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  1. Louis of Nutwood

    AoM: Storehouse Phase 2: Forest Hunting Hut

    Aaah, the Mitgardian architecture in its full splendor, hiding in the deep woods and frosty winds... Such a beautiful work, Ayrlego. Lovely work with the vegetation, and the timbered curved roof is super pleasing, specially with those horns poking up at front. I love how bushy the trees look, and to see the base as not too large, yet tremendously detailed is just inspiring. Beautiful work all around, sire. You should be as proud as a Mitgardian axe thrower who's just won a keg of ale and another ring for its sweat-soaked beard.
  2. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] Skaldar Port

    Ayrlego, it really means a lot that such a skillful and admired builder like you have enjoyed this MOC. Thanks for mentioning a few of the aspects you like about it. It was a true challenge to pack all those cottages together. The height variation and the triangular shaped footprint were pivotal to make this scene work. Lower structures on the front and side extremities, building up towards the center on the far back. I struggled to find a cohesive look, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. Even happier to know you can analyze, study and have some insights from this. From the start I knew I wanted this ramshackle feel, blending with nature, sort of dirty and decaying, and I'm thrilled you caught up to it. Thanks a lot, David. Your support and appraisal means I'm in the right way. Cheers! Hey, Eyrezer! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I'm thrilled you liked this MOC to the point of mentioning some details you enjoyed about it. It was a struggle to pack everything together, but I'm happy with the result. As to your questions: - From water to the tip of the cliff there's a 3 brick height. From the base of the cliff to the far end of the dirt road there's a height difference of 15 to 18 plates (so 5 to 6 bricks) variation. Now that I think about it, it turned out to be smooth and natural for a considerably high variation, right? - That torso is from the "Warrior Woman" CMF series 10. - For the amount of fish, I honestly thought my huge collection of 10 fishes would be enough to build up a scene. But as is the case for most of the time, it fell a little short. :) (Always happens with DBG slopes, headlight bricks, leaves, and we are forced to adapt). Well, let's head to bricklink! Finally, really happy you had the time to read through and caught my last sentence pun. Cheers, bud! Thanks again for your support. Thanks, sire Tooker. Really happy you liked it. Come by, anytime. Such a lovely comment. Thanks, sire MK! I'm thrilled you liked this humble build. Cheers, lad. Really glad to hear you liked it, sir Garmadon! It was indeed a struggle to build up a cramped scene without getting over-cramped. Height variation was key to making this work. As I've been trying to apply in my latest builds, these height layers build a way for the eye to wander, still giving visibility to different sections. I'm happy you liked it, mate. But it's a delight to know you feel I have a ~signature style~. For years I've accompanied phenomenal builders in this community, and after a while, upon the first glance, I could say who was the builder behind that MOC. Ayrlego is a great example, as is Brother Steven, Mark of Falworth, Kai and Sir Isaac Snyder. I wouldn't put myself next to those beasts of masterbuilders, but it's great to know I'm building up a personal style. Thanks for the heartwarming comment, Lord Garmadon! I salute you. Really a thrill to read through your comment, Kai. I'm humbled by your review, as I can't put in words how much I admire you as a builder. From the beginning I forced myself to build in this footprint, envisioning a cramped city with a centered climax at the far end of the build. I know you have an eye for detail and a very distinct technical approach to photography, so I couldn't be happier you caught it in this build as well. Glad to know Skaldar Port reaches close to Toro Nagashi Temple, as both are personal favorites of mine, too. The temple reaches a higher ranking for me, maybe because of the snow. Haha. Really glad you liked it, Kai. Thanks for the support, brother.
  3. Louis of Nutwood

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    A small fishing village in the outskirts of Mitgardia: Skaldar Port.
  4. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] Skaldar Port

    You could smell it before you could see it. That salty, damp, stench of rancid meat, exposed in the open sea. Fish. As far as the eye could see. Fish hanging from balconies. Fish hanging rom hooks. Fish rotting in boxes and nets. Fish guts, fish fins, fish oil. And everything smelled the same. Fish. Smugglers, wanderers, fugitives, fishermen, sailors, and outlaws, they all came to Skaldar Port looking for an opportunity to star over. And for some reason, dealing fish seemed like a good start. For me, something else was at stake. I wasn’t looking for a new start. I was looking for a man that has been hiding in the shadows for way too long. The sack of coins tinkled as I walked the narrow streets of Skaldar. Glancing at signs and banners, I tried averting those eyes filled with temptation that arise in the depths of misery, and searched for the place where the dealer said he would be. The Smelly Inn. Sounded just right. I had the coin and now a target on my back. I could only hope Res would have the information I craved from the moment I left home. But I couldn’t help but think... something smelled fishy. ________ Louis of Nutwood. Skaldar Port. Probably one of my largest builds so far. Really hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Skol!
  5. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] Hideout

    Really happy you liked it, Muriel! I agree the water turned out pretty cool. Thanks, bro! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it, BlackDeath. I've been looking for different ways to use my horn pieces, and I think I might use them even more, now. Thanks for the support, lad. Cheers!
  6. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] Hideout

    Hey, Kai! I'm flattered that you liked it. The foamy water turned out nicer than I anticipated. There's even some reflection! Thanks for the support, bud. Skol!
  7. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] Hideout

    Really glad you liked it, sir Tooker. Thanks for the support, lad. Skol!
  8. Quietude | Louis of Nutwood | Mitgardia Hideout | Louis of Nutwood | Mitgardia Skaldar Port | Louis of Nutwood | Mitgardia
  9. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] Hideout

    Chapter 13. Hideout Rotten and broken were the two words that came into mind the first time I caught eye of Glömt Torn - the forgotten tower. It stood fragile, exhausted. An ancient monolith from a previous time, wreathed in weed, mist and fog, like the last standing tombstone in a decaying and crumbling cemetery. Glömt Torn looked no better from the inside. If anything, it looked worse. No one had been here for the past hundred winters, and it had clearly been abandoned and claimed by nature, left to decay. The walls were blistered and mildewed, the wooden columns torn and pealing. Old, rusted chandeliers hung from a weak ceiling, cobwebbed and disused. Patches of black mold covered all the eye could see, covering the whole interior in one lengthy shadow, like darkness contained in a sealed jar. The walls felt wet to the touch, the air was chilled, and the damp made my skin itch and prickle. No living thing would ever feel warm in this place. We stood before the big and circular staircase that grew along the walls, looking around, speechless. “Big, isn’t it?” said Vekrod. None of us answered. ________ Louis of Nutwood
  10. Louis of Nutwood

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Tōrō Nagashi

    Really glad you liked it, Umbra! I'm very pleased with the landscaping here, so I'm thrilled you enjoyed it too. Skol, bud!
  11. Louis of Nutwood

    Donnuttar Castle

    Geez! The door is mindblowing! Also, beautiful work with the crenellations. Awesome work!
  12. Louis of Nutwood

    Braunschweiger Schloss

    Truly beautiful piece of work! The castle is magnificent, but I love what you did with the rockwork. Amazing stuff, super creative.
  13. Louis of Nutwood

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Tōrō Nagashi

    I'm flattered you liked it, Sir Grover. True. It does match my last tower build. I was very pleased with the heavy snow landscape and wanted to reproduce it once again. And yeah, I've got to put those white slopes to use! I'm happy you see a connection and approves the build, mate. Skol! Skol, Aurore! I'm really glad to read through your thoughtful comment. I'm thrilled you liked it, as I feel this might be one of my favorite builds as well. Ha! The occasional slightly yellowed brick is nothing but an honorary tribute to my oldest bricks, who cannot and will not be retired. They're as good as any other and are an intrinsic part of my builder's soul. Not really calculated, but I'm happy you think they add some character. Hah. Some time ago, some fellow Guildies commented how my color palette of choice is rather somber and dark. And I agree that it is the case here, and I'm glad it matches the (quite regular) dark tone of my writings. Still, this display brings me more tranquility than anything else. So, I guess the colors work :) Separating the builds was a way to facilitate the building process, really. Actually, the idea was to have only the gateway, as I tricked myself into thinking "I'm going for something small and simple". Eventually it got bigger, and I'm glad to have worked on separated pieces. Yet, I haven't thought how it could add to the story and the spiritual ambiance. And it makes me so happy to see how each person reacts a different manner to the same build. I'm honored it meant something to you, Aurore. Skol!
  14. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] Quietude

    So glad you liked it, Grover. I set myself a challenge to achieve some different angles with the rockwork, and I'm happy with the result, too. Cheers! And thanks for the support.
  15. Louis of Nutwood

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Tōrō Nagashi

    You're awesome, MRCP! I'm really glad you liked it, mate.