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  1. Sooo. Any chance we might be up for a new storyline or challenge still in 2022? Missing the Guilds. Missing the spoils of war. Missing the bursting creativity and storytelling drive that comes with another battle of bricks. Sires and Ladies, warriors of the White North, Treehuggers, Sandcrawlers and undead-dead-people.. are you with me and still there?
  2. Louis of Nutwood

    Al Rego!

    Every time I read anything about the Rego, a little voice in my head starts laughing a little bit. Fun fact: REGO in Portuguese means... buttcrack. I'm not kidding! Look it up. Now that this is behind us... I absolutely love how you went through the work of lighting up your little scene. And to add the violin is just amazing. Thanks for everything, sir Garmadon!
  3. Louis of Nutwood

    Meeting with Haldor, the Master Builder of Bridges

    Absolutely mindblowing, Simon! That bridge is just a treat!
  4. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Pale Tree [Freebuild]

    Hey, Red Rackham! I can't tell you how much it means to me that you enjoy both my writing style and the building. I've been trying to improve these crafts with every moc, and to have our appraisal is a wash of confidence we often need. Thanks for reaching out, Red. It warms my cold Mitgardian heart to know you feel inspired. That's precisely my utmost goal. You're awesome! Skol, fellow builder!
  5. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Pale Tree [Freebuild]

    Thank you, Marcel!
  6. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Pale Tree [Freebuild]

    Really happy you liked it, sir Last of Nergoue. True fact that to expand the top would probably put the whole thing in jeopardy, as this is indeed a fragile technique. Still I'm happy with the result and thrilled you enjoyed it. Skol! The Songs of Ice and Fire and GOT are certainly a great inspiration, sire Eyrezer! As it must be for a few folks around the Guilds. Maybe something to put Avalonians, Mitgardians, Kaliphlians and Varlyrians into a healthy conversation. Happy you liked it, lad. Skol!
  7. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] Kallstark Stronghold

    Your words humble me, sir Gideon. A true pleasure to receive your appraisal. Thanks for commenting. It only strengthens my will to build for the glory of the Guilds. Skol!
  8. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Pale Tree [Freebuild]

    Very pleased that you liked it, sir Blufiji! Your support is much appreciated.
  9. Louis of Nutwood

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Just another freebuild for the Mitgardian Lore. The pale tree.
  10. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Pale Tree [Freebuild]

    Really happy you liked it, Stad! I've been thinking of using the tooth and tail pieces for quite some time. Now I'm happy to put them to use. Though, It's impressive how "so many pieces" vanish even in a small build. I wanted the top to spread a bit more, but this is already sooo fragile, I didn't want to touch it anymore. Haha. Happy you enjoyed it, bud. Skol! Can't say enough how much I appreciate your evaluation, sir Kai. Really happy you liked the twisting.
  11. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] Kallstark Stronghold

    I'm thrilled you liked it, sir Kai. I've learned a lot from studying your builds, so having your appraisal means a bunch. Happy you mentioned the (recurring) layout -- it simply works! Glad you mentioned the interior (which was a fun challenge), and to know you liked the water effect is awesome! Skol, bud! Wow! It truly means a lot, Server! I really appreciate it. Yeah. Definitely the largest project, and one I'm particularly pleased with. I'm happy you liked the exterior and the interior, sir. A challenge that paid off. Skol! Eyrezer, I'm humbled by your appraisal. Really glad you liked and mentioned all those details. The foam, the texture and technique consistency, the interior... The scale is actually supposed to be minifig, but I try using a classic scale (in which 4 studded path is more than enough space for a minifig to walk by) which is definitely smaller than the Blacksmith, say. I recognize the towers are a bit narrow, but as they fit the 4-stud-scale, I'm fine with it. Plus, I'm always looking for ways to build more in a smaller footprint, without making it too packed. It's just the scale I'm more pleased with. To go bigger is, maybe, to loose the playability and turning the photography step waaay to difficult. And they are all grumpy because the smell of chicken in the library takes forever to dissipate. Haha. Oooh I encourage you to try out, sir. But plan first, sure. It truly is a challenge to tackle. Thanks for the support, bud. Really appreciate it. Skol!
  12. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Pale Tree [Freebuild]

    The sun descended on my back and was lost under the pine trees. In its place, a black veil covered the world, and the faint light of a rusty lantern was the only thing guiding my steps. But the dim light I held close, faded, and faded until it was no more than a shy firefly in a winter night. Black walls closed in. The thick winds of the northern evening tightened on my neck, and a single step forward felt wrong, adrift. But there, up in the distance, amidst the dark mantle that wrapped the forest, a bright silvery gloom shone between the trunks. I followed the ivory light, until I reached its source. It gloomed as bright as the sun, poking out of the ground, twisted, and crooked. A bare skeleton of a long-gone beast. The thick roots sticking out from the ground felt rigid and warm to the touch. And as if washed by a blessing, darkness gave way to a path of pale trees made of bones. Suddenly and clearly, I saw the path I was destined to pursue. Louis of Nutwood ________ Really hope you liked it! I was looking for different techniques for trees, and came up with this bone-claw-toothy structure. A perfect addition to the Mitgardian lore. This is a 12x12 entry for the Brickscalibur contest as well. Skol!
  13. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] The Rise of Slågö Farm

    It's beyond me how creatively you manage to use so many unusual colors in your mocs, sir Eyrezer. It feels alive! So many people, so many races and activity going on... It's a breath of something... new! Very magical, very vibrant. Loved it.
  14. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] Kallstark Stronghold

    I'm thrilled with your appraisal, lady Aurore! Glad you liked the texturing and the interior work. Thanks for your always welcoming support, fellow Mitgardian. Skol!
  15. Super fun story, topped with a neatly detailed environment. I love the busy look, with books and goblets and statues and racks and adornments... there's not a speck of dust out of place, here. Very inspiring composition, Aurore. But something about your work strikes me all the time. I am perplexed by the amount of work and effort you put into the photography step. The result pays off, naturally. You're one of the best photographers in the community, IMO. There's always so much emotion and ambiance immersion, it's really breathtaking to engage in your work, Aurore. But still! 28 trial shots. Plus different lighting spots, doubles, assistants, misters and misses... I can only imagine you run with a near-professional photo equipment, right? And, by the way, your background setting is really unique and creative! Loved seeing some behind the scenes, Aurore. Thanks for sharing! Keep up with the outstanding work. Skol!