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Found 146 results

  1. Hi all, due to the good reception that I got from my Castle/Historical Ideas support thread, I've decided to maintain one for Pirates too. The idea is that this thread can be a place to come to find out about current Lego Ideas entries and give them our support in an efficient manner, from the community that loves Pirates the most. Last Updated: 16th July 2019. Ending Soon (URGENT VOTES NEEDED): The Poseidon's Glory by javierlegos82. Nearly There (Needs more votes): None yet - Please help get the others there. I will update as things change. Aging Entries (Needs a boost): Black Water Lily by Staslegomaster. Royal Flag Ship by DarthYin. Caribbean Clipper by Babyteeth. Soldiers Outpost by Spinx125. Spanish Galleon Warship by Babyteeth. Imperial Outpost by nohancut. New Entries:  Pirate Barque by Sebeus. The Pirate Wreckers of False Lighthouse Cove by DefrostedPoppy. The Sword of the Seas by Bricky_Brick. @paokus The Pirate Bay builder! Treasure Cove Water Slide by @siuliano. HMS Surprise by Skulls1234. The Flying Dutchman by Scarvia. Imperial Trading Ship by @Sebeus I. Tall Ship by @Sebeus I. Pirate Essentials by ChaMi. Wreck in the Abyss by Ian Malcolm. Tintin - The Unicorn by SaltyFish.
  2. EDIT: I have turned this topic into a place where we, as Historical fans, can efficiently gather and support projects in these themes in Lego Ideas; so please feel free to add any that you find and I will amend this original post. If you like any of the projects listed, please consider supporting them over on Lego Ideas. Have you all seen these? Thoughts? Last Update: 16th July 2019. MADE IT! Medieval Blacksmith by Namirob. We made it! 10k votes achieved and in review! Wooooooo! Ending Soon (URGENT VOTES NEEDED): Medieval Village - Road Construction by oms5134. The Sheriff of Nottingham by Snowboarder68. Robin Hood and his Merry Men by Snowboarder68. Carldenburg Castle by Rustybricks24. The Knights' Expedition by papat08. Nearly There (Needs more votes): Aging Entries (Needs a boost): Black Falcon's Fortress by @Mark of Falworth. Medieval Inn by DominikQN. Olivia’s Get-Away by PeetersKevin @Perterz Nordic Homestead by SirValiantDog. Keyhole Castle by PeterPanMann. Medieval House by oms5134. Trolls's Siege Brachiosaurus by Destier. I love it myself. Looks like the same guy has also done a couple of smaller Castle/Dino sets: Trolls's Assault Triceratops by Destier. Trolls's Warchief Raptor Rider by Destier. New Entries: Medieval Castle by mmathews2197. Classic Castle by DERBOOR. Medieval Market Street by TheLordOfBricks. Medieval Knight House by Namirob. The Old Mill by Farmfarm. Western Stagecoach by Ims_jam. Medieval Castle Tower on a Rock by B-BrickBuilded. Siege the castle ! by povoq. Modular Wild West Saloon by joefreak2003. The Fortress by Gandalf54. Witch's Den by legoon1. The Medieval Blacksmith by Cholmberg1. Brickstone Manor by farmfarm. Medieval House by llllllllll (sic. I have not made a mistake here with the username lol). Medieval Farm by cubeous. The Grand Colosseum by jofra-imperial. Colosseum (Architecture Style) by SkyWalter. The Seven Dwarfs' House by Hanwasyellowfirst. Medieval Harbor by Namirob. - I love this. It's beautful. Medieval Blacksmith Shop by LEGO ScapeSculptureDesign @Ben Pitchford Greek Temple by Imperator49. Kinetic Saloon Simple by brickster0404. Dark Wizard's Fortress by D1G1T0L. The Colosseum by llllllllll. Desert Palace by SirMiniLasha. Lego Furnishings - The Palace Light House - Table Lamp by Kitto Camden. The King’s Castle Chess Set (2 in 1) by FormidableSouthernTiger. Lego HeroQuest by KingGloriousSquirrel. Enchanted Haven by GondorSoldier. Rysendor's Island by Lego Landon.
  3. zeeverse

    Town/City Moc on LEGO Ideas

    Hello Fellow Lego Fans. Recently I designed a unique MOC, a classic Lego Street Sweeper that has modern features, but still give homage to the classic Lego Street Sweeper Sets including the 6645, 6649 and 7242. I researched each set, and noticed that their availability was becoming lower. So, I thought it might not be a bad idea to do an updated Street Sweeper version for Town and City builders as a possible release. Having to consider modern design aspects, I did try to "build-into" the MOC an easy conversion of the model for those wanting a more "true" town look. Likewise, in a Vintage City Theme, some design elements might not be correct for the time period. So, this design affords the ability of each interested parties to have the ability to "remove" far more than they might need to "add" to the design to make it fit their layouts. I would not consider this idea a "universal" approach as much as an "adaptable" approach. Following all of these considerations, features, and potential applications of the MOC as a kit, I also had to find a unique design that was believable, kept the parts count under control, and served as a believable "next generation" version to Set 7242. A new feature in this MOC is the use of the Lego 2441 vehicle base, which saved parts, fits modern design efforts and shows that with creativity large scale designs can be implemented on the 2441 chassis. It was an interesting challenge to try and incorporate all of these aspects into the design and still make it visually appealing. Currently, my MOC can be found here on Lego Ideas: Thanks for allowing me to post. And if any one here likes it, I'll hope they'll drop by Lego Ideas and give it a vote. Happy Building! --Zeeverse
  4. ZedKay

    The Flying Dutchman

    Hello fellow builders, I present you the Flying Dutchman, the infamous ghost ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, in LEGO! The idea came to me a year ago, while I was sitting at my desk when I cast me eyes upon the 3 official LEGO POTC ships on the top of my shelf: The Black Pearl, The Queen Anne's Revenge, and The Silent Mary. For years I had been waiting for LEGO to release a Flying Dutchman, but to no avail it never came out. Determined to build the ship myself, I embarked on an exciting, challenging but rewarding journey to produce a MOC which would take up its rightful place among my fleet and make it complete. More information can be found here at LEGO IDEAS. If you like it, feel free to support! Here are some renders below (more can be found on my Flickr page): LEGO Flying Dutchman - 1 by Scarvia LEGO Flying Dutchman - 2 by Scarvia LEGO Flying Dutchman - 4 by Scarvia And with the crew: LEGO Flying Dutchman - 6 by Scarvia The infamous triple-barrelled chasers in the bow: Triple-barrelled chasers (Out) by Scarvia Triple-barrelled chasers (In) by Scarvia Thank you for your time.
  5. Technic General Discussion Welcome to the Technic General Discussion topic. Here you can post small questions or comments about Lego Technic which don't need a topic of their own. This way we will keep the number of topics limited. Examples Has anyone built vehicle x? Where can I find this or that? I missed this set on eBay...darn!
  6. Skulls1234

    HMS Surprise MOC

    Hello fellow builders!! I just wanted to share with you my MOC of HMS Surprise (a frigate that was commissioned in 1794), and to ask you for your help and support for my project. For more (and better) pics with a description of my MOC you can go to if you really like it, and think it'll make a cool new Lego set, I would also love to have your support for HMS Surprise so we can turn a design into a real Lego Set. Thanks!!!
  7. I designed a Lego Space Shuttle to scale with the recent Lego Saturn V set. Since I get this question a lot, it is more proportionally correct than the 10231 and 10213 Shuttle, and is also accurately scaled to the Saturn V :) I posted a version of it on here before, but this one has been adjusted and finally submitted it to Lego Ideas. Please share with friends and sign up and support if you like it! Click to see more images and support if you like it! Lego Ideas - NASA Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)
  8. Let's face it, the current Lego Ideas' process is long, complicated and frustrating. In fact, given that a submission could be considered acceptable and given that, after months of waiting, the project could reach the 10000 votes, TLC's final review can eventually crush supporters' hopes. Maybe the way to go is represented by the recent Ten Years Anniversary Fan Vote procedure. Preselected submissions, only one vote and a few weeks to choose the winner. What do you think?
  9. Brick Cucumber

    What happened to the treehouse set?

    The Treehouse was selected to be the 25th Lego Ideas set back alongside the Flinstones set, but since then we've had no word on it, even including the Steamboat Willie set replacing it on the number ranking (despite originally being incorrectly labeled as 24, it's now labeled as 25). Did Lego just cancel this set to the wayside? I haven't heard anythig about it since it was first announced. Anyone know whats happening there?
  10. Behold the wonders of America's most unique and iconic National Park! Visitors from around the world travel to Yellowstone National Park to experience its unforgettable natural wonders. This microscale set comprised of 550 pieces includes the most celebrated locations of the park, including: The Roosevelt Arch Grand Prismatic Spring Yellowstone Lower Falls Old Faithful Geyser The Old Faithful Inn (the largest log-style structure in the world!) If you love enjoying the beauty of nature and Lego, I would be forever thankful for your support! You can also find me on Instagram @BenBuildsLego
  11. Thinking of recent initiatives such as Lego Forma or Bricklink's celebration of the 60 years anniversary of Lego, I wonder if crowdfunding represents a true opportunity for afols. In fact, whilst Forma is a means to test a new product, minimizing the risk and using a different marketing strategy, Bricklink’s case is much more interesting. First of all which is the limit between an afol and an entrepreneur or, better said, between a passion and a business? And when a passion, taken to the extremes, becomes a way to earn money is it still a hobby? But let us not kid ourselves, the amount of hours that a high level afol invests to conceive a model and then to build it will never be repaid, neither by Bricklink nor by the tip that Lego may allocate to him if his Idea becomes a catalogue’s product. Therefore Bricklink’s attempt constitutes a fascinating mix of the (narcissistic?) will to show off and share with peers a hobby mastery, and a business in its purest form, spontaneously born to fill a gap. Whereas Lego, in spite of its formal approvals, cannot or simply don’t want to listen, then afols will step forward, kickstarting their own models, thus creating a parallel market. It is a win-win situation, at least for both Bricklink and afols (creators and supporters/buyers). How many times people gave up on building complex afols’ designs shown on Rebrickable, despite having the instructions for free, due to the impossibility or the high difficulty to find the proper parts? Maybe in the future Bricklink and Brickowl will take charge of this tedious procedure and, being paid for the trouble, they will sell their own sets regularly. Perhaps this hypothetical new market will also become the second chance for many rejected Ideas.
  12. Captain Mutant

    Classic Space Outpost MOC

    Hello everyone. I haven't been out of the dark ages for long - just 3 or so years. Although the Millennium Falcon is what dragged be back into LEGO, my passion has always been with Classic Space. I've spent ages (literally ages) creating this base. I submitted it to LEGO Ideas last year, and then proceeded to making massive changes to it. I have submitted the modified version it to Lego Ideas recently, but would really value a discussion about it with people on this board :)
  13. "A Home for Anton" is my ReBuild of 21310 LEGO Ideas "Old Fishing Store" His fireplace is built into a rocky crop on a hilltop near the seashore ... Anton stores his fishing gear on his back porch ... Anton sleeps up in his Loft. Awake now, he has a cuppa Tea ... He hangs his favorite fisherman's sweater to dry near the back porch ... Inside, he enjoys his fireplace, while kitty meows for food ... He waits for his smoked fish on the stone grill while enjoying some Lemonade ... Resting on a bench in front of his home, he tells kitty to stop pestering the Seagull. This ReBuild uses only parts from the set 21310 -- if you have time, there's a few more photos in a flickr album, including one with the front wall off, roof up, and side wall open, plus one with the furniture items pulled out of his house. Thanks for visiting!
  14. Stephanix


    Hi My name is Stephan Niks from the Netherlands and new here. At the moment very busy. but in the near future I will post my designs here for discussion My interest: trains, modulars and LEGO ideas
  15. Finally I got my copy of the set after some mix up happened with shop@home. Here is my video review: THE GOOD: Good display value. Some interesting build techniques. Pretty close to source material. Wilma & Betty's alternate faces. No Stickers! THE BAD: A bit over priced. Barney didn't use short legs. The car while it's good but figures end up fully seated. Overall, the build is great, love the flintstone car. At NZD$129.99, it's a bit pricey considering the volume. Unless you need it on day 1, wait for 20% off when it is released in local retailers.
  16. SetBrickDee016

    Lego Ideas project: Spinners!

    Hello, to anyone who bothers to read this. I have a Lego ideas project called Lego Spinners, and am busy gathering support for it. Am currently at 40 supporters, and have 48 days left. Please help me get to 10000, if I get to 100, I get an extra 365 days (for those of you who don't know how it works). Below is the link: Thank you very much for your support! Oh, and please share this with your pals/friends/pets/raptors/co-workers/brick-buddies/etc. Let me know of other places where I could gather support.
  17. So, which of these five projects have the best likelihood for being approved for production, if any at all?
  18. Celebrate the historic neoclassic home of one of America’s most famous Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson! Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home began construction in 1768, when he was only 26 years old. America’s third president was never fully satisfied with his design, and the house was continually redesigned throughout his lifetime - not so unlike Lego fanatics constantly reworking their own builds. This microscale Monticello has been meticulously and faithfully rendered to capture the unmistakable appearance of the iconic building, known to all Americans as “that building on the back of the nickel coin.” The 930-piece set would appeal to lovers of Lego’s Architecture series, and would also contain highly sought after dark red pieces that have never before been produced. The design could also be scaled down to remove the some of the landscaping (the house by itself contains under 650 pieces). If you love architecture, history, and Lego, I would be forever thankful for your support on Lego Ideas! @BenBuildsLego | Flickr
  19. Giza - Exploring the Great Pyramid @ LEGO IDEAS The Great Pyramid of Giza, also called the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops, is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids on the Giza plateau in Egypt. Built over 3,800 years ago, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is almost 50 stories tall and perhaps built by as many as 20,000 workers over 23 years. Concealed far inside the pyramid the Pharaoh's burial chamber was filled with treasures and items for the Pharaoh to use in the afterlife. The walls are covered with exquisite carvings and detailed paintings. After hiking through the desert sand, you will set up camp and plan your exploration. Inside you will find false chambers and passages that would have been used to try to trick robbers in the past. Approach the Great Pyramid and see its entrance on the north face. Part way up on the northeast edge see the notch which may reveal secrets of the pyramid’s construction. Open the Great Pyramid to reveal the entrance and ascending passage to the Grand Gallery, the Queen’s Chamber and finally the King’s Chamber. Marvel at the original treasures and sarcophagus. Each of the chambers is lit using LEGO power functions. It is hard to imagine just how immense the real-life pyramid is! This LEGO creation has 18 rows of bricks making up the pyramid’s height; each row represents about 25 feet of the actual height, for a total of 449 feet. To consider this scale and that of the minifigs, it would be about 5 minifigs standing on top of each other to be the height of one LEGO row of bricks in the Great Pyramid of Giza. That would be about 1/20th of the normal height of 4 bricks for one minifigure. It would be about 1/6th of the normal height of a micro figure. The base camp and tent are built on a easily separable base. That allows it to be positioned in front of the pyramid, or to the side so that the dramatic scale difference can be kept in perspective. The base camp includes maps and spare supplies to equip the expedition. This LEGO pyramid is 40 x 40 studs on its base and surrounded by sand, a small mirage, and a separable base camp for the explorer and minifigures. It is constructed with 1,830 standard LEGO pieces including 7 minifigs! The minifigs included are: King Tut An Egyptian Queen 3 Egyptian warriors 2 explorers along with 2 cats and a camel Even now the Great Pyramid continues reveal more secrets! Using muon scans, the “ScanPyramids” project has discovered what appears to be yet another open chamber never explored. This newly discovered empty space has been named ScanPyramids’ Big Void, and more can be found at: Giza - Exploring the Great Pyramid @ LEGO IDEAS
  20. Sooo, here's my first Powered Up MOC which also happens to be another LEGO Ideas project, and if you find the concept of racing your brick against your friends interesting, please support it here:
  21. HalfPintOfInnes

    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

    I can finally reveal my very first LEGO Ideas project! Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I've worked so hard designing this set, and all I need now is your help. Head on over to the Lego Ideas page and support my project.
  22. legoig2000

    LEGO E.T. The Extra Terrestial MOC

    Here is my second MOC. This time I present to you: The E.T. Spaceship. In 1982 the film E.T. The Extra Terrestrial released. It has since been a very successful film, both in children and in adults. So I decided to make a set of the spaceship from the opening and closing scenes. For the interior I based myself on what was shown in the film. Here are some photos... The interior is easily accessible because the walls can turn outwards. The MOC contains 866 bricks. The included minifigures are: Elliott, E.T., Michael, Gertie, Maria (mother). I am thinking of making this my first LEGO Ideas project. What do you think? Would you support that or not? Thanks for all comments! They are more than welcome.
  23. Gunman

    Crash Bandicoot

    Hey there guys! :) Crash Bandicoot! the iconic video games character that marked my childhood back in 1996 being a day one purchase with my playstation. A lot of great memories back then that came back to my mind 21 years after, thanks to the great remaster of the game! Now its time to change roles and let my daughters play it :) Here you can see a moc of mine, consisting of 855 parts and measuring height of 33,6cm You can also see a 360° render of Crash Bandicoot here: Ears are connected with ball joints so you can freely rotate them and change the mood of Crash :) Each arm has three ball joints, in order to play with them as you like waist is also connected with ball joint, so you can rotate the upper part of the body 360° legs are connected with the waist with ball joints so you can rotate them aswell I have uploaded Crash Bandicoot on LEGO Ideas also,so if you also like him and would like to give him a chance to become an official LEGO set, please support and share my project Burdega!!
  24. neonic

    Cityhall Gouda

    What do you think of this creation? It's a 'copy' of the medival gothic cityhall of Gouda, the place I live. It's on Lego ideas. It's not mine creations but as a real Gouwenaar, and Lego fan, I think it looks cool and I wanted to help the creator to get enough votes so it became a set. (nice background color is it, reminds me to cheese, Gouda's cheese ) So please vote on Lego ideas
  25. I started a projct on Lego Ideas and i thought i could need some more supporters. Thats why I want to present my project to you. I build with LDD a geographical World Map with different coulors for mountains, snow etc. and I added some animals, because than its more interesting and not so boring. Maybe you would like to support my idea. Here is the link: I would be very happy if you do so ! I hope this post is in the right forum