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Found 67 results

  1. Everyday life of a dwarf, mine some ore, wash yourself, visit some distant family, converse with the ladies, defend your mine against goblin intruders who try to steal your precious stuff and start to joy ride mine carts... - Believe it or not I even used some sand red, can you spot it? I also used my 12V train lightning again, for some extra character to the build and completely purist of course. :P Also check out the Movie version on youtube: - Build for the Summer Joust 2022 Subterranean setting category. Everyday life of a dwarf by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Everyday life of a dwarf - Gate by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Everyday life of a dwarf - Goblin slaying by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  2. The four agents set out from Heroica Hall winding their way through the Ebria Station's main level. The station is bustling with vendors hawking wares in the bazaar, shipping containers being unloaded, and laborers working on the endless construction and maintenance of the super structure. The group eventually make their way down Starbright Street turning off opposite the Blackguard Security Substation. The architecture takes on a more naturalistic tone, archways and windows mimicking winding plants and stone structures. Foliage creeps and crawls over most of the buildings and the air feels fresh and crisp. Little Aluriel seems aptly named as most of the surrounding apartments and business are populated with dozens of Dwarves and Elves. Traditional Dwarven weapon smiths hammer away at their star forges, elven herbalists perfect new tinctures and biologics, and the smell of fresh mead, pastries, and delicacies permeate the air. It doesn't take winding down one of the alleyways before they spot Ozzorli's Pizzaria, a small hole in the wall restaurant, a xenon sign of an axe carving into a pizza illuminates the crowded quarters. The cozy eatery exudes warmth and a distinct feel of the old world, ivy growing on the walls, wooden beams decorated in gold plate and intricate carvings supporting the low ceiling, a Dwarven blunderaxe hanging over the door. Crates, barrels, and sacks of ingredients are crammed into every corner of the shop, but a half dozen seats along the bar and around the room allow for a modest gathering of patrons. A giant forge turned pizza oven dominates the interior of the shop, glowing with tremendous heat as a Dwarven chef plies his peel. A Celestial and an Elf, already seated, enjoy goblets of ale and wine, welcome pairings to their piping hot pizzas. A Dwarven woman hails the agents as they enter. "Oye, welcome to Ozzorli's! I'm Margot. Feel free to have a seat. Let me know if I can get ya anything." The Party Ensonvilterayquis (Enson) (Duvors) 60 cycles old male Quo'ri Character Points: 0/22 Vitality: 5 Velocity: 2 Strength: 1 Skill: 3 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 3/3 Proficiencies: Insight 1, Medicine 3, Melee Weapons 2, Performance 1, Religion 2 Spells: Healing Light, Purging Font, Warding Bond Credits: 2 Equipment: Void Star Hammer (+1 Melee Elemental), Utility Belt (Tool, grants +1 Engineering or Medicine Check Successes) Inventory: Plasma Falchion (+2 Melee Energy), Plasma Splicer (Tool, as an action, transfer Vitality with an adjacent ally), Æther Brew, Essence of Glibness, Essence of Precaution, Nanite Elixir 2x, Plasma Potion 4x, Spider Bomb (Hampering, Minor, Contained, Chemical, Adhesive). Aysu Kundakçı (Peppermint_M) 22 Rotations Old, Female? Adopted Human. Character Points: 4/18Vitality: 6/6Velocity: 2Strength: 3Skill: 3Smarts: 1Spirit: 1Proficiencies: Long Range Weapons 3, Nature 1, Survival 1Spell: Enhanced VisionCredits: 137Equipment: Environment Safe Ammunition "ESA" Rifle (Calibrated Long Range, Energy) with Gravimetric Bipod - Weapon Attachment (The first Offensive Combat check with this weapon is Lucky) attached, Farsight Goggles Inventory: Plasma Potion 2x, Essence of Glibness, Field Rations (Consumable, Restores 1 Vitality), Gator Hide (Can be converted into either Kinetic or Elemental Standard Armor by a craftsman) Zinc (Calibrated Kinetic Long Range Weapon) Billeck Wallard (Wolfpackfan99) 26 Cycle old Male Human Character points: 10/10 Vitality: 5/5 Velocity: 2 Strength: 1 Skill: 2 Smarts: 2 Proficiencies: Coding 1, Explosives 2, Technology 2, Short Range Weapons 2 Credits: 10 Equipment: Standard Elemental Short Range Weapon, Standard Energy Armor, Energy Cell Inventory: Jonk (Scubacarrot)30-something cycles Male CelestialCharacter Points: 0/10Vitality: 5/5Velocity: 3Strength: 1Skill: 2Smarts: 3Proficiencies: Persuasion 1, Sleight of Hand 2, Long Range Weapons 1, Perception 1Credits: 10Equipment: Sighted Corpo Blazer (Calibrated Elemental Long Range weapon), Exo-SuitInventory: MM Note: Welcome to Mission 10 folks! Feel free to check your stats, as soon as everyone confirms we'll get rolling, otherwise feel free to interact with the environment, NPC's, etc. @Wolfpackfan99 Please consider completing your Character Creation by assigning points to the remainder of your stats, once the mission starts in earnest you'll be locked into those stats for the remainder of the mission.
  3. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Iron Dwarves

    This is a combination of Medieval and Steampunk. The Iron Dwarves are mechanical dwarves, they defend their allies and themselves with powerful weapons and armour. 01_Iron_Dwarves by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Iron_Dwarf_Ranger by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Iron_Dwarf_Warrior by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 04_Iron_Dwarf_Warrior by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures also on Flickr: Maybe these dwarves are the beginning of a new MOC…
  4. For those who wish to army build a horde of battle boars and mountain sheep for the Dwarves to ride on. The Chinese maker XINH had answered your prayer. Read the full reviews here. Note the Dwarves are by KORUIT, not XINH.
  5. the Inventor

    [MOC] It's a mine to behold

    The King has enough of those grumpy dwarves, he has send his funniest jesters down the mine shaft to cheer them up. Although it remains to be seen how successful it is. I also used some 12V (train) lighting for the door and windows in the mine shaft. (Build for the 12x12 vignette category Summer Joust 2021 contest on flickr) It's a mine to behold by Ids, on Flickr Some more detailed pictures: And a shot with a little less light to see the 12V lights:
  6. Agent Kallus

    [MOC] The Dwarven Mines.

    Medieval fantasy is a beloved genre but with the end of both the Castle and Lotr/Hobbit themes, it's one Lego has veered away from (though the latest ninjago wave does somewhat scratch that itch). Here I have build the sort of thing I would like to see from Lego. I have a different take on a dwarven mine compared to existing lego sets like 7036 which is a lot more industrialised than what I have built here. As you may have guessed I made this as a submission for Lego ideas (and I would appreciate your support ) . Thanks for taking a look, I hope you liked it. Ideas Link -
  7. On the northern slopes of Pikesteel Mountain, nestled among the trees that blanket its basalt crags and sandy gullies, a complex of ancient structures lay. Seemingly untouched by time, and well hidden from prying eyes, its pure white walls had sheltered generations of Great Elk clansmen when their forest homes were menaced by immeasurable threats, then sat unoccupied in times of peace. But in the wake of the devastation wrought in their lands by the Algus, the elves sought to keep a permanent presence in this haven. The Pikesteel dwarves, for their part, had never been able to find the stronghold on the borders of their domain. Thus, they regarded it as a rumor or legend, and were surprised when the elves requested it, and even more surprised when the elves showed it to them. Some among the dwarves argued that they should claim the fortress for their own, given its situation upon their own domain, yet when scouts were sent to find it without elven guides, the hapless dwarves searched the forest fruitlessly for several weeks before stumbling back through the gates of the mountain, perplexed and looking rather worse for wear. Still, the Pikesteel dwarves were eager to have an ally to shelter their northern flank, and so they ceded the land and even committed to aid the largely nomadic elves with settling into their new, well-fortified home. The expert dwarven craftsmen, guided by elven design sensibilities, seamlessly integrated the elves' improvements with the existing structures. In little time the numbers of the tribe swelled, their kinfolk flocking eagerly to the flourishing citadel, which they called Herfin Telosuren in their tongue, or the Haven of the Great Elk. Travelers pays their respects at an ancient shrine to a god whose name has long since been forgotten to these lands. Admiring the tribe's motif, newly affixed to the Great Tower. The elven chieftain thanks the leader of the dwarven craftsmen for his efforts. The fountain tower looks out over the forested slopes that descend to the great lakes and flat lands to the north.
  8. Deep in a Dwarven city.... All across Historica there was suspicion and rumor while confidence in Queen Ylspeth reached new lows. In Mitgardia, the dwarves were arming themselves as their underground war industry restarted anew years after a failed invasion of Avalonia. The dwarven dissatisfaction with the humans and other races above ground had reached a critical point and the small, individual kingdoms were discussing banding together for raids against the sun-washed world above. But, at some point prior to anything regrettable transpiring, a Mitgardian lumber merchant stumbled upon a group of dwarves training in axe throwing. After turning to a dwarf leaning against a stone-carved door jam and instructing, "here, hold my beer!", the merchant--who was an experienced lumberjack and thus well acquainted with axes--started up an informal competition. Unknown to the merchant, the dwarf holding his beer was the lord of the dwarves in the area and after watching his warriors and the lumber merchant battle all night to a tie (while drinking a refreshingly strong Mitgardian beer), he came to see greater opportunity for his people through peace than through war. Before the merchant left that dwarven conclave, deals had been struck for the exchange of lumber, fish, and bread from the surface for axe heads from below and rules had been drafted for the first open axe throwing tournament to be held in the dwarven cities. Thus began the warming of relations between humans and dwarves during the reign of Queen Ylspeth. As other dwarven cities and human settlements heard of the tournaments and the profits in terms of gold, goodwill, merriment, and further trade agreements, both sides realized there was more to be gained with unity than with discord. After endorsement from both the Jarl in Vaholl and the various dwarven lords, many communities created their own axe throwing leagues along with increased human-dwarf trade agreements. My entry for Category A, long live the Queen!
  9. Eoin Wallace

    A Meeting With The Dwarves

    previously After being manipulated by Erdan so many times Eoin had decided to rethink what Erdan had said after talking to the bartender. So, he had gone back to his room and talked with all of his soldiers and had decided to go confront Erdan, but when they got back they saw Erdan had taken control of the fort Cander. In the battle that ensued they managed to defeat him. So Eoin left all his soldiers to protect the fort then talked to Jarl Olaf he got orders to take Erdan to a nearby dwarven prison. Jarl Olaf had also said that after bringing Erdan to justice, he could keep commanding Fort Cander even though he had not performed his duties as a Karl. However, Eoin had refused the offer and instead decided to go back to his cottage in the woods to escape the stress of commanding. So finally back to being a lowly ranger of mitgardia, and away from an old friend and traitor. Here is a picture without minifigures: Unfortunately I couldn't make it into category A, so this is what I did instead. C&C welcome!
  10. Beardless Dwarf

    [MOC] Gandalf and Thorin at Bree

    This is a remake of a very old MOC of mine, and one of my favorite scenes from the Appendices of LOTR. The original MOC was absolutely horrendous so I will not link it here. If you care to dig through my MOCPages folders, feel free to suffer! Thorin tells Gandalf of his plans to reclaim the Lonely Mountain (Erebor) and Gandalf offers to find the 14th member of the company. This is based on my own interpretation of the scene in the book, as well as a painting by Ted Nasmith, rather than the scene from the movie. I tried out some new techniques and styles here and I tried to put in as much detail as I could. Overall I'm rather happy with the results. I appreciate all comments and constructive criticisms!
  11. soccerkid6

    Dwarven Ballistas

    This scene is my second entry into the Colossal Castle Contest XVI, for the Fantasy Siege Weapon category. I took inspiration for the landscape from the style of detailed model bases you often see for things like Lord of the Rings scenes. Mitgardian dwarves are masters of warfare, and their powerful ballistas are feared by all enemies. See more pictures on Brickbuilt. Once I figured out the ballistas, this scene came together quite quickly, and it was fun doing a larger landscape again. C&C welcome
  12. BrickWarriors just released two new sets of custom accessories to bring your elves and dwarves to life! Elves - Helmet, Armor, Shield, Spear, Sword Dwarves - Helmet, Armor, Hammer Happy holidays everyone!
  13. I was asked to play Brikwars, so I built his mechanic dragon to make my dwarven army a bit stronger. The mechanical dragon features a maw flamethrower with a light brick and a tail-mounted machine gun. There are both western and easters dragon influences here. I wanted it to have short legs and no wings. More pictures on Cyclopic Bricks.
  14. The table is too small for 13 dwarves! And the front..
  15. Pate-keetongu

    [MOC] Dwarvish Runemaster

    These legendary dwarven warriors deal mighty blows with their rune-enhanced hammers. Based on an unit on open-source fantasy strategy game Battle for Wesnoth. I had built lot of red creations lately, and it was refreshing to work on fresher colors this time; I'm very happy with the combo of sand blue, sand green and pearl gold here. The MOC is based on the unit's on-game sprite, not the portrait, and I took some liberties anyway - full beard was replaced with a huge moustache, for example, as those new inverted baby bows worked to nicely there... More on Cyclopic Bricks.
  16. Sibard Harthsol trudged through the miserable morning snow. The sun was rising over the tall Mitgardian peaks, painting the fields golden. Despite the beautiful scene that lay before him, Harthsol's thoughts were as damp as his boots. He was beginning to believe that his master (the mighty and true ruler of all Historica Lord Raavage) had lead him on a wild goose chase. Sending him to this barren, cold, miserable land to die alone. He tried to remember his masters command but he could only gather fragments. Something about dwarves and pies. Harthsol shrugged his shoulders, anything would be better than this bloody snow, what he would give to be back at home in the swamp with a good barrel of rum. His thoughts started to wander until he spotted a spire of smoke. Hoping that it meant the end of his journey he headed towards it. When he had finally reached his destination he found out it was in fact a small dwarven village. Before he had even passed through the gates a booming voice met him. "Welcome captain Harthsol, to the beautiful village of Awsder." A large (for dwarven standards) dwarf strode towards Harthsol. He was built like a barrel, his long red plaited beard fell over his chest plate. He pulled Harthsol into a hug and gave him a pat on the back, leaving Harthsol winded. "Come in, come in, My name Is Brofendur Fuhnt and I am honored to have a man of Lord Raavage in my village. I am sure that our pies will exceed your standard, after all, we all know Mitgardians make the best pie." Harthsol laughed in his head, Mitgardians and pies? The thought was hilarious, yet Harthsol replied with a nod and followed him into the village, wondering what sort of 'pies' the dwarves had conjured up. Brofendur lead him on a winding path, through rows of crooked houses. As they walked Brofendur continued to ramble on about how to make the best pies, although Harthsol was too tired to listen to what properties fyhe root possesses. "Fhye root can make the pastry extremely flame proof..." Harthsol checked the sun, about midday he guessed. "...which can certainly help when a pie is being heated..." A pub caught Harthsol's attention, well he know where he would be spending the.. " a dragon" That stopped Sibard Harthsol in his tracks. "A dragon?" Harthsol spluttered "yes a dragon, i'll show you" Brofendur told him as if it were not at all unusual. He lead Harthsol to a small balcony over a large pit, and sure enough there was a dragon. Its black scales glinting in the sunlight. Dwarves milled around the working area, carrying ingredients and working on new recipes. Brofendur saw the nervous look on Harthsol's face and laughed. "You don't have to be scared of her, we have guards keeping her at bay at all times" "With those little toothpicks?!?" Harthsol asked, terrified. "oh well, better that then nothing eh, anyway she's a vegetarian so you've got nothing to fear" I sighed, it wasn't the most relaxing thought but it was more comforting know that you weren't going to be eaten any time soon. "so why do you need a dragon?" Harthsol questioned, wondering why in the world they had a dragon. Well the bigger the pie, the bigger the oven. And since we make very big pies we needed a very big oven. so I thought 'why not use a dragon?', so we did." Brofendur told me. "would you like to try some?" Harthsol felt his stomach rumble, "Of course" he replied, his mouth dribbling already. A fresh pie, recently cooked hung on a crane. It was lowered and then eventually carried by six dwarves up to us. Brofendur cut a large slice and offered it to Harthsol which he greedily accepted. The pie was the best he had had in a long while, stuffed full of meat and cooked to perfection. "This Is amazing" Harthsol managed through bites of pie, "but you know this is a enchanted pumpkin pie contest, not a meat pie contest right?" "Of course" Brofendur replied, "we added a little bit of pumpkin for flavoring and as for being 'enchanted' I guess there is a little magic in the making so..." "Eh" Harthsol shrugged his shoulders "good enough for my standards, anyway, I doubt they care that much." "Well that's good because I almost thought I might have to bribe yo..." "Now before we finish up here I need you to answer a couple of questions" Harthsol interrupted "first off, where are the ingredients from?" As our mountain is too cold to grow ingredients we order only the finest pastry from the furthest reaches of Kaliphin. As for the meat, That comes from the most tender beef farms of the isolated isles of Isaile, located in eastern Avalonia." "Good, good, what about your work place condition?" "We keep a clean work area with a nonalcoholic policy" Brofendur told me proudly. The work place looked clean enough but Harthsol did not think the nonalcoholic policy was enforced enough by the look of the drunk sagged behind a couple of barrels. "Well thank you for your time Mr Fuhnt, I will tell my lord to expect you at the official judging of the pies and long live Lord Raavage." "Thank you captain and long live Lord Raavage, the true king of all Historica." Brofendur's kitchen by Jed cameron, on Flickr Brofedur's Kitchen Brofendur's kitchen by Jed cameron, on Flickr Brofendur and Harthsol on the balcony and Kaliphin merchants. Brofendur's kitchen by Jed cameron, on Flickr The dragon (with light brick on) A lot of Blood (not really), sweat and tears went into this. It is by far my most complex moc yet and really really dodgy. You see, this moc took a little fall off my desk. When I put the chunks back together I found: A. the base was uneven and the whole thing was on a slight lean. B. I couldn't stack the bricks tightly together since it would risk breaking the rock work. Despite this I carried on and eventually built my best moc yet (In my opinion). This week (about a month ago now) has also been incredibly busy for me, With my show I was in ending, school finishing for the holidays and my birthday (10 years with Lego :D). As always c&c welcomed and hope you enjoy. Sorry I had to use a sheet, it was too big for my normal layout.
  17. AmperZand

    Evil Dwarves

    Inspired by Wardancer's thread on Drow Elves, I decided to post pictures of my Evil Dwarves. From left to right: Duergar (evil dwarf) that I MOCed quite some years ago, Duergar I MOCed more recently, skeleton Dwarf and TLG's Evil Dwarf from CMF S5 ( but with a third party axe and no shield. The skeleton Dwarf is newly MOCed. His red axe head is supposed to pick up on his red right eye, while his brown shield is meant to pick up on the brown eye-patch covering his left eye. Side view of the skeleton Dwarf showing the arrow in his back that killed him. Questions? Comments? Khazad-dum?
  18. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Thrór

    The newet creation from the Dwarf Factory: Thrór, King Under The Mountain. Thorin's grandfather. I wanted to build Thrór on his throne, like a mountain himself. The head was built on January, probably, but I had to wait until I got my LUGBULK with all the sand green. Tricky parts here included the frame around the Arkenstone (which lights up, naturally) and the layering of the angled details on the cloths (the upper part of Thrór is held on the rest with a single ball joint). More photos on the blog. Enjoy.
  19. The sun shone as the party of heroes made their way out of Eubric and along the road to Shelbric. The party's travels were pleasant and they ran into little danger being a well armed and well equipped group. At long last they came to the small village just as the sun began to set and upon inquiring of the whereabouts of the local tavern quickly found the establishment and entered the Shelbric Common House. The smell of ale and sweat wafted to the heroes noses and the air was thick with noise and hubbub. Two Pogs sat at the bar making conversation with the bartender who seemed to be busy preparing fish. A lizard man and a large hatted human sat across from each other swapping drinks and stories, while a well dressed elf sat motionless intrigued by the heroes entrance. Party: Tesni Hightribe, Hero of the Northern Kingdoms Serpent Skinner (Peppermint M) *Party Leader* Human Female Beserker *Restoration* *Immune to Afraid* Level: 39 Power Bonus: 5 (+3 WP) Defense: 14 +3 Health: 58/58 Gold: 1847 GP: 69 Equipment: Qilin Blade (WP:15, damages undead, ignores row and SP; longsword), Sir Roderick’s Shield (SP:11, Immunity to afraid), Bone Claws (WP:3, SP:2; handwear),Dragon Bone Armor (SP:4, Max. Health +2; bodywear), Barbarian's Boots (Changes “Natural Respite” job trait into “Restoration”, restoring full health after every battle; suitable for barbarians, chi monks and beast warriors). Inventory: - Fàelàn (WP:20, 4x damage to enemies weak to fire, fire-elemental longsword)), Cysgodion (WP:14, darkness-elemental; greatsword), Dryw ar Zoot (WP:14, light-elemental; longsword), Sharp Axe (WP: 14, fire- and ice- Elemental), Mod Rod (WP:10, causes the afraid-effect; lightning-elemental staff suitable for staff members only), Mellt (WP:10,ice- and lightning-elemental; hammer), Cryfder (WP:6), Rebel's Dagger (WP: 5) - 2 Shackles of War (prevents all fleeing, accessory), Red Dragon Plume (artifact, accessory, immunity to Weakened and Fire, suitable to Barbarians, Knights, Skirmishers, Winged Warriors), King's Crown (Headwear, protects against Doom and Petrified, Suitable for all classes) - Tiger Balm, Elixir, Phoenix Essence, 9 Venoms, 4 Deadly Venoms, 6 Meads, 4 Smelling Salts, Nostrum, Soma, 2x Smoke Bomb, Aquamarine Lamp of Summoning, Mulled Wine, 5 Potions, 2x Health Core, 4 Remedies, Grating Stone, 2x Remedy, 3x Bone, Tonic, 2x Grand Potion, 2x Water Bomb, Feather of Flight (Allows the user to flee from the battle when used.), 2x Silver Ore (worth 60 gold), Feather of White (Allows the user to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits. The effect ends if the user targets an enemy.), Mythril Shard, Black Pearl (worth 75 gold) Mythril. Atramor Gibbin, the Fiery Champion (CallMePie) 32 year old male human Decamon Drafter Level 40 *Immune to all elements, poisoned, and doomed* *Negative effects last one round* Power: 70 Defense: 14 Health: 67/67 Ether: 46/46 Gold: 10 Equipment: Mythril Claws (WP: 30, double WP against humanoids, fire and darkness elemental, dual strike, daggers), Amulet of the Court (Negative effects last only one round on the wearer, accessory, suitable for anyone), Rat's Hide (SP: 4, backwear, suitable for anyone), Galactic Armor (SP: 6, +6 max health, immune to water, wood, lightning, fire, earth, wind, ice, light, darkness, and doomed, bodywear, suitable for anyone), Helmet of Azzurat (SP: 4, immune to poison, headwear, suitable for anyone) Inventory Weapons: Pheles Kris (WP: 20, wielder has a 1/2 chance to generate an Aura, doubling the user's maximum health but drawing all attacks to them, fire, ice, lightning, earth, wind, light, darkness elemental dagger), Robust Shield (SP: 12, shield), Silver Katana (WP: 15, longsword) Artifacts: Bracers of Insatiable Avarice (Power +2; user gains 25 Gold for every enemy he kills, handwear, suitable for hunters, berserkers, battle mages, beast warriors, dragoons, marauders, regulators, and skirmishers), Chameleon Vest (Max. Health +10, the user becomes able to absorb the last element it was damaged with; bodywear) Scrolls: Scroll of Arc Frailty (50/50 chance to inflict the fragile-effect to all enemies for ether equal to the number of enemies), Scroll of Fire Armor (50/50 chance to conjure a layer of fiery armor over the target, giving them a 50/50 chance to deal the burned by 10-effect when hit by Damage or Special Damage at the cost of 5 ether), Scroll of Ice Armor (50/50 chance to conjure a layer of ice armor over the target, giving them a 50/50 chance to deal the stunned-effect when hit by Damage or Special Damage at the cost of 5 ether) Consumables: 6 Bones, Dirt Bomb, Ether Bomb, Feather of Lithe (Makes the user nimble for three rounds), Fenghuang Incense (After being consumed, automatically revives all party members with full health once when knocked out; cannot revive targets that are already knocked out.) Fire Bomb, 2 Grand Potions, 11 Grand Tonics, Health Core, Jinxy Juice (Deals the jinxed-effect to the target), 2 Meads, Milk (Restores 15 health and ether), Nostrum, Phoenix Essence, 3 Phoenix Incenses, Potion, 3 Remedies, 2 Smelling Salts, Smoke Bomb, 4 Venoms, Water Bomb Tools: Decamodifier (Transforms an enemy with a quarter or less health left into a Decamon card when used, if there is a corresponding card. The monster will not drop anything if it is modified. Tool.), Flint and Steel (Handy for starting fires), Pickaxe, Shovel, Rope Decamon Deck (36): Volt Ant (Electric 1), Tweetybird (Flying 1), x2 Brains-in-a-Jar (Ethereal 2), x2 Barghest (Electric 2), Tangleweed (Plant 3), x2 Dune Ghoul (Rock 3), Simsalamander (Fiery 3), Sylph (Electric 3), Succubus (Fiery 4), x2 Holy Cow (Luminous 4), Thunderbird (Electric 4), x2 Death's Rose (Plant 4), Sandman (Ethereal 4), Automaton (Electric 5), Night Mare (Dark 5), Mushroomhead (Plant 5), Unicorn (Luminous 5), Aquaphant (Aquatic 6), Electriphant (Electric 6), Cave Troll (Rock 6), Dryad (Plant 6), Sandman (Ethereal 6), x2 Woodwose (Plant 7), Carcinos (Aquatic 8), Stone Golem (Rock 8), Storm Elemental (Electric 8), Pegasus (Luminous 8), Cloud Gigas (Electric 9), Phoenix (Fiery 9), Treant (Plant 9) Ellaria Arbour (Sandy) 24 years old female human Alchemist Level 32 3/4 *Three rolls for Mixture* *Transfer poisoned and bleeding upon being hit* *No Free Hits for 3 rounds* Power: 42 Defense: 5 Health: 53/53 Gold: 20 Equipment: Geppetto's Hammer (WP:10, wood-elemental hammer, hollow [Diluted Arc Potion (Restores 15 health to all allies)]; hammer), Rubber Gloves (For Mixture, the die is rolled three times instead of twice, and the highest two results determine the created item; suitable to alchemists; handwear.), Robe of the Magi (SP:1, suitable for mages, clerics, alchemists, chi monks, decamon drafters, necromancers, regulators, scholars and weather mages; bodywear.), Spider Helmet (SP:4, passes poisoned and bleeding effects to the enemy when the wearer is hit; headwear), Spirit Robe (Renders wearer invisible to the enemy for the first three rounds of battle so they do not take free hits; backwear) Inventory: Weapons Ignis Fatuus (WP:13, permanently poisoned by 15, fire- and lighting-elemental staff), Sylvania's Crossbow (WP:10, wood-elemental crossbow), Pan Flute (WP: 7, instrument), Wizard's Staff (WP:1, fire-, wind-, water- and earth-elemental staff), Artefacts: Ranger's Quiver (WP: +1 to bows and crossbows, suitable for rangers, beast warriors, infiltrators, and winged warriors; backwear), Robe of the Archmagi (SP:3, Max Ether +5, protects from sealing; suitable for mages, clerics, necromancers, scholars and weather mages, bodywear) Spell Items: Scroll of Inspiration (Inspired for rest of battle, 10 ether, 50/50 chance) Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Weakening, Serenade of Water (Causes Water damage equal to the minstrel's level to all enemies per round for as long as the song is sung. Costs 10 ether per round. Battle Song), Ruby (Fire), Amethyst (Darkness) Consumables: 3 Potions, , 2 Grand Potions, 4 Health Cores, 4 Tonics, Diluted Arc Tonic (Restores 10 ether to all allies), 3 Grand Tonics, Ether Core, Hyper Arc Tonic (Restores full ether to all allies), Elixir, Arc Elixir (Restores 60 health and 15 ether to all allies and removes negative effects.), 3 Remedies, Neutralizer, Tiger Balm, 2 Phoenix Essences, Emergency Essence, Last Resort (Revives all allies with 1 health), Meads, 3 Smoke Bombs, Flash Bomb, 3 Fire Bombs, Ice Bomb, 2 Lightning Bombs, 2 Water Bombs, 2 Holy Bombs, Blind Bomb, Air Bomb, Aeolus Bomb, Bad Breath (Poisoned by 1-effect to all enemies), Feather of White Tools: Bedroll, Pickaxe, Telescope, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass En Sabah Nur (Jebediahs) 31 year old male human, Mystic Knight Level 31.25 *Immune to Darkness, Wood, Earth*, *Converts Ether to Health*, *Reflects Ether-Based Attacks* Power: 51 (71 vs. Humanoids) Defense: 6 Health: 52/52 Ether: 42/42 Gold: 151 Equipment: Quarterstaff (WP:20/40 against humanoids, suitable for mages, clerics and necromancers ), Earthy Wooden Shield (SP:5, grants immunity to wood and earth-elemental attacks), Traveler's Cloak (SP: 1, Backwear ), Lichen Armour (The wearer’s ether is counted as additional health if health is depleted and Darkness Immunity, suitable to classes with ether, Bodywear ), Sedge Hat (+4 Ether, Headwear ), Magic Mirror (The user reflects all ether-based attacks back to the caster without getting damaged by them, Accessory ) Inventory: Weapons: Unlucky Horseshoe (WP:13, retrievable, causes jinxed-effect; throwing weapon), Sangriste Dagger (WP: 5), En, Sabah, Nur (Shurikens 3/3, WP: 5), Poisonous Rod (WP:5, causes poisoned by 5-effect; staff) Artefacts: Cobra Nemes (Absorbs poison, recovering health instead of taking damage from poisoning, suitable to clerics, mages, chi monks and necromancers, Headwear ), Medal of Glory (Allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles, Accessory ), Fire Amulet (Makes physical attacks do double damage to all enemies that are weak to fire, Accessory ), Sealed Heavy Armour of Brilliance(SP:5,Immune: fragile, blinded, sealed effects, suitable for suitable for barbarians, knights, dragoons, skirmishers and regulators, Bodywear, ), Little Jane's Muff (Mage's Muffler, Protects from sealed-effect, Accessory ), Shackles of War (Prevents anyone from fleeing battles, Accessory ), Lock & Chain (Prevents items in the inventory from getting stolen; Accessory ) Spell Items: Garnet (Earth), Aquamarine (Water), Topaz (Lightning), Ruby (Fire), Scroll of Confusion Consumables: 6 Potions, 2 Grand Potions, Tonic, Grand Tonic, 3 Ether Cores, Milk (restores 15 health and 15 ether upon consumption), 5 Remedies, Phoenix Essence, Phoenix Incense, 2 Meads, Titan Heart (Grants encouraged- and inspired-effects when consumed), 5 Venoms, Deadly Venom, Feather of Lithe (Makes the user nimble for three rounds, giving them a 1/3 chance to completely avoid rolls of COUNTER and DAMAGE and Free Hits.), Feather of Flight (Allows the user to flee from the battle when used.), Alfred (Nur can call his golem minion once per battle to protect him from all damage and effects for the remainder of the round.), Dysentery Bomb (Deals 105 water-elemental damage and the poisoned by 1-effect to all opponents when used.), Electrocution Bomb (Deals 105 lightning-elemental damage and the stunned effect to all opponents when used.), Agni Bomb (Deals 100 fire-elemental damage to all opponents when used.), Sleep Bomb (Deals 5 damage and the asleep-effect to all opponents when used.) Tools: Bedroll, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass Decamon Deck: Shy Shell (Aquatic 2), Demon Ray (Aquatic 3), Will-o'-the-Wisp (Fiery 1), Barghest (Electric 2), Automaton (Electric 5), Vampire Bat (Flying 3), Specter (Icy 2), White Widow (Icy 3), Golden Scorpion (Luminous 2), Gold Golem (Luminous 6), Toxic Toad (Plant 1), Tangleweed (Plant 3), Scarab (Rock 1), Mud Frog (Rock 2), Stone Golem (Rock 8) QM Note: Welcome aboard everyone. You know the drill confirm in 24 hours that everything looks good and we'll get this show on the road. In the meantime feel free to interact with each other or anything in the scene.
  20. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Dain II Ironfoot

    This is Dain II Ironfoot, the lord of Iron Hills, The King under the Mountain and the scottish boss dwarf who rode that pig. The challenging part was the legs - All my previous dwarves have been standing still and this guy had a riding pose. It uses some small ball joints that are hidden under the armor skirt. The pig works on its own - Dain doesn't. Kill them elves! More on my blog, as usual. Enjoy.
  21. Here's a LOTR moc I made of the forges in Belegost, which was a huge Dwarve kingdom in Beleriand before it sank (long story). First and foremost this is the Moc I am most proud of so some feedback on how it looks would be awesome. Untitled by mlarbconnor, Here's an overall view. Untitled by mlarbconnor, A closeup of the front. Untitled by mlarbconnor, Closeup of the arch, and weapons rack. Untitled by mlarbconnor, One side. Untitled by mlarbconnor, The other side. The arch is loosely based on the one from the lonely mountain (although its certainly not the same). C&C would be absolutely awesome, thanks for viewing.
  22. Covenant84

    Bag End Moc (ish)

    Hi all. Fist attempt at a large MOC, 2nd since getting into the afol community. I'd made a tree (larger than the one used here) and brother joked it would look good on bag end, then saw a youtube video of someone who had stretched the original set to fit all the dwarves. So here's my attempt. It's made mostly from two unexpected gathering sets with some other bits thrown in for good measure. I have all the minifigs still to build. C&C welcome. Haven't quite the bit to 'smooth' out the walls so there's the odd random bricks but I have tried to disguise these. All in all it's taken a week to build around work and family commitments. I guess 12-15 hours. Enjoy.
  23. Good evening! I am happy to announce that my project to build the company of Thorin Oakenshield from the Hobbit films. The project began 656 days ago in a land of which kind no longer exist in Middle-Earth when I posted bust of Balin in November 2012. It sort of grew into a full Balin, and got a brother Dwalin, and a cousin Oin, and some random Bifur guy... And well, I decided to build the dwarves, and then somebody asked (probably here on on EB) asked if I'd build Gandalf and Bilbo. And well, I did. You probably remember some of these MOCs (Kili even made it to the front page). The new ones here are Ori, Bilbo and Gandalf. Of course the story of the company doesn't end here. There will be conventions and exhibits to visit with these guys. There's heaps of more photos on my blog. Enjoy. At least I did enjoy building them!
  24. Here's yet another dwarf creation; Dwalin, the muscle of the group, in his reclaimed Erebor chainmail coat. This MOC was inspired by getting lot of those short chain pieces for cheap. The color scheme felt quite beautiful too, so I gave it a try. The axe was probably the hardest part. Weta's design had so odd 45 degree angles so I had to fiddle with it a long tme before coming up with a version that uses some magnifiying glasses and clip-bars to connest the blades. There is more talk on my blog. Enjoy!
  25. A little view inside life in Mitgardia while fierce fighting is going on in Kaliphlin... Unbenownst to most men in Mitgardia, coin minting is a core domain of the Mitgardian dwarves. And, before I forget it, I would like to claim UoP credits for: Trade and Law manufacturing Anthropology city scene Now, let us get back to the dwarves: Stage 1: melting of gold: Stage 2: gold is hammered into shape - using modern mechanics. Stage 3: gold is placed upon a belt Stage 4: the actual minting The finished coins are then assembled. Thanks for watching. C&C welcome.