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  1. romashkaman

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Probably, all of you already know the story that 5 years ago one AFOL created a paddle shift sequential gearbox: 3 years later TLG releases 42056 with a sequential gearbox which had bad implementation of that AFOL's idea. The same year, TLG launches "Technic ultimate contest: Build the Porsche of your dreams!". I participated with this work: Just look at my front lights and then look at 42096's lights. Those lights couldn't be the car's best part when the car had a 6 cylinder boxer LPE and a front McPherson suspension (but i like them anyway). TLG could release 42056 with this version of the lights, but, once again, they steal ideas.
  2. romashkaman

    General Part Discussion

    This is the whole gearbox with the stepper. One step = 90 degree rotating. Maybe, you are talking about stepper with shifting mechanism.
  3. romashkaman

    General Part Discussion

    I think, Paul Boratko made this one: 4-speed-gearbox
  4. romashkaman

    [AMS-2] Dragify Your Set - Voting

    Well, let's exclude our votes for ourselves, I agree. But this must be done by every participant. I'l edit my votes.
  5. romashkaman

    [AMS-2] Dragify Your Set - Voting

    Here are my results: 1. Marxpek. Awesome presentation - it made me smile a lot!) And this "creature" is really fast! 2. mocbuild101. A plane that drives well!) 3. offroadcreat1ons. Wanted to see a modified truck and here it is. 4. MangaNOID. Good idea with flywheels! 5. sirslayer. Nice job! It was really fun to participate!
  6. romashkaman

    [MOC] Tesla Model S (2016 facelift)

    Awesome build! Very nice design (usually I prefer studded panels in old System style, but this one really looks good!) I think, you underestimate the potential of your motors. The car has very good acceleration - it gets it's highest speed very quickly, but that is the chance to improve car's specs - maybe, it's time to add more gearing up? (sorry, if my English is a bit complex for understanding) Probably, your car has a big part of unused torque, so - you can achive higher speed.
  7. romashkaman

    [MOC] Porsche 918 Spyder

    A very interesting build! But the steering rack is placed in front of the suspension, so it causes a kind of inverted Ackermann steering geometry - it leads to the model not going into corners well. I had that issue in my model and it led to me rebuilding the whole front suspension, as well as the engine bay. Better rework it earlier, than later)
  8. @nicjasno That's amazing! I'm looking forward to rolling prototype!)
  9. romashkaman

    Show us your Working Place

    That's why I made a border on my table)
  10. 26: 10 29: 6 4: 4 3: 3 11: 2 7: 1
  11. romashkaman

    [TC11] Black Egyptian [FINAL UPDATE]

    I checked your assumptions and updated the post. I can say that the bot is made the way it was invented, there is no especially large distance from the ground to the bottom of the bot.
  12. Well, I'll redo the video, but it should be noted that this is a contest of battle bots)
  13. Thanks! Other participants used boards or wheels to show the bot's work - maybe I just need to replace the minifigures with this? Just to show that a bot can break something)
  14. It is necessary to clarify something: I know that it is not allowed to use the second robot in the video, but is it still possible to use minifigures to show the work of the bot? Or do I need to retake the video?) Link to entry
  15. romashkaman

    [TC11] Black Egyptian [FINAL UPDATE]

    Thanks for comments! Today I'm going to make some improvements, photos will be in the evening