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  1. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Minifigure Hard-Suits

    Thanks, Jerry! Always a pleasure to get your reviews. Glad you liked it, man. Personally, the desert one is my favorite too. I'm glad you like the design, Killian. Thanks for the support.
  2. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Minifigure Hard-Suits

    Hey, Vindicare! I'm glad you liked them, and that they brought some nostalgia feeling to you. I'm not familiar with the Jump Troops, but I did watch some episodes of Heavy Gear, back in the day. I'm happy you mentioned the desert suit, as this is also my personal favorite too. Thanks for the support, man!
  3. Louis of Nutwood

    Rise of the Baiamontes (Full Story)

    Oh, yes. Good, friendly folk, those grizzlies. But that. THAT... is consensual. Life wouldn't be the same without them.
  4. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Minifigure Hard-Suits

    Mechs designed for the Burgomeister Category 01 - Hard Suits, Decisive Action 4. Which one is your favorite? "Maybe I left my sense of humor in my other suit.” - Sidney Falco The desert Hard Suit, or "The Camel", is equipped with: a. a long-range precision rifle with scope b. a satellite communication system c. a rotating saw (as melee weapon) d. a mine-deployment system (on the back) e. a flashlight (up front) _____ The R.A.M.B.O. jungle-suit is equipped with: a. a 9mm carbine b. a flamethrower c. two flashlights upfront d. a woodcutter (as melee weapon) e. a swivel hook for rescue and access to unreachable areas. _____ The low-temperature Hard Suit, known as "The Snowflake", is equipped with: a. a heavy machine gun b. a heavy-duty rocket launcher, c. an axe (as melee weapon) d. a propulsion backpack unit for mobility in ice and snow-covered terrains e. a flashlight (upfront) _____ This is the first time I try something in this theme, and I'm very happy with the result. I might even try some other, more complex structures. Who knows? What do you think? Let me know if you like them. Cheers! Flickr | Instagram
  5. Louis of Nutwood

    Rise of the Baiamontes (Full Story)

    Why... fear?! They can threat, aye. They can fly over our cities and burn our crops, aye. They can even take the roofs off our homes, aye. But ye will never hear about fear from the mouth of a Mitgardian. We know best not to ride those beasts, though. Nothing good comes from taming a demon.
  6. Louis of Nutwood

    Kiruna watchtower

    I've said it on Flickr, and I'll say it again. What an impressive Mitgardian build. It warms my frozen heart to see the frost, feel the gelid wind, glance the grey skies and smell the frozen streams of the North. Beautiful work with the snow spilling out of the frame. The water is astonishing and the texture on the tower is exquisite. I like how you used the clip plates to add more texture, and it looks amazing. The bits of brown are very Mitgardian, and those bushy trees are phenomenal. Amazing work, man! Skol!
  7. Louis of Nutwood

    La Cospirazione (Story)

    Well, after seeing so much backstabing and betrayal, I'll keep my paddling boat away from the Varlyrian shores. There's still so much to explore in the white plains of the north... Mitgardians have a way with dragons, you know. Depending on how things develop on the Varlyrian throne, a different partnership could be in order. Who knows?
  8. Louis of Nutwood

    Rise of the Baiamontes (Full Story)

    Sire Navarre. Another much expected review! I'm thrilled you liked reading through the story of the Baiamontes. I can see now how a couple of exclamation points could be introduced. Personally, I tend to focus on the descriptive environment, and I've been considered overly dramatic one time or another. Suspense is a passion, but I recognize the action and adrenaline are subjects I must tackle with more care and punch. Thanks for the feedback, though. This is how we grow as builders and writers. Especially in a challenge such as this, in which creative writing is encouraged and there's a lot going on, these feedbacks are absolutely valuable and will improve the quality of the following challenges and submissions without a doubt. As for writing more about Rufus, well... I really liked writing about the Baiamontes. Even if after deliberation he is not sitting on the throne as Rego, I believe (and truly hope) that what we've all gathered for the families should not be discarded. So many great characters, regions and environments have come to life during this challenge. I can only wish to see them again in the future. Yeah, I would love to write again about Rufus, Juan Rojas and Rhloder, but would also like to see them grow and develop in other plots and stories from other builders as well. Of course, I'm merely a peasant from the cold mountains of Mitgardia. Keeping Rufus, Rhloder and Juan Rojas alive (along with their backstory, as well as Mychel and Meiyo from other entries) is a matter for the rulers of Varlyrio to discuss. ... but wouldn't it be awesome to have a mad king with a flippin' dragon on his back to threaten the other guilds?! Skol!
  9. Louis of Nutwood

    La Cospirazione (Story)

    I was once told that conspiracy, threat, sham and backstabing were the motos going on in Varlyrio. This story is an ode to all that. A lot of action going on, including assassins, some plotting and manipulation, political maneuvers... beautiful! But I must agree that for some of us that are not intensely involved in the Varlyrian plot on a regular basis, it gets a bit confusing. To use so many families, the Conzagas, Di Ciotos, Di Fioris, Di Carlos... while some still don't have a robust background tends to demand more from the reader. And as I'm not that familiar with each ruler and their position, I got a bit lost here and there. But I understand that this too, was one of the demands for this challenge - again, the conspiracy, the backstabing and manipulation among families, so, in this matter, aces for your guys! Now, for the builds. You all chose to keep on the canals and eastern cities, and it is impressive how all of the builds have similarities with each other - to the point one might even say they connect. It must have called for a lot of planning, so congratulations on that! @W Navarre, that interior is incredible, but what really amazes me are the photo angles. It is just like I'm in a movie. The minifig positioning is exquisite, and expressions are top-notch. I must also mention the curtain on the top floor, that looks great - truly an amazing detail. @KevinyWu, Outstanding textures really. It feels like a gigantic build in such a limited space. Absolutely beautiful Varlyrian colors and architecture. Lovely roofs and the gondola is awesome, along with the foliage near the water. @ZlatanXVIGustaf I'm slow-clapping while standing up. What a massive display with so much depth and texture! Really, jaw-dropping impressive square near the canals. And the "addio, uncle" part is just sooo good! Amazing work with the arches and the cobblestone streets are simply beautiful. @mrcp6d I love how this looks a bit more simple in terms of texture, but not less impressive. I am a huge fan of builds that keep minifigure-scale just as a lego set would - narrow streets and walkways, walls just high enough for the minifig to walk through.. And you managed to keep the scale in an incredibly full city. Absolutely love the columns and the movement of your build. All in all, great entry, guys. I love the Italian feeling you all gave to the story, either with the Italian bits on the text, or the conceptual architecture on the builds. A complex plot with complex characters. Kudos! Skol.
  10. Louis of Nutwood

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    Well, cut me horns, sour me ale and blind me axe! This is as confusing as a bearded dragon in a fancy dress dancing in me favorite inn. I say put them both in a pit, and let them fight 'til only one family gets out alive. There's no space in this land - as large as it is - for two Ciotos, be it Di or De. Make it a lightning challenge and we shall see which remains. Bah..
  11. Louis of Nutwood

    Rise of the Baiamontes (Full Story)

    I would understand the frustration after reaching "THE END". To face the urging need to read more and more; the necessity to unravel the mysteries behind the Baiamonte family. Only to know that it was it, and everything else to be taught about Rufus remains untold. Ugh.. must have been rough. @Henjin_Quilones, @Garmadon and @Grover Jokes aside.. Yeah, it is now absolutely clear. I consciously try to avoid them, but one time or another, they just slip through the editing. I share the preference of keeping the writing clean and friendly (save some stabbing and bit of gruesome lore here and there), especially in an open and democratic forum such as this one, so I'll make sure to keep them safe. Thanks again for the advice, fellow guild members! For the guilds! And for more enriching and engaging stories to come. Skol!
  12. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Challenge V. Category A: Howling in the Mountain

    I can’t express enough how much it means that you liked reading through the story. I’m thrilled you liked the build and feared for the Minifigure. Cheers, man!
  13. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Challenge V. Category A: Howling in the Mountain

    THIS is amazing. Thank you so much, Garmadon. It really is what I hope and expect to receive as feedback every time I post something. I always say "nah, this time I'm going to write only a small paragraph, and that's it", but words find their way into the story. As a non-native English speaker, it thrills me to know the grammar and vocabulary are sufficient (as I understand I might slip here and there). The ~cornering~ advice. Precious! Would not have a clue and would constantly keep using it. Now, ~skirting~ feels much more refined, and now enters my list of "new words to use". And yeah, I totally understand that the lore, putrid, darken vibe shows rather frequently in my writing. Stephen King and Lovecraft have recently been hanging in my nightstand - might be why. I'll keep the humor in mind, then. Splashes of gigglish human thoughts might do the trick. Thanks again for the support, man. Truly appreciate it! Skol!
  14. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Challenge V. Category A: Howling in the Mountain

    Glad you liked it, Kahir. But don't bother! It is my responsibility as the writer to be crystal-clear when transmitting the idea, so I profoundly appreciate the feedback, as it makes us grow as builders and storytellers. Thanks, mate! Thrilled you liked it, sire Grover! Thanks for the feedback, and I agree the passage with the letter could have been more clear involving the Rego. And have you seen the amount of bones scattered around? The Rego is basically out of army. And you know what? It might not be only one werewolf. Tan tan taaan. I read and reread photographing tutorials. Still, it completely depends on the build and angles and colors, and it is always a nightmare. Yes! big Garmadon shoulder cloth. Very fitting, I thought. Again, thanks for the support, lad. Skol!
  15. Louis of Nutwood

    Book 3 Challenge V Category C: Aftermath

    Best part of ending a challenge is your expected Aftermatch, Grover. The Amazon boxes are simply hilarious. And I feel for Bob - Is he always the one called to clear all the mess? I think I've seen him around. Avalonia, perhaps...