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  1. So you take prestige of your town having a large fort, but you let the faction pay for it?
  2. If I where Eslandonian, I would question the cost/profit value of the fortresses. How often did they actually do their job? compared to how much they cost? How good did they do that job? Maybe that way they could reduce costs?
  3. Bart

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Logging Camp

    Good job, I like the tree stumps in the corner, and that red axe positioning.
  4. Bart

    MRCA Deadline January 8

    Winter Exersice 618-619 Quinnsville vs Derr WIP Journalist do not agree by Bart, on Flickr There seems to be a heated argument between the reporters of two different newspapers on the Narwal...
  5. I'm glad I'm not some fancy Eslandonian, but a Sea Rat, we keep to normal English when talking to each other. ooc: I really can't understand which stance any of you is taking in this discussion, or what the used arguments are. It is so intertwinned with IC backgrounds and fancy words that as a non-native-English speaker it is majorly confusing. But if you all like it that way go ahead.
  6. Bart

    [SR-FB] Restoring Order to Chaos

    excellent work on the birds. I also like how you put the two scenes on two baseplates. That really gives the impression they are watching the brids from a distance.
  7. I saw it first on my phone, but this is defeniatly a must see on a big screen! to many details. I love how you did the drawers, that's a bucket handle in the bottom of a 2x1 brick?
  8. Bart

    [GoC] Artillery Field Testing

    Your brickbuild gun and carriage is very good!
  9. a flat tax of double my income o.O I think If I'd rob MAESTRO as to double the contents of my treasure chest they wouldn't even find it in their balance .
  10. Bart

    Settlement: The Sereen Cay

    That is odd, because it isn't a possible destination in this tMCRA @Capt Wolf Nor is it in the settlement listed in the Account sheet, @Phred
  11. Bart

    [OL-FB] Floating Battery

    I like the architecture with the windows and the turntable bases in your office scene, The ship is nice too, clearly build for a purpose, fat, as to give the guns a stable platform. minimum rigging to faul the firing line of the mortar. ample ventilation in deck. No fancy officer cabins in the stern but more guns. Good ideas and execution all around. I was thinking too, what if I just anchored a gun ship infront of a settlement, that's cheaper then a fortress. But someone pointed out to me, you can't use a ship as a fortress, you can only let it patrolle the zone you are in. And how do you know which ships to attack. Forts automatically attack when an attack is being taken place. But if the raiding party doesn't set their ships to attack your ships. then your ship would never respond, as to the captain it is just a ship from faction X. anyway food for thought.
  12. I find all these advices and tips really good and eyeopening for me aswell.
  13. Bart

    Settlement: The Sereen Cay

    I wasn't here when it was posted, but as everybody is posting here anyway, I might join the parade. It is a very nice and complete little settlement! I love how everything connects together. and all the different litle scenes trough out. *did you ever lisence any of the builds btw? because this is the perfect destination to trade too ones in a while. the crew would enjoy their time here very much.