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  1. Louis of Nutwood

    Dragon Attack on the Village Outskirts

    Absolutely love it, mate! The Mitgardian setting is instantly recognizable. The snow, the timber, the stone.. Nice work with the trees, I love the whole environment with the stream and the bridge combining the viking-like house. And that Large-Maw Wyvern.. pheew! What a fearsome beast! I applaud your work on the custom wings, the color blocking is fantastic, the poseable legs are perfect, and that head is so cool! Amazing work. I also like how all the peasants and guards seem to be frightened, running all around, afraid of the dragon. Loving the action, here. And, man! That tilted boat is a terrific touch. Great entry, sir MRCP! It is always a thrill to see more of this vast land called Mitgardia. Skol!
  2. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

    Thank you so much, MRCP! It's always a thrill to receive an appraisal from a builder you admire. Thanks, bud! I wish I'd seen your similar build. Now I'm darn curious! I'm glad you mentioned the head and the fire effect, which are two achievements I'm proud of. I did struggle with the fire effect -- a lot of trial an error with a particularly limited amount of trans-orange pieces. Hence, the rather slim middle flame. The tree is binging me chills, really. It's the only part I'm not happy with, and I can see how un-textured it is. I think it serves its point, to fill that part of the build, but looking back I wished I'd done something more creative. Thanks again for the support, bud! Skol!
  3. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

    Thanks for stopping by, Niku! I'm thrilled you like the action in here. Skol, my friend!
  4. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC WIP] Horgaard Hall

    This looks simply phenomenal, Aurore! I'm in love with this woodwork. Very Danish and very Mitgardian. The timber mix on the walls running horizontally and vertically are amazing! I'm impressed with the reading area on the second floor. Northmen and women must study western customs, aye. Those tooth candles are outstanding, too. And the fact that the hearths light up is jaw-dropping. Skol, Lady Aurore, for an amazing looking hall so far!
  5. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

    Hahah. Love it. You can tell where a dragon comes from by the size of his tummy. Thanks for the support, manwithbeard! Skol!
  6. Louis of Nutwood

    The tower near Oldfell (+HSS)

    Lovely work, SIr Kahir! I love the mix of tudor and stone tower. Great work with the uneven base and nice after effects in the darkened night pics. That roof is impressive! I like the birch tree and the bushy foliage, too. And I'm loving the whole action with the pigs! Skol!
  7. Even in the cold mountains of the North, I'm panting! Can one person alone with a billion free-builds face an entirety of armies all across the map? This is history being written right here. Enjoy! For I fear we might not see a free-build period as long as the one we just had. I cannot wait to see the scoreboard.
  8. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

    I'm very pleased you liked it, sir Luke. It warms my cold heart to know this beast of a dragon has been so well received, even if it has destroyed many a villages in the North. Its fire breath was a challenge to take, but I'm relieved we lived through it. As for the trees that surround and protect us, I'm happy you liked this one, for, I confess, I'm not particularly happy with. But, hey! Thank you for your much welcomed support, mate. During these hard times, we must stick together with our fellow northerners. Skol, brother!
  9. Louis of Nutwood

    [Freebuild] Out Through the Market

    Oh boy oh boy. This looks great! The statue is just phenomenal, but the overall feel of a crowded market square is fantastic. Amazing work with the vegetation pieces and minifig posing. And to see the beautiful yellow and green pattern to splash the base only gives me that sensation of coming home.. Awesome job, The Stad! Skol!
  10. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

    This is why I crave for you thorough, fully detailed and sensitive feedbacks, Sire Grover! During the last additions to the build occurred to me the thought that "wow! I'm using almost every shade of green there is in LEGO". It wasn't intentional, but only gave me some interesting fact about the build. And I'm thrilled you noticed it too. Thank you for mentioning many of the aspects that bring me joy about this MOC. And about the dragon, @Henjin_Quilones is most definitely a huge inspiration. I'm happy you guys liked this beast-from-the-darkness, here! Cheers, sire Grover! Always much appreciated! I'm thrilled you liked it, Kai. Thanks for mentioning the tooth-eye! There was a lot of trial and error going on in that dragon-head. As of the wings, I'm just happy they stood still for the picture. Skol, mate! Hahah. I'm flattered with your polite rephrasing, DeRaven! I recognize the three deserves a bit more attention, though. Thanks for the trouble of coming back for a second look. I really appreciate it. Thanks for the support, man. Cheers! Lady Aurore, what a pleasure to have you here! I'm honored you liked this wholesome creature and its brick-built wings. Since you are a master in landscape-vegetation building, it really means a lot you like this smelly swamp. Thanks for the Mitgardian support! Skol! Thank you so much for the appraisal, Sir Fletcher. I must say again how impressed I am with all your entries to the CCC, both in quantity and in quality. It means a lot that you liked this humble creation, as I'm very pleased with the result as well. I did try for something with a lot of action, and I'm glad you captured the intention. Cheers, my friend! And thank you all for the kind words!
  11. Louis of Nutwood

    Kaliphlin Gatehouse

    This is just phenomenal! Color scheme is spot on, I love the roundness of the columns, the tile pattern is fantastic, the texture is amazing. The work of balance on top of the towers is very cool! It's inspiring how one can build something amazing in a reduced space. Amazing work, man!
  12. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

    Thanks for the support, DEraven! I'm happy you liked the full composition, but I'll be honest and say the tree is the thing I'm least happy with in the build. I'm thrilled you liked the dragon and the fire! They were a challenge to put together. Cheers, mate! Thanks for noticing them, Jintai! Glad you liked the build. Those wings are a challenge in balance, but I'm happy with the result as well. Thanks! Thank you so much, Zoth! I'm thrilled you liked the full composition. Thanks for mentioning a few aspects you liked, as I'm particularly proud of some of them. Cheers, mate! Thanks for the support. Naah, thanks, LordDan! I'm particularly proud of the fire effect, so thanks for mentioning. I'd been trying to come up with something for week, but I'm happy with the result. Thanks for the support! Skol!
  13. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

    Thanks for the kind words, Ecc! I'm quite fond with the dragon too! Glad you liked the head and all the action. Cheers, mate! Glad you noticed them, sire Tooker! If the scale was a tad larger, I don't believe the wings would stand still. I'm very happy with the result, though. Thanks for mentioning. Skol!
  14. Now, cut my beard, sour my ale and smack me in the face with a fresh salmon! A new system? Interesting... so very interesting! Can't wait for a following phase. I'm most curious to know how many points does Andreas (A.51) gets from basically a gazillion beautiful builds. But, you've heard him, Mitgardians! Grab your shields and piece-separator-devices, and make sure to deliver those projects laying unfinished on your desks! The time is now, when the Gods call upon us! Skol!
  15. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Black Crows Fortress

    That's beautiful. Very classic, very cozy, yet very detailed and well thought of. I adore this work on the battlements, and the use of masonry bricks is excellent. But that base, oh man! Must be mentioned as well. I'm taken by the helmets, here. Lovely work! Skol!