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  1. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10 C VOTING topic

    Little John - 1 point Zilmrud - 1 point Adde - 1 point
  2. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10 B VOTING topic

    Captain Flint - 1 point Exetrius - 1 point Gideon - 1 point
  3. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10 C : Port of Mophet

    Andreas, you have such a breathtaking signature style! I see Kali and I immediately know it's your creative mind behind it. Impressive layout, especially when made in Middle-Eastern inspiration. Craaazy good tree trunks. THe white and tan tower is my favorite! The blue tooth-piece dome is phenomenal too. The sail is outstanding, and the mix of yellows for timed decorative walls is incredible. Truly inspiring. Makes me want to travel Kali for a little while. Awesome work.
  4. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10 C: Mitgardian Village of Skaaldoogh

    Truly impressive Mitgardian setup. Good to see the characteristic Serpentine-Longboat and the strategically round wooden tower with spikes. Just as our ancestors built in the old days! Plus, the working wave mechanism is very impressive! Amazing work, sir MKJ.
  5. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10A: The Jade Tower

    My bad. Seagulls. Not Eagles. Though s---eagulls and eagles must be at least cousin-related.
  6. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10 C: The Port of Zamorah

    Holy port! This is astonishing! Truly massive, yet very polished and detailed work. I'm mindblown. The stone covering the tops of the builds is an incredibly nice touch. A tad claustrophobic for a port, but very unique. Wonderful and inspiring. Certainly a MOC to be printed on the annals of the Guilds for reference. Amazing.
  7. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10 B: The Witch of Heedwor

    My Mitgardian heart rushes whenever I see a snow covered build. Such a lovely hut (kidding! This is almost a mansion!). Massive roof, and a very impressive snow technique. I love the sand green grass poking out of the ground. And the textures in tan used for the house are spot on. Amazing work, Captain. Skol!
  8. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Tower of Roligsfrakk

    Thank you for the wholesome analysis, sir Zoth! Really glad you liked the overall texturing and layout. Sometimes I get to force myself to build something snowless. Skol, brother! Thrilled you liked this humble composition, Kai. I went for 'minimalist and clean', but I'm happy you like the slight texture variation. And oooh yes! I'm also impressed with how the dark brown and lime green fit well together. I remember seeing this palette in a couple of Brother Steven's Mocs. Do invest in it, as I am planning an expansion too! Now.. will this color scheme go well with snow? Scenes for a new chapter. Cheers, Kai!
  9. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10 B - To protect our own Vol.2

    Oooh, the battlements and crenellations are a sight to behold! Lovely work with the vegetation and the 360 degree build. The wooden sign is truly clever, and the pebble path is super smooth. Awesome work, sir Kahir.
  10. Louis of Nutwood

    Goh 10 A: Kaliphlin District of Cedrica

    These roofs are phenomenal! Lovely to see you were able to build a 3 act story in a single build. The Italian-Spanish-Villa style is breathtaking. Amazing work, sire Tooker.
  11. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10A: The Jade Tower

    Such a lovely build, sire Grover! The green is unusual, classy and very unique. The roundness of the tower is truly impressive. But the eagles are the best! I can almost hear them whistling, calling and pipping. There's also so much action going on! It's a very interesting build, and it's awesome to discover new funny things happening with every glance. Eagles attacking guards. Guards being mad at eagles. Eagles stealing fish. Eagles cracking kids eggs. Chickens thinking they are eagles. Eagles strategizing over stealing pretzels.. Did I miss anything? Keep it up with the comic and classy builds, Grover. Skol!
  12. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10 B

    Entry for Guilds of Historica's Anniversary Challenge, Category B (Old but Gold). Back to Svalg Keep
  13. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10 B: Back to Svalg Keep

    Back to Svalg Keep To the very end of a treacherous dirt road, west of the Bay of Storms, lay a small fortress called Svalg Keep. The fortress was erected by the Old Men, where the winds were heavy, the temperature was low, and no man had reason to pass by. For behind those doors, nested only chaos and destruction. My stallion trotted through icy roads, as small bits of the fortress appeared between the snow-covered pines. The dim light of the lanterns that kept Svalg Keep alive looked blurred and weak from a distance. The more we approached, more it looked old and forgotten. I have been here before and promised never to return. Never to open the gates of chaos. Never to access the memories I prayed to forget. “But there is such joy in chaos. Stow all the world's evils behind a door and tell men that they must never, ever, open the door. And it will be opened because there is pure joy in destruction.” As I stood by the gates of Svalg Keep, the wind whispered a desperate cry, hustling through the trees and fading in the distance. Iron chains hugged tight to the rusty handles, to ensure what was in, would never come out. I chuckled. Every path would lead me here. Where everything began. For chaos and destruction live in every warrior’s soul. And only amidst chaos, we can find our peace. Built for Guilds of Historica's Anniversary Challenge, Category B: Old but Gold _________ I've built Svalg Keep back in 2019. By the time, I had just started writing my own stories. The castle came alive as I built it the first time -- much more alive in my imagination. And I've always wanted to revisit it. It was also my first build to be featured. That build made me start interacting with you guys and the LEGO community in general. And I believe it was my entry-ticket to the Guilds of Historica. Re-imagining that build was a way to revisit those days I got introduced in the frozen lands of Mitgardia, my proud and heartfelt homeland. That's my way of saying thank you. For years of fun-creative-building-storytelling time. Here is the old (but gold) version: Hope you like it, folks. I've made some considerable adaptations. But luckily you can grasp the resemblance. Let me know what you think. Skol! Louis of Nutwood
  14. Louis of Nutwood

    GoH 10 C: Høydefür, The Northern Fortress

    Really happy you liked and mentioned the wooden framings, Zoth. They basically started the whole thing. And snow.. you know it's my sweet spot! Cheers! Thanks for the support. Thank you, bud! I'm thrilled you liked the message, Exetrius! It's not particularly warm and colorful, but still powerful one. Happy you liked the palisade, bud. I'm planning to use more wood in the near future, so it's great to have this feedback. Cheers, bud! Really glad to hear your valuable thoughts, Kai! Such a pleasure. It's not the first time I venture with building snotted stone walls framed by wooden beams, but I'm trying a few things new. Glad you liked the mainly rounded pebbles to build it, bud. And you know I have a soft spot for snow, right? Cheers, mate! Super happy you liked the trees, Yperio! Thanks for the support, bud.
  15. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Tower of Roligsfrakk

    It loomed in the distance, rising high above the trees. A silent sentinel keeping watch over the surrounding wilderness. My heart raced with anticipation as the faded banner flapped in the whispering breeze. There was no mistake. I was in the right place. But as I drew nearer, dread crept up my spine. Hand locked in the pommel of my sword, I approached cautiously. My throat tightened with every step. My chest burst with foreboding, for inside was the answer I pursued. The man I followed all along. And by the gods, I would not let him escape this time. As I climbed the creaking stairs, frail and unstable, the air grew thick with the stillness of a forgotten time. I heard the whispers within the shadows. Mocking, doubting. My grip stiffened when at last I reached the top. Shafts of sunlight filtered through the narrow windows. Dust and cobwebs hung heavy in the air. And the silence... was deafening. I scanned the room for any sign of life. But the place was hollow. Dead. Except... Over a small wooden table, exhausted by time, lay a curled piece of paper, coiled in a scroll. The parchment crackled softly in my unsteady hands. The scroll unrolled to review the writings that only I could recognize. I... See... You. I heard the whispers within the shadows. The probing eyes upon me. Mocking. Doubting still. _____ Louis of Nutwood Hope you all like it. Comments and feedback are welcome.