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Found 6 results

  1. I am delighted to share my first 2020 MOC! Let's first take a look at some of the images and the how's and the why's of this build will follow along the way. The build The so-called money shot. A lot of post-production involved here, more on that later. The actual thing. In short, this is the result of trying to answer the question "how do I fit an entire game/theme into a somewhat feasible set?". There are the four most iconic lore/NPC characters: the Faction Leaders, who, as the name implies, represent the four factions that players could join in the game, as well as two bad guys. Also, there are four worlds/areas more or less related to each faction, plus one for bad guys to hang out. Total part count: 1382 pieces. And it including the following items; from left to right: Brick-built Spiderling & Stromling (Maelstrom), Faction Leader Vanda Darkflame (Paradox), Duke Exeter (Sentinels), Dr. Overbuild (Assembly), Hael Storm (Venture League), Brick-built mini Venture Koi. The other named items: Inventor Goggles, mini Hidden Dojo and mini Assembly turrets ("Assembly Personal Fortresses" to be exact). The rest should be easy enough to identify yourself. Now a bit more into detail for each world, with a bit of build process background: Forbidden Valley, the first world I started designing, March 2017 (there were a number of steps that came before, though). However I it was way too big, so in April 2018 I found myself redesigning it from scratch. Most important change was that I made the Great Tree (with Hidden Dojo) mini/micro scale, instead a heavily downsized minifig scale. The floating rocks parkour was inspired by the in-game area "Perilous Path". Two things that stood out to me from this world (other than the tree) were the candles, and a high abundance of places infected with Maelstrom energy, hence I included candles and dark energy crystals. I would have liked to carry over the shrine and the refinary installation from my initial attempt, but couldn't due to space and parts constraints. Gnarled Forest was the second location I tackled. First I redesigned the mini Black Seas Barracuda (I made a full prototype prior to starting Forbidden Valley), end of April 2018, still. I worked on the floating island, sporadically but intensely (my workflow in a nutshell ) in May and August of that year, by that time it was about 70% complete and moved on to the other worlds. The final submodel features the pirate ship stuck in the the tree, which can be rotated and removed, with a small beach, seen in the "Pirate Camp" area. The broad waterfall is open for interpretation, but in my mind it is the sea with an 'infinity' edge: water is continuously falling off and indefinitely replenished, a common theme with floating islands. However, with the smaller waterfall, it is also similar to pond at "Tortoise Terrace", so really it is what you make of it. The skull can be seen in "The Ravine" and on promotional artwork. The back side is even more abstract, but with a bit of imagination it could pass as The Ravine too, imo. Crux Prime was rather easy to make, just a collection of rocky platforms with glowing lava underneath, as seen in "Caldera Mar". Built it in September 2018. I did have an idea for them to sit on 'arms', attached via ball joints, so you could adjust and position them in the air however you wanted, but in the end that would add a lot of extra parts, and perhaps those would be too unstable or unsightly, so went with three loose islands. Btw, I do have a physical build of the Dark Spiderling, it's a fun little thing. I might sometimes play with it, sometimes... But then I took some time to charge up for the largest submodel of the build: the 2-in-1 Nexus Tower & Assembly Lab. With "some time" I actually mean that things started to progress at the beginning of January 2020... What took the most time was figuring out how to set up the interior (the Assembly Lab) of the island, especially with the gate and landing platform as well. What didn't help was that I couldn't find much about Assembly-specific in-game areas, so I improvised. I made an Inventor Goggles charging station and a big monitor. And added danger stripes. The Nexus Tower is in-universe actually located on Crux Prime, but in-game you can only play in the tower itself, not on the terrain around it. I based my design mostly of promotional artwork, where the tower is often in the distance, sitting atop an especially spiky chunk of rock. In this submodel, the terrain can be lifted up on either side of the tower to peek into the lab, but can also be removed entirely with the tower. I splashed some green onto it for the sake having colour instead of only grey, sprinkled some micro Assembly turrets here and there, and added the mini Venture Koi on the back. The silhouette of the Nexus Tower at this scale was challenging to achieve, but I'm very satisfied, and I even managed to recreate the energy beams found at the observation deck/landing bay. I also found a great part for the beam of Imagination Nexus: the spiraling fire station pole! All in all, the build, without the custom decorations, was finished in February 2020. Decorations and rendering My largest uncertainty and greatest concern while building were the decorations: I had no idea how to apply them, and I would have to make some of the myself. I saw a tutorial in the LDD forum, but I didn't understand how to get into the LDD files (and still don't). I found comfort in the thought that I got support form @Umbra-Manis, who showed me he could make some excellent renderings of custom minifigs, though. In the end, I didn't have to rely on his help for it, because of the newly released program Part Designer, an extension for, which allowed me to quickly and easily decorate any part with any decoration. Only thing left to do was obtain the textures for the figures from the LU fandom wiki, and create the rest myself, in Inkscape. After I finished the custom parts I and incorporated them in the models, I did some rendering tests and then made a lot of renders. Post-production First I did colour- and light adjustments to the renders, same as I do with actual photos, that's where it usually stops. But now, I also wanted a more 'cinematic' shot, as the main promotional image (the first image in this post). Thus, I went to Inkscape again, made the background from scratch (taking inspiration from the amazing promotional wallpapers for LU), and applied various effects to the render. My ambitions didn't stop there, either... Promotional video Yes, that's right: I became a Youtuber just for this build. Sort of. The perceptive reader must have taken note already of the fact that this whole MOC smells a bit like... an Ideas project. In order to convince even more people of how cool LU really was, I figured I had to do a video to stir up some nostalgia with former players of the game, and give people who are unfamiliar with LU a quick taste of what the lore was like and what the game was about. So I downloaded an open source video editor program, OpenShot, as well as the old trailers and music, and spent another one and a half week tinkering. I also found a great site to distort static images: This is the result: A final word I like to ramble about my builds, and I am glad I can do so here on EB. If feels good to write this in objective speech, not having to keep everything short and filter out anything that is not relevant for promotion. I'm still planning to add a collage of my build progress to this topic (as I did with my Eva 02 build), but for now this is it. I hope you enjoyed, thanks for viewing and reading, and I'll leave the all-important link below. Links Ideas page: Reddit: The comment with which it all began: Tags Just going to tag a few people here that will probably enjoy this: @Peppermint_M @Dorayaki @Bricknave @Umbra-Manis @Murdoch17 @Robert8 @PenPlays , sorry if you didn't want to be tagged! Also sorry if you wanted to be tagged, and were not!
  2. I wanted to start this topic, because, I believe there are some super-critical steps all of us may miss the assembly/positioning detail in it. After all, it is still the one of the top-three most complex LEGO Technic sets ever produced in its history. Kindly let me start and you continue if you see the step very “tricky”... I’ll just give one step for now: Book 1, Buildbox 2, Step 213! Note: By the way, did the new Chiron’s suspensions have been “fixed”, or “am I dreaming/installing it wrong”? Best Regards, Idris
  3. This is a general topic for everyone to ask for help making a certain assembly in LDD. We have a topic like this for finding parts in LDD, so a topic for this would be useful too. [Hopefully, I can fill this first post with tips and tricks I can find in the forum in the next days/weeks.] Anyway, if you need to assemble something, you can ask here for help!
  4. LegoSjaak

    Lego 10255 XXL Assembly Square MOD

    After getting my third set i went on with the XXL version of the Assembly Square.. so far i ended up with this! The turret building is looking pretty good to me now!
  5. Stop Motion review of 75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Year: 2015 Pieces: 937 Minifigures: 5 Price: UK £79.99 / USA $99.99 / FR 109.99€ BrickSet, BrickLink
  6. Maybe many of you already know about these videos, maybe not. I follow Tubafrog's channel from before I started to attend EuroBricks, and I find his works are really awesome! Using Powray he animated the assembly of some of the best official sets made by LEGO. My favourite videos are and . If you are only a bit curious take a look at his youtube channel or his blog.