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  1. Muakhah

    CHALLENGE II: Category C: At The Races

    Really good horse racing vibe. As mentioned before the expressions are great. Everyone seems engrossed and excited by the race save Staffen, who does look like a calculating so and so. It will be interesting to see what his new wealth will achieve and more of the Queen’s goals. Where did she get the funds from hmmm? The special stand for the Conzagas is really well done.
  2. Muakhah

    A day at the Town hall in Mophet

    This is a very much improved and vibrant town hall now. I think the sand green works as copper decorations. The bustle of the streets is really good too. I like the little rickshaw for the merchant. The way the courtyard has been finished with a fountain is nice too. Much better for bustling Mophet.
  3. Very nicely done. The way all three challenges are combined in one build is excellent and the general vibe is good. A simple celebration that the water is back works well with the wider story. I also like the callback to the previous meeting with the queen and the references to Avalonias fertile enchanted soil. The house in the background, wagon and well are my favorite bits.
  4. Muakhah

    Oceans apart [Ch II Cat A]

    Very nice little boat. Looks suitable for fast trips, small valuable cargos, snuggling and the like. Looks a bit risky for the two crew for sea travel but if the weather is fine and the trips are short. It is very credible that a trading family would have a dozen of these smaller ships so as not to put all their eggs in one basket for pirates and bad weather. Just one question... how many crates fall overboard on the average journey?
  5. Muakhah

    Kashgar Theater [Ch II Cat B]

    Very nice entry. I like the little castle and props on stage in the performance. So the Khaor family control the theatre? Does this mean that performances in bars and cafes are banned too? This could be the kind of thing where people grow to resent restrictions on their entertainment... I also really like the steps so the whole theatre is raised slightly. Another interesting bit in the story is that a family that thinks entertainment is a waste of time is in control of the entertainment in the city...
  6. Muakhah

    The Order of the Iron Circle

    Excellent playable build. Solid and sturdy. As others have said variation would have improved it but when you show how it comes apart and is playable it’s awesome! Love the slit windows in the tower. It reminds me a lot of a Templar castle that was in the last couple of episodes of Knightfall. Simple but realistic.
  7. Burning or poisoning a rivals vines? Or raiding their wine cellar and smashing their finest vintages perhaps? Or organisong a nice civilized wine tasting session for noble families? Loading a ship with finest vintages? Or hiring pirates to sink a rival vessel bearings inferiors avalonian wines? I can think of a few good wine related options there.
  8. Muakhah

    Fort Defiance (Varlyrio 1D)

    The cobblestone path and scrub outside are excellent. The interior has a lot of good details for the story too, which is dark, intriguing, and makes us want to know more. The fort exterior walls are a little plain. For me though the main problem is the layout with an entrance at a corner. This is just not defensible... I don’t know how feasible it would have been but inverting the walls so that the entrance was covered from two angles would make it seem easier to defend. This might mean reorganizing the interior quite a bit though. As it is once enemies close with the walls and entrance they are safe from the archers. Having said that this build is really good for setting up the story and the plotting regarding the High Queen of Historica and how well she is received by the guilds.
  9. Muakhah

    The Sunken Tavern

    This is a great example of curving woodwork, both in the upturned hull pieces and the plates that curve outwards. It really looks like several ships taken apart and refashioned into a tavern. My only question is what is it build on? Is it built on sunken piles or is there a reef or rock that comes close to the surface? Or is it built on floating rafts and anchored in place? its not really important I am just curious. I find it funny how different people portray Avalonians. Some picture them as honorable but soft hearted knights and hippies. While others have suggested their feudal structure is a little flawed. hope we see more of this as a setting for future skullduggery.
  10. Love a nice poseable but realistic looking dragon. I also like how you mention how Avalonia has helped this dragon grow strong. The flowers do make a great contrast. Would there be any chance of seeing all the dragons together? Or are some parts used multiple times?
  11. Muakhah

    De Fiori Forge

    Forge and bellows are the best parts for me. Otherwise it’s an excellent clean build that looks extremely realistic. i also like that there are two anvils for multiple projects or the master and the apprentice to work side by side.
  12. Nice build! Why do I get the impression that gnomes have an advanced labeling and filing system that enables them to make sense of that jumble of boxes but proves incomprehensible to others? i am loving how Kashgar is coming along, and of course extremely jealous that you can have a whole town built at once! i am probably going to steal that door design!
  13. Muakhah

    Helenia Warhorses

    Hi sorry to be a nuisance but Flickr is blocked in China where I am. Could you link a couple of photos into the post directly. Then I can see them. Looking forward to seeing some horse training! Thanks!
  14. Muakhah

    AoM: Stables Phase 1: Clifftop Riders

    That is a really good looking forced perspective. It really looks like a sheltered valley that people might take refuge in.
  15. Muakhah

    Kashgar Customs [VAR - Freebuild]

    Very nice build. I like how crisp and clean it looks while retaining textures due to the various bricks and walls. The only bit I think could be better is the spindly pillar at one corner. The light shines through and makes it look like that corner isn’t part of the building like the other bits. Could just be me though.