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  1. What is WTG? but nope what ever it is, I'm a sailor, an actual one, not the brick variety we send on adventures here. I'm an engineer onboard a merchant ship. Currently in the Black Sea, enroute to St. Petersburg. SAME! although the buyable bricks where limited. I remember when it couldn't handle anything over a 1000 bricks :O. (side eyeing the brick count at my current moc and seeing its 6k) on your ship, I feel it's to long for its width. but maybe the design and shape of the next decks could change that look. How many masts have you planned? If I can just say, 4 mast barque. And leave you with your curiosity. Bart
  2. There are a dozen international borders between me and my real bricks (I'm not even on the same continent :O) (while legally being in the Netherlands) . And a side note I don't even have enough transparent plates to cover one wave as I did above. I might work around the issue by posting rendered and not-rendered pictures to show off the water, and what is beneath the surface. Bart
  3. [OL] - barracks and prison

    scrolling trough the torso design is something that can most certainly be improved in LDD
  4. That's a nice ship Spud! Excellent portrayal of water too. I also like the fact that the barge has a steering oar instead of a rudder.
  5. [OL] - barracks and prison

    what do you mean? There are dozens of hair pieces, hats, armour, bags, swordslings. and a score of designs to choose from for faces and torsos. If you look at my last build, the shipwright brothers, You;ll see four minifigs in exactly the same clothing, just a different face print and headpiece, hair or hat. That's the nice thing about soldiers you can just copy paste the design. and change only the face. :O
  6. I'm building water. But now I run into a problem, when rendering the ldd file with bluerender. The transparant bricks aren't actually that transparant. In building mode vieuwing it in LDD it self looks way different. example: How it looks rendered by bluerender Test piece with different colour transparant brick, from top to bottom. Dark blue, Light Blue, Turquase Blue, White. This is how it looks in LDD it self. As you can see after rendering, the transparant plates become less see trough. And as you can see in the last picture, I was trying with different colours underwater to show rising land etc. But after the render that is almost impossible to see. Anyone any advice? Bart
  7. The ship isn't going to be used as a ship, it's part of a land based construction. There are other ship parts in/on/around the creation too, which I build purposely for this moc. But when I come around to posting it, I will give credit in that topic aswell.
  8. Question about morale. Someone (I honestly don't remember who or even when) ones posted an lxf file of a ship hull to download. the hull was build based on @Captain Green Hair's tutorial on how to build a frigate, maybe he did post the lxf. but the original name of the document is in German so I don't know ... Anyway the model was very basic, only the prefabs hull and the technique to start the tumble home. But the question is: Can I use this in a MOC for BOBS, I'd like to use only the bow section, and add my self the mast, bowsprit, figure head, yards, rigging, capstan, etc etc. It's not the mayor part of the MOC, which will qualify as a large land based MOC. But due to the fact it's a ship with a mast and such it's big next to another big thing. Or is CGH's tumblehome technique become so common that it's not even an issue, and I'm worried for nothing. When I'm building in LDD, I always try to copy paste as least as possible. And even if I do, I try to change details so there isn't appearing a patern, where there isn't supposed to be one. Bart
  9. [OL] - barracks and prison

    Bluerender needs some fiddling with background colours and pixel count, is my experience. I've upped the pixels to 2048 x 1080. It drastically increases the render time. (to the region of 1-2 hours) but I think it's worth it. Your barraks as a building is solid, and well build. I think the bullet holes are a well thought off edition. And I know its a pain in the megablocks to do in LDD but try to do some minifigs or random items barrel, plants etc., I can tell from experience, it gets easier with practice. And it really enhances the build. Bart
  10. The Wonders of Celestia

    Amazing build. I really like the foliage and rock combinations, and the weathered look of the man made rock parts. Bart
  11. I'm trying my best to see the fun in the drill, but secretly I want to hide under the table. Just imagine it started with a cheese slope I saw fit to be a plane, shaving studs.
  12. without looking at the class criteria, I would expect them to be the same class.
  13. Thanks, I render with Bluerender, a piece of software made by an EB member, download somewhere on the forum. I increased the pixel count by a big amount to get the grainy look I experienced before out of it. now it only takes a bit longer to render, 1½ hours or so. I now feel like the boiler could have used some colour somewhere, but at first I wanted to make a fire in it but that didn't work out to my liking at all so I closed the door of it so to speak.
  14. Ah that explains, no worries then :D you could've put square 2x2 or 2x1 with a hole on it in the colour. not unusual for masts to be reinforced at the top historically speaking.
  15. I had ment to change that before rendering the pictures, damn :/ :/ it was a personal joke during the build..