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  1. Bart

    Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or - resolved

    Took some digging to find this, (not where I expected it) and oi! I won something, :D Thanks. and concratulations to all the other winners. large micro scale arts and culture. I'll have a go! Bart
  2. I'm seriously thinking of abandoning this amcra. The message above is already months on my screen, and I've no idea what to build. and I feel more and more annoyed that my main character and my best ship are locked up in this idea. As most of you know, I'm at sea at the moment (one more month) and have (had) enough time to build something, but I just have no idea. Bart
  3. Nope, I thought I had it mentioned and listed everywhere necesary, I probably just missed this one. Bart
  4. simplest thing: Raiding = blackflag action. if not then it's an act of war. (maybe curtsy to ask the faction if it was a bureaucratic mistake or a war action before you retaliate)
  5. That sounds good yes. But as it was not listed in the other thread, and we just had the whole discussion about it regarding the Prio conflict, I thought I'd better ask in advance :D. *fun that you can now go to the uninhabitated islands, nice hide out for raiders. very nice rich city's close to those :D
  6. question on the posted raiding rules @Capt Wolf Does this have any influence on black flag statuses?
  7. Bart

    [COR FB] Temple battle

    You succeded in portraying the chaos of a battle, well done.
  8. I admire your skill in colour use, texture creation and greenery. Very nice temple!
  9. @LM71Blackbird Thank you, how else was I supposed to show the inside :D (the can't actually open beyond this angle, then the three's had to be so cropped it didn't look like a dense jungle at all.
  10. Thank you, the hinging was a bit of a challenge, because a lot of time I place minifigs freely, as in not connected on a stud, which wasn't possible here, as then LDD doesn't rotate them with the model. And placing the trees required a lot of fiddeling to make them not hit each other when opened or closed. Not to mention how many times my model was upside down because LDD decided to take some random brick to swivel around ctrl+z is my most used short key
  11. Nice build! I like the cave idea, and very well done on the dæmon design. The flapping cape of the Padre really brings this too live for me.
  12. skullduggery ? Google comes up with something along the lines of trickery, is that what you mean? Thanks, the columns yeah well, it is a very good design :D
  13. Captain Brickdottir didn't follow the path's crafted by the other expeditions into the wilderness. Instead she decided to lead her platoon a few days down the beach, before turning into the wilderness. they had been going three weeks now. The mood of the platoon was good, the temperature was pleasant and there was enough food to find. The trekking also didn't seem very hard, yes the plants created severe obstacles but nothing a quick slash of a sabre could fix. Or otherwise the monstrous blade of the Lieutenant would get trough it. But mostly they just bend the branches away or go around. As to leave as little of a track as possible, no need to draw unwanted attention on themself. They still hadn't found any sign of any monster or something else, no sign of victims either. Hidden in the jungle growth, so that hey would probably had passed it where they just a few meters off to the side, they found a pagan temple. EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 1 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 2 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 3 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 4 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 5 by Bart, on Flickr After making a round around it to check it out, Captain Brickdottir went up the stairs to check out the inside. There where several statues, symboling different aspects of live, or gods she wasn't sure. In the center there was a big piece of purple glass, or at least the lieutenant said it was glass, his father was a glazer. The whole temple breathed some sort of calmed. One of her soldiers with a native heritage carefully asked the captain if they had to report this to the Order now, remembering the blazing speech they had in the town. the Captain thought about it for a moment, no we don't, we didn't see this and even if we did we can't locate it. Another of her soldiers asked if there was Gold there, there where rumours there was gold on the Île d'Or and if there was any for sure it would be in a temple. They only saw rock, finely crafted rock of different colours, but it all appeared to be just rock. EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 6 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 7 by Bart, on Flickr This is my category B entry for the second Challenge.