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  1. Looks awesome! Is it possible to describe how to paint them with such accuracy?
  2. romashkaman

    [TC20] 1972 go kart

    Why not to create a topic when you are ready and have time for it?..
  3. It was criticism strictly about replicating specific design (it's meant to be RR, not any random offroader, right?). Why does one has to hide his constructive criticism?
  4. romashkaman

    Paid instructions

    But you get paid for some job, yes? I assume - yes, because you still live (no sarcasm). There is no difference between manual labor and intellectual in terms of that everything has to be paid. In some cases the idea is more valuable than amount of work to implement that idea... So it's natural some instructions are paid. I agree with other people here: you consider some instruction is more expensive as you want (more expensive than notning or more expensive than price you would settle for that instruction) - just don't buy it. I don't see "good" or "bad" things are going on the market. The market just offers you new items and push you to make decisions. But it's a natural part of our life, isn't it?)
  5. romashkaman

    [MOC] Series 1 b-headz

    Thank you!)
  6. romashkaman

    [MOC] Series 1 b-headz

    Hello! I'm glad to post my series 1 custom brickheadz. Flickr album with more photos: flickr You can find building instructions here: rebrickable Thanks for your attention!
  7. romashkaman

    [MOC] Heimdall

    Incredible work! All that angled parts... All is so flawless!
  8. Taught master Yoda you, guess I?))
  9. It will be not bad to post some pics here too, not only give us a link
  10. romashkaman

    [TC18] Ford GT 2005

    Thanks for the explanation) And I talked about your Focusrite audio card)
  11. romashkaman

    [TC18] Ford GT 2005

    Looking forward to see the progress) How many functions do you plan to fit in your car? Btw: is it somehow better/easier to use XLRs instead of jacks?)
  12. Every motor has slightly different rpms with the same voltage. It's better to put diff between motors, but I don't do it too)
  13. romashkaman

    [TC18] BMW M1 E26

    Again, really? One more topic without actual progress?
  14. About idea reservation - why to fear somebody will build the same model? 100% it won't be really the same... It's a chance to show your building skills