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  1. Thanks for your compliment. Good work all... I hope to finish the MOC of Kashgar soon. However time is a little scarse the next few weeks. My son Moos was born three weeks ago and my wife needs a little extra attention :) Go Varlyrio!!!
  2. Welcome Basiliscus... and I must say that your first entry is really stunning! Luv your sigfig, again something out of the ordinairy.
  3. narbilu

    Challenge I: Conzaga Manor
  4. narbilu

    [AoM]: Patman's Cellar

    classical... what a beauty
  5. narbilu

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    My entry:
  6. Deep in the dry fields of the Wastelands a selection of skilled hunters started to build a settlement, not far from their native towns. The Sand Orcs decided to make a trading post, which they call Grahark, near the road connecting the mountains on the east with the Gnomish towns on the west coast. Walls of stone and wood, tents, housing, chicken farms and storage, all which is needed to successfully build a tribe. The Khaor family and Bran’s old friend Jacob Nion invested in this settlement by supplying knowledge and materials as well as a helping hand to speed up the process. Throll is dedicated to open up this post by the end of summer, so the new natives can inhabit their homes before the cold winter nights fall.
  7. I agree, good use of all the spaces you had. Love the building, especially the entrance of it. Well played story, keep it up.
  8. narbilu

    Moto the Fire Dragon

    Another very cool one HQ
  9. narbilu

    AoM: House Phase 2: Widow's Cottage

    This is awesome, the scenery and trees! I love the little woodshed with the logs piled up.
  10. Nice scenery, love the tower... well done
  11. narbilu

    The road to rebuild [Varlyrio]

    Always so serious ... little Monty Pyton humor
  12. narbilu

    Freebuild - Avalonian timber mill

    What a stunning build, so much going on and the presentation is fabulous!
  13. Lovely little garden... seems very healthy
  14. narbilu

    CHALLENGE I: The Ruined Granary

    I love the build, lot of techniques that catch my eye! Suggestion: maybe a little more light when taking the pictures would make everything a little clearer...