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  1. romashkaman

    [MOC] "Dancing", glowing and other Brickheadz

    Thank you! Appreciate it! Also, instructions for newlyweds and ukrainians are now free too
  2. romashkaman

    [MOC] "Dancing", glowing and other Brickheadz

    Thank you! And thanks to the admin for the frontpaging!
  3. romashkaman

    [COR-FB] Settling Outside Damaborg

    I agree - the roof of the wagon, leaves in the water, mountain with top made of upside down curved slope - all is wonderful!) I love attention to the details)
  4. Hello, folks! Without long introduction - here are all my brickheadz so far (more than half are new, others - you could see them, but they have been slightly reworked). Note for mobile users - there will be many pics to load for your device. All building instructions are free. I'll add some comments by the way, but pics should do better :) 1) Newlyweds - kinetic model Animation (it may take some time to load): What is love? Baby don't h.. Hm, that's not what should have been said :) This couple celebrates their marriage with great dance. By the way, almost 22000 ukrainian couples got married since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Love and peace will win! This model is driven manually by rotating a gear in back of the stand and can be motorised if you connect any motor you have to it. Given that the stand, groom and bride are separate models that work together, you can re-insert the bride and groom to make them rotate in the range you want. It also means you can use this stand to make your own brickheads "dance" as long as they have similar structure (all internal mechanics). Free building instruction: Rebrickable 2) Ukrainians A brave cossack; his younger brother; beatiful girl - they all can be the symbols of Ukraine. Let's take a closer look: This brave cossack has an earring in the left ear. Years ago it meant he was the one and only son of his mother. He wears traditional cossack pants - "sharovary" and traditional shirt - "vishivanka". Also, his hairstyle is called "oseledets" or "chub". Animation: Young girl. She also wears traditional combination of jacket and an embroidered skirt. Her flower wreath with colored ribbons is a symbol of youth and girlhood. Animation: Baby cossack - a symbol of ukrainian kids. Animation: Free buiding instructions: Rebrickable 3) Iron man with glow effect Animation: To use him as a pocket defender or just as a nightlight - it's up to you) It's a rework of set #41604, if you already have it - that's at least 40% of needed parts. You can use any PF-compatible power source to make it glow (such as 8881, 88000, 8878 and others). Free building instruction: Rebrickable 4) Ghost rider with glow effect Animation (without a chain): When it's cold, when it's dark, when there is no hope... Here is our hero - he brings light, warmth and hope for better times! You can use any PF-compatible power source to make it glow (such as 8881, 88000, 8878 and others). Free building instruction: Rebrickable 5) Polar four It's not just a company of polar habitants - it's a family: dad, mom, son and a cute bear cub in a sweater that, I bet, behaves and is perceived as a second son :) Animation: Animation: Animation: Animation: Also, you can build a silmplier and less parts-hungry version of a bear cub (without embroidery on the sweater): Free building instructions: Rebrickable 6) Popeye the Sailor Animation: Give this guy a spinach - and he will do an impossible! Free building instructions: Rebrickable 7) Athlete Animation: For all the lovers of fitness, dark glasses and pants with stripes :) Free building instructions: Rebrickable 8) Wolverine Animation: Friendly, polite, gentleman - all this is not about him. Strong, incredibly hardy, an excellent fighter - that's him! Now he can be your personal Jesu... bodyguard! :) Free building instructions: Rebrickable 9) Batbaby Animation: I'm sure he will nicely fit into the Batman's universe. Free building instructions: Rebrickable 10) Antique warrior Animation: A brave warrior is ready to protect you! Free building instructions: Rebrickable 11) Lumberman Animation: This guy never worries about the thickness of logs and about your problems. Free building instructions: Rebrickable 12) Kitten Animation: This tiny kitty will love you at first sight! Free building instructions: Rebrickable 13) Kiddy Animation: Just don't take the steering wheel from him and he will be ok!) Free building instructions: Rebrickable 14) Lifesaver Animation: "Ok, I get it. Everything will be fine, don't worry!" - lifesaver. Free building instructions: Rebrickable 15) Buddy Animation: He's a good friend of mine. From now - yours too!) Free building instructions: Rebrickable 16) Leeloo Animation: Free building instructions: Rebrickable 17) Sheriff Animation: “Dude, did you do all this mess in this room? I have questions for you! ”- sheriff. Free building instructions: Rebrickable Thank you for your patience attention! :D
  5. Really nice MOC! I'm not into helicopters usually, but this thing had my attention instantly!
  6. This frame is there just as holder for the steering rack (and it's not even a rack cause it's indeed a mockup). It can be rearrenged in million ways, I was targeting to reduce a slack in the steering knuckle. Also it's strange you consider my criticism as harsh - I said nothing about visual design or things like this (it's a matter of taste), I talked only about effectiveness of the build (with arguments). Purpose for that - original author asked all EB-members if we like this model. It's a big budget model with big potential - it'l be a pity to not get max of it)
  7. Beatiful car! I once tried to make a B-model from one set - that was a nightmare because of constant lack of parts... Really appreciate your work!
  8. I mean, we have a little more play (unintended rotation) in extreme position (for example, it's a left turn for the left wheel) than we want (but, ofc, it's not easy to avoid in every possible case): I tried to change some things, also added KPI-angle and made wishbones with unequal lenghts (this is just a mockup, many things could be improved, but you'l get the idea): Here are some pics if animations don't show all stuff well enough: bricksafe
  9. romashkaman

    [MOC] Temple of Technology

    Such an elegant creation and works so flawlessly! Very-very impressive!
  10. Hello. It's quite a short description for such a large model, but I took a look at some of your pictures and *.io file... The model is heavily reinforced, but, somehow, uses weak u-joints. Considering you have 3 buwizz and 6 L-motors, it's highly recommended to replace those u-joints to cv-joints (if you ask any suggestion, ofc). Or, at least, to reinforce them this way: Also I have some questions about the front suspension's geometry. The model has double wishbone suspension with equal length arms. This leads to some restrictions: 1) The steering arm has to be the same length as wishbone (8 studs in this case). 2) The steering arm has to be parallel to the wishbones both horizontally and vertically. This blue line defines a steering arm in terms of geometry. As you see, it's not parallel to the wishbones. Also, your steering arm has different lengths at the same time. From the top view it's the one lever with 7+ studs length. From the rear view it's the other lever, now parallel to the wishbones and it has length of 8 studs. These issues happen because of this (axes of rotation don't cross): Also, the kingpin axis is strictly vertical, so the scrub radius is pretty big and it causes a stress for servo to turn the wheels left-right. In addition, there are no auto-centering of steering and other benefits of the non-zero kpi-angle. Besides that it'd lovely to see a video to watch it in action)
  11. Hi, guys, it's been a while, but I finally managed to make a building instruction for this fireplace. Here it is: rebrickable
  12. romashkaman

    [MOC] Batman's nightspeeder

    Hello everyone! I won't be wrong to say most of us now are looking forward for the Batman's remake. Because of an old promise and of the upcoming movie I want to show you this creation - nightspeeder. Main functionality - two projectile-launchers activated via separate buttons from the rear. Here are a slow-motion animation (maybe you should wait to load it) and some photos: If you want to build it - you can find building instructions here: Rebrickable Thanks for the attention!)
  13. Looks awesome! Is it possible to describe how to paint them with such accuracy?
  14. Why not to create a topic when you are ready and have time for it?..