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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I've started to use again the 3D printer after a big time it was unused (I had to re-align it and still has some work to do). Thinking about a model of @Evans (a large steamer in 12v style with old 12v medium size wheels - those of 7750 , but in black), I tried to recreate the original 12v medium wheels design and I also tried to go further, enlarging them to 37mm size. The new wheels feature 10 spokes as the original old wheels, angled at 36° each. I used Tinkercad since it is easy and more than sufficient for my projects. And this is the result ,printed both in black and red (red filament is new - I have to understand why there is black filament residual - I'm still a total noob on 3D printing ). I printed on a medium quality setting for the red ones. The black wheels were printed on draft setting. The filament I used is PLA - a medium cost one but it works fine. The red color is somewhat between the red one used for new Large wheels and the old red of the 80s. I think there are darker and lighter red filaments, but it's really difficult to tell if the printed result will be of the correct color (the raw filament color is quite the same as the original Lego wheels, but once printed...they are a bit brighter). I used a pair of normal red wheels (the ones used on wagons - like in 7720) I removed the original wheels, kept the "red axle" and used it with my 3d printed wheel. Then I locked again in place the red pin on the black wheel holder brick - and that's all. I'll post here all my experiments - there's a lot to improve! If you have any ideas or suggestions - feel free to comment! Ciao! Davide
  2. I know that the general sentiment is that printed pieces are less useful than blank ones because they fit into fewer builds. However, some prints are more flexible than others. For example, for space MOCs, control panels, computer displays and keyboards are generally useful. What are your favorite printed parts to use in MOCs?
  3. Willworkfortoys

    Modifying / Removing Print from Road Plates

    I'm looking for a solution for removing print from lego baseplates. On a 4-way intersection plate I tested alcohol method, brasso method, eraser method and sanding. My findings are that alcohol removes easiest, brasso the best and cleanest, eraser had little to no effect on baseplates and sanding is a great way to ruin a baseplate (as I suspected but I had to try). Now, the problem is I've searched and searched and all print removing threads seem to pertain to minifigures/torsos or other printed parts and not to road plates which I suspect use a slightly (chemically) different type of printing. In addition while brasso does work my intention is to remove all printing from the 4-way baseplates and make an airbrush template to make them appear as normal straight road plates with a parking stall on either side. I want to do this to 8+ plates and brasso will take the better part of forever to achieve. Is there a resource for what type of print is used on the plates so that a chemical bath can be designed to dissolve print without affecting the plate? Any help is appreciated or links that I may have somehow missed in my many many searches. Thanks!
  4. hy A while ago i started making alternative wheels for lego uminog tyres. First i made them using sketchUp but i had a lot of problems so i restarted building it in a totaly unknown program for me, 123d design. It was hard to learn to use this program. Today i got the final version, finally after 4 first they lookt really ugly (see below) but halfway through the cutting of the support matterial it was much better. IMG_20160524_120140122_HDR by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr IMG_20160524_163606705 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr i am really happy with the final result. beside the not-that-accurate printing, my wheels look pretty awsome. IMG_20160524_164657686 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr IMG_20160524_164726639 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr i don't like the looks of it when they are out of the tyres but when they are on them, it's like it was meant to be IMG_20160524_164851636 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr uminog rim stl by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr uminog rim stl2 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr i am probrally get some wheels printed by shapeways or i.materialize. thanks TNLD more pics on my flickr acount:
  5. After many months of work, I am happy to present you Hint lab ! I would love to get your input on my work :) Why ? You know it better than anyone, many people have a strong emotional attachment to our little bricks. They remind us of our childhood, they represent creative thinking etc. Lego bricks can be found in almost every home around the world. They come in many shapes and colors that make them ideal for customization and assortment. I realized a lot of people like to match their accessories to their outfits. Matching shoes to shirt, bag to watch... I wish to associate these ideas together. So I present you : Hint Lab. Hint lab is a range of jewelry in precious metal and nylon that allow you to wear Lego bricks and match them to your outfit. More HD photos here. What do you think of it ? Do you think there is a market for this kind of products ? I want to improve the range, do not hesitate to tell me if you have any suggestion :)
  6. Does anyone know where I can pay to have my face, torso, and leg designs printed? I know there are a couple sites who do it for an outrageous laughable price. I would be putting in a medium sized order, and repeating the orders too. Let me know if you are willing to do this, or know of someone! I would provide all of the parts and designs!