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  1. As they toured the island, Makny and his father would stop in many towns and villages, making sure that local affairs were in order and speaking on behalf of the Lord of Førstlys when needed. One of the stops on their journey was to Sorgheim, an ancient village that stood at the base of the mountains where could be found many of the tombs, crypts, and barrows that gave the Burial Isle its name. In recent years Nocturnian raiders had begun to frequent the shores of the island, occasionally making their way deep inland. Thus, the people of Sorgheim, like so many others, had bolstered the defenses around their town. The gatehouse at the center of their palisade made use of an ancient, crumbling arch, which they had cleaned and rebuilt to an extent, and which the Jarl's men now patrolled. I've been sitting on this for a while because I wanted to post it as part of a larger assembly, but with the guilds being so quiet lately I figured I might as well post it now. I'll probably clean it up a bit more before I post the whole scene, but for now C&C are welcome!
  2. The man was beyond the age of pushing a plow, but not so old that this journey was too much for him, and so he was given the task of leading the cart into the highlands. While the fields in the lowlands had been quite fruitful last year, the mountains of the Burial Isle had seen little rain and yielded sparse harvests. Thus, to hold the inland communities over until their crops had begun to mature, the well-supplied granaries of the coasts had been instructed to sell their surplus to those towns and villages that were soon to face hunger. The old man didn't mind the task so much, though, for the sun on that spring day was pleasant, and the scent of the flowers around him made that of the oxen beside him almost tolerable. This was a quick, experimental build to try out the rock technique and give the tree (which I've had for a while) a place to go.
  3. Years ago, Reifnir Wave-Breaker left a humble hut and a pregnant wife to answer the calls of the Jarls and fight the Algus in the frozen north. Even after they were vanquished, there was always another fight keeping him away. At last he has returned and much has changed. He is greeted by the happy bark of a hunting dog that was once a pup, for it has never forgotten its first master. Inside, a boy hears the bark and it is different than usual. Could it mean... Inside, a wife dares not look up from her chores because she has long since given up all hope of seeing her husband again.
  4. The palisade around Sorgheim was erected in haste, though not without care, and its earthen ramparts were broken with bastions that allowed defenders clear sight along the outer face of every wall. If an enemy were able to make their way to the base of the wall, they would find little shelter from guardsmen's arrows. Another section of a larger scene, this goes with the gatehouse I posted last week. C&C welcome as always. Hopefully I'll find more time to finish the other sections soon...
  5. My first model of 2018, this is based off of the watermill located in Riverwood from the game Skyrim. It is meant to be viewed from all sides, and has a completely irregular border. I took inspiration for the landscape colors from Wochenender and his incredible Jernsteein creation, while the water wheel was based off of Brick’s design. The trees are again taken from the tutorial by Chris. Finally getting around to posting this model here. This completes the small storyline I had started a while ago, as well as finally finishing Age of Mitgardia! Previous story installments: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. Dedan, Glorfindel, and a new man dressed in dark blue robes made their way to the watermill at Firoir. A few of the villagers were around, and were obviously curious about the three visitors. Some had heard of a confrontation between Glorfindel and their Lord Tuinis, and wondered what it meant for the Officer of Valholl to have returned. Firm steps could be heard upon the wooden walkway over the river as Lord Tuinis approached, flanked by three Mitgardian soldiers. And it was obvious from the guard's gleaming weapons and armor that they were not any of the local troops under Tuinis' command. As he neared the small group, it was clear to all that his rage was barely contained. "What is the meaning of this, Sir Glorfindel," blustered the man, placing sarcastic emphasis on the term sir. "Invading Firoir with armed troops is no small matter, and I will have you brought before the Valholl Council and banished from Mitgardia!" Glorfindel answered with just a hint of a smile, "That will not be possible, Tuinis." "Further insults! Let everyone here be witness to the fact that this man has not even had the decency to properly address a lord of Mitgardia." "Your status as lord has been revoked, and the Parliament has also removed your control of Firoir." This statement from Glorfindel was brought with a fleeting moment of terror on Tuinis' face, before his usual arrogance returned. "Lies!" He spat back, "You have merely brought some of your own lackey troops, and used armed force to take this town!" At this point the oldest of the three soldiers spoke up: "I am Captain Mattr, and can assure you that this was all done on behalf of the Valholl Council, I am not on any orders from Sir Glorfindel." "You will find all of the legal documents in order," said Dedan, as he extended a sealed letter towards the former lord. "Those papers also instate Vigr here as the new lord of Firoir," added Glorfindel, gesturing the man robed in blue. Tuinis had a nasty glint in his eye as he made his parting statement before the guards escorted him to the prisons of Valholl, "I can see your trickery was thorough, but be assured that you will not escape this debacle unharmed!" The villagers breathed slight sighs of relief at the man's departure, though they dared not hope their new lord was any better of a man. In time Vigr did gain their respect, and also that of the neighboring lord's who were only too happy to see their troublesome neighbor replaced. See more pictures on Brickbuilt C&C always welcome .
  6. ...about 5 years ago, when things started to getting worse for the citizens of Euosmos and strange things where happening all over Mitgardia because of the rising hordes of Algus, a boat with a handful of brave men from Euosmos, sailed across Winter Lakes to the open sea towards East, far away from the known lands of Historica... They were looking for a safe place away from any Algus threats, to make a new start for their civilization and keep the soul of Euosmos alive. It took them about a month sailing before they finally saw land! The region was ideal to build a fortified city, so they immediately started working on it.... the city of "Salonica" Soon they had their first houses ready and about three year after, the fortified walls were ready too. The named "Kastra of Thessaloniki" were one of the toughest walls all over Historica and the citizens were finally safe, for once and for all. Hey there guys :) thanks a lot for hosting this great contest, it was the big period we had available to build, that made me think to finally expand the Kastra Gatehouse I had built and also build the interior village I wanted. (you can exclude the main gatehouse from judging) The project consists of 3x3 48baseplates for now and I aim to further expand it when I find time. The windmill at the hill is rotating with power functions, and there are also several lights at the tavern below it and around rockwork. I was also thinking to make more threads and link them here with the main buildings/baseplates better photographed (detached) but for the time being I will leave it as it is, all together. I am working on this project since the announcement of the contest, with a few months off and on, and the final moc consists of MANY parts as you can see xD I hope you like it Giorgos Solomonidis Gunman Kastra of Thessaloniki Military Parade Every year since the beginning of the new era for the citizens of Euosmos, they organize a military parade to celebrate their new hometown. Sir Gunman has left a clone of himself next to the King, because he has information that upcoming danger in incoming to the city of Salonica, and he has to prepare himself. Every citizen has a chance to see from close-up their brave military The coming of the citizens of Euosmos to this land, wasn't so peaceful... in fact, strange fleshy looking people were living here. All of them were captured and since then are kept on a small island on a lake near Salonica called Skyraloga to avoid any transfer of their illness to the healthy citizens. Every year, during the parade period, a few of them are taken from the small island and are forced to join the parade inside a wagon. Dragonslayer's Inn One of the top Inns in the City of Salonica, famous for its view from the balcony Dimo's Stable The stable, owned by Sir Gunman and his family, named after his grandfather. Some of the finest horses of Salonica and held there. Sir Gunman it getting ready to leave his house and go see if the rumors for incoming danger are true, Market Every Sunday, one of the finest markets of the city is getting place near the Monument of the Fallen Angel You can find from small fishes till one of the finest armors in the lands of Historica The Statue of the Fallen Angel dedicated to all the fallen Mitgardians, during the long journey from Euosmos to Salonica Dragonslayer Windmill This windmill is used by citizens and military people too. Normal citizens use it to produce their flour while military people are on duty and use it as observatory for incoming danger around the city. Next to the windmill, there is also a big Cross made out of stone, to threaten incoming enemies. Many citizens find this place very romantic, and choose it to get married. Lights ON Last but not least I would like to claim the following: Inn phase 3,Stable phase 3,Walls phase 3,Store phase 1 HSS entertainers.HSS Scholars,HSS Religious
  7. Far to the east of Historica lie the Great Wings, a series of vast lands that stretch for hundreds of miles, surrounded by innumerable smaller islands. Many centuries ago, the Pinnothen fled the calamity of civil war in their home in the land that would become Historica and conquered much of this place. They drove out the dark elves that had made their kingdoms there, built on the backs of slaves, and brought their worship of the Eight Children and their aspects (the Pinnothen's understanding of magic) to their new subjects. 1) Champion of the 8 The most elite warriors and magic wielders of the Pinnothen, Champions are considered to be the Children's most favored, and often hold positions of high honor at temples and among noble households. However, they devote their lives to study study and training, rarely intervening in the affairs of the world except in the most dire of circumstances. 2) Chosen Selected early in their youth to become highly versed in the Eight Aspects and their manifestations, Chosen are the most exceptional children of the nobility, trained with the sole purpose of attempting the Eight Trials when they come of age. The few who survive this ordeal are offered places in the Royal Household, to elevate the position of their families and strengthen the power of the ruling bloodline. 3) Officiant of the Eight Trials A master of their respective aspects, Officiants administer the Trials of the Eight to the Chosen. It is a position of honor, but also one of great solemnity, as many Chosen die at the hands of the Officiants. It is also a position of great peril, as the Chosen occasionally lose control of the aspects they wield, with disastrous results. 4) Pilgrim of the Eight Paths Like Champions, Pilgrims devote their lives to the study and application of the aspects. Unlike the Champions, Pilgrims do this while practicing a lifestyle of asceticism and travelling the length and breadth of the Great Wings. They are greeted with reverence in the towns they visit, and have been known to intervene with their abilities for the good of the commoners. 5) Heavy Phalanx The primary strength of the Pinnothen standing army, the long spears and stout armor of the phalanx, bolstered by their rigid discipline and zealous conviction, have kept the lands of the Great Wings secure for millennia. None withstood their advance during the Settling, and few have posed a serious threat to them in the time since. 6) Pinnothen Voicecaster Highly skilled in the Aspect of the Song, the Voicecasters issue commands at the front lines of the battlefield and relay information across great distances on behalf of the high commanders. The mastery of their aspect allows them to be heard above the chaos, and some of the greatest voicecasters have been known to compel their enemies to lay down their arms with the power of their words alone. 7) Order of the Hammer Acolyte The Order of the Hammer is devoted to building, forging, and crafting, though an acolyte is not allowed to do any of that until they've proven their knowledge of all the materials the order favors. Some acolytes spend years in the order before they're allowed to construct their own hammer. 8) Order of the Pestle Healer Superior The Order of the Pestle deals in the creation of medicines, foods, and even some poisons (though this knowledge is reserved for only a trusted few). The Healer Superior carries an over-sized pestle as a symbol of his rank, and spends much of his time teaching and demonstrating for less-experienced adherents in one of the order's many temples. 9) Order of the Stars Wayfinder The Order of the Stars studies everything to do with the skies, from meteorology to navigation. The wayfinders are renowned for their ability to find safe courses through even the most treacherous regions. They are invaluable to the captains of ships that brave the unpredictable swells and jagged sea rocks of the Shattered Coast 10) Forgotten Emissary A high elf dignitary from the Mystic Isles, sent to the kings' court on the Old Shores, before the Kinsunder. He followed the Pinnothen in their flight from the Faithless, then again across the shifting sea to the Great Wings, and has served as an observer and an adviser to every successive monarch in the millennia that followed. 11) Khashdin Animator The Khashdin are not born, hatched, or summoned like other creatures of the world. They are first shaped from stones and clay, and then granted life through means known only to the Animators. They grow slowly over centuries by consuming the minerals around them, some becoming so vast that they can be mistaken for geographical features. 12) Khashdin Pyre Carver As important to the life of the Khashdin as their creation by an animator is their transition from the moving stone back to the living stone of the earth. Pyre Carvers prepare the place of a Khashdin's death, where they return their spirits to the ground and become one with the stone again. Some among the Khashdin's few visitors mistake the figures that line the halls of their cities for statues, when they are in fact the honored dead. 13) Khashdin Axe Bearer The great leaders of the Khashdin are, invariably, colossal figures, slow-moving, and often unable to fit through even some of the grandest gateways. Thus, they often deal with outsiders by way of emissaries. These envoys, by bearing the axe of their ruler, show that they speak with his authority in all matters of trade, diplomacy, and war. 14) Eastern Drow Stone Crusher The Drow and the Khashdin, each living primarily beneath the surface of the earth, have been enemies for time immemorial. While the Drow prefer to combat the Khashdin through guile and sorcery, occasions sometimes call for a less subtle form of confrontation. 15) Eastern Drow Subversive When the Pinnothen first began the Settling, the Drow were at the height of their power in the Great Wings. Now relegated to a few strongholds among the Featherstones in the east, they have been readying themselves for centuries to retake the land that was once theirs. Subversives work in the shadows to sow seeds of discord among their enemies, making the land fertile for their reconquest. 16) Flatwater Fisherman The eastern reaches of the continent are broad, rolling grasslands, crisscrossed by ancient forests and vast, shifting river deltas. Hundreds of small communities live along the banks of each river, the fishermen and merchants plying their trades from atop agile catamarans. 17) Shattered Coast Slaver Their kingdoms overthrown by the first Favored King after he led a slave revolt, most of the ancient slavers were hunted down and forced to capitulate or be destroyed. A clever few, though, have managed to evade the Pinnothen for generations, hidden among the rugged cliffs and deep, rain-soaked valleys of the Shattered Coast. 18) Ancestor March The tradition of the march dates back to the Old Shores, before the Settling. When times are most desperate, the wizened elder warriors of a city don the black funerary armor and go out to stand between death and their descendants.
  8. In the months following the Historican Civil War, strange vessels were seen racing on the winds off the eastern coasts of Nocturnus and Mitgardia. No one knew their origin, and the folk that piloted them spoke in a strange and antiquated manner, if they ever came close enough to communicate at all.
  9. Thulgard by David de Rijke, on Flickr Few of the ships of the once so mighty Mitgardian expedition survived their voyage, but the brave survivors joined up and found land! On the vast continent of Vela, yet unknown to Historica, they founded their new home, Thulgard. As the wood of the ships was used for pallissades and watch towers, the crews went out to forage and build some structures to survive the incoming winter. They did not go unnoticed, however... Their new settlement of Thulgard seemed to be placed in the domain of the Empire, and some imperial officers already stood at the gates to reclaim it, diplomatically. Not a single change however that Mitgardian captain Amkyr will let that happen! Thulgard lays in the Westerlands, the -obviously- western region of the Empire, ruled by the house of Glainthes, who have their seat near Bunnock's Barn, half a day's march away. Bunnock manor by David de Rijke, on Flickr Thulgard might be my most detailed build at this scale. At least it has the best rockwork I have ever produced :p The mountain had been under construction for, like, a year, so I am kind of glad that I am done, for now I sorted out my lego, I can't wait to build much and much more! Alas I kind of forgot I am studying abroad now for some weeks, so I had to hurry with the photography before I left. I might wanna make better pictures when I am back!
  10. The Lord of Førstlys was in fact the lord of all of the Burial Isle, and its safety was, first and foremost, his concern. Thus, trusted members of his household were often seen traveling the length and breadth of the island, taking count of the defenses of the various communities set along the rocky coasts and nestled into the mountainous interior. Makny's father would often take him along when it was time to inspect, leading him on horseback through the hills and gathering news from every outpost they passed along the way. Inspiration for the rockwork came from @soccerkid6, particularly his recent Nordheim Watchtower. I might be lacking subtlety in my own application, but I generally like how it turned out. You're welcome to disagree of course.
  11. Every so often, Makny would go with his father to check on the stores that had been gathered over the growing season. The old warehouses had been dug into the hillsides along the fields to protect their contents. The earth kept the old burrows cool through the heat of the summer, but made sure they didn't freeze in the depths of the cold northern winters. C&C welcome as always!
  12. Makny's youth saw good times for Førstlys, and the village swelled in size. More people needed more food, and more food required that more fields be cultivated. Since Makny wasn't yet strong enough to handle the plow, he would follow his father and sow the seeds into the fresh furrows. Many days of his early summers were spent pacing the fields. When once he protested that it didn't seem like the work of a nobleman, his father reminded him that it was the duty of the lord to be sure his people ate, and what was the duty of the lord, was the duty of his son, and his son as well. I realized after this was dismantled that I didn't get the green and yellow in there, but I wanted to try the uneven base and banner seemed out of place in a field so...
  13. Because he was the second son of the Lord of Forstlys, Makny's father was often responsible for helping expand and improve the lord's holdings. This meant everything from bolstering defenses to tilling new fields, and he always made sure the Makny was around to learn what he could. When he was very young, Makny's father would send him out before a new field was plowed. He would find the rocks and stack them along the side of the field, protecting the plow blades and fencing the field to keep the animals from trampling the crops that would be planted there. The walls he stacked as a child were crooked, with many small rocks; but as he grew, his fences became straighter, and the rocks he stacked unaided were much larger. AoM Farm Ph1 by Ryan Erstad, on Flickr This is my first build for GoH, and I'm looking for critiques. From here I'm thinking that I'll run through as many of the AoM categories as I can by starting with vignettes or small builds, as my Lego time is highly limited these days. But I'm hoping to get out enough freebuilds to crank out something for the fifth anniversary challenge. I've followed this story from the beginning (as a lurker in the shadows, while away from my collection in college), and now I'm really excited to participate!
  14. Though he likely would never rule Førstlys, Makny was a member of the lord's household, and would be expected to fight for him. So his father spent many hours with him, teaching him to swing a sword and hold a shield. They would often practice in dangerous corners of the island, so Makny learned to mind his footing and pay attention to his surroundings. His father never went easy on him, for as all Mitgardians know, the pain of defeat is a warrior's greatest teacher. http://Sparring by the Sea Overview by Ryan Erstad, on Flickr Comment and criticism welcome.
  15. While the city of Falconstone keeps expanding, the training camp in the nearby Ginnon Valley is also under constant development. An archery range has been put up, from which archers and axe throwers can practice hurling their projectiles at targets placed before a wall of straw bales
  16. Garmadon

    Barnaby's Escapade

    It was a beautiful day in Mitgardia. Sir Uridius Dratiphe was standing one of the towers flanking the gatehouse - the taller one; he always made a point of only standing on the taller one - he liked feeling the wind and sniffing in the healthy, bracing, northern air. Plus, he liked keeping a look out for Algus and other brigands and suchlike. Suddenly a cart turned up the road and came into view. A couple of fellows - one of them pertly waving up at them - walked up with it to the drawbridge, where, curiously enough, the cart stopped, and the two chaps started unloading and rolling in their wares. "Most intriguing!" remarked Sir Uridius to the guard besides him, "I do believe I've never seen a merchant stop right outside instead of actually coming in the town before." "You think it's suspicious, sir?" inquired the guard, "shall I go down and check what's up?" "Exactly," returned Sir Uridius, "and if that Barnaby fellow we've heard of recently has any of his dreadful schemes up again, make sure you stop them in good time." The guard headed down accordingly, putting on a most important air. Suddenly there was a bit of a scuffle in the court, and Barnaby himself (who had rode up under the cart, and who had managed to sneak in to do the dealing when no one happened to be looking) came flying out toward the gate. "Raise the drawbridge, shut the portcullis!" exclaimed Sir Uridius excitedly. The order was too slow, however (and the other fellow on guard had spent too long waving his sword at the outlaw...) And Barnaby rushed up the rising drawbridge and leapt out to freedom - and as the portcullis had slammed shut just in front of the other guard who was pursuing them, the outlaws made good their escape, much to Sir Uridius and his guards' chagrin. "What was he up to?" the former asked as the rather crestfallen guard came up. "Oh, nothing much - only selling smuggled Kaliphlin oil to the cook and housekeeper." "What!?" exclaimed Sir Uridius, utterly put out - "selling untaxed oil in this castle? That's enough to put a man in the sulks all day long!" "Yes, and he charged double for it," the guard ventured hesitantly. "This must be taken care of!" exclaimed the knight again, ignoring the guard. "A smuggler in this castle?! Bah! We have a time-honored tradition here of paying taxes, and it won't go be messed up with impunity! Come along, sirrah, we must concoct a plan..." Figless, and with the portcullis down: Another build from me! Just a freebuild for GoH as it happens - it is also the exterior of a different scene I uploaded a few days ago on Flickr, though, and a slightly changed version of my functional castle for the LCBTC. The portcullis and drawbrige both actually work, though unfortunately I had to scrap the collapsing wall and moving road functions when removing the base and finalizing this smaller build. Credit for the cart design (slightly altered) to the tutorial over on brickbuilt! Here's a shot of all the figs together: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  17. mccoyed

    Old Bridge Inn

    The Old Bridge Inn rests at the border of Mitgardia and the Historican Crownlands. Its architecture is thus a mixture, and the structure has been rebuilt over and over again. Once, the bridge was wider and the tower fortified with a stone gatehouse. Watchers on the Water used to charge a toll and keep out Mitgardian raiders in times long past. History hangs over the place, but unlike the haunted ruins of other regions, the Old Bridge Inn has remained a place of life, change, and the congress of ideas and strangers from all over the land. Alva Tyrnsdottir (remember her?) fought the Algus in northern Mitgardia and is now on a diplomatic mission to Cedrica to see the new High Queen Ylspeth on behalf of Asbjorn, Jarl of Arnarvhal. However, Alva has never been this far south or east. Thankfully, Barling has been far abroad and even has maps to help guide their way. Alva and Barling consult a map of the roads from the Old Bridge Inn, trying to determine the safest route. Sturlan is reluctant to leave the inn, however. They had rested here for a few days and he managed to meet himself a young barmaid, the inkeeper's daughter, who he took a shine to. He pleads with her to wait for him to come back. It's only going to be a few weeks... months? Maybe a year. Two at most! Times have been hard in Historica lately. Maybe things are changing, but not fast enough for this man. Maimed escaping the Algus at Hardhearth (remember that?), he is now a beggar... a very low position for a proud Mitgardian to sink to. He lost his arm to Algus ice magic, but a passing shield-maiden offers him a much needed coin. The pies at Old Bridge Inn are famous and now he can afford one. Times haven't been tough on everyone, of course. The rich fellow on the balcony doesn't have to worry about affording pies. He can afford all the pies and he passes the beggar from Hardhearth every day and offers him nothing. A merchant and traveler from Kaliphlin, he finds the cold of Mitgardia quite refreshing... especially with a nice glass of brandy. Just don't tell him that he would have to a lot further north to experience the REAL cold of Mitgardia. Below him, a young girl steals some fish for the cats. She'll get a scolding later, but the look on Mr. Whisker's face is worth it. Unbeknownst to the other travelers and locals, two very special women have been passing through. Astrid is still young and like Alva, she has never been this far from home. The colors of the flowers delight her, and her bodyguard Ylva cannot help but smile just a little even though she knows that if the wrong person should notice them, their perilous flight from the far-off kingdom of Blomgard will only get even more dangerous. Ylva is unused to humans who are so comfortable with having dwarves around. She and Astrid come from a land where dwarves and humans get along quite poorly. Astrid is so delighted with the garden that she doesn't even notice the regal tourney knight approaching the inn behind her. That boy sure does! He's never seen a sight so inspiring in his short life! The knight hopes that the crowning of Queen Ylspeth will reignite the floundering tourney circuit throughout Historica. All he has is his war-gear and his unadorned, but steady mount. Should the tourneys resume, he stands to win fame and fortune if he can trounce the little knights of the other Guilds. Perhaps that boy over there would squire for him. Every good knight needs a squire... Another boy, hiding from his mother in the rubble of a bygone time, would be very jealous if he knew what he was missing up above! The fisherman on the dock wouldn't care either way. He lived for fishing, ale, and warm days on the river. A rich Avalonian countess surveys her rooms in the tower suite. Who knew such a rustic and barbaric a place as Mitgardia could boast rooms so nicely furnished? Perhaps there was even good wine here. But then, she doubted it. This young elven woman appreciates the view. She and her husband seldom travel in human lands and it never ceases to amaze her what the humans are capable of doing with a few handfuls of chiseled rocks. Little does she or anyone else know that a grumpy old minotaur lives below the Inn. Though she is impressed, her husband is not. He preferred the forests and rivers and glades. When he came to human places, he found solace in wine. Now if only the halfling and dwarf at the neighboring table would make less noise! They argue and argue about politics until finally the halfling, scarred and scowling, asks for his opinion to settle the argument. Ugh! Why couldn't they just leave him alone. Of course the Queen was going to reopen diplomatic ties to Nocturnus. It was just a matter of time. What was there to even discuss! If the poor elven husband only knew that peace and quiet was just a few flights of stairs away. Fresh pies off the oven meant that Lisfala, the proprietress of the Old Bridge Inn, could count on the word to spread. Soon, with Historica hopefully entering a period of peace, that word would spread to every corner of the Guildlands and the Crownlands and travelers would pass through. Maybe then she could make some much needed repairs. As she watched the happy patrons eating and smiling, plans for expansion and renovation flew through her mind. But where was her daughter? Some day, this would all be hers. She had better not be outside talking to that Arnarvhalan scrub again! The Old Bridge Inn could someday become an important junction in journeys through Mitgardia to the other Guildlands. Already, river boats laden with dwarf-mined ores passed through. Raiders and robbers still plagued the wilderness, meaning it was often unsafe to stop if the cargo was precious. This boat can't stop, it's too risky. Lisfala had seen them approach and lamented that for all the armsmen, mercenaries, and knights that passed through she still didn't have any stable security. Perhaps very soon she'd be able to hire some. Builder's Notes: This is the second biggest build I've done (first was Anarvhal) and this is actually version 2. The first version was MASSIVE but modular and I couldn't properly attach the parts. This build is inspired by the Cockatrice Inn from The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine and I credit that with getting me back into Lego because after seeing it I just had to build something like it. I have tried to include some small updates for my previous Mitgardian "storyline" (always pretty loose) and some hints at possible future builds. I was in a hurry and forgot the new Historica logo. Sorry about that! I still don't have a very good lighting setup, especially for builds this size. Sigh...
  18. Legofin2012

    Life in Mid-River

    Life is calm and humble in the small Northern town of Mid-River. Although far north, summer is generally pleasant, with only irregular snowfall from time to time and a cool breeze. As the sun sets the market is packed away, and a few buckets of water are collected to last the night. Although aware of a possible Algus threat, life continues in the Northern Clan. So I haven't been particularly active in GoH recently, for multiple reasons, I've been rather busy with exams, sorting my future out, and in free time this. And honestly I'm glad it's finished, photography was difficult and took nearly a whole day and over 100 photo attempts. This is also an entry for the immersive scene category of Summer Joust, so I thought I'd tie it in with GoH to expand my village - Thanks for looking!
  19. The training camp has been expanded again, for the governor decided the horse training would be moved here as well. The horses will be trained to overcome their fears, like dogs, and knights can come to practice here with their lances .. and here is the complete assembly of the Ginnon Valley training camps: I built the tower first, and some people thought the rocks were a bit bare, and some vegetation would be nice. Then the idea rose to create an archery range next to the tower, which could 'connect' to the rock where the tower was built on. I tried some tree design there as well, though I am not too happy with it (stability is too bad, alas) I found some tan bricks as well, and came with the idea to make straw bales to catch arrows gone wild. Then lastly I added the horsegrounds, for I was playing with a horse when I came up with the dog-scaring-the-horse-scene, which I quite liked. The idea of the tan sand is that its trampled all the time, which serves as an excuse not to add texture, as i do not own much tan except for the tan being in a WiP right now:O Main reason to build this was to get started on the tower phase 2, for which I can now make a big build (if I would put the big build as phase one, I couldnt surpass myself anymore xD) The stable was a bit rushed, but I wanted to finish it before the weekend because I would be gone for a while, and now I can immediatly start on my new project :)
  20. Hi guys, after doing a large build for the SJ17 I did not have much motivation for a new large project immediatly. Then I remembered how I have many uncompleted Age of Mitgardia builds left to do :P Here is my take on the tower phase one! My first focus was on the rockwork, and when I started the tower I had no idea where it was going, but im quite pleased with the result.
  21. It was a nice, bright morning in the open spot where Barnaby's outlaw band had decided to set up training camp. Barnaby himself (the fellow leaping up with the axe in front) was an expert at every sort of thing which was against the law in Mitgardia - from smuggling Kaliphlinian oil to old grandma's who made a point of only buying goods that hadn't been taxed, to relieving rich travelling peps of a bit of extra cash, to cheating in every contest and challenge he entered... Over time, Barnaby had gathered together a fairly good sized group of fellow rascals - but, as his band had a bad habit of bumbling every job they went on, he had decided it was time to take them in hand and make sure they got some adequate training in the rudiments of successful outlawry. So here goes for - Tips on how to become a great Mitgardian Outlaw! - or perhaps better titled, Why you shouldn't bring a lance to a joust with a sneaky Mitgardian outlaw (at least not just a lance!)... First, of course - like we just said, never bring a lance to the lists against a fellow outlaw! Next, always carry an extra (concealed, and probably un-allowed) weapon! Eat and laugh (though probably not at the same time...) - both are way more healthy than you'd think! (Disclaimer: if you're on the run, don't keep your eyes shut while laughing longer than you have to...) Always keep an eye on the weapons... And on the gold. And of course, always cheat! Just a quick build to introduce some new characters which I mean to keep using, hopefully - a kind of Mitgardian version of a group of forestmen (since we're not tree-huggers, you know!) and for the second round of the LCBTC. Overall it didn't end up quite as I'd envisioned it, but I'm fairly happy with the result - not nearly my best, but pretty good for the short amount of time I allowed myself for it! A lot of design credits to hand out here, too! The tree on the right is based on Joeri Ridder's great design, that on the left by some of SK's, and the rabbit is definitely inspired by Balbo's great rabbit design (though somewhat modified with the peg instead of the faun's leg - mostly because I'm simply not in possession of one of those, haha!) And I'll leave you with a final figless overview: Anyhow, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  22. Living in a tower at the top of Rothenheim mountain in northern Mitgardia, Dwalin Forksek, of dwarven descent (though he somehow managed to grow out of it), was generally know as simply "The Alchemist." In utter disregard to the smoke and explosions often heard rumbling out from his cozy workplace and the public's opinion of them - not a very favorable one, by the by - the Alchemist was always certain that he was on the verge of some magnificent discovery which would forever change the course of history. At the moment he was engaged in boiling some yellow substance to vapors in a large cauldron, and - let's see - maybe one more turn of the timer would do... KA-BANG!!! Or then again, maybe not... One thing was certain, though - and that was that the next time something important would be discovered! Not that something wasn't discovered this time too, namely, Do not overcook boiling yellow substances... The room: And our worthy, painstaking laborer in the pursuit of science: A fun little build for GoH (glad to be posting something around here again!) and the first round of the LCBTC, enjoy! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  23. Spring is finally here after the long winter battles with the Algus. Stian and Frode pack the extra weapons into the market wagon to take to Falkidalr’s market. Market day is always extra special in spring, as the chills of the winter are shaken off as a cloak and people from many locations bring wares of all types. Merchants and farmers bring their goods to offer the people of Falkidalr what they need while turning a profit to produce more goods. Entertainers are always a welcome presence at the market, and this day proves to have no lack of performers. As Stian and Frode are crossing the bridge to Falkidalr’s main path, two jesters start their performance early for the market-goers at the bridge. Doing somersaults and cavorting around, the jesters thrill with an element of danger as they cross the bridge around the smithy wagon by acrobatic feats on the bridge border wall. Hopefully nobody falls off! Oh, look! The goatherds seem to be having some trouble keeping the goats out of the fresh flowers along the path! Even with the help of a trusty farm dog, goats are difficult to control. There seems to be traffic congestion at the path intersection! The Vitrs are crossing the bridge right when a band of travelling minstrels is passing on the main path. Always ones to please, they play music as they travel. Their music meshes beautifully with the jesters’ antics, much to everyone’s enjoyment. The pig farmer should probably pay more attention to his pigs than the performers, though. He might have been overzealous in thinking he could lead three hogs at once on leashes! Even the old chicken farmer finds his steps lightened by the music and performance. The Falkidalr Leidvordr patrol is also excited by market day and the new sights it brings, though their task of guarding the path becomes more difficult with all of the travelers and precious cargo. Additional Pictures: The market wagon: …And the characters posing for pictures on the bridge: Without figures: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This build took far longer to complete than I thought it would, mostly due to the elevation on the sides needed to allow for the bridge and stream bank and how to close in the edges. The inspiring technique for this build was the bridge arches simply made of an arch of bricks not fully engaged. I have also wanted to make a stream bank with reeds ever since the medium-flesh spike was introduced to the LEGO world. Comments and constructive criticism much appreciated! Thanks for looking, Slegengr Pine tree tutorial is added under the historic forum.
  24. Hey all! I’ve wanted to start a personal story in GoH for a while now, and it finally is happening. I completed the second build of the start yesterday, and I hope there will follow a lot more… The story is about my sigfig and in the first episodes I’ll be telling the story from his youth till now, as he reigns over Kyrrath, The city of purple. Afterwards there will be new stories, but I don’t have any clear ideas for that yet(as I first need to complete these builds ) It has been almost 5 years now, since that day. that one day… Now it should be over, it’s time for justice! It’s time for revenge! Whispers Kiarr to himself. It all started peaceful. Kiarr and his twin brother Rignar grew up in a peaceful Mitgardian family. They were the only two children of their parents, and Kiarr was the oldest, as he was born a few minutes before his brother. But his parents favored his brother more than him, and that makes Kiarr angry. But as Kiarr was angry, it didn’t went that bad, as in their normal lives, there wasn’t a huge difference between Kiarr and Rignar. But that suddenly changed at their 10th birthday… It was a cold but beautiful day. And what makes it even more beautiful, was the 10th birthday of the twin brothers Kiarr and Rignar. And in their family, when you reach the age of 10, it’s a special celebration as from that moment you will be counted as a man, and get training in fighting/hunting and other important things man have to do. And to celebrate it, the oldest boy of a family will get a special ‘family’ axe. This weapon has an enormous value for the family members and it shows who will be the heritor of the family. That one day, everything started great. The whole family was ready for the celebration and was waiting for their uncle Wiglaf(sigfig of @[Claus von Nassau]) to bring the family axe, so the ceremony could start. And around 10 o’clock they heard the sound of a horse walking around the house. That has to be Wiglaf! And Kiarr, Rignar and their mum ran outside to welcome their uncle: Wiglaf has arrived and the ceremony could start. But then the moment came that completely changed the life of Kiarr(and his family as well… ) as Wiglaf doesn’t give the Family-axe to Kiarr (as he was the oldest son) but he gives it to Rignar! And it wasn’t even a mistake, as his parents do notice it, but don’t stop Wiglaf from doing this! Instead of the family axe he deserved, now Kiarr gets a magic box. It’s also a nice present, but it just can’t be compared to a family axe(as that also means he won’t be the heritor of his family)… And from that day on, Kiarr is looking for justice! Or he will be the most important son, or no one will! It’s five years later, and it’s their birthday again. Kiarr has practiced with his magicbox every day for five years now. And now he knows he is strong enough to turn this day into a nightmare for his family! It’s 10 o’clock. Like five years ago. But today his family is inside the house and he is outside. Kiarr creates a small purple magic-ball, and let it grow bigger… And when it has enough power, Kiarr throws the ball to their house. The house shakes, and flames are everywhere in the house. Kiarr keeps looking at it until the flames are extinguished. Then he leaves a purple sign at the floor of the house and flees.. No one knows what has happened and what the purple sign means.. only Kiarr himself knows it, but he has fled to Nocturnus. But when Kyrrath rises, things will come clear for other people… But that does happen several years later after this day, and will come clear in future parts of the story of Kiarr…. So here you have it, my first part of the story of my sigfig, Lord Kiarr.. Hope you enjoy it! Here are some more photos of the builds: The backside of the house: (actually I built this one a year ago, and it’s also at the Mitgardian poster….) The backside of the ruins: And an overview photo so you can compare the 2 builds: I hope you enjoy this build and story, and I hope to continue the stoy anytime soon... Jaap
  25. The Cuboid Castle that Samuel Marron has visited is probably worth a few additional pictures It was probably not my best idea to shoot a grey castle against a grey background... This is where Samuel Marron goes to seek for further support in the battle agains Ravaage. Inspired by La Sagrada Familia I had build two differently coloured glass windows. one blueish - one reddish C&C Welcome, pictures to be found on my flickr album.