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  1. Louis of Nutwood

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    Thank you, good sir! I was hoping someone would notice and mention it, as it was a real struggle to get it right. That is actually the first time I did this overlap between the base-frame and the construction, and I think the overall look is pretty cool. That is actually one of the elements that makes the MOC look larger than it actually is. It is certainly a plus challenge, but it makes up in the end. I'm glad you liked it. If someone has any tips on how to improve it, I'd love to hear. Cheers!
  2. Louis of Nutwood

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    I'm happy you feel that way. Thank you, sir Grover. I'll make sure to schedule an appointment with sir IsaacSoccerKid. If there is no impediment, I hope to see you in my next posts. Cheers! Greetings, my good sir! It is good to see you again. You can see that your most welcomed advises are being put to use. Thanks again for sharing such unique and skillful building knowledge. I sure hope to grow as a builder and get as good as you, masters. Fellow Citizen, thank you for you most kind commentary! I'm happy you liked it. It means a lot coming from such inspiring builders. As for the snow on the trees, you feel there should be more or less? In one hand, the ground surroundings are filled with snow (so, more would be understandable), but in the other, the castle walls are not as filled in white as well (so less would also be understandable). And I cannot express enough how difficult it is to maintain these plant pieces in place... Funny thing is that I completely ran out of white studs, as I put them in good use. Now I can see I'll need another shipment for future builds - I guess you all understand it, right? Thanks again! It's incredible how so many people are responding to this post. I was seriously not expecting so much interaction. And I'm thrilled! Thank you all for the support!
  3. Louis of Nutwood

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    Thank you, dear Knight! I'm happy your liked the way it turned out. I certainly had a great time building it. I tried something new with the trees and I'm definitely continuing with this design. Adding snow to them was a completely different challenge. I also particularly like the brown layering at the roofs. And thanks for the compliment on the photography! I guess it is just a matter of finding a good background and a well-lit area in your house. I've taken a look at your posts: they look amazing as well! Considering I built them a while ago, but didn't use them in GoH, is this something I can do? Are they still eligible for punctuation? If there is no problem, I'll definitely use them as Free-Builds or AoMs. That's awesome! I can see you also like creating nice and complex stories to complement your builds. I'm impressed! And thanks for the welcoming. Hope to absorb some building knowledge from all you guys. Thank you, fellow Citizen! I felt the same way. The full base is max 44 x 33. Really not a big base, but it certainly looks broader. As for the entrance, the angle was really not a problem (just having enough tiles, I guess). The tricky part was having both rounded towers (that were kind of fragile) AND THEN make them angle. The whole front part is only supported by four hinge plates. It is in fact more sturdy that is sounds, though it was a great challenge. I'm happy you liked it!
  4. Louis of Nutwood

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    Hey, thanks, fellow traveler! That's a tremendous compliment in a thread with such experienced and skillful castle builders. I'm happy that you appreciate it. Thank you, milord Knight. I must say the most challenging builds are the ones that the most bring joy. That was a challenging one. And I'm very happy with the result. That is the first time I venture with these types of trees and they definitely look more natural than ever. I'm happy you like them too. For the snow work, a great lad called en_zoo (https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/profile/163340-en_zoo/) was very sympathetic in sharing his vast knowledge and giving me some tips. For that, I thank him for the precious hints. Though it was definitely necessary to invest in a number of rounded slope pieces. Finally, the story, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it. I plan keep writing it, so stay vigilant for the next post. For the glory of the guild!
  5. Just posted my first Free-Build for Mitgardia. Hope you all like it.
  6. Louis of Nutwood

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    To the very end of a treacherous dirt road, west of the Bay of Storms, lay a small fortress called Svalg Keep. The fortress was erected by the Old Men, where the winds were heavy, the temperature was low, and no man had reason to pass by. It was intentionally built away from any city or village, for it only kept functioning as a prison. As we advanced through the muddy road, small bits of the fortress appeared magnificently between the trees covered in snow. The dim light of the lanterns that kept Svalg keep alive looked blurred and weak from a distance. Its walls, built into the rock, were partially cracked and covered in snow. The more we approached, the more Svalg Keep looked old and forgotten. When we reached the walls, I jumped aside. - Open the gates! Open the gates! – I shouted. – The wagon has been taken! A grey-haired man with fuzzy whiskers appeared on the wall. He stretched a fiery lantern in front of him so he could better see us. - Who’s there? – He asked. His voice was deep and strong. - We’ve been attacked! They are coming this way! Let us in! For a moment, the man hesitated and gnarled. His lantern went away. The cold was harsh, but I could feel the drops of sweat trickling down my chest. Our horse was unquiet, jumping and crying. Please, please, open the gates. I was hoping to hear something coming from within the keep, but one could only hear the whispering wind and the falling leaves. - Hey! – I yelled again. – We need help! Nothing. I pulled the reins and approached the giant wooden doors of the keep until we were close enough. I punched the door again and again. If they find out that we are disguised... A crackling sound came from the inside. The door opened. We were received by the same bearded man. He was tall, strong, and although he seemed old, age did not appear to have taken his tenancy. Could be the cold or simply the genetics of the Lion clan, I could not say. He stood firmly as a war general and wielded his long-sword as if it didn’t weight a thing. - Get inside. How long before the attackers reach us? Got him. - A quarter of an hour, no more than that. But we must check his wounds – I pointed at Hob, helping him off the horse. - There are tools in the armory. Head there and see through his wounds as I gather our men to prepare for battle. The plan was working perfectly. We were let inside the keep and made our way to the armory. We entered a small room, packed with wooden cabinets, clipboards and mainly weapon racks, that made the room seem even smaller than it already was. The stony dark grey walls were cold and the feeling inside was humid, what made the cold even tougher. The room was poorly lit with candles casting shadows on the walls that seemed to twinkle like gold. - We did it! I whispered cheerfully. - Easy, Kid. There is plenty we still need to do. – said Hob calmly and analytical as always. He glanced into the room anticipating the other guard’s arrival – We need something to block them in here. Perhaps that cabinet might... His words vanished as he caught sight of three guards entering the room, leaded by the grey-haired general. - Christoff Hobard. – his deep voice echoed through the room. – We were waiting for you. __________ Greetings, fellow builders! This is the first time I'm posting on Eurobricks. Hope you all like it. The story follows a series of MOCs about Louis of Valnötsträd, my character. You can check all the chapters so far on my Flickr page (www.flickr.com/photos/louisnutwood/). This building will count as a Free-Build for Mitgardia, in Guilds of Historica. Let me know what you all think. Hope you like the result. Louis of Valnötsträd
  7. Louis of Nutwood

    Book III - Challenge III: What Will Tomorrow Bring?

    Thanks, HQ! All clear. I'll just have to rethink a couple of things. To the building room!
  8. Louis of Nutwood

    Book III - Challenge III: What Will Tomorrow Bring?

    I see... Strict! Still, there is a statement in the rules that I understand permit size adaptations: So, it kind of got me confused as to how the adaptation applies (if and when). Is the limit of 36x36 (total of 1.296 studs) equivalent to a 24x64 (total of 1.296 studs as well)? Or is the footprint only based on the LEGO baseplates (which seems unlikely given there are a bunch of uneven beautifully built moc bases around here)? If that is the method, then, my original 33x44 (total of 1.452 studs) would be off limits to Cat. A. However, is it a possible entry for Cat. B (max 64x64 - total 4.096), being within the limits? Just wanted some clarification. Thanks, though!
  9. Louis of Nutwood

    Book III - Challenge III: What Will Tomorrow Bring?

    Fellow builders, quick question: When there is a size limit (say 36 x 36, Cat. A), how is the adaptation of the limits if the base is not an exact square? As an example, if my MOC is 35 (36-1) studs width, could I build 37 (36+1) studs in depth? I'm currently building something that turned out to be 33 depth x 44 width (where around 4 studs for each side is just rockwork) and I wanted to submit it for Cat. A. Would it be acceptable? Plus, If there's something in the MOC that floats our of the frame and exceeds these limits (something like 6-8 studs), like tree leaves, does it count in the size limit or not? Thanks, guys.
  10. Louis of Nutwood

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Thanks, HQ. Whenever my bones start wrenching from the cold, I'll make sure to explore the beautiful forests and meadows of your lands. I hope I will be well received. Greet you well, sir. Thank you, good sir. I do hope our paths cross someday, so we can explore the great mountains and mysteries of the North. To Valholl! Thank you for the vote of confidence, Mylord. If the Gods are good to grant me their knowledge, I shall build and build for the glory of the North. To Mitgardia!
  11. Louis of Nutwood

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Greetings, fellow Mitgardians! For some time, I’ve been admiring all your works through Historica on Flickr. I have trained as much as I could, and the time has come for me to join your guild. If you will have me, I swear to the gods and our leaders that I will build for the glory of the Nord. My sword, as well as my bricks, are yours to command. Skål! Louis of Valnötsträd Titles and Profession: Young Karl; Aspiring warrior. Short Bio: I was born in a small village called Valnötsträd, famous for its timber. Father was a skillful carpenter and Mother was an audacious house builder. But I never aspired to work with them. My destiny was much grander. I dreamt of crossing the lands of the North, to seek for mysteries and great adventures, just like my grandfather, Föbvr the Wise. I wanted to fight alongside the bravest of men and build alliances with the wisest of them. On my father’s deathbed, I pledged to protect my family. And I swore to the gods that I would become a great warrior to fight and die for the people of Mitgardia. To Valholl. To Mitgardia! Hometown: Valnötsträd Parts: Hair, Head with freckles, Cape, Hun Cape, Torso, Dark brown left arm, Dark blue right Arm, Legs, Sword, Shield, Brown Stick. Link to Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/louisnutwood/