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  1. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    This looks incredible! Great idea using the stained glass for backgrounds (will probably steal it from you :D) Did you make these for your personal satisfaction or do you plan on displaying these somewhere?
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I can confirm this, just bought Lightning Jet/Manta Ray Bomber pack and received Kai's Dojo Pod and D2C Excl. MF Cave Set as gifts.
  3. In this MOC, the longboat is being resupplied at a sky port, built on top of a temple dedicated to a long forgotten tundra god. The longboat is an kind of an antithesis to the overall Steampunk esthetics of the MOC itself. As always all comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome : )
  4. In this creation Kuma, the battle-tested samurai, has to overcome one final hurdle, before he can enjoy his favorite thing in the whole white world - hot, steaming ramen. In this MOC, the pagoda received special attention: it was made with excessive detail to match my own vision of what steampunk is, although the colors are, perhaps, a better fit for actual pagodas, than for a steampunk creation. Fun fact - the cat is actually from Japan : ) As always all comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome!
  5. [MOC][Steampunk] An’kirah

    Thank you! I am really proud of how the balloon turned out : ) Thank you! As Junior Shark mentioned, the balloon is indeed one of the planets from SW. Thank you : )
  6. [MOC][Steampunk] An’kirah

    Thank you!
  7. [MOC][Steampunk] An’kirah

    Thank you!
  8. [MOC][Steampunk] An’kirah

    Thank you! : )
  9. [MOC][Steampunk] An’kirah

    Hi all, The build I'm showcasing was built for the Brickstory competition, where it was chosen to be one of the finalists. Build backstory: In the beginning I decided to create an homage to Jules Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days” book, for the category “The History of Art”. But, as with all such things, the final construction far outgrew my initial concepts becoming what I am presenting you today. The initial flicker that sparked me in this direction is still part of the final piece – the hot air balloon, my favorite part of the build. Unfortunately, the train and the ship are no longer part of the build, donating their parts to the foundation of the mountaintop instead. While this build does not tell a story any known ancient civilizations, I still feel that it fits the theme perfectly, especially given how lax the rules regarding themes are. The build depicts a ruin of an ancient sea-faring civilization, with a deep, dark, underworldly secret that brought on their demise. At some point during their reign they became so enchanted with shiny, yet unbeknownst to them - deadly, crystals that they started worshiping them as Gods and building underground shrines for their collection. When the first signs of the disease came it was too late for most and those who survived quickly abandoned their once grand cities, never to go back to behind their shimmering walls. The city of An’kirah, was a bustling city that was primarily a religious center. The many shrines that once made this mountain city known far and wide now lay in ruin. Forgotten by time itself it awaits brave souls ready to explore its narrow corridors and tell its story once again. Phileas Fogg and his crew approach the ruins, to recover the legendary treasures within it. Build images: Any and all comments and criticisms are welcome! :)
  10. Pillage the Village 2015 Contest: Voting

    My votes : ) Large: C - 2 I - 1 Small: I - 3 Digital: E - 3
  11. This works amazing, keep up the good work!
  12. AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    Please transfer 130 credits to NuckElBerg.
  13. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    If I would have to take a guess, I would say today, since the rules state that the normal rules apply : )
  14. [M - D04] Frigate Raid

    Great, thank you! I will study these thoroughly! :D I've only now noticed that there's also something else going on behind the glass! Great job, such an amazing build!