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Found 29 results

  1. My alternative model of set 42139 is inspired on the old set 9398. The color scheme is almost the same, and some stickers of the all-terrain-veichle fit quite well. The model has basic functions: - Hog steering - double pendular suspensions - opening hood and fake engine - front winch The building instructions are available on rebrickable:
  2. Hi all, I'm new here, but been an AFOL for a few years after my "dark ages". I'm a collector - I like the big cars and constructions machines, so recently I decided to get the Crawler 9398 before it goes out of production and get ridiculous prices... I really liked the suspension, looks and the possibilites with the PF parts that we get in this set. So I got a new one, and unfortunately the servomotor (the one used for steering) seems to broke after just 6 days (I still used the 1st set of batteries on it, it wasn't used in any hard conditions or abused in any way, used only indoors). The servo does not autocenter anymore after releasing the controls. This is my first IR remote set, so I don't have many ways to troubleshoot if it's the servo or the IR receiver fault (tried both channels, new batteries, didn't help). Wrote to lego support, but I don't have any proof to show that I bought this set recently (lost the docket), still didn't get any reply from them (it's 4 days). I took a look inside the servomotor, there was a lot of white grease inside it, removed most of it and it started working again after reassembling, but then finally broke the next day (again no autocenter, this time for both directions). I made a youtube movie that shows how it behaved before I took it apart - has anyone seen something like this, is there any fix? I must say I'm a bit disappointed with this set and lego quality - my previous 'flag ship' 42009 came with 2 missing parts, and now this...
  3. Hi all. This is my RC Buggy, a C-Model build of the 4x4 Crawler set from several years ago now. After building the crawler most people want it to be faster, and with the original B-Model being the exact same drivetrain I thought I would build something to cruise around the house on flat floors. The buggy uses a much simpler drivetrain, rear drive with the two motors mounted transversely across the rear axle, with only one pair of gears each. One motor drives each wheel, eliminating the need for the differential. The motors face the same direction to avoid the use of a PF switch. Front suspension is independent a-arm type with decent travel. Rear is live axle swing arm. The buggy is much faster with the buwizz, of course, but I was pretty happy with the performance of the standard LEGO parts.
  4. Here's my latest MOC, a C model for the 4x4 Crawler (9398) set. Features: 4x4 drive achieved by 2 hard coupled L motors, with an overall 1:1 gear ratio 1 Servo motor for steering Pendular rear suspension* Easily remove the battery box by pulling the red pushpin on either white curved panel, pulling the smokestacks out, lifting the roof, pulling the two axle/lift assemblies keeping the BB from sliding around, and pull the BB out. Openable hood LDraw, and Stud.i files available here Notes: I have assembled this physically, didn't take any pictures though. The LDraw file is wonky in spots, such as the rear from the motors, back, and how I couldn't get the back axle tilted to connect the top rods, you should be able to fgure it out though. *not sprung, couldn't fit them on nicely, this this is made to go fast, not rock climb anyways
  5. Hello everybody! I'm a newbie here, but Lego Technic was a part of my live many years ago. Recently it turns that that we meet again and I'm ready to discover or invent something new for me. About several months ago I got the well-known 9398 Crawler - amazing flagman model with a lot of pro and cons (I believe that many spears and axes were broken, so I'll skip the long list). The main disadvantage is differentials (also known as diffs) that makes the off-road or crawling ability so close to zero. A common recommendation is to get rid of them by replacing by the knobs. It works, but I faced another issue then: now it can't go on a flat surfaces. Really, now the rear axle tries to pull the vehicle ignoring the forward one and broke the axels or suspension. As solution I remembered the limited slip differential based on the 20-tooth clutch gears: add the one more axle between the left and right wheels that has one (or two if necessary) clutch gear. It allows to have some difference between the wheels rotation angle, but in the same time provides some friction that prevents the free rotation. I remember that I saw it at somebody's MOC, so I will add the credits a bit later. Let me don't bush around and provide the my receipt (sorry for the quality, it was a phone): 1. The additional axle. 9L axle with two 20t gears, normal one and clutch, and connectors. Plus 2L beam to reinforce the connection (you'll see it later). 2. Place where to mount it. You'll need to remove the 11L beam from the steering arms add this assembly. 3. Mounted. 4. Now let's move the 2L red beam to lock the connection. 5. The result! Completely mounted and covered by two 3x5 Bent beams (instead of two 3L beams at the original model). As summary, I have to say that now it works fine everywhere (limited only by Crawler's design) and requires a minor changes for the original model. That's all so far, hope that it still actual since the model is relatively old.
  6. I am curious how 6x6 would steer around a corner, especially with a setup like this (9398 with a third axle). All axles steered. The Google Drawing above explains what I am visualizing. how do I calculate the ideal angle for the wheels to turn at Ackerman-style? Do other 6x6, 8x8 vehicles address this? With 8x8 it would be even worse without readjusting the wheel steering properly.
  7. Just recently I upgraded my crawler with 2 xl's. I connected them + servo motor to one V2 receiver. Turns out That two wheelbases spin the wheels different directions. i connected a 2nd receiver to the same BB and put the servo on there. I used both ports on the V2 receiver to make the wheels go the same direction. I am not sure if that is a very good fix. Is there any other way to have the motors spin the same direction? How did you do it? Kind regards - Alex, 12y.o
  8. Hello, I noticed that the performance of the original 9398 was not very good so I decided to do this mod including 5 motors. IMG_0086 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr I kept the body original and suspension except shock placement and drive and did extend the wheelbase but kept the original width. The suspension has about ~45* of flex and is responsibly soft and responsive to bumps. I used 2 XL motors in the back, 2 L motors in the front and replaced the servo motor with a M-motor for steering and added 1 pair of headlights. IMG_0116 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr IMG_0117 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr The front axle has a kingpin incline making the wheel pivot near the inside of the wheel making it easier to steer and makes it have less stress on the steering motor. You may be wondering about the use of 2 different motors in the dive chain causing problems in speed differences but your worries can be put to rest because a L motor geared 12/20 is almost the same as 1 XL. IMG_0121 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr Thank you for reading-watching! More pictures on my flickr
  9. G'day all. I have over the years done a couple of alternate models and attempted to make instructions for them, some better than others. All of them can be downloaded here or from my mocpages signature link below but I'll add an individual link with each one. My first attempt was a bulldozer from set 8043 quite some time ago. Argof made a topic here about it and I just stumbled upon an old bad quality vid and this is it. Instructions: Freespace or Bricksafe I was driving Hooklift trucks for a while and the Lego set 8052 came out so I had to RC one version and a full RC overkill another. This one I over did but didn't make instructions for it. I added an extra exhaust for duals to the instructions. Instructions are done by LDD here or the lxf is attached. So being a truck freak person I pulled out an old set 5580 Highway rig and jammed in an XL and M motor to RC it but keeping it looking as close to the original as possible. Instructions: Dropbox or Bricksafe. Next one is an alternate model of the set 8297 into a tow truck. I put he M motor on top of the fake V8 to look like a supercharger but its gear driven to the winch and bypasses the V8. Instructions: Freespace or Bricksafe I got the lego set 9398 and turned it into an RC quadbike. nato8181 (Renato) made a topic here on Eurobrics about it. Instructions: Freespace or Bricksafe My next was for a competition here (a while ago) and I used the Lego set 9394 jet plane and turned it into a helicopter. Here is the thread for it. The goal was to have a pull and release trigger to spin the rotars and still have them to be able to spin freely. Instructions: Bricksafe This one I did for fun, I call it the lowrider logger. The idea was to make two versions of logging trucks from one set and no motors. The first was a truck and dog, the second was a folding B double with a loader. A model B model Instructions: Bricksafe 8052 RC.lxf
  10. Hi guys, girls and kids :) I'm new on this forum and new to Lego Technic although i played a lot with lego bricks when child. Last week I bought my very firs Technic kit and chose the 9398 4x4 Crawler which has Power Functions and RC. After three days I ended the model and played with that 5 minutes than I made it apart to start something mine. I wanted an airplane, and I love bush planes, those with big tires that can land on every surface. As my kit contains off-road tires, that was a good start. :) And in two days and a lot of tries and retries I ended up with this. Here's the video link (don't know how to embed) It is inspired to the Piper Cub. I know, tires are to big and wings to small and maybe many other imperfections, but that's absolutely my first construction with no instructions, only fantasy and brain work. I succeeded in hiding everything inside: battery pack, IR receiver and motor. I'm very happy with the result, and maybe one of those next day I'll try to give it an engine for the wheels, although I'm reluctant to take it apart as I'm sure I'll not be able to remake it as now. I hope you like it. :) Bye K Every comment is welcome. Any suggestion to make fast instructions? Thank you
  11. Hi, Here is a very nice MOC ,created by Filsawgood (Russia) that I can not hide from you. Author is not presented here yet. He was inspired by Ford Bronco 1994 He promised to finish LDD soon. For full photoset and video visit http://brickgarage.b...ce-rancher.html Sure you love this and cat-diff-inspector at the video
  12. Yet another modification of the 9398, a 4x4 crawler that I just got as a birthday present just a week or two ago (as of 03/10/2014). So mod after mod it ended up becoming a somewhat MOC. This has been widened by 2 studs, has hightened ground clearance and has been given a new body. Compared to the original 9398 it has a much lower COG and better clearance, and climbs better too! Differentials are fitted with rubber, to act as much as a limited slip diff. VIDEO: Old stuff More old stuff
  13. Hi Guys. Here are my first two 9398 based crawlers. The tracktor is my personal favorite - it is 20g lighter then the Evil Crawler with netweight of 770g. (excluding battery - 200g and balancing weights - 100g). Using a DC/DC converter to keep a constant voltage of 11.8V and a 8.4V third party Li Ion battery. A second 9398 set is on its way and I hope to be able to build more complex models then :) 1. Evil Crawler: 2. The Tracktor:
  14. Hello, sorry if this would better fit in a general thread, but here I go. Together with my lover we both have a 9398 to play around with. I've upgraded mine with 2XL motors instead of the usual L ones. It works really well even without any differentials. But now we want to upgrade the other one to 4XL motors. Now we ain't too sure about how to do it without destroying how the truck looks like. Switching the motors wasn't much of a change, but now with 4 XL, 2 B.Packs and 2 IR it might gets a little cramped. So does anyone have done something similar? Even a 4XL crawler base would be nice to look at, didn't found any :/ And if someone has some kind of build for a motorised Unimog that would be nice to see too. Like details and such. Well.... I'll keep this thread updated as we progress... :P
  15. hi everyone. I've had legos since I was a kid, but my very first Technic set is the 9398. It was just too cool when I saw it and when TRU had a sale recently (plus all the posts about it I saw on this site), I couldn't pass it up. Anyway, nothing too crazy about my build. I don't plan to mod it much... just wanted a place to dump my pics work in progress...
  16. Here's a creation that satisfies BOTH the fans of Lego Pneumatics AND Power Functions! fr3dpivo posted a of his "Lego Technic 9398 4x4 Crawler mod with height adjustable suspension, stabilizer bar, compressor and modified body. Hope you get ideas for your mod :-). Compressor design by DOTTECHNIC" [second below].
  17. Hi Everyone Here is a 3d version of a massive rock crawler course being designed as a collaboration. Some people have suggested some awesome ideas, and thought about putting them all together and see what it is like. This course has 41999 and 9398 in mind, but of course other MOC's are welcome. Inspiration has also been drawn from real courses designed to test off-road and military vehicles. If you have any ideas now it the time to share! All comments are welcome and greatly appreciated. I should also state that the final design WILL be built. As we have the time, resources and motivation to get it done. (I realize that the bridges are a little low. ) Kind regards.
  18. Hi Eurobrick, My NickName is SanLouis and i love LEGO. This And my other sites are still under construction, if you like what you see leave a comment and please visit my Youtube cannel. In next time i will upload more. Thank you This is my new custom crawler 1.0 Big Bear from LEGO Technic set 9398. The crawler has 2 Xl Motor and LED lights, chassi, body and engine is not the same as the Original. And the driver train is very solid. Diff are normal no Lock. I dont like the knob gears. The weight is 2 kg Power Puller Wheels on the Back and on the front from 4×4 Offroad set. More videos on my You Tube cannel. Please vote and subscribe. Sorry the video is not so Good but the other ones are in HQ My Sites
  19. Here is my comparison review of 9398 and 41999 Please, use translate button at the right side of page under LEGO Technic logo. After reading give a feedback here about google translated text: is it understandable or I have to translate topic by myself?! Thank you.
  20. This is my second entry for Lego Technic Challenge. Foreword After posting first entry I understand that it is too simple for challenge. Theme of "pickup" is not enough attractive, because there many pickup sets from TLG (original 9398 also). After analyzing already posted entries I have made conclusion that most popular creations are based on next body types: pickup offroader, wagon offroader. Both types are usually big and heavy. Since the 9398 chassis has high center of gravity, making high body will decrease stability of final product. Original 9398 set is not based on body of offroader, but on body of light pickup (also called Ute). No matter how cool entry looks, if it is higher than original set body - it will be unstable at obstacles. Almost all entries (that are based on 9398 chassis and satisfies all challenge rules) are heavy and UNSTABLE, thats true (I remember only Efferman`s test videos of challenge entries). Many LDD designed entries never tested. I am really wanted to build big offroader, but it was not easy to make it stable. After analyzing of "what is popular?" I found that Muscle cars are very popular now: many old model names was revived last 10 years (camaro, mustang, challenger, charger). Building modern muscle on crawler chassis meet 2 problems in my mind: 1) modern muscle with lifted suspension and big ballon tires looks ugly 2) building modern muscle needs using of flex axles and other techniques to create rounded shapes. Final product will be not strong enough (body) After that I found many pictures of lifted classic muscle cars of 50-70's. there are many "squared" model of 50-60's that are easy to create strong (no flex axles) In other hand: TLG have never offered us something like this, only modern supercars. Lets move to my entry. The BOSS As I said, this is classic car with squared shapes. It is strong, even while rolling on roof. Roof is powered inside the saloon to be strong. Body is 2 door 4 seater coupe with long bonnet and trunk. Original shape of door was inspired by some real models. Flat lines are boring, i needed some complex lines. In my mind this car is powered by big block v8. So I applied a self-made sticker "v8" to side panels.4 Exhaust pipes are on the side of the car (2 for each side). Side placing of pipes is better for such type of car: crawler can damage front and rear overhangs while driving big-angled obstacles. Pipes are metallic gray. Hope TLG made them chromed:) There is a little spoiler at the back. Such type of spoilers was standard thing on some cars of that time. Doors are opening and locking. There is no way for them to open while driving obstacles and rolling. Trunk door can be opened, but there is no bottom at the trunk (but possible). "Opening trunk" is needed for free body lifting: back is long, and rotating point is in the trunk, so lifting body with closed trunk is impossible. Bumpers of the car are classic style gray. Hope TLG will make them metallic or chromed. Car includes some additional equipment: 1) front bar 2) front winch. Winch is hided under the bonnet after front grille. It is compact and powerful. Winch is motorized by medium PF motor. It is powerful enough to lift car in the air. Motor is powered by additional IR receiver 3) roof bar with 4 additional lights 4) LED lamps at front lights. Powered from second channel of additional IR receiver. Unfortunately I dont have enough other than black details. My entry is black with yellow stripes. But I wish TLG to make BLUE with WHITE stripes or WHITE with BLUE stripes, ORANGE with BLACK stripes. First variant is preferable. So we can receive many blue panels, liftarms and connectors. White is also good, but a) looks GLAMOUR, b) coming in 2013 grand prix racer will give us many white details... My next wish is: bigger and wider balloon tires. Power pullers are the best (they give 9398 chassis phenomenal stability) but we need something with the same size and lighter weight (to prevent transmission from overload) I need 1-2 days for posting video. Wait a little. Hope you like my entry. Please vote here, for the dream to come true:) VOTE HERE
  21. LDD FILE NOW RELEASED WITH PART LIST Hopefully LEGO won't sue me for this, but now if there's a Technic fan crazy enough out there, they can have a shot at building this! LDD couldn't generate a building guide for this on my laptop but anyone is free to try to generate one. This topic is now out of date! For information regarding the all new Enforcer Recharged CUUSOO entry, visit this topic! Originally, this was an entry for the 'You Design It, We Make It' competition but it ended up in second place to the Boss. The design was based on the idea of making a body design for the 9398 chassis that looked fuller and more robust than the original. I therefor chose the legendary Hummer H2 to be my inspiration which is shown in the images below: I could not exactly replicate the Hummer design due to copyright reasons. The design I eventually came up with after weeks of hard work is shown below: The body includes a manually operated winch which could easily be motorized, opening doors and tailgate, and the battery is changed in exactly the same way as the original body design. There is also a rear roof section which can be removed to give the choice between full bodied or pickup style forms. Because the Hummer has such a bulky design, I had to be careful to build lots of the body around the wheels to reduce the height and not just stick the body right on top of the 9398 chassis. Even though this is a virtual model, it is obvious that this will greatly optimize stability, not just by lowering the height, but by having much of the weight (around the doors) far lower than in other designs. I would also like to point out that the main purpose of this model is not to be able to crawl over very steep obstacles, but rather present a great building challenge and an imposing appearence while still being able to drive over everyday mildly rough terrain. Just days before the top 10 finalists were announced, I decided that this design would look brilliant in a police theme as there are many good examples of Hummers that have been adapted into police themed vehicles: The final result of my work was this, the Highway Enforcer: This design has exactly the same functions as the original but has a totally overhauled colour scheme and new accessories such as the police lighting and rear radio antennas. The new version was so successful that it was picked for the top 10 finalists over the original entry. Below are some images showing the LDD model in more detail: The first image shows the ground clearance and height of the body as well as showing the space above the wheels left for suspension travel. The second image shows the space under the beam structure used to maintain rigidity when hinging the bodywork to change the battery. It is also possible to make out some of the gearing for the winch. The third image shows some of the interior. There are only 3 seats because I could not fit 4 in due to the hinge mechanism positioning for the battery changing. I think that actually only 2 are needed as this would reduce weight and parts. The fourth image shows the door lock and hinge. The hinge actually contains 2 smaller hinges so that the door does not get stuck on the frame while opening and closing. The lock consists of the grey rotating part on the end of the door which slots in behind the door pillar when the handle is turned. The reason that this had to be a digital design is because I don't have anywhere near the number of parts to needed to build anything like a 4 x4 crawler real life. I played with LEGO all the time when I was a child but now I am at University and this is the only chance to do something amazing with LEGO that I have had since then.
  22. [/img][/img] 9398x8 day one... the parts are a chrismas gift from me to me.... thanks to
  23. I have a problem with the tires; can't go neither forward or backward ? I need to know why ? and where to check to solve this problem ! I have another question, please : how to rechange the batteries when flat ? I thank you in advance for your help !
  24. I got through the first two thirds of building, and I tested the drivetrain. The wheels are turning in opposite directions from each other, so the vehicle can't drive. I've tried flipping ad switching the motors and cables, but I can't find the problem. Any ideas?
  25. It's finally ready, my tremendous entry into the challenge! This beast took more than 2 months of work in LDD to finish. It features many functions and new part colors, some of which are detailed below: Functions: Crane with turtable rotation, 2 pneumatic joints, an extending section, and a winch. An additional remote controlled winch at the front. Full six wheel drive, and steer. An auto compressor, and 2 airtanks Outriggers Opening doors, and back section. All functions except for the doors are remote controlled. New colors: New parts in teal New transparent panels Lots of black gears Lots of rare black parts Titanium metallic tread sprockets 2 additional L motors and three additional servos. Now, a bit on the design: When I first was planning on making this thing, I was kind of limited by the boxiness of the 9398 chassis, so I devised an extension of it. However, this extension looked terrible, at least for any real world six by six, so I chose to make it a lunar rover of sorts. The crane came next, and is based of of one I made in real life, for a different project. Operating said crane are two servo autovalves. The outriggers are probably the most complex aspect, as both stages are deployed by a single M motor, going through a very complex gear system. More pictures of the mechanism will be posted later, probably after the competition ends, same thing with the files. Front View Bottom view (the most interesting one. ) This view also clearly shows how the 9398 chassis is intergrated into the rest of the vehicle. Top view. Alternate aerial view. The crane and outriggers deployed, showing the crane's intergrated winch. Side view. Gallery of big photos, one moderated: Link Vote for it here: Link Please vote!, and thanks for looking.