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Found 8 results

  1. Even the most fearsome Viking warrior needs to take a break from raiding, pillaging, fighting and feasting in order to answer the call of nature…. and where better to do this than in the peace and privacy of the Viking Privy! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr“Protected from the worst of the elements but with plenty of ventilation, the facility incorporates a gravity operated waste transportation system leading to a subterranean storage facility. A comfortable seat and absorbent, biodegradable plant based wipes to deal with any “mess” complete the customer experience.” Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on FlickrThis build actually began as an experiment in fence designs for a historical themed MOC I have planned. I’ve previously used flex tube to create the woven hurdle type texture but these flexible hoses are far easier to use and look much better. The idea for turning it into a toilet come from a reconstruction of a Viking toilet I saw online and I thought why not? Some pics of it with custom Viking figures from United Bricks Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Instructions for the toilet are now on my Rebrickable page Rebrickable Link Thanks for looking!!
  2. Sérgio

    [MOC] The W.C. Ratrod

    I don't think this thing belongs to the town topic, but if any Admin says it does, feel free to move it :) I did this Ratrod based on the LEGO Set 60333 Stuntz bathtub bike (The best Lego set ever btw) and the 1960s "The Bathtub..." custom rod. I did an exaggerated siamese double V8 motor (maybe I should call this a W8 motor?) full of chrome. An exclusive driver "throne" seat, with a biological 'easter egg' inside, flush box, toilet paper, horn, and channeling valve as a handwheel. I use some "useless" parts like the two-toned/marbled (Red/Yellow) exo-force projectile disk Two bathtubs with showers, a Chromed hot-water tank on black, or a fuel tank, you name it.
  3. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Town Square Toilet Paper Statue

    In The Netherlands, people are hunting for toilet paper because the Covid-19 crisis. People are afraid the toilet paper runs out of stock, so they go to the supermarket to buy as much as possible toilet paper rolls. We have to take care of each other and the toilet paper. That's why I built this statue The Toilet Paper Statue brings people together to celebrate the existence of the toilet paper Pictures: 01_Town_Square_Toilet_Paper_Statue by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Town_Square_Toilet_Paper_Statue by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures also on Flickr:
  4. EPISODE 1 (Part 1) This is the pilot episode of "MINI FIGS - MINI GIGS". Joker is about to set-up a prank in the neighborhood public toilet. Find out what he is up to and who are the unfortunate ones to get pranked! Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Thank you! YOUTUBE CHANNEL - - WIFEY BLOCKS
  5. Our Christmas project was an XL Brick Bank with full interior. Illumination is next on the wishlist. Happy New Year (DK_Titan & DK_Atlas)
  6. Hi! This is one of my first minimovies (so do not be too harsh with the assessment). Its "old comedy" style..but i know it could have been a little sharper picture. But still - im pretty satisfied with the result. Have made some other movies and trying to improve for every new one!
  7. I was talking about the upcoming Jurassic World LEGO-Sets with a friend of mine and said, that I hope they will also realease some Sets from the older movies (like they did with Indiana Jones). She answered that she would love to see a "toilet-scene"-Set where the "bloodsucking lawyer" gets eaten by the T-Rex... Since that probably won't happen I decided to give it a shot myself More pictures of my creations can be found in the LEGO folder of my homepage!
  8. Airplane, or plumbing van? It's up to you in… Set Title: The Flying Flusher Set #: 70811 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 351 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 30 Browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION This was another "neither here nor there" set for me. Besides for the Doctor figure, which looked cool, I didn't have many thoughts one way or another about it. Let's see what kind of thoughts building the thing will give me. BOX The art is pretty unremarkable. It's an airplane that I guess shoots plungers and vaguely looks like it was made out of a truck, but not even that much. The alternate model in the corner looks much more interesting. The back shows both models, including the hilarious exploding porta potty. The plane seems to pale in comparison. Some nice-looking minifigures in our lineup - nice overalls and a new doctor print. I look forward to these. CONTENTS Again, no numbered bags in these 2-in-1 sets. I spy some nice white and blue here. All of the 2-in-1s have three booklets: one for the micromanager, a "number 2" for the flying a machine, and a third for the alternate build. This set has got a small, inoffensive sticker sheet. Same dully-colored, easy-to-follow instructions as the rest. MINIFIGURES Nice guys here: Plumber Joe, his apprentice Alfie, and Dr. McScrubs. Great prints all around; I believe Joe's face is new, and McScrubs' definitely is. Great to get the hair on the Dr. now in dark brown. McScrubs has a hilarious alternate scared face, and Joe has some nice bushy eyebrows. Everybody has some good back printing too. SET - MICROMANAGER Like the micromanager in the Castle Cavalry, this guy can fold up. But it looks kind of helpless this way. Time to fold out his legs! Isn't it just adorable? These things are very endearing. This one seems to have a nerdy, braniac personality to me. Something about the little legs and big head - very thoughtful. This one doesn't need tail lights since it walks. SET - FLYING FLUSHER Building the plane leaves a fair number of parts leftover. Nothing all the exciting, besides the door perhaps, but here they are: I'll be up-front, I really don't care for this model. It's dull, it's too boxy for a plane, and it doesn't even look that much like a truck converted into a plane, which I think is the point of these. The targeting chair on the back is a nice assembly. It's about the only thing that really looks good on this model. The sides open, but there's nothing in there besides some poles. I guess in this picture it looks kind of chubby and cute, but it'd be a lot nicer if it was flatter and more sleek. The color scheme is fine, but doesn't particularly pop. The front has a Joe's Plumbing logo on the very thick wheel assembly. The other logo is behind the pilot. Not much in the cockpit - just enough room for the pilot. SET - TRUCK The truck also leaves a few leftovers, including one of the new inverted dome pieces! Yum. First to build is the porta potty. It looks great! It uses some nice new parts too, like the big wedge piece newly redesigned with complete stud compatability on the sides, and a bunch of the 1x2 slope piece. The back has a nice little detail of vents to get the smells out. The inside is great too. The toilet is a nice design, and the designer included a flushing button and toilet paper roll. A lot of detail packed into a small space. You can add the water flames to put it out of commission if you wish. The trucks is very chubby and cute. This color scheme looks nice on a truck (almost police-like, isn't it), and it does look like the type of van that would be used for a plumber. The big logo is lovely, as is the assymetry of the stuff on the roof. It's got two doors, which keep it from looking bland all around. It's a pleasant truck from all angles. The back door provides access to te ginormous plungers, needed for ginormous potty explosions! The side door provides access to… this thing. I have no idea what this is. It doesn't go anywhere - it's stuck down to the truck. Can anybody shed light on it? The entire interior is open, which actually fits for a van like this. There's plenty of room for both plumbers in there, as demonstrated. Alfie just has to be a bit uncomfortable, but he's an apprentice, so it comes with the territory. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION Overall, a very pleasant set when it comes to the truck and porta potty model. The plane is complete bleh, but as a truck this set is pretty nice. Especially for City builders, this is an unusual subject for a truck, and the minifigures are very nice and handy. Are a truck, porta potty, and robot really worth $30? I don't know, but it's a very nice truck and porta potty, and a cute robot, with plenty of parts. So I guess so. Two more 2-in-1s to go!