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Found 16 results

  1. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Raven

    Hello, I guess it´s the season to post a raven... I added a "calling function". When you push a button on the back, the head moves and the beak opens for a "call". To see the full motion, please watch the video on flickr (last picture).
  2. Hello, my entry for the TC6 contest it's a heavy forklift truck, the Hyster 32-12. The model has 8 functions (4 IR or 2 sBricks), it's 50% built at the moment and nearly completed on LDD/MLcad. Soon I'll put updates (photos, video, notes) Here a pic of what an Hyster 32-12 is: Thanks, and hold on for news. Video:
  3. (Can't find the forum relating to PF components. Since it is about the Carousel, I guess it could be placed in the Town forum) Anyway, for the 10257 Carousel, Lego recommends the M-Motor. My M-Motor from July 2017 has already become weaker and worn out! I guess it is not robust enough. Has anyone tried the L-Motor with the set? The video shows the trouble I have.
  4. There was a time that a big piece of brightly colored plastic with some lights on it, gently rocking back and forth, could make us so happy. Coin operated rides are something you grow out of, though, so it has been a long time ago that I enjoyed riding on one of these. Luckily, it turns out that building one is definitely a joyous activity! [MOC] To Space and Back for 50 Cents! by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr The motivation behind this build was the LEGO Ideas "Moments in Space" contest. The objective was to build a small creation in the theme of space. It had to be in the same vein as those small promotional sets you get for free when you spend enough in the LEGO Store or at Shop at Home. I tried to follow this guideline as well as I could, really trying to design a promotional set. One thing I wanted to include, was some kind of mechanical play function. I recently acquired the nutcracker promotional set, and I found myself really enjoying fiddling around with it, endlessly actuating the lever: motion just fascinates me. My mind immediately jumped to the concept of a coin operated kiddie ride, as it moves so hypnotically and since it fills me with warm memories. I started by creating a mechanism that creates a smooth and somewhat realistic motion with a compact mechanism, to keep the build somewhat in proportion with minifigs. In the end, I'm pretty happy with how nice the motion looks, and I'm sure I would play with this endlessly! This motion is made possible with a bar mechanism attached to the sun-shaped dial. I spent most of my time tweaking the positions of the joints to make the motion as realistic as possible. I also used friction pins in the hinges so you can leave it in any position and it will stay in place, so you have more options for display. [MOC] To Space and Back for 50 Cents! - On the Operation of Rockets by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr I also tried to make it as displayable as possible by first of all making it look like an actual kiddie ride such that it should be right at home in a Town layout outside some big store or in a mall. So the rocket got a shape that would be appealing to children nicely fat and round with an interesting shape of the nose (for those who were wondering, the rounded tip of the nose cone is one of those pieces that are the lower half of a balloon), nice lights, a steering wheel that does absolutely nothing but makes all of the difference to children, the typical slanted coin slot and stairs at the back to at least give some explication how that kid got up there. To make it more attractive, I made the base entirely in the space theme. The mechanism isn't actuated by some obvious crank, but by what looks like a sun, which totally blends into the base. All other planets in our solar system have been included as well, with colors and sizes as close as I could get them and a fun little combination of parts to create Saturn. With all of those touches, I hope it looks convincing enough that children would beg their parents for a coin to have a ride on this thing! [MOC] To Space and Back for 50 Cents! - Please, Mummy, Please, Please! by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr That's it! I hope you like it and brought back some wonderful childhood memories! It certainly brought back the same level of enthusiasm for space as when I was a child. Maybe the Falcon heavy launch had something to do with that as well... Anyway, check out all of the contest entries for more spacey fun in a tiny package! ________ The LDD file for this build can be found here.
  5. This is my new moc, base on a character in a video game I've just finished the campaign and still so hype about it ....maybe you know ! First ,take a look at his Video ! And this how he look like ! WP_20160117_22_46_49_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20160117_22_47_22_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20160117_22_47_35_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20160117_22_48_58_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr And with 2 psyonic-blades WP_20160117_23_04_09_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20160117_23_02_17_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr And some more poses WP_20160117_23_00_23_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20160117_22_53_40_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr WP_20160117_22_52_16_Pro by demon demon demon, trên Flickr Thanks for visiting !
  6. Four wheel drive on Lego Technic cars with small wheels is hard to realize, as they become relatively too wide (which is ugly) and the ground clearance is also compromised. The problem then is: how to get the same grip back with only rear wheel drive? Then you need to push something 'extra' in the back of your already crammed, small nice-looking vehicle... This concept is an approach to keep this 'something extra' as small as possible while giving awesome and unexpected grip to the car. (At least, I was astonished by what it achieved!) Instead of typing a lot, I've put it all into a video with the theory of how it all works at the back of the video to let the 7 billion minus 1000 viewers that are not interested into more advanced Technic stuff experience how it works in practice on a 2 cm (that is: inchy) thick ice floor. As for the car, it is built from Power Functions spares as all my L-motors (which have quickly become the main workhorse for every Technic builder) are ehm... in use. That is why you find me using a geared up XL motor, which gave me memories of the good old times when the poor knob wheel parts splattered around. Sharp images of the car and mechanism explanation can be found on: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=564319. On MocPages (beware, there is a piece of code there that simply destroys anything such as image resolution on .png files...) http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/428881 Video: I finally have found PovRay so (with many thanks to all those who make that software) I can present a high-quality render:
  7. HI to all! the video itself explain all I want to say about the difference between the same ratio obtained with worm gears or with normal gears, the first are really useful in lego and allow to build really particular stuff, but.. they have a lot of friction. i was really surprised from how much difference there is in the power output of the two mechanism, and it is directly proportional to the force the system has to generate: i test them with an !kg weight, and while my version works fine, the worm geared-one fail to lift it! thank you for watching, hope that this video will help someone of you to make better mocs!
  8. Hello! mocers, I'm back! i just success to it this video I recorded this summer, it is a tournament with three middleweight BOT, you'll find the stats on the first part of the video, but here there is the brickshelf folder if you want to see more pictures of them, enjoy the video and thanks for watching! just some oddity: (ALERT:watch the video first!) BOB (originally named BOBCAT) was built (and driven) by my cousin, he loves to make simple but adamant and overpowered bot and (as said by some info at the end of the video) they are really effective in a sumo arena RIBALTOLANDO was the jocker robot, built by me, but drive by my cousin against SCORPIONE (tracked scorpion) it was a real challenge to build an invertible bot, but it should be really hard to defeat in a real arena (not in a sumo one) its strengths are all visible in the fight against BOB (maybe because I was driving it... hem hem ) SCORPIONE CINGOLATO is the evolved version of wheeled scorpion, but it ends like all my sophisticated bots, it is beautiful and really powerful but not too much realiable. Its main problem is the thermal cut-off of my lipo BB that is a little bit damaged and so the robot stops sometimes when reloading the weapon while tracks are running PS: this video is one of my first on youtube and i changed editor (from iMovie to light works) so due to some difficulties i deleted the whole original audio and replaced it with songs, hope the final work is something good
  9. This is Part 3 of my project. After rebuilding the LEGO official products of 10196 and 4597, I start to build a true MOC. It is a CUUSOO project and it awaits your support: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/48013 The girls of LEGO Friends need more excitement and here they go to the Gyro Drop (or Falling Machine). It is a 10-seater gyro drop powered by a motor and remote control (optional). Yet it does not merely operate with electricity – it operates with the magic of magnet!!! Safety to the girls is always the utmost concern!!! The carriage may fall at an alarming speed but the girls won’t feel any shock when they come to the lowest point. The carriage cannot reach the floor – the magnets underneath helps to float the carriage!!! At the same time (when they come to the lowest point), the girls won’t feel any vibration as the magnets sideway help to stable the carriage. The girls' feet are exposed to feel the breeze when they feel the excitement. The carriage only has minimal contact with the stand, so that it can fall very smoothly. Movie clip of this Gyro Drop -- Former works: (I) Friends' Grand Carousel 10196: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=87068 (II) Friends' Ferris Wheel 4957: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=87882
  10. LittleJohn

    Katoren Windmill

    The first module in my collab with soccerkid6. The windmill actually works, not only do the blades turn, but a grindstone is operated as well. You can see a video of it here: Link A miller operates his mill just outside Katoren's walls: The Interior: More pictures can be seen here: Link All C&C apreciated
  11. Hi there! In short: I want that topic for all the people that need an example of how to use a part IN or FOR or wonder how to use it correct. I'll start: I wonder why they made a totally USELESS: 1. WheelBearing 2. 3SnapGearBlok 3. LTCardanBall Can somebody explain to me please. My problem here is: If i use a CrossAxle 5M and Unuversal Joint = flexible suspension + rotation OK / but no steering If I use the LT Cardan Ball its either a working suspension OR steering... and only rotation IF there is NO angle but a straight in line with the 3Snap Gear Blok So why or what for did they make these parts for? It could not be for a good wheel suspension with a combo of steering/suspension/drive train! Im soooo confused! I used to build the 1994 Super Car 8880 suspension. But these parts are not yet included in the LDD. Any ideas? Maybe I'm stupid... but I can not see how to build a steer/suspension/drivetrain combo with these parts, like in the 1994 8880 model. Here are some pictures to help with the imagination and a link to a very good explaination on the 8880. Essentials of the wheel suspension: All three action possible, (steering+suspension+rotation). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading. Best regards HAL
  12. Hi! Together with friends we started a robot battle contest in which we use tuned LEGO technic robots to battle inside a destructible city ;) We want to make a big show out of it and record it as video ^^ The robots have tuned motors and we control them with 2.4ghz system. So we can use more tanks and robots the same time in missions and races etc. And everything already work. Now we try to find new friends specialy for building the city and robots together, or helping record the video and driving the vehicles. But anyway we are happy about every feedback, about your ideas for this contest. We already have a prototype running which we show in this video: And we give away flyers and poster for free as long as we still have some ;-) Hope to get your feedback, Ray and the roboter nerd team ^^ PS: You can reply here, send message or mail to , whatever you like.
  13. For Power Function Train, which do you prefer type of battery power function? Both have it own pro and con.... Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box 8878 Or Power Functions AAA Battery Box 88000 VOTE HERE POLL! Not know the different in both battery? read on more below. Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box 8878 It rechaged by plug into the wall input. very convince way to recharge it up. But the question is how long dose the battery cycle life span last in long term? If it ran out of cycle charging out, you have to buy the new one for retail value USD $49.99. Very easy to leave the battery in the lego train and just put wire in the train while charge without need take them part to replace it. Power Functions AAA Battery Box 88000 The most cheaper battery pack retail value USD $12.99 that require you to put in 6 AAA battery, value of it may be reasonable if you use rechargeable AAA battery instead of disposable battery. For long term, you can have that one pack for life time and easy replace the old aaa battery for cheaper. But depend on the train lego, some will require you more time to take lego apart to pull out the battery AAA battery, recharge it, put back in LEGO train to play with it. VOTE HERE POLL!
  14. skcheung

    Horse Racing Toy

    If you are old enough you may have owned this toy. I loved this as I was a little child but my mother did not buy me this (LEGO neither, of course). Since then, this toy ran out of my memory until last Saturday I discovered it in a toy museum. Now I have the money to buy this toy but nowhere I can buy... The only alternative, perhaps, is to build this. As expected, it brings lots of joy to my kids. Video:
  15. skcheung

    Free Falling Gyro Drop

    This is appalling to my minifigs... ^^" The carriage falls at top speed due completely to gravity. Basically speaking, bricks will be loosed a little bit after 3-4 falls but the machine can still function properly. No bricks will be detached or torn apart, except that a little hand of one of the minifigs fall out after perhaps 40 falls (ref: the following picture) ^^" The following pictures show how it functions: Want to see it in motion?
  16. Another facility of my Friends' theme park. I wish not only girls love it, but also boys do. As a father of a 5-year girl, I have won her heart and let her go nut. You may do the same to your daughters/lover/fiance/wife. The girls like to bump the others. Sometimes it can be a head-to-head bump. The bumper cars are driven by magnets underneath. Enjoy. This bumper cars set is consisted of 3 major components: (1) The baseplate, which resembles 10196 (but not a full copy) (2) The turntable, which looks a little bit complex (3) The top plate Please have a look at the following video: The cars are powered by magnets. If you want to know further how it operates, check this video of "the making of bumper cars" https://www.facebook...&type=2 This is a CUUSOO project. Please support if you really want it to become an official LEGO product: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/53204 My former works of the Friends' Theme Park for your easy reference: 1. Grand Carousel: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=87068 2. Ferris Wheel: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=87882 3. Gyro Drop: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=88256 I am currently working on part V of this theme park and so far I have no idea of where should I stop. Perhaps this theme park is ever expanding. I may be a bit clumsy. Still sincerely hope you enjoy my work.