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  1. Bart

    Account Summary

    Any builds owned by the settlement would then get that trade company's monopoly bonuses. That is pretty much it. I was searching rules for monopolies, and came across this. I thought that only builds with the theme of the monopoly would get the bonus? If your TC monopoly was books, only bookstores, printingshops, paper factories, etc would get the bonus, not a apple plantation or a gunshop. *does this also mean that all the builds owned by players whom are a memeber of the TC gain the bonus? or only builds owned by the TC? But can settelement become members of TC's? what about settlements owned/started/mayored by the TC?
  2. Bart

    [SR - FB 1 Jul 18] In Flanders Fields

    Very nice plantation, it gives a wild but cultivated look, and I like the stone path cutting across.
  3. I like how you complement the story with the small vignettes. You're putting a lot of effort in this. And a special thunbs up on the lamp design in the bar!
  4. Nice build, I like the statue that is off to the right. And the use of the garden gives it a much bigger feeling, well done.
  5. Bart

    Account Summary

    but they number isn't in parenthesisses ? it says 188 when I look at the July sheet.
  6. Nice scene you created. And a good idea to present the story in the form of the transcript you did. *I do hope my men won't come across the Padre and his though, he might not like their views.
  7. Bart

    [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    I've never responded to this why? I really like your builds, and amazing way to photograph the scenes, please carry on!
  8. Bart

    Pirates Forum design

    oi that would indeed be cool to have a pirate look to our corner, I don't mind the bunnies very much, as they scroll out of view very fast, but i've head enough of the purple pink look to be honest
  9. There is a topic Somewhere with all the leaders, but I dont know if there is specified who is in court or doing npc or handeling t or a mcra. I wouldnt even be able to tell you if (never mind who) there are any searats players in any of those groups.
  10. Nice build Spud, I like your wheel design and the water works.
  11. You didn't. Prio attacked innocent searate merchants first. That is where the conflict started. The searats asked for monetaire compensation which Prio declined to act upon. Here. Prio is also the first to cry war by issuing LoM's. (Above)
  12. Fun take on catamaran design. Only catamaran are known for their light build and fast sailing. Kind off the opposite of sturdy and slow. But okay. Please confirm that crab is the captain!
  13. Where is said diplomatic scene actually? or is it just in pm's?