’s Agnes might be up to something big enough that she’s willing to pay top dollar for cargoes. Our man in Mooreton Bay reports that the Dozy Dragon was paid handsomely for desperately needed supplies. From Quinville we hear that the captain of Turaco II was buying drinks for the house after a big payday. Meanwhile, from Port Raleigh we hear grumbling after several Eslandian traders failed to make much at all; the most grumbling came from the investors in La Contessa de Victoria, and there was open speculation that the captain’s job was in jeopardy. What little Oleonese shipping there is apparently did quite well. From Weelond we hear that Eslandian merchants were happy to pay top dollar for goods brought by the traders Cornucopia and Hemera. And our man in Breshaun reports that HRS Helios and HRS Phoebe were showered with gold for their cargoes. But they weren’t the only ones. The Eslandian cutter Finch made a tidy profit by quickly delivering perishables from one side of the island of LeBellan to the other, and the crew of the cutter Lark were partying with the ladies of Breshaun after scoring over 600 DBs for goods from the continent. And who says Sea Rats can’t make an honest living? From Charlatan Bay we hear that the terraman Octopus II and brigantine Margaret pulled down more than 500 DBs for their totally legitimate cargo. Meanwhile, we hear the black market in Kieg has heated up again, and the Corrish trader HMS Alice may have just been in the right place at the right time … or were they up to something shady? While we don’t know that for sure, we do hear that the pirate LeColeon definitely unloaded some goods at an undisclosed Sea Rat port. - back page - Oktoberfest Wrap-Up: Sea Rats Party! Eslandian officials deemed the most recent Oktoberfest a big success, and the Sea Rats certainly provided much of the excitement. First, there were the tales being told by the crew of The Andromeda. They reported escaping from a huge class 9 or class 10 “ghost ship” south of New Nassau. Severe fog limited visibility, but the strange ship could be seen opening its gun ports in an attempt to hit The Andromeda with a broadside. However, the maneuverability of the Sea Rat frigate enabled them to alter course and escape. Next up was the local home show, the feature of this year’s festival. Westward Square (@omnihash_cz) took top honors, with the Montegro residence (@evancelt) and a Carnite immigrant farmstead (@CapOnBOBS) also winning recognition. Other properties that were honored included Don Alejandro Martinez de Recalde Saez de Vasocavala y de Sancha de Larrinaga’s large townhall (@NOD), and Oggy’s beachside eatery (@Professor Thaum). Finally, there were the exploits of Captain Bluebeard, who was so determined to enjoy the festivities that he docked his black-flagged fleet in Punto Sur’s harbor. After allowing him to get drunk as a skunk, local militia arrested the pirate and put his ships Golden Rat, Joker’s Folly, and Lachesis under guard. They also confiscated several barrels of beer, which rumor has it were used during the festival, although Eslandian officials deny this. Regardless, it looks like this may be the end for Captain Bluebeard! (OOC: black flag ships are subject to automatic capture if sailing into unfriendly ports. If you're flying the black, make sure you know where you're going! ) Soccer Cup in 622? Due to the hostilities on Terraversa, no Soccer Cup has been played since late 619. The champion Eltina squad is scheduled to host the next iteration. We have tasked our reporter in Eltina to find out when a new Soccer Cup might be scheduled. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker Consort’s Duty (gedren_y / ESL) Hydra (Bregir / COR) Jon El Flurry (MCTC / ESL) QV Gunboat No. 3 (Quinnsville / COR) Tamarin (Terraversa) Tiger (Terraversa) Turaco (Jan Van Sud / NPC) Ships Captured MOC’d: HMS Otter (class 3) taken from Bregir by Professor Thaum HMS Ymir (class 4) taken from Corrington by Lotus Vengenace of the Desert (class 2) taken from omnihas_cz by Quinnsville Un-MOC’d Greedy Guppy (class 3) taken from Francois the Elder by Carno Archer (class 3) taken from Altonia by Jan Van Sud Aardvark (class 3) taken from Altonia by Jan Van Sud Abalone (class 3) taken from Altonia by Jan Van Sud Known Black Flag Ships Still at Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Audacious Dreamchaser II Esperanza Estrella Golden Rat Habana Hand of Fate II Hotspur Joker’s Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II Lachesis Marvel II Maverick Nightingale Paraiso Prince Alex Puck’s Jest II Purple Rain Stormbringer II The Andromeda The Drunken Monkey Trinidad Villain’s Boat Viper Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyan ports, and Barracuda Bay or Dragon Lair or other pirate hideouts. Result tables to follow shortly. Results sorted by faction and flagship: (part 1) (part 2)
  5. April – September 621. Vol 6, Issue 2 PEACE IN TERRAVERSA! After months of combat and the occupation of Kings Port, peace has been achieved in Terraversa! However, as evident by the delay in our reporting, there has been a great cost to Terraversans as a result of the war, and we continue to rebuild. Here are our reports: Island to be Divided Our man in Pamu for the peace talks tells us that Terraverswa will now be divided into four zones: one ruled by Oldis, one by L’Olius, one by Loyalists in league with Oleon, and the interior shall be the realm of the native Atwi. Per the treaty: "All sides will immediately cease all offensive action and enforce permanent peace. Oleonese forces will immediately depart from Kings Port, Eastern Silitholina, and Tarlor. Terraversa will be split four ways. -Archduke Oldis is restored to Kings Port under his rightful, independent rule. Under his rule will fall the settlements of Tanari and Pamu. -Nola Mar becomes the center of a new territory under Oleonese affiliation. This includes Pilnton and the Western half of Silitholina. -Grand Admiral L'Olius is instituted in Westface as sovereign of an independent Eastern Terraversa. His domain will include the settlements of Tarlor and Eastern Silitholina. -The interior: -The interior shall encompass any territory 12 miles or more from the coast, excluding the Great Plantation and the Kingshead District. -The Atwi, from which L'Olius traces his descendants, will have free and exclusive rights to settle and inhabit the interior, and live under their own rule. In so far that no harm comes to foreign people or property, they are free to live by their own rules, under their council of elders. They will be exempt from any compulsory military or other service. -A road is to be constructed down the center of Terraversa between Westface and Terraversa through which trade and travel can happen unregulated through the interior. Each settlement may have one equally unregulated road connecting to this main route of transport. Any and all travel through the interior outside this network is subject to Atwi rules and laws, and any military movement must be restrained to these roads, unless explicitly allowed by the Atwi council. -At the central crossroads, a free trade zone is established, where trading posts can be established. No permanent military presence will be tolerated in the zone, although forces in transit may be housed." Additionally, Oleon will release all Corlander vessels currently interned in Oleonese ports under taxes due, free of charge. Further, to compensate for erroneous overcharges in the past, Oleon will transfer a lump sum to Corrington." Kings Port Restored to Oldis Here in Kings Port, the Bluecoat troops have marched out and have been replaced by Terraversan troops that had been marshalling in Pamu under the leadership of Archduke Oldis. The Archduke has acted swiftly to re-establish Kings Port as a commercial powerhouse, rebuilding fast and accepting any help he can get. The Greenie fleet led by Eslandian Admiral de Flynt arrived in port with 180 of the mercenaries that Eslandola had committed to our efforts, and they have brought needed supplies (while turning a tidy profit for themselves as well). Oleon, Mardierian Loyalists Keep Nola Mar Our sources in Nola Mar report that the Bluecoats have been quick to consolidate their forces in not only Nola Mar, but Pilnton and the western half of Sillitholina as well. And with its divided status, Sillitholina is already looking like a hot spot for proxy fights between Oleon and Corrington. At the time of our independence from Mardier, Nola Mar was a small but prosperous town, but afterward it became the hub for a return to Imperial rule, with monarchists turning to Oleon for leadership in the absence left by Mardier. Having achieved union with Oleon, loyalist Terraversans are determined to show those of us in the two “free” Terraversas the superiority of order and tradition over chaos and greed. A program of religious and cultural works has followed, with the construction of temples, monasteries, etc. L’Olius to Rule Over Westface From Westface we hear that Grand Admiral L’Olius is overcome with pride at his opportunity to finally lead Terraversans beyond his naval exploits. While Westface has always been second place to Kings Port, established as a logistics hub to supply Kings Port with agriculture produce from the Great Plantations that dominate the southeastern landscape, its population is largely made up of craftsmen and artisans of mixed Mardierian-Atwi heritage, much like L'Olius. Although before now L'Olius has never displayed any sign that his naval competence extends to the mundane administrative tasks that are necessary to keep his fledging nation afloat, he has concentrated on its agrarian roots and raw material production, focusing on the production and export of raw materials such as sugar cane, minerals, timber, etc., to much success. Fatu Hiva Returned to Oleon Under terms of the agreement, Corrington returned the Oleon eastern colony of Fatu Hiva to the Bluecoats. Reportedly not everyone among the Redcoats was happy with the concession, but it was apparently pivotal in establishing the return of Kings Port to Terraversans. * * * Pirate Round-Up Corries Capture Two Black Flags, Kids Escape Our man in Brickford Landing reports that the Corrish squadron led by HMS Badger made port with two ships in tow: Cannonball and Grand Venture, both Sea Rat black-flagged man-o-wars. The crew of the HMS Unicorn report minor damage to their ship in the encounter. Sailors from the HMS Badger report giving chase to the Sea Rat flagship Jolly Rogers, but the ship known to sport a crew of youthful sailors managed to make their escape. Eslandian Fleet Deals Blow to Sea Rat Black Flags From Salida Este, home of the Eslandolan Naval Academy, we hear that a large fleet led by the ship-of-the-line La Comete III caught a Sea Rat pirate fleet in the Sea of Thieves. Locals were delighted to see the captured man-o-war HMS Pegasus towed into port, and sailors were enjoying drinks as they told of sinking the man-o-war HMS Bull Shark. All was not joyous for the Greenies, however, as the Sea Rats sent Oscuridad III to Davy Jones’ Locker. Fortunately, most hands on board were able to be fished out of the water. Eslandian admiralty laud this as a great victory against the Sea Rat menace. LeColeon Sinks Two Corrie Ships, Escapes Corrish officials in Elizabethville are labelling as a victory the HMS Resolute’s capture of the brig Atlantis, but the renowned pirate LeColeon sank both the HMS Publius and Pineapple Revenge before making his escape aboard his flagship, Reaver’s Revenge, and the mood in the pubs is somber. Quinnsville Gunboats Again Successful From Quinnsville we hear that the local gunboats nearly captured the pirate Francois the Elder. Although the pirate himself escaped, the local gunboat patrol captured his flagship, man-o-war Serpent’s Scream, and the pirate had to transfer to the large sloop Wicked Wench to make his escape. Corrie officials were beaming at the continued success of their gunboat diplomacy with pirates in the Cocovia Sea. Captain Gore Has Near-Miss with Greenies Our reporter in Weelond sends word that the pirate Captain Gore narrowly avoided a squadron of Eslandian ships near Baskers Island. The trade company MAESTRO had purchased several ships in Prinport, but encountered rough seas right away and lost the Long Beard II to Davy Jones Locker. With the weather still a concern, and one ship already lost, the MAESTRO captain reports that he opted not to pursue the pirate fleet but rather deliver his remaining ships safely to port. Personally, we’d rather see a little more aggressiveness against the pirate scourge! Sapphire Seas Survives Encounter with Bloody Bill Our reporter in Jameston sends word that the crew of Sapphire Seas, despite damage sustained in battle, celebrated their battle with the infamous pirate Bloody Bill. Although they only sunk a former WTC gunboat that Bloody Bill has been using for some time, they forced the pirate to disengage to points west. A victory worth celebrating indeed! Namerean Traders Escape from Jan Van Sud From Balmin we hear word that a Namerean trade fleet took heavy damage when the pirate Jan Van Sud surprised them between the Mardierian island of Persus and the Namerean coast. Despite being outnumbered and taking heavy damage, the Namerean fleet reached their home port with no losses and their cargo intact. Namerean officials spoke of the need to beef up anti-piracy efforts along the Halosian coast of such attacks continue. Corries Hit by Renegade Greenie Our sources in Sillitholina report that the pirate Hernando Grey, a renegade captain formerly of the MAESTRO fleet, escaped capture at the hands of the Corrish navy. The HMS Greyhound, along with HMS Diligence, sailed into port with the cutter Valkyrie in tow. However, the HMHV Athena was lost at sea, sunk by the pirate’s flagship, AQAR. The pirate apparently came by the ship-of-the-line when he went rogue from the MAESTRO trading company and has been on the run ever since. Gentleman Privateer Practices “Catch and Release” Our gal in Elysabethtown reports that the Gentleman Privateer, an otherwise proper Corrish gentleman who is known to fly the black, captured the local canoe of native pearl divers. But, rather than take their only means of earning a living, the privateer took their pearls but let the divers and their canoe go free. Lotus Warships Active in New Haven Sea Third Rate HMS Dominance Captured! A year after the Lotii captured the Corrish third rate HMS Resilience, the scourge of the New Haven Sea have struck again. Corlander naval officials in Brickford Landing were worried about the whereabouts of the third rate HMS Dominance, which is listed as overdue in port. Given that it was sailing through Lotii waters, some feared the ship may have been sunk or captured. Well, our sources on the island of El Oleonda report that their fears were warranted, as a Lotus fleet was seen sailing home with the massive class 10 ship in tow. Twice now the Lotii have been able to overwhelm the largest ships on the Brick Seas with a swarm of mid-sized junks. The red coats may have to beef up their patrol squadrons in the area to avoid continued losses. Lotii Harass Shipping around El Oleonda In Punto Sur, the Corrish crew of the Bonnie report narrowly escaping from a Lotus patrol of four junks. Ships in Spudkirk reported seeing another Lotus squadron of three junks board and capture a solo ship, although there is some confusion about the identity of the captured ship, as it also appeared to be a small junk of some sort. But Carno continues to reinforce their presence in the area, and our man in Wayport reports that a Carno supply fleet arrived there recently, presumably on its way to Seawatch or Neuburg. Typhoon Season Upon Us Several storms ravaged shipping across the Brick Seas. Along the northern Halosian coast, we hear from Aden that the Altonian merchant Aurora had to turn back from an attempt to round the horn. Our man in Weelond tells us that MAESTRO officials confirmed the loss of the brig Long Beard II, sunk in heavy seas shortly after leaving Prinport. And from Belson we hear that the cutter Sparrow was lost at sea trying to make a run through the Sea of Storms from Weelond. Nearer to home, a near hurricane made its way from the Terraversan Sea into the Sea of Thieves. Eslandola’s new ship-of-the-line, White Rabbit, couldn’t reach Nova Terreli and was forced to call on its home port of Pontelli. From Elizabethville, Corrish officials are reporting the loss of the ironically named HMS Windblown, which was sunk in deep waters southwest of Isla Phillip. MCTC officials tell us that the terraman Far Horizon couldn’t manage the high winds and was diverted to Port Raleigh. We hear from our Sea Rat sources that the FTA Redtail couldn’t reach Charlatan Bay and was instead forced to make port at Moray’s Den. And from Quinnsville we hear that Puffin II was forced to return to port due to roguh seas, and that gunboat FV No. 3 was blown off course and forced to go to Mooreton Bay. From the Prio Seas, we hear that the Garveyian sloop Gecko was in trouble almost immediately after leaving Freeport and had to call at the nearly barren Altonian Island of Bats. From Lavalette we hear that the MCTC merchant Jon El Flurry was forced to make port rather than continue east. Other Greenie sources tell us that the Sea Rat sloop The Eagle made port at the seldom-visited Hojaroja. And from our Corrie sources on Argentia we receive word that Turaco II was blown past Mesabi Landing, finally making landfall at Camp Isaac. Additionally, the galleon Alexander Keith is overdue at Jamestown, last seen headed east in the Cocovia Sea. Finally, in the New Haven Sea, we hear that the Corrish ship HMS Paladin couldn’t make its way back to Spudkirk and was forced to dock at Carno’s Seawatch. There were also reports of Sea Rat ships Atropos and Enyo struggling in the storm, their fates unknown to us. Mercantile Report Terrversan Trade Fleet Returns to Kings Port! Our national trade fleet finally return to its home port, having safely managed to avoid hostile Oleon warships over the past months. Much needed goods have been offloaded, as Kings Port faces severe shortages of everything after the Bluecoat occupation. But things are slowly beginning to return to normal, or at least our new normal is starting to emerge. Prio Trade Fleet Stops in Tanari Furthermore, the national trade fleet of our staunch allies in independence from Mardier’s colonial yoke, Isla Romantica (aka Prio), is visiting the southwestern Terraversan port of Tanari. Our sources there tell us that Commodore de Pernica, on-again off-again commander of the Prio trade fleet, pledged to Count Navarro to help rebuild the Terraversan economy through continued trade. That, in addition to the support of the Eslandolan merchantmen, suggests things are looking up here economically. Mardierian Fleets Visit Breshaun, Granoleon Our Oleonder sources report that the Mardierian trade fleets called on two major Oleon ports, not that we’re surpised. One fleet called at the Oleon capital, and another made port in Breshaun, where they reportedly raked in the doubloons. Altonian Fleet Sails Around the Horn Our man in Ulric reports that the Altonia trade fleet successfully sailed ’round the Horn at the northern tip of Halos as they made their way home after a long trading run along the continental coast, although the fleet flagship, the Aurora, was forced to make port at Aden due to a storm. Garveyian Traders Sail All Over From east and west we have reports of Garveyian merchants visiting ports. Our man in Weelond sends word that the fleet led by Gilded Lilly called at the Eslandian port and made a handsome profit on their goods. Meanwhile, our Corrie sources in King’s Harbour report that Garvey’s Grasshopper fleet called on the Corrie’s Cocovian jewel, although the storms they encountered leaving Freeport appear to have damaged their cargoes, as the Garveyian traders did not seem happy with their earnings in King’s Harbour. Hidden Gems Our insider in Breshaun, tells us that not only did the Mardier fleet score well in the Oleon port, but so did the Oleon trader The Sloop Draco, as the crew was seen celebrating with the Breshaun ladies well into the night. On the other side of Le Bellan, the Eslandian cutter Finch scored a tidy profit on goods from Weelond. Are Oleon ports ripe for traders after the dearth of Oleon shipping of late? From Nova Terreli we hear that the crew of La Contessa de Victoria was partying in the pubs after a huge haul. Eslandian ports were also kind to the Corrsih trader HMS Alice when it reached port in Terreli. Meanwhile, Corrish traders did well elsewhere. Octan Tanker 1 brought a profitable cargo of whale oil to Belson, and the crews of Albatros and Satyr were seen with money to spend in Arlinsport. ETTC officials report that the Tuna King unloaded a huge haul of fish in Mooreton Bay. And the captain of the Sternidae was happy in Jameston. Black Market Booming in Aftermath of War Our sources in Prinport, Londa, and Kieg all report a heavy demand for luxury items, and the black markets are booming across the western Brick Seas. Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker HMS Bull Shark (Professor Thaum) Atropos (Professor Thaum) Enyo (Professor Thaum) Long Beard II (MAESTRO) Liger (Lotus) WTC Agnes Y4 (Bloody Bill) Sparrow (Capt Wolf) Oscuridad III (Eslandola) HMS Windblown (Flavius Gratian) HMHV Athena (Bregir) HMS Publius (Corrington) Pineapple Revenge (Corrington) Ships Captured MOC’d: Alexander Keith (class 6) taken from Ayrlego by Montroy Cannonball (class 5) taken from Professor Thaum by Corrington HMS Dominance (class 10) taken from LM71Blackbird by Lotus Pearl Diving Canoe (class 0) taken from Elysabethtown by Bregir (and then returned) Scorpion (class 1) taken from Capt Wolf by Lotus Valkyrie (class 2) taken from Maxim I by Corrington Un-MOC’d Atlantis (class 4) taken from LeColeon by Corrington Grand Venture (class 5) taken from TomSkippy by Corrington HMS Pegasus (class 5) taken from Roadmonkeytj by Eslandola Serpent’s Scream (class 5) taken from Francois the Elder by Quinnsville Known Black Flag Ships Still at Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Audacious Dreamchaser II Golden Rat Hand of Fate II Hotspur Joker’s Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II Lachesis Marvel II Maverick Nightingale Puck’s Jest II Purple Rain Stormbringer II The Andromeda The Drunken Monkey Villain’s Boat Viper Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyan ports, and Barracuda Bay or other pirate hideouts. Result tables to follow shortly.
  6. October 620 – February 621. Vol 6, Issue 1 Battle for Kings Port Continues As we go to press, the battle for Kings Port is ongoing. Nowhere in the city is safe for the citizenry. Archduke Oldis has raised emergency militias and the Bluecoats have brought in reinforcements, and so the battle rages on. However, there are signs that an outcome may be known in the coming days. When we learn anything definitive, we will publish a special issue to bring you the news. WTC Invades Fatu Hiva! While bluecoat forces concentrate on their siege of Kings Port, Oleon settlements far from here have discovered that the war is not contained to just our island. Our man on Île d'Or in the East Prio Sea has sent word that the WTC, the rogue Corish trading company, has seized the Oleander city of Fatu Hiva! Our reporter’s eye-witness account follows: As the WTC fleet opened fire on the shore batteries, one thing quickly became clear: A gentle sea breeze ensured clear shots for the ships, while a lull in the wind over the largest fort obscured the landward gunners' vision, forcing them to fire blindly at the enemy. With muzzle-flashes to aim for, both forts were quickly reduced to a rubble by the heavy guns of the ships. In closing in on the quays and beaches at the head of the line, however, the WTC Red Sun was hit by a field gun emplaced on the quay, striking its bowsprit. With a long audible groan, the foremast fell, and the vessel, now out of control at such a critical moment, drifted on to the beach.* Despite a grounded vessel, Count Mesabi was undeterred and ordered his forces, more than four battalions, into the city. The WTC marines landed in what can only be described as unexpected order, formed up on the shores, and marched to face the Olean troops guarding the settlement. Count Mesabi is said to have led the troops personally, ordering the soldiers from his position on the beachhead. For a few largely bloodless hours, the two fairly evenly matched forces maneuvered to try to gain the upper hand. However, with the fleet anchored in the bay, guns at the ready, the Oleander forces were limited in their options, and soon had to acknowledge defeat. To the cheers of the WTC, the Oleander colors were hauled down, and a small fleet of the Royal Navy entered the harbor and landed reinforcements of the Corlander Army. Some say the residents of Fatu Hiva should be grateful the redcoats proper arrived before the WTC had free roam of the city. Count Mesabi was last seen leading his personal contingent towards the Basilica of the Faith. After a brief conference, now joined by redcoat officers, the bluecoats were allowed to march off with all military honors, to make camp outside the settlement on their word of honor not to join the fighting again until such a time they can be shipped off for a neutral settlement or exchanged.** The WTC Quartermaster is said to have made much of not being allowed the horses of the Oleon officers, muttering something about feeding the troops, but it seems some of the stables have already seen disappearances. -------- OOC: *The WTC Red Sun is beached until a build is made showing some sort of recovery. ** 60 soldiers are available for pickup by neutral shipping. 240 of the fort garrison will rejoin the forts, if/when they are rebuilt by Oleon. Greenies Land Mercs at Pamu Residents in Pamu were overjoyed when an Eslandian merchant fleet made port and unloaded its cargo of mercenaries! More than four battalions -- including infantry, cavalry, and artillery -- have reported to local Terraversan commanders to see how best they can reverse the tide against the bluecoats. Already we hear rumors that, with these reinforcements, a push to force the Bluecoats out of Kings Port is imminent. Prio Offers Aid More good news for Terraversa’s defense! Archduke Alexander Prio of the Isle of Romantica has sent his trade fleet to Terraversa with an offer to coordinate with our own navy to drive off the Oleon invaders. Commodore Francisco de Pernica personally delivered the offer of assistance upon reaching the port of Pamu. It is heartening in these hard times to know that we have many allies across the Brick Seas. Sea Rats Attack ESL Convoy Our man in Salida Este sends word that an Eslandian trade fleet was attacked by a Sea Rat fleet flying Oleon colors! Commodore Janszen of the galleon La Contessa de Victoria reported directly to Eslandian officials at the local naval offices. From the crews we hear that the man-o-war Migery’s Revenge and the brig Fenris Ranger were both lost in action before the trade fleet managed to escape. But the real concerns are political, as the Sea Rats flew both the Oleon colors under a Letter of Marque and the Black Flag of piracy. The scuttlebutt around this navy town is that the offending Rats may be marked for special attention from the greenies in the future, and that they also intend to take up the matter with Oleander officials. The crews of the Sea Rat ships Atropos, Lachesis, Enyo, Golden Rat, and Joker’s Folly may want to lay low for awhile. Pirate Round-Up Sea Rats in Scrape with Bloody Bill! Our man in Jameston sends word that a Sea Rat merchant fleet led by Odin’s Scorn arrived in port with three of Bloody Bill’s ships in tow! Given that Bloody Bill is frequently seen at Sea Rat ports, the question on everyone’s lips here is: who attacked who? The Sea Rat crews are not talking about this for now, but have revealed that Bloody Bill departed the encounter on his flagship, the brig Rusty Claw. Bloody Bill has never been known to attack Sea Rat shipping of any kind. Have the Sea Rats turned on their own? Or was this all a misunderstanding, and if so, on whose part? For now, the encounter remains a mystery. LeColeon Escapes from Mardier Fleet Mardier sailors are claiming victory in the Garveyian port of Kieg after repelling an attack by the pirate LeColeon, but all may not be as rosy as they make it sound. The Mardier decoy fleet of five ships lured LeColeon to attack with his 3-ship squadron. Although two of LeColeon’s ships were damaged, the pirate managed to sink the Mardierian flagship, the man-o-war Majestic, before making his escape. If this is victory for Mardier, it is a Pyrrhic victory indeed! Namerean Traders Repel Jan Van Sud From Terreli we hear that Namerean traders fought off an attack from pirate Jan Van Sud near the Halosian coast. The traders lost the large merchant sloop Ninja to Davy Jones’ Locker before forcing the pirate to disengage. - page 2 - Storm Ravages Continental Coast and Western Islands A western storm system hit the Halosian coast this month, forcing several ships to divert from their intended destinations. The Mardierian terraman Macaw sank when it was dashed on rocks along the Eslandian coast. The Altonian brig Aurora had to make port in Aden when it sprung a leak in the rough seas. And the Corrish ship HMS Alice was forced to wait out the storm in the Garveyian capital of Kieg. Farther south, the Oleon ship Le Aspiration was forced to return to Le Bellan shortly after leaving port, taking shelter in Eltina. Elsewhere, storms in the Sea of Thieves tossed the Sea Rat trader Triton’s Pithy around quite a bit, ruining their cargo, and FTA Achemar was forced to make port in Leopaldis after taking on water. From the New Haven Sea we hear reports that a Lotii war fleet was caught in a squall off the eastern coast of El Oleonda, but we cannot confirm any casualties. Mercantile Report Our man in Mesabi Landing reports that Sea Rat merchants are celebrating after crews of The Octopus II and Margaret combined to take in more than 1000 DBs for their cargo. (No word yet on whether their subsequent luck was good or bad at navigating the wheel of fortune that is the Mesabi Landing customs agency.) He also reports that the crew of the Corrish ship Octan Tanker 1 were quite pleased with the price for their cargo of whale oil. From Kieg we hear that the crew of the Mardierian terraman Midnight Sun were spending freely after netting 450 DBs for their cargo, although celebrations were subdued due to the loss of man-o-war Majestic in action against the pirate LeColeon. Meanwhile, from Prinport we hear that another large batch of illicit goods have hit the black market. Our source in a certain Sea Rat port that will remain nameless (if our source wants to stay alive) tells us that the Nymeria and Akela made nearly 800 DBs on their run when they delivered their cargo from the east. Our reporter in Quinnsville sends word that WTC officials are pleased with the profit brought in by the Red Queen, and that horse steaks were had by all the crew. From Westface we hear that our national fleet has returned home with valuable supplies for the war effort. Our man in Mooreton Bay reports that the crew of the Corrish trader Alexander Keith were in high spirits after receiving more than 400 DBs for their cargo. Finally, from Bardo we hear that the local fisherman who had such trouble last month was able to bring his haul into port this time, netting 300 DBs for his catch. Notable Events No Need for a Green Thumb in Wullham From the Carnovian settlement of Wayport we have reports of ships laden with fresh produce arriving from the new Corlander settlement of Wullham, of the island of Panarium in the northern reaches of the New Haven Sea. One of the sailors transporting the delectable-looking cargo described the island as a veritable goldmine ... for growing food! With reports that new settlers who had never before taken a hoe to a yard garden are now proud owners of full-fledged profit-producing agricultural powerhouses, streams of prospective settlers are reportedly asking about how they can gain passage to Wullham so they too can make fortunes in the food business. With soil so rich, Panarium might soon be referred to as the Breadbasket of Corrington! Supposedly the new commander of the settlement is Captain Brickleton, recently of the Elizabethville colony. With him in charge, settlers appear confident in the security and future prosperity of Wullham. Punto Sur Hosts Successful Octoberfest In our last issue we reported that the Eslandian Octoberfest held annually in Weelond was rumored to be moving east. The rumor proved to be true, with Eslandola’s settlement of Punto Sur in the New Haven Sea serving as the new host of the festivities. Partiers of all factions flocked to the hamlet, making it the fastest-growing boom town in the Brick Seas. Despite that, our man there tells us that Punto Sur is looking for more permanent settlers, and is willing to pay licensing fees for settlers looking to build residences in the town. Contact @Capt Wolf for details. Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker Fenris Ranger (Capt Wolf/Eslandola) Macaw (Mardier) Majestic (Mardier) Migery’s Revenge (Eslandola) Ninja (Namere) Ships Captured MOC’d: WTC Agnes Y4 (class 0) taken from Bloody Bill by Roadmonkeytj Un-MOC’d: Little Scavenger (class 3) taken from Bloody Bill by Roadmonkeytj Cutlass (class 3) taken from Bloody Bill by Roadmonkeytj Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Atropos Audacious Dreamchaser II Enyo Golden Rat Hand of Fate II Hotspur Joker’s Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II Lachesis Marvel II Maverick Nightingale Puck’s Jest II Purple Rain Stormbringer II The Andromeda The Drunken Monkey Valkyrie Villain’s Boat Viper Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, and Barracuda Bay or other pirate hideouts. Result tables to follow shortly.
  7. July-September 620. Vol 5, Issue 4 KINGS PORT UNDER SIEGE Bluecoats Land Troops across Terraversa A fleet of 24 ships, under the flag of King Philip of Oleon and flying the banner of Oleonder national hero Sir Admiral Dukesc, sailed into the harbor of Kings Port and opened fire on the multiple fortifications of our capital city without provocation. Three Oleon ships were sunk as the invaders’ fleet closed to trade blows at close range, and our fortresses have taken considerable damage. Under heavy fire, the bluecoats narrowly managed to launch longboats carrying hundreds of men ashore. The local regiment, as well as troops from the royal fortress, have taken up positions around the upper city and government buildings, and have so far kept the bluecoats at bay. But the streets are running red with blood as the fighting is fierce, and both sides appear to have taken considerable losses. Archduke Oldis has put out the call for reserves to reinforce the city, and we hear reports that the native Atwi are mustering their tribes inland. Meanwhile, the Oleonder fleet has anchored at bay and blockaded the port. From elsewhere around the island we have received reports of similar assaults by the bluecoats. Sillithonia is now under Oleonder control, as our man there sends word that nine ships flying the command banner of Admiral Winston decimated the small tower defending the port and landed troops as troops from Nola Mar launched a ground attack on the town guards at the same time. Pilnton has suffered a similar fate, attacked by a fleet of 17 ships under the banner of Commodore la Guffre, although it appears the command may have been too much for him. We hear that the fleet was very disorganized as it approached the batteries and that one ship was lost to fire from Terraversan gunners before the tower was silenced. We also hear that Tarlor has been overrun by bluecoats after 23 ships overwhelmed the small port, but again the Oleonder fleet coordination appeared suspect. Three Oleonder ships were severely damaged when they collided, despite only a single martello tower and no Terraversan ships opposing them. The fleet has anchored off shore. Our man in Tanari reports that Terraversan forces have repelled the invaders there! The firepower of the five Oleonder ships quickly reduced the single defensive tower to rubble, but militia and government forces were able to force the bluecoats back onto their ships, which have departed the port. We hear that bluecoat discipline was minimal, with the invaders acting more like common looters than soldiers. At this time we have not received word from Westface or any news of actions by Grand Admiral L’Olius, but for the moment we hope that the presence of visiting Corlanders in our second largest port means that port is still open. The fate or Terraversan independence is at stake. As our valiant soldiers fight the bluecoats in the streets of Kings Port and across the island, we will continue to gather the news and get it out as long as we draw breath. Events at Sea Sea Rats Raid Stormhaven From Stormhaven we have reports that the notorious Sea Rat black-flagged fleet, now led by Hand of Fate II, raided the Corlander settlement. The raiders outgunned the defenses and made their way in land their marauders easily enough, but local troops put up a stiff defense. Still, the Rats made off with 170 DBs worth of coin and goods. Furthermore, we hear that the pirates captured Gun Sloop No. 2 on patrol from Elizabethville during their escape. Sea Rats Capture Two Eslandian Ships Our man in King’s Harbour sends word that an Eslandian merchant fleet sailed into port and immediately reported an act of piracy. The captain of the Long Beard IV says that the merchant convoy was set upon by a Sea Rat black-flagged fleet near Fatu Hiva. The Greenies tried to outrun the Rats, but eventually had to stand and fight. While the Eslandians sank the Sea Rat ship Black Rat, the pirates were able to capture two Eslandian man-o-wars, Grand Venture and Cannonball, while the merchant carracks Eslandita and Hidalga made their escape. Long Beard IV was able to disengage and escort the merchants the rest of the way to King’s Harbour, while the Sea Rat fleet, led by the Atropos, sailed away with the captured ships. Eslandian officials are concerned about the growing presence of black-flagged ships in the seas south of Celestia and Cascadia. Lotus War Fleet Attacks Carno Supply Ships Our war correspondent in Neustadt reports that a Lotii feet surprised a Carno supply fleet just east of the Carno settlement in the New Haven Sea. A fleet of five ships, led by the war junk Lion, sank the clipper ship Camel and captured the large merchant sloop Chital. Carno officials claim to have damaged the junk Leopard. While conflicts between Lotus and some Halosian forces appears to be winding down, the fight between the Lotii and Carno continues, and all travellers should continue to be wary in the seas around El Oleonda. Lotii Capture Sea Rat Ship? Our war correspondent also sends word that the Lotii are rumored to have captured the Sea Rat sail kart Exocet. A squadron of three Lotii junks was seen north of El Oleonda attacking two Sea Rat vessels fitting the descriptions of Arkham Chaser and Exocet. Later reports say that Exocet was seen in the company of the Lotus junks approaching the island. We have no word on the fate of the cutter Arkham Chaser, but believe it escaped to parts unknown. Pirate Round-Up Corries Capture Bluebeard – Again! Corrie officials in Quinnsville are crowing about the re-capture of the notorious pirate Bluebeard! The HMS Juniper sailed into port with the pirate in chains and his large sloop Indigo in tow. Our loyal readers may recall that the Redcoats previously captured Bluebeard in February of this year, but that he escaped his prison cell in King’s Harbour three months later, before he could be brought to trial. We’ll be watching to see if the pirate can slip his bonds once again, or if the Corries can finally put the noose on him. Greenie Vessel Eludes Bloody Bill From Fuerte Unido we hear that the crew of Consort’s Duty is celebrating their escape from the infamous pirate Bloody Bill. Consort’s Duty was making her way around Isle de Victoria from Puerto Desafio when Bloody Bill struck from the west. In addition to the large sloops Little Scavenger and Cutlass, Bloody Bill counted a captured WTC gunboat among his numbers. This may have hindered his attack, as Consort’s Duty, a cross between a xebec and a junk, was able to outrun the pirate and make it around the western point of the island and to port safely. Satyr Damaged by Captain Gore Our man in Arlinsport sends word that the Corrish xebec Satyr arrived in port visibly damaged. The crew of the vessel was telling the tale of being attacked by the pirate Captain Gore in the vicinity of Baskers Island. The Satyr took heavy damage from the war galley HMS Carnage (a former Corrish vessel), but an opportune breeze gave the xebec the push it needed to escape. Gentleman Privateer Escapes from Eslandian Patrol Our man in Weelond reports that the crew of Myth Chaser encountered the Gentleman Privateer in the vicinity of Berelli. They report damaging the three-masted lugger Audacious and the cutter Maverick. The Gentleman Privateer was easily recognizable in his bowler hat aboard Audacious, and ultimately was able to gain the weather gage and disengage his smaller vessels from the pounding from the Eslandian ship-of-the-line. HMS Ironsides Sunk by Pirate Montroy! Corrish naval authorities in King’s Harbour are sad to report the loss of HMS Ironsides. The storied man-o-war has a special place in the hearts of Corrish sailors across the Brick Seas, having won many significant naval encounters. Alas, the notorious pirate Montroy got the better of her this time. HMS Ironsides was leading a squadron of five ships when they encountered Montroy in the ship-of-the-line Cardinal’s Shadow east of Charlatan Bay. The pirate came under heavy fire, but maneuvered his warship expertly, effectively using HMS Ironsides to shield himself from the rest of the Corrish patrol. A lucky shot from the pirate reportedly set a magazine ablaze, and Montroy was able to make his escape. There was nothing the Corrie crew could do to save HMS Ironsides, although they did prevent an explosion that could have damaged other ships in their fleet. Jolly Rogers Captures Corrish Merchant Sloop From Mooreton Bay the crew of the armed cog Huntress report that they were attacked by the man-o-war Jolly Rogers in the South Prio Sea. The youthful crew of the Jolly Rogers captured the cog Octan Tanker 1 and her valuable cargo of whale oil. Overdue/Missing Our man in Yeldo reports that officials of the Seawolf Shiping Company are concerned that the cog Corland Supplier 2 is overdue in port. Between the heavy storms on her route and known pirates in the area, there is great concern for the fate of the crew. And from Aden we hear that the new ETWC ship WDTPTOE (Why Did They Not Put This Out Earlier) is overdue and presumed lost. We can only hope that, if the ETWC decides to build a sistership of her, they give her an easier name! -page 2- Sea of Storms Lives Up to Name In the Sea of Storms, a vicious system came up from the south and progressed through the islands to the north and then moved as far east as Terraversa. We have word that the Garveyian trader Goldfish was forced into Arlinsport by rough seas and the Namerean trader Nemesis had to divert to Aden. We also hear that the Bluecoats lost some of their invasion force as they crossed the open sea to Terraversa, as our observers report that Executioner, Kuga, and HRS Pride of Oleon are missing from the attacking fleets. We also hear that Le Gros was forced to make port in Eltina before eve making the crossing. Locally, Eslandian galleon The Big Apple was forced to return to Westface, but the cutter The Messenger was not as fortunate and sank before she could return to port. Corrish official also report that the HMS Intrepid is missing, and it is not known if it sunk or was intercepted by Oleon forces. A lesser storm system made its way through the Sea of Thieves: The FTA fleet led by Hades' Tuba sailing out of Charlatan Bay was hit hard, as FTA Fluttering Petal was forced to divert to Leopaldis, and FTA Dusk was driven east to Bastion. From King’s Harbour we hear that the large merchant sloop Thalia, part of our Terraversan national trade fleet, sank before it could reach the Corrish city, and word is that damage it took from Oleon ships as it escaped Kings Port may have led to it being unable to handle the rough seas. We also hear from Elysabethtown that the Eslandian galleon Prince Fernando II was also forced to cut short it trade mission. In the east, only small squalls were reported, but that was enough to throw the WTC Iron Tony far off course, eventually making port at Camp Isaac. Mercantile Report From Breshaun we hear that the crew of the cutter Lark are buying rounds in the local pubs after bringing in 900 DBs for their cargo. We hear that Seawolf Shipping was ecstatic with the haul by the Eliza, garnering nearly 700 DBs for their cargo in Belson, and with the payout for the cargo of Corland Provider 2 in Elizabethville. A Sea Rat trade fleet led by the fluyt The Octopus II, and including the brig Dragon Fly and Margaret, made port in Trador. Between the three of them, we hear that pulled in nearly 700 DBs. The capture of the pirate Bluebeard and his ship wasn’t the only bounty HMS Juniper brought into Quinsville. She apparently also had quite a valuable cargo, netting north of 600 DBs. From Londa we hear that the Mardier trade fleet garnered modest profits there and in Prinport. From Jamestown we hear that the crew of the snow Jon El Flurry were celebrating after a profitable run, and that MCTC officials were generally happy with the profits of the whole fleet, but grumbled about lost revenue due to the Prince Fernando II being diverted by the storm in the Sea of Thieves. Our man in Kieg reports that the black market is booming this month. The Garveyian settlement is a well-known port of call for western pirates. Finally, from Weelond we have a tale of woe about an old man who set out for Bardo in his small fishing boat. He indeed caught a mammoth fish, but it was more than he or his boat could handle. The weather forced him to return to Weelond and, as his catch was too big for his boat, he was forced to leave it in the water and sharks consumed his catch before he could return to port. Notable Events Tortuga Crowns Sand Castle King Tortuga’s sand castle contest attracted beach sculptors from several Halosian nations, and Dr. Thaum has announced the winners. Congratulations to all the creative seafarers who took time out from plying the Brick Seas to re-explore their childhood. Octoberfest Moving East? We expect to learn details about this year’s Octoberfest soon, but the rumor is that it will have a new host settlement. While Weelond residents will celebrate privately this year, we’re hearing that a different Eslandian settlement, somewhere much farther east, will be hosting the public festivities this year. Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker Black Rat (Tom Skippy/Sea Rats) Camel (Carno) Devil’s Barnacle (Oleon) Executioner (Oleon) HMS Intrepid (Flavius Gratian/Corrington) HMS Ironsides (Bregir/Corrington) HRS Pride of Oleon (Oleon) HRS Ville de Granoleon (Oleon) Kuga (Dukesc/Oleon) Le Fougueux (Bodi/Oleon) Thalia (Terraversa) The Ambition (Phred/Oleon) The Messenger (Faladrin/Eslandola) WDTPTOE (ETWC/Eslandola) Ships Captured MOC’d: Exocet (class 1) taken from Professor Thaum by Lotus Corland Supplier 2 (class 1) taken from Brickwolf by Jan Van Sud Octan Tanker 1 (class 2) taken from Brickwolf by Professor Thaum Cannonball (class 5) taken from Eslandola by Professor Thaum/Tom Skippy/Roadmonkeytj Gun Sloop No. 2 (class 2) taken from Elizabethville by Kwatchi/Gulagurag/Sea Rats Un-MOC’d: Indigo (class 3) taken from Bluebeard by Sir Kingston Chital (class 3) taken from Carno by Lotus Grand Venture (class 5) taken from Eslandola by Professor Thaum/Tom Skippy/Roadmonkeytj Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Atropos Audacious Dreamchaser II Enyo Golden Rat Hand of Fate II Hotspur Joker’s Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II Lachesis Marvel II Maverick Nightingale Puck’s Jest II Purple Rain Stormbringer II The Andromeda The Drunken Monkey Valkyrie Villain’s Boat Viper  Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, and Barracuda Bay or other pirate hideouts. Result tables to follow shortly.
  8. July-August 620. Vol 5, Special Edition OLEON INVADES TERRAVERSA! Kings Port is shrouded in the smoky haze of battle as a fleet of Oleon’s 25 largest ships sailed into the harbor and opened fire on the port’s fortifications. Five ships that were already here with the RNTC are helping shelter dozens of long boats ferry hundreds of bluecoated soldiers to shore. Flashes of cannon fire from the Oleon ships and the fortresses that protect our city continually illuminate the haze as our local regiments make preparations to repel the invaders. Meanwhile, reports from smaller settlements around the island tell us that at least five other Oleon fleets are openly assaulting Terraversan towns. Nine ships last spotted in Astrapi are bombarding Sillithonia and have sent a battalion ashore. From Tarlor we hear that 24 ships last reported in Breshaun are bombarding the local defenses and landing nearly four companies of bluecoats. Fom Pilnton we have received word that 18 ships out of Granoleon are bombarding the shore batteries. Small squadrons have also opened fire on the towns of Tanari and Nola Mar. In total, we believe nearly 90 ships and possibly a full division of bluecoats – more than 800 men! – are involved in the assault. If you are here on Terraversa, we at the KPA urge all able-bodied citizens to take up musket and blade, whether sword or farm implement, and fight the dastardly bluecoats. Make the beaches, the streets, and the fields run red with their blood! If you are unable to fight, make your way to safer regions of the interior, or to the defenses of Westface. If you are reading this somewhere off the island, then ships from our national trade fleet were able to escape Kings Port harbor and sail past the invading Oleon fleet. Know that the Bluecoats are villainous deceivers. Send help if you can, and protect yourself against similar perfidy! The outcome of these assaults is as yet unknown. We will endeavor to continue publishing as long as we have a printing press, but receiving reports from our far-flung correspondents may be more difficult in the coming weeks. Rest assured that one way or another, we will find a way to get the news to you.
  9. May-June 620. Vol 5, Issue 3 Tensions Mount in Kings Port RNTC Under Curfew! Archduke Oldis has reacted to suspected ill-deeds of the RNTC, and subjected all RNTC personnel and all Olean citizens to a curfew prohibiting all public appearance between 20:00 and 07:00. Further, an official issue passport must be carried at all time. Finally, the RNTC and other Olean agents will be prevented from smuggling and other nefarious activities! Neither the Archduke nor the RNTC has been willing to comment on these developments, but there are those who suggest the RNTC should be expelled entirely from our capital. Corries Deny Lotus Prize by Burning HMS Resilience! Our man in Spudkirk sends word of a daring operation carried out by the Corrish navy. Patrolling the northern coast of El Oleonda, a squadron led by the HMS Wentham II encountered a Lotus battle squadron using the captured Corrish first rate HMS Resilience. According to sources inside the admiralty, plans had been presented by Acting Commander Joshua (@Spud The Viking) in case they were ever to encounter the HMS Resilience in Lotus service, and those plans were immediately put into effect. Set on denying the use of Resilience to the Lotii, Priest’s Bounty and HMS Bagg of Bolton, both ships originally captured from foes and pressed into naval service, were used as fire ships and rammed the first rate. The ploy worked to perfection, as Lotii crew were forced to abandon ship before the magazine of HMS Resilience exploded! HMS Wentham II, along with HMS Paladin and HMS El Bellos, then used the conflagration as cover to disengage. While technically a tactical victory for the Lotus, losing only one ship to the Corries’ two, everyone in Spudkirk sees the battle as a strategic victory by denying the Lotii the use of the former Corrrish first rate, and many are singing the praises of Acting Commander Joshua and his plan. Eslandola captures Pirate Zublius Von Wreck From Fuerte Unido we have reports that the new anti-piracy squadron comprised of the brigs Asesino II, Peregrine II, and Victoria II returned to port with two ships in tow: man’o’war Thor’s Anvil and the small clipper Valiant Phoenix, both known to belong to the infamous pirate Zublius Von Wreck. More notably, the pirate was paraded through the docks in shackles! The Greenies apparently surprised the pirate off the northeast coast of Stephanique. With the weather gauge favoring the Eslandians and pinned against a rocky section of the island’s coast, ZvW struck his colors and surrendered without nary a fight! Eslandolan officials are mum on their plans, but for now the Fuerte Unido jail is filled with Von Wreck and his pirate crew. Carno Resupplies Forces on El Oleonda From our Carno contacts we hear reports that a Carno supply fleet headed for Seawatch on El Oleonda fought off a small Lotii patrol and successfully delivered men and supplies for the war effort. Although one Carno man’o’war was sunk and another damaged, two Lotii junks were damaged and the enemy squadron driven off, allowing the Carno cargo ships to reach their destination unharmed. This can only be good news for Halosian forces fighting the Kingdom of the Lotus in the New Haven Seas. Sea Rats’ Tangle with Corries Cut Short by Storm Our reporter in Quinnsville sends word that the crews of the ships in the squadron led by HMS Ironsides are telling tales of a fight with a Sea Rat fleet led by the brigs Atropos, Lachesis, and Clotho. Encountering each other off the southwest coast of Cascadia, winds increased steadily throughout the engagement until both Corrish and Sea Rat commanders were forced to break off the fight. Clotho capsized before her crew could bring her sails under control, and the ship was lost, but no other damage to Sea Rat ships is reported by our Corrish sources. HMS Resolute arrived in port with its rigging in obvious distress and other signs of damage, but the rest of the squadron arrived in Quinnsville unscathed. Weak Storms Divert Ships along Continent and through Central Islands The Halosian coast was disrupted by a storm system that moved up the continental waters from Belson all the way to the horn. Our man in Londa tells us that the Mardierian trader Midnight Sun was forced to abandon its convoy and return to port due to the rough seas. From Belson we have received similar word about the Narmerean trader Nexus, which was forced back to Belson when it started to take on water in the storm. The other major weather system this month saw a storm system move east from Nelissa through the central islands and into the South Prio Sea. From Nova Terreli we hear that the flagship to our national trade fleet, the man’o’war Typhoon, was forced to leave the convoy and take cover in the Eslandian port. Additionally, the Greenies report that one of their convoy flagships, the galleon Thunderer, was forced to break off from its convoy and hole up in Elysabethtown on Berreli. The Greenies also tell us that the snow Reventazon could not reach King’s Port and was diverted to Lavalette. Events at Sea Sea Rat Flag Abused by Corsairs; Free Traders Concerned Reports throughout the Brick Seas tell of a most scandalous behaviour! Corsairs are reported to have attacked Eslandian and Corlander merchant shipping while flying the black, yellow and blue of the Sea Rats. Observers note that this may put the neutrality of independent Sea Rat merchants at stake, as Halosian fleets refuse to accept the risk of a backhanded attack. Sea Rats would be wise to crack down on those abusing their colours for misdeeds, lest they find all their vessels taken up as pirates. OOC: Several Sea Rat vessels *not* flying the black flag have attacked neutral shipping. Remember, the black flag mechanic was made to avoid all Sea Rats having to answer for the crimes of the pirates. Hence, pirates should take care to change the black flag status of their ships before turning pirates, rather than wait until afterwards. Greenies Break Up Sea Rats Andromeda Fleet Eslandian anti-piracy efforts continue across the Brick Seas. From Salida Este we hear that the squadron led by the frigate La Comete III returned to port with the Sea Rat man’o’war Myth Chaser in tow. Word is that the Greenies also sank the galleon Thunder, but lost the man’o’war La Raya Venenosa II as the Sea Rat frigate The Andromeda escaped. The Eslandian admiralty views the encounter as a rousing success for their new policy of dedicated anti-piracy patrols. Jolly Rogers Escapes from Colonial Storm From Fatu Hiva we hear that the crew of the Eslandian man’o’war Colonial Storm are telling tales of an encounter with the black-flagged Jolly Rogers. The Greenies, sailing north out of the New Haven Sea, claim to have been jumped in the vicinity of New Nassau, but got the upper hand on the pirate quickly and forced it to flee. Oleon Navy Remains in Port The sixth rate Scamandre returned to Breshaun after a semi-clandestine mission to El Oleonda in the New Haven Sea, but other than that most Oleonder naval forces remained in their respective ports. Our reporter in Weelond sends word that the dispatch ship Le Phenix called on that Eslandian port, but from our sources in Oleonder ports we hear that the big ships stayed anchored. The HRS Triton and nine other ships are still in Astrapi, the Le Fougueux squadron and HRS Retribution of Breshaun remained in Le Bellan waters, and HRS Terrible and four others remained in Granoleon harbor. Pirate Round-Up Corries Capture More LeColeon Ships, But Pirate Escapes The Corrish naval forces currently operating out of Westface continue to decimate the pirate activity of the infamous LeColeon. HMS Publius was forced to return to port almost immediately because of rough seas, but the rest of the squadron, led by HMS Greyhound, continued on their patrol. When they returned, each ship had a pirate vessel in tow! The large sloop Golden Trident along with the smaller sloops Satyr and Newt, now sit in Westface harbor. The Redcoat crews are telling many happy tales in the taverns, but also note that the pirate LeColeon himself slipped away in his brig Angelfish. Although LeColeon avoided capture again, one of the most powerful pirates in the Brick Seas has now been reduced to an afterthought. And although it is the Redcoats we have to thank for clearing our local waters, one can’t help but wonder how much impact Grand Admiral L’Olius has had behind the scenes. Is he in negotiations with the Corries? If so, what does it mean for Terraversa? No News from Nola Mar, nor of LeColeon's Corlander Bane Still, no word has reached Kings Port from the lockdown-subjected Nola Mar! Has the crackdown on smuggling been successful, or are the authorities still struggling? And what of the new earthworks and defenses reported by this very paper's last issue - For what purposes and by whom have they been erected? Mounting rumours of foreign funding have yet to be addressed. However, the mysteries do not end here. Corlander naval captain, Sir Jno. Cooke, and bane of the dread-pirate LeColeon, is still missing in action, and last reported landing in Nola Mar. Some theorize that Captain Cooke has been taken up on false suspicions of smuggling, and that local authorities are still to realize their obvious mistake! Mardier Surprises Jan Van Sud Mardier appears to have reconfigured their trade fleet in recent months. Before massive losses to piracy last year, Mardier operated two trade squadrons of approximately equal size. Now it appears that one larger squadron is focused primarily on trade, and the other smaller one is hunting pirates. Our man in Londa reports that the crews of the pirate-hunting fleet are telling tales of an encounter west of Prinport with the pirate Jan Van Sud. The sailors say they sank the pirate’s flagship, Syrene, and damaged Turaco before JvS fled aboard Flying Colt. Mardierian flagship Majestic was damaged in the battle, but Midnight Sun and Wyvern were unscathed when they returned to port. The battle must be especially frustrating to the pirate, as Midnight Sun was his before a Mardierian fleet took it from him last year. Pineapple Revenge Grapples with Bloody Bill From Quinnsville we hear that the Corrish war brig Pineapple Revenge attempted to capture the notorious pirate Bloody Bill in the Cocovia Sea, but the tales are not joyous ones in the Q’ville taverns. Surprising the pirate and having the weather gauge, the captain of Pineapple Revenge to use his advantage over the pirate’s sloop and take him alive. Alas, the pirate’s crew lived up to their reputation and their captain’s bloody moniker, and Pineapple Revenge was lucky to ungrapple with the pirate sloop and make for Quinnsville. Bloody Bill may also have felt lucky, as he did not pursue, but several crew members of Pineapple Revenge were wounded or killed in the action. The Dragon Eludes Odin’s Scorn Our sources in Charlatan Bay tell us that Governor Vonbricktin’s bounty on the independent pirate known as The Dragon has yet to be paid. We hear from our covert reporter in Tortuga that a squadron led by the frigate Odin’s Scorn, on assignment from Vonbricktin to find The Dragon and the stolen ship Rahab’s Gambit, only harassed an old WTC gunboat belonging to Bloody Bill. However, other sailors in Tortuga claim to have seen a ship bearing a striking resemblance to Rahab’s Gambit in the South Prio Seas this month. Captain Gore Flees from Athena Captain Gore continues to ply the Sea of Storms in his captured war galley HMS Carnage. The word from Westface is that the Corrish snow-rigged sloop-of-war HMHV Athena encountered the Carnage just west of Prinport, but the pirate was able to retreat to shallow waters and evade the Corrish war ship until she went on her way. Montroy Escapes from ESL Patrol From Fatu Hiva we hear that a small Eslandian patrol happened upon the pirate Montroy in the man’o’war Cardinal’s Shadow. Eslandian crews report damaging Montroy’s ship, while the Greenies’ man’o’war Cannonball was also damaged. Rising winds apparently forced the Greenies to break off the fight, and Montroy was able to escape. Mercantile Report The black market is booming in Prinport this month. Although our sources there can’t identify who brought in the contraband, the ill-gotten goods are selling for 2-3 times normal prices. From Arlinsport we hear that the crew of the Eliza are celebrating a golden voyage. The Seawolf Shipping Company only recently recovered the small cog and put her back into service, and all involved are overjoyed for such a prosperous return. The word from Westface here on Terraversa the word is that HMHV Athena did more than have a run-in with Captain Gore. The Athena crew also delivered a big payday, reportedly bringing in 450 DBs for their cargo. In the aftermath of L'Olius's trade agreement with Corrington, Westface has lately become more of a destination port for merchants. The Greenies appear to be suffering under their own taxes. Several MCTC traders arrived in Nova Terreli, and while they received good prices for their goods, the local taxes took a sizable bite out of the profits. We wonder how Eslandian merchants feel about such restraints on their own trade. Our reporters in Belson and Granoleon report that continentals were paying well for foreign goods this month. The Namerean trader Ninja turned a tidy profit in Granoleon, and the main Mardierian trade fleet visited Belson with good results as well. Commodore Francisco de Pernica guided the Prio trade fleet into Fuerte Unido, led by his new flagship, the terraman Prio’s Fortune. While profits were minimal for the short run from Alexport, Prio sailors were happy to have the fleet back together again and de Pernica returning to command. We hear from Bastion that the FTA fleet sailed into that Sea Rat port. Although every ship in the fleet turned a profit, income was still minimal. Fortune smiled on a small fishing boat in Lavalette. The crew of Dame Fortune brought in a huge haul of tuna, earning nearly 300 DBs and free sandwiches for a month! And from Port Raleigh we hear that residents were again blessed by a visit by one of the island’s native pearl divers. A favorite of Nelissan jewelers, the pearl divers work the oyster beds off the eastern shore and make frequent visits to Port Raleigh and Elysabethtown, with occasional visits to Dragonstone as well. This month we hear that the natives took in more than 150 DBs for their pearls. Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker: Syrene (Jan Van Sud) Cougar (Carno) HMS Resilience (Lotus) Thunder (Professor Thaum) Clotho (Professor Thaum) La Raya Venenosa II (Eslandola) Priest’s Bounty (Corrington) HMS Bagg of Bolton (Corrington) Ships Captured: MOC’d: Myth Chaser (class 6) taken from Roadmonkeytj by Eslandola Satyr (class 2) taken from LeColeon by Corrington Valiant Phoenix (class 3) taken from Zublius Von Wreck by Eslandola Un-MOC’d: Golden Trident (class 3) taken from LeColeon by Corrington Newt (class 2) taken from LeColeon by Corrington Thor’s Anvil (class 5) taken from Zublius Von Wreck by Eslandola Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Atropos Audacious Black Rat Golden Rat Hotspur Jokers Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II Lachesis Maverick Nightingale Purple Rain Stormbringer II The Andromeda The Drunken Monkey Valkyrie Villain’s Boat Viper Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, Barracuda Bay, or other pirate hideouts. Result tables to be posted shortly...
  10. March-April 620. Vol 5, Issue 2 Corrish First Rate Captured! Our man in Spudkirk reports that Corrish naval officials are beside themselves after a disastrous patrol for Lotus war junks in the waters north of El Oleonda. The 134-gun first rate HMS Resilience left port with the 74-gun third rate HMS Dominance and heavy frigate Lightning for an extended patrol with spirits high, but only the HMS Dominance returned. Whether by accident or cunning planning by Lotii naval forces, the Corrish squadron found itself sandwiched by two separate Lotus fleets somewhere east of the Carno settlement of Neustadt. Although the Lotus fleets reportedly had no ships larger than a Halosian man-o-war, they outnumbered the Redcoats 2-to-1, closed on them from both sides, and quickly initiated a boarding action against HMS Resilience. Meanwhile, rockets fired from smaller war junks set the Lightning ablaze, and the conflagration was irreversible. Resilience ultimately struck her colors, and the HMS Dominance was forced to disengage after sustaining heavy damage. Word in the dockside bars is that no significant damage was inflicted on the Lotii ships. With the pride of the Corrish navy now in the hands of the Lotii, spirits in Spudkirk are extremely low. Greenie Exploration Fleet Returns Our man in Fuerte Unido sends word that the Eslandian exploration fleet sent to the New Haven Sea more than two years ago has finally returned! Captain Janszen went immediately to report to Eslandola’s Admius Legistrad, Willem Guilder, before our man could question him about what wonders he may have discovered. Eslandian officials had received a report from Captain Janszen last summer that led to the Greenies establishing a small trading post on a fruitful inhabited island northeast of Ile d’Or, but no further information was forthcoming at that time. However, the expedition crews in the taverns are talking about having successfully started a settlement on the island of Maldria. The renowned adventurer Thaddeus Calvo was not spotted with Captain Janszen, and speculation is that he may still back on Maldria. Our reporter in Fuerte Unido will continue to dig into this developing story, but while most of the Brick Seas are abuzz about El Oleonda in the southern part of the New Haven Sea, the Greenies seem to have been focusing their efforts in the north. Sea Rats Capture Corrish Warships Our man in New Haven on Alicentia reports that the expected Corrish patrol from King’s Harbour suffered severe losses at the hands of the Sea Rats. The crew of Pineapple Revenge report that their squadron was surprised just north of New Haven by a fleet of four black-flagged ships led by the ship-of-the-line The Andromeda. Pineapple Revenge traded blows with The Andromeda while man-o-war HMS Pegasus dueled with the ship-of-the-line Myth Chaser and the war brig HMS Bull Shark squared off with the clipper Midas Touch. Bull Shark sent Midas Touch to the bottom, but took a lot of damage in doing so, and when Pineapple Revenge was damaged by the bomb ketch Thunder, The Andromeda turned her attention to HMS Bull Shark. With Pineapple Revenge forced to withdraw, the Sea Rats then grappled and boarded the remaining Corrie ships, capturing both Bull Shark and Pegasus. Lockdown in Nola Mar Continues In the north of Terraversa, the settlement of Nola Mar has long been the cause of concern. Months ago, the settlement deposed its mayor and introduced harsh measures restricting travel in and out of the town, allegedly to crack down on smuggling. Since then, very few reports have made their way back to Kings Port. The rumor in Westface is that Corrie agents have uncovered information that something foul is happening in Nola Mar. Meanwhile, citizens in the vicinity of Nola Mar have reported that gatehouses, earthworks, and various other fortifications are being erected – of which the archive of public works in Kings Port makes no mention! Unless planned and paid for by the settlement itself (which is highly unlikely), foreign funds are undoubtedly involved! Events at Sea Storm Claims Eslandola Commodore? From Salida Este the reports of the second sailing of the Greenies’ pirate-hunting fleet are distressing. The fleet was unable to sniff out any pirates this month while suffering losses to the storm system that went through the Sea of Thieves this month. Commodore Argentum is feared lost at sea when his flagship, the man-o-war Lady Cora, broke apart in the tempest north of Isla del Diablo. The fleet continued to race the storm northeast, and the Verde Oro also suffered damage but was able to make port. Eslandian officials have vowed to search the Sea of Thieves for any sign Commodore Argentum may have survived. Three Storm Systems Ravage Brick Seas In western waters, a storm system moved up from the Oleon coast, through the Sea of Storms, and north all the way to the tip of the continent. Oleon’s 38-gun frigate Vigilante was sent to the bottom nearly within site of the Granoleon port. The Namerean sloop Nymph was forced to make port in Bardo shortly after setting sail from Weelond while the rest of her convoy successfully outran the storm to the north. The Altonian brig Aurora, sailing as part of a convoy from Arlinsport to Ulric, was forced to cut short her journey and make port in Aden. And from Londa we hear that the Mardierian man-o-war Mongo arrived in port unexpectedly, separated from its patrol squadron. Another system sprung up in the Sea of Thieves and moved northeast through the Cocovia Sea before eventually dissipating in the Azure Sea. From King’s Harbour we hear of multiple ships that ran into storm trouble. The crew of HMS Barracuda II report that one of the vessels in their convoy, the merchant xebec Pelican II, succumbed to the rough seas. And there was a bit of commotion when the armed sloop La Salamandra, flying Sea Rat colors, sailed into port as well. We hear from our man there that the ship was part of an exchange of captured ships between the Rats and the Greenies. So, while the Sea Rats may not have been able to deliver La Salamandra to an Eslandian port as planned, our sources tell us the Greenies still consider the exchange completed. From Salida Este we hear that our national fleet skirted disaster as it outran the storm system in the central waters. Our flagship escort, the man-o-war Typhoon, will need to seek repairs in the Eslandian city after high winds caused significant rigging damage, but she was able to see the entire trade fleet safely into port. And from Astrapi we hear that Oleon’s schooner HRS Infatigable had to break off from its squadron and make port in Poorvintia. In the east, a third storm sprang up in the West Prio Sea and moved southeast into the New Haven Sea. From Isla de Victoria we hear that the Eslandian xebec Consort’s Duty was forced to make port in Puerto Desafio when it couldn’t continue sailing around the island to Fuerte Unido. From Port Woodhouse we hear that the Corries may have averted more bad news through some luck of the weather. The squadron led by HMS Ironsides found themselves outnumbered 2-to-1 by the infamous Drunken Monkey fleet in the waters south of Celestia, but the storm front came through at almost the same time. Instead of another pitched battle between the Rats and the Redcoats, both sides spent more time fighting the weather. The small brig Justicia was de-masted in the gale and captured, while the Rats suffered damage to their war brig Atropos but were able to tow it away. The fleets then parted ways as the storm forced an end to hostilities. Overdue Our man in Mooreton Bay reports that the ETTC’s Golden Filly is overdue in port. Coming from Myzectlan, we have not been able to find any sightings of her west of Tortuga. Her fate may forever be unknown, as local authorities say it’s 50-50 whether she was attacked by pirates or lost in one of the southern storm systems. Pirate Round-Up Corries Rid Terraversan Waters of LeColeon! Corlander Naval Captain Mysteriously Disappears From Westface we have exciting news of the defeat of the infamous pirate LeColeon. A Corrish squadron of four ships, led by the frigate HMS Greyhound, sailed into port with FOUR captured pirate ships in tow! The Redcoat squadron was apparently en route to Nola Mar when they sighted a convoy. Closing to investigate, they realized too late that the ships were under the command of LeColeon. Although outnumbered, the Redcoats engaged the pirate fleet. Steering straight for the enemy flagship, the HMS Greyhound and the brig HMS Diligence doubled up on the large frigate La Comete, while the sloop HMS Publius took on the sloop Golden Trident coming to LeColeon's aid. After a few furious broadsides, the foretopmast of La Comete fell, bringing sails and rigging down as the guns were fired, setting sails ablaze, leaving the crew to abandon ship before she burnt down to the waterline. With the flagship lost, the remaining crews hauled down their colors, but as the Corries went to secure their prizes, the Golden Trident took the opportunity to escape, despite being damaged. Some sailors claim to have seen LeColeon cursing on the quarterdeck, wet from his escape from La Comete. When learning of the glorious sight of the captured pirate ships being towed into the harbor, Terraversa's indomitable Grand Admiral L'Olius immediately went to congratulate the commander of the Corrish squadron, but he was nowhere to be found! Instead L’Olius was greeted by Commander Lavendwood of the HMS Diligence. Apparently, after their victory over the pirate LeColeon, the Corlander squadron had proceeded to Nola Mar, where their captain and commander, Sir Jonathan Cooke, boarded a fishing boat and was seen landing at a small pier. However, the Corries report that their captain did not return at the appointed rendezvous and that no word has been sent. They are now planning to investigate the disappearance of their captain further with the blessing of Grand Admiral L'Olius. Here in Kings Port, the editors of the KPA believe all of Terraversa should be grateful that Corrington has joined our Grand Admiral in the fight for security for our nation. Captain Gore Recruits Oleonders Our man in Londa reports that the some of the crew of the Oleon trader Rhodos returned to port in a longboat after their vessel was captured by the notorious pirate Captain Gore not long after they set sail for Dortanix. The three sailing mates of the Rhodos – Cormorant, Ka, and Fishing Proa 1 – were all sent to Davy Jones’ Locker when they were surprised by Captain Gore’s war galley, HMS Carnage. After capturing the Rhodos and fishing surviving crewmembers of the other ships out of the water, Captain Gore reportedly gave all captured sailors the chance to join his crew, and those that refused were set afloat in the launch as Gore disappeared with his prize to the east. No word from the Oleon admiralty on how many of the Rhodos crew took Captain Gore up on his offer. The Dragon Returns! The pirate known as The Dragon, unheard from since he escaped from his Mardierian captors in late 618, reappeared this month, if reports from Fatu Hiva are to be believed. The crew of the Sea Rat trader Triton’s Pithy claim ships belonging to The Dragon set upon them not long after they set sail from Charlatan Bay. The Dragon captured the terraman Rahab’s Gambit while Triton’s Pithy escaped. Some Sea Rats mentioned that they thought The Dragon’s ships looked very similar to captured ships sold off by the Yellow Skull pirate fleet last month. Corrie Gunboats Tangle with Bloody Bill and Montroy Our reporter in King’s Harbour sends word that one of Quinnsville’s gunboat squadrons engaged with none other than the infamous pirate Bloody Bill! The Corrie squadron only suffered damage to two of their six boats while sinking two of Bloody Bill’s ships, including his flagship! The infamous pirate was seen to transfer to the sloop Little Scavenger and pressed the attack until the gunboats broke off the engagement. Although a tactical defeat, this was clearly a Corrish victory over the pirate! In more news of the exploits of Corrish gunboats, from Quinnsville we hear that the local gunboat patrol squadron performed their duties admirably, chasing off the pirate Montroy when he approached local waters in the frigate Cardinal’s Shadow. Although the pirate escaped unscathed, the local citizenry were pleased their gunboat patrols continue to protect the area’s commercial interests. Zublius Von Wreck Strikes ETTC Not all the news in the Cocovia Sea was cheery for the Corries, however, as there are only so many gunboats to go around. Our reporter in Mooreton Bay tells us that the infamous pirate Zublius Von Wreck has struck again. The crew of the ETTC sloop Tuna King report that they were attacked by the dastardly pirate as they neared port after setting sail from Quinnsville. Von Wreck came at them out of the west and sank their sailing partner, the lateen-rigged dhow Jinn, before the Tuna King was able to gain the weather gauge and escape. While nothing will console them over the loss of their sailing mates, the crew of the Tuna King were able to salvage their cargo. Namerean Traders Drive Off Jan Van Sud From Arlinsport we hear that the crew of the large, four-masted xebec Albatross had a close call with the pirate Jan Van Sud, who is known to ply the continental waters of the Brick Seas. The pirate, leading a squadron of four ships, set upon the Albatross just after she rounded the horn off the northeastern coast of Namere, but the Albatross proved a formidable opponent. The crew are boasting of sinking one ship and damaging another before finally getting away from Van Sud, but their cargo was ruined in the course of the fight. Gentleman Privateer Outmaneuvered by Oleonders In Nova Terreli the captain of the Oleonder brig Le Phénix, Tristan Rimbaud, is rejoicing in a local pub. He is telling a tale of being set upon as he sailed through the passage between Torrach Bonn and Blueton. The would-be pirates were a three-masted lugger and a carronade-armed cutter, and some in Rimbaud’s crew say the captain of the lugger was wearing a bowler hat, signature of the “Gentleman Privateer.” Although Le Phénix took damage before its Rimbaud was able to outmaneuver the pirates, he made it to port with his valuable cargo intact, although the local port fees took a sizable bite out of the profits. Roger Redbeard Alive and Well in Rum Isles! Our man in Freeport sends word that the infamous Captain Roger Redbeard, unheard from in the Brick Seas in decades, has been discovered alive and well in the Rum Isles! As their name suggests, the Rum Isles are in fact not one island but rather a collection of small islands, all claimed by Garvey. The settlement of Freeport, located on the largest of the islands, has been until recently the only known outpost of civilization in the archipelago. But smugglers and even pirates are a common sight in Garveyian ports, and it has long been suspected that a pirate hideout was located on one of the smaller isles. As of the first of this month we have confirmation that Captain Redbeard is living in the wreck of his old flagship and is the lynchpin to much of the smuggling activity in the Rum Isles. Our reporter has interviewed several local sailors and confirmed that “Barracuda Bay” is well known as the place to lay low for pirates and smugglers in the area. Local officials, uninterested in our man’s investigation, dismissed the report and declined comment. It is our suspicion that Garveyian officials have known about Captain Redbeard and Barracuda Bay for some time and have simply turned a blind eye to his activities. OOC: Barracuda Bay is a BoBS pirate hideout. Anyone can visit Barracuda Bay IC outside the MRCA for story purposes. In the MRCA, black flag ships of any faction may use Redbeard’s pirate hideout to avoid having their location revealed in the KPA ship lists. Players need only list Barracuda Bay as their destination in zone 27 in their MRCA forms. Non-black flag ships should not sail to Barracuda Bay in the MRCA (at risk of losing their ship!) but should instead use Freeport as their destination if they want to be in the area for story purposes. -page 2- Mercantile Report Our man in Breshaun reports that the captains of Lark and Sparrow, two small Eslandian cutters, were buying drinks for the house after their run from Bardo netted them 570 doubloons each. If they still owed anything on the purchase of their vessels, they’re paid off now! From Belson we hear that a Namerean trade squadron turned a tidy profit of 900 doubloons when they made port in the Corrish capital. Elsewhere on the continent, our man in Granoleon reports that the topsail schooner Comtesse de Praenia made it through the storms unscathed. Although one squadron-mate sank in the storm and another lost its cargo, the Comtesse delivered its cargo to the Oleon capital in full, netting 330 doubloons in profit. From Salida Este we have received word that the captain of the Terraversan sloop Thalia, part of our national trade fleet, has been singled out for exceptional service to our merchant marine. We understand that he made five times the profit over other ships in the trade fleet this month. Congratulations captain! Outrage in Kings Port! The RNTC Exposed? In Kings Port, the attitude toward the Oleander trade company, the infamous RNTC, has changed. Starting out with promises of trade and prosperity, locals now fear the Bluecoats have turned to looting Terraversan relics! Recently, with the aid of Terraversans, the RNTC recovered the fabled Quiver of Artemis from its Atwi guardians of old and brought it to Kings Port. Celebrations abounded as it was paraded atop a bed of flowers and placed in the Temple of Artemis. However, our reporter with an ear for the goings-on of the Order of the Faith, that unique instrument of conservative Oleonder interests, tells us he now suspects the Order of regarding the Quiver as their proprietary relic, and rumor has it that access will soon be restricted to priests of the Order alone. Some Terraversans have started muttering that perhaps now is the time for us to take back what is rightfully ours, and we at the editorial offices of the Advertiser cannot say that we disagree. And now a source has gotten word to us that he believes the RNTC is conspiring against Terraversan Independence! Although our source lacks details, he claims the RNTC is scheming with counter-revolutionary Mardierian Royalists! Allegedly, the aim is to reinstate foreign rule over our sovereign island, although it is still not clear whether the final object is the return of Mardierian despotism or an RNTC puppet regime! Their strategy and methods are still unknown, but we urge any loyal Teraversan to keep their distance from any RNTC staff, and keep a watchful eye on any of their fellow citizens seen collaborating with foreign nationals. Further, we at the Kings Port Advertiser call for Archduke Oldis to take immediate action and expel the foul snakes from our grand capital! News from the War Zone Redcoat Cruisers Take Nominal Victory The Spudkirk cruiser squadron, led by HMS Bagg of Bolton and consisting of an assortment of ships of the line, man-o-wars, cruisers, and war schooners, set out to patrol the waters surrounding the island of Avestia north of El Oleonda. They returned with a captured Lotus war junk in tow, although it was no larger than a Halosian brig, and it was apparently the flagship of its small squadron. The admiralty report that a smaller junk was damaged and that a third escaped. Alas, even with a victory, the news was uninspiring, as the war schooner HMS Huntress failed to return, sunk in battle. It will take more than victories like this to raise Redcoat spirits in the New Haven Sea after the loss of the first rate HMS Resilience and frigate Lightning (see page 1 story). Carno Supplies Reach Neustadt From Neustadt our war correspondent sends word that a Carno supply fleet finally arrived in theater. A trio of warships, led by man-o-war Cougar, escorted three cargo ships into port, including the terraman Camel. They reported seeing Odin’s Scorn as they passed near New Nassau, but the lone pirate quickly tacked away. With fresh supplies and naval forces, Carno spirits are up. Greenie Privateer Captured The word in Neustadt was not as good for Eslandola. The man-o-war Colonial Storm made port in the Carnovian settlement with news that the brigantine Nightwing had been captured by a Lotii squadron. The Greenies are apparently privateers looking for action in the war zone, and they found it, but it didn’t turn out as they hoped. Sailing along the western coast of El Oleonda, we hear that they encountered three junks, none bigger than a large Halosian sloop, and two of them were lightly armed supply ships. According to the captain of the Colonial Storm, the captain of the Nightwing, Jack Merker, completely disregarded his orders and immediately engaged the supply ships before Colonial Storm was ready. As such, the Lotii forces were able to successfully gang up on the Nightwing and overrun her with boarding parties before the Colonial Storm could engage. The captain of the Colonial Storm then opted to cut his losses and make for Neustadt. Sea Rat Traders Escape Unknown Pirate Our correspondent in Neustadt also sends word of increased pirate activity in the New Haven Sea. The crews of Arkham Chaser and Exocet report being attacked by a man-o-war flying the black about midway on their voyage from New Nassau as a storm front moved in, but were able to escape from the unknown attacker as the winds became severe, and the attacking ship looked to be overcome by the storm. The Exocet also took damage in the increasingly rough sea, and neither small trader’s cargo survived the storm. But between the Lotii, privateers, and pirates, the New Haven Sea is a dangerous place at the moment. ---------------------------------------------------------- Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker: Billy Boy (Bloody Bill) Bloody Scavenger (Bloody Bill) Cormorant (Keymonus) Crusader (Christopher X) Fishing Proa 1 (Phred) Golden Filly (ETTC) HMS Huntress (Corrington) Jinn (Bregir) Ka (Dukesc) La Comete (LeColeon) Lady Cora (Eslandola) Lightning (LM71Blackbird) Long Beard III (Puerto Desafio) Midas Touch (Roadmonkeytj) Pelican II (LM71Blackbird) Puffin (Jan Van Sud) Stormbull (professor thaum) Vigilante (Kolonialbeamter) Ships Captured: MOC’d HMS Bull Shark (class 5) taken from Corrington by Professor Thaum HMS Resilience (class 10) taken from LM71Blackbird by Lotus Justicia (class 4) taken from Bregir by Roadmonkeytj Nightwing (class 4) taken from Capt Wolf by Lotus Rahab's Gambit (class 5) taken from roadmonkeytj by The Dragon Rhodos (class 1) taken from Merc by Captain Gore Un-MOC’d HMS Pegasus (class 5) taken from Corrington by Roadmonkeytj Inquire by PM for ships stats. Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Audacious Black Rat Golden Rat Hotspur Jokers Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II Maverick Myth Chaser Nightingale Odin's Scorn Purple Rain Red Dragon Stormbringer II The Andromeda The Drunken Monkey Thunder Valkyrie Villain’s Boat Viper Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, Barracuda Bay, or other pirate hideouts. Result tables to be posted shortly.
  11. January-February 620. Vol 5, Issue 1 Corrington Victorious Over Lotus Fleet in New Haven Sea! Our man in Spudkirk sends word of Redcoat hurrahs in the New Haven Sea. With war declared, a squadron of five Corrie ships led by HMS Wentham II set sail last month to patrol the seas northwest of El Oleonda and protect the settlement of Spudkirk from another raid by Lotus forces. This week they returned victorious, and with a war junk in tow! Word from the admiralty is that the HMS Wentham II squadron encountered four war junks ranging in size from about that of a large sloop to the size of a man-o-war. The captured ship appears to be the size of a brig. Reports are that the Wentham and her mates dished out plenty of damage to the two largest war junks. The battle was broken up by the weather, as winds increased throughout the engagement and rough seas eventually made combat impossible. HMS Huntress was briefly squared off with the Lotus flagship as the storm grew, and both ships were barely able to disengage before the sea overtook them. While Corries cheer their victory at sea, all Halosian sailors across the Brick Seas cheer the valuable information on Lotus naval forces. Eslandola Gets Revenge on Komodo Dragon Fleet Captain Argentum is being hailed a hero in Nova Terreli after his victorious pirate-hunting voyage. Setting sail in search of the Sea Rats that devastated the Greenies’ large trade fleet last month, our man in that Eslandian city tells us he returned aboard his flagship Lady Cora with all his ships intact and four Sea Rat vessels in tow! Encountering the Sea Rat fleet south of Terraversa, Captain Argentum expertly used the weather gage to his advantage and broke the Rats’ line of battle. Although Eslandola did not significantly outnumber the Rats, the Greenies had a sizable advantage in tonnage and were able to overpower several ships and board while the remaining pirates struggled to regain order in their formation. The trade company MAESTRO redeemed its reputation on the seas with ship-o-the-line Princesse Margot getting the best of the Sea Rats flagship, although the notorious Sinbad was able to disengage the Komodo Dragon II and escape capture. The craftsmanship of the Nova Terreli shipyards was also on display, with ship-o-the-line La Comete III and three other quickly readied sisterships proving worthy of combat. The Rats lost the brigs Clearance and Swift, as well as the war junk Red Dragon, and the man-o-war Cannonball that they had previously taken from Eslandola months ago. In light of developments in the New Haven Sea, there is much interest on the docks and among the admiralty in Nova Terreli in getting a close look at the captured war junk. Sea Rats Devastate Prio Trade Fleet Our reporter in King’s Harbour sends word that the Sea Rats have delivered a devastating blow to the Prio trade fleet. Seven ships were expected in the Corrie port this month, sailing from Mesabi Landing, but only one arrived in port. The crew of the Peacock report that they were attacked by the Sea Rats’ black-flagged Hand of Fate fleet west of Isle de Romantica, stalked in similar fashion as the Eslandian fleet that sailed from Fuerte Unido. The Prio fleet, led by Commodore Francisco de Pernica, was unable to outrun the Sea Rats and finally forced to turn and fight. The Prio man-o-war Pegasus and the Sea Rats’ Hand of Fate both went down to Davy Jones’ Locker, but the remaining Sea Rat ships – Apollo’s Mirth, Hotspur, and Stormbringer II – overwhelmed the remaining Prio vessels and captured them all except for Peacock. Included in the captured vessels is the pride of the Prio trade fleet, the terraman Prince Alex. Our readers may recall that Prio and the Sea Rats were engaged in some confrontations at sea two years ago, where the Peacock figured prominently. This time it appears that the Sea Rat fleet was flying the black in accordance with maritime tradition, hopefully avoiding any retaliation from Archduke Alex against non-black-flagged Sea Rat traders, but we will certainly keep an eye on the situation for our readers. Oleon Ships Emerge From Port, Gather in Breshaun Our man in Breshaun reports that the Oleon navy has awakened from its slumber and has descended on the island port in the Sea of Storms. Our reporter counts by his eagle eyes approximately 15 warships and 25 traders in Breshaun at this time. Word around the docks is that even more were expected, with five missing from the numbers. Additionally, a revitalized Mardierian trade fleet seven ships strong also arrived in port. Our man in Londa reports a small collection of Oleonder fishing vessels (including a small catamaran!) have called on the Mardierian port, but nothing of any naval significance. What are the Bluecoats’ intentions? Why is Mardier there as well? All nations of the Brick Seas would be wise to keep an eye on the situation. Encounters at Sea Sea Rats Best Greenies in Prio Sea All was not gold for the Eslandians this month. Our reporter in King’s Harbour tells us that only half of a trade fleet coming from Fuerte Unido arrived in port. The Greenies lost the armed sloop La Salamandra and the merchant sloop Aurei Lacerta to a Sea Rat black-flag fleet led by The Andromeda. Word on the docks is that the pirates stalked the trade squadron for some distance as they both sailed west past Romantica, and that the Rats finally caught the Greenies about midway between Alexport and King’s Harbour. The Eslandian brig Asesino II suffered heavy damage but was able to escape the Rats and escort the trader Dark Spirit into port safely. Corrish Patrol Takes Bite Out of Sea Rats Our man in Spudkirk also reports that a Corrie squadron surprised a Sea Rats black-flag fleet south of Celestia and sank The Drunken Monkey before most of the remaining Rats could escape. We say most because the HMS Resilience sailed into port in Spudkirk damaged but with LaPetunia in tow as a trophy from the encounter. Needless to say, with prizes from both Lotus and the Sea Rats in port, spirits in Spudkirk are high! Carno Warships Chase off Jolly Rogers From Fuerte Unido we hear that the Carno warships Cougar and Coyote chased off the Sea Rats’ black-flagged Jolly Rogers south of Isla de Victoria. Carno ships have gathered in the Eslandian port as ships already deployed to the New Haven Sea return west to meet and escort new ships coming from Carnovian shipyards in Poorvintia. Carno ship crews were happy to have had a successful encounter with no damage taken. Gentleman Privateer Returns Last month we speculated that we had heard the last of the gentleman privateer, but word from Charlatan Bay is that we were mistaken. The crew of the Sea Rat trader Spirit of Sir Edward report that they were attacked by a three-masted lugger and a small sloop both flying the colors of the gentlemanly pirate. Apparently good manners mean little on the high sea, however, as the pirate sank the Sea Rat cutter Sangiovese in his attack before the Sir Edward escaped. Pinto Filly Sinks Jilted Maiden From Westface we hear that the crew of the ETTC schooner Pinto Filly had a scare when attacked by black-flagged Sea Rats west of Terraversa. The crew report sinking the man-o-war Jilted Maiden with a skilled (some would say lucky) shot to the pirate’s magazine. Damaged, Pinto Filly was still able to use her speed to best advantage and escape from the Nightingale. Pirate Round-Up Corries Capture Bluebeard! Our man in King’s Harbour was busy this month. He also reports that the HMS Bull Shark and Pineapple Revenge returned from patrol with the infamous pirate Bluebeard in shackles and his ships Blue Moon and Gun Runner in tow. Word from the crews is that they also sunk the sloop Aqua Fina. All news was not good, however, as HMS Victoria and several of her crew were lost in the fight, and only the physical capture of Bluebeard aboard his flagship caused his pirate band to strike their colors. We assume the citizens of King’s Harbour can look forward to a pirate hanging in the near future. LeColeon Attacks Altonian Traders Our man in Balmin sends word that the pirate LeColeon has struck an Altonian trade fleet. The schooner Antelope arrived in Balmin unexpectedly, as it was supposed to return to Ulric with two other ships after a voyage to the Sea of Thieves. The Antelope’s crew is telling tales of being attacked south of Terraversa by a group of four of LeColeon’s ships. The Altonians were able to sink the pirate’s flagship, Black Star’s Revenge, as well as the aged Belson, but the pirate sank the Adler and captured the Angelfish as the Antelope escaped. The storm system that ravaged the northern Halosian coast this month forced the Antelope to make for the nearest home port rather than round the horn. Captain Gore Driven Off By Corries From Belson we hear that the HMHV Athena arrived in port unscathed after she successfully fought off the pirate Captain Gore. The encounter reportedly occurred as she sailed around the horn at the northern tip of the continent, a popular spot for pirates to lurk. The pirate captain has reportedly been reduced to sailing a war galley he captured late last year, and after Athena inflicted heavy damage on it, Captain Gore broke off the attack and made for the coast. Athena then continued on her way to Belson, where her cargo reportedly turned a handsome profit. Montroy Attacks Greenies Right here in Kings Port we have an Eslandian tale of woe. The Flying Apple, a fast sloop from the MAESTRO trade company, arrived in port without her companion, the frigate The Brickwall. The pirate Montroy surprised the Eslandian ships west of Nelissa and sunk The Brickwall before fleeing east. ETTC Ships Escape Clutches of Zublius Von Wreck From Quinnsville we receive word that that the traders Tuna King and Jinn were attacked by the infamous pirate Zublius Von Wreck southwest of Poorvintia in the Cocovia Sea. The crew of the Tuna King claim to have shot off the rudder of ZvW’s flagship Grimwald, causing it to collide with the small gaff-rigged schooner Valiant Phoenix. As Grimwald took on water, the pirate was forced to abandon his flagship and transfer to the smaller vessel, while Tuna King and Jinn made their escape. Corrish and Eslandian Ships Overdue, Piracy Feared Our man in Yeldo reports that two Corrish traders, Turaco and Puffin, are long overdue and that officials fear they have fallen prey to pirates. Meanwhile, we hear from Westface that two Eslandian ships, The Lady Hawk and The Raenette, are also overdue in port, but local fishermen report seeing the two ships in the company of ships believed to belong to the pirate LeColeon near the coast not far from town. Eslandian official are expected to ask for a search of nearby coves, but we have no word on the fates of any of these ships at this time. - page 2 - Storm Ravages Halosian Coast A major storm system moved north along the continental coast this month, wreaking havoc on Oleon shipping in particular. The Amphitrites Lily was forced to return to Granoleon after taking on water soon after leaving port. The Corrish trader Filly Winds was forced to return to Belson under similar circumstances. Oleon’s Blue Bayou was lost when she capsized near Eltina. The HRS Retribution of Breshaun, unable to continue when her rigging tore, was forced to make landfall in Arlinsport. The storm gained strength as it moved north. Ship-o-the-line HRS Combattante was lost to Davy Jones’ Locker when she crashed into rocks near the Mardierian coast, and the sloop Crete was forced to make port at Aden rather than continue. Weather Forces Rats into Corrish Ports In the east, storms caused problems for the Sea Rats. From Mesabi Landing we hear that the Vengeful Arrow has pulled into port in need of repairs after taking on water in the storm. And our man in Jameston tells us that the black-flagged Odin’s Scorn has anchored off shore there, rigging in tatters, keeping a careful distance from the port authorities. No word yet on what Redcoat authorities might do with a known pirate in their port! Mercantile Report Our man in Terreli sends word that Namerean traders were buying rounds for everyone in the pubs after their small trade squadron survived the stormy seas and took in 1800DBs in profits after calling on the Eslandian capital. And from Weelond we hear that the Namereans were feeling generous down there as well, with rumored profits of more than 1600 DBs for their three-ship squadron. Quite the month for traders from Namere! Oleon traders may have struggled with weather in the west, but they still turned a profit. Although spread out across dozens of ships, our man in Breshaun tells us that more than 3800DBs were earned by the massive convoys. Small ships fared better for Oleon in the east. From Astrapi we hear that the crew of Le Phenix were celebrating a short run from the south. Word on the dock is that they took in more than 500DBs for their effort. And our man in Lavalette tells us that the crew of Dame Fortune made a similar profit for the tiny jaunt over from Windfall Island. From Arlinsport we hear that a small Altonian trade convoy had much better luck than the Antelope reported in Balmin. Four trading vessels, led by the brig Aurora, sported happy crews in the Corrish port. Our reporter estimates they took in nearly 1000DBs for their quick run from the continent. Our man in Jameston reports that Eslandian traders were celebrating in port after collecting approximately 1000DBs for their long run from Nova Terreli. And from King’s Harbour we hear that the small Eslandian trade squadron that set sail from here in Kings Port netted more than 700DBs for their run south. Here in Kings Port our national trade fleet returned home after a successful trip to the Sea of Storms, and sailors and merchants both sound happy. Local News from Terraversa Here in Kings Port, the Oleon trading company, the RNTC, is experiencing rising unpopularity, as rumors abound that they are harboring designs on our young nation! Additionally, the appropriation of the Quiver of Artemis by the Blues has not gone unnoticed, although at least they have not removed it from the island! In Westface, Grand Admiral L'Olius is entertaining the Corlander delegation that Archduke Oldis, in his wisdom, has largely ignored. Is this part of a larger plot from our government, or is the ruling class of Terraversa divided? To the north, Nola Mar has largely fallen silent since local authorities announced their crack-down on smuggling and corruption. Will the third largest city of our island again be made heard of, or are matters worse than first expected? Soccer Cup Round-Up Oleon’s Team E from Eltina bested Eslandola’s Weelond Regimentals for the championship in the Third Annual BoBS Soccer Cup that will go down as a classic in sporting annals. Team E scored the tying goal in the final seconds of overtime to send the game into a penalty shootout, where Eltina proved victorious. To recap how they got to the finals: Team E narrowly won their group to advance to the final when they defeated the Rassilon Rascals 5-4, and Weelond edged out the Sea Rats Smileys by one point in group play. In the championship game, Weelond held a first half lead after a goal by Jan Slegers, but Eltina tied it in the second half when Guy Lejeunot scored. Weelond took the lead in overtime with some marvelous passing that led to a goal by Fangio, but Weelond’s defense tired as injury time went on and gave up the tying goal, again to Lejeunot, literally as time expired. Demoralized, Weelond’s aim was off in the shootout, and Team E won the shootout handily 3-0. Eltina earns the prize and the right to host this year’s Soccer Cup. Weelond suffers a second-straight finals loss and is left wondering if Patch Verlander’s pineapple training methods are the right approach. Oleon’s Ocean Eleven and Corrington’s Quinnsville Cannonade were left disappointed by their performance in group play and hope to improve next time around. And everyone was ecstatic with the wonderful job Mesabi Landing did in hosting the tournament after the Red Rogues won the title in 618. We’re already looking forward to visiting Eltina in 620 for more Soccer Cup action. ---------------------------------------------------------- Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker: Adler (Altonia) Aqua Fina (Bluebeard) Belson (LeColeon) Black Star’s Revenge (LeColeon) Blue Bayou (Oleon) FTA Dusk (FTA) Edit: An erroneous report -- it arrived late but safe! Grimwald (Zublius Von Wreck) Hand of Fate (Kwatchi) HMS Victoria (Corrington) HRS Combattante (Oleon) Mystery (Jan Van Sud) Jilted Maiden (Roadmonkeytj) Pegasus (Romantica) Sangiovese (Tom Skippy) The Brickwall (Faladrin) The Drunken Monkey (Roadmonkeytj) WTC Judgement (MKJoshA) Ships Captured: MOC’d: Aurei Lacerta (class 3) taken from Umbra-Manis by Professor Thaum & Roadmonkeytj Cannonball (class 5) taken from MKJoshA by Eslandola Clearance (class 4) taken from MKJoshA by Eslandola LaPetunia (class 3) taken from Roadmonkeytj by LM71Blackbird La Salamandra (class 3) taken from Eslandola by Professor Thaum & Roadmonkeytj Puffin (class 4) taken from LM71Blackbird by Jan Van Sud Red Dragon (class 5) taken from Professor Thaum by Eslandola Swift (class 4) taken from MKJoshA by Eslandola The Lady Hawk (class 3) taken from Faladrin by LeColeon The Raenette (class 2) taken from Faladrin by LeColeon Turaco (class 5) taken from LM71Blackbird by Jan Van Sud Un-MOC’d: Angelfish (class 4) taken from Altonia by LeColeon Blue Moon (class 5) taken from Bluebeard by Corrington Gun Runner (class 3) taken from Bluebeard by Corrington Lynx (class 4) taken from Lotus by Corrington Panther (class 3) taken from Romantica by Kwatchi Patriot II (class 3) taken from Romantica by Kwatchi Pearl (class 2) taken from Romantica by Kwatchi Prince Alex (class 5) taken from Romantica by Kwatchi Pronghorn (class 3) taken from Romantica by Kwatchi Inquire by PM for ships stats. Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Audacious Black Rat Golden Rat Hotspur Jokers Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II Maverick Midas Tocuh Myth Chaser Nightingale Odin's Scorn Purple Rain Red Dragon Stormbringer II Stormbull The Andromeda The Drunken Monkey Thunder Valkyrie Villain’s Boat Viper Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, or pirate hideouts. Result tables to be posted shortly.
  12. November-December 619. Vol 4, Issue 5 OPEN WAR IN NEW HAVEN SEA! As word has leaked out about Carno’s exploration efforts in the New Haven Sea, officials have publicly acknowledged what many already suspected: Carno is at war with the Kingdom of the Lotus, a nation from Southern Halos. Apparently the two sides have been fighting over the large island known as El Oleonda in the southern part of the New Haven Sea. First we observed more Carnovian ships headed to the area, and last month the Corrish settlement of Spudkirk was raided by Lotus ships. We have heard from reliable sources in the Carnovian admiralty that they will soon be issuing letters of marque to authorize privateers to go after Lotus ships, and a call for mercenary soldiers to fight on El Oleonda is also expected soon. Merchants are advised to be careful in the New Haven Sea, and we will report any new developments as soon as they happen. Sea Rats Deal Blow to Carno War Efforts Our man in Jameston sends word that a Carno squadron headed to resupply their troops on El Oleonda was decimated before they could even reach the New Haven Sea. The crew of the clipper ship Camel are telling a harrowing tale of being attacked by the Sea Rats’ Yellow Skull fleet, led by Captain DeKruger on the Hand of Fate. Apparently the pirates stalked the Carno squadron almost from the moment they set sail from Poorvintia, and caught them as they passed near Tortuga in the East Prio Sea. The clipper ship Cricket and her crew were sent to Davy Jones’ locker, and the Rats captured the large sloops Chameleon and Chipmunk. Several of the Camel’s crews are complaining about the Carno admiralty’s decision to build fast ships, hoping to outrun attackers, rather than slower, heavier ships that have more firepower to defend themselves. Komodo Dragon II Decimates Greenies; Infighting among ESL Trade Companies Ensues Eslandolan officials are up in arms here in Kings Port. Expecting the arrival of a seven-ship trade fleet under the command of newly promoted Commodore Alessio Florissone, only three vessels arrived after the trade fleet was attacked by the Sea Rats’ Admiral Sinbad and his infamous Komodo Dragon fleet. The Eslandian’s were sailing west for Kings Port when they first spotted the Sea Rat fleet of nine ships lying east of Terraversa, but it was perhaps too late for the Greenies from the start. Sinbad’s fleet had the weather gauge and quickly sized up their prey. The floating fortress Komodo Dragon II and the armed junk Red Dragon sailed directly at the Eslandian flagship, ship-of-the-line Deuxieme Comete, and isolated her from the rest of the fleet. Deuxieme Comete was able to hit the Red Dragon with a full broadside, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Sea Rats from closing. Meanwhile, the man-o-war Cannonball (ironically, a ship captured from Eslandola months earlier) and the brig Clearance teamed up against the large xebec frigate Oscuridad II, and the armored sloop Viper and sloop Nightingale (a former Namerean trader) doubled up on the last of the Eslandian escorts, the brig Long Beard II. As the escorts were sandwiched by pirate ships, boarding parties poured over the sides to take the warships. But all was not lost for the Greenies. Captain Anthony Crol of the terraman Far Horizon teamed up with the xebec Purple Rain to shield the traders from battle. For the Rats, the WTC Judgement (a former Corrie ship-of-the-line) led Swift and Jilted Maiden in pursuit. The Purple Rain suffered a direct hit to one of her masts and fell back, while the Eslandian sloop Lady’s Revenge II took heavy damage but was able to maintain sail. Far Horizon, the carrack Eslandita, and Lady’s Revenge II all fired their stern guns, but were unable to save Purple Rain from the onslaught of boarding parties. We hear that although the Sea Rats’ Red Dragon was damaged in the fight, the Rats suffered no significant losses. For Eslandola, loss of all three escorts – Deuxieme Comete, Oscuridad II, and Long Beard II -- plus the MAESTRO trader Purple Rain, is devastating! That Commodore Florissone is a MAESTRO captain, and that Captain Crol is an MCTC captain, and the three surviving ships are MCTC ships is a source for much speculation in port here, as Greenie trade companies are rumored to be pointing fingers at each other over this debacle. Was the MAESTRO captain derelict in keeping a proper watch? Did the MCTC captain abandon the MAESTRO ships, or did he do his duty in leading the trade ships to safety while the escorts fought? Furthermore, did the Eslandian admiralty err in promoting Florissone too quickly? And will they be willing to pay a ransom for his release? Additionally, the Midas Touch is overdue in port and has not been heard from. All we know at this hour is that the voices are loud and angry from the Eslandian trade offices tonight. Encounters at Sea WTC Loses Red Fox to Drunken Monkey Eslandola’s trade companies aren’t the only TCs with pirate problems. From Jameston we hear that a large Sea Rat pirate fleet, led by The Drunken Monkey and its self-appointed Admiral, the former Captain Larvey, attacked a WTC gunboat squadron and captured the WTC Red Fox. WTC crew report damaging ship-of-the-line The Andromeda and sloop Jokers Folly, and otherwise escaping intact. Yellow Card to the Black Flag Our agent in Mesabi Landing for the Soccer Cup sends word that crew of the Corrish heavy frigate Lightning report damaging the black-flagged Jolly Rogers in the seas between Isla de Victoria and Cascadia before the cowardly pirate fled to the west. Oleon Ship Spotted at Sea! In a surprising report out of Prinport, the Oleon sloop Cormorant sailed into port this month, the first time in recent memory that an Oleonder vessel has been spotted outside a bluecoat harbor. In addition, the crew are claiming to have had a run-in with the pirate Jan Van Sud, fending off his attack and forcing him to escape in the sloop Flying Colt. Black Flagger Bungles Pearl Caper From Dragonstone we hear that native pearl divers are telling a story of piracy gone wrong. As they were diving off the coast of Berelli, they were suddenly beset upon by the Defiant, a Corrish three-masted lugger flying the black and captained by a man fitting the description of the gentleman privateer. The three natives scrambled into their canoe and started to row for shore. As Defiant pursued, she ran aground on a coral reef, gashing her side. As the native pearl divers (and their pearls) made it to safety, they could see the Defiant’s crew abandon ship as she took on water and foundered in the coral. No authorities from Dragonstone, Elysabethtown, or Port Raleigh have reported finding the pirates on the island, but the Defiant is now just a jumble of wood in the coral reef. Pirate Round-Up Montroy on the Run From Alexport we hear that Corrington’s renowned HMS Ironsides, along with HMS Pegasus and Justicia, surprised the pirate Montroy as he was setting sail from Leopaldis. The cowardly pirate captain fled in Cardinal’s Shadow as the Corries took his flagship, the man-o-war Hades’ Fury. Word from the happy redcoats is that casualties were minimal, and their ships suffered nary a scratch. It was a narrow escape for Montroy! Bluebeard Blue over Run-In with Redcoats From New Haven on Alicentia, onlookers in port were treated to the sight of a Corrington patrol squadron, led by HMS Bull Shark, tow in Bluebeard’s sloop Glittering Wind. Crew of the Bull Shark also claim to have damaged the Gun Runner, a former fast Garveyian sloop recently captured by the pirate. This is the second time the Glittering Wind has changed hands since it raced in the inaugural PA Cup in Alexport earlier this year. No word from the Crahaish neh Triuri if they will petition for the return of their ship. Namerean Traders Take Fight to Captain Gore Our man in Balmin sends word that Namerean traders are being treated to drinks for their run-in with the infamous pirate Captain Gore. The pirate attacked them from the south as they approached the island of Persus. Forced to fight, the Namereans didn’t give in. The brig Nuthatch led a fierce counter punch that saw three of Captain Gore’s four ships sent to the deep, including his flagship, the brig Escape Artist. Nuthatch suffered significant damage in the fight, but eventually was able to lead the brig Nighthawk and large sloop Ninja out of harm’s way and escape the pirate’s lone remaining ship, the war galley HMS Carnage. The fate of Captain Gore is not known at this time. Bloody Bill Bloodies Redcoats Our man in Alexport also reports that the Corrish cutter HMS Otter was attacked by the infamous Bloody Bill as it approached Prio waters. The Otter’s crew report that, despite Bloody Bill sailing alone in his large sloop Little Scavenger, they took surprisingly heavy damage and were forced to make for port rather than continue the fight. ZvW Sinks Amethyst From Nova Terreli we receive word that Corrish traders were not as successful against pirates as Corrish warships this month. The crew of the Dozy Dragon, a trader only recently retrieved from the clutches of Bloody Bill, arrived in port severely damaged, and her crew report that their sailing companion, the schooner Amethyst, was sent to the bottom in an attack by the infamous pirate Zublius Von Wreck. They also report sending the pirate’s small sloop Castaway to the bottom as well, before escaping into a fogbank. We recently reported that Amethyst had been captured by Sea Rats and then mysteriously returned to its Corrie owner, so this loss must be doubly difficult to take. - page 2 - Relatively Calm Seas Benefit Trade Remarkably good weather prevailed for sailors over the last couple of months. A squall in the Sea of Storms forced three Eslandolan ships to divert to Bardo. The captains of The Raenette and The Defiance report their cargos were damaged beyond salvage. Rough waters in the Sea of Thieves forced the Eslandian trader El Rubi to divert to Elysabethtown when it sprang a leak, and the Sea Rat trader FTA Dusk was likewise forced to make port in Leopaldis. Mercantile Report From Terreli we receive word that Altonian sailors are celebrating in the pubs. Their national fleet made port at the Eslandola capital, and from conversations overheard at the customs office, it sounds like the Altonians netted more than 1700 DBs for the run. Our agent in Mesabi Landing for the Soccer Cup reports that the Prio national trade fleet has paid a visit to that city, with fair results in the ledger. While crews are more interested in the soccer tournament than buying rounds in the pubs, we hear their fleet brought in a tidy sum in profits. Another lone Oleon ship ventured out this month, although she quickly made her way to a bluecoat port. Our reporter in Astrapi tells us that the small coastal trader Angelique out of Acropolis raked in more than 500 DBs for a short solo run past Charlatan Bay and across open sea to the Ile de Zeus. From Arlinsport on Tiberia, we hear that crews of the Corlander traders Turaco and Puffin were quick to buy a few rounds in the local pubs, and our man in the customs office tells us that the two ships netted nearly 1000 DBs between them. Corlander coastal traders hauled in heavy profits in King’s Harbour. We hear the fleet of small boats made the trade run around the coast of Cocovia from Quinnsville and hauled in nearly 1000 DBs! Nice work if you can get it. All was not bad news for Eslandian merchants here in Kings Port. Although they lost several ships to the Sea Rats, the three ships that did reach port netted more than 1300 DBs, with the Far Horizon getting nearly 600 DBs alone for its cargo. We hear that some Sea Rat traders were celebrating in Fatu Hiva. With Oleon shipping at a standstill, their ports are giant opportunities for enterprising traders, and the captains of The Eagle and Vic Viper were in good spirits when spotted dockside. Illicit trade is also profitable around the Brick Seas. We hear from our Sea Rat sources that the infamous pirate LeColeon scored big in the black market this month. Closer to home, word from the other side of Terraversa is that the black-flagged AQAR, along with prizes Alexander and Valkyrie, were seen in a cove near Westface, and representatives of the pirate crew negotiated a tidy profit for their ill-gotten goods on the local black market. Notable Events Soccer Cup in Progress Excitement in Mesabi Landing surrounds the third annual Soccer Cup, with visiting ship crews joining the sporting fans for a rowdy time by all. Early results are in from tournament pool play. With the opening round still in progress, the Sea Rat Smileys have a narrow lead over the Weelond Regimentals in pool A, and their rematch later this week (after we go to press) should go a long way to determining who plays in the finals. In pool B, Team E from Eltina remained undefeated with a win over the Rassilon Rascals. We will report on the final results in our next issue. Oktoberfest Round-Up All the factions of the Brick Seas came together for a grand time in Weelond for this year’s Oktoberfest. The Sea Rats’ Bru-Ha-Ha made its presence known by hosting a keg tossing contest, many stories were shared at an Oleon beer garden, and the WTC only blew up one vendor stand (credit to local authorities learning what to expect from some of their guests), but Hernan Orellana’s sugar plantation produced the molasses that took top honors at the festival. ------------------------ Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker: Amethyst Castaway Cheap Trick Cricket Defiant Escape Artist Pioneer Ships Captured: MOC’d: Midas Touch (class 4) taken from Nova Terreli/ESL by Roadmonkeytj Deuxieme Comete (class 7) taken from Eslandola by MKJoshA/Professor Thaum/Roadmonkeytj Oscuridad II (Class 6) taken from Eslandola by MKJoshA/Professor Thaum/Roadmonkeytj Long Beard II (class 4) taken from Puerto Desfaio/ESL by MKJoshA/Professor Thaum/Roadmonkeytj Purple Rain (class 4) taken from Maxim I by MKJoshA/Professor Thaum/Roadmonkeytj WTC Red Fox (class 1) taken from Drunknok by Roadmonkeytj/Professor Thaum/TomSkippy Glittering Wind (class 2) taken from Bluebeard by Corrington Un-MOC’d: Hades’ Fury (class 5) taken from Montroy by Bregir/Corrington Chipmunk (class 3) taken from Carno by Kwatchi/Roadmonkeytj/Sea Rats Chameleon (class 3) taken from Carno by Kwatchi/Roadmonkeytj/Sea Rats Inquire by PM for ships stats. Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Alexander Andromeda Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Black Rat Cardinal’s Shadow Clearance Golden Rat Hand of Fate Hotspur Jilted Maiden Jokers Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II LaPetunia Myth Chaser Odin's Scorn Red Dragon Stormbringer II Stormbull The Drunken Monkey Thunder Valkyrie Villain’s Boat Viper WTC Judgement Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, or pirate hideouts. Result tables to be posted shortly. Results by nation:
  13. August-September 619. Vol 4, Issue 4 Corrie Settlement Attacked by Lotus Fleet in New Haven Sea! Our source in the Corrish Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery sends word of conflict in the New Haven Sea. The scientifically inclined RSND has done much to explore the terrain, flora, and fauna around the small colony of Spudkirk on the island of Avestia, one of the eastern-most outposts of Halosian Society (along with the rumors of Carnian settlements further south in the New Haven Sea). But true to their nature, with their heads engulfed in scientifics and feeling safe in the far east, the Corries seem to have largely neglected defenses, a mistake that now appears to have cost them dearly! We hear that, under the cover of darkness, a fleet of five Lotii ships closed with the makeshift port, and armed men flowed into the boats and looted stores still waiting on the lower levels of the settlement. Corlander sources report that the Royal Marines put up a brave fight, but, being heavily outnumbered, could only preserve the high ground and watch the southerners make away with their loot. Spudkirk will be fighting to survive after the loss of stores, mainly machined goods, weapons and powder, and preserved foods. One wonders how the Corries will react -- will this mean war? Encounters at Sea National Trade Fleets Return Home Here in Kings Port we welcomed home our national trade fleet. We hear that it was a profitable mission, and the crews are spending plenty of coin in the pubs. They’re also telling the tale of being attacked by the Sea Rat Yellow Skull pirate fleet, known to be led by Captain Katrin deKruger aboard the ship-of-the-line Hand of Fate. The attack occurred in the Sea of Thieves, south of the island of Berelli. Our sloop Trident was damaged, but the fleet commander--aboard our flagship, the man-o-war Typhoon--expertly used the weather gauge to his advantage and maneuvered our fleet to safety. Three hurrahs for the safe and profitable return of our fleet! From the Altonian capital of Ulric we hear that the feared Sea Rat Komodo Dragon fleet, under the command of so-called “Admiral” Sinbad, attacked the Altonian national trade squadron. The attack took place just west of Prinport. Again, the Sea Rats were denied any booty by the expert seamanship of the a trade fleet captain, as the Altonians managed to damage two of the Sea Rat vessels before escaping with only slight damage to two of their own ships. All ships reported a good profit on arriving at their home port, and we offer another Hurrah! for traders eluding the Sea Rat scourge. Meanwhile, our man in Londa reports that the lone remaining Mardier trade fleet has finally returned to home port. The armed brig Marauder had returned alone last month to much dismay and gnashing of teeth in the admiralty. This month the ship-of-the-line Minerva escorted three trade ships into port, although one of them was just a sloop captured months ago from the pirate The Dragon. The trade fleet was able to fight off an attack from pirate Jan Van Sud, sinking the Black Diamond and capturing the brig Midnight Ruby before the pirate made his escape. However, after the battle, Mardier’s man-o-war Meteor, weary from the long trade mission and several battles with pirates, was forced by rough seas to seek repairs in nearby Prinport, so it will be at least another month before the entire Mardier trade fleet is whole. Meanwhile, the shipyards in Londa are busy working on replacements for the SEVEN ships from the mission’s launch that have failed to return. Carno Loses Ship From New Haven Sea From Poorvintia we receive word of troubles for Carno. The crew of the fast sloop Chameleon, returning from a supply mission to the New Haven Sea, report that they were attacked by the Sea Rat ships Myth Chaser and Narwal, both flying the black, southeast of Poorvintia. Chameleon and Cockatoo traded blows with the Sea Rat barque Narwal, sending the pirate to the bottom, but not before Cockatoo succumbed as well. The Chameleon took heavy fire from Myth Chaser, but her crew were able to outmaneuver the larger ship and make their escape. We have no word at this time what spoils of exploration and war the Cockatoo might have had in her hold. ETTC Eludes Sea Rats In Mooreton Bay the crew of the ETTC schooner Golden Filly is partying in the dockside pubs. As they sailed west through the South Prio Sea, they were attacked by the Sea Rat black-flag fleet led by The Andromeda and including ships-of-the-line Thunder and Odin’s Scorn. Although damaged, the crew of Golden Filly managed their escape and also kept their cargo safe, resulting in a whopping 500 DBs haul when they reached port. Greenie Convoys Tangle with Pirates Eslandian officials report successfully fighting off an attack by infamous pirate Zublius Von Wreck in the Cocovia Sea east of Quinnsville. The report says that they damaged ZvW’s flagship Grimwald and sank the brig Ferryman before the pirate made his escape. However, the official report fails to mention that the greenies apparently lost the squadron flagship, La Raya Venenosa, in the fight. We hear all crew were saved before the ship went under. While the traders celebrate that all their ships made it safely to port, we wonder if the greenie accountants are debating if the cost of one of their flag vessels was worth it. Meanwhile, from King’s Harbour, Eslandian trade officials report that they successfully fought off an attack by the pirate Montroy northeast of Charlatan Bay. The Eslandian escorts Migery’s Revenge, Asesino II, and La Salamandra gave fight with the pirate flagship Hades’ Fury and Montroy’s recently acquired Cardinal’s Shadow, with only the loss of the large cog Cotton Lady. Unfortunately, profits were light when the remaining ships reached port. Our reporter in King’s Harbour also tells us that he endeavored to find out if the infamous Captain Nordau was at the helm of Cardinal’s Shadow, as some wonder if he has joined forces with Montroy, but no such word was forthcoming. Corries Nearly Captures Bloody Bill From King’s Harbour we hear that Bloody Bill ran into serious trouble in what may have been an intended raid on the Corrie jewel of the Cocovia Sea. Corrish ships HMS Ironsides and Justicia joined forces with two port gunboats to deliver a serious blow to the pirate. The pirate flagship Scavenger II and most of her crew were sent to Davy Jones’ Locker, and the red coats captured the brig Vulture and the junk Dozy Dragon with only the loss of a single gunboat. While Bloody Bill was able to escape aboard his sloop Little Scavenger, the loss of 3/4ths of his ships and crew has to be a devastating setback, and a major victory for the fight against piracy in the Brick Seas! Pirate Round-Up From Belson we hear from the crew of the HMHV Athena that they were attacked by Captain Gore as they rounded the horn off the northeast coast of Namere. The infamous pirate inflicted heavy damage on HMHV Athena, forcing her down wind, and then captured the swift little yacht Pioneer. Captured crew that did not wish to stay with the pirate were made to walk the plank, but HMHV Athena was able to make its way back to the survivors after Captain Gore made his escape with Pioneer in tow. From Pontelli we hear that the crew of the xebec Satyr have made port in a long boat after their ship was attacked in the Terraversa Sea and captured by the infamous pirate LeColeon. Headed for Elizabethville, their fate appeared sealed when their ship was de-masted. But LeColeon gave them the choice to join his crew or make port in a barely sea-worthy longboat. They chose the latter, and made landfall fairly quickly, but not in time to mount any response to the pirate’s attack. From Fuerto Unido, the crew of the Garveyian trader Gazelle are reporting a harrowing tale of their encounter with the infamous Bluebeard. The pirate surprised them in the Cocovia Sea east of King’s Harbour. The Garveyian fast sloop Golden Apple was sunk, and Bluebeard captured the sloop Gun Runner, but not before the Garveyians sank both the man-o-war Blazer and the cutter Western Wind II. Bluebeard’s fleet, which included his flagship Blue Moon and the Aqua Fina (fresh from competing in the PA Cup) were last seen headed north. Mild Weather Only two storm systems of any consequence moved through the Brick Seas this month. A small system moved along the northern edge of the main sea lanes, originating near the horn and moving east across Holder’s Rock and just north of Terraversa. In the east, a heavier storm made its way through the East Prio Sea, disrupting an Eslandian convoy out of Jameston. The Golden Crescent was forced to return to port almost immediately, the schooner Midas Touch had to abandon the convoy and make port at Lavalette, and another escort was reported to have major storm damage by the time it reached Salida Este. Missing Ships In Prinport, ETTC officials anxiously await word of the arrival of the Alexander, Corland Provider, and Valkyrie en route from Belson. Our man in Arlinsport tells us that the small trade squadron was spotted northwest of Tiberia. With increased pirate activity around Baskers Island, and the rapidly growing black market on Holder’s Rock, piracy is feared. Our man in Prinport tells us the rumor going around the docks is that ships fitting the description of the Alexander and Valkyrie were seen in the company of the AQAR when it sailed into port, but ETTC officials have not been allowed on board and the identity of the two mystery ships has not been confirmed. From our sources on Tortuga we hear that members of Bloody Bill’s extended crew are claiming to have captured the Margaret, a lovely little brigantine known to be a Sea Rat trader, with the gunboat squadron assembled from captured WTC craft. Amethyst Returned The Corrish schooner Amythest, captured by Sea Rat pirates earlier this spring, was discovered this month anchored in a cove near the King's Harbour bay. Our reporter in that city tells us that Corrish officials received an anonymous tip from a messenger boy about the ship. Upon inspection they found recent battle damage and standing seawater in the hold. The entire crew was found tied up but in good health. The ship was void of all cargo and rations. A strange note was reportedly carved on the captain’s desk, but officials would not comment on what the message said. The prevailing rumor circulating the pubs is that the carving was a skull with the words “PLEASURE DOING BUSINESS GENTLEMEN.” -page 2- The Great Blue Enigma Continues Oleon’s fleets continue to defy logic and reason by refusing to sail. While some may be content with idle speculation, our man in Granoleon attempted to contact La Royal with the hope of getting answers to this great enigma. Unfortunately, this has proved easier said than done. Attempts to enter admiralty buildings were rebuffed, and when our reporter questioned officials in the streets and nearby taverns, he was greeted by the joys of an aggressive interview by la Force Publique with charges that he was an intelligence man. While we are certain that the charges will be dropped (as anyone who knows the reporter in question will quickly tell you that he may be a man, but by no means is he connected to any meaning of the word “intelligence”), we continue to wonder what secrets lay concealed behind La Royal’s continued surreptitiousness. But fortunately for our dear readers, our man in Lavalette has had better results. The RNTC was agreeable to an interview, with an official stating that the Company’s ships were held up for a “variety of reasons” ranging from the need to overhaul weathered vessels to delays in filling the massive Terramans’ holds with valuable goods. There is no doubt that this statement was inaccurate -- as the Company’s sailors are more likely to be found in a drunken stupor than in any state of productive activity -- but we are unsure at this time whether the deception was due to ignorance or duplicity. Mercantile Report In addition to the ships and crews mentioned above, we have other reports of successful merchant runs in the Brick Seas. In the west, from Belson we hear that the crews of the Alexander Keith and Filly Winds were buying rounds in several dockside taverns; our man their tells us that the two merchant captains logged nearly 900 DBs in profit between them. Our reporter in Weelond sends word that the crews of the Greenie trade fleet were also getting a head start on the upcoming Oktoberfest, with profits of nearly 300 DBs per trade ship. Despite all the doom and gloom from Londa, Mardier officials report high profits from the Maria and Wyvern. Here in Kings Port, the crew of the Namerean trader Nexus were spending freely in the pubs, although their mates on the Nymph were not happy as all, as their cargo was ruined in the rough seas on the journey from Balmin. Furthermore, the Namerean captains have been heard grumbling about the high port taxes, claiming that the fees have taken all their profits. From Westface we continue to see signs of a thriving black market, with another influx of illicit goods this month. From the near west, word from the town of Elysabethtown on the island of Berreli is that a local native pearl diver received 300 DBs for his efforts this month! Eslandian ladies there are all a twitter trying to get their husbands to buy them pearl jewelry. Meanwhile, our man in Quinnsville tells us that the crew of the WTC Riff Raft were actually seen leaving tips for the staff in several bars. (Just don’t let Agnes find out!) From the East, our man in Jameston reports that, despite the loss of La Raya Venenosa, several Eslandian merchant crews are happy with their results. Crews from the Piece of Eight II, Prince Fernando II, and El Rubi have all been seen celebrating in local bars and … other establishments. Notable Events Weelond Oktoberfest around the Corner We have it on good authority that Weelond’s annual Oktoberfest activities are to be announced shortly. Our reporter on An Holli tells us that among the activities at this year’s Oktoberfest will be keg tossing, musketry contests, and drunken equestrian events, along with the usual games, costumes, and bands, as well as butchers and brewers selling their wares. Watch for official notice any day now! Soccer Cup to Begin Soon? We have not heard yet from our reporter in Mesabi Landing on the status of the third annual Soccer Cup. With the city recovered from the tsunami earlier this year, the Red Rogues should be ready to defend their title. Initial tournaments in Trador and Bastion were a smashing success, and all sport fans around the Brick Seas anxiously await official word so they can book their passages to Mesabi Landing. ------------------------------------------- Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker: Black Diamond Blazer Cockatoo Corland Provider Cotton Lady Ferryman Golden Apple Gun Sloop No. 1 La Raya Venenosa Narwal Paddly Scavenger II Western Wind II WTC Agnes B5 Ships Captured: MOC’d: Alexander (class 3) taken from SilentWolf by Maxim I? Dozy Dragon (class 2) taken from Bloody Bill by Bregir Margaret (class 3) taken from Fraunces by Bloody Bill Pioneer (class 2) taken from Bregir by Captain Gore Satyr (class 2) taken from Bregir by LeColeon Valkyrie (class 2) taken from CelesAurivern by Maxim I? Un-MOC’d: Gun Runner (class 3) taken from Garvey by Bluebeard Midnight Ruby (class 4) taken from Jan Van Sud by Mardier Vulture (class 4) taken from Bloody Bill by Bregir Inquire by PM for ships stats. Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Andromeda Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Black Rat Cardinal’s Shadow Clearance Golden Rat Hand of Fate Hotspur Jilted Maiden Jokers Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II LaPetunia Myth Chaser Odin's Scorn Red Dragon Stormbringer II Stormbull The Drunken Monkey Thunder Villain’s Boat Viper WTC Judgement Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, or pirate hideouts. Result tables to be posted shortly.
  14. June-July 619. Vol 4, Issue 3 Mystery in Granoleon The sound of silence was deafening around Oleon ports this month, as the entire Oleon navy stayed in port! No bluecoat vessels of any sort were spotted on the Brick Seas at all, leading to speculation that something must be up in Granoleon. The rumor in some quarters is that there may be a purge in the admiralty initiated by The Faith, but lips are sealed with all of our Oleon sources. Rumors from Charlatan Bay Our man in the Sea Rat port of Charlatan Bay has managed to send us a report. Once a flourishing pirate settlement, it remains closed to most outsiders after the dramatic happenings of the last few months. The settlement, briefly occupied by Mardierian forces, was hit by a catastrophic eruption of the nearby volcano and fell into a state of complete anarchy, with pillaging and violence ensuing. What happened later is not clear. Some sailors claim that a retired pirate, Gustav von Bricktin, now controls most of the town and has succeeded in bringing back a certain degree of order. Others say that von Bricktin has organized a militia and plans on assaulting Fort Saint Millar. A merchant tells our reporter that food is being distributed to the Lowtown folk, and said he witnessed a fight between von Bricktin's militia and a street gang. There are also rumors about mysterious soldiers, supposedly Oleander, fighting side-by-side with the local militiamen. Some even claim that these men are led by an Oleander Marquis, Tristan Rimbaud, although others say he has been spotted in Granoleon. We can't confirm or deny any of these rumors, but our man in Acropolis tells us that several cargo ships apparently set sail from that port some time ago with an intended destination of Charlatan Bay. However, as noted previously, no Oleon ships have been spotted on the Brick Seas this month. Moderate Weather Favorable to Trade Only two minor storm systems moved through the Brick Seas this month. A storm originating off the northeast coast of the Madrice peninsula and moving southeast harassed a Namerean trade squadron headed for Balmin. While the squadron made it to their destination, the brig Nexus took on water and had its cargo ruined. An Altonian trade squadron also reported difficulty, with the sloop Archer also reporting all cargo lost upon arrival in Prinport. And Eslandolan officials report that La Mystique was lost in rough seas southwest of Terraversa, but that all crewmembers were able to transfer to other ships in the fleet. Meanwhile, storms moving through the Sea of Thieves into the Cocovia Sea claimed two traders, but otherwise only disrupted a couple of escorts or patrol ships. From Lavalette, the crew of the Sea Rat trader Margaret report that her sailing companion Octopus went to Davy Jones’ Locker. Our sources with the Sea Rats’ Free Trader Association also tell us FTA Sirrus was lost north of Alicentia. Corrie man-o-war HMS Ironsides was forced to return to port early after a tussle with pirates left it in poor shape to handle the worsening weather. Finally, the Corrie topsail cutter HMS Otter was diverted to New Haven, short of its intended port of Mooreton Bay. Encounters at Sea Sea Rats and Corries Clash Our man in Prinport hears that Corrish traders are talking about their encounter with the infamous Komodo Dragon squadron of the Sea Rats. Pinto Filly was damaged, but managed to lead Puffin and Turaco to safety, but could not prevent the overpowering Sea Rat fleet from taking the class 4 brig Swift. The crew of the Pinto Filly put up a good fight and were able to inflict some damage on two of the Sea Rat ships, but ultimately were lucky to escape. In a report from Jameston, we hear that a Sea Rat battle squadron led by the Andromeda decimated the WTC gunboat squadron patrolling those waters. The WTC Grey Wolf sunk, the WTC Bully Boy II was captured, and WTC Bully Boy III was damaged. The Sea Rat squadron was last seen sailing off to the west. Pirate Captured! From Stormhaven we have a report that the Corries have captured the pirate Christopher X. Apparently the pirate got a rude awakening when he encountered a pair of Corrie gunboats patrolling the local waters. With both Corrie sloops sporting mortars and heavy carronades, the aspiring pirate’s large sloops were quickly splintered and taking on water. Despite sinking Artillery Sloop No. 1, the pirate was forced to surrender his ships lest they go to Davy Jones’ Locker. We look forward to the spectacle of a pirate trial in Stormhaven! Small Nations Fight Back Against Piracy From Balmin we hear that the crew of the Namerian fast trader Nymph successfully fought off an attack by Rover, a Corrish ship flying the black. The attack occurred shortly after the Nymph left Port Raleigh, and the trader was able to sink the aggressor before the pirate could close and board their ship. A rare victory for a lone trader over the rampant piracy in the Brick Seas is to be celebrated everywhere. Our reporter on Isla de Victoria tells us that the crew of Prio trader Pearl narrowly escaped capture at the hands of Bloody Bill’s gunboat squadron. The tiny gunboats packed a punch, but the Pearl was able to outrun them and reached Fuerte Unido unscathed. With the bulk of Prio’s trade fleet also arriving at the port, rumor has it that Commodore Francisco de Pernica may authorize his escorts to hunt down the gunboats. And our man in Jameston sends word that the crew of a Carno supply squadron headed to the New Haven Sea reports that they were attacked by two Sea Rat vessels flying the black near Poorvintia in the Cocovia Sea. Carno fast sloops Chameleon and Cockatoo escaped, but the sloop Cheetah was captured by Myth Chaser and Narwal. Carno authorities are contemplating offering a bounty for the capture of the pirates. Pirate vs. Pirate! Has Captain Nordau Met His Match? From Alicentia we hear reports that onlookers observed a battle between ships all flying the black flag. Just within sight of the north coast of the island, two ships believed to belong to the pirate Montroy captured an Eslandian ship flying the black, rumored to be the Cardinal’s Shadow of the infamous Captain Nordau. One of Montroy’s ships appeared to be damaged in the fight, and there is speculation that it might not have made it far given the storm that was coming in at the time. Regardless, we can only cheer when pirates turn upon their own kind. Pirate Round-Up In another report from Prinport, our man there tells us Corrish crews from the trade squadron led by the Alexander were attacked by the pirate Jan Van Sud just southwest of Holder’s Rock. The large sloop Flying Colt was captured, and Corland Provider was damaged. The Corrish sailors claim to have damaged the pirate’s flagship, Black Diamond, before the pirate made off with his prize. Word from the mercantile quarter is that the squadron pulled in a very good profit, but the loss of Flying Colt certainly puts a damper on any celebration. In Salida Este, the crew of the carrack Eslandita is telling a harrowing tale of being attacked by the infamous pirate LeColeon. The pirate stalked them from east of Nelissa before catching them within sight of the Berelli coast. LeColeon’s fleet of five (!) ships overpowered the small squadron of two trade ships and one escort, capturing both the class 7 ship-of-the-line La Comete and the class 3 trade sloop Lady of Madrice II. The loss of La Comete, one of the largest ships in the Eslandolan navy, is quite a blow to Greenie pride. Corrish naval observers report that HMS Carnage out of Arlinsport, a class 4 war galley on patrol, has been captured by the infamous pirate Captain Gore. After sinking Jawed’s Fortune, several of Her majesty’s crew were able to abandon ship and avoid capture. Captain Gore’s fleet was seen disappearing to the north. While the loss of Jawed’s Fortune surely cost the pirate several doubloons of trading profit had she reached port, the HMS Carnage could make up for some of that loss at auction. The word from King’s Harbour is that the local the Corrie patrol chased off a squadron led by the infamous pirate Bluebeard. The pirate fleet was reportedly led by two class 5 man-o-wars, but the stout patrol squadron of HMS Pegasus, HMS Ironsides, and Justicia repelled the pirate fleet with only minor damage to Justicia (although HMS Ironsides was forced to return to port when the weather turned). Corrish officials boast that King’s Harbour continues to be a safe port for merchants from across the Brick Seas. Crahaish Triuri Missing Two Ships From Freeport we hear bad news for two ships belonging to the Crahaish Triuri. Our man in Freeport sends word that Glittering Wind, the cutter fresh from a second place finish in class at the PA Cup races in Alexport (see our full report on page 2 below), is overdue to arrive in port. There is no information at this time as to its fate, but our man in Alexport tells us the Aqua Fina, purportedly owned by Bluebeard, was seen leaving port at roughly the same time on a similar heading. Our man in Freeport also tells us that there is concern over the fate of the trader Valiant Phoenix, which is also overdue. Worse, there is a report from other ships here that the pirate fleet of Zublius Von Wreck was seen near Sabre Island towing a ship matching the Valiant Phoenix’s description. We have no comment from the Crahaish Triuri as we go to press. Overdue and Presumed Lost From Mesabi Landing we hear that the vessel known as Small Sloop is overdue in port. We have no word on its fate. -page 2- Mercantile Report Trade Agreement Pays Dividends Terraversans rejoiced as the trade agreement Archduke Oldis negotiated with Eslandola earlier this year has started to show results. An Eslandola trade fleet visited Kings Port this month, and although no taxes were collected, 1800 DBs worth of goods were delivered. We can now expect regular visits from Greenie ships in the coming months, and our national trade fleet will be able to visit many of their largest ports without the looming expense of taxes, fees, and tariffs as well. After the Garveyians grumbled about the Kings Port taxes recently and few visits from other ships, it’s good to see trade with other nations improving. ETTC Has Mixed Results ETTC crews in Belson were celebrating for two reasons this month. Not only did the Alexander, Valkyrie, and Corland Provider escape from the pirate Jan Van Sud, but they made more than 1300 DBs in profits upon arrival in the Corrie capital. However, with the capture of Flying Colt by the pirate, and damage sustained by Corland Provider, the trade run could not be counted as a success. Still, the ETTC appears to be on a firm mercantile footing. A Tale of Two Fleets Two major trade fleets made port in Nova Terreli this month, and the difference was eye-opening. The Greenies proudly called on their colonial lynchpin with a fleet of seven ships, and word from our man in Nova Terreli is that they easily made more than 1000 DBs in revenue. Meanwhile, a Mardier trade fleet of five ships limped into port and made less than half of the Greenies’ profits. Once one of two major trade fleets for Mardier, these ships now represent Mardier’s only trade fleet due to losses due to piracy earlier this year. And the remaining fleet is a shell of its former self, forced to utilize captured pirate sloops to fill out the squadron. A fleet that once inspired awe at the ports on which it called now barely garners a notice. The word from the shipyards in Londa is that Mardier is hard at work building new ships for its trade fleet. But for now, the scene from Nova Terreli is striking. Jameston Is Bustling! Jameston is quickly establishing itself as the trading center of the east. Our man there reports that 20 ships called on the port this month, and after checking with customs agents, estimates that more than 1400 DBs worth of goods were delivered. The crews of Golden Filly as well as those of Far Horizon and Golden Crescent were seen partying it up in the dockside pubs. Garvey’s Black Market Economy Thriving Our reporter in Prinport sends word that the Garveyian port was as busy as always. Official tallies from custom agents put the value of goods delivered there at more than 1400 DBs, with the crews of Turaco, Puffin, and Gilded Lilly buying rounds in several pubs. But word on the street is that the black market activity brings that number much closer to 1900 DBs. With a third of the port’s trade value due to illicit goods, it’s no wonder Garvey is known as the “Fence of Madrice.” Notable Events Pilot’s Association Racing Cup Our man in Alexport in the Grand Duchy of Prio, sends us this report on the first annual P.A. Cup: The Archduke established the Pilot's Association as an international organization dedicated to ensuring safe navigation of the Brick Seas by making pilots available throughout Terra Nova. Furthermore, the Archduke wanted to create a competition to identify the proper designs for pilot cutters. Thus the P.A. Racing Cup, a boat race for smaller vessels, was born. Races were held for class 1, class 2, and class 3 vessels. The winners ultimately faced off to determine an overall champion. There are rumors that people from many different walks of life have shown an interest in the races, not only for the prestige and the prizes, but also for the boat designs … designs that coincidentally are exactly what a pirate or smuggler might utilize! In class 1, six vessels were entered, including two Sea Rat entries and two entries from island natives. Three of the vessels were catamarans. But ultimately the winning vessel was Orion, a two-masted pilot boat from Oleon. In class 2 there were also six vessels entered: two dhows, two sloops, and two cutters. All the major nations of northern Halos were represented. The dhow Jinn was the clear winner in class, piloted by a mysterious Corrish gentleman in a bowler hat. In class 3 there were three entries: one by the Sea Rats, one apparently by the infamous pirate Bluebeard despite all protestations to the contrary, and finally a late-arriving entry – a junk crewed by settlers of Loti origin in the service of the Oleon Foreign Legion. Fireworks ultimately ensued between the first two entries, with (not) Bluebeard’s Aqua Fina proving to be the fastest. In the race to determine an overall champion, the gentleman privateer guided Jinn to a narrow victory over Aqua Fina to claim overall honors. No word yet as to where next year's competition will take place. ------------------------------------------- Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker: Artllery Sloop No. 1 Blue Thunder FTA Sirrus Jawed’s Fortune La Mystique Octopus Rover Small Sloop WTC Grey Wolf Ships Captured: MOC’d: Cardinal’s Shadow (class 6) taken from Garmadon by Montroy Flying Colt (class 3) taken from SilentWolf by Jan Van Sud Glittering Wind (class 2) taken from gedren_y by Bluebeard HMS Carnage (class 4) taken from Arlinsport by Captain Gore La Comete (class 7) taken from Eslandola by LeColeon Lady of Madrice II (class 3) taken from Capt Wolf by LeColeon Swift (class 4) taken from LM71Blackbird by MKJoshA, Roadmonkeytj, and Sea Rats Valiant Phoenix (class 3) taken from gedren_y by Zublius Von Wreck WTC Bully Boy II (class 1) taken from Drunknok by Professor Thaum and Roadmonkeytj Un-MOC’d: Cheetah (class 3f) taken from Carno by Roadmonkeytj and Bart Mary Jane (class 3) taken from Christopher X by Elizabethville and Stormhaven The Hundred (class 3) taken from Christopher X by Elizabethville and Stormhaven Inquire by PM for ships stats. Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy) Andromeda Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Black Rat Cardinal’s Shadow Clearance Golden Rat Hand of Fate Hotspur Jilted Maiden Jokers Folly Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II LaPetunia Myth Chaser Narwal Odin's Scorn Red Dragon Stormbringer II Stormbull The Drunken Monkey Thunder Villain’s Boat Viper WTC Judgement Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, or pirate hideouts. Result tables to be posted shortly.
  15. March 619. Vol 4, Issue 2 Disasters Strike Nest of Thieves and Isla del Diablo! Numerous reports have reached us here in Kingsport of a great cataclysmic conflagration on Nest of Thieves island, and that the town of Rassilon has been destroyed! While Nest of Thieves is not known to have an active volcano, many have surmised this must have been some sort of volcanic eruption, but others from the scientific community suggest that the fireball, which could be seen from miles away, may have been a celestial body plummeting to terra firma. While unaffected by this disaster, the hamlet of Takashii has officially sought protectorship from the city of Bastion and is now under their direct control. And from Isla del Diablo we hear that Haven has been overrun by giant spiders! The residents have fled to Moray’s Den. OOC: The Sea Rats have decided to downsize in the aftermath of increased costs for fort upkeep, and have worked with leadership to come up with a solution. Rassilon, Takashii, and Haven are no longer settlements. They cannot be chosen as destinations in the MRCA. Properties in Haven are now considered to be in the hinterlands of Moray’s Den. Properties in Takashii are now considered to be in the hinterlands of Bastion. Rassilon properties have expired and no longer exist. Encounters at Sea Sea Rats Continue to Terrorize Western Seas From Terreli we hear that the Yellow Skull pirate fleet, led by Captain Katrin DeKruger on the Hand of Fate, has followed up last month’s attack on an Eslandolan trade fleet with a devastating attack off the Garveyian coast on Mardier’s western trade fleet. Only the armed brig Marauder has made it to port. The brigs Mimi and Misty are both reported captured, and the large sloops Montego and Manatee went to the bottom. Crew from the Marauder claim to have sunk the Driftwood Heart, but we have heard no word of any other damage to the Sea Rat fleet. Meanwhile, the other major Sea Rat squadron, the Komodo Dragon fleet, took its turn attacking the same Eslandolan trade fleet as the Yellow Skull fleet attacked last month. Our man in Weelond tells us that Commodore Dekker fared much better this time around. The Rats attacked in the Merlonic Sea, south of Terreli, and captured the man-o-war Cannonball, but the greenies sent the Warped Wood to the bottom and damaged the Clearance. While technically a victory for the Komodo Dragon fleet, Eslandolan officials were satisfied with the defense of the trade fleet, as all trade ships made it to port, and the Cannonball can be easily replaced from the mothball fleet. Sea Rat–Corrington Cooperation Ends After assisting Corrish authorities in Quinnsville assess their defenses by launching a faux raid on the settlement, we hear from Elizabethville that the Narwal and Myth Chaser promptly attacked a small Corrie trade squadron. The crew of HMS Otter report being attacked south of Ferro Azure. Damaged, the HMS Otter managed to shield the Tuna King and escaped, but the Sea Rats made off with the schooner Amethyst. The Narwal and Myth Chaser, despite not flying the black flag at the time of the attack, are now considered outlaws and fair game for those trying to cash in on a little pirate hunting. Captain Nordau Strikes Again! (and Again?) From Stormhaven we hear that infamous Eslandolan freebooter Captain Nordau assaulted the Corrish town of Stormhaven. The Cardinal’s Shadow outgunned the fort considerably, but upon closing felt the danger of the fort’s guns and took heavy damage. Captian Nordau landed 25 men who managed to loot a mere 15DBs before being fought off by the two companies of troops stationed there. Interestingly, from Quinnsville we hear that gunboat numbers 2 and 3 returned to port damaged, and their crews claimed to have engaged Captain Nordau in the Cocovia Sea. However, with verified reports of Nordau raiding Stormhaven in the north, many are skeptical that he was near Quinnsville in the south around the same time. Speculation around the Quinnsville docks is that the morning fog played tricks on the gunboat crews, and they may have actually fired on each other! We have received no official word from the Corish admiralty on this conjecture. New Pirate in Western Seas Our man in Arlinsport sends word that there’s another greenie freebooter on the high seas. The crew of the HMS Carnage claim to have encountered the AQAR flying the black, damaging her in an exchange of volleys before the would-be pirate escaped. Battle Near Freeport Onlookers in this Garveyian settlement report seeing a sea battle raging not far off the coast, but none of the participants can now be found. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen the Sea Rat ships Drunken Money, LaPetunia, and Black Rat, all flying the black, exchange fire with three previously unseen ships that were also flying the black! The Drunken Monkey and LaPetunia took heavy damage before sinking a brig, then escaped from the remaining large sloops. Our man in Freeport says he hasn’t seen any of the ships in port, so who the Rats were fighting or where either squadron went is a mystery. Pirate Round-Up From Port Raleigh we receive word that a small Namerean trade squadron was attacked by the infamous pirate LeColeon somewhere west of Terraversa. The crew of the Nymph report that the sloop Nutmeg was sunk and the sloop Newt was captured. The crew of the Nutmeg was lost to Davy Jones’ Locker. From Lavalette we hear that near Poorvintia the pirate Montroy attacked three Oleonder gunboats on long patrol out of Astrapi. The crews of Dazzling Blue and Copper Blaze report that the dastardly pirated damaged both of their boats and captured the Blue Thunder. The crew of Blue Thunder were thrown into the sea, but were rescued by their squadron mates. Our man in Granoleon reports that crews from the bluecoat trade fleet just in from Londa report easily repelling an attack by pirate Jan Van Sud south of Aden. Both pirate ships were damaged and repelled, with no damage to the Oleonder ships whatsoever. Two Storm Systems Disrupt Shipping throughout Brick Seas Heavy rains and winds pounded the Merlonic Sea and then moved through the Sea of Storms, affecting shipping from Granoleon to Balmin and east beyond the islands. From Nova Terreli we’ve received word from Eslandolan officials that The Sapling was lost east of Weelond. Our reporter in Dortanix tells us that the Altonian trade fleet lost the sloop Altar Boy to the storm on its way around the horn. Reports from Oleon trade officials indicate the Santa Clara could not reach Londa, but rather had to make port in Balondia to wait out the storm. Additionally, The Aspiration was forced to divert to Belson before it reached Granoleon, and one of its escorts, HRS Ardent, sank in the storm. Word from LeBellan is that two merchants headed for Breshaun were blown off course but were able to make Eltina. We also hear that half of a naval patrol headed north along the coast were separated from their squadron, with Bruyant returning to Granoleon and HRS Pride of Oleon making port at Arlinsport. In the east, tropical storm Margaret started in the vicinity of Berelli and moved eastward through the Cocovia Sea and into the East Prio Sea before dissipating. The Terraversan man-o-war Typhoon did not make it home to us in Kings Port, but rather was diverted to Port Raleigh. Fortunately, the rest of our trade fleet made it home from King’s Harbour unscathed. From Alexport we hear that Mardier lost a recent prize, The Executioner, which they had taken from the pirate The Dragon. From Elysabethtown on Berelli we hear that the ETTC’s Golden Filly was forced into port there rather than make it to her intended destination of Port Raleigh on the southern part of the island, with her cargo ruined. Finally, from Mesabi Landing, the WTC Aurora sank in heavy seas as it neared port, while the WTC Seriously was able to reach port, but not before her cargo was ruined. Overdue and Presumed Lost Our reporter in Alexport sends word that The Executioner was likely not Mardier’s only loss in the east. The Mardier sloop Brass Buck is long overdue and feared lost as well. Mardier’s eastern trade fleet has called in port here, causing much consternation among the locals after their hard-won independence. The Brass Buck was a prize taken from the pirate The Dragon a couple of months back, and Mardier officials were attempting to unite the sloop with the larger trade fleet after it stayed behind last month for repairs. The Dragon is something of a folk hero in parts of Isla de Romantica and, combined with the ill feelings toward Mardier here, the loss of his former ships from Mardier’s possession is being celebrated in local pubs. Meanwhile, reports from King’s Harbour say that Corrish ships Blazer and Western Wind II are overdue from Mooreton Bay. While the recent storms may be to blame, talk on the docks is that they may have fallen prey to pirates, but no official word is forthcoming. From Mooreton Bay we hear that the Dozy Dragon is also well past its expected arrival time. Given that it was coming from Hojaroja, near that infamous pirates’ den of Tortuga, and that it was loaded with a cargo valued around 500 DBs, piracy is feared. Our man in Belson tells us that redcoat officials are anxious about the delayed arrival from Terreli of Pelican and Jawed’s Fortune. The western seas have seen an increase in pirate activity of late, and officials here are hopeful of good news, but none has been forthcoming so far. Mercantile Report Black Market Booming in Westface Markets are buzzing here in Terraversa. The national trade fleet arrived in Kings Port with some much-needed goods and reportedly turned a tidy profit. Meanwhile, the black market in Westface is a hive of activity. Word on the street is that some pirates have offloaded their ill-gotten booty on our island, but no one is naming names. Mardier Loses More Than Ships to Sea Rats Our man in Terreli reports that sources with the Mardierian trade fleet there estimate they lost more than 1200 DBs in revenue at the hands of the Yellow Skull fleet, and that doesn’t include the cost to replace ships and crew. This is clearly a major blow to a once-powerful nation that has lost its dominant status in the Brick Seas. Prio Traders Turn Profit For the first time in months, the Prio trade fleet has managed to turn a reasonable profit. Our man in King’s Harbour reports happy Prio crews in the local pubs. And, with the exception of the sloop Pearl that was diverted to Poorvintia due to the storms, the entire fleet is assembled together. Commodore de Pernica is to be commended for bringing stability to the Prio trade feet. Eslandola Fleets Return to Profitability After suffering the devastating attack at the hands of the Sea Rats’ Yellow Skull fleet last month, we have received reports of happy Greenback traders across the Brick Seas. Commodore Dekker is receiving praise for fending off an attack from the Komodo Dragon fleet and delivering nearly 900 DBs worth of goods to port in Weelond. Our man in Nova Terreli reports that despite the loss of The Sapling, Admiral de Flynt’s fleet brought in more than 1000 DBs, with the mammoth Gotheborg responsible for more than 400 DBs alone. And in the far east, our man in Jameston reports that Commodore Evercrees’ fleet brought in more than 1300 DBs, with the crew of the Prince Fernando II celebrating the most. We even hear word that profits were to be found in the quickly growing town of Salida Este, where the crew of the Cotton Lady were in fine spirits. Some Sea Rats Try Their Hand at Trade The allure of Eslandolan gold has some Sea Rats trying the mercantile life. From the greenie settlement of Fuerte Unido, our reporter sends word that the captains of The Eagle and Vic Viper were seen with full money pouches after a visit with the local brokers. Granoleon-Londa Trade Route Proves Profitable It appears Oleon trade officials have established a regular trade run between Granoleon and Londa, the Mardierian capital. With trade fleets running in both directions, we hear that Admiral Winston’s fleet of 15 vessels brought in more than 2000 DBs upon return home. Our man in Londa tells us that bluecoat traders took in more than 1100 DBs upon arriving at the northern port. And Oleon’s self-proclaimed jewel of the islands was not to be left out, as several bluecoat crews were taking in the Breshaun nightlife upon completion of their voyages. Corrington Finds Profits in Visit to Garvey Our man in Prinport tells us that Corrie crews were drinking heavily in the dockside pubs after delivering their cargos. Unofficial estimates put Corrie profits at just under 1000 DBs in the bustling port. From Quinnsville we hear of happy redcoat traders, with the crews of the Albatross and Alexander Keith particularly boisterous. In Belson the crews of Turaco and Puffin were buying rounds for landlubbers! WTC Makes Up For Storm Losses Despite the loss of the WTC Aurora and the cargo of the WTC Seriously, the remaining ships in their trade squadron, including WTC Copperhead and WTC Teamwork, brought 360 DBs worth of needed goods to the recovering city of Mesabi Landing. Notable Events New “Pilot’s Association” to Sponsor Races in Alexport Grand Duke Alexander Prio has established the Pilot's Association, an international organization dedicated to ensuring safe navigation of the Brick Seas by making pilots available throughout Terra Nova. Three grand racing tournaments will be held, each with several races in which contestants will earn points towards overall victory. One for class 1, one for class 2 and one for class 3 vessels. Entrants are expected from all over the Brick Seas. We will send a reporter to cover the competition and report in our next issue. Adventures, Missions, and Explorations Sea Rats Mystery Settlement Our man in New Nassau, the Sea Rats’ new settlement on Blonde Beach island south of Celestia and west of Ile d’Or, sends us a report that the Rats are rumored to have found a mysterious group of islands in the New Haven Sea. After battling a Lotus war junk, they came upon the small group of islands protected by jagged rocks and shrouded in fog. The exact location of this island is unknown to us at this time, but explorers headed to the New Haven Sea should be alert for pirates! Terraversa and Eslandolan Reach Trade Agreement Archduke Miro Oldis has announced that the Noble Council has completed negotiating a trade agreement with Eslandola and their Grand Ambassador, Román Fontonajo. Oldis signed the agreement that eliminates or reduces port taxes on Terraversan and Eslandolan shipping at each other’s ports, and the Eslandolan Colonial Council has ratified the treaty as well. As part of the treaty, Eslandola officially recognized Terraversan independence. Unrest in Terraversan Hinterlands In Nola Mar, locals have replaced the mayor and garrison commander and instituted martial law to combat smuggling. Locals have quarantined the area with makeshift roadblocks and we hear they have rounded up many purported smugglers. Meanwhile, dissidents in Sillitholina -- who took up arms and loudly declared their allegiance to Mardier in open affront to Terraversan authorities -- were swiftly and efficiently dealt with by L'Oluis and his troops marching from Westface. L’Olius re-established control without violence, arresting the ringleaders and dispersing the rebels’ so-called “militia.” The reason for the recent bout of lawbreaking in the hinterlands is unknown at this time. Some claim that Oleon agents are acting as provocateurs, but that appears to be nothing but the gossip mill looking for an easy scapegoat. Regardless, there had been some hope that the talks with Eslandola would lead to more than a trade agreement, but nothing is forthcoming on that front at this time, although they have built an embassy and left a permanent ambassador here in Kings Port. Perhaps Archduke Oldis will now turn his political efforts toward Corrington and see what that relationship has to offer. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker: Altar Boy Artful Dodger Brass Buck Driftwood Heart HMS “Barracuda” HRS Ardent Montego Manatee New Moon Nutmeg Pelican The Executioner The Sapling Warped Wood WTC Aurora Ships Captured: MOC’d: Amethyst (class 3) taken from Bregir by Bart/Roadmonkeytj Blazer (class 5) taken from Bregir by Bluebeard Blue Thunder (class 0) taken from Phred by Montroy Dozy Dragon (class 2) taken from Bregir by Bloody Bill Jawed's Fortune (class 7) taken from Lord Buckethead by Captain Gore Western Wind II (class 2) taken from Flavius Gratian by Bluebeard Un-MOC’d: Cannonball (class 5a) taken from Eslandola by MKJoshA Mimi (class 4a) taken from Mardier by Kwatchi/Roadmonkeytj/Professor Thaum Misty (class 4f) taken from Mardier by Kwatchi/Roadmonkeytj/Professor Thaum Newt (class 2f) taken from Namere by LeColeon Inquire by PM for ships stats. Ships Damaged at Sea: AQAR Black Diamond Cheap Trick Clearance Copper Blaze Dazzling Blue HMS Otter LaPetunia Marauder Midnight Ruby QV Gunboat No,2 QV Gunboat No.3 Reventazon The Drunken Monkey Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy!): Apollo’s Mirth AQAR Black Rat Cardinal’s Shadow Clearance Hand of Fate Hotspur Jilted Maiden Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II LaPetunia Myth Chaser Narwal Red Dragon Rover The Drunken Monkey Villain’s Boat Viper WTC Judgement Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, or pirate hideouts. Result tables to be posted shortly. Results sorted by owner:
  16. January 619. Vol 4, Issue 1 Storms Deal Blows to Shipping A severe storm front passed over Terraversa and proceeded southeast into the Sea of Thieves, causing problems for several ships making the crossing. Our national trade fleet suffered the loss of our largest trade ship, the terraman Tyche, while its escort, the man-o-war Typhoon, was forced to make port in Pontelli to avoid a similar fate. A squadron of tiny Oleonder gunboats en route for Astrapi struggled mightily with the storm, surprisingly only losing one of its number, as Blue Glare went to the bottom near Dragonstone when it couldn’t make port. The Carnian large sloop Cheetah was forced back to Port Raleigh after seas proved too rough to make it to Poorvintia. The Eslandolan independent trader Consort’s Duty reached its intended port of call in Nova Terreli, but it took on so much water during the storm that its cargo was ruined. And from Freeport we hear that the Garveyian trade squadron sailing out of Nova Terreli had a third of its cargo ruined by the storm. Meanwhile, we hear from Eltina that sudden squalls in the Sea of Storms caught several ships by surprise. Eslandian sloop Lady of Madrice II was forced to divert to Eltina when it couldn’t make it to Weelond. Oleon trader The Argo, an older brig simply trying to sail from Breshaun to Eltina, was nearly dashed on rocks off the LeBellan coast before making port, and took on so much water that its cargo was ruined. Corrington and Sea Rats Conduct Joint Military Exercise In this time of heightened security concerns, strange bedfellows abound. To wit: the city of Quinnsville arranged for the Sea Rats to conduct a simulated raid on the settlement! The Sea Rats came with the barque Narwal and man-o-war Myth Chaser and carrying a full battalion of 90 troops between them in addition to the ship crews. The city is defended by one large fort and two small forts, with a platoon of city militia and four companies of Corrish regulars supplementing the forts’ standard garrisons. Our man in Quinnsville watched the exercise from shore, and reports that after a fierce duel at range, where shot from the Quinnsville batteries fell close around the Narwal and Myth Chaser, the officers appointed as referees decided that the forts had lost with a narrow margin and the ships could proceed. However, as the ships closed to prepare for the landing, the close range engagement showed that the oaken hulls of the Sea Rat vessels stood little chance against the sturdy fortress walls. Had it been a real battle, it is likely that both ships would have been sunk or blown up. Proceeding with the maneuver, crews and troops from the ships landed for an exercise ashore against the regulars, militia, and fort garrisons of Quinnsville. Heavily outmatched, combat referees estimated that the spoils of a real battle would have been no more than 90 DBs if the raiders could make it away in safety (not to mention survived to land in the first place). Our reporter was able to get a copy of the official ”After Action” report, which reads as follows: “While the vessels involved were outgunned slightly by the forts (G15 vs G19), they proved able to overcome that weakness by luck and skill. Without this, they would have been repelled before even closing on the settlement. Going to close range (H4 vs H30), however, the disparity between the weak hulls and the strong forts would have been almost a tactical impossibility to overcome. After landing, the numbers speak for themselves: 125 attackers against 410 defenders (C25 vs C82). Nothing bar significant reinforcements would have allowed the attackers to make more than a minuscule dent in the valuables of Quinnsville.” Quinnsville officials are said to be pleased with the results. Encounters at Sea Sea Rats’ Yellow Skull Feet Devastates Eslandolan Trade Squadron From Terreli, Eslandian crews are telling the tale of a massive sea battle east of Prinport. Commodore Gerrit Dekker, in charge of the merchant fleet, was forced to transfer his flag during the battle, narrowly avoiding capture at the hands of the Yellow Skull pirate fleet under the command of Captain Katrin DeKruger. The Sea Rat fleet was six-ships strong and included Hand of Fate, Apollo’s Mirth, Hotspur, and Red Dragon, among others. Commodore Dekker was last seen entering the Trade Ministry building here in Terreli, and he has a lot of explaining to do. Captured in the battle were his flagship, Stormbringer II, the man-o-war Hammerhead, and the MCTC carrack Eslandita. Man-o-war Sleeping Siren II was the only warship to survive the encounter for the greenies, along with the merchant vessels Jon El Flurry and Santiago. The crew of the Sleeping Siren II claim to have damaged the Jilted Maiden and Driftwood Heart, but it is of little solace to the Eslandian crews tonight. Eslandola Wins Minor Victory Meanwhile, from Puerto Desafio there is some good news for the greenies. The crews of the frigate Tritao and galleon Triunfo II sailed into port with the Sea Rat man-o-war Diablo Salado in tow! The crews also report sinking the large sloop Palmetto. Perhaps that will make up for the poor profits the crews realized for their trip from the Sea of Thieves. Sea Rats Attack Pirate LeColeon? Our man in Prinport is hearing interesting rumors, but can’t get any news first-hand. The word from the rough-and-tumble quarter of port is that the Sea Rats’ infamous Komodo Dragon fleet, under the command of the notorious pirate Sinbad, attacked the fleet of the nefarious pirate LeColeon somewhere north of Bastion. It sounds like the Sea Rats gave better than they got, damaging several of LeColeon’s ships and capturing one of his vessels, but may have lost one of their own in the process. Beyond that, details are sketchy, as we have no confirmed reports of either fleet from any of our correspondents. Captain Nordau on Rampage! From Jameston the crew of the Lady Belson reports a harrowing encounter with the infamous Eslandian pirate Captain Nordau. The free-booter, sailing in the frigate Cardinal’s Shadow, stalked the Lady Belson east across the Cocovia Sea. While some crewmembers say they outran the pirate, others say Nordau simply gave up the pursuit in the South Prio Sea and turned north. But our man in Hojaroja tells us that was not all Captain Nordau was up to this month. The sleepy hamlet was attacked by the Eslandian turncoat! The pirate managed to make it through the bombardment from the fort unscathed, and as he closed, the small fort found itself overmatched and had most of its guns unseated. The raiders then proceeded with their landing temporarily undisturbed and managed to loot several properties before the superior numbers of the garrison made it out of the fort and forced the free-booters back aboard their ship. Reports from local citizens estimate that the total value of stolen goods amassed to no more than 25 DBs, the settlement being so relatively undeveloped. Pirate Round-Up While Corrie officials in King’s Harbor were focused on trials for the several members of Bluebeard’s crew, our man in Calisto reports that the pirate Montroy, captured last month, has escaped custody in the Mardierian colony. While the pirate was officially in the hands of the redcoats, there appears to be some squabbling about whether Corrie or Mardierian officials are responsible for mishandling the pirate’s confinement. Regardless, Montroy is on the loose again. A Corrish patrol out of King’s Harbour encountered the fleet of Zublius Von Wreck north of Hussar’s Isle. The patrol returned to port with ZvW’s flagship Reaper in tow, as well as the merchant sloop Amethyst, which the notorious pirate had taken from the Corries late last summer. Crew from the patrol also report damaging the other three ships in the pirate’s fleet before ZvW escaped in the brig Ferryman. The notorious pirate Bloody Bill has struck again. After a quiet couple of months, from Hojaroja we hear that the crew of the Dozy Dragon, a junk crewed by foreigners from the south but flying Corrie colors, were set upon by the bloody pirate in the South Prio Sea. She arrived in port damaged but intact, with the crew ready for a stiff drink at the hamlet’s little inn. However, we hear from Mesabi Landing that one of Bloody Bill’s ships, the sloop Dirty Harry, subsequently sprang a leak, was separated from the rest of the pirate fleet, and made port in the tsunami-ravaged city. This is either bad news for the crew, or a match made in heaven! We’ll continue to monitor our WTC sources for any news of the crew’s fate in the coming weeks. Attempting to use the local weather for cover, pirate Jan Van Sud attacked a small WTC squadron east of Tiberia, and although the WTC Teamwork and WTC Seriously were eventually forced to escape from the infamous pirate, they hung around long enough to send ZvW’s Devil’s Sea-Horse to the bottom, forcing the pirate to give up the pursuit to rescue his crew. From Stormhaven we hear that a pair of local patrol sloops encountered the pirate Bluebeard near Calisto in the Azure Sea. Although Artillery Sloop No. 1 was damaged, her crew and the crew of Gun Sloop No. 2 were celebrating sinking the Bluebird II. The bearded one escaped in the HMS “Barracuda”, reportedly now his only ship remaining from a once mighty and feared flotilla. The Corrish war galley HMS Carnage, patrolling out of Arlinsport, pursued a brig believed to belong to the pirate Captain Gore. But in the rough seas in the area this month, the pirate easily outsailed the galley and escaped unscathed. Mercantile Report Merchant crews were somewhat subdued in their celebrations this month, but there are plenty of DBs to go around for many. On the continent, from Terreli we hear that the crews of Santiago and Jon El Flurry were celebrating much more than just escaping from the Yellow Skull pirate fleet, and in Granoleon the crews of The Divination Revival, The Resurrection, and Mr. Twistie were popular with the ladies. From Weelond we hear that the crew of the massive trade ship Gotheborg was spending freely in the local taverns, and the captain of the sloop Mysterious Lady was buying drinks for total strangers! Our man in Nova Terreli tells us that there were many happy little green men there, particularly from the crew of Piece of Eight II, even after the port taxes were paid. From Rassilon we receive word that the captain of Frisking Dart was in a very good mood after delivering his cargo. Our man in Prinport tells us that the crew of the Corrie traders Turaco and Puffin were spending more than usual, and from Mooreton Bay we're told that the crews of Blazer and Western Wind II were partying late into the night. And from Lavalette we hear that the captain of the Sea Rat trader The Eagle was packing a large coin purse after receiving payment. Notable Events Corrie Diplomat Nearly Missing Again! From Port Woodhouse there is concern for a local naval supply runner known only as “Small Sloop”. She reportedly set sail from Jameston with none other than the recently found Corrish diplomat Don Isaac Montoya on board, and is now nowhere to be found! Our man in Fuerte Unido sends word that the crew of the Sally tell of seeing a small group of sloops heading west that included a small vessel in tow fitting the description of the missing boat, but that it could have easily been a group of coastal fishermen. There are no other clues to the whereabouts of “Small Sloop”. That said, Corrish officials tell the editors of the KPA that Montoya wasn’t on the boat at all, and set sail for his destination on another vessel entirely. It sounds like another close call for the Corrish diplomat. Mesabi Landing Devastation Reaches Foreign Shores Signs of the Tsunami that hit Mesabi Landing could be found at locations across the East Prio Sea this month. We have received reports from several settlements of explosives and casks of horse meat washing ashore. One report even claimed that remnants of the house Count Mesabi was rumored to have stolen from Nova Malto have been found. We at the KPA advise all our readers to be careful around any debris marked “WTC” for the time being. Merrynight across the Brick Seas Merrynight celebrations were observed this past month as far east Jameston, as far west as continental Oleon, and somewhere in-between on a small islet in the Sea of Storms. Voting for the best is still going on for a few more days, so be sure to vote. Adventures, Missions, and Explorations We received wonderful reviews on the debut of this section last month. Unfortunately, news is slower to come in on these far-flung items, so we will be issuing a special edition when we finally have those reports gathered. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker: Bluebird II Blue Glare Cyclops Devil’s Sea-Horse Killer Frog Monju Palmetto Tyche Ships Captured (all MOC’d except Hammerhead, Nightingale, and Reaper): Amethyst (class 3) taken from Zublius Von Wreck by Bregir/King’s Harbour Diablo Salado (class 5) taken from Roadmonkeytj by Legostone Eslandita (class 4) taken from MCTC by Kwatchi/Roadmonkeytk/professor thaum Hammerhead (class 5) taken from Eslandola by Kwatchi/Roadmonkeytk/professor thaum Nightingale (class 4) taken from LeColeon by MKJoshA/Rassilon Reaper (class 6) taken from Zublius Von Wreck by Bregir/King’s Harbour Small Sloop (class 1) taken from Bregir by Roadmonkeytj/TomSkippy Stormbringer II (class 6) taken from Eslandola by Kwatchi/Roadmonkeytk/professor thaum Inquire by PM for ship stats. Ships Damaged at Sea: Artillery Sloop No. 1 Black Star’s Revenge Castaway Dozy Dragon Driftwood Heart Ferryman Golden Trident Hotspur Jilted Maiden Reventazon Silent Shadow The Argo Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy!): Apollo’s Mirth Black Rat Cardinal’s Shadow Clearance Driftwood Heart Hand of Fate Hotspur Jilted Maiden Jolly Rogers Komodo Dragon II LaPetunia Red Dragon Rover The Drunken Monkey Villain’s Boat Viper Warped Wood WTC Judgement Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are now hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, or pirate hideouts. Result tables to be posted shortly. Results sorted by owner: More results to come.
  17. Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List New Terra’s independent source for shipping news. October-December 618. Vol 3, Issue 7 Captain Nordau Raids Acropolis! When last we had occasion to write about Captain Nordau, the Eslandian pirate had been captured at sea and taken to Nova Terreli. Since then, he has given his captors the slip and absconded with their ship, the frigate Cardinal’s Shadow. Our man in Elysabethtown reports that an Eslandolan squadron led by the frigate Tritao gave chase, but Nordau escaped. And now we hear from the Oleon settlement of Acropolis that the dastardly Captain Nordau has attacked their fort and engaged in a raid on the town bank! Showing superior gunnery, Captain Nordau's crew silenced the guns of the fort in only minutes and moved to engage close quarters. The fort’s walls could not be breached, but the pirate crew managed to fight its way to shore. Here, however, the Olean soldiery proved its mettle and fought off the pirate, although only after Nordau and his crew had pillaged a few shops, making away with 150 golden Olean coins! But without any Oleonder warships assigned to patrol Terra Nova, Nordau made his escape, and our agent in Leopaldis reports that the pirate captain has been spotted lounging on the beach sipping tropical drinks. Monsoon Season Upon Us! Two major weather systems have ravaged the seas this season, forcing many vessels off course, or to Davy Jones' Locker! One lingered over Holder's Rock before moving east and south towards the busy trading routes around Terraversa and Nova Terreli. Nearly half of Eslandola’s La Raya Venenosa trade squadron was forced to make for port in Westface well before reaching its intended destination of Weelond. In a divine mockery of fairness, the far east also had its share of the monsoon, with the waters around Isla de Victoria erupting in massive swells, thrusting vessels upon rocks or into port. Our man in Mesabi Landing sends word that the crew of the Satyr report that the ETTC’s Corland Supplier was lost to the storm. Fatu Hiva Attacked by Corlander Trade Company! Could this mean war? WTC claims mistaken identity From the Oleonder city of Fatu Hiva we hear reports of an outlandish affront to Redcoat-Bluecoat relations. Port defenses were forced to return fire when the WTC gunboat WTC Agnes Y1 opened fire on the forts without provocation! Moments later, there was nothing but tinder wood afloat, as the full batteries opened up. Our sources have been unable to confirm or deny any casualties on Oleon's behalf. Will this prove the dawn of new hostilities between Oleon and Corrington, reopening old wounds and rivalries? The WTC, apparently looking to get out in front of this public relations disaster, sent us the following letter: “Leaving the harbour of Jameston as part of a WTC trading convoy, the crew of a small patrol boat noticed the flag of a supposed pirate on the horizon. Against their orders, the crew – all veterans of the previous heroic pirate hunt the WTC had so expertly conducted – followed the bigger ship, apparently hoping to find its home port. Disaster struck when the rowboat followed its target near Fatu Hiva. The local forts started firing, not on the alleged pirate vessel, but on the peaceful WTC boat! Did the Oleander authorities are in league with the devil of piracy? What madness is this? The WTC demands answers!” While we anxiously await an official response from both Corrington and Oleon, we here at the KPA can add that our sources tell us that no pirate vessel was spotted by Oleon forces or ships in port at the time of the incident. Terraman Prince Alex returned to Prio Last issue we reported that the conflict between the Sea Rats and the Grand Duchy of Prio had been resolved, but we did not know all the terms. We still do not know what happened behind the scenes, but our man in Jameston reports that the Prio merchant flagship Prince Alex has been returned to the Duchy, meeting up with Prio naval vessels Pegasus and Patriot in the Corrie port. Lost Diplomat Found! As our long-time readers will recall, famed Corrish diplomat Don Isaac Montoya disappeared while visiting that nest of infamous Sea Rats, Tortuga, back in July 617 in the wake of the Nova Malto incident. Many Corries have long feared Montoya dead at the treacherous hands of the nefarious pirate Captain Benjamin Morgan, and indeed neither Montoya nor Morgan has been seen since ... until now! Our man in Jameston reports that Montoya was discovered last month by Eslandolan explorers led by Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, son of the famed merchant mogul, on the Corlander island of Celestia, and has now made his way to Jameston. Our reporter has received no explanation on how Montoya ended up on Celestia or where he has been for the last 18 months, but we are told by Corrish sources that Montoya was championing improved relations with bitter rival Oleon at the time of his disappearance. Perhaps these negotiations will continue now he has returned? And with Montoya back in civilization, maybe we shall hear from Captain Morgan again as well? Mercantile Report Some much needed good news here in Kings Port, as our national trade fleet has returned home with cargo holds filled to the brim with goods and gold. Returning from a trade run to Weelond, our traders avoided all storm and pirate activity, surely a testament to Admiral L'Olius and his maritime acumen! What’s more, Eslandian traders called on Westface this month, bringing in much-needed tax revenue. Some report the only reason they came to port was due to the monsoon breaking up their trade fleet, but clearly our port taxes were not so high as to force them to seek shelter elsewhere. And the greenies apparently did quite well with their trade ships that did make it to their intended destinations. Our man in Kieg sends word that the crew of the Green Winds III were buying drinks for the house in any pub they visited, such was the success of their trading efforts. From Weelond we hear that the MCTC’s Piece of Eight II and MAESTRO’s El Rubi were also celebrating highly profitable runs this month. Our man in Terreli reports that the crew of the Mac Quinnes also had plenty to spend in port. And from Westface we hear that the captain of Consort’s Duty was pleased with his run, although our port taxes appear to have taken a big bite out of his profits. Corrington shipping also had some celebrating to do, as our man in Terreli also reports that the crew of the ETTC ship Corland Provider were spending freely in the pubs, and from Mooreton Bay we hear that the crew of the ETTC ship Golden Filly got a larger cut than normal from their captain. By contrast, Oleon merchants in the ports of Breshaun and Granoleon arrived to find the markets saturated and the prices dumped. The two cities have been flooded with goods season after season lately, and Oleon may have to reconsider its trading strategies if it wants to maintain relevance in the Nova Terran Trade. In earlier issues, we have commented on the increasing concentration of Oleon merchant and naval marine, a concentration now reaching new heights, with 60 of 62 bluecoat vessels now docked in these ports! Some speculate that this strategy is entirely intentional and that Oleon is assembling its fleets for some nefarious goals. The recent silence from their Terraversan mission has led some here to questions their motives. Events at Sea Sea Rat pirates strike Corrington shipping From Belson we receive a report of two Corrish ships attacked north of Tiberia by Sea Rats flying the black. The HMHV Athena, just out of Arlinsport, escaped and made it to port, but the Hotspur was captured by the dastardly crews of Hand of Fate and Apollo’s Mirth. Also among the pirate fleet were two ships captured from Mardier last month, the brig Mya and sloop Marvel. The crew of the Athena claim the Mardierian traders were used as fire ships, and the Athena was lucky to escape only singed. The fate of the crew of the Hotspur is unknown, although we have unconfirmed reports that the crew were set ashore on Baskers Island Meanwhile, our man in King’s Harbour sends word that a large Sea Rat pirate fleet of four large warships, led by Viper, attacked a mid-sized Corlander convoy led by Filly Winds. Our reporter tells us the that Viper and her consorts emerged silently out of the mists and fired numerous times upon the Corrish squadron, severely damaging two out of three ships. However, all Corrish vessels made it safely to port. Locals claim the escape was due to Corlander seamanship, while others wonder if it was just a lucky shift in the wind, or if the pirates were merely making a statement. Komodo Dragon sails again! From Breshaun we learn that the infamous Komodo Dragon, feared Sea Rat pirate flagship, still roams the seas. While the Corries have recently commended Captain Cooke and the crew of the horrible old Ironsides for sinking the infamous Komodo Dragon, perhaps the praise was to quick. An Oleon patrol sailing back to the mainland from the Sea of Thieves quickly came upon a pirate fleet led by the Komodo Dragon II. The crew of The Navigator report a bloody fight in which they sunk the Golden Dragon, but not before Komodo Dragon II hit the magazine of Diligente and set it ablaze. Several ships from both sides took heavy damage, but neither managed to take any prizes. Is this the new face of piracy? Engaging national fleets in open battle, and emerging having given as good as they have been getting? Perhaps the powers of Halos must reconsider their perception of naval superiority. More suspect WTC actions Our agent in Trador sends word that crews of The Eagle and Vic Viper, members of a peaceful independent Sea Rat trade convoy, report being attacked by Corlander warships in unprovoked aggression. While some may wonder if this is an attempt by Corrington to reassert perceived naval supremacy of ages past, others point out that the Corlander vessels involved all bore the prefix "WTC" representing the same rogue trade company reported elsewhere to have attacked Oleon defenses at Fatu Hiva. The Sea Rat defenders came out of the engagement on top, though, carrying into Trador the WTC Bully Boy I as prize and definite proof of the Corlander transgression. We have no doubt Eslandian authorities at Trador will be alarmed by these aggressions against free trade, and the Sea Rats are expected to lodge an official complaint or worse. How will Corrington respond to these accusations of piracy or aggression? Child labor in pirate ventures? In the East Prio Sea, not far from Mesabi Landing, a small squadron of WTC gunboats led by the WTC Brown Bear was attacked by the pirate ship Jolly Rogers. Swift to action, the heavy guns of the WTC drove off the pirate, but stayed its killing blow in amazement as the crew of the pirate ship proved to be children, leading to the escape of the pirate. Back in port, the crew of the WTC Grey Wolf claimed they had been disabled by an enormous bombardment of potatoes from the pirate, causing the WTC craft to list over and flood. Filo Morado missing Our man in Weelond reports that the Eslandian ship Filo Morado is long overdue in port and is now presumed lost at sea. The ship may have fallen in the storms to the north, but there are also reports of pirate activity on the Filo Morado’s route. Unfortunately, its fate may never be known. Pirate Round-up Montroy captured! From Calisto we hear that the once-feared pirate Montroy is in captivity! In a desperate attempt to restore former glory to his fleets, the pirate made an attempt on the schooner Blazer and sloop Western Wind II in the Azure Sea. Sadly, reduced to only his flagship, Poseidon's Scream, Montroy found himself outmatched, was beset upon from both sides, and finally succumbed to boarding. The crews of the Corrie ships were making quite a show of the captured pirate on the Calisto docks. We have yet to learn if the redcoats intend to make him swing from the yardarm – in their typical swift justice for pirates – in Calisto, or return him to Corlander territory for a proper hanging. The Dragon's fire ravages Mardierian convoy Our man in King’s Harbour sends us quite the story this month! A self-styled privateer calling himself The Dragon, of rumored Prio descent, was set upon by a Mardierian armed trading convoy. Crews report that, even though the Mardierian convoy vastly outnumbered the pirate's small squadron, the ships of The Dragon started spewing fire, swiftly sinking two of seven Mardierian vessels – including the man-o-war Mongoose – and damaging the man-o-war Meteor. But it seems St. George was on the side of the Mardierians, and The Dragon soon had to surrender all three of his ships. However, after the Mardierians towed their prizes into port, the dapperly attired Dragon slipped away from his captors, disappearing into the crowd and making his escape. Mardierian officials are said to be furious, but none are willing to go on record with our reporter. Corrish officials offered the following statement: "Corrington can take no responsibility for Mardier's inability to take responsibility for its own prisoners, and I cannot comment on ANY rumours of Corlander involvement in the escape of an alleged Prio pirate." LeColeon captures Namerian trader The fierce pirate LeColeon has struck again. From Prinport we hear from the crew of the Namerian trader Nutmeg that the pirate set upon their small trade squadron northwest of Nelissa, capturing the two-masted schooner Nightingale and damaging the sloop Newt. Namere has only a couple of small trade fleets, so the loss of its largest, fastest trader currently plying the seas is a big blow for Namerian mercantile operations. The fate of the captured crew is yet to be determined. ZVW wrecks Carno supply lines Carno faces more difficulties in their struggle with the Kingdom of the Lotus for territory in the New Haven Seas. Such a distant conflict requires long supply lines, and from Port Raleigh the crew of the Carno trader Cheetah reports that sloops Castaway and Cyclops were lost to the pirate Zublius Von Wreck. The pirate, sailing in his flagship, the galleon Reaper, with two other ships, surprised the small Carno trade squadron in the vicinity of Poorvintia and quickly overpowered the smaller sloops. The crews were set adrift in longboats and rescued by the Cheetah, but ZvW made off with the cargo and ships. This cannot be good for Carno’s efforts in the far southeast. Bluebeard narrowly avoids capture In another report from King’s Harbour, we receive word that the feared pirate Bluebeard narrowly escaped capture at the hands of a small Corrish patrol. Bluebeard’s fleet of four vessels, including a ship still bearing the prefix "HMS" in direct affront to the redcoats, ambushed the Corrie brig, sloop and two gunboats under the command of Lieutenant Lavendwood. Lavendwood quickly got the upper hand on the bearded one, taking the flagship Blue Dagger and smaller Blue Blood as prizes while damaging the HMS Barracuda. Bluebeard managed to limp away with his now much diminished fleet, although the largely unscathed redcoats did not manage to retake the HMS Barracuda.  Jan Van Sud evades Bluecoats Our man in Granoleon reports that Oleon’s Malto Express squadron had a run-in with the pirate Jan Van Sud while patrolling the Merlonic Sea. Although the Oleon patrol had the pirate outnumbered, Van Sud made his escape by setting course for the growing storm to the northeast. Sea Rats bribe Garveyian officials? Unconfirmed rumors from Freeport suggest that the Sea Rats have bought the silence of Garveyian port authorities all across the Brick Seas. Even though we have eye witnesses that have spotted known Sea Rat pirates in various Garveyian ports, some docked in nearby out-of-the-way lagoons, all attempts to find them listed in official port registries has failed. Our reporters have met similar resistance in Sea Rat ports. As such, we cannot report definitively on the whereabouts of black flag vessels when they are docked in Garvey or Sea Rat ports. Consider yourself warned! Adventures, Missions, and Exploration North bound ... Wait, East? The WTC expedition that headed north many months ago has somehow found itself in the New Haven Sea region after a Storm at Sea. Our native source in Calinstock reports the adventures have set up shop in a centuries old tower filled with secrets. What will happen next? The land of Flightless birds? A recently rescued Garveyan sailor rowing a barrel claims the RSND has landed on the island known only to him as the Aviary. He claims seeing large dangerous birds twice the size of a minifig. He claims the only way to escape these birds is to climb a tree, as they cannot fly. What will the adventures encounter next? Count Mesabi in Corrington! Count Mesabi of the WTC is back in Belson with two new ships and is ready to bring chaos back to the Brick Seas after a year exploring the south. Count Mesabi apparently tried to meet with the Queen, who declined his visit and threatened to execute anyone who let him near her! Countess Mesabi in Namere! According to our sources, Countess Mesabi has allied with a disgraced princess of Namere, to reopen the city of Gonda to trade once more. Knowing the Mesabi name, we highly doubt this and assume she's probably trying to usurp the government of Namere or something equally catastrophic. We here at the KPA strongly recommend you cancel travel plans to Namere until the situation is resolved. Sea Rats Set Out! The Grand Sea Rat expedition into the New Haven Sea has begun, with a contingent being sent to claim a small island as part of the expedition as well. Our reporters tell us they plan to sail through waters patrolled by the Loti, so we look forward to hearing how things turn out! Padre Françoïs's search continues! The esteemed Padre continues to search for the weapon of the Gods, Zeus's thunderbolt. However, we report that he has already had to deal with Prometheans and ornery miners along his quest. Will he find the mythological weapon? We will report anything we hear. The RNTC still stirs on Terraversa The men in Westface have been released, but Henri Hollande seems to have gone into hiding. It is said that Archduke Oldis is getting impatient, but others claim he is simply suffering from the gout. We also hear rumors of Oleanders looking for some religious artifact in league with someone called the "Hunter" or whatnot. Eslandian conquerors in the New Haven Seas? Captain Janszen's fleet has long been gone in the New Haven seas. The crew from a Carno cargo ship report he is still alive, but no official word has been received from the expedition, and the Carno crew made no mention of Captain Merker or the other ships sent to rendezvous with Janszen. Many wonder if they have fallen to mysterious native rituals, succumbed to fever, conquered great riches, or simply gotten lost. Eslandola set to propose trade agreement After meeting with the Archduke and the Noble Council here in Kings Port, Grand Ambassador Fontonajo of Eslandola has yet to extend a specific offer. It is believed that Eslandolan officials are crafting a trade proposal of some sort. We anxiously await what sort of treaty they propose. Social Calendar Merrynight Season Begins The new world is filled with a diverse mix of the minifigs and cultures of old Halos, however; one of things things the majority of these minifigs share is the celebration of the winter solstice, or as it is more commonly known, Merrynight. With Merrynight fast approaching, minifigs all over the Brick Seas are preparing to celebrate according to their own traditions. We here at the KPA wish all minifigs a Happy Merrynight and look forward to reporting on the festivities in our next issue. Soccer Cup Results In a thrilling final match, The Red Rogues of Corrington defeated the Weelond Regimentals of Eslandola 4-3 to take the second annual BoBS Soccer Cup. Oleon’s Astrapi Blue Hawks defeated the Sea Rats’ Charlatan Bay Infernos 5-3 in the 3rd place match. Next year’s tournament will be played in Mesabi Landing, so start getting your protective gear in order now. Oktoberfest Wrap-up Weelond officials reported a good time had by all at this year’s Oktoberfest, with no warehouse raids or such by WTC visitors this time around. Mrs. Smith was recognized as Ms. Oktoberfest this year, with the prize money going to the long-suffering Mr. Smith. The crew of the Andromeda were the musical hit of the festival, and Bru-Haha brought their special concoction to share with all. Oleon’s Zeus missionaries attempted to bring the Faith to some debauched souls with mixed results. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ships Lost to Davy Jones’ Locker: Corland Supplier Diligente Filo Morado Golden Dragon Marvel Moana Mongoose Mya WTC Agnes Y1 WTC Drunken Dragon Ships Captured (all un-MOC’d except Hotspur and WTC Bully Boy I): Blue Dagger (class 5A) from Bluebeard by Flavius Gratian Blue Blood (class 3*) from Bluebeard by Bregir Castaway (class 2F) from Carno by Zublius Von Wreck Cyclops (class 2F) from Carno by Zublius Von Wreck Hotspur (class 6*) from Bregir by Kwatchi Nightingale (class 4F) from Namere by LeColeon Poseidon’s Scream (class 5A) from Montroy by Bregir The Executioner (class 5A) from The Dragon by Mardier Wyvern (class 3*) from The Dragon by Mardier Brass Buck (class 2*) from The Dragon by Mardier WTC Bully Boy I (class 0*) from Drunknok by Professor Thaum Inquire by PM for ship stats. Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large (all of their crews scoundrels and wanted for piracy!): Apollo’s Mirth Cardinal’s Shadow Clearance Hand of Fate Jolly Rogers Killer Frog Komodo Dragon II Rover Villain’s Boat Viper Warped Wood WTC Judgement Note that Black Flag Sea Rat ship locations are now hidden when docked in Sea Rat ports, Garveyian ports, or pirate hideouts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Results below.
  18. Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List New Terra’s independent source for shipping news. August-October 618. Vol 3, Issue 6 Most Seas Becalmed, but Storm Ravages Carno Coast While the doldrums beset the Brick Seas for much of the past two months, slowing most trade ships to a crawl, there was a bad storm off the coast of Carno that claimed several victims. Oleon trader Rhodos was separated from her trade convoy and made port in Balondia, although her cargo was unsalvageable. Our man in Dortanix reports that another Oleon trade convoy also had trouble in the storm, as both escort ships had to break off and were unable to make it around the horn. From Aden we hear that Etoile du Sud made it to safety, but that The Divination was not as lucky and went down. Finally, from Arlinsport we hear that the small Corrish trader Eliza is long overdue and, given that she was thought to be in the area of the storm, the ship and crew are presumed gone to Davy Jones’ Locker. Prio and Sea Rats Negotiate Truce The conflict between the Sea Rats and the Grand Duchy of Prio has come to an end. First there was much talk of raids and combat on the high seas, and privateers from all over were looking at the opportunity to obtain letters of marque. Then it appeared there would be some sort of mediation, and possibly a public hearing in the young settlement of Poppy Port on Sabre Island, where litigants from both sides would plead their case. But we have received word that there will be no public spectacle. We do not yet know the full terms. What we do know is that the Sea Rats have allowed the merchant ships Peacock and Pearl to return to Alexport. We also know that Duke Alexander Prio has recognized the Palmetto as a legal prize and property of the Sea Rats. We have not heard about a resolution of the infamous “bar tab” or the fate of the merchant flagship Prince Alex, but we have received definitive word that whatever the decision on those issues, the matter is considered closed. ESL Recognizes Terraversan Independence Our man at Terraversa’s Noble Council reports that Eslandola’s Grand Ambassador, Román Fontonajo, has delivered to Arch Duke Oldis and the Council an official proclamation of Eslandolan recognition of Terraversa’s independence. This official act by one of the major nations of the Brick Seas is a momentous occasion in Terraversan history! Eslandola has also established a permanent embassy in Kings Port, and also presented the Archduke with the gift of a live tiger! Our man further reports that discussions have begun on some sort of treaty, but we do not have any details at this time. Charlatan Bay’s New Mayor Re-Opens Port In an official communique from the new major of Charlatan Bay, Gustaf VonBricktin, we learn that he has officially reopened the port to any and all Sea Rat vessels. According to the official release, “All others should Anchor in the Bay and wait to be boarded before being allowed to make port. Any ship failing to do so will be seen as hostile and fired upon, survivors will be detained.” As we understand it, this means a message to the mayor (@Roadmonkeytj) for non-Sea Rats is requested prior to setting sail for Charlatan Bay. Make your travel plans accordingly! New Claims Staked Across Brick Seas Reports continue to trickle in regarding skirmishes involving Carno in the New Haven Sea region and it can be confirmed that they have officially claimed the island known as “The Glimmering Archipelago" (aka “Glimmer Island” or “Island #20”) in the far eastern Prio Sea. We hear the Carnites have established a settlement in the archipelago to use primarily as a re-supply point for their vessels travelling into the New Haven Sea region. It would seem Altonia is resolved to also become a colonial player, with their parliament officially announcing a claim on the island known as “Island of Bats” (aka “Island #4”). It is not believed that a settlement has been established at this stage and it is unknown how the northern nation plans on staging a voyage of colonization with no prior experience in the region. There are reports; however, of Altonian officials visiting existing settlements in New Terra looking for support and that the Island of Bats is being referred to as “New Altonia.” While in-fighting between the city states of Namere continues unchecked, Namerian whalers have been sighted in the northern reaches of the Brick Seas. We hear that groups of whalers from various Namerian city states have banded together in an uneasy peace to establish a re-supply settlement for their fishing fleets on the northern shore of the “Bubbling Island” (aka “Island #6”). While no announcement from what passes as a Namerian Government has been forthcoming, it is expected that the tough Namerian whalers and fisherman are in New Terra to stay. Events at Sea Mardier Trade Fleet Attacked by Black Flag Pirates When the Mardier trade fleet arrived home in Londa, escorted by Marauder, the docks were abuzz, as two ships were missing! The armed brig-of-war Mya and the large cutter-rigged trade sloop Magnolia were missing, and the armed flagship Marauder was heavily damaged. Mardierian officials have tried to clamp down on any news leaks, but according to our man in the Mardierian capital, the trade fleet was set upon by a pirate squadron somewhere west of Terraversa, and the two missing ships were captured! Some of the crew of Marauder claim to have sunk one of the pirates, a ship-of-the-line flying a black flag above their Sea Rat colors. Our man also hears that three other ships were involved in the attack, ranging in size from man-o-war to a veritable fortress of the seas, larger than a standard ship-of-the-line. The fate of the captured crews or the pirates’ whereabouts are unknown at this time, but such a strong squadron of ships, willing to attack a Mardierian trade fleet, spells trouble for all traders in the Brick Seas. Corries Victorious against Black Flag Fleet Our agent in King’s Harbour reports that the Corrish ship-of-the-line Lightning had a very productive patrol in the Sea of Thieves. Although Lightning was heavily damaged, her crew report engaging a squadron of three ships flying the black flag. With the weather gauge and the element of surprise, Lightning sent Morning Fog to the bottom and did considerable damage to Killer Frog before having to break off and head for port. Ale is flowing freely in King’s Harbour pubs tonight! Small-Time Pirate Doppleganger? Our man in Nova Terreli sends word that Cardinal’s Shadow came into port towing a rowboat! He subsequently learned that the rowboat is christened Night’s Shadow and reportedly belongs to a Captain Nordau. Word is that he was flying a black flag from his boat and had designs on raiding the port of Montario before the settlement’s new fortifications could be finished. The boat’s “captain” has been turned over to Nova Terreli port authorities for questioning. Meanwhile, from Rassilon we hear that Viper came into port towing the small sloop Frisking Dart. It too was flying a black flag and has reportedly menaced Eslandian shipping in the past under the command of Unrigged Nordau. It is unclear from the reports we have received if Captain Nordau and Unrigged Nordau are one in the same, or if either one was in fact on either the rowboat or the sloop at the time of their capture. While the man in Nova Terreli is in custody, we have not heard if the man in Rassilon has been detained at all! Pirate Round-Up Our agent in Mooreton Bay sends word that the Corrish trader Blazer was damaged in combat, but the crew is celebrating. They claim to have repelled an attack by the pirate Captain Gore in his flagship, the Escape Artist, in the vicinity of Prinport. Furthermore, all cargo made it safely to port, so the crew have money to spend. From Fuerte Unido we hear that Carno sailors report being attacked by the pirate LeColeon’s 4-ship fleet north of King’s Harbour, but the speedy sloops of the Carno traders were able to evade LeColeon’s slower ships and escape unscathed. In Quinnsville the crew of Tuna King, former MAESTRO vessel now the property of the ETTC, are telling the tale of being stalked by none other than Bluebeard! The long range chase began southwest of Calisto and continued south well past Ferro Azure, but favorable winds kept the Tuna King safely ahead of the bearded one and his fleet before the pirate turned away to the west. Our man in Nova Terreli has been busy. In addition to the rowboat, he reports that the Eslandian ship-of-the-line Tritao captured the Dark and Deep, an armed sloop belonging to the pirate Montroy. Crew of the Tritao were also celebrating sending the larger sloop Harpie to the bottom and safely escorting the galleon Triunfo II into port with a stunning payday for her cargo. However, the crew of the staatenjacht El Mensajero were not as happy; although they survived the attack from Montroy, their ship was damaged in the fight and their cargo ruined. From Trador we hear that the infamous pirate Bloody Bill turned his attention on a small group of Eslandolan coastal trade boats that ply the ports of Isla de Victoria. The crew of the Sally say that the Paddly and her valiant riflemen were captured by the bloody pirate, but not before they sank one of his boats! Bloody Bill appeared to be using a small fleet of gunboats captured from the WTC to supplement his squadron, suggesting that Bloody Bill must be operating out of a nearby port. Our agent in Poorvintia reports that the crew of the Corrish trader Amethyst rowed ashore after their ship was captured by the notorious pirate Zublius Von Wreck. The crew report that they were treated well and are grateful that they were not held for ransom. Obviously these men must have suffered mightily at the hands of ZVW to now be afraid to utter a single bad word against him! From Elizabethtown we are told that the crew of Fog Breaker narrowly avoided capture by the pirate Jan Van Sud. The attack occurred in the vicinity of Prinport, and the Fog Breaker’s crew report that they damaged the smaller of the pirate’s two ships before making their escape. Our man in Mesabi Landing reports that some WTC sailors are telling tales about giving chase to the Jolly Rogers in the vicinity of Trador, but given the source and lack of evidence, our reporter is skeptical of the claim. - page 2 - Soccer Cup Under Way! Several soccer teams from across the Brick Seas have made their way to Bastion for the second annual Soccer Cup. First round games were just starting as this paper went to press. Our man in Bastion will have a full report next issue. Good luck to all the competing teams. Debauchery in Weelond Another annual event is taking place in Weelond. The Eslandians' yearly Oktoberfest celebration has begun, with citizens from across the Brick Seas in attendance. If our man in Weelond can stay sober, we hope to have a report next issue, but knowing him, we have our doubts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ships Lost at Sea: Dark and Deep (Montroy / NPC) Eliza (Brickwolf / COR) King Archibald (kaiju / SR) Morning Fog (MKJoshA / SR) The Divination (Phred / OL) WTC Agnes Y2 (Bloody Bill / NPC) Ships Captured: Amethyst (Bregir / COR) captured by Zublius Von Wreck Dark and Deep (Montroy / NPC) captured by Legostone Frisking Dart (Garmadon / ESL) captured by MKJoshA Magnolia (Mardier) captured by Kwatchi Mya (Mardier) captured by Kwatchi Night’s Shadow (Garmadon / ESL) captured by Legostone Paddly (Legostone / ESL) captured Bloody Bill Known Black Flag Ships Still At Large: Apollo’s Mirth Hand of Fate Jolly Rogers Killer Frog Marvel Villain’s Boat Viper Warped Wood WTC Judgement --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Results (sorted by faction, then flagship). Due to problems with the spreadsheet, this is the only version available this month.
  19. Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List New Terra’s independent source for shipping news. July 618. Vol 3, Issue 5 War Between Prio and Sea Rats? Our man in Bastion reports that, despite threats of war from the Duchy of Prio, Bastion authorities did not release the Prio merchant ships Peacock or Pearl. Furthermore, our man in Alexport sends word that the crew of the man’o’war Pegasus report taking heavy damage from the Sea Rat ship-of-the-line Odin’s Scorn, and that the Sea Rats succeeded in capturing the flagship of the Prio trade fleet, Prince Alex. Diplomacy may play a part in Prio retrieving their ship, however, as the Sea Rats did not take their prize home but rather towed it into the Oleon port of Fatu Hiva, from where the Prio trade squadron had just set sail. Our man in Fatu Hiva tells us that lights were on all night in the Duchy’s consulate here, and that would-be privateers in pubs throughout the port were already readying plans to apply for letters of marque if they are forthcoming. By our calculations, Lord Alexander Prio has lost 80% of his active trade fleet to Sea Rat attacks in the past months, so we would be shocked if he does not appeal for help in some fashion. Komodo Dragon Sunk! From King’s Harbour we hear that the crew of the Corrish man’o’war HMS Ironsides, on anti-piracy patrol, sank the infamous black-flagged Sea Rat ship Komodo Dragon, but that the Corries’ patrol mate HMS Badger was captured. Meanwhile, from Lavalette we can confirm that the Sea Rats did indeed capture HMS Badger, as she was towed into the bluecoat port by the Killer Frog. Observers in Lavalette tell us that the Killer Frog and Morning Fog appear damaged, with only the smaller Warped Wood appearing no worse for wear among the Sea Rat ships. But knowing how Oleon officials have dealt with pirates in the old world, we expect dim prospects for the black-flagged fleet ever leaving the colonial port. Oleon and Corrington Spring Traps on Pirates, Harrison Torn Captured! From Granoleon we hear that the bluecoats have captured yet another pirate! Crews from the Gladiateur, HRS Ville de Granoleon, and HRS Eltina II are telling the tale of how they lured in the infamous pirate by using a ship captured from another pirate. The Blue Bayou, formerly belonging to Bluebeard’s fleet, was used to lure Harrison Torn into believing a friendly encounter was about. When the Oleon squadron came into sight, they had a commanding position and captured all three ships of Torn’s fleet! Another public trial and hanging is surely in our near future. But at what cost was this victory over the pirate? Torn’s fleet succeeded in sinking the Oleon squadron’s flagship, the ship-of-the-line HMS Tiddlywinks, before striking his colors. And from Port Raleigh we hear that the redcoats tried a similar tactic, but without quite the same results. A large squadron led by Commodore William Hawthorne used the former Sea Rat ships Pineapple Revenge and Priest’s Bounty to draw in the pirate Montroy, but he was more clever than Harrison Torn and detected the subterfuge before it was too late. Montroy’s flagship, Neptune’s Scream II, was captured, but not before the Montroy transferred to the cutter-rigged sloop Harpie and sunk the HMS Perseus. The Corrie crews report that they hit the Harpie with considerable firepower, but not enough to keep Montroy from escaping to fight again another day, but the crew of HMS Perseus were rescued. Additionally, our man in Breshaun tells us that the squadron led by the HRS Tonnant used the Poisoned Peach, captured from Gregory Decker, in a similar manner near Baskers Island, but that pirate Jan Van Sud did not fall for it, sinking the Poisoned Peach before making a clean getaway. Eslandola Experience Pays Off Our man in Freeport tells us that a greenies’ trade squadron came into port with Zublius Von Wreck’s brig Hades’ Hangman in tow! This particular squadron has been attacked by pirates three months in a row. The crew says that ZvW ambushed them near Sabre Island, but that the battle-tested crews of the escorts Long Beard and La Salamandra quickly turned the tables on the pirate. The Long Beard was lost in the battle, but her crew were instrumental in taking ZvW’s brig and largely survived. ZvW escaped aboard his flagship Reaper. Meanwhile, our man in Trador tells us that the crew of the Piece of Eight II, recently commissioned into the MCTC trade fleet, were able to ward off an attack from a pirate they are calling “The Dragon” due to the flag flying from his ships. The crew say they were set upon east of Port Raleigh and claim to have damaged one of The Dragon’s ships before making their escape. PIRATE ROUND-UP Bluebeard in Azure Sea? Our man in Calisto reports that the ETTC ship Tuna King had a narrow escape. Her crew claim to have been attacked by none other than Bluebeard in the Azure Sea, and say they damaged one of the pirate’s ships while making their escape. LeColeon Strikes The ETTC’s luck wasn’t as good in the Cocovia Sea. Sailing from Mesabi Landing, the trade squadron led by the Belson first spotted a suspicious group of three ships somewhere south of Tortuga in the South Prio Sea. As the Belson and her mates made their way west, it became clear that they were being stalked by none other than the pirate LeColeon! All attempts to lose the pirate were fruitless, and the ETTC ships were finally set upon west of Stephanique. Only the crew of the Golden Filly made it to King’s Harbour: they report that the Dancing Dogfish was sunk and that the Belson was captured! We have no word at this time on the fate of either crew. Bloody Bill Ravages WTC Defenses Again For the second month in a row, Bloody Bill has put a large dent in the WTC’s gunboat fleet. Our man in Mesabi Landing tells us that Bloody Bill sank one gunboat and captured two more, leaving only two to make it back to port after the smoke cleared. It does appear that the gunboats were able to send one of Bloody Bill’s ships, a brig not previously seen in his fleet, to Davy Jones’ Locker. However, if encounters like this continue, Bloody Bill may have more WTC-built gunboats than the WTC! Captain Gore’s Revenge Escaped from an Eslandolan prison on Bardo, Captain Gore wasted no time in attacking a small Oleon squadron near Le Bellan. Our man in Breshaun reports that while Gore sank The Athena and Pulsar and damaged The Resurrection, the latter’s crew claim to have sunk Gore’s flagship, Decker’s Revenge, while damaging Gore’s brig Escape Artist. Fair Weather for Most of Brick Seas Very few weather-related mishaps were reported this month. A sudden squall in the Sea of Storms forced the Sea Rats’ HMS Pendragon and Oleon’s The Taurus to divert to Arlinsport on their way from Dortanix to the island of Le Bellan when encountering rough waters entering the Sea of Storms. And from Rassillon we hear that the Sea Rat ships Viper and WTC Judgement had to rescue the crew of Calamity Strikes as that ship sprung a leak and sank in the Sea of Thieves before it could make it back to port. -page 2- Oleon Terrified of Things That Go Bump in the Night Recent reports from Fatu Hiva suggest that Oleon and Ile de Or’s native population are terrified of some unknown threat lurking in the island’s jungle. While the logical course of action would be to investigate, Oleon’s colonial authorities are either too incompetent to do so or too afraid of their own shadows to venture outside. This inaction on Oleon’s part has created a huge opportunity for adventurers, as the island’s governor is offering rich rewards to anyone who can help restore peace and tranquility. Oleon Abandons Naval Defense of Eastern Colonies Practically three quarters of all bluecoat ships on the Brick Seas are anchored in Breshaun today, and the other quarter are in Granoleon. In fact, we could only find reports of two Oleonder ships west of the Sea of Storms: FTA The Gargoyle and Supreme, currently in the port of Bastion. Perhaps the terror in Fatu Hiva has driven bluecoat shipping sailing away in fear. Sea Rats and WTC Reach an Agreement Finally negotiating with their moral equals, the WTC appears to have made a deal with the pirate Sinbad to free the ships HMS Red Angel and Lightning. After a brief detainment, it appears that both vessels will be free to go after paying a nominal ransom to the pirate lord, who is no doubt content with his prior victory over these ships. Nonetheless, given some of our more recent combat reports, it remains to be seen if the pirates will be so generous the next time. Mardier Not Deterred by Port Taxes, But Are the Greenies? Mardier trade fleets sailed into Kings Port and Nova Terreli this month, despite those ports’ new taxes, making a statement that they will not be deterred from visiting any port they choose. Here in Terraversa we are relieved to see some shipping returning after the disastrous results last month, but other than Terraversan ships, Mardier’s trade fleet were the only other visitors to our capital. From Nova Terreli we hear that Mardier’s trade fleet were the only ships in port other than a handful of Eslandian ships. We also hear from Pontelli that some Eslandian ships that usually visit Nova Terreli chose the smaller tax-free port this month. Corrie Ships Still Protesting Oleon Port Taxes The ships Dolfijn and Sapphire Seas remained in the ports of Breshaun and Lavalette, respectively, for the second month in a row. The Montoya estate appears to be making a statement by refusing to pay the Oleon port taxes, and neither side has budged on the matter. From Lavalette we hear that the Sapphire Seas’ crew is getting a little stir crazy, but our man in Breshaun tells us the crew of the Dolfijn is out on the town every evening. -page 3- Corrington Looks to Ship Off Disappointing Heirs As part of its effort to help provide the disgraced offspring of nobles with a motivation to leave polite society and travel to the obscure colonies, Corrington has created the Royal Society of Natural Discovery. No doubt this organization will soon prove a lure for those young rakes who have no chance of living in civilized society, as they will now have the chance to enjoy their selves taking government-sponsored day trips throughout Corrington’s colonies. No doubt they will make many new discoveries of an intoxicated nature, but perhaps Corrington’s efforts would be better spent if they bothered to properly raise their children at a young age. Eslandola Music Festival Ends After weeks of drinking, music, and celebration, the MCTC officials in Bardo have declared their annual music festival to be over. A musician going by the name of Miss Kitty was granted the title of The Golden Bard of Bardo, though our sources report that The Tone-Deaf Terror would be more appropriate. RNTC Dividends Disappoint Coming off a very successful first quarter, the RNTC’s shareholders will no doubt be disappointed by the fact that the company is not paying a dividend in the second quarter. While still showing a profit, the company’s board seems to think that they can spend the doubloons better than the monies’ rightful owners. And they may be right, considering that the last quarter saw over 2,700 DBs spent to acquire licenses, more than the company spent in its entire first year. Our financial analysts remain astonished that anyone would continue to hold this stock, but perhaps its status as the only publicly traded stock in the Brick Seas has earned it a special place in many portfolios. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ships Captured in July (ship stats will be provided to new owners by PM) -------------------------------------------------------------- Belson (ETTC) (class 5, MOC) captured by LeColeon Bloody Compass (Harrison Torn) (class 5, no MOC) captured by Oleon Devil’s Barnacle (Harrison Torn) (class 2, no MOC) captured by Oleon Gray Lilly (Harrison Torn) (class 3, no MOC) captured by Oleon Hades’ Hangman (Zublius Von Wreck) (class 4, no MOC) captured by Eslandola HMS Badger (Corrington) (class 5, MOC) captured by MKJoshA Neptune’s Scream II (Montroy) (class 5, no MOC) captured by Corrington Prince Alex (Romantica) (class 5, no MOC) captured by Roadmonkeytj and professor thaum WTC Agnes Y2 (Drunknok) (class 0, MOC) captured by Bloody Bill WTC Agnes Y4 (Drunknok) (class 0, MOC) captured by Bloody Bill Ships Lost at Sea in July ------------------------------------- Calamity Strikes (MKJoshA) Dancing Dogfish (ETTC) Decker’s Revenge (Captain Gore) HMS Perseus (Corrington) HMS Tiddlywinks (Dukesc) Komodo Dragon (MKJoshA) Long Beard (Puerto Desafio) Poisoned Peach (Bodi) Pulsar (Dukesc) Ravenclaw (Bloody Bill) The Athena (Kotz) WTC Agnes Y5 (Drunknok) Results by ship: Results by owner: Results by nationality:
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  21. Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List New Terra’s independent source for shipping news. May-June 618. Vol 3, Issue 4 TRADE WARS! Multiple Ports Levy Taxes on Shipping throughout Brick Seas The new harbor fees and customs duties announced by Archduke Oldis and Grand Admiral L’Olius last month were supposed to help fund Terraversa’s infrastructure and defense. The logic was that foreign merchants, whose shipping clogged our ports and roads, wearing down our docks and avenues with their overburdened wagons, would be required to make contributions to the Terraversan government. Those payments would ensure that the people actually using the infrastructure were the ones paying for it, so that the poor citizens of Terraversa aren’t suffering burdensome taxation to enrich foreign merchants. Not to be outdone, Eslandola, the once proud supporters of free trade, were quick to begin implementing taxes of their own. It remains unclear why a nation presenting itself as a group of enlightened traders would ignore all logic and reason to participate in a trade war, although our sources in Nova Terreli tell us this move was not authorized by their colonial council, but rather an independent decision of local leaders. The Oleanese can be forgiven their port taxes, as they are slaves to their superstition and would jump off a cliff if they thought a dove told them to, but there can be no forgiveness for those who should be capable of reading a simple pamphlet on economics and the benefits of reducing barriers to trade. Meanwhile, mere months after its founding, the Free Traders Association has quickly proven that, like all lawless Sea Rats, their words mean little. In this case, they have apparently engaged in backroom dealings to ensure that “free trade” doesn’t come to Charlatan Bay. While this may enrich these piratical sailors, it won’t do the settlement’s citizens any good. And for proof that these taxes won’t help any of the locals in these settlements, we return home to Terraversa, where no ships visited either Kings Port or Westface this month, and local merchants are up in arms! Inexplicably, Nova Terreli was the second busiest port in all the Brick Seas. Our man in Charlatan Bay reports that even that port had reasonable activity, although most of it purportedly was by dastardly pirates fencing ill-gotten booty. Why was Terraversa hit the hardest? We don’t know, but something must be done about the situation here quickly, as merchant families go hungry tonight. We can only hope that leaders throughout the Brick Seas swiftly eliminate these taxes and prohibitions before they grow out of hand. PIRATE ROUND-UP Sea Rats and Corrington Tangle Again Our man in Bastion has plenty to report. The infamous Sea Rat Komodo Dragon squadron, looking none the worse for wear, sailed into port with the WTC Judgement in tow. That would seem to be bad enough for the Corries, but soon after that, the remainder of the Corrish squadron, consisting of HMS Red Angel and Lightning -- both looking heavily damaged -- sailed into Bastion of their own accord! We are anxiously trying to get more word from our reporter as to what fate may await those two ships. Pirates Decimate WTC Coastal Defense Fleet From Jameston we hear reports that pirates Bloody Bill and LeColeon, working together once again, ravaged the coastal gunboat fleet recently launched by the WTC. Apparently the gunboats were on coastal patrol between Mesabi Landing on Cascadia and Jameston on Celestia when the pirates attacked, capturing one gunboat, sinking two others, and damaging yet another before it and its only other squadron mate escaped. While not a meaningful haul for the pirates, it’s another blow to Corrish pride -- not to mention security -- in the East Prio Sea. Captain Gore Escapes! Our readers may remember that last month Eslandola's pirate hunting ship Cardinal II captured the pirate Captain Gore, the former right-hand man to Gregory Decker. While many expected the Greenies to follow in Oleon's footsteps and give this man the same fate his captain suffered, it appears that they have failed to do so. Our sources in Bardo report that the local authorities were so concerned with the music festival that they neglected to try their prisoner, giving him the time to plot and execute a daring escape! We fully expect Captain Gore to set forth and seek revenge against his prior captors. Bad Luck for ZvW; Good Luck for Fortune Hunters? Zublius Von Wreck had his flagship sunk by one of the WTC gunboats last month, and his new flagship is gone as well. Or is it? Our man on Berelli (or Annetta if you prefer) reports that the man’o’war Ghost Harvester II struck a hidden shoal off the eastern coast of the island, north of Port Raleigh. We know this because a local native pearl diver was in the area in his canoe. When he went to offer assistance, the dastardly Von Wreck stole his pearls! The pirates then transferred to their companion brig, Hades’ Hangman, and fled the scene without salvaging much of anything from the doomed ship except the crew. But from the description of the sinking, it sounds like the ship is salvageable. Enterprising seafarers might be able to salvage the wreck and repair it. We are anxious to hear if anyone makes such an attempt, as class 5 man’o’wars don’t grow on trees. Harrison Torn Deals Blow to Oleon Our man in Breshaun reports that crewmembers of the HMS Tiddlywinks and her squadron mates were talking of a battle with a pirate fleet belonging to Harrison Torn near the Oleon capital of Granoleon. Despite Oleon’s powerful anti-piracy squadron having the weather gauge and an advantage in numbers and tonnage, Bluecoat spirits were somber, as The Galaxie went to the bottom in the battle, and Torn escaped with only minor damage to one ship. Oleander officials tried to paint a rosy picture, highlighting how no trade ships were harmed by piracy this month, but it sounds to us like a hollow boast. This Time Greenies Outrun Montroy From King’s Harbour we hear that a small Eslandolan trade squadron was relieved to make it to port. Crewmen of the Long Beard and La Salamandra, who were attacked by the pirate Montroy last month, once again tangled with the pirate on their voyage from Trador. Sighting the convoy south of Tortuga, Montroy stalked the Greenies through the South Prio Seas, but this time the Eslandolan convoy was able to maintain separation and make it to port safely. Bluebeard Strikes Corrish Shipping Our man in Arlinsport tells us that the crew of the Corrish trader Alexander reports becoming separated from its sailing partner HMS "Barracuda" shortly after leaving Nova Terreli and do not know their whereabouts. We can offer some help, as our man in Charlatan Bay sends word that the crew of HMS "Barracuda" was dropped off in that port by none other than Bluebeard, and that the infamous pirate had the Barracuda manned with a prize crew and sailed off. TENSIONS MOUNT IN SEVERAL PORTS Corrington Protests Oleon Taxes in Breshaun and Lavalette In an apparent test of Oleon and Corrington resolve, the Corrish ships Dolfijn and Sapphire Seas sailed into the Oleon ports of Breshaun and Lavalette respectively last month. Ibn al’Sayeed, speaking for the Montoya Estate as owner of the ships, has issued a public letter decrying the Oleander port taxes and refuses to pay them. The ships remain docked until the matter can be resolved. Sea Rats Detain Prio Ships in Bastion Two months ago Prio representatives were outraged when the Sea Rats captured one of their trade ships. Last month a Prio trade fleet captured Misfortune’s Wrath and sank Dark Narwhal. Now two Prio traders, Peacock and Pearl, have been detained in Bastion for what Sea Rat authorities have claimed is an unpaid bar tab! The captains have registered their complaint, but the ships were not allowed to leave port this month, and a resolution is not in sight. How will Prio respond? We will continue to monitor this situation for our readers. Eslandola and Mardier Showdown in Belson First, our man in Belson reports that large trade fleets for both Eslandola and Mardier, each escorted by a squadron of powerful warships, sailed into the Corrish capital at practically the same time. Corrish officials are on high alert trying to nip any dockside problems in the bud. As of yet, our man has not reported any incidents, but there is no love lost between these sailors, and the Greenies’ Commodore de Flynt of the galleon Espada de Luna is not known as the friendliest fellow on the seas. Further, rum and doubloons can only cause problems. The KPA advises travelers to be careful if going to Belson this month. Oleon and Sea Rat Trade Fleets Share Docks in Dortanix Meanwhile, the Mardier port of Dortanix is the scene of another potential tinderbox. Two Bluecoat trade squadrons and a naval squadron led by HRS Pride of Oleon entered port over the course of a two-day period. During that time, two separate Sea Rat trade squadrons also made port. While not as hot a scene as in Belson, we hear that tensions are high, and the KPA advises caution to those traveling to Dortanix as well. - Page 2 - Sea of Storms Claims Two for Davy Jones Locker Bad weather in the appropriately named Sea of Storms caused Oleon’s Licorne to sink shortly after leaving Breshaun. Eslandola’s Lady of Madrice met the same fate as she left Weelond. Her companion, Mysterious Lady, nearly met the same fate, but was able to reach the port of Bardo safely. All three ships were members of large trade convoys, proving that there isn’t always safety in numbers. Trade Ship Missing Our man in Puerto Desafio reports that the Eslandola trader Eerie is overdue to arrive in port. Debris has been found off the western tip of Isla de Victoria, and authorities now fear the worst. If the wreckage is that of the Eerie, it is unknown whether she succumbed to bad weather, hidden shoals, or piracy. Royal University of Tiberia Corrington’s devotion to education and the sciences continues. Our man in Arlinsport reports that the University of Tiberia has announced a capital improvements campaign, seeking royal status. Anyone interested in joining their efforts should consult the university’s public statements for particulars. Corrish Bureaucracy Growing to Meet the Needs of the Growing Bureaucracy Rumors are surfacing that Corrington is looking to compete with Oleon to develop the most bloated bureaucracy on the Brick Seas. Although complex on paper, the Corries have largely left positions in their colonial government unfilled until now. Already candidates from across Corrington are groveling before equally inept governors and admirals, hoping that their embarrassment may earn them a position they can use to extort bribes from merchants and commoners. At this rate, everyone in Corrington will hold some official title before their harlot queen finds a proper husband. RNTC Dividends or Disaster? As the second quarter draws to a close, many shareholders in the RNTC are eagerly awaiting the company’s earnings announcement, expected to take place in early July. Last quarter saw a dividend of 33 DBs/share, and with the most recent revenue reports from the ships, the RNTC could very easily double that this quarter. Nonetheless, the company’s officers are known for their shrewd accounting and corrupt spending to keep their dividend low, so it remains to be seen how much of their rightful earnings the shareholders will actually see. More On Free Trade The WTC issued the following statement: The recent attempts at protectionism -- five settlements from three nations have recently imposed heavy taxes on their ports -- have not gone unnoticed by the WTC. It shall hereby be known all over the Brick Seas that Mesabi Landing remains open and tax-free for traders from all nations! Honouring the spirit of free trade and collaboration, the WTC can assure everybody that their cargo is safe and ship will not be stolen in Mesabi Landing. Most of the time. We also received the following statement from Nest of Thieves: As others are instituting taxes, Nest of Thieves is the last free-of-charge island destination for the crossing from the Old World. Nest of Thieves is the place to be, the place to refuel. Enjoy the pub of Bastion and its busy and friendly docks, the healthy shores, the paradisiac beaches of Rassilon, pretty native girls, and colorful true pirates ships all around the island. Enjoy a rejuvenating break on the sunny Nest of Thieves! ------------------------------------ Ships Captured in May: WTC Judgement (class 7, MOC’d) captured by Komodo Dragon (MKJoshA / Sea Rats) HMS "Barracuda" (class 2, MOC'd) captured by Blue Dagger (Bluebeard / NPC) WTC Agnes B5 (class 0, MOC'd) captured by Little Scavenger (Bloody Bill / NPC) Ships Damaged in May: WTC Agnes B4 (Drunknok / COR) HMS Red Angel (Mesabi / COR) Lightning (LM71Blackbird / COR) Jolly Rogers (Professor Thaum / SR) Scavenger II (Bloody Bill / NPC) Dirty Harry (Bloody Bill / NPC) Bluebird II (Bluebeard / NPC) Gray Lilly (Harrison Torn / NPC) Ships Lost at Sea in May: HMS Gauntlet (Corrington / COR) Eerie (Legostone / ESL) The Galaxie (Dukesc / OL) Licorne (RNTC / OL) Lady of Madrice (Capt Wolf / ESL) WTC Agnes B1 (Drunknok / COR) WTC Agnes B3 (Drunknok / COR) --- Results sorted by owner: Results sorted by ship: Results sorted by faction:
  22. The sign-up deadline for the next Adventure MRCA and Trade MRCA is May 30, midnight, anywhere in the world. ---------------- Players can sign up for both the Adventure MRCA and the Trade MRCA, but individual ships can only participate in one or the other, not both simultaneously. To sign-up for the Adventure MRCA, read the rules here and then sign-up via this form. To sign-up for the Trade MRCA, read the rules here and then sign-up via this form. For a ship to take part in either MRCA, it must be licensed. You can license your ship under the new ship rules via this form. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kings Port Advertiser - Extra! The editorial office of the KPA has just received this notice from the highest authorities: Kings Port, May 618 AE Henceforth, the Independent Nation of Terraversa will levy upon all foreign vessels calling on our ports harbor fees of 20 DBs per ship level, plus customs duty of 25% of cargo value. We welcome all traders, and even warships utilizing our ports, but must see our expenses covered. Signed Archduke Miro Oldis and Grand Admiral of the Fleet L'Olius ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consult this map for trade zone numbers before submitting any forms: And here are the trade values as of May 14, 618. When filling out your MRCA form, please make sure you spell the ports exactly as they appear below. Settlement Faction Zone Trade Value Acropolis OL 24 18 Aden CAR 2 120 Alexport PRI 29 90 Arlinsport COR 6 287 Astrapi OL 23 179 Balmin NAM 2 175 Balondia COR 2 100 Bardo ESL 8 180 Baskers Island MAR 6 78 Bastion SR 18 232 Belson COR 4 604 Breshaun OL 7 723 Calisto MAR 25 45 Camp Isaac COR 35 40 Cecropia OL 22 41 Charlatan Bay SR 24 257 Dortanix MAR 1 359 Dragonstone OL 20 18 Elizabethville COR 22 162 Eltina OL 7 243 Elysabethtown ESL 20 146 Fatu Hiva OL 35 149 Fortaleza Victoria ESL 32 5 Freeport GAR 27 150 Fuerte Unido ESL 32 170 Granoleon OL 5 599 Haven SR 21 36 Hojaroja ESL 32 33 Hussar’s Isle COR 24 9 Jameston COR 35 292 Kieg GAR 3 399 King’s Harbour COR 24 294 Kings Port TER 13 521 La Puebloto ESL 32 5 Lavalette OL 28 162 Leopaldis GAR 24 68 Londa MAR 2 399 Mehit ESL 32 5 Mesabi Landing COR 35 272 Montario ESL 17 92 Mooreton Bay COR 24 247 Moray’s Den SR 21 18 Myzectlan COR 35 54 New Haven COR 24 52 Nova Malto ESL 32 90 Nova Terreli ESL 17 571 Pontelli ESL 17 170 Poorvintia Poppy Port CAR SR 26 26 30 23 Port Raleigh COR 20 70 Port Wilks ESL 22 14 Port Woodhouse COR 35 48 Prinport GAR 9 522 Puerto Alijo ESL 20 5 Puerto Desafio ESL 32 130 Quinnsville COR 24 172 Rassilon SR 18 145 Salida Este ESL 23 107 Stedor ESL 3 200 Stormhaven COR 22 56 Takashii SR 18 18 Terreli ESL 3 599 Tortuga SR 32 90 Trador ESL 32 283 Ulric ALT 1 200 Weelond ESL 8 408 Westface TER 13 341 Windfall Island OL 28 9 Yeldo COR 1 361
  23. Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List New Terra’s independent source for shipping news. April 618. Vol 3, Issue 3 CONTACT IN THE NEW HAVEN SEA! Some of us at the KPA have been wondering why the Carno trade fleet plying the Brick Seas these days has been so small. Now we have an idea why. Our man in Poorvintia reports that several Carno ships have just returned from an extended voyage in the New Haven Sea to the southeast. The ship captains are trying to keep the crews quiet, but KPA reporters know how to expense report a few rounds of drinks far too well to not get the story. Carno has apparently established a settlement on an extremely large island in the southwest portion of the sea. However, they have also discovered a rival settlement by the Kingdom of the Lotus from southern Halos! Initial contact apparently did not go well, and from the battle scars on some of the returning ships and the activity around the naval office in Poorvintia, we can only guess that Carno is preparing for a fight! GARVEYIAN PORT SACKED As the “Fence of Madrice,” many assume Garvey is immune in some way to the ravages of the pirate scourge in the Brick Seas, but that is not the case. The port of Leopaldis was the victim of a harassing raid by pirates this month! With no vessels on patrol to protect the town, a powerful pirate fleet pounded the small fortifications and raided the town bank, fleeing with their booty before the militia could be summoned. No trade ships were harmed in port, and business continues as usual today, but the town is now in poor financial shape and it will take some time to rebuild their reserves. SHIPPING REPORT Corries Scrap with Sea Rats Again Our man in King’s Harbour reports that a large Corrish fleet sailed into port with two captured Sea Rat vessels: the Priest’s Bounty and the notorious Pineapple Revenge! Red coat crews also claimed to have damaged the Sea Rat flagship Komodo Dragon. The crew of Pineapple Revenge have protested, noting that they were not flying the black, but the Corrie crews point out that Priest’s Bounty and Komodo Dragon were flying the back, making the entire squadron fair game. All was not cheers and huzzahs for the red coats, however, as fleet flagship HMS Wentham went down in the fight. Have We Finally Heard the Last of Gregory Decker? From Bardo we have news that the Eslandolan pirate hunting ship Cardinal II came into port with TWO ships in tow: the sloop Butcher and the brig of war Blood and Guts, reportedly belonging to a former Gregory Decker associate calling himself Captain Gore. The fledgling pirate captain was captured along with his ships, so it looks like we’ll have another pirate hanging this month. At least Captain Gore will have the lovely sounds of Bardo’s music festival to listen to until he hangs from the gallows! On the down side for the Greenies, however, our man in Bardo also reports that the galleon Triunfo was lost in the course of making the captures. Prio Gets Revenge Last month Prio representatives were outraged that Sea Rats captured one of their trade ships and snuck out of the Corrie port of Jameston before satisfaction could be obtained. So, it looks like Prio has taken matters into its own hands. We hear from Isla Romantica that the Prio trade fleet, led by the man’o’war Pegasus, sailed into Alexport with a prize crew aboard Misfortune’s Wrath! And crews were happy to report they also sank the Dark Narwhal, while at the same time mourning the loss of the armed sloop Patriot to Davy Jones’ Locker. Is this the end of hostilities between Prio and the Sea Rats, or only the beginning? LeColeon Teams Up with Bloody Bill and Montroy! Are we seeing the emergence of a dire pirate threat in the Prio Seas? Remnants of an Eslandola trade fleet pulled into the Trador port missing two of its ships. While the escorts Long Beard and La Salamandra arrived intact, as did the trader Dark Spirit, crews report to our man in Trador that Cotton Lady and Tuna King were captured by a pirate fleet with ships of both pirate Montroy and pirate LeColeon! And far to the west in Quinnsville, we hear that the small Corrish xebec Satyr narrowly escaped a pirate fleet that included the flagships of both Bloody Bill and LeColeon! Does LeColeon control a pirate fleet larger than anyone could imagine? Have the pirates banded together to fight the increasing patrols from Corrington and Eslandola? What other pirates might join their force? These are dangerous times indeed. Bluebeard to Ransom Corrie Crews? The Corrish man’o’war HMS Proserpine and xebec Lady Jacqueline have not been heard from, but our man in Calisto believes that the pirate Bluebeard may have crews of one or both of the ships hidden away somewhere. We await more news on the fate of the men and their ships. ZvW Strikes Again From Poorvintia we hear the crew of the WTC Riff Raft are reporting that their ship was damaged in an encounter with Zublius Von Wreck in the Cocovia Sea. The WTC crew claim to have sunk ZvW’s man’o’war flagship, Ghost Harvester, but can offer no proof, and we in the KPA offices find their claim suspect. Harrison Torn Attacks Corrington Trade Fleet In Nova Terreli the crew of the Corrish cutter-rigged sloop Alexander is telling the tale of their narrow escape from the clutches of Harrison Torn’s pirate fleet in the Sea of Storms. Their squadron mates were not so lucky, as the schooner Pinto Filly went to the bottom and Torn captured The Defiance. A New Pirate to be Reckoned With? From Lavalette we hear the crew of Sapphire Seas is busy repairing damage from a pirate man’o’war flying a new “Jolly Roger”. We don’t know the name of this pirate, but he was reportedly also flying Sea Rat colors. Be on the lookout for this new threat. Namere Traders Fare Well Our man in Belson tells us that the large Namereian trade fleet that left Kings Port earlier this month arrived in the Corrish capital safely and turned a handsome profit on their cargo of Terraversan goods. We can only assume that other traders will quickly realize the wisdom of calling on our port and the profit in trading for our fine wares. POLITICS King’s Harbour Celebrates The end of last month saw a veritable Who’s Who of the Brick Seas gather for festivities celebrating the rapid growth of the city of King’s Harbour. Corrington pulled out all the stops to put on quite a party. Not only was a good time apparently had by all, but our reporter on the scene tells us that a lot of political and business connections were fast at work throughout the evening, as were spies of all nations! If you’ve been trying to keep a secret lately, we hope for your sake that you weren’t at the ball! RNTC Spending Spree Our man in Lavalette reports that the Royal New Terra Company is looking to purchase properties in that settlement, offering three times the going rate for factories, artisan shops, prospective mines, and enhancements to the town’s arts and culture, and twice the going rate for other properties. Our man also tells us the RNTC is looking to purchase several large ships. While we understand the RNTC recently paid its first ever dividend to shareholders, we imagine those shareholders are furious at such reckless proposed spending by the company! Eslandolan Council Takes Bribe If it seems the Sea Rats got off easy after attacking an Eslandolan trade fleet last month, perhaps the reason is that the greenies can be bought! That’s right, despite all the claims of a returned ship and a Sea Rat on trial, our sources in Weelond tell us that the real price was a few bottles of cheap swill delivered to the Colonial Council! In civilized nations, this would be a scandal, but in Eslandola, apparently this is just called “doing business.” Where is the outrage? EDITORIAL What Are Oleon’s Intentions? We at the KPA offices have been following with keen interest the visit to Kings Port of representatives of Oleon’s Royal New Terra Company these past weeks. Archduke Oldis was initially insulted by the low-ranking officials sent to our fair island, as were we all, but the mood from the royal palace has improved of late, and the Oleonders are still here, but to what end? While Oleon sends mere merchant officers to Terraversa, we hear from Londa that Oleon sent a royal ambassador to negotiate with the Mardierians. All the while, Oleon’s King Philip back in Granoleon has yet to officially recognize our hard-won independence from Mardier. We at the KPA offices urge Archduke Oldis to be wary of the olive branch the Oleonders appear to be offering with their left hand. Oleon boasts a new arsenal in Astrapi, nearly their entire navy has gathered in Breshaun, and there are rumors from Westface of bluecoat spies (caught by none other than L’Olius himself!); we fear the Oleonders’ right hand may quickly reveal a threatening sword. While we are not privy to the talks between the Archduke and the RNTC, we hope that, despite these subtle attempts to intimidate us, an official recognition from Oleon of our status as an independent nation no longer beholden to Mardier in any form is soon forthcoming. ------------------------------------ Ships Captured in April: Blood and Guts (class 4, un-MOC’d) captured by Cardinal II (MAESTRO / ESL) Butcher (class 2, un-MOC’d) captured by Cardinal II (MAESTRO / ESL) Cotton Lady (c3, MOC) captured by Harpie (Montroy / NPC) HMS Proserpine (c5, un-MOC’d) captured by Blue Dagger (Bluebeard / NPC) Lady Jacqueline (c4, MOC) captured by Bluebird (Bluebeard / NPC) Misfortune’s Wrath (c5, un-MOC’d) captured by Pegasus (Romantica / NPC) Pineapple Revenge (c4, MOC) captured by HMS Victoria (Corrington) Priest’s Bounty (c6, MOC) captured by HMS Bounty (Corrington) The Defiance (c3, MOC) captured by Gray Lilly (Harrison Torn / NPC) Tuna King (c3, MOC) captured by Silent Shadow (LeColeon / NPC) Lost at Sea in April: Blue Blood (Bluebeard / NPC) Dark Narwhal (kaiju / SR) Ghost Harvester ? (Zublius Von Wreck / NPC) Henri (Garmadon / ESL) HMS Friends Forever (Corrington) HMS Wentworth (Corrington) Little Hermes (blackdeathgr / OL) Neptune’s Scream (Montroy / NPC) Patriot (Romantica / NPC) Piece of Eight (Sir Stig / ESL) Triunfo (Legostone / ESL) ---------- Results sorted by owner: Results sorted by ship: Results sorted by faction: Results sorted by flagship: Results sorted by destination:
  24. Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List New Terra’s independent source for shipping news. February-March 618. Vol 3, Issue 2 PIRATE PURGE II BEGINS! Infamous Pirate Gregory Decker Captured! The combined anti-piracy efforts of Corrington and Eslandola got off to a slow start this past month, so it is Oleon who gets our headline with the capture of the pirate Gregory Decker and his ships Executioner and Poisoned Peach. The longtime scourge of the Brick Seas was caught near Baskers Island by an Oleon squadron led by HRS Pride of Oleon and including HRS Combattante, and Licorne. The squadron sailed into the Mardierian capital of Londa with Decker’s two ships in tow. We await word on how soon the pirate may be hanged after the trial. From Nova Terreli: Sea Rats Gain Upper Hand on Joint Corrington-Eslandola Efforts From Nova Terreli we have bad news for Eslandola naval efforts. A joint Corrington-Eslandola squadron was decimated by the Sea Rats’ Komodo Dragon squadron in the Sea of Thieves. From the crews of Corrington’s WTC Judgement and Eslandola’s Cardinal’s Shadow we hear that Eslandola’s Mercury went to Davy Jones’ Locker, and that Eslandola’s Thunder was captured. Reports from Bastion confirm that the Thunder was indeed captured. We have yet to hear what arrangements may be made for the crew. Further bad news from Nova Terreli: Eslandola ship Wringe II did not arrive as expected. We have no report on ship or crew, but all are assumed lost. Oleon Tangles with Bluebeard In more news from Nova Terreli, Oleon ships HRS Tonnant and HRS Ardent sailed into port with Bluebeard’s Blue Bayou in tow. Word from the Oleon crews is that they also damaged the pirate flagship Blue Dagger before the bearded one escaped. From Jameston: Corrington vs LeColeon: You Win Some, You Lose Some Our man in Jameston reports that the trade ships Belson and Dancing Dogfish were set upon by two of LeColeon’s ships, but the Corrie crews got the better of them, capturing the Black Star and damaging the Golden Trident. Despite the belief that Black Star is LeColeon’s flagship, he was not aboard it when captured. Did he manage to escape on the Golden Trident, or was he elsewhere? We ask, because … … Our man in Charlatan Bay reports that LeColeon’s Silent Shadow sailed into port with the captured Corrington ship Supreme. We hear the Corrie crew is safe and under lock and key until ransom arrangements can be made. ZvW Gives Corrington a Scare We hear in additional reports from Jameston that ETTC ship Golden Filly narrowly escaped capture at the hands of pirate Zublius Von Wreck. The attack happened somewhere between Calisto and Freeport, but the crew of Golden Filly managed to elude ZvW’s Ghost Harvester and Hades’ Hangman. More Sea Rats / Corrington Diplomacy In Our Future Stop us if you’ve heard a story similar to this before. On second thought, don’t -- we need to sell papers! Last month a Sea Rat squadron attacked an Eslandola trade fleet and then sailed into the Eslandolan port of Fuerte Unido. That encounter appears to have been resolved with the Peregrine -- a ship lost by the Greenies in the Battle of the Five Fleets -- being returned to Eslandola. This month our very busy man in Jameston reports that a Sea Rat squadron sailed into port with the Palmetto included in their numbers. Those of you who pay attention to our monthly reports might recognize the Palmetto as a trade ship out of Prio. Under normal circumstances, the Sea Rat crews might be able to explain how they came to have the ship, but these are not normal circumstances. According to the crews of the Peacock and the Pearl, two other Prio trade ships that sailed into Jameston at the same time, the Prio trio was set upon by the Dark Narwhal, The Drunken Monkey, and Misfortune’s Wrath somewhere in the vicinity of Trador. They claim the Sea Rats stole the Palmetto, and damage to the Peacock certainly supports the claim that they were attacked. We understand Prio representatives have petitioned the mayor of Jameston to seize not just the Palmetto, but all the Sea Rat ships involved in the attack. How Corrington will react is anyone’s guess, but it looks like we’re in for another round of Corrington-Sea Rat diplomacy! From Elsewhere Around the Brick Seas: Harrison Torn Victorious Against Oleon From Baskers Island we hear that Harrison Torn has dropped off the crew of the Oleon ship The Athena before proceeding to sail the ship off with a prize crew. Torn’s three-ship fleet apparently made quick work of The Athena, and the crew claims they had no choice but to lower their colors. We wonder if leaders of the Faith will have anything to say about this defeat when the crew returns home. Montroy Attacks From Port Woodhouse we have reports from the crew of the Corrish ship Satyr that they narrowly escaped the clutches of feared pirate Montroy shortly after leaving Mooreton Bay. We have no other details on the encounter at this time. Sea Rats Suffer Defeat at Hands of Terraversan Traders From Astrapi we hear that a Terraversan trade squadron sailed into port with the Sea Rat ship FTA The Gargoyle. Crews of the armed escorts Typhoon and Tiger were telling the tale in taverns all across town. They claim to have been attacked by the Sea Rats northwest of Nova Terreli and, in addition to capturing FTA The Gargoyle, damaged the King Archibald before driving off it and the Corporal Milton, HMS Pendragon, and Vagabond King. TRADE NEWS Eslandola Trade Fleet Sails Into Mardierian Capital A month after Mardier sailed a trade fleet into the port of Weelond, the Eslandolans responded in kind, sailing a six-ship squadron led by the galleon Espada de Luna into the Mardierian capital of Londa. We understand that the squadron was supposed to be even more impressive, but the Sleeping Siren II developed problems en route and was diverted to Arlinsport. The Mardierian visit to Weelond passed without incident last month; we’ll see how the Greenies fare in Londa this month. Happy Merchant Crews, or Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t Our man in Kieg reports that the crew of the Eslandolan ship Triunfo is spending freely in the local taverns after an exceptionally good run. Profits appear to have been so high because the Triunfo was the only trade ship to visit Kieg this month, so the locals were willing to pay well above market price for her cargo. From Granoleon we hear a similar tale about the crews of the visiting Altonian trade squadron. Oleon’s port taxes appear to be creating a seller’s market for those willing to visit Bluecoat ports. The Oleon capital was amazingly devoid of incoming ships this month, and merchants were overbidding for the few cargos that came in. But from Breshaun we hear that the port taxes are working as intended. With only Oleon ships visiting the port, Malto Express and Fleur Verte raked in huge profits. Given that Malto Express is owned by the RNTC, we’re curious to see how the directors hide these profits in the next financial report. Nova Terreli was bustling this month, with approximately three dozen ships calling on the Eslandian port. It should be noted that more than a third of those did not appear to be trade ships, however. But the heavy traffic seems to have kept trading profits down this month. Finally, we have a couple reports of happy Eslandolan crews in Prinport and Terreli. The crew of Filo Morado was spending big after they were one of only two trade ships to call there this month. And the crew of the Green Winds III turned a tidy profit in Terreli amidst modest traffic to the Eslandian capital. PAGE 2 Corrington Officials Lose Minds, Grant WTC Charter Word from the rapidly growing city of Mesabi Landing is that Corrish officials have granted the WTC request for official Trade Company status. When Queen Annetta hears of this, we suspect somebody’s head will roll! Construction Subsidies to Be Had In Bastion It has come to our attention that Captain Rodsh Derr (@Bart) has offered to pay half the construction costs for two commercial buildings and three factories in Bastion. Contractors in Bastion looking to take advantage of this offer should contact Captain Derr directly. Sailing Panther Sir Mowgli’s “house cat” Bagheera is still at large and the three chests reported as a reward in last month’s KPA remain unclaimed. So far the only leads come from rumors of a large black cat last seen riding a raft with a small sail. No one can say what happened to the original raft riders or where the panther encountered the raft, but the cat was last seen “sailing” its raft past Poorvintia. Ships Lost At Sea: Wringe II Mercury Don Obello Captured Ships: Supreme (ETTC - COR) captured by LeColeon (NPC) Black Star (LeColeon - NPC) captured by ETTC (COR) Executioner (Gregory Decker - NPC) captured by Oleon Poisoned Peach (Gregory Decker - NPC) captured by Bodi (OL) The Athena (kotz - OL) captured by Harrison Torn (NPC) Blue Bayou (Bluebeard - NPC) captured by Oleon Thunder (Legostone - ESL) captured by MKJoshA (SR) FTA The Gargoyle (FTA - SR) captured by Terraversa Palmetto (Romantica) captured by kaiju and Roadmonkeytj (SR) ---------- Results sorted by player / ship owner: Results sorted by faction: Result tables sorted by flagship: Results sorted by destination:
  25. Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List New Terra’s independent source for shipping news. January 618. Vol 3, Issue 1 Rough Seas in West Vexes Mariners A storm system worked its way from the Corrington coast through the Sea of Storms all the way to the island of Nellisa before it wore itself out. Along the way, it caused several ships to divert to secondary ports, and three are believed claimed for Davy Jones’ Locker. In Prinport, crews from ships in the Corrish squadron led by HMS Pegasus report that Sulky Harlequin succumbed to the stormy seas. From Breshaun we hear that Pélican went down not long after leaving Belson. And from our continental sources we hear that Green Winds II was known to be sailing through the storm’s path and is now long overdue in the Eslandolan capital and feared lost. At this time we have no word if any of the crews were rescued. Sea Rats Continue to Harass Shipping The recent hostilities between the Sea Rats and Corrington do not appear to have slowed the Sea Rat assault on shipping in the Brick Seas. We have reports on two encounters each between the Sea Rats and Corrington, and between the Sea Rats and Eslandola. Out of Breshaun we hear from the crew of Corrington’s Pioneer that, while sailing alone from Terraversa to Le Bellan, they were set upon by a squadron of five Sea Rat ships led by Vagabond King. The plucky crew of Pioneer were vastly outnumbered and were nearly sunk, but managed to damage the Corporal Milton before making their escape. Corrington clearly hasn’t forgotten the events of the past months, either, as our man in Port Raleigh reports that he saw the HMS Wentham squadron sail into port with Wolf II in tow! That said, we guess the Sea Rats put up quite a fight, as both HMS Huntress and HMS Gauntlet looked far worse for wear than when they were last seen, and HMS Bagg of Bolton and HMS Bull Shark returned to port prior to the rest of the squadron. As for a new front of Sea Rat hostilities, our man in Pontelli reports that the crew of the Eslandolan ship Piece of Eight, en route from Isla de Victoria, was jumped by five Sea Rat ships, led by Clearance, off the coast of Stephanique. The crew of the Piece of Eight seemed in good spirits, however, praising the design of their speedy vessel in escaping the threat and completing their run. But the biggest news might be what we hear from Nova Terreli and Fuerte Unido. In Nova Terreli, crews of the arriving Eslandola trade squadron report a major engagement with Sea Rat ships, again near Stephanique. Five Sea Rat ships, led by Sirrus, attacked the five Eslandolan ships, led by escorts Verde Oro and Firefly. But the trade ships in the convoy also included a couple of well-armed traders in Reventazon and Prince Fernando II, and the Eslandolan crews report damaging two of the attacking ships before driving them off. Firefly does appear to have suffered damage in the encounter. However, the twist on this story comes to us from Fuerte Unido, where the aforementioned Sirrus fleet sailed into the Eslandolan port! The ships Lenore and Peregrine do indeed appear damaged. No word yet on what Eslandola’s Colonial Council might do when they hear of these events, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the Fuerte Unido port authorities seize the Sea Rat ships until the matter can be sorted out. ZvW Tests King’s Harbour Defenses The Sea Rats aren’t the only pirates harassing the Red Coats. Reports from King’s Harbour state that two ships flying the flag of the infamous Zublius Von Wreck attacked the gunboats defending the port. One of the gunboats was nearly sunk, and another damaged, but the crews did their job well, damaging both of ZvW’s ships and driving them off. Local citizenry is praising the recent Corrie naval focus on gunboat construction. Oleon Anti-Pirate Patrol Pays Off Our man in Breshaun reports that the HRS Pride of Oleon and HRS Combattante returned from patrol with pirate Harrison Torn’s Black Lilly in tow. While the Oleon squadron was not able to capture the infamous pirate or his flagship, the capture of one of his ships surely puts a dent in his ability to harass merchant shipping in the area. Sea Rats Capture Notorious Pirate LeColeon? Our man in Bastion is still trying to determine just what happened between the Sea Rat squadron led by Komodo Dragon and the renowned pirate LeColeon. The pirate was rumored to be somewhere on Nest of Thieves this past month, but his ships were not seen in Bastion’s harbor. The crew of Pineapple Revenge report that, shortly after they left port, they were attacked and nearly sunk in an attack by the famed pirate. Komodo Dragon and the others in the squadron quickly turned the tables on LeColeon, forcing Golden Trident into port and capturing the pirate and his flagship, Black Star, before only the smallest of LeColeon’s fleet, Silent Shadow, escaped. Whether the attack by LeColeon was in error, and what the Sea Rats of Bastion might do with the pirate and his ships, we will have to wait and see. Pirate Montroy Turns Tables on Eslandola From Freeport we hear reports from the disheartened crew of Eslandola’s Midnight Mist. Sailing on an anti-piracy cruise, they surprised the pirate Montroy in his flagship, Neptune’s Scream, near the Rum Isles. The crew thought they had the pirate, but counted their bounty too soon. Montroy expertly countered the attack, severely damaging Midnight’s Mist before the Greenies were forced to flee. Oleon Traders Score Big Reports from Breshaun tell of us of happy merchants in the Blue Coat port. Crews of Comtesse de Praenia and Le Recouvrance are partying in the streets. Despite coming in from entirely different ports of origin, the two ships appear to have made huge profits on their runs. We hear that the RNTC ship Le Gros, along with The Argo, also did extremely well on their voyage from Astrapi. Our reporters in Astrapi, Londa, and Belson also report happy Oleon crews and merchant captains. We can only assume this means good news for the coffers of Oleon’s Royal New Terra Company. While the RNTC’s highly anticipated financial report for 617 is expected by the end of the month, these January 618 profits are not likely to be included on it. Mardier Trade Fleet Sails Into Weelond After the reappearance of the Mardier trade fleet last month, we speculated on when the fleet, with its powerful escorts, might sail into an Eslandian port. Well, we need wait no longer. Although it is the smaller of the two Mardier fleets currently sailing the western seas, a five-ship fleet led by the armed escort Marauder made port in Weelond this month. Despite our hopes for fireworks, none have been reported, although the Mardier crews do seem to be getting a good ribbing in the dockside taverns. We will see if this leads to any trouble down the road. - Page 2 - Corrish Scientists Announce Latest Calculations on Circumnavigation Among those who ascribe to the theory that Terra is round, not flat, are member of Corrington’s scientific community. Recently they published a report that purports to support their claim by estimating that the world is approximately 30,000 miles around its circumference. Flat Terra enthusiasts scoffed at the calculations as fake news. Progress on the Cocovia Wagonway? Our sources on Cocovia report that the effort to build a road of iron rails from King’s Harbour to Quinnsville is over budget and behind schedule. While reports from the WTC blame workers’ unions, other sources blame the Poi Poi natives. News from the South Seas Our agent in Lavalette reports that a crew from a convoy heading to Stephanique saw a strange ship flying what seemed to be a big red flag that mirrored their course while keeping its distance. When the escorting ship Beltoise was sent to identify it, the mysterious ship changed tack to sail away. Beltoise followed, and neither ship has been seen afterwards, the Beltoise failing to reach Lavalette. Major Theft in Eslandola Reliable sources tell us that a number of DBs -- amount uncertain, but well into the thousands -- has disappeared overnight from the coffers of Guy Wyndzon’s uncle. Both Guy and his uncle are former members of the Merchants Colonial Trading Company board. Rumor says that the pecuniary difficulty comes at a most inconvenient time, and Guy’s uncle may intend to set off on an unusual expedition to recoup his losses. What's more, the thieves are still on the loose, and no one knows where or when they will strike next. Stay tuned! Panther Overboard Sir Mowgli of Corrington reports his trained “house cat,” a large black panther, is missing at sea. During a recent mishap aboard the Maidens Fortune, which was transporting Sir Mowgli's cat, the feline was allowed to salt himself. While the captain was unavailable for comment, a few of the enlisted men were convinced to share the story over some grog. While sailing through the Azure Sea a rogue wave caught the ship across her leward side and allowed the misshapen bends to come loose that were securing the beast’s cage. After chasing the men around the deck and stealing the captain’s cover it leapt overboard and began to swim. The cat, which was raised from a cub by Sir Mowgli and answers to “Bagheera,” is trained to do many party tricks, and Sir Mowgli has collected three chests of gold coin for his cat’s safe return. - Editorial page - Paperwork Problems in Various Ports Customs agents across the Brick Seas continue to have problems with paperwork. The following vessels all encountered problems with customs agents and port authorities due to misspellings in their submitted forms: The Gargoyle, Viper, Misfortune’s Wrath, Nerdy Mermaid’s Sister, The Drunken Monkey, Golden Crescent, Supreme, Persévérante, and The Galaxie. In some cases, the error was as simple as a space before or after the name. Also note the correct spelling for some of these commonly misspelled port names: Baskers Island, King’s Harbour, Kings Port, Leopaldis. (OOC: Please make sure your data entry on MRCA forms is precise. Even a single unnecessary space or missing/superfluous apostrophe can cause problems when we run the program. Thank you.) Captured Ships: Black Lilly (class 3, captured from NPC Harrison Torn by Oleon) Black Star (class 4, captured from NPC LeColeon by Sea Rats) Wolf II (class 4, captured from Sea Rats by Corrington) Ships Lost at Sea: Sulky Harlequin (Mike S) Green Winds II (Legostone) Pélican (Kolonialbeamter) -------------- See below for tables. Result tables by player: Result tables sorted by faction: Result tables sorted by flagship: Result tables sorted by destination: Result tables sorted by destination: Result tables sorted by destination: Not sure what happened with that triple post at the end, but all the destination tables are the same.