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  1. Muakhah

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 14: Wahah Oasis

    Goats! I love any scene with goats I think they are so fitting for Kaliphlin farmers. the medium dark flesh on the waterfall looks good but the green seems strange. Maybe if there were more of the cliffs shown either side of the waterfall it would give a better impression. I like the really tall palm trees and the way the vegetation gets drier and dustier further from the water. the minifig posing is good too. I would like to rest by a waterfall for a while.
  2. Muakhah

    Eldford Barracks

    The texture on this is amazing. The discoloration of the tudor style part is great too but as many have said it needs a window or two. Unless...It has the vibe of a more arsenal style building. Crammed full of spare weapons and stuff that is kept locked up and only opened up when the militia need to practice and maintain the equipment. That would explain why it looks so secure but inhospitable and a little run down. The base has wonderful details and colors too. I especially like the little bird house. The texture on this is amazing. The discoloration of the tudor style part is great too but as many have said it needs a window or two. Unless...It has the vibe of a more arsenal style building. Crammed full of spare weapons and stuff that is kept locked up and only opened up when the militia need to practice and maintain the equipment. That would explain why it looks so secure but inhospitable and a little run down. The base has wonderful details and colors too. I especially like the little bird house.
  3. Muakhah

    Temple and Gardens of Khadira

    Thanks! I was really worried that the paths and garden beds wouldn't come together well. Especially as we've seen so many excellent Gardens done recently. Cheers on the HSS tips. As for the color scheme of the temple...I scrabbled for enough tiles to differentiate it from the garden. I had originally hoped for Dark Blue and White. But lacked enough of either to tile the whole floor. I found I had dark green tiles which I like but don't go well with the blues. I wanted another color in the walls but didn't have dark blue or dark green. If I had the parts I would have had dark blue and white throughout and there would be less color and more white on the floor. Sadly I had to make do and as you say it is a bit too busy. Similarly with minifigs I was lacking a lot of my more neutral color ones which would have been a better crowd and not drawn the eye too much. I also just yesterday got a small gold nanofig which would have suited better. Any suggestions for a better color for the pedestal? I'm glad you like the garden bit. I wanted it to be a warm contrast to the cooler temple colors. Glad you saw the root, shamelessly copied from Gideon's Temple of Aslan. I'm surprised more people haven't been inspired by that little detail. I will definitely keep on with Khadira! Cheers! Lots of people root for the root it seems! Glad the winged serpent works too. Thanks for the story compliment, I hope at some point to do a similar spreading of the faith that the Knights of Aslan did. The awning just seemed to make sense, as did the snake. I feel like Henjin_Quilones says I could have done the blue and white combo better and made it more consistent. Dark blue and white throughout or dark green and white. Trouble is both colors are so beautiful with white... I'll build more! I'm thinking of some sort of Slaughterhouse or smokehouse for the Husbandry the only animals I have here are two chickens and a dog, but I have a fair few meat and fish bits. Also I'm awaiting the next challenge with trepidation!
  4. Muakhah

    Writing for Peace

    Thanks Gideon, Glad to hear that Barqa is responsive to practical overtures. Hopefully Ark'Mora Raa will see things the same way. I think it is pretty sensible as the fallout from the war seems to suggest that the Desert King has control over most of the interior and those resource producing areas while the High Council still holds the main trade ports. (And the Ulandus remnant holds Gorr and has resistance scattered around). However I see it as the Trade ports can't prosper without access to the interior resources and the interior's best trade links remain mostly with the trade ports. It is in the best interests for all to cooperate, at least for now. As you say, trade is the Lifeblood of Kaliphlin. I lurked on the forum ages back, then joined Kaliphlin shortly after the civil war a while back. I just haven't been active as I was in Shanghai, then Paris, now Shanghai again. I'm hoping to be more productive in the future. Cheers on the paper compliment, but I'm sure I stole it from a build someone did with a scroll recessed into a desk in one of the book one story builds.
  5. This guy is brilliant. The in progress nature of the sculpture is done so well. The little details like the tools and stone chips on the floor. The pose and the way it seems to stroke the statue. Its really artistic. Because my puny mind can't cope with it part of my brain processes it as a giant sculpting a statue destined to tower over regular minifigs. The belt buckle and the hands are also details I keep staring at. Its amazing what can be done.
  6. Another great addition to Mophet. I really like the house and workshop combination aspect to a lot of your builds where we can imagine the people living close to their work. I think that the base is probably the weakest part of this build. Maybe some different heights and depth like your really good farm build. Just having one of the buildings at a slightly different height and angle would help too. I like the blacksmith workshop itself and the house. Also the bustle of the streets and a stall tucked away.
  7. Inside the simple Temple of Mazadar a Warrior Priest addresses a group of potential converts to the cause. "Mazadar is pure goodness, the creator of all things right and true." Exclaimed the Priest of Mazadar. "Yet Mazadar is not alone in the Cosmos of Creation. At every turn Mazadar is opposed by the evil spirit of chaos and destruction. Seeking to cast down all that is good and replace it with evil, this destructive force seeks to confound Mazadar and goodness at every turn! Existing only to cause suffering and pain. Mazadar and the evil spirit have opposed each other since the dawn of creation and even now wage their battle over the souls of mortals. How can Mazadar ever hope to triumph against the equal and opposite evil spirit?" "Only by enlisting the figure upon the pedastal can Mazadar hope to win the Cosmic struggle and bring about a paradise in all realms and all lives. And that figure, is YOU. Only you can choose good over evil! Only you can make the difficult choices to do right in this life. Only you can help to build a paradise in all realms. Only you can tip the scales of good and evil. Your choices, your actions will make the difference in the Cosmic struggle. Mazadar needs you to choose good. Will you answer the call?" Meanwhile in the temple garden Muakhah fields the questions of two younger Khadirans. "When I get to paradise, will I see my grandma? ...and my cat?" Asked the short quiet girl. "Would it be paradise without them Mirah?" replied Muakhah. "So I will see them again?" The little girl persisted. "When we die Mirah, Mazadar judges our deeds, our intentions, our very soul. We either enter paradise or for want of a better word, hell. But fear not little one. Hell is temporary. There are no sins that could warrant eternal punishment! Every sinner will spend time in hell to account for their sins and recognise the consequences of their actions. It may take them a long time but eventually they will enter paradise, having atoned and understood their wrongs." "Does this mean that I might see someone evil in paradise? Like a Drow?" Asked the taller boy. "Why yes. You may even meet Revolword or Ravaage himself." "I don't want to meet Ravaage in paradise." Said the boy firmly. "Of course," said Muakhah gently. "But understand that the Ravaage you meet in paradise would not be the Ravaage who walked this earth. He would have paid the price for his crimes in hell, but not only that he would have come to understand and repent for them. The Ravaage you meet in paradise will be Ravaage as he could have been. Had he made the choice to do good and walk in the light." "Is this why we have to help the Nocturnans...even though they are evil?" The boy continued. "Look at the plant over by the gardener. See how it is not lush and green like this one to my left." The boy and girl nodded. "Is that plant evil?" "No!" laughed the children in unison. "This plant to my left is lush and green because this corner of the garden has good light, soil and warmth. The plant over there lacks these things and so its growth is more difficult. If both plants are to bloom then one of them needs help. Which one do you think?" "The one over there." said the girl. "And so it is with the Nocturnans. They are not evil. They simply come from a harsh land where it is not easy to do good. Where everything is a struggle. But with help they can walk in the light." "But some are evil?" The boy continued. "Some choose evil. But others do not. And do not forget that Kaliphlinites, Avalonians and Mitgardians may also choose evil. It is often the easier path. Doing the right thing is often the more difficult choice. Were it easy then there would be no evil." Additional Photos! I finished this build a little while ago and held off posting pictures because of the Sandstorm of freebuilds. As there seemed to be a lot of immersive shots I retweaked the posing a little to get immersive shots myself but it doesn't really work well as it wasn't designed for it. I know the story is pretty waffly but hopefully this is the beginning of an organisation that may grow to rival the knights of Aslan (fingers crossed) I feel that there is a curse going around the forum. When I set it up for photos it seemed that I had avoided light shining through cracks. But when the photos are on the comp there they are... Seems to be a common problm these days. I'm hoping that this is enough to count as a Temple for Khadira and also a freebuild for the great Guild of Kaliphlin! And yes...I'm still mixing all colors of minifigs...
  8. Muakhah

    Dwarven Ballistas

    A very nice, realistic looking heavy ballista design. I like the fact you included the animals to draw them into position. The slight rise of the snotted slope also looks like a perfect position to set them up.
  9. @Basiliscus just snooping on other guilds and saw your woes. Hope you feel better soon! I also have a selfish reason as I want to see the next part of the Conzaga family story!
  10. Muakhah

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 11: Priestess

    The dome is brilliant, the mosaic floor the tilting the bath the torches the walls, the figs the story all come together as a beautiful and opulent temple. and then the icing on the cake, it’s modular for easy access and play! Seriously good stuff!
  11. Muakhah

    AoM: Mills Phase 2: Ambarvale Mill

    The base and the ground floor in stone are wonderful. The color scheme is brilliant. The roof and wood work is perfect for mitgardia or avalonia... But the stone work and base is so good I can see it working as a modular thing with a Kaliphlin style upper story too! Especially in combination with the olive green plants and dusty looking path.
  12. Muakhah

    Daily tasks

    Very nice drifts of snow. I like the way the horse is carrying a lot. I wouldn’t want to make too many trips in snow like that.
  13. This is a wonderful looking library with so many amazing details and those windows again looking awesome. Did you sprinkle dust in the floor too to get that dusty library vibe? Because I think this is the only set of photos where a bit of dust made it look better!
  14. Muakhah

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 10: Royal Dance

    One day I’ll have the parts and skill to enter the CCC... one day... sob! In the meantime, builds like this are inspirational and showcase a lot of amazing techniques that I will have to learn to replicate/copy/steal. The upper floor details are great but so is the scale of this amazing ball room. And it’s nice as others have said to see things from a gardeners perspective.
  15. Muakhah

    Homecoming to Illaryian

    Compared to some of the builds we’ve seen it lacks some polish, but in a retro way that is evocative of old Lego sets. I like the bridge linking the mansion and commercial building and the build sets up the story well. I look forward to more Varylian scheming. I am also intrigued as to how they find the sunken city and what they do with the elf blood. Looking forward to he next installment of this story!