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  1. narbilu

    Moto the Fire Dragon

    Another very cool one HQ
  2. narbilu

    AoM: House Phase 2: Widow's Cottage

    This is awesome, the scenery and trees! I love the little woodshed with the logs piled up.
  3. Nice scenery, love the tower... well done
  4. narbilu

    The road to rebuild [Varlyrio]

    Always so serious ... little Monty Pyton humor
  5. narbilu

    Freebuild - Avalonian timber mill

    What a stunning build, so much going on and the presentation is fabulous!
  6. Lovely little garden... seems very healthy
  7. narbilu

    CHALLENGE I: The Ruined Granary

    I love the build, lot of techniques that catch my eye! Suggestion: maybe a little more light when taking the pictures would make everything a little clearer...
  8. Stock up and go Bran and his hunting party decided to take the first step in announcing them to the locals by traveling to the wastelands and make contact with the largest of the orc clans. Rebuilding an empire is not only build by bricks, but diplomatic relations is as important. A long journey, so Bran decides to head to the Flying Pony and arrange some faster transportation. Quill the owner had some disappointing news. The supply of regular horses was poor and the budget for this mission was even worse. So Quill supplied them with what was acceptable. On the road Bran, Marlowe and Grogk saddled their horses, packed some rations and stowed their weapons and gear away before departure. After a small meal with Throll, to exchange the final information about the trip, they left to their journey west. The mountains were the animals worst nightmare, but when they finally entered the wastelands, the flat rocky plains were easy travels. After only a few miles, they entered orc territory.
  9. Although the streets of Kashgar are poorly accessible for carriages and horsemen, at the far end of Kashgar near the docks is a small stable. The Avalonian owner, Quill, of the Flying Pony rents out and sells horses and other ridable animals for short journeys and light packings. Quill owns a small breeding range just outside the borders of Kashgar, where he get his constant supply of mini horses. HSS: REQ Agriculture, Lifestock Ranch
  10. Close to the seaport, the Khaor family build their home and headquarters. The head of the family, in this case Throll and his wife, together with a few staff members, hold residence here. Once a month the department heads of the family come together to report and discuss how business is flourishing and how to expand their influence in Varlyrio and beyond.
  11. narbilu

    Challenge I: Loss and rebuild

    Oh wow... unexpected beauty
  12. narbilu

    Hewa the Air Dragon

    another stunning dragon on a beautiful clean base! And that fig is awesome!
  13. narbilu

    Maji the Water Dragon

    Awesome beast, even better positioned on the surface, which is very well done.
  14. so many detail to compliment you on... wow The tile work in the interior and the snow in the scenery are particularly pretty. Well done!