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  1. Brandon Stark

    Settlement: Dragonstone, Blueton, Oleon

    Rue Boussac Inn | Medium Artisan | License Active House | Small Residence | License Active House | Small Residence | License Active
  2. Within days of his return to the settlement, Lord Stark began to visit the various places around the settlement to see how much it had changed. In the three years of his absence, it has grown to nearly the size of a town. Though growth is small compared to other Oleander colonies like Stephanique, the settlement has still received a steady influx of settlers from the mother country over the years. Today, he visits the settlement's main street, Rue Boussac, named after the Secrétaire d’État des Colonies, or Colonial Secretary of Oleon. Leading towards the city hall, Rue Boussac is the busiest street in the settlement, and the center of most public life here. He speaks with Pierre Martin, the owner of the inn on the street to inquire how business is going, of which it is going well. Martin's inn was one of the first establishments on the streets, and has grown to be popular with the sailors who stop by in the settlement. The inn has been influx with privateers and sailors from all around New Terra, all seeming to be heading towards El Oleonda to make a profit in the upcoming war, Lord Stark has learned. A carriage makes its way down the street; its escort of Oleander soldiers suggests that the occupant of the carriage is one of high position. So this build was one of the largest MOCs I've ever done on LDD, and the largest build I've done for BoBS. I took some inspiration from Elostirion's "Strada Iniesta" build a couple years ago, but I wasn't able to build it until now. I actually had to import this over to for some better torsos as LDD lacks some. Before anyone wonders, the house on the right doesn't have any weathering on its side wall because there's meant to be another building next to it. The overall build will be licensed as three properties; the inn being a medium artisan, and two small residences. As always, comments and criticism on how to improve are welcome.
  3. This is a very good build. The rocks that the house is built on is very detailed, and the overall geography is well built. I think the roof was an accurate representation of Chinese and/or Japanese architecture as well.
  4. Brandon Stark

    [GoC] The Battle of Hillswell Marsh

    Is this meant to be a counter to that build I made about the Juniper War all those years ago? That being said, this is a nice build. The scattered foliage gives a good impression of a marsh type land, and the water line is nicely built too. The minifig posing is done pretty well too.
  5. I like the walls, as the color seems to fit well with the overall feel of the build, and the two bricks in different colors are an interesting touch. I'm also quite fond of the design for the bed, curtains, and table, and I might borrow the ideas for a future build. The SNOT technique for the floor is another nice aspect as well. Overall I think this is a nice build that shows a lot of detail in a small space.
  6. Brandon Stark

    Settlement: Dragonstone, Blueton, Oleon

    Mayor's Office | Small Commerce | License Active
  7. Brandon Stark

    [OL - FB] Mayor's Office

    Sitting at his desk in his office, Lord Stark looked through the pile of letters and other important documents that had accumulated over the course of his time away from the settlement. Though he had founded the settlement himself over three years prior, Lord Stark found it lonely and small, and preferred to spend his time among the Oleander aristocracy at Breshaun in Le Bellan. But now he was back, and he was determined to finish the work he had started. The settlement was basically a sleepy hamlet, overshadowed by the two larger settlements on the island, the Corrish Port Raleigh and the Eslandolan Elysabethtown. And the period of rapid growth of colonies in this part of the world had ended years prior. The excitement was far to the east, in the newly discovered islands. But Lord Stark wasn't one to give up. Now, in his office in the mayor's house that hadn't even existed when he left, Lord Stark began to think of the grand plans he had for this settlement. He was going to make this a settlement rivaling the other two settlements on this island. "What better time to start than now", he remarked, half sarcastically. I've had this build for some time too, but I couldn't find the time to post this until now. As with any other build, any comments and/or criticism are appreciated.
  8. Brandon Stark

    Settlement: Dragonstone, Blueton, Oleon

    The Mayor's House | Small Residence | License Active
  9. Lord Stark stood on the second story balcony of the newly built mayor's house in his settlement and gazed at the surrounding city below. He had disappeared from the settlement for almost three years now, and was surprised at how much it had grown since he left. "But there are many matters to be attended to", he thought to himself. New Terra was an ever changing region, with new intrigue and politics unfolding by the day. And now that he was back, Lord Stark was determined to turn this settlement into something great. So life has kept me quite busy these past few years, and I honestly didn't realize how long it's been since I last posted, but I'm back. I had this build around for a while but I never really had the chance to post it until now. Any advice or comments on how I could improve this are appreciated as usual.
  10. Brandon Stark

    [Book 3] Challenge IIB: Highway from Hell

    I like the idea and the way you presented it. The stage and drums are nicely done, and I like the interesting band names as well. You did a pretty good job with the fig posing, as it seems that every figure in the build is in a smaller scene. Thank you for including my character, and I especially like how he's posed.
  11. Brandon Stark

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    A former mercenary and the second son of a Varlyrian nobleman, Brandir was awarded the lordship of a port city called Arcadia on the west coast of Avalonia for services to the realm. Though he had the choice to settle down, Brandir instead remained in Albion, the capital city, acquiring enough power and influence over the years to become one of the most powerful men in the city. Brandir has been a veteran of the many wars that have befallen Historica in the past few years, having again served with distinction to Avalonia before finally retiring. However, with Historica continuing to rebuild, and the political climate of Albion changed, Brandir seeks his reentry into politics, and to reclaim his former power and influence. Brandir by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Aside from a few short visits here and there, I haven't been on this site for over a year and a half, and honestly, it feels really good to be back. Life is kind of a mess for me right now and it isn't at the same place as it once was when I was last actively on this site over a year and a half ago. I've wanted to rejoin, but life, studies, and the constant moving I've done in the past few months has kept me busy, and I lost track of time. Well I wanted to get in my introduction right before the end of the year so I'm back now, and I've decided to use my old character if that's possible, although I slightly changed the name, and my character won't be running the same lands as he did in Book II. Anyways, again it's good to be back and I'm excited to see what I can build for Book III.
  12. Brandon Stark

    Prelude: An Avalonian Council

    Excellent work on the interior; especially the lighting through the windows, which gives the entire room a nice feel. The chandelier, dragon, and stack of wood in the back are all nice touches, as is the floor. May I ask how you did the floor? I kind of wish my character (or ex character I assume?) Brandon Stark was included though.
  13. Brandon Stark

    GoH Book III

    GoH Character by Brandon Stark, on Flickr (temporary picture; I just wanted to get this in before the deadline) Fingon is an old elf, one of the last of his generation in Historica, and has seen the trials and suffering in his time. In his long rule over the Kingdom of Anfalas, he has sought to keep his kingdom in isolation, shielded from the destruction of war the past few millennia have brought to Historica. Known for its production of fine crafts and fine wine, the latter of which is enjoyed in the royal court by the wealthy, Anfalas has prospered in its self sufficiency. But with the coronation of a new monarch in Cedrica, Fingon seeks to expand Anfalas's influence outside of its borders, perhaps to the throne room of the royal court itself.
  14. Brandon Stark

    Lena is taken

    How dare they do such a thing? Anyways, great build, I particularly like the fig posing, but I also like the tan color used on the roof of the tower.
  15. Brandon Stark

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    I feel really, really young after reading the two above comments now.