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Found 70 results

  1. An older build that I somehow never got around to post on Eurobricks. The MOC is trying to capture the spirit of the old sets, while also trying to recreate the minifigs with new parts.
  2. Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY Shoutout to Brick.Sheepa (Instagram) for the amazing Eopie Design Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. The journey of Parzival Chapter II, part II The dream Previous Chapter: Chapter II, Part I - Desert Daylight The sun was setting and the sky was orange fading to purple. Z and his fellows walked with their heads bent along a small path with parts of desert and parts bushes and trees. The heat was still intense and they were all tired after a long day in the sun. It was time to find a place to camp for the night. Z saw what appeared to be abandoned buildings inside a large grove of trees and shrubs some distance from the road. Maybe an abandoned farm or similar. It was very dense shrubbery and many shady trees. "- We should set up a camp soon. We all have to rest. There is an old farm over there. Maybe we can find shelter and maybe an old well or something. At least it’s a bit from the path." Z said "- That sounds like a good idea. My legs ache" said Hooves They left the path and went into the bushes. The buildings were very overgrown with trees and shrubs. It was certainly a long time since they were abandoned. "- There is a glade here with the remains of a campfire. Here we should be able to set up camp. The bushes should give us good protection from passers-by." Hammer said. "- Hooves and I will go and see if we can find something in the abandoned houses. Then we look for firewood." Left-Eye said They set up camp and the sun went down fast. They ate a small meal and lay down to sleep. Left-eye took the first watch for the night. It had been a long warm day and they all soon fell asleep Z heard a whispering voice and opened his eyes. He didn't quite understand what the voice had said, so he looked around. He was standing in a lush forest with a bow in his hands. It felt like a summer dawn. Beside Z a man stood, he had horns just as Hooves. And behind Z there were two men, one heavily armed knight with a dragon on his breastplate and an archer with a hood and mask over his head. They were all dressed in dark green clothes. It all felt a bit weird and Z felt a bit fuzzy in the head. He noticed that he was no longer a man, just a small boy. He also felt a big pressure inside and a tingling adrenaline sensation in the body. The man beside in whispered again and it was the same voice: "- My lord, you have to focus! Relax your shoulders and aim. Concentrate on the animal and try to hear it. Feel it's heartbeat." Z aimed at the deer by the water. It hadn't noticed it yet. It was drinking water and having a look around. It looked peaceful. The sounds of the forest got more zoomed out and he could hear his heartbeats pounding in the ears. But it felt strange. Was it his or the deers heartbeat he heard? He could almost see the pulse in the deer's body that was in the same rhythm as the sound in his ears. "- When you have it in sight, take a deep breath. Feel the animal's heartbeat so you can aim directly at his heart. You must hit the heart directly so that the animal doesn't suffer." Z felt the animal now. He could hear what the deer heard and feel the wind in its horns. Z felt that the deer was at peace with nature and that it wasn't stressed at all. He took a deep breath and aimed straight at the heart of the dear. He was just about to let go of the bow string when he heard a strange voice in his head. "- Kraaah! Walker must wake! Hurry!" Z blinked and tried not to lose his focus. And when he looked up at the deer again he saw a strange colourful bird in his sight. What was this? So strange... "- Wake! Bad man come! The bird said to him Z sat straight up and looked around. He was in the camp with the others again. Was it a dream? Or what was that? Was it a memory? His head was blurred. "- Hurry! Wake up!" Z heard in his head again. And now he recognized the voice from the crow. He was sitting in the palmtree above waving his wings in the air. Then he heard whispering voices from the bushes: "- It's them. Take them all out before they wake. But don't hurt the one with the necklace. Tie him up. We have to bring him back to the boss" Z started to wake the others and tell them to get up and get their weapons. But only a few of them had the time to get up before the attack began. Five dark figures came out of the bush. Each had a black shield with an eye on it and various weapons in full swing. Z, Hammer and Pointy were first on their feet and could meet the attackers. Z had a sword he had received from Tabib in Mophet. He used it to parry a blow from one of the attackers. Hammer drew his sword and Pointy drew her knife and bow. Together they managed to ward off the first attack. Meanwhile, Left-Eye, Hooves and Right-Eye woke up and managed to get their weapons. A wild battle broke out in the clearing and pretty soon they discovered that the attackers were better equipped and much faster than them and they quickly ended up in an inferior position. One of the attackers knocked the sword out of Z's hand and he lost his balance and fell backwards. When the attacker jumped on Z and was about to stab the sword in his stomach, Z panicked and felt the time almost slow down. Before the attacker hit Z with the sword, Z felt a strong force accumulate in his chest. He pushed his hands forward while instinctively shouting something loud that he himself did not understand. The words just flowed out of him. The attacker stopped in the air and was then quickly pushed backwards by a pressure wave that came out of Z's hands. The attacker flew back into the bushes. Z quickly got to his feet and stood amazed as he felt a force gather in his body and the time slowed down. He felt a tingeling feeling in his legs as he drew power from the. He felt a strong connection to the ground and all the surrounding trees and plants, almost as if they were an extension of their own senses. The attacker came out of the bush for a new attack. In Z's mind a word came up as written by a golden pen. He held out his hands to the opponent and uttered the words. Immediately he felt how meandering roots rose from the ground and meandered around the opponent. He felt as if he was grabbing the opponent himself. He lifted the opponent into the air while squeezing him with the roots until the opponent was slowly suffocated. Hooves fought with one of the attackers with his long staff. And like Z, he felt a force build up in him the more he felt that the striker was superior in speed and tactics. And when the attacker managed to get past Hoove's defense and chop against his head, Hooves put out his hand against the attacker. At the same time, flames of fire flowed out of his fingertips and quickly embraced the attacker. The man screamed in pain when he was burned to death. While Z and Hooves fought with their newfound abilities, the rest of the crew managed to overpower the attackers and kill them all but one. The battle was over as soon as it started. Everyone stood tired and breathless in the clearing. Hammer had captured the last survivor and stood with his sword against his throat. The others hurried to his side. "- Who are you and why did you attack us?" Hammer shouted at the man. The man turned a little and laughed with the sword to his throat. "- Answer me!" Shouted Hammer Pointy came forward and put his hand on Hammer's shoulder and asked him to calm down a bit. "- It is best that you answer him, otherwise he will cut you apart like a pig," Left-Eye hissed with a wicked grin. "- You will never get anything out of me or anyone in my brotherhood" the man laughed. Before anyone reacted, his hand slid inside the sleeve of his tunic and pulled out a small narrow dagger with a blackened blade. He quickly pushed it into his own throat while having a grin on his lips. Hammer tried to stop him but it was too late. The man quickly began to gargle and his eyes turned inward and his whites of eyes were visible. A couple of strong tremors went through his body, but then he became stiff as a stick. They all backed away from the body in disgust. "- Who can do that to himself?" Said Pointy in disgust. "- I would say, only a true fanatic," Right-Eye said resignedly. "- Quick now, we have to gather our things quickly and get out of here before more come," Z said. They quickly gathered their things and moved silently away in the thickets. Next part...
  4. A quick built: Johnny Thunder’s Desert Tracker. The Adventurers use this small car for exploring the desert of Egypt. It has a small cargo box for transporting tools and other stuff. 01_Adventurers_Desert_Tracker by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Adventurers_Desert_Tracker by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures are also at Flickr:
  5. Bridge of Gods The beauty of Kaligem was unseen. Statues, palaces, ... were built all accross the lands to show the wealth of rulers of Kaligem. One of those pearls was a bridge with statues of Gods reachong the sky. With the destruction of Kaligem and the surrounding area becoming desert, the river, once a beacon of trade and prosperity, became an oasis and the bridge obsolete as no traders passed by anymore on their way to Kaligem. Since then, only lost adventurers were astonished by this ancient wonder. Or passing armies like we can witness today It are the Silver Scorpions who are passing the bridge. An army led by Lord Gothe, son of Lord Dama of Ximus. Trained at the far away desert islands of Amenor, they know how to survive and fight in a sandy atmosphere. Lord Gothe just crossed the bridge, the Amenorian spearman were awaiting him. With their golden accents and powerfull spears. Row after Row. Behind Lord Gothe followed his escorts. Armour finished with gold. They are such an excellent fighters that if an enemy succeeds at klling such a fighter, looting the golden armour is what he deserves. The last units crossing the bridge are the archers. Equipped with longbows they are sharp and deadly. Once the army crossed the bridge, Lord Gothe ordered to set up camp here. Looking around the oase, it would not be a bad idea to make a temporary settlement here. An abundant number of animals and fresh water are very handy. One day, he will rebuild Mpya Stedor, but maybe there are more imporant things to do first. ---- May I present to you Lord Gothe (in the middle) ---- Thanks for reading and watching. Hope you enjoyed the small classical wonder I built. It has been a few years since I built something for GoH. So hopefully more will follow in the future :) C&C appreciated, Thanks to @Ecclesiastes for tipping me about the ongoing GoH challenge. Thanks to @Sebeus I for assisting me in one of the building evenings for this MOC :) Hope this will fit your Egyptian diorama well :D
  6. Every child in Historica knows the story of Kaligem. The great city which was once the center of the whole continent, only to one day suffer the wrath of the gods... So for this challenge I had to do some research and finally decided to go with one of the most famous tales of old. This scene depicts the final moments of Kaligem, as the god Bonash called down his greatest fury. An enormous wall of sand that swept in and engulfed the city, forever burying it and transforming the surrounding environment to the huge desert we all now love! Thanks for having a look
  7. *Your entry has earned 28 XP* The Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, bringing fire and fury to a thousand worlds. Among them; the ancient sanctuary moon of Jedha, where a Republic Retrieval Squad charges through the teeming streets of the Holy City in pursuit of a Separatist agent. Captain Yima is a key leader in the uprisings on Hijo, his capture is vital to undermining the Free People's Army. Commander Owl's patience grows thin. How hard can it be to catch one man? MORE PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  8. As I marched north of Qarkyr, Rhalyf wrote after the ordeal was over, the wind obstructed my path. The beginnings of a sand storm hit with no warning. Before I could find shelter, the road was obstructed from me. Within a matter of minutes, I was off my path and into the Parched Lands, Rhalyf continued. Just as unexpectedly as it started, the storm subsided, leaving me bewildered but well. I made my way north, intending on finding the road without delay, but the hills and the sand guided me ever so westward. I was obliged to this direction. I soon saw I was not ambling aimlessly, but rather a stone dais lay before me. I knew avoiding this henge in the desert would be in vain, so I approached it, prepared as one can, for what might be. “Lay down your staff!” a voice said from the stone platform as I ascended. I sized up the sorcerer I saw before me. So, this was the reason for my divergent course. I kept quiet, waiting my time. “I will not ask again, Rhalyf,” the wizard said. Still, I watched. Unconcerned he knew me, though I not him. Without additional warning, he cast a binding spell. I met the spell and withstood it, but still he persisted. “Cease your assault!” I commanded. My words went unheeded. As I gathered my strength to throw off this spell, the very stone beneath us tremored and glowed, the same evil as this sorcerer’s spell. “Enough!” I cried as I pressed back. I heard a crack and saw the dark figure fall. At the same time, the sand storm returned enveloping the stone henge, soon blocking everything from sight. When the storm subsided again, I was alone in the desert again. No trace of the stone platform or the sorcerer. This is my “Wizards Duel” entry into the Colossal Castle Contest 2020 (CCC XVIII) as well as LOLUG’s December competition. The challenge prompt did not provide a setting, leaving it wide open. The first concrete idea I had was a magical henge. Lighting seemed like the best way to convey a sense of magic to the environment and I went with trans-neon green. I am happy with the way the pillars came out, but was hoping the lighting in the floor would have been brighter and more uniform. The round edge of the stone platform uses the standard 1x3 brick and 1x1 round brick technique. The center/floor is made up of various slope pieces, tiles and plates, many not connected, but just laying there. For the sand, I borrowed Blake Foster’s technique from his amazing M:Tron Magnet Factory. Comments and criticism welcome. I'm submitting this for Petraea University's General Building (Other Techniques) -> Lighted Builds Website | Flickr | YouTube
  9. JackJonespaw

    [REVIEW] 75299 Trouble on Tatooine

    Yeehaw, folks. We’re out here in the desert. It’s hot, and it’s sandy. You could probably guess those two, but did you know I’m also dehydrated? I’m running out of time here, but I decided to use these last minutes to type up this review. Don’t say I never do anything for you. I put LEGO before my own life. So the Mandalorian! I’ll be honest, my memory of the show’s a bit fuzzy, like most memories out in this desert heat. Even so, it’s not like I could pay $9.99 / month to Disney Plus, the exclusive home for your favorite movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Start streaming today at Help: Trouble on Tatooine I’m: 75299 Stuck: 276 pieces In: $29.99 | 29.99€ The: 3, The Mandalorian, The Child, and The Tusken Raider Desert: Star Wars This box stars my friends: Mr. Mandalorian, Mr. Child, and Mr. Raider. Mr. Raider also has his little hut, and what I thought was a desert dragonfly before seeing that it’s actually a ballista. Huh, who knew? Probably could’ve used one of those for Anakin 30 or so years earlier. Mr. Mandalorian has managed to sit Mr. Raider down, and is now about to execute him in front of a child. How cute, I love Star Wars! Here’s what’s inside. I was really hoping for water. These plastic bags could hold water, perhaps, but there’s not much I can do with that information other than type it out. Here he is, the guy. Mr. Dark Brown and Silver. He’s got enough printing to put a Kinkos out of business. He also has two guns, one for shooting, and the other one probably just to look cool with. Again, I do not remember what happens in the show. I don’t even remember the name of the desert I’m trapped in. “Awwwww!” Everyone said, until they learned his name was Gorgu. Then they all said “ehhhhhhhhh!” Still, he’s a cutie, but man, he is small. Like, I’m afraid my dog might eat him. That’s not a joke; that’s a serious concern. I don’t have a dog, though. And here’s the Raider. I really do not like these molded heads. I know this might be beating a dead horse (it probably died of dehydration, too), but I miss the old printed heads. These new ones are too...action figure-y. So, build completed, and tongue drier than the wine my wife made me drink on Thanksgiving, we have a speeder. It’s a pretty nice speeder, and definitely something I wish I had right now in the desert. The colors are not great, though. Like, not only is it not accurate to the speeder in the show, it just looks ugly. Occasionally Star Wars’ beaten-up, ugly ship aesthetic just doesn’t translate into LEGO well. But you can put Gorgu in the speeder, which is pretty cute. He fits really snugly, and can be a complete pain to get out. My strategy is kinda flicking the bottom of his legs out of the satchel, because pulling from the arms will do absolutely nothing. Does this count as a play feature? The speeder also fits the two guns of the Mandalorian. Sure, I guess that’s as good a place as any to put them. Usually your legs would go right in front of the barrel, which is maybe not the safest position for a gun, but minifigs don’t have to worry about that problem. See? He can comfortably sit without worrying about shooting his calf. Must be nice. Although if you flip it the other way, it’s pointing at a baby. So, kinda lose-lose for us folks with legs. Now this? This I’m jealous. I’ve not seen so much as a dent in a hill for me to shade. Well that’s not strictly true - I saw one, dived down in it to get out of this hot sun, and you know what happened? A rattlesnake was in there. So if I go into the shadows, I’ll get poisoned. Although, that might be better dehydration... Anyway, this little hut has all the fixings a Tusken Raider could need. A fire, a pot with one (1) bone, and some shaded seats. It’s not fancy, but out here in the desert, I’m realizing it doesn’t have to be. It can also do this if you’ve got company over. Set up a project screen where the campfire is, and you can watch some of the great Disney Plus films! It also folds up for...easy storage? I have no clue what or why this is. If anything, it just puts the the fire closer to flammable objects. I’m no firefighter (a firefighter wouldn’t get stuck out in a desert), but that seems like a bad move. To reiterate: I am very jealous. The dragonfly gun, however, isn’t all that bad. It’s a weird looking thing, but hey, who am I to judge? Maybe I look worse, no one really knows, thanks to the anonymity of the Internet and the sun scarring on my face. I guess it kinda looks like a big, buggy crossbow from this angle. I can definitely see how people could say it’s a ballista, and also how I could say it’s a dragonfly. And that’s it. A set like this, unlike a lot of these Star Wars ships, is very much a case of “you see what you get”. A hut, a speeder, and a ballista. Nothing here is mind-blowing, nor do I think it’s a particularly good build to be shown off. The best fate I can see for this set, for a lot of children, is being disassembled into their larger collection, while saving the minifigs. Generally I like to categorize LEGO Star Wars sets into one of two categories: either a vehicle or a playset. And while Trouble on Tatooine undoubtedly falls into that latter category, calling it a playset is like calling a great spotted kiwi a bird. It is that thing, but it falls quite short. This set has one play feature - a dart on top of the ballista, and three completely separate builds. I’m having trouble seeing the appeal of the set itself. Of course, we all know the real pull here are the minifigs. A $30 set with a really nice, new Mandalorian fig and Baby Grogu? It’s a pretty good deal. It’s one of those sets that fits the obligation of a $30 price tag while having to throw an appropriate amount of pieces in there to make it different from a battle pack. And the Tusken Raider, strange as it might seem, has an important purpose. If there were a more exclusive figure, or more prominent villain from the series, I doubt the price tag would have stayed at $30. Unless it was another generic figure. You could probably switch out the Tatooine aesthetic with some other random planet with a random enemy. An Oba Diah set with a Pyke, a Srilurr set with a Weequay, an Alzoc III set with a Talz - take your pick. Maybe Tatooine was chosen because of recognizability? Who can say. All in all, it’s a set that’s exactly what you’d expect. A simple build with the minifigs being the main draw. Pretty much the only reason for a $30 set to exist. So I’ll give this set a score of 3/5. Let me know what you think! Is this set more than the minifigs it includes? Why would you pick up this set? Do you think the ballista looks more like a dragonfly? Let me know below, and make sure you vote on the poll! Thanks to LEGO for giving me the set for review, and thanks to Eurobricks for being the fine community that it is. And thank you to this desert for killing me slowly and with a great deal of heat. I hate you.
  10. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] (Explorien) Trouble on Yemin-IV

    Yemin-IV, a dangerous but priceless planet, is known for its immensely hot climate, its deadly inhabitants, and nearly impossible to survive off the land. Our unfortunate Explorien friend finds himself here, waiting for rescue. IMG_6144 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Whilst surveying the area with a small scouting ship, an unexpected sandstorm brought the ship down into a cavern. Using pieces of rubble from the ship, he managed to construct a temporary base and land speeder until he finds a way off the planet. IMG_6151 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr IMG_6154 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr On impact, the back module for the ship dug into the ground while the rest swerved to the right getting stuck in an opening to a ravine. By using the wings of the ship and other scrap, the abandoned Explorien created a makeshift weather monitor to warn of incoming sandstorms. IMG_6147 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr The locals will attack on sight, but luckily the Explorien's knowledge of lands allowed him to carve a skull in the side of the entrance to the cavern warning off the attackers, until night that is... IMG_6161 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr After surviving for a few weeks, our friend has made himself a shelter both inside and out. IMG_6160 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr The windscreen from the ship was used to construct a window. IMG_6162 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Using the leftover fuel (which somehow remarkably survived the crash), the Explorien cooks himself the meal via the booster flames from the back ship module. Mmmm, glow in the dark spider, my favourite! IMG_6163 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Here comes the night, it is time to call it in and prepare to another day without rescue. Scout vessels don't typically have the most comfortable sleeping bags on-board, but it will do. IMG_6168 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Just in-case the locals gain enough brain cells to find the entrance, the Explorien always keeps weapons on hand. IMG_6146 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Another night without encounter. Whew! IMG_6167 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Now that it's morning, it's time to repair the land speeder to, hopefully, finally, find rescue... (End of story) both by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr One of the features of the MOC is that if you wish to recreate the crashing events, you can reconstruct the ship by dismantling the makeshift creations using the remains. IMG_6174 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Hope you enjoyed this creation! C&C always appreciated. As always, happy travels, Earthling! Final Mark by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr (More Images)
  11. adde51

    Outskirts of Mophet

    On the outskirts of Mophet, Na'zal is tending to his goats and ostriches. As the trade route between the city and the Arkbri river had been established, his otherwise solitary existence had been disturbed more than he appreciated...It did however present some opportunity for extra income, as many of the travelers needed a place to rest and eat on their way to the new port. "I guess you have to make the best of the current situation" Na'zal muttered as he went to about his business. So this is yet another addition to my growing city of Mophet in Kaliphlin. The build actually started with the green dome which I was able to find from a seller at Skaerbaek last year. Hope you like it, thanks for looking :)
  12. Veynom

    [MOC] Geonosian smugglers

    Here is a small MIC that will be integrated into a large Star Wars layout of around 100 baseplates (32x32) planned for BrickMania Anvers on 30/11 and 01/12 this year. My section should be around 28 baseplates, inclduing the 2 I present here that were built by my son. Smuggling Geonosians by Veynom, on Flickr Given the Star Wars theme and the fact we decided to go for a desert-like landscape, my son wanted to participate by building something slightly more original than the usual Empire vs. Rebels. He therefore decided to go for some kind of smugglers that would be caught by surprise by some famous bounty hunters (Bossk & Boba Fett). He started with the cave, added details around it then upon starting the second plate and the small rock, he asked me for a battered original ship that could fit well with his mini-story. In short: "Dad, no TIE-Fighter of any kind!" Take away: Idea, landscape , minifig selection & positioning: all by my son (13y old). The supposedly flying pice of junk: all my fault. Smuggling Geonosians by Veynom, on Flickr Personally, I like very much the positioning of his minifigs. It is very dynamic and immediately helps us in understanding the situation. Smuggling Geonosians by Veynom, on Flickr The shuttle is a rebuilt of the official set, a bit longer and a bit more detailed and much more colored. Recycled Sheathipede by Veynom, on Flickr She is sturdy, swooshable, and playable with opening cockput and rear doors. Recycled Sheathipede by Veynom, on Flickr Feel free to comment, I will pass them along to my son.
  13. ShadowWolfHount

    [MOCs] Desert Explorers Fan Concept Sets

    Got the idea of doing this from @kungfulegolover idea post on Eurobricks “Ideas for new City Sets”, though there are choices I disagree with, one of them being the mummy in the starter set, I believe that would fit more in the Pyramid. With choosing the color scheme to go with this subtheme, I went with having dark red for the vehicle for them to stand out with the background desert like with vehicles in Pharaoh’s Quest (that have the same color), I also think having the wheels being in dark gray would be a good choice as well rather than the usual black or light gray. Do to not yet having the cobra (yet), a normal snake is being used was a placeholder. Piece highlights: Obviously we know the coffin is going to make a return for a desert subtheme as it’s relating to egyptian. But besides that some pieces that I believe would be seen again because of a desert subtheme are the cobra and hat/hair combo pith helmet from series 13. The sword and shield from the Pharaoh's Quest could make a return as well, especially sense the sword made a return in some recent Ninjago sets. With other headwear both explorers would have fedora and/or bandana, drivers would also use the bandana. The pith helmet along with the series 13 hair combo, would make sense to be used for the paleontologist. MOCs Desert ATV Minifigure: 1 Explorer Price: $5 Pieces: 62 Sticker: 1 (Desert logo on the front slop printed) This one was pretty quick as I already had an ATV design (made IRL) that was for a cancelled idea, and so I reused that for this. As you can see this ATV uses the Nexo Mech chest piece which I thought go pretty well with the grilled guard . A small side build for this is sand for the Explorer to dig up jewels. It also comes with a scorpion for the guy to watch out for. Desert Exploration Truck Minifigure: Driver and Explorer Price: $20 Pieces: 125 Sticker: 7 (desert logo on hood & both side door, lights on arch and Egyptian symbols on book page and cover) Do to the type of truck I picked for this with having some big pieces used to make it, the price to part get a pretty bad hit. Which I picked the classic america pickup truck with a hook in the back. With my idea for the vehicle, the Mudguard wouldn’t do, thus the arch pieces come to make the mudguard more thick. And do to this design choice, the lights would be stickers instead of tiles… 1001% didn’t forget them after the render. This also come with a pillar with a Scarab Shield (93251), along with a crate filled with dynamite, boomerang and a book. Desert Cargo Plane Minifigure: 2 Explorer, 1 pilot and 1 statue Price: $50-70 Pieces: 333 (+1 new windscreen piece needed for cockpit) Originally I was going to go with Kungfulegolover idea of doing a Helicrane, but instead went with a Cargo plane to use the cockpit piece (29114) that came in the Jungle Exploration site as I thought that would be a most fitting piece for the desert subtheme. Instead of there being 3 blade for the propeller, it’s using the retired (As it been last used in 2009) 2 blade. The plane is based off a german cargo plane Junkers JU-52, which the pic I first saw is why I also added yellow, so it has some color to stand out. Desert Exploration Mobile Base Minifigure: 4 desert explorers and 2 paleontologist Price: $100 Pieces: 897 (+1 new element needed for excavator) Note: the treads cannot connect all the way in The vehicle are pretty much based on Volcano Exploration Base (set 60124). The first thing I started making is the excavator, wanting to size it down for the truck and temple to look bigger. As this is smaller a new digger bucket piece is needed to fit with the size of it. The truck and trailer pretty much have the same base as Volcano Base but the trailer have the base of the excavator. To make the truck a bit more different I added horns for decoration and an add-on armor as the fuel tank. The playability is of the exploration team digger into the temple and retrieving the coffin, but there are traps within to keep an eye out for. Pyramid Exploration Minifigure: boss, 4 explorers, paleontologist and Mummy Price: $70-100 Pieces: 560 (plus stringe) Nowadays only D2C sets would pretty much exclusively use baseplates but I thought it being used in a normal retail set like this would be a bit of a change of things (using a 16 x 32 baseplate). The first base started was obviously the pyramid, as it’s an easy thing to make and there isn’t really much to do with it besides adding traps… which is exactly what I put in with the coffin on the side, along with a place that holds jewels and gold. With the vehicle I picked to go along with this are a helicopter and halftrack. Honestly I saw this as a chance to bring in a mistika wing with the Helicopter. Now it may be a bit bigger but the inside does have Panel for support. With the halftrack I thought it would be a good idea to use the 2 seat vehicle base (30149) as part of it. Itt have a lot of those curved slopes with stud notch to make some detail. It able to hold up supplice of 2 3x4 crate, contain a laptop, 2 brush, 2 water bottle, a water container, etc.
  14. The journey of Parzival Chapter I, part III Desert Illusions Chapter I, Part I - The Wakeup Chapter I, Part II - Arkbri River Oasis The things that happened in the oasis changed the whole situation for Z and the other prisoners. Maybe just running away wasn’t an option. They had to find some other way. But one thing they had learned. Left-Eye told the others that he had some very clear images coming to him when be escaped. The further away from the caravan he came the more images came to him. The images was random and didn't make sense at all. It was clear that the mage had some spell on the prisoners that took away their memories. After the incident Left-Eye started to have daydreams. At first it was abstract things but after awhile he could describe some detailed images of him in some kind of Town or City. Maybe this was memories from his past. They had all heard the guard say "The thief from Sionnach" when he talked about Left-Eye. And the mage anger when he said it. It must have something to do with his past that the mage wanted to hide from them. A few days after the oasis Z was lying in the floor of the carriage trying to get some shadow. The heat in the middle of the day was exhausting, and the water and food was very meager. Everyone felt that they had very little energy and tried go use it with caution. "- Meat, meat, hungry! Kraaah" "- What!" Z lifted his head a bit to see who was talking. Everyone in the carriage was sitting or lying down trying to rest. Z lay down again thinking he must have dreamt something. He closed his eyes again. "- Kraaah, food, food!" Z heard some crackling sounds and some voice in his head at the same time. "- Get away you crazy bird" The guard started to wave his hands in the air. Z sat up again, his head pounding. Something scratched the bars on top of the cage "- Silly man! Kraaah. Your eyes I eat If you sleep". Z heard someone… or something say in his head. He saw a small shadow move on top of the cloth draping the carriage and heard a tapping and scratching sound in the bars. "- Who' s speaking?" Z whispered. No one answered him. Hammer moved a bit in his sleep. And the shadow was walking around on top of the Cage. Could it be a bird or something? Z was thinking. He was a bit nauseous and leaned against the bars. It's silly, he taught, how can a bird talk? Then he saw that the shadow stopped moving around and was completely still. Z squinted with his eyes and looked at the shadow. He saw something round and shimmering in a hole in the cloth where the shadow was. Was it….? No, it couldn't be, he thought. Was it an eye? "- I see you, Kraaah!" The voice came from inside of his head. "- You have meat!?" Z froze. Did the bird just talk to him or was he talking to himself? ”- Hungry! You have meat?" I tried to talk to himself again inside his head. ”- Can you hear me?” ”- Yes, kraaah! Stupid walker. You have meat!?” The bird started to move again. It stopped by another hole in the cloth and looked down at Z. ”- Erm, are you talking to me, bird?” ”- Yes walker! No bird, kraw. Got meat? Got food Kraaah” the bird started to walk around again. ”- Do you mean that you are a crow?” ”- Stupid walker! No meat! Kraaaah!” The crow flew away. Z was in chock. What had just happened? he thought. He felt very tired suddenly. He sunk down and fell into a deep sleep. Next Chapter
  15. Kalais

    [MOC] Last guard

    In the Kaleem Zam'qnar lands the Guards more and more often encountered 2 or 3 man Blood Orcs scouting groups. Usually they eliminated them quickly. However their appearance caused anxiety. The orcs have not been seen here for over 100 years. At the Watchtower on far, far east of the Kaleem Zam'qnar lands we can see a drama. The group of redskins is much bigger than the previous ones. And the Guardian is all alone there... Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] Last guard WIPs, Behind the scenes and other extras at my: Instagram | Facebook | Flickr
  16. Hello Guys, My new RC vehicle. It's such a mix rally / baja / trophy truck. - suspension: front: independent / rear: dependent - front wheel steering: servo motor - rear wheel drive: L-motor - 3 pairs of PF led lights
  17. So this is a little vig I made to introduce my sig-fig in GoH. I went with sort of a cartoon-ish look for the desert (probably inspired by som old super mario that I have been playing with the kids lately, haha!). Trying to get used to the EB-forum as well so I guess this also serves as somewhat of a test to see if I am able to post something correctly (if not, feel free to correct me ). Anyways, this is Tabib D'Odo. A doctor/healer and somewhat of a religious leader in Mophet. His healing abilities and knowledge was most likely passed on to him from his father, a rather absent man who spent his life travelling throughout the world in search of knowledge (even venturing in the darker parts of Nocturnus...). Tabib D'Odo spent his youth and adolescence in the Siccus Badlands, which was a hard as one might imagine. As he got older, he earned a living on the oil road, helping transport the valuable commodity through the terrain he knew all too well. Unlike many of his comrades though, he always had a desire to do more, and he spent many night studying his father's old journals. One day while working on a transport, he and his travellers were ambushed by a band of Lerik'ai and he was injured. The rest of his companions were all killed. Close to his death, dehydrated and injured, he saw a snake wriggling past him. The snake looked at him briefly and seemed to gaze into his very soul. Tabib D'Odo gathered his last efforts and followed the snake (hoping he might be able to kill and eat the snake before his own demise) as it made its way towards some nearby rocks. Behind the rocks, Tabib D'Odo was astonished to discover a small spring in the otherwise dry desert. The water helped him survive and he finally made his way to safety. The incident with the snake made a deep impression on Tabib D'Odo and he began to believe in a higher power, with the snake as the most sacred symbol of this. Settling in Mophet - a small town to the east of Barqa, along the oil road - he was able to help the community grow as both a healer/doctor, as well as a spiritual leader. His desire to help people, of all backgrounds, helped keep Mophet somewhat safe from the otherwise harsh treatment most towns along the oil road experienced. So that's the beginning of my sig-figs story :) Hope you liked it! I got some (a lot of...) builds planned and am looking forward to exploring the world and hopefully making Mophet a more important part of it. Cheers!
  18. Hi everyone, We (me and my brother) have created a landscape based on the Adventures theme from 1998 and 1999. The landscape was shown at Lego World the Netherlands 2017. The landscape contains a piramide, a temple, a lake town, a village and many vehicles. You have already seen the development of the vehicles and landscape in Various Adventurers Creations The piramide was build by my brother and it contains many rooms with traps, treasures, mummies and action. The Jungle was created by me and for the first time we added trees and more plants to make it look like a real jungle. I am glad that the water worked out fine. Someone told me that the river should be bigger compared to the ship the river is small. He had a point, but it was already expensive to purchase all the transparent pieces. For more pictures visit my Flickr album. Land of Adventure Questions and feedback are welcome. Sander
  19. Terrasher

    [MOC] Desert Skiff

    Hi, this is just a small build I made this afternoon while waiting for a big parts order to arrive. I have the 9496 skiff but I really wanted to make a tan version. I don't know how I feel about the latest iteration of the ship, though - it feels too bulky. So, I made a slimmer, smaller version that does the trick and has enough room for the essential minifigs. I hope y'all enjoyed it!
  20. Feeding the vultures I tryed something a bit different from what I usually build and since I am preparing something in the Western Theme, I thought it could be good to post this little MOC to have some feedback, in particular on the vultures design. The scenette helped me to design some figs I will probably re use in other bigger western builds in the future. And without anymore words, here are the pictures :
  21. Hi everyone, Me and my brother are planning to build an Adventurers layout based on the Desert and Jungle series. My brother will build the Desert part of the landscape and I will build the Amazon part. I have started with the vehicles, because if I start building the landscape, I do not have the parts for the vehicles. I have built several cars (I think 12). 4 of those cars will be used in a town The left car is a little based based on the Island Racer of the Dino Island. I have created one jeep inspired from a jeep of Indiana Jones. It was the idea to make the jeep 7 studs wide. I have created another car and someone compared it with the car of Donald Duck. The focus was on the mudguards. I have created a ship/boat based on the River Expedition set of the Amazone. The boat has another color scheme than the set, but the structure is almost the same. For more pictures you can see them in the Flickr album. Various Adventurers Creations I still need to take some pictures of other cars. I will do that at the end of the week. Questions and feedback are welcome. Sander
  22. My first and hopefully not last MOC of 2017, enjoy!!! Detachment 1 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr Detachment 2 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr Detachment 3 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr Detachment 4 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr
  23. The Cartographer

    [MOD] Desert Skiff (75174)

    I recently bought the new desert skiff set, and I like it a lot more than I thought I would. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the stubby extendable catwalk (admittedly one of the cooler features of the set). I've owned the previous desert skiff (9496) for quite a while now, and I really like the hinged design of the catwalk. As soon as I had this set put together I went to work modding it. It doesn't look a whole lot different, but the changes required I remove much of the bottom detail, which is unfortunate. With the mods, it's a full two studs shorter in length, has two hinged catwalks (one on either side), additional railing detail, a hinged compartment "lid," and a raised driver platform. I'm not quite finished, but I'm out of spare parts for now. Desert Skiff [MOD] Thoughts and criticism are always appreciated! Thanks for lookin'! JB
  24. soccerkid6

    [M-D04] Desert Patrol

    Location: D04, Terrial Minor Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle Job: Driver Start Log: Fairly standard assignment: patrol Terrial Minor and make sure Kawashita or Octan has not been completing any operations there. This new Titanium Thunder hover speeder made it fun though, man can that thing move! See more pictures here.