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  1. No problem at all using the Basilica! it's great to see it again and to see it used in the continuous story of BOBS. It never got an interior so it's fun to see the insides, which looks very much in style. I can't really comment on the story, as I'ven't been here in ages (sorry life and such) so I'm completely unaware of the current events in BOBS. I like the forced perspective you created in the last image, with the room (which is properly overturned well done on that) then the see trough in the corridor, and then the inwall statute. Bart.
  2. A tavern! such a great addition to Poppy Port, I really like the style. with the ground floor being more closed and the open balcony part on the top looking out over the trees.
  3. Thank you @blackdeathgr works together with LDD? I thought it was a stand alone thing?
  4. Well it's quit easy to change colours in LDD, and I always feel that because I use LDD (mostly) I've to take the extra step to make up for it, (but that is my personal feeling). And thank you. I don't know what I do wrong, it just refuses to run the program. I'm happy everyone likes it. Thank you Fraunces. I'm sure there are other wonderfull sisterships out there too! Thanks, the brick came first, the story after, although I had the idea already in my mind about how to salvage.
  5. @LM71Blackbird Thank you @Bregir Thanks too, I was actually thinking it might not be enough for a sistership as I didn't change to much on the actual ship. And you are right about the pictures. I made some close ups: Barque Narwal II 2.1 by Bart, on Flickr Barque Narwal II 2.2 by Bart, on Flickr Barque Narwal II 2.3 by Bart, on Flickr Barque Narwal II 2.4 by Bart, on Flickr Barque Narwal II 2.5 by Bart, on Flickr Bart PS Does someone know how to make bluerender work on windows-10?
  6. After many moons had passed, Rodsh finally found calm water in the sea of storms. Stuborn as he is, he did not give up on his ship. He was determent to raise the Narwal from the seabed. Luckily she sunk in shallow waters, and it was easy to locate, with his black ensing still flying proud. They worked to add extra bouyency to the sloops and a native catamaran, and connected chains to the hull of the Narwal. Now was the plan that as the high tide came, it would lift the Narwal from the seabed, then they would tow it to shallower water, and at low tide shorten up the chains. Untill they got her out of the water. The divers reported that the figure head had somehow changed, and a lot of the colours of the hull had weirdly faded. Rodsh didn't care, he wanted his ship back and go out and do some honest hunting. A local tribe used some weird craft to woosh them over the surface of the water. Rodsh thought that their sail looked like the wing of a bat, but the natives insisted they worshipped a flying god, that was now sleeping below the waters. Barque Narwal II 1 by Bart, on Flickr Barque Narwal II -2 by Bart, on Flickr Barque Narwal II-3 by Bart, on Flickr Barque Narwal II-4 by Bart, on Flickr Barque Narwal II-5 by Bart, on Flickr Barque Narwal II-6 by Bart, on Flickr Enjoy! I like to apologize for not using a render, but I don't get bluerender to work on my new computer. And due to some virus, my work schedule is madness, and I wanted to share this build with you before I head out to sea. Greetings Bart
  7. Bart

    Captain Cookie’s Pirate Training [Part 3]

    Why did you mention that, I just layed the keel for a bumb ketch :O and a biggest gun for it.
  8. I like your build, but your story points out to me that I missed so much of what has happend, I don't understand half of it I do like that the opium buisniess is still going strong :D
  9. Bart

    Captain Cookie’s Pirate Training [Part 2]

    yes it did, on a black field a white horned skeleton with an hour glass in one hand an a spear in the other. The spear is stabbing a red bleeding heart.
  10. Bart

    Captain Cookie’s Pirate Training [Part 2]

    This made me smile :)
  11. Very cute little fort, good for target practise ;) I love your arches! and the use of the sideways bricks and the off colours give a very weathered look. Bart
  12. Oooohhh I'm still in time for this Challenge! I've some reading up to do to understand what is going on. (question) for the mercenaries moc, can I use existing soldiers? but in a new moc build? I got some idling you know... who after an not so favourable excercise in Quinnsville a year ago need a moral boost. Bart
  13. Thank you. I'm completely out of touch with everything that happend latley, but hunting Carno traders doesn't sound like a bad idea :P I found the wreckage! Barque Narwal II by Bart, on Flickr Bart
  14. okay, here I am. (My life has been utter chaos the last few weeks, and lego always seems to be the first to fall off the todo list sorry) Got a new laptop, and finally got LDD running on W10. so who sunk my ship! (Narwal) and what do I have to promise Davy Jones to get it back? Greetings Bart
  15. THANK YOU both @ExeSandbox (for the link to the download of the ldd) and @SteamSewnEmpire (for the workaround with the flash) I'd already given up hope of getting ldd to work on my new W10 laptop, when I did one last attempt and check here (which I should've done first)