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  1. Taking a part of the hospital wing out is a small tradeoff. I was happy that I could keep the other half. Hahaha, yeah, it was something that was clearly implied in the original Lego clock tower! Yet, the students only needed to wait for a short period because the pendulum swung fast for maybe only 5 seconds. -------------------- @montgocloud, here is what I meant by "I plan to motorize my clock tower!" Are your clock tower and the rest of your Hogwarts castle shared anywhere? I look forward to see your set up.
  2. Forgot that BL allows one to download the list in the XML format! Thank you for doing that. Hahaha, that’s true! Poor Ron! He always ends up in the now noisy Hospital Wing! Thanks for your remark. :)
  3. Thank you very much for your remarks! Yes, the speed can be controlled. I should have added that I was using PF IR receiver and the speed remote controller for controlling the M-Motor. The speed of the clock work in the video was either speed 1 or 2.
  4. I have always wanted the original 4757 Hogwarts Castle because it had a clock and a pendulum! I found its clock works to be a GREAT mystery until I could look into its instruction manual! Lego was so gracious to create the new Clock Tower and release it! I loved it very much. However, a great feature was missing: the pendulum! I decided to make minimal modifications for adding a pendulum and even motorizing it! My Clock Tower's clock work would not be a GREAT mystery because I made a video which showed how I built it!
  5. Gideon8

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    @montgocloud, hope you will succeed your vision! Mine arrived yesterday. As I tried to add gears in my clock tower, I found a hinderance that I didn’t see when I built it in LDD. I made a small modification and now the motorized system works perfectly! Will begin a thread very soon and share it with everybody.
  6. Gideon8

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    How cool! It must be magnificent since it has a long gallery! That makes total sense why you don’t need DADA in the tower. Yep, will motorize the clock’s hand and the pendulum with the M-motor. Will share a video of the tower after it comes into the stores on July 1st. I have made a really crude building in LDD to find out what pieces I need to order from BL without ruining the building experience, which I am saving for when I finally get it! As for the Horntail, I think I saw someone in Instagram use the longer tail piece (40379) to make the head more impressive.
  7. Gideon8

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    @montyofmusic, thank you for sharing about your project with the Clock Tower! I too have ordered pieces to add a pendulum to my future Clock Tower! I liked your approach of placing the pendulum in the central part of the tower. I especially liked your brickbuilt doors! My approach is making minimal changes to the original structure as possibly. In the LDD, I placed the pendulum behind the structure without compromising the DADA classroom. Yet, the hospital wing will only have one bed because the other side will be occupied by a M-motor instead of the second bed. Looking forward to see yours and possibly others’ in real bricks!
  8. Gideon8

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    There is an authentic picture of the three (yes, with the Clock tower) HP castle sets connected together in the upcoming Lego catalog. It is a nice, if not, accidental tribute to the original Hogwarts castle and Clock tower because the originals are of almost the same height. Apparently, history likes to repeat itself.
  9. Gideon8

    [MOD] Old Fishing Store into Modular

    It looks really cool! It reminds me of a range lighthouse.
  10. Gideon8

    [MOC] Harry Potter Skyline Architecture

    So much, too much, thoughts had gone into this mode. Brilliant.
  11. Gideon8

    My 2018 Winter Village

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your Christmas train and village layout! Very festive. I liked the addition of the led-lighted snow flakes and street lights. I agree that the newer locomotive is cooler than the old one.
  12. Gideon8

    train wheel question

    I would like to see it very much! Especially since it seems to be quite unusual.
  13. Gideon8

    train wheel question

    Yeah, this guy did it with the Toy Story train:
  14. Gideon8

    Hogwarts Express 75955 Modification

    Okay cool! Thanks. I like that you kept the original stove with the wires running out of it. I have another question for you. How does your M-Motor run since that you use the 20 tooth instead of another 12 tooth? I would imagine that the up-gearing would stress the motor, cause it to reach its limit, and shut it down..... Did you try to run the train for more than 15 minutes? That happened with my Carousel before I down-geared it to help the M-Motor....
  15. Gideon8

    Hogwarts Express 75955 Modification

    It is always really cool to see what people come up for motorizing the Hogwarts Express! May I ask if you use several 6589 technic 12 tooth bevel gears to connect the wheels to the motor?