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Found 25 results

  1. DK_Titan

    LEGO 10270 Bookshop XL MOD

    We have a long-term ambition to build our own - enlarged - versions of all (more or less) LEGO modular buildings. Previously we have built two buildings based on 10251 Brick Bank, and we have now finished the next two - a 76 cm high modification of 10270 Bookshop. It is not only the height of the buildings that has made this a comprehensive project, but also the fact that all floors are fully furnished and equipped with light from Light My Bricks. For part of the interior, we have taken our starting point in 21328 Seinfeld and 10291 Queer Eye - The Fab 5 Loft, but in addition to this a lot of energy has been put into designing furniture, lamps and other furniture for all the floors.
  2. SpeedingWilly

    MOC: Lego Train Station 60050 XXL!

    Hi all. This is my first post, and also my first MOC! The Train station 60050 XXL! As shown in the pictures of the MOC made in LDD, the train station is based on the 2014 train station 60050. My goal was to create a large train station with two separate tracks and three platforms. One platform and station has to be big enough to facilitate my Horizon Express XL (10233, 2 HE sets). The other side of the station must be suited for smaller trains (e.g. the red passenger train 7938). I do actually own these passenger trains. The total MOC consists of three sets of train station 60050 complemented with extra bricks (for the larger platforms and the middle platform and the passenger bridge). The passenger bridge is an adapted version of the bridge used in station 7937. The LDD designs show the MOC. I already finished building the two stations. The Lego pieces for the middle platform are ordered and I must order the Lego pieces for the bridge. I will upload pictures of the actual build if it is finished. What do you think?
  3. A simple and fast buggy controlled by BuWizz, driven by 2 RC motors. Features drive, steering, double wishbone front suspension and independently suspended rear wheels. Functions/features: Drive (2x RC motors: inner outputs geared 3:1) Steering (PF Servo motor) Full Suspension (front: double wishbone; rear: independently suspended wheels) Instructions available on Rebrickable: Photos: Video:
  4. Some of you may remember my Azure Racer from a few years ago. It was a small simple buggy that was meant to be a leisurely build after my BrickFair VA projects of that summer. It had only one L motor for drive, but had decent speed. This model will be a sequel to that - it'll be larger (with Unimog tires), dark azure instead of medium azure, and powered by BuWizz and driven by 2 RC motors. In fact, this will be my first MOC to use BuWizz and RC motors - something I wanted to get for years and finally obtained two of them. The front axle will be a double wishbone independent suspension using shocks from the 9398 set. I haven't used them in years, and it's nice to bring them back again. The rear suspension will also be independent, but it'll be the RC motors themselves that are part of the suspension. Each motor will be connected to one wheel that'll be mounted on its own pivot point and shock absorber, essentially creating an independent suspension. I'm really looking forward to building this model. With the BuWizz on ludicrous or fast powering 2 RC motors driving a relatively lightweight model, I anticipate getting A LOT of speed out of this thing. Photo:
  5. Hi all, I've started to use again the 3D printer after a big time it was unused (I had to re-align it and still has some work to do). Thinking about a model of @Evans (a large steamer in 12v style with old 12v medium size wheels - those of 7750 , but in black), I tried to recreate the original 12v medium wheels design and I also tried to go further, enlarging them to 37mm size. The new wheels feature 10 spokes as the original old wheels, angled at 36° each. I used Tinkercad since it is easy and more than sufficient for my projects. And this is the result ,printed both in black and red (red filament is new - I have to understand why there is black filament residual - I'm still a total noob on 3D printing ). I printed on a medium quality setting for the red ones. The black wheels were printed on draft setting. The filament I used is PLA - a medium cost one but it works fine. The red color is somewhat between the red one used for new Large wheels and the old red of the 80s. I think there are darker and lighter red filaments, but it's really difficult to tell if the printed result will be of the correct color (the raw filament color is quite the same as the original Lego wheels, but once printed...they are a bit brighter). I used a pair of normal red wheels (the ones used on wagons - like in 7720) I removed the original wheels, kept the "red axle" and used it with my 3d printed wheel. Then I locked again in place the red pin on the black wheel holder brick - and that's all. I'll post here all my experiments - there's a lot to improve! If you have any ideas or suggestions - feel free to comment! Ciao! Davide
  6. Hello all! I know, there already exists a topic about 42110 MODs. But, considering I plan to rebuild the whole car (except exterior) - it really would be better to separate my posts in a new topic (I agree with @Nazgarot). So, for now, I just copy what I posted in 42110 - Land Rover Defender - MODs and Improvements. The actual progress is: - completed front part of the frame (it's stiff enough even without any other part of the body attached): - McPherson suspension and front differential module mounts on that frame and is easily detachable (also McPherson struts include new cv-joints from 42099): - front suspension is built with caster and KPI angles: - engine is built from 4 PF XL-motors coupled together (output gear ratio is 20:36), also it's equipped with one-way clutch (it's built years ago by @nicjasno): - given that drive shaft of the engine has half-stud offset in vertical direction, here is an "offset remover": All modules assembled look like this: And, of course, a video of the short test: This module has some little issues (at first, I need to improve stiffness of the suspension's struts - under load they bend a little bit inward, but it doesn't affect all the process of a drive), but it has a really stiff frame and it's a good start point. You can find more photos on Flickr. About the question why I decided to use XL-motors: XL-s have the biggest torque among all Lego motors (according to the @Philo's page). Buggy-motor has higher rpms, but lower torque (and it's much more expensive and bigger than XL). It's not good choice for heavy vehicles. L-motors are more compact, but, again, if you compare torque/rpm ratio among all of the motors - XLs are the best imho. I tested this setup (4 XLs) two years ago at local fest: This model hadn't any gearbox and was pretty heavy. But, as you can see, the car accelerated easily, than acceleration stopped and speed was constant - only because of low max RPMs of the XLs. Theese motors have very good potential even without gearbox. L-motors are too weak for such acceleration of heavy models. Considering I plan to add a gearbox to this rebuilt Defender - it has to be fast and powerfull))
  7. DK_Titan

    [MOC] Water tower - 1 meter high

    Our latest MOC - a water tower (heavily inspired by a real water tower in the city of Aarhus, Denmark). The model is approximately 1 meter high and consists of approximately 15.000 bricks. The water tower included in Salling's Christmas decoration 2018
  8. This is the newest addition to our LEGO Medieval Layout - a mansion for the masters as well as an integrated smaller building for the servants. The main colours of the building are Cool Yellow, Dark Red, Dark Brown and Reddish Brown. After having been stored in boxes for almost a year, our medieval buildings, towers and trees have finally seen the "light of day".
  9. We decided to divide the LEGO 10251 Brick Bank into 2 separate buildings. The bank became Umbrella Bank This is the second building, which contains the Laundromat and an apartment with full interior. The apartment contains an elevator, rehearsal room, kitchen, bathroom/toilet, 2 bedrooms and a living room. It's not presented as an apartment with a family living there, but more as scenes that might happen in a LEGO world. Our version does not have much in common with the original version of the laundromat, except from the interior and a few details from the facade. The main colors are dark azur, dark blue, black and silver. Though it's a modular building, the size does not fit with the official modular buildings. It's 26x26 studs and 75 cm tall. This is the first of hopefully many tall modular buildings that eventually will form a street in our LEGO layout.
  10. (Can't find the forum relating to PF components. Since it is about the Carousel, I guess it could be placed in the Town forum) Anyway, for the 10257 Carousel, Lego recommends the M-Motor. My M-Motor from July 2017 has already become weaker and worn out! I guess it is not robust enough. Has anyone tried the L-Motor with the set? The video shows the trouble I have.
  11. Hi all, A little presentation of my LEGO Forwarder named XXL for obvious reasons :) It has been a project in my spare time for some years now and still not finished (probably never will be...) Most basic facts: Weight: 6,7 kilograms Dimensions: 95xx36x50 studs Drive: 8 XL motors + hub reduction Steering: Forced by controlling front left with rear right and the other way around (because of the weight in combination with the huge friction from the wheels) Wheels: From 8466 (4x4 Offroader) Some vids from Youtube: Feel free to comment or ask questions, I´ll try to answer them :)
  12. Our Christmas project was an XL Brick Bank with full interior. Illumination is next on the wishlist. Happy New Year (DK_Titan & DK_Atlas)
  13. So, due to the positive response of my Skeleton Street Racer, I have made a bigger one. It is exactly the same (motors, gear ratios) but larger. Video showing that it is still pretty fast: There isn't much to say, because it was already said in the original one's topic: It uses the new 40th Anniversary brick. ^^ \ LDD: XL.lxf Rebrickable: Tell me what you think!
  14. theycallmemrdarko

    (Completed) XL Detective's Office 10246

    After finishing the Standalone Barber's Shop side, it was time to tackle the Detective's Office/Highlander side. It's still a WIP but it's coming along quite nicely I think. The second and 3rd floor interiors still need to be completed but should be done soon I hope. A few more images can be found here. 20170121_133033 by David Kerkes, on Flickr 20170121_133022 by David Kerkes, on Flickr 20170121_132843 by David Kerkes, on Flickr 20170121_132821 by David Kerkes, on Flickr
  15. LegoSjaak

    Lego 10255 XXL Assembly Square MOD

    After getting my third set i went on with the XXL version of the Assembly Square.. so far i ended up with this! The turret building is looking pretty good to me now!
  16. Another completed MOC hailing from Thirdwiggville. Based on the old and ugly (can I say that?) U90, which sees little love in these parts. Much more at Features: 4x4 PF XL drive PF Servo steering Portal Axles Live axle suspension Removable Bed and Cab Three way tipper bed Fischertechnic tires Full Flickr gallery here. Enjoy.
  17. Firstly, I'm not that type of guy who purchases multiple sets however the '21109 - Exo-Suit' was one of them along with '70816 - Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP' which I got two of (one to display and one for parts.) Both sets got me into designing MOC's so they have a very special place in my heart. I managed to purchase three copies of the Exo-Suit: one for personal collection with a signed box by Legoloverman andlego_nabii (, one I used for parts to build my own Neo-Classic Space MOC's and I still had one sealed. (At the time it was another copy for a parts pack and the cool Minifigures.) I've been questioning myself for a while now with what to do with the extra copy I own. Yesterday I set myself a task to build an alternative model only using pieces from ‘21009 - Exo-Suit.' inspired by the LEGO Movie (2014) 2-in-1 sets. This model contains about 80% of the pieces from that set. It's inspired by the 'Turtle' included with '21109 - Exo-Suit' but it's a larger version of the turtle that can be piloted by a Minifigure,' so essentially it's a Turtle Exo-Suit but I prefer to call it 'Turtle XL.' Turtle XL by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel ______________________________________________ Follow Me On... Facebook - Flickr - Instagram - Deviantart - Twitter - Youtube -
  18. Due to the XL size of this car the placement of larger panels across the width of the car was possible. This really gave the vehicle a unique styling. I was able to use the large red panels for the interior and the black panels at the bottom rear of the car. Inside are 2 XL motors for drive, servo for steering, and 1 m-motor for the motorized suicide doors. The weight was so excessive on the shocks I had to put an extra strong shock on each axle bringing the total to 12 shocks. Still, the frame barely misses the ground. Framework was completed 100% from scratch, with a fake inline 6 engine. Check it out! Brickshelf link: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=563502
  19. Just recently I upgraded my crawler with 2 xl's. I connected them + servo motor to one V2 receiver. Turns out That two wheelbases spin the wheels different directions. i connected a 2nd receiver to the same BB and put the servo on there. I used both ports on the V2 receiver to make the wheels go the same direction. I am not sure if that is a very good fix. Is there any other way to have the motors spin the same direction? How did you do it? Kind regards - Alex, 12y.o
  20. Here a video of my modified modulars, all together in one layout.
  21. Toa_Of_Justice

    LDD MOC: Bulk XL

    This is my idea of Bulk in XL form. He fights injustice with HammerClaw (his hammer) and BigBoom (his Gatling gun). Click any image to enlarge it. [^ Even Larger Pic 2 ^] [^Even Larger Pic 3 ^] [^Even Larger Pic 4 ^] [^Even Larger Pic 5 ^] [LXF File] - [Brickshelf Gallery] -Toa Of Justice EDIT: I changed the thumbnails to link to the smaller JPG images. The links below them point to the full-resolution PNG images.
  22. Here is my latest Modular MOD. It is the sixth modular that i made an XL version of. I take two sets of the original and then MOD it into one large building. Hope you like it. The interior is also adapted to the larger space inside that is available....
  23. LegoSjaak

    Lego 10224 MOD-ular Town Hall XL

    Hello EB-members, i always only put original sets together, mostly City and Creator. I admire people who create their own Modular-like buildings... I do not have those building skills (yet) but with expanding the 10224 Town Hall by 2 x 12 studs i learned a bit about the way these buildings are made.. It was so much fun and i'm really proud of the result.. I know, it might not be too special for others, but for me it was the first step to more MOD's and hopefully, MOC's....!!! The building is made out of 2 sets, and is widened by 12 studs on both total wodth is 56 studs now! The building is also taller due to the longer and higher tiled roof on the 2 x 3 pillars. I created some extra rooms in the building and also the tower is a lot taller. I started with the first floor, and worked up. The extra pillars were the most difficult to integrate. You can find more pictures on my Flickr site. Greetz, LegoSjaak!
  24. Takanuinuva

    DH: Gerald Spectrum

    This is my entry for the Digital Hero contest I'll let the pictures do the talking LXF. Front Right Side Back Left Side
  25. toatyger

    DH: Greg Sentinel

    When the threat of the Brainslug created mutants was discovered, a hero of tremendous size and power was commisioned to combat the mutant menace. This hero, this Sentinel of Makuhero City, useing his forearm mounted lasers and his rapid-fire gatling laser, as well as his over-whelming size and strength, is determed not to stop at anything to eradicate dangerous creatures terrorizing the streets of the city! Please feel free to critisize, and suggestions are always welcome!