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  1. Bart

    [Mini-Challenge] The Ice King

    This is a really cool idea! (accidental pun here ) A real good example of technological advance in the world of bobs while staying in the boundaries of the game. Bart
  2. Hello everybody, To my regrets I'ven't been very active here this period. I suddenly had the opportunity to move home, which was very welcome. And now the time has come to go back to work (sea) again. Soo, I'll be back with christmas I guess about there. Bart
  3. Bart

    Trade MRCA Deadline August 13

    *Dispatched the orders to my one and only trader :)
  4. War, do I smell war? I got ship and crew for hire, even some landdwelling soldier type peoples willing to take up the adventure for some honest coin. *Might need to send an expedition to Fever Island, large unclaimed land right on my doorstep (Poppy Port).
  5. Bart

    [COR - FB] Charming the Locals

    Fine example of Corry diplomatics But excellent execution of the whole scene.
  6. Bart

    A new vineyard

    I'm going to echo the good words about the sheep, they are real nice! But I like the minifig hamering down the steak too.
  7. Another great build from you sir! Your texturing with colours is on top for walls and roof.
  8. Bart

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Windmill

    Ahum.. The Netherlands has a few windmills pumping water. idk we are famous for that somehow. -- But good looking windmill Spud, great with the story as to why it is stationary in its direction.
  9. This is neat! I love the realistic fire, and the men hanging from plants.
  10. Bart

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Harbour

    Nice looking harbour Spud, I like the diagonal tiled part in the centre, the square. with all the minifigs and scattered things. But the yellow building is the harbour master office? It might benefit from some windows. they need light to write everything down do they? or are they burning candles all day? I do like the snot stonework on that building!
  11. Excellent build Faladrin, it shows the age of our world of bobs, a fallen fort on a even older pirate cave, now a lifely fishing town. I like the two different roof styles you showed on the fishing buildings, but the facade of the fortress, the way it really showes old/borken down colonial style is great. And you really made me feel bad for not even putting two bricks together all this time :/ Bart
  12. Bart

    Boardwalk Talk

    Nice build! I like the blur-sharp-blur camera effect you got to make it feel like there is way more depth then there is. Lol, we got those? or did you use a fancy name for a handfull of pirates who needed 4 months to agree on how much money to accept :D :D :D I don't follow this bit, I can't find another figure in the build. or is this the viewer so they could tell us, "breaking the 4h wall" Not quite still got a minor unballance in our finances. 178 db yield vs 700 db upkeep on the faction account. So we need to do some more honest pirating trading all over the brick seas.
  13. Bart

    Trade MRCA Deadline June 17

    Thank you! I gave her new orders :)
  14. Bart

    Trade MRCA Deadline June 17

    @Capt Wolf the DMDR 6, in the februari mcra. What roadmonkeytj says there is a good idea, save a screenshot.
  15. Bart

    Trade MRCA Deadline June 17

    Hello all, I just got back from my travels. I'll try to get a form out for my trade ship tonight. (If I can figure out where it is) Bart