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    My favorite LEGO themes are (in no particular order): EXO-FORCE, Mars Mission, Racers, Creator, TECHNIC, BIONICLE, Ninjago, and Hero Factory.

    My other interests include: TrackMania, watching Formula 1 races (I used to recreate the tracks in TrackMania's Coast environment), using the computer, board games, assembling or helping to assemble just about anything I can handle, tracking the weather in my area, reading the Annals of Hearthstone, listening to music from video games, and Star Wars.

    I graduated with a degree in Information Engineering Technology in May 2012.


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  1. I second the contrast issue. I can hardly read the white text on the light background. Otherwise, I really like the new Spring theme.
  2. Hypernova (Exo-Force 10th Anniversary Special MOC)

    Thank you for your compliments! :) My excuse for not having stickers isn't LDD, but rather I simply didn't think to add stickers until I saw your post (seriously). Here is a single-slide PowerPoint presentation with my work so far. The question marks are placeholders for Japanese characters--do you have any suggestions for these? Also, do you have any suggestions for sticker material that's resistant to cracking/peeling?
  3. Hypernova, my revamp of 7712 Supernova, is a special model I made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Exo-Force (2006-2016). I first started designing Hypernova in LEGO Digital Designer in May 2015. I finished building the real model in December 2016. I used 661 elements, which came from my own collection, LEGO Pick A Brick Online, LEGO Bricks and Pieces, and BrickLink. Hypernova can bend and twist around 13 points of articulation, not counting the fingers. The staff features a solar amplifier represented by a 2x3 trans-red light brick (54869/54930c01), which can be turned on and left on thanks to the interaction between the 6M axle (3706) and the 1x2 brick with axle hole (32064). The shield features a "six shooter" (18587 + 18588) laser gun at its center, controlled by a knob behind the shield (story-wise, the control would be in the cockpit). There is a laser sniper drone with folding wings on each arm, a rocket launcher on each shoulder, and a pad with 3 laser guns over each shoulder. The cockpit opens to reveal the controls and the pilot, Capt. Dawn O'Fury. On either side of the cockpit is a pair of full-spectrum sensors, enabling Dawn to see even when she's annihilating enemies with a solar flare. On the back is a pair of folding solar panel wings, which work with the three pairs of two thrusters on each foot to allow Hypernova to fly (story-wise) faster than the speed of sound. The following models inspired the design of Hypernova: Tribute to Exo-Force (TECHNIC shells, upper arms) 7712 Supernova (staff, color scheme) 7714 Golden Guardian (shield, shoulder pads, lower legs) 2008 Exo-Force sets (arm-mounted drones) LXF File | Brickshelf Gallery
  4. LDD 4.3.10 Update Released

    I just got the LDD 4.3.10 update, and rushed over to Eurobricks to find a thread about it. I read your posts in this topic about the palette scrolling bug, and I dug up this e-mail response I got from LEGO back in June 2014: Sorry if it isn't very helpful, but I thought you might want to see it anyway.
  5. (MOC) Krull Glaive, Version 4.0

    I'm not sure. I think the movie's glaive had a push-button trigger. But perhaps the inner mechanism of the movie's weapon (at least the parts that reach out to the blades) works very much like mine, except that the core is probably spring-loaded too.
  6. (MOC) Krull Glaive, Version 4.0

    When I twist each side of the core in opposite directions, all 5 blades open at once. Here's a that demonstrates how this works with version 3 of this model. Version 4 works the same way.
  7. Version 1.0 was made way back in April 2008. Version 2.0 came shortly afterward, in May 2008. Version 3.0 was published in July 2013. I redesigned my MOC yet again in 2016. This version of the glaive further refines the mechanisms of version 3 and adds the soft axle springs of version 1. I also used 7M half-beams instead of 7M full beams. It measures over 6 inches across when closed and over 12 inches across when opened. Click or tap any photo for a larger version. [LDD File | Brickshelf Gallery | Bricksafe page]
  8. Is it possible that your pointing device's drag sensitivity needs adjustment? If you don't already have a utility for that, perhaps you could try Dragsens or something like that.
  9. I like your idea. However, I think the LEGO Digital Designer development team needs to fix the following bug before they work on your idea. Here's the bug report (modified to include the image I linked to in the report) I filed with LEGO about the Decoration Tool's scrolling feature:
  10. Updated to LDD 4.3.8, Brick Version 1564.2: 7712 Besides fixing the LXF file, I also fixed the image in an attempt to be in line with the topic's rules. Would it be OK to provide a text link to my previous image under the image in the post? Or is that not allowed because it has a background?
  11. [KEY TOPIC] LDD custom bricks

    7351c00 - Motor Pull Back Type 6 7 x 5 x 3 Motor 6 picture borrowed from Peeron. I tried to make this piece as accurately as possible. An axle can fit all the way through the white holes. The entire part is in a group for convenience of moving and/or recoloring. LXF File Not listed on Peeron, but only on BrickLink and mentioned by LEGO in an old FAQ: Motor 6a. Motor 6a picture borrowed from BrickLink. The FAQ from LEGO states: Original FAQ page on the Internet Wayback Machine The main difference of this motor is that the bottom beam is one stud longer than the previous one. LXF File
  12. The yellow studless beam cannot be placed under the front part of either foot, but it fits perfectly in the rear part of each foot. In addition, no studded beam can fit anywhere the studless beam does in LDD. I'm pretty sure it's possible in real life though, given the stud-width groove each foot has. LXF File
  13. I'm having some problems with 1st-generation TECHNIC fairings. ^ click for larger picture ^ LXF File Key: Red (6590, 75535) = only inserts into blue fairings Yellow (32527, 32528) = fairing only accepts green pieces Green (32123, 6538, 59443, 62462, 72504, 71985, 71917, 71986, 71923, 72039, 43675) = can be inserted into any fairing Blue (32534, 32535, 32188, 32189, 32190, 32191) = fairing accepts red and green pieces Black (axles, pins, connectors, etc.) = scaffolding I used to align the tube-shaped elements in the fairings If I recall correctly, these construction techniques are used in some TECHNIC and TECHNIC-based Racers sets from 1999 onwards. They're also used in the in-game-only vehicles from the Drome Racers video game, which I am in the process of replicating here. Being able to place bushings (6590) into the yellow fairings would help to make my models as accurate as possible, though I suppose I could use two half-bushings (32123) in the meantime. I wish there were connection points to place the corrugated tubes in the fairings' slots though. In addition, the three longest flex rods (of lengths 14 [32201], 16 [32202], and 19 [32235]) are not flexible yet. Hence my need to use flex cables rather than flex rods in the Torq Racer.
  14. Updated to LDD 4.3.8, brick version 1564.2: 8208
  15. LDD Reference

    I just noticed something else: The Garden Gnome's head is missing. I thought maybe it got deleted somehow, but I tried adding a blank head there, saving, and re-opening the file, and there were no problems upon re-opening. Was that decoration not available? Anyway, here is the fixed file, with the Librarian's book back in place as well as a blank placeholder head for the Garden Gnome. -Toa Of Justice P.S. I have brick version 1564.2. Perhaps this version is more strict about collision boundaries than 1392.