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Found 15 results

  1. Office Christmas Train

    It's 7 weeks till Christmas week from now and you know what that means? Tis Christmas Train season coming up quickly! Some of you may remember me setting up a little train layout in my office last year. All colleagues loved it very much and so this year me and some colleagues are expanding the office train for this year! Compared to last year the new office train will be about 60% more track, 70% more cars and can carry more than 50% more "real cargo" than last years train! This year's office train will feature the following: - T-Shaped 9V layout with 3 stations (calling at 3 different desks, so everyone in this particular office has access to the train) - 4 Track wide cargo cerminal and card - 20m of track length in total - 16 cars in total - Original Santa Fe Super Chief Engine upgraded with the original light brick - Candy wagon for storing and transporting real eatable candy - Band wagon for transporting a bluetooth speaker and stage for the BrickBand - PF shunting engine for the Power Functions yard - A small handcar (this is an inside joke with colleagues) - Winter Holiday Train which I built yesterday I'm super excited - construction will begin this week. We'll see how far we can build it during lunch breaks. Pictures will follow shortly after! But to get me started, I have a couple of questions: How does one operate a 9V layout with two transformers? Do they plug in parallel (i.e. exactly the same way on both transformers)? What power settings do I use when running a train with two 9V motors (power setting the same on both transformers)? Do I have to unplug one of them if I run a smaller train with only one 9V motor, or do I just not bring up power on one of them? Thanks in advance for answering my questions! Here's the planned layout for this year's office train:
  2. Mr Burns Office MOC

    I tried to get this as accurate as possible to the office shown in the show. I'd have loved to have made a trap door but even with the heightened base it wouldn't drop a Minifigure clear. But I put the button on the desk next to the chair to be accurate anyhow. I designed the chair and phone and clock and desk but I think I got the design of the lamp from Lego and tweaked it a bit i didn't intend the power plant style base but the idea hit me when I got the batman movie sets and the curved red pipe piece plus it was a good way to incorporate Blinky the fish which I wanted to do. I think on future I'll add the curtains and some walls to one or both sides.
  3. What happens when you agree with your LUG members to build three modulars each to start a City layout? You build them! Disclaimer. I'm a Technic guy, so building with normal bricks was a funny and interesting (and expensive!) challenge I've accepted. The idea was to have three modulars built on 32*32 baseplates with at least three floors each. I've immediately came up with ideas for first two buildings. But the story comes in three stages. Modular #1 - Office (aka LitLUG Headquarters) The very first modular had to be an office-like building. It ended up looking like standard squarish building you can imagine an office could be. The nice thing is that it can be easily expanded in height, which I'd love to do in the future. The back side is plain and has nothing interesting to see. It was the time I found out challenge I've accepted isn't going to be cheap simply because I don't have many bricks. Despite building being simple there final cost for the bricks was already higher than I assumed it would cost. Modular #2 - A replica of a building in Vilnius This was easy to decide - I really wanted to build this house in LEGO for a long time and I didn't have tight budget on this to implement a dream. This house is located in Vilnius (Lithuania) and has been built over a hundred years ago - in 1912. The district it is located is well known for more fancy houses built in that time. Luckily building has decent proportions and fits into 32 studs nicely. There were quite a lot of challenges for me (as a Technic guy) - facade isn't flat, 3 stud wide windows, some other odd features and of course the roof. Oh and the wall covering the roof - it turns out building sideways was the only way I could achieve the right angle without major holes. Since I don't have right bricks I've built the model using LDCad. This helped me not to overspent money on unnecessary bricks, just build and buy required parts. I know there is no collision detections in LDCad, but I'm pretty used to understanding the parts, so there were no issues building the models with real brick later on. While the building looks to be fineshed at this moment there things I'm not totally happy with so it must be revised some time in the future. Modular #3 - The ugly duckling I've already blew my budget on just two of three buildings, so I had to improvise here. This model wen't through numerous revisions - it went from houses you can find in Amsterdam (pretty, but expensive) to ugly-ugly ones (and still not budget friendly, doh!). I've made an extensive research on official Modulars and other people MOC's looking for ideas. And this is what I ended up with. Not the prettiest, but certainly not that ugly. I also got lucky to acquire LEGO store 10145 set, which became a part of my modular. Fun fact - this modular actually contain a duckling! You can clearly see one composed of white and dark orange bricks with that tiny balcony. It wasn't discovered until I made this picture: In conslusion, I'm happy I took part in building these three modulars. This was fun experience. Coming from Technic it was much easier to build with bricks in general - you just stack them from bottom to the top, but it gets tough when it comes to aesthetics. Unlike in Technic MOCs you must micromanage each aspect of the building making sure it looks the way you need it to look. The lack of some odd key parts didn't help either and I had to check many things with real bricks first. Fortunately new 2x2 macaroni tiles got released in time - modular would look slightly different without them! Behind fun part of this challenge comes the nasty one - expenses. Initially I had roughly estimated (without pre-calculations) how much this would cost me. It happens, I've based my calculations (roughly) keeping in mind the facade and roof only, but you still have two-three more walls to build! 1 x 6 x 5 panels turned out to be the most cost effective solution. This was, partially, the reason why my modulars are just modular-like - you cannot disassemble them floor-by-floor. Due to reasons above interior wasn't designed and built at this stage as well. Hope you like it. Oh and I'd be happy you would share your thoughts how can these models could be improved. More pictures in my Flickr album.
  4. [MOC] Generic office chair.

    Health and Safety compliant. Alternative upholsteries available. Please contact our friendly sales team to discuss your office requirements. Disgruntled employee who would rather be somewhere else not included : )
  5. Office machine? I am not sure that's proper title. I am not English native. Maybe government or department machine? Maybe something else? Check out description and photos and tell me what would be better. Anyway it is hidden behind a puppet mindlessly obeying orders. Manipulated puppet doesn't even know that he is performing acts of evil. He is the link in the system, it's integral part. Getting his hands on the all kinds of goods and passes them to his soulless master. Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - Office machine Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.
  6. Location: C10 - Marden Tags: Civil, Building ~~~~~~~~~~~ OoC: Not really sure this really counts for the Civil tag. If not, I'll happily remove it. This build continues after my Challenge 2, Cat C build and occurs before my last weekly build (which was more than a month ago! Blimey, that time's flown by!) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Following the malfunction with the GATE on AC's ship when leaving Guinevere, AC returned to his office, while his engine expert, Dave, made repairs and checked through the engine's data logs to find the cause of the malfunction. Having finished his checks and repairs, Dave headed up to let AC know what he had found. [Dave] You might want to see this. It's some data recorded on one of the monitoring cameras for the GATE. [AC] Couldn't we have pulled it up on the computer digitally instead of coming all the up here with a data card? [Dave] I wanted to make sure we had a seperate copy that can't be monitored virtually, just in case. [AC] Okay, bring it over here and we'll take a look. [Dave] Remember that spanner we found by the engine? It seems that's what caused the problem. [Dave] It shorted out two of the power couplings. Fortunately, the automatic safety systems prevented any major problems and kept things working. [AC] It sent us off course though. We jumped the right number of Gates, but went in the wrong direction. We were due on Terrial Minor, instead we're orbiting Marden. So why did the spanner hit the power couplings in the first place? There wasn't a problem with the artificial gravity on board at the time was there? [Dave] Not that I've been able to find out. I think that someone threw the spanner between the safety bars and got out of the engine room before we got down there. [AC] Intentional damage then? [Dave] Looks like it to me, but I don't know who. There aren't any cameras down there covering the right angle to see. ~~~~~~~~~~~ OoC: I felt that an office would have been painted nice calming colours rather than sticking with the dark Kawashita colours, especially if the spaceship it was on wasn't neccessarily new when it entered the Kawashita fleet. I did try to keep it spacey with an attempt at spacey sliding doors of sorts and the inclusion of the holo screen behind AC. I was also going to build a section of corridor to go outside the sliding door that Dave's standing in front of, but didn't have time for this week. An overall pic is in the spoiler tag below. Please note the image from the engine's monitoring camera is part of my Challenge 2 build with 3 parts added and should not be included in the judging. Comments welcome (although I apologise for not commenting on other peoples builds very often if at all... Some great stuff is happening in AG and I've only just caught up with it all since a couple of months ago...).
  7. Previous Chapter: The Tomb of Dar Askelohn --- Next Chapter: Beyond Vanhorn So, i thought about the comments in my previous post in this part of Aeldric's story, So i though i'd remake the scene. Enjoy!) Aeldric: "Sir Avdar," Aeldric said, stepping into the dim-lit office. Avdar: "What is it?" Avdar replied, with an old, gruntish-voice. Aeldric: "Voraal and i came across a small, burnt down cottage deep in the forest. We found a large opening in the flooring, and we went down inside. The secret basement was a large room, full of headstones." Avdar: "And what does this have to do with your patrol?" Aeldric: "Well, one of the tombs had a large plaque on it, which said 'Here lies Dar Askelohn, the knowledge founder.' And didn't Dar Askelohn go missing in the mountains to the north?" Avdar: "Yes, he did. But this does not concern you and your patrols. Now get out before I double your work time." Avdar lashed out. Aeldric stepped outside and into the streets of Albion, where Voraal had been waiting for him. Voraal: "Are we going to go patrol for the elves?" Aeldric gazed out to the dark, cloud covered sky. Aeldric: "Yes, though Avdar won't know." Aeldric and Voraal then head down the street, and to the stables to set back out for Vanhorn. Alright guys, so leave me any thoughts on the build, and if you have any suggestions on the story, please post them! More pics: My first SNOT below:
  8. This '8x8 Vignette' concept started with 'The Dark Knight - Interrogation Scene' vignette, which as based on the #40120 Valentine's Day Dinner and #40121 Painting Easter Eggs. This is loosely base on the #76005 Daily Bugle Showdown set. I didn't want to have the set displayed but the top floor I had to keep as it was the highlight if the set. I have changed the design of the the office and the exterior of the top floor and kept is simple and small as possible as it could be whilst using all the cool stickers used in the building. 'MOC: J Jonah Jameson's Office - 8x8 Vignette' Album: I really hope you enjoyed this MOC; feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  9. MOC: Dental Work

    I whipped together a vignette for my photo a day project. If you have a fear of dentistry, hit the back button on your browser now. It has some simple play features like the chair rotates and has head and feet tilt adjustments. There is a sink for blood and spit; drawers for instruments of pain. A laptop in case of getting stuck and having to Google the procedure. She has a degree from LEGO to practice. Let's see what kind of pain gain we can do today with a jackhammer on tartar. Day 099 of 365: Dental Work by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  10. [LDD MOC] Modular Archer HQ

    I don't know how many of you watch FX's Archer, but I love the show, and of course I just had to make it digitally in LEGO and as a modular building, so it will fit in with any city layouts, in theory. For those of you who don't follow the show, Archer is a spy-comedy about a spy agency named ISIS. It lampoons James Bond and all other sorts of things. The exterior of the building. As you can see, it also has the parking garage. Let's move onto the characters (left to right): Sterling Archer, our womanizing functioning alcoholic lead; Lana Kane, Archer's on-off again girlfriend and their kid AJ, and her twin SMGs; Malory Archer, Archer's overbearing mother and spy master, along with her scoped pistol; Cyril Figgis, the comptroller; Cheryl/Carol Tunt and her ocelot Babou, also includes a microphone for when she sings as Cherlene; Pam Poovey, the HR head and her dolphin puppet. Dr. Krieger, the crazy German doctor/scientist and one of the Pigglys and his "jazz hands"; Ray Gillette, the flamboyant spy who loses the ability to walk but regains it thanks to Krieger; Woodhouse, Archer's butler; Bilbo, the overweight tech support; Krieger clone; Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend Bobby, Archer's arch nemesis and cyborg who works for the KGB for sometime; Katya, Archer's ex-fiance who also becomes a cyborg; and Popeye, the man who runs the laundromat on the first floor of the building. Next we have Krieger's van, which changes color throughout the series as they get destroyed. Ray's wheelchair The garage where employees can park their cars, with removable roof. Only the first floor is accessible. The laundromat, with sliding door for the hidden elevator The next floors are attached and at the top is Krieger's lab, which can be accessed by the elevator. It includes a tank to put the Krieger clone in. The armory and gun range is on the next floor and stocked with various weapons. Finally we have the office floor. It has all of the main rooms I could fit, and many are smaller than the show just to have everything fit. You can see from left to right: Malory's office, Cheryl's desk, the breakroom/torture room, and the mainframe. On the other side (left to right) we have the computer room where Bilbo works, Cyril's office and Pam's office. Enjoy!
  11. Here a video of my modified modulars, all together in one layout.
  12. Inspired by the building in set 6484, (Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase) this building features two floors and a "cast iron" facade. Fictional Background: Built as an office building in 1898, Johnny Thunder bought it in 1918 after returning from serving in World War I. He then turned it into his personal office. The top floor was renovated into a storage / trophy room, while the bottom floor holds actual office with a table, desk + chairs, hat rack and three filing cabinets full of important contact information, treasure leads, and reports of strange occurrences, along with the occasional Vegemite Sand-which. Currently, the objects inside the trophy room include a Sword made in India out of ivory, a ancient Roman Shield from Italy, a golden Ring of Power from a land far away, a silver glove of an Aztec suit of armor, the Spear of Destiny from Jerusalem, a Trident from Atlantis, and a scythe from the Land of the Dead. The rear of the building is hinged to the front (like in set 31026, Bike Shop & Cafe) and locks together with a Technic pin. The roof top deocrations were inspired by fellow EB user, Kristel, with the instructions provided on her blog: The real life Treasure Raider, which happens to be included in the updated LDD file, plus it's own digital file. LDD file (building and car): LDD file (car only): Comments, questions and complaints welcome!
  13. Here's a Micropolis module I put together last year. Hope you guys like it!
  14. I know what you're thinking: this is simply a renamed Winter Village Post Office. Well, you'd be half right. It IS a post office mod, but only because I was struggling to come up with a use for this building, as I already have a Post office for my town. I finally came up with this: a old fashioned newspaper store. (NOTE: There are supposed to be printed 1x1 tiles saying "LEGO NEWS" on the 2x4 bracket seen in the main picture.) Welcome to LEGO NEWS. We stock many newspapers and magazines from all over the LEGO realm. We have the City Financial news, (crucial to any businessman) the Old Times, (for any nostalgic mini-fig), the Night Out, (catering to the denizens of the Monster Realm) and even the original LEGO News. (for just about anybody!) We also stock the Daily Prophet & the Quibbler (for any witch or wizard of any age), the Daily Bugle, (for your superhero fix) Yoda Chronicles (for your galactic news) and of course we have comics for the kiddies. Here we see the rear of the store, where newspapers are sorted and tied up for their deliveries to subscribers houses. We also see the car and camera of the lead reporter: she's the one who covered the Alien Conquest fiasco in 2011. Close up of the newspapers. Here we can see Night Out, City Financial News, LEGO News, & Old Times. LDD file: Thoughts, questions, & complaints are always welcome!
  15. MOC: Psychiatrist Office

    B-OM-34B I had this facade sitting on on the table as a WIP for a couple of months. It was based on a bank in Brisbane, but I couldn't figure out how to make it fit a 32-wide baseplate. It didn't do the bank building justice as a 16-wide, so I decided it was going to be professional offices of some sort, and eventually came up with the idea to fit it out as a psychiatrist's office. I was stuck for ideas on how to do the back. I wanted to make a garden, but that would have looked out of place. I ended up filling the empty space with my first attempt at a "Mark of Falworth" tree (thank you for the tutorials!). I think I need a lot more practice. Ideas for what should go at the back of a non-residential building are welcome! A look at the reception on the ground floor: And the office on the first floor: More photos on flickr. Comments and suggestions welcome.